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Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices and Vermin #11

New week, new mercies. New episodes of OVAV!!! So last week had a pretty frightening end. Razzie did something pretty horrible. Certainly not what we expected. Let’s see if Nii and Ewurabena are OK… I shook my head, covering my mouth in disbelief as Kessewaa started to cry softly, her husband immediately coming to her […]

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Start Over?

Start Over? 5

Another week, another episode!  Sooo, what happened last week certainly was not what we expected at all. Almost as if Bra Marcus was pretending or something. Ahh, well, we don’t know. But the truth is that it’s definitely going to get interesting now. What is he going to do with these lingering feelings? I wonder… […]

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