Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP5 – Spanner In The Works


Welcome to 2020!!

Issa new year, y’all!! I’m so thankful to be alive in this new decade! The 2010s were quite a formative decade. My prayer is that we will be preserved by the grace of God throughout the next couple of years, and we will fulfill divine purpose. In Jesus’ name, amen!!

Well, it’s back to business in Dabar. What’s happening with the despicable rapist and his poor victim? And the newest entrepreneur in town? And yeah, the twins too, what’s up with them? Why is Serwaah pissed off with her bro? Let’s find out…

“Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey!” said Mr. Ebenezer Agbettoh, his lawyer, as he stepped out of his car, looking extremely dapper in his navy blue Luxurazi three-piece suit.

“Eben!” he enthusiastically responded, grabbing his lawyer’s outstretched hand and shaking it. “Good to see you. I’m looking forward to how talks will go. I have a very good feeling about this.”

“Same here, Manny. So far, talks with the legal team for Mr. Bruce have been smooth, so hopefully, these next few meetings should be but a mere formality.”

“Wonderful,” Adamtey responded in delight as they both walked into the hotel and headed for the conference room.

As far as business was concerned, Adamtey had everything going in his favour. Having established the Voltage Office as a formidable insurance brokerage firm, despite having a rather unusual name, he was ready to have it taken over by another, knowing the profits would be most rewarding.

In any case, he was applying for a desired position in his party, and given the level of support and backing he was receiving from many of the stalwarts and supporters, he was most certainly guaranteed to get that position. He may have had a lot of haters, but his party people literally worshipped him for being a ‘necessary thorn in the flesh of the useless government of the day’.

As he followed his lawyer into the conference room and took his seat, he took out his phone and opened his WhatsApp, sending some messages.

As he placed his phone on the table, a number of sharply dressed executives entered, some of them passing by to greet him, which he graciously responded to as Mr. Agbettoh informed him who they were as they left.

Then, one elegantly dressed lady entered the conference room.

The minute she stepped in and Adamtey’s eyes fell upon her, he couldn’t help but whisper, “Wow.”

She was absolutely gorgeous. One of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of ladies who could capture your attention so easily without even trying.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she greeted a few of the seated executives, then moved to where he and Mr. Agbettoh sat. His lawyer got up and gave her a handshake. “The one and only Larissa Dolphyne. My future Chief Justice!”

She laughed. “Ah, Eben, you won’t let this thing go, eh!”

“Never! Please, that seat is yours, whether you like it or not.”

“Ayooo, I hear! How are you doing?”

The two engaged in a brief light-hearted chat before she gave Adamtey a handshake, a formal greeting and went over to her client.

His lawyer took his seat and said, “Larissa Dolphyne. One amazing lawyer right there. Worked with her way back in the Attorney General’s department, and she’s something else…”

Adamtey nodded. His attention, though, was hardly on her credentials as a revered legal practitioner, as his counsel continued to relay to him. His focus was on what he saw. And he loved it.

Damn! She is so beautiful. And look at all those damn sexy curves of hers. Gademmit! Haven’t seen boobs and booty as delicious as this in ages. F***ing hell!


“Herh, chaleeeeee!” Edem exclaimed as the video playing on Diamond’s phone came to an end. “I had no idea Toby and the little princess were that great at dancing. Damn! I even feel useless right now. Me that all I can do is some aloo shaku shaku.”

Diamond laughed. “As for Toby and Serwaah, don’t joke with them. The way they prepared for that ceremony. When Toby told the MC he and Serwaah had a little performance for our uncle and auntie, they weren’t expecting that, at all!! But chale, when they finished, the whole place was ablaze!”

“I wish I had been there. What! Dance skills paa nie! It’s Serwaah kraa that freaks me. You can see she’s meant the dance like something.”

“That’s my baby girl for you. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the studio where she goes for dance lessons these days, the girl is all in! No jokes!”

“Nice, nice!”

Their little car convo was cut short when Diamond’s phone began to ring. She checked who it was. “Oh, it’s Shormeh. Hopefully she’s got some good news for us.”

She answered and sat up. As the conversation progressed, however, the look of expectation on her face dissuaded, and disappointment took over. Her hopes for the call were not being fulfilled.

“Hmmmmm… Chale, it’s not easy kraaa oo. Oh well, no problem, Naa. We’ll just keep praying and trying. And hoping for the best. Alright. Bye.”

She ended the call, then put up her legs on the dashboard, looking quite frustrated.

Edem looked at her in concern. “No luck from Shormeh’s end?”

She shook her head. “The three restaurants we decided on at our last meeting turned out to be a bust. She said none of them sounded the least bit interested.”

Edem shook his head. “Oh, slow. But I thought the ones we settled on would be happy to help support.”

“Yeah. That’s what she said at the meeting. But… none of them gave a positive response.”

“Hmmm. Some of these established businesses are quite picky about these things, to be honest. Maybe we should just stick to looking for the ones also starting up. They should be more willing to take us on.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Hmmm. At least, we tried.”

“Definitely. So now that we know how that’s gone, let’s go fishing for a few newer ones and see how that goes. At least, we’d expect things to be a little tough there, so it’s no surprise. We’ll just keep trying.”


“So, can I now begin my exposition on why Sark is the greatest ever to do it?”

“Massa, massa. I’m not ready for you and your plenty explanation distins. Just play ‘Mary’ for me.”

Edem shrugged. “Oh well, that’s also a good idea, mi lady.”


“So, lemme get this straight. There was a class test, and while you, Anas, managed to top the class, while Serwaah actually got the lowest score. And the kids in class have jumped on it to make fun of her since yesterday, with one of them making a joke about her confusing dance for science that got you laughing. And she saw you laugh, and that’s the reason why she’s upset?”

Anasah nodded, a guilty look on his face. Serwaah, meanwhile, stood a distance away from him, looking very cross.

Daniel sighed. He had noted some iciness between the two of them earlier that morning, and had been wondering what was going on. Thoughts about an urgent review meeting that morning, however, ended up dominating his mind, so he focused more on that.

Upon coming to pick them that day, however, Anasah immediately stated he had something to tell his father when he arrived. And that was the information he had received as he stopped by the shop they bought their snacks from to listen.

“Daddy, it was a mistake! I mixed up the answers for the questions! And all of them are making fun of me as if I’m stupid! And Anasah too was joining them!” Serwaah interjected furiously.

Daniel held up a hand. “Relax, Serwaah. I get the whole story. I get it. Just calm down.”

She obediently grew silent.

“Anas,” he started, turning to his youngest son, “you know what you did was wrong, right? As far as I’m concerned, Serwaah is no idiot. At least, she’s always in the top 7, so for your classmates to jump on that test and troll her is very silly. Even if she didn’t mix up the answers, she’s no average student. It looks like they are simply jealous of her, since she’s doing well in academics and dancing. You know that very, very well.

“So as for laughing with them, it was very wrong of you. You don’t do that to your twin sister. When silly little kids want to mock her, you don’t join them. You defend her. Even if she does wrong, you tell her backstage. But you never, under any circumstances, join the world to fire bullets at her. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” he responded, his head down.

“Good. Now apologize to her.”

He turned to his sister. “Serwaah, I’m sorry I laughed at you. It won’t happen again.”

The peeved look on her face, however, did not change. She folded her arms and turned her nose up in the air, blatantly refusing to acknowledge Anasah’s plea for forgiveness. “Leave there!”

Daniel was not pleased. “Serwaah!”

“Daddy, I don’t want to talk to him!” she whined. “It really pained me to see him laughing at that stupid joke…”

“Young lady, stop it,” he demanded sternly, cutting off what would have been a little tirade. “He’s apologized to you. What more do you want him to do?”

She kept her arms folded, looking determined to hold on to the anger within.

“Serwaah, put your hands down and listen to me.”

She quickly obeyed.

“Your brother has said sorry to you. He has seen that what he did was wrong. I know you’re not happy with what he did, but once he has apologized, there’s nothing more than to forgive and move on. If I may ask, what do you get out of staying angry with him?”

She looked down. Her expression was changing a bit, but traces of anger remained.

“Tell me right now. By staying angry at him, do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel like you’ve achieved something great with yourself by refusing to forgive him?”

These questions hit her young mind hard.

As she struggled to open her mouth to speak, Daniel put up a hand once again. “You know what? Let me not give you pressure. Dig deep and come up with an honest answer for me tomorrow morning. If it’s very solid and relevant, then you can keep being angry at him, alright?”

Without waiting for an answer, he turned and switched the car engine on. “Let me take you guys home.”


Tomorrow evening. 8 o’clock. My office. Don’t even think of being absent. Or else…

This WhatsApp message Aniyah was hoping would never come through appeared on her phone screen. Parked not too far from Diamond and Edem in her car at the West Hills Mall, she had Shoprite bags full of junk food beside her in the car. Her attempt at trying to numb the pain.

The message, however, sent her into a traumatic flashback, as memories of him forcing himself upon her in her weakened and dazed state came to the forefront of her mind. Panicking, she rolled down her window, gasping for breath as she tried to put herself together.

As she regained stability, she slumped into her seat, her hand across her forehead.

“Oh God, no. Please, no,” she murmured tearfully.

The number was not familiar. But there was no dispute about who it was.

She had not heard from him in a while, and she had hoped he would not get back in touch. Unfortunately, the message on her phone screen proved that that was not to be.

The last thing she wanted at that point was to have any encounter of any kind with that man. Everything about him just sent horrid shivers down her spine. Even hearing his harsh voice on radio made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on edge.

She was at a fix as to what to do. The most obvious thing to do was to report to the police. But she had a very low level of trust for them and doubted any report would make any impact. In any case, the threats he had issued had her pretty terrified, and with the political links he possessed, she didn’t think it was mere talk.

Could she run away from the capital and find someplace else? It sounded like an idea. But where? And wouldn’t he find her eventually and do something worse to her? It seemed too possible.

Could she tell someone? Who? And would they believe her? Wouldn’t it be simply dismissed as an attempt to soil his reputation?

The reality was, she had no idea what to do. The only option seemed to be the one she didn’t want.

Reluctantly return to him and permit him to have his way, lest he do something terrible to her.

Another message came through from him.

And you better hope I’m in a good mood when you come, because I’m yet to understand what flimsy excuse it is you have for having the audacity to block my other number.

She simply leaned back, her eyes to the sky as tears ran down her cheeks.

I curse the day he came my way in that restaurant…

Poor Aniyah. And as for Adamtey, where his eyes are heading to… smh. Well, what happens next? Second Friday will tell.

Once again, welcome to 2020!! Trust me, this is the beginning of bigger and greater things, and having you along on the journey is a great pleasure! And as far as blogs go, you can also visit MACHSHABAH if you want to see more about me, and WORD TO ARCHIPPUS if you want the word of God.

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP4 – Distracted, Displeased

Final episode of 2019! I must say, it’s been quite a ride. Having started this site in June, right after my exams, the support has been great. This is definitely the most successful blog I’ve owned in terms of stats and patronage, and I hope it long endures!

2020 is gonna be a very special year, no doubt, as far as special areas of my life are concerned. As far as State of Dabar is concerned, though… well, expect more riveting stories, as well as the continuation of MTD. I’ll work my way around how it’ll be done, but trust that it will be done.

Anyways, let’s get back to the story, shall we…

“Well well well, somebody’s been working on her corporate wardrobe,” Larissa said teasingly as Diamond stood before her, modelling her grey skirt suit.

“Oh, but of course. When I have the most elegant woman to learn from, I’m certainly gonna have to kill it,” Diamond responded in an equally teasing tone.

“You and your love for flattering me. Well, you look splendid, mini-me. As always. So it’s the insurance deals you’re scouting for today?”

“Yes. Daddy suggested five companies to me, so I’ll pass by those and see the best deal I can get, and I’ll talk it over with him tonight. And thank you, twinnie!”

“Good, good. For the documentation, it’s almost done. Just that I need to get ready. Takeover discussions this coming week concerning the Voltage Office.

“Oh, bless the Lord of heaven and earth! The moment the earth has anticipated is arriving. The grand meeting between Larissa Dolphyne and Emmanuel Adamtey!” Diamond gasped mockingly.

Larissa took a sip from the tea she was drinking and narrowed her eyes at Diamond. “I hope you know I don’t mind letting the rest of this tea find its way down your dress if you tempt me.”

Diamond laughed out loud. “Oh, but Maa, it is! You were supposed to meet him a while back, but he didn’t show up. So this is the moment. That long-expected moment.”

Larissa shook her head as she downed the rest of her tea. “You are not a serious girl.” She walked out of the kitchen, Diamond continuing to laugh and follow her.

There was a knock on the gate as the two ladies stepped outside. “That must be Edem. Time for me to go,” Diamond said.

Larissa looked at her with a sly smirk on her face. “Edem, eh? He’s been frequenting this place quite often. You sure it’s mainly just business?”

“Oh Maa! I beg, it’s just business. He’s a nice guy, and a good friend. But please, it’s just business.”

“He’s a pretty cute business partner, though,” Larissa added, a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Maa!” Diamond protested, laughing. “I’m not looking at that for now. Let’s just get this business off the ground, then we’ll see what happens.”

“Ayoooo! If you insist, Madam Business First. Let’s go out to meet him.”

Edem, standing outside, leaning on the car, stood upright as the two ladies stepped out. He respectfully moved to greet Larissa, then asked Diamond if she was ready, to which she replied in the affirmative with a smile on her face.

“Alright, then. I’ll let Gracie handle the rest of the documentation during the week when I get to the office,” Larissa said as Diamond readied to join Edem in his car. “All the best, my love.”

“Thank you, Maa. Kisses!”

The Dolphyne Air Kiss followed.

“Why you so fine, ma?” Larissa asked sassily.

“Coz I got a fine ma!” Diamond replied with as much sass. They laughed as Larissa went back in, and Diamond got into the car.

“Don’t ask questions. It’s our thing,” she said in response to Edem’s puzzled look, smirking as she put on her seat belt. “Just be silent and drive, please. Na you and your long talks…”


“Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll need to add bags of sachet water now. Not everyone wants it in a bottle… yeah, that’s true… okay, Daddy… oh yeah, of course, I’ve been spreading the word around as much as I can. Squad is definitely interested. Smoothies and juices di33, it’ll be very popular here. If she gets a dispatch rider for campus, she’s good to go… of course, Daddy. Any time. Oh, by the way, how have the review meetings been going…”

As Toby busily listened to his father talk on the phone, filling him in about how work was, he looked at the ice chest in the corner and smirked.

Business was certainly going great. It just seemed like adding those bags would be extra helpful and bring in more customers. Maybe with time, he would consider adding something else. Like sobolo.

“Nice, nice… okay, Daddy. I’m just gonna go and read and prepare for my class at midday… no problem. Bye.”

As he put the phone by the side table, he looked at the books on his bed and groaned. It was sometimes annoying being one of the more clever students in that History course; so many people were almost dependent on him to help them, since their lecturers ended up leaving them more confused most of the time.

His following shrug, however, indicated how he really didn’t mind, though. After all, the aim was to manage to graduate. And if he could help his coursemates to pass their exams, there was nothing wrong. After all, if I play Mr. Selfish and help nobody and make it through all alone, wetin I gain? He’d always say to himself.

As he sat down and opened one of the books to begin, there was a knock on the door.

Another customer for him.

He jumped up and walked to the door and opened it.

It was the girl who had come a few days ago, when Kay-Bee was sharing his heartbreak story. She smiled at him and handed him a GHc5 note. “Five bottles, please.”

“Sure thing.” He took the note and moved to the ice chest, taking a polythene bag, opening the chest and taking out five bottles of water, putting them in the polythene bag. He walked to her, handing the bag over. “Here you go.”

She smiled as she took it. “Thank you, Mr…”

“Toby. Toby Dolphyne.”

“Nice. Anybody told you lately that you’re really cute?”

“Hehe, nope. Thank you, Miss…”

“Delphine Awittor.”

“Nice name, Delphine…”

He got distracted as he began to observe her, hoping to find something else to compliment her on. What his eyes beheld, however, had him wondering how he hadn’t noticed her properly the first time.

In a blue flowery jumpsuit, Delphine had some pretty devastating curves that were perfectly accentuated by her dress. His eyes moved from her pretty heavy bust to her hips, supremely curved. He found himself at a loss for words, mouth briefly agape.

Absent-mindedly, he murmured, “Damn, you so sexy.”

He snapped out of his trance a moment later, realizing she was still in front of him. “Oh! Oh crap… I’m sorry,” he stuttered, putting his hand over his face and shaking his head as he realized she most likely heard what he said. “I didn’t mean to do that…”

She stood there, a tiny smirk on her face. She simply gave a small “Hm” and walked away.

He shut the door, groaning to himself as he walked back to his desk. “Ugh! Tobias Nana Nyarko Dolphyne, what the hell was that? Chale! Man just messed up big time!”


“So, out of the fifty possible recipes, I’d say about half are plausible,” Akinyi said, taking notes on her little notepad as she and Kwame sat in the Uber on their way back from the aviation school he was attending. “I’ll continue to look out for the possibility of others being added, and if they can be prepared with high quality.”

“Great, great. I like the sound of that honey-tangerine smoothie, though. She should test it out and see how it goes.”

“Yeah. Sounds pretty interesting. Which of her recipes have you had? I’m in love with the pineapple-coconut one.”

“Watermelon. Pineapple-coconut. Apple-ginger. Now that third one is delightful to my taste buds. Whoosh! I am absolutely in love with it. She’s served that to quite a number of people, and they were all blown away.”

“Sweet! I’ll have to update my taste buds with that one. So far, so good. From the look of things, everyone is making progress at their end. Diamond is so blessed to have us as her team.”

“Oh, indeed. All things being equal, this smoothie trailer should up and running within the next three to four months.”

“Amen, amen,”Akinyi replied as she busied herself with making a comment on Instagram. “It’s so good to have a team that is all out for you. Look at us. You, me, Oscar, Toby, the Edem guy, her Naa friend… Diamond’s really got it made for her.”

“Oh yeah. You can just see how excited everyone is to be helping out. The new and the old. From her brothers and the bosom friend to you and Edem. Couldn’t be more fortunate, could she?”

“Yeah. And she has her parents behind her, too. I’ve been around for a short while, but I won’t lie, I am so proud of her and her ambitions. We all need to be encouraged in our quests to succeed. It’s unfortunate some people will prefer to hate and wish the worst for you for the dumbest of reasons, but forget them. Such people will always be exposed and disgraced.”

Kwame put his hands up. “Good Lord, the doll is preaching! Where’s the offering basket, please? This word hit me!”

She laughed and put her head on his shoulder. “Silly! Just speaking the truth. You get nothing profitable out of wanting someone to fail. I really don’t understand people who think that way.”

“It’s crazy. People have the most twisted minds out there in the world. Instead of getting encouragement from another’s success to find your own, you’d rather they stay down with you. Such nonsensical behaviour.”

Sad truth. But as Rudeboy said, thunder fire the person wey no want make we grow! Oh, by the way, you can send your offering to my Mobile Money account, however. Not less than 50 cedis will be accepted.”


“Serwaah?” Anasah said softly as he approached his sister, who sat at one of the benches on the school compound, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it…”

“Oh, leave me alone!” she snapped, pushing his hand away. “You were laughing with them. Don’t come and worry me.”

She stormed off, leaving him alone, looking quite miserable.

One of their classmates, Sadeeq, ran to him, guffawing as he watched Serwaah stomp away. “Don’t mind her. Let her go. Na what we were saying, isn’t it true?”

Anasah glared at him. “No! They’re not true. So stop saying those things about her! She’s my sister. Stop saying them!”

He too pushed away Sadeeq’s arm off his neck and marched off in the other direction, leaving Sadeeq confused.

What’s going on between the twins? And that gaffe by Toby, I wonder what it’ll lead up to.

Well, this caps off State of Dabar’s 2019 activity! Blissful New Year in advance to you all, and we continue this journey in 2020! God bless!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP3 – No Matter What

Another Friday is upon us, so it’s time for a new episode! As we saw last week, things went pretty dark with the Adamtey-Aniyah relationship, with the former raping the latter. The question is what’s gonna happen now that this has occurred. Well, we’ll see about that. And of course, see what’s going on in the Dolphyne household…

“I remember when we were in final year in the university. Your mother was not yet pregnant with you. This issue of investing for your childrens’ future came up at some group discussion. And many of the guys were like, no way. Na the way they’re hustling to make it through life, why should their children have it easy? They must suffer too. I did not agree with them at all. And as I speak, I’m glad I didn’t. Else I wouldn’t have opened that investment account for you, and you’d have had a huge burden by now.”

“Wow! Interesting,” said Diamond, seated beside her father.

He nodded. “Indeed. I mean, look at how money isn’t too big a problem now that you’re looking to do this smoothies business. All you need to do is work on the budget once you have all the information needed. It’s all about generational thinking. Chale, Africa will be a better place if we learn to help secure the generations ahead.”

“Indeed, Daddy. We need more of that. I guess we’ve not been taught that much about it, but sensitization on the issue is certainly necessary.”

“Of course. That’s why I’ve been advocating for more education on its importance at our meetings. The more we citizens are educated on these things, the more empowered we are.”

“Daddy! I’m ready!”

Serwaah entered the room with her tote bag, followed by her older twin.

Daniel turned to her. “Okayyyy! The dancing queen is ready now!”

She giggled and nodded.

“So Anas, you’ll be joining Diamond and I to check out the trailer for her smoothie business?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Alright. So, Serwaah, Diamond was around last week. Who’s passing by for your dancing lessons today, honey?”

“Kwame. He said he’ll come with Aki later on.”

An eyebrow rose. “I see. He seems to have bonded with that Kenyan girl so quickly and deeply. Is there anything we should know about?”

The three looked at Anasah. Of course, the family knew his knack for being up-to-date on current issues.

He laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know ooo. I think they’re besties or something. But I don’t know.”

“Besties. Me, I’ve heard those bestie bestie things, they can transform into something else ooo. Anyway, Inspector Bediako Junior has spoken,” Daniel announced as the kids laughed. “Alright, people, let’s get moving… wait. Anasah, what about this your big sister and that social media something something of hers?”

Diamond did the facepalm. “Daddyyyyyyy!! We’re just business partners, that’s all. And friends.”

The expression on Daniel’s face made it pretty obvious he doubted her. She giggled at his skeptical look.

“How again did you meet him?”

“That day I went to see Becky at her house, Serwaah and I were almost attacked by his dog on the way back home. He stopped it, then we got to talking, and he revealed he’s into social media management, and so I invited him on board. Purely business stuff, Daddy. Nothing more than that.”

“Well, whatever the case, here’s a reminder. For you and Serwaah. The boys that will come and fall for you and become your boyfriends eh, tell them they must needs go through the lions’ den. Remember ooo! They must needs go through the lions’ den!”

The children laughed once again.

“Alright, now we can go.”


“Oh, this cramp issue again?”

“Yes, Kwame. Been pretty bad this morning. But let’s see. Hopefully it’ll clear up by the time we’re to move. Addy’s gonna pass by soon to help me out.”

“Alright, alright. But this is worrying oo. And it’s not that time of the month for you?”


Wow. You said you’ve been tested for… what’s it again, that condition?”

“IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome. I should get the results in a couple of weeks, then I’ll know what to do. But I’m sure it’ll subside soon. I don’t want to be locked down by this. Very necessary that I see the baby Dolphyne do her thing.”

“Oh, you must. Come and see it for yourself that she is not your mate, so you can’t be sitting there thinking you have the ability to can her, when you cannot her.”

He grinned as she sighed over the phone and muttered, “Whatever, Kwame. whatever. At least I’m a dope spitter. Totally bested Edem last night.”

“Well, in terms of punchlines, yeah.”

“Ugh, you still holding that politically correct view?”

“But it’s true, lah! You two are crazy rappers. But when it comes to flow and cadence, Edem’s own just about beat yours. Not too surprising, considering what a huge Sark fan he is. Your wordplay though? Insane! Edem was not on your level. I mean, that double entendre you did with the misses/missus thing was… damn!”

“OK, Rap Martin Tyler, I’ve heard you.”

He laughed. “Oh, speaking of which, another gentle reminder: your fantasy team captain’s gonna mess you up. Just like last weekend.”

“May the gods of fantasy football put you to shame this weekend!”

He burst out laughing.


“How’s my beautiful sugar mummy doing this morning?” Oscar said brightly as he gave his mother a big peck on the cheek.

Larissa looked up at him from the couch suspiciously. “Young man, have you seriously finished your pocket money already?”

“Oh, Maa, why would I kiss you just because I need money? I just wanna show my sugarlicious lady some love this lovely morning, you know,” he responded innocently.

The sweet smile was hardly convincing Larissa, however, as she narrowed her eyes at him, silently demanding the truth out of him.

The sweet smile turned sheepish. He scratched his head. “Well, uh, I guess I… might have possibly run out of pocket money.”

“Oyiwa!” Larissa said aloud, giving him a look that spelled out ‘you see your life?’ “Well, sit down and let me watch the news. Then I’ll decide on what to do.”

Oscar silently obeyed, taking a seat on the other side of the couch. It was typical of her to ‘stretch’ the kids when they needed extra money from her. All you needed was patience; it would usually win you an extra 10 or 20 cedis.

He smirked, then started to sing, “Maa, don’t you know you’ll always be the most beautiful…”

“Hey hey hey hey! I didn’t ask you to sing. Keep quiet and let me watch the news,” Larissa retorted. The attempt to hide her swollen-headed smirk, however, didn’t go unnoticed by Oscar, who grinned mischievously. Not many things got Larissa as happy as Musiq’s “Dontchange”, which her husband sang for her at their twentieth anniversary.

Their expressions grew serious, however, upon seeing the topic for discussion on the breakfast show Larissa settled on.

“Ugh! Some of these stories just make my blood boil,” she said, shaking her head as the two journalists on screen discussed the recent rape of a young lady by two thugs on the run.

“Hmm. I read about it on the internet last night. The details are so disturbing,” Oscar added. “Horrific, to say the least. How are some people so wicked?”

They listened intently as the panelists dissected the issue. Then the head spoke.

“We have on the line Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey, CEO of the Voltage Office and outspoken politician…”

The two looked at the television in surprise. “Your darling Adamtey’s coming to speak about this?” Oscar asked incredulously. “What a surprise!”

“Ssshhhh, let’s see what he has to say about it,” Larissa hushed him as the journalist asked for his opinion on what ought to be done concerning the instant issue.

Well, I must say that I am very saddened by this issue, and I would encourage that the IGP ensure his men and women work assiduously to grab these filthy thugs. I mean, it’s absolutely horrifying when you listen to the details. They raped her, then beat her to a pulp afterwards. Look at how they stripped her of her humanity. Pardon my language, but only mindless beasts are capable of such a thing. I know we politicians can be extravagant with the language in these kind of situations sometimes, but in all honesty, I’m really traumatized by this. I can only imagine what her family is going through, hoping she makes it out of that coma. Nobody deserves to have their body violated. Nobody. No matter what.

“Once again, my personal plea is that the IGP takes this case very seriously. Whoever these monsters are need to be caught and dealt with according to the law. In any case, the past few years have proven what an incompetent and hopeless case we have for a President. He should at least get this one right before we can kick him out of power...”

Oscar and Larissa looked at each other, matching looks of exasperation at that last statement.

“Uh, Maa, correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no need for the introduction of politics in this sensitive issue, is there?” he asked.

She simply shook her head. “To think this was gonna be the one interview of his I’d actually like. He was doing so well till he had to throw that jab. Especially with that one about no one deserving to be violated. Indeed. You’re one hell of a disgusting monster if you do that. Rapists, ugh, most despicable species on earth!”

She then quickly looked at the clock, then sprung to her feet. “Herh, I almost forgot I’m supposed to meet Mr. Adedeme and Akwetey Bruce this morning concerning the takeover of his business. Official talks begin after this weekend.”

“Oooooh, so you’re gonna be meeting your beloved politician from next week?”

She sighed out loud. “Yes. And I am soooooo looking forward to it.”

She walked away, then stopped. “Oh, by the way, check my drawer in the room. Where I keep my jackets. There should be an envelope in there. Take GHc100.”

Oscar sprung to his feet in glee. “Awwwwww! Maa, have I told you recently how much I love you?”

Larissa gave him that ‘you-see-your-life’ look again. “You just did.”

“Well, lemme repeat it again: I love you, Maa!”

“I love you too, baby boy. Now leave me alone. And stop engaging in tautology. It’s either ‘lemme repeat it’ or ‘lemme say it again.'”


If you don’t know, and you go and say it anywhere that Emmanuel Adamtey has raped you, eh… trust me, within 24 hours of that mistake, you’ll find yourself cursing your birth date.

Idiot! I need satisfaction, and you’re there flexing. Why else did I come after you? Kwasia!

These cruel words reverberated around Aniyah’s mind as she sat in the bathtub, shivering violently and crying as she struggled to come to terms with the awful events of last night.

After attempting to use the water in the tub to clean herself when she got in, she pulled the plug out, and simply sat in, trembling and weeping as Adamtey’s despicable actions replayed in her head.

She had never expected it would get to this. She knew he was no incarnation of Mother Teresa. In fact, she knew he was pretty much the opposite. Foul-mouthed, unfriendly, selfish, nasty.

But she never thought that what was supposed to be an aggressive and often-antagonistic politician had that evil, malicious side to him. She never thought that he would actually be…

…a rapist.

Yeah, as expected. She’s traumatized. And the absolute nerve and hypocrisy of Adamtey!! Sigh. Well, we wait to see. And other plots will soon be taking shape; be watchful for those. In the meantime, have a merry Christmas!! Enjoy the festivities as much as you can before we meet again next week!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP2 – Violare

Another Friday is here, so we’re back to business!! Now we get to see what’s up with the likes of Diamond and Toby. And like I mentioned, something major might be coming up. Let’s get into it!

“We’re in, and we got the pizza!” Aki announced as she opened the door to the Dolphyne house, her arms in the air as she walked triumphantly towards the squad seated in the living room. Behind her was Kwame, holding two pizza boxes.

“Great, you guys are in. so we can get this meeting-,” Diamond started, holding up the TV remote to turn it off. Until Adina’s ‘Sika’ music video came on. Which had her, Akinyi and Naa Shormeh screaming in excitement.

“Turn that volume up, Diamond!” Akinyi squealed enthusiastically, which was actually a moot demand, as Diamond had already increased the volume up and was already on her feet, ready to groove to the song, along with the other girls.

“Odo yɛ dɛ sen sika, odo yɛ dɛ sen bibiaa, enti Mr. Otua, show me something deeper!” the three ladies sang out in unison, super deep into the song. The boys sat around, amused by the excitement, but nodding their heads as the song progressed. Oscar in particular was singing along, while Edem and Kwame nodded their heads.

“Oh, Lord, I needed that,” Diamond said when the video ended.

“I know, right! That’s my song for the moment, chale!” Naa Shormeh responded enthusiastically as she took her seat in the sofa next to Oscar.

“Ugh, it’s so good. I wish I could put a verse on it,”Akinyi whined as she took a seat next to Kwame.

“Speaking of verses, our battle commences after this meeting,” Edem announced. “Time to lay down my Who Da Man bars! I got some ogya in my lungs; get ready to be singed!”

“Bring it on, Mr. Sark Stan,” Akinyi responded. “But be forewarned: you underestimate this cutie at your own peril.”

Ummm… Alright, guys, we’ll get to that at the appropriate time. Let’s get this meeting started. So we’ve been making some major headway, and things are looking good,” Diamond said, remaining on her feet. “So, as you all know, especially Naa Shormeh, I’ve been doing my research on the business, and I had you all helping out with those questionnaires and stuff just to ascertain the possibilities. So far, so good. Smoothie and fruit juice bar it is!”

A chorus of cheers followed in response.

“So, here’s some good news. My search for a trailer is complete, so I’ll be working on completing payment and all. My mother, the champion solicitor she is, is taking care of the paperwork. Incorporation, employee manual, licensing, all that stuff. Tomorrow, I’m going to check out various conducive spots for the business.

“There’s been a little blip, though. Becky told me just this afternoon that her boy who was planning the healthy foods business has pulled out. From what she said, it looks like he counted the cost and decided he’d rather not go ahead with it.”

“Oh, chale,” Shormeh said, “so the joint thing isn’t coming on?”

“For the moment, nope. Becky was saying there are some other options, though. Since I’m now starting out, she suggested I join the business to an existing healthy foods business, or find someone else who is willing to partner up. If those don’t work, I might have to go solo. So since I have a lot on my hands, I’m letting you handle that. You’re familiar with the business plan and all, so…”

“Not a problem, Dee.”

“Alright, then. So Edem and Oscar are still on the social media thingy, and I trust that’s running smoothly so far.”

“Yes, Diamond. The teasers so far are garnering attention. The way Edem’s managed to do it should be enough to hold people over while you settle the joint thingy,” Oscar replied.

“Thank God for that. I must say, I’m grateful to you all for helping out with these little tasks. This business is not a joke at all, and your input in reducing the pressure on me is totally appreciated. Soooo… I think Aki and Kwame are handling the extra research on the menus, right?”

The two nodded. “We don’t want to stress you out, but I’m sure having a pretty big menu would set you apart from the others. Having a large number of varieties,” Akinyi said.

“Of course, once you manage to get others on board with the needed skills, maybe you can look at what can be done. We’re taking into account the ingredients needed, and their availability on the market as well,” Kwame added. “There’s one colleague of mine at the aviation school who’s up-to-date on that, so we’re covered.”

“Great, great. Honestly, y’all are amazing. Even at this stage, look at how you’re going all out for me. Y’all are the best,” Diamond gushed delightedly, to the response of awwws and youre-welcomes.

“I believe I speak for the other siblings when I say we’re looking forward to this, considering how great you’ve been at creating those smoothies. I have no doubt this ambition of yours is gonna succeed,” Oscar said. “That forehead deserves global recognition, anyways.”

Diamond shot him an evil look as the others laughed. “Watch yourself, young man. I’m the daughter of a lawyer with world-class savagery, and I can definitely tap from that well and give it to you.”

“Ha! As if that savage lawyer isn’t my mother. Like we’ll ‘detty’ each other all night.”

“Ummm, we can eat all the pizza while we watch you guys have a go at each other, right?” Edem asked innocently.

Diamond’s evil glare immediately fell upon him. “Gentleman, you’ve never been stung by a scorpion before. Don’t let this be your first time!”

Edem held up his hands in mock surrender as the others laughed. “Sorry, mi lady. I won’t try.”

“Good. Alright, people. Reporting time! Time to let us know the full details, so we know the next moves!”

“And after that, y’all get to watch me beat Edem in the rap battle!” Akinyi added cheekily, drawing groans and eye rolls from the others.


“Ah, seriously? So you then Kwartemaa no dey again?” Toby asked in disbelief.

“Nah, chale. The girl give plenty excuses. Ɛna, she doesn’t think this is going in the right direction, she needs to find herself, it’s not me, it’s her…”

“Yieeeee! That last statement be killa pass! It’s not you, it’s me. Ahba!”

“Chale, Toby. Ibi today wey I shake myself, talk my body sey I no for kill myself over woman. Like three days this, man make basaa! Boy! I no go lie you, the studying then the hustling all, na ibi Kwartemaa I dey think about. Chale, I dey see am for my future then things. Now, suddenly. Out of nowhere. The girl say make we end am. Herh! The way my heart pain me these past three days, I never see some before!”

“Oh, chale, Kay-Bee. Kafra, wai.”

His next door neighbour in the hostel had come over to his room and shared his pretty devastating tale of how his girlfriend of about a year had broken up with him.

He had seen them together a number of times. They looked great together; Kay-Bee was a pretty good-looking guy, and Kwartemaa a very sweet-looking chic. One thing he admired about them was how they weren’t like most of the couples in the hostel, who got loud and busy most of the time when there were visits.

Makes my little infatuation with Nnenna look so trivial and silly, to be honest.

He had recovered from that little disappointment and moved on. After that tough love talk from Kwame, he had realized that brooding over her was pretty much a waste of time. They had spoken just once, and it was ridiculous to remain so emotionally attached to someone he barely knew, and who barely knew him, much less have interest in him.

He had started a little bottled water selling business upon the commencement of the new academic year. With an ice chest and a constant supply of ice, it was running smoothly so far. At least, he had a substantial number of people coming around to buy the water.

It was this evening that Kay-Bee decided to pass by and get one for himself. And ended up informing Toby of his heartache.

“Then times I dey see the heartbreak stories for Twitter, I go laugh saaa. Saa na inobi joke. Chale!”

“Hmmm, Kay-Bee. Love diɛɛ, ibi serious matter oo…”

A knock on the door followed.

Toby sprung up and walked to the door and opened it.

A light-skinned girl stood before him. “This is where the bottled water is sold, right?”

“Yes, please.”


“Voltic, Special Ice, Awake…”

“Oh, let me buy Awake, then. 5 bottles, please.”

“No problem. That’ll be 5 cedis.”

She handed over the note to him, and he immediately moved to the ice chest and took out 5 bottle of Awake drinking water, taking a polythene bag nearby and placing them in before handing it over to her.

“Thank you very much!” she said sweetly.

“You’re welcome.” He closed the door and turned to his neighbour, who was still taking time to wrap his mind around his heartbreak.

“Herh! Roselyn Nana Akua Adepa Kwartemaa Acheampong! The way I make my mind sey you go be my one and only wey you do me like this. Hmmm, inobi notin. God dey.”

Toby sighed.


A bag of Doritos by her side, Aniyah reached into it and took a few chips, munching on them as she watched reruns of America’s Next Top Model.

Living in a small but plush house with just two bedrooms, she was pretty comfortable with her shelter, which had been fully financed by one of her previous lovers. As long as she was far from her parents, where she could live her life as she pleased, she was fine.

She turned the bag over to take up the fragments of the remaining Doritos when she heard a banging on the door. Placing the contents in her mouth, she frowned as the person impatiently banged.

“I’m coming, lah! Ah, do you want to break down my door?” she snapped as she grabbed her morning coat to cover herself and rushed to the door to unlock it, ready to give the person a good blasting.

Upon the unlocking of the door, the person behind the door pushed roughly and forced his way into the house.

It was Adamtey. The last person she wanted to see.

“Look, what is the meaning of all this nonsense? Since I returned, you’ve refused to return any of my calls or respond to my messages. What sort of rubbish is that? Don’t you know at this point I’m in need of it?” he snapped as he stormed into the living room.

Aniyah, rushing after him, came to stand before him and looked him up and down, a total look of disgust on her face. “You have some nerve coming to this house, you know that? After those insulting words, coupled with the way you sacked me from the office, you think I’ll happily skip to your place and open up my legs for you? You are mad! Please, I don’t want to have anything to do with you! Leave this house right now!”

“Now listen to me,” Adamtey started, his index finger in her face, “what happened that morning was never a break up thing. I was simply putting you in your place. I still need it from you. And when I need it, I expect you to show up and let me have it.”

“Ugh! You really are mad! Such rubbish! Am I a sex toy to you? This body is mine, and it’s my choice who gets to enter my holiest place. I let you in when I wanted to, and now I say, you can’t get in no more. You don’t own me, Adamtey! Now get the hell out of my house!”

Adamtey looked amused. “After entering there many times, you now want to bar me from getting in? Do I look like a joke to you?”

“Well, if it looks like one, spews crap like one and thinks like one, it certainly has to be one. You most definitely are a joke if you think you can insult my very existence and expect me to come running back to you. You do not get to do that to me, then expect I’ll willingly be at your beck and call. You don’t!”

Adamtey took a deep breath, then exhaled, rubbing his temple as he spoke. “Listen, woman. We can be civil and gentle about this, alright? Now, please. Forget about whatever happened in the past. I’ve been horny for weeks, and it’s only you that can satisfy me. Please, I need it. Will you let me in?”

Aniyah put on a look of mock flattery. “Oh my goodness, I have an amazing fruit downstairs! Why, thank you, Mr. Adamtey, I’m so honoured my p**** is so sweet, it keeps you coming back for more. Guess what, though? I’d rather give it to a man who at least has a bare minimum level of respect for me. Which is something you sorely lack. Not that it’s surprising, though; I mean, you barely have respect for anyone. So hell no! If you need it, go drive around the red light district areas. Now get the f*** out of my house and close the door behind you.”

With that, she turned away from him.

He grabbed her arm roughly, and turned her back to face him. “Listen here, woman. I am not playing with you. You think I masturbated off your pics for nothing? You think I ignored all the sluts I came across in New Jersey for nothing? You think I left my office just for you to display like this? Stop playing foolish games and let me have it. I need it, and I need it now!”

She grew scared as she noted the psychotic glint in his eyes. The way he was getting rough was pretty frightening. “Let me go, Adamtey. Stop hurting me,” she groaned as his grip grew tighter with her efforts to break free.

“Then quit f***ing around with me. Take me to your room, take your clothes off and let me have my moment.”


“Look, are you listening to me at all? Let me have it, goddamn it!”

“No! Leave me alone!”



With that, she spat in his face.

In quickfire succession, Adamtey’s hand was raised, and in a matter of milliseconds, it made heavy contact with Aniyah’s face.

It took her by surprise so bad, she ended up sprawled on the floor, slightly dazed by the painful impact. He stood over her, a dark look on his face.

“Well, if you’re not going to let me have it, then I might as well take it by force.”

It took a little over ten seconds for Aniyah to figure out what that meant. By that time, however, Adamtey was over her, reaching for her morning coat to tear it off.

She struggled to push him off, but in return, two more heavy slaps were received. His palm happened to be pretty tough, so those slaps rendered her quite numb. She lay there in a state of blankness, too weak to defend himself.

Too weak to resist as he ripped off her morning coat.

Too glazed to prevent him from tearing off her bra.

Too weak to kick him off as he pulled off her shorts and tore off her panties.

Too weak to fight as he pulled down his trousers and, with a fierce passion, forced himself upon her…

Dark turning point, chale! Looks like Adamtey is more than just a belligerent politician. He’s got an unpleasant side to him. How is this gonna play out over the course of the season? Well, you gotta stick around to find that out!

*Kafra, wai – Sorry, okay

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP11 – Rescue Dee!

We’re back, people!! And at this juncture, it’s necessary to note that this first season is almost done. It’s been a pretty exciting journey so far, and there’s more to come from this tribe and the people around them.

But in the meantime, let’s focus on the here and now. So Desert Eagle’s foolishness is no longer known to just Diamond. Will she let her parents know? And what will their reaction be? Let’s find out right now!!

“Ohhhhh, Lord! This reminds me of Sister Act!” Larissa squealed excitedly as the sound of ‘Rescue Me’ by Fontella Bass started up in the car. Snapping her fingers and moving to the beat, she cleared her throat and went unapologetically high-pitch in her little car karaoke session.

Rescue me/Take me in your arms/Rescue me/I want your tender charm/’Cause I’m lonely/And I’m blue/I need you/And your love too/Come on and rescue me…

“Come on, baby, and rescue me,” Daniel added his voice to the song, also choosing to employ a high-pitched voice. Although his attempts were less impressive as that of his wife.

In the comfort of their Toyota Fortuner, though, who cared? All that mattered was that Mr and Mrs Dolphyne were having fun.

If there was one piece of advice regularly given to married couples that Daniel and Larissa complied to with a religious adherence, it was the advice of constantly dating each other. At least, once a month, they went on a date and just made sure they had as much fun as possible. It was one of the major reasons why their love for each other stayed so strong, after spending their whole adult lives together.

For tonight, they decided to do something different: park at a slightly secluded area in the Accra Mall and have their own little karaoke night. And the theme for the occasion was ‘Songs We Loved In The Past’, with all music being provided by Deezer.

“Oh Lord, this has made me wanna go and watch Sister Act so bad!” Larissa commented, still snapping her fingers after the song had ended.

“Oh yes! We certainly have to do that soon,” Daniel agreed, his eyes on the phone screen as he looked for the next song. “Classic movie. But for now, let’s move on to the next track, shall we? For this song, it’s the only one that motivates us to become rockstars!”

Larissa squinted her eyes, trying to think what song it was. Daniel grinned at her as he found what he was looking for. Pressing the play button, he started, along with the song.

Step inside, walk this way, you and me, babe…”

“HEY HEY!” the two of them yelled in unison.

And for the next four minutes, rocking to the sounds of Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, the Dolphyne couple had a jam, with silly expressions and guitar impressions included.

As the song ended, Daniel looked in stunned amusement as Larissa played her imaginary guitar rather violently, along with the ending riffs.

“Lari, in real life, you know you’d damage the guitar, right?”

She rolled her eyes. “Isn’t that part of the whole rock star thing? Weren’t they always wrecking their guitars? The Who and all those peeps?”

“They certainly didn’t sacrifice their hands while doing it. As for yours, I can only imagine how badly damaged your fingernails would be.”

“Whatever! Allow me to rock out! I need to let loose every now and then, you know. I cannot let stress come and knock me down,” Larissa responded.

“Well, you got a point there. Although your hands wouldn’t be pleased with that level of rocking out. But never mind. On to the next one,” Daniel said, the smirk appearing on his face as his quick diversion clearly deflated the desire to argue in Larissa. “Aha, next one coming up: Right Here by SWV. Only Human Nature remix we respect and acknowledge.”

“I’ll attack you over that annoying diversion later. But for now, so on point!” She started snapping her fingers and humming the chorus as she waited for Daniel to hit that play button.

Just as he was searching, Larissa’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID.

“Hm, it’s Diamond.” She pressed the answer button and put the phone to her ear. “Hey, honey. What’s up?”

A sigh greeted her, followed by a rather bland, “Good evening, Maa.”

Larissa immediately sat up, a tense feeling arising in her chest. Diamond rarely ever greeted her over the phone in such a dry tone. It was way too obvious that something was wrong.

“Dee, something’s wrong, isn’t it?”

Another sigh followed. “Umm, yes. I know you and Daddy are out on date night, but… I really need to talk to you…”

“Say no more, baby. Your father and I are on our way home. Just hold on. We’ll be back in a jiffy.”

She hung up and turned to Daniel. “Danny, something’s wrong with Diamond. I know we were having fun and all, but let’s get home and find out what’s going on.”

Daniel nodded as he started the engine. “Let’s go home and see what’s wrong with her.”


“Game of thrones? Coveted trophy?” Kwame wondered, his left eyebrow raised. “I don’t know whether to be impressed or unimpressed by that.”

“Oh, please. It was one of the lamest speeches I’ve ever heard,” Oscar scoffed, his legs propped up on Kwame’s bed. “Nigga must have thought he’s Walter White or something when he cooked that up in his mind.”

“Well, if that’s the standard he’s looking at, then that certainly does not hold a candle to ‘I am the danger’ in any way,” Kwame, a serious Breaking Bad fan, responded. “Geez, boy, those lines are iconic! I am not in danger, Skylar, I am the danger!”

A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!” Oscar completed the quote.

“Too much fire in that. Too much!” Kwame said enthusiastically. Then his facial expression changed. “But on a serious note, Oscar, you don’t think there’s anything wrong somewhere concerning these things he came and said to you?”

“Oh, nahh, Kwame. Like I told you before, he’s a braggart, a pure egotist. He’s just displaying the colours he’s always had. Thinking so highly of himself and trying to convince others to see him on the same throne he’s enthroned himself on. It’s just talk. Nothing more.”

Kwame still looked concerned. “But have you heard from Barbara about this? Has she said anything to you about making a choice?”

Oscar shook his head. “She asked for time. That’s why I’m not impressed by his statements. She’s yet to make a choice. And like I said earlier, I know she’s not into all that unnecessary display of expensive stuff, which is what him and a few others constantly do. So if there’s anyone in a comfortable lead as we know it, it’s him.”

“You’re sure she’s not playing with you guys?”

Oscar shook his head. “Kwame, I know you’re looking to be extra cautious about this whole thing, and I appreciate that. But trust me, I know Barbara enough to know that she’s not gonna leave us hanging. I’m certain of that. Chief Tay is just bluffing. That’s all there is to it.”

Kwame sighed. “Oh well. If you say so.”


The expressions on the faces of Daniel and Larissa were palettes of anger and unhappiness as Diamond recounted the whole Desert Eagle saga to them. Hearing about it was one thing; but upon seeing the horrible text messages, the fires in them were flaming hot. As they sat there, they were doing their best to stay calm.

Daniel sighed. “Diamond, baby, I really wish you had told us about this earlier. You didn’t have to go through this alone, for this idiot to send all this bile.”

Diamond nodded silently. “I know, Daddy. It’s just… I thought it was just one of those reactions to rejection that’s slightly extra but fizzles out over time. I guess I… I thought it wasn’t so big a deal.”

“Diamond, trust me, it’s a big deal. A very big deal,” Larissa corrected, her arms folded. “Maybe you may have encountered guys who just get upset and stop talking to you when you say no, but not every guy is like that. So many guys out there feel so bloody entitled to a woman, and it’s sickening. And silence doesn’t help. Don’t you hear of stories of guys going physical on girls who ignored or rejected them? Baby, don’t think every man walking on the face of this earth is as amazing as your father. Some of them are stupid monsters who won’t bat an eyelid if they have to hurt you to satisfy themselves.”

“Yes, Maa,” Diamond responded, her head down.

Daniel gently tapped Larissa on the knee, giving her that non-verbal ‘calm down’ message. He could tell memories of her encounter years back was coming to mind, and it usually made her charge up and sound like she was mad at you when that wasn’t the case.

Larissa nodded, taking a deep breath to calm her rising nerves. “Sweetheart. Did you think this was insignificant compared to my experience with Mr. Lomotey?”

In all the periods Diamond had considered reporting the issue to her parents, she had actually considered the past experience Larissa had told the children about. In her late 20s, she had been working with another law firm, and a top client, in a meeting with her, groped her backside. The first time, she had assumed it was an accident, but the second one was certainly deliberate. Mr. Lomotey received the nastiest of slaps after that, and after being reported, was severely dealt with.

Yet, she deemed Desert Eagle’s actions to be low in rank to Mr. Lomotey lustfully grabbing her mother’s booty.

She nodded. “Yeah, I guess. I thought that this was just words. I mean, yours was physical, and…” She trailed off, not sure what to say.

Larissa shook her head. Rising to her feet, she went over to Diamond and sat by her. “Diamond, listen to me. Whether in words or actions or whatever, harassment is not acceptable, and it’s never a good idea to be silent and think it won’t pass. Whether it’s a disgusting old man squeezing your ass or a dumb idiot dissing you for saying no, all forms of harassment are just plain wrong and should never, ever be tolerated.

No man has the right to feel like he owns you in any way. No man has the right to touch or treat you in any way that makes you miserable. None. Do not stand for it. When you need help, come to us. Please, let us know. We love you, Diamond, and we want the absolute best for you. Please…”

Diamond held her mother’s hands. “I promise I’ll never hide these kind of things from you again, Maa. I promise.”

“Thank you, darling.” A tear of relief ran down Larissa’s cheek as they hugged. Upon separating, she held Diamond’s cheek. “Our beloved first fruit. My precious mini-me. You’re an amazing girl, do you hear me? Don’t let some insignificant piece of trash make you feel otherwise. Ever.”

Daniel was tempted to wince at the low-key passion with which she said ‘insignificant piece of trash’. If there was one thing that could not be denied about Larissa, it was the fact that she was an absolute lioness in matters concerning the children. She was the sweetest and most pleasant of personalities, but if you wanted to meet the monster in her, all you had to do was touch one of her lovely five children.

He got up from his seat and walked over to them. “Diamond, your mother has said it all. Don’t take these kinds of abuse lightly. He may not have hit you, but dissing you is just as bad. Don’t accommodate it in the least.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She got up and hugged him.

“My little baby,” he cooed as she held him tightly. “Daddy will always be here for you.”

“Thank you so much.”

As she continued to hold on to him, a mischievous thought crossed her mind.

“Hey Maa!” she called out slyly, turning to look at Larissa. “You know, I’m thinking I should start competing with you for Daddy’s warmth. Are you ready?”

Larissa sat back, arms folded, eyes narrowed. “You want to spend the rest of this evening removing forks and knives from your forehead, eh?”

Daniel and Diamond laughed.

“Well, before you and your mother start battling over who gets to turn me into an icicle first, there’s one thing I’d like for you to do, honey,” Daniel said as she let go of him.

“What is it, Daddy?”

He cracked his knuckles.

“Wherever that Desert Storm or whatever guy is staying, please find out for me as soon as you can. I believe it’s time to pay him a visit.”

“Oh, Danny,” Larissa protested, her phone in her hand. “Let’s get Jayla and her girls to deal with the boy, eh. I was just about to call her.”

“No, no, no, no, honey. Let’s keep your sister and her squad as a backup option, where it’s clear the police have to intervene. For now, somebody’s harassing my little princess. And he needs to know that Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne doesn’t take kindly to such foolishness.”

Well, with that last statement from Daniel, the following meme couldn’t be more appropriate…

Ha! Can’t wait to see what the Dolphyne daddy is gonna do next week!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP9 – Hope, Love & Vexation

For today’s episode, two special shout-outs are in order for two regular readers…

First, to my sister Efyah, who turns a year older today. Happy birthday, sista geh! I’m still super jealous of how you are enjoying mohm, but I’ll be quiet. Looool. And second, to Araba, the Citi Voice Factory finalist. You know you got my support, Genny love! Make us proud tomorrow!!

Alright, so after the family moment we had last week, we’re slowly easing back into the ongoing distins. Lezz go!

“Maa? We’re home now,” Oscar said gently, tapping his mother, who had slept through most of the journey.

Larissa opened her eyes. She smiled as she saw the familiar surroundings of the house. “Oh, thank you, dear Lord Jesus,” she said. “Home sweet home.”

Home sweet home indeed. It had been a stressful, malaria-parasite-induced stay away from home since she had been admitted on Wednesday, having to deal with late night injections and drips and medication. The nurses were super friendly, but of course, nothing would even begin to compare with the comfortable and exquisite six-bedroom house the family had acquired just before the twins had been born. That was home indeed, and she knew her presence had been sorely missed.

Opening the door, she stepped out. Oscar quickly moved to her side to help her back into the house.

“Oh Maa, let me hold your hand and help you back in. The queen must be accompanied as she makes her way back to her palace.”

Larissa smiled and rolled her eyes at his teasing extravagance. “You people and your azaa plaudits.”

“Oh, but it’s only fair we give you a grand welcome. Hehe.”

Shaking her head, she grabbed his outstretched hand and proceeded to take her time with her steps.

“Ahhhhh! That’s right! The only sugar mummy we know! Our Claire Huxtable, wati! My God, what a sugarlicious barrister!”

Larissa laughed out loud at the heavy accolades. “Ah, this boy paaa! You’re mad!”

Kwame and Toby, who were taking her stuff from the car, laughed at Oscar’s adulations as he and Larissa entered the house. “Man, it’s good to have Auntie Lari back home. It’s like she just brings this… this light and warmth to the house,” Kwame said as he picked up one of her bags.

“Tell me about it. Maa is our one and only goddess. An African amalgamation of Princess Diana and Benazir Bhutto,” Toby agreed.

“Ei! More heavy accolades!”

“Ha! Those are some of her role models, so chale…”

“Oh okayyyy. No wonder. I’ve always thought she had that Princess Diana vibe about her. Well, we should all pray we get wives as almost-perfect as her… oh, speaking of which, the Nnenna thing…”

Toby smiled. “Well, after rehearing that story on Friday, I’m pretty much pumped up in belief.”

“Oh yeah, the story of how they met. Well, that was definitely something special…”

“It was! And I’m sure they’ll tell you more as time goes on. From their first date, to when he officially asked her to be his girl. It’s an awesome story! And it just filled me with so much hope that this could be the same for me.”

Kwame shrugged. “Well… I definitely can’t say it’s impossible. I already told you that when you admitted it to me. Let’s just see once school reopens.”

“Oh, I didn’t mention. So… I found her on Facebook, and… I sent her a friend request.”

Kwame raised his eyebrow. “I see. And has she responded to it yet?”

“Nope. She’s got a lot of requests in there. But I’m not worried. I know she’ll respond once the time is right. Trust me, Kwame, this is gonna be just like Daddy’s union with Maa. And you’ll be the first to know!”

“Alright, Toby. Let’s see what happens. In the meantime, let’s follow the honourable matriarch back inside.”


Monday morning.

Diamond was off to work as usual, the boys were out to town quite early, and the twins had been taken to school. As Daniel drove into the house, only Larissa was home, still needing to recuperate fully before returning to work. Good timing that he was still on leave. She needed no other nurse to treat her good.

He entered the house and walked over to the living room. He found Larissa sitting on the couch, with the television on. She saw him and folded her arms, turning away.

“Lari?” he walked over, in concern.

She gave a “Hmph,” refusing to look at him, a big pout on her face.

Daniel shook his head and grinned.

Larissa was in her ‘spoiled princess’ mood.

In the two and a half decades he had spent with her, he had become pretty used to some of the funny ways she could seek his attention, and this was one of them. She would sometimes act like she was mad at him and didn’t want to talk to him, and that silly pout was what usually made him know that his only wrong was not being quick enough in giving her a cuddle or a foot rub.

It was pretty obvious that she was looking to take advantage of her day off from work, Daniel’s leave and the children’s absence to get as much pampering from her man as possible.

And did Daniel have a problem with that? Absolutely not. After that nasty bout of malaria, his wife definitely deserved some extra loving. Besides, he had sorely missed her while she was on admission, and to be able to spend the day with her, with none of the youngsters around, was simply perfect.

He got onto the sofa, her back still facing him, and pulled her close, murmuring, “Come here, you fine sassy mami, you…”

Mission accomplished for Mrs. Dolphyne. She pretended to resist for a couple of seconds, but relented and giggled uncontrollably as her husband drew her closer to himself, whispering sweet words in her ear, punctuating every romantic compliment with a kiss on the cheek or shoulder. Within a minute, she was in that giddy mood only her lifelong partner was allowed to see. She had her head on his lap, looking up at him with the most childlike of expressions on her face, occasionally swinging her feet in the air gleefully.

Daniel shook his head. “Ugh, you’re such a spoiled baby sometimes.”

“As long as I’m your spoiled baby, I don’t mind,” she responded, still giggling.

He smiled. She wasn’t wrong. In his presence, she was fully entitled to be a big baby who would be satisfied with nothing else but every single drop of attention possibly extractable from him. In any case, to say this hadn’t been on his mind would be false.

Stroking her chin, he asked, “So what’s on the agenda for today?”

“I just wanna stay in your arms all morning and watch TV with you.”

“Oooooh, nice. Well, get comfy, baby. I know just what you’d want to watch.”

She sat up and rested her head on his shoulder as he switched to the recorded programs on their DSTv decoder.

Scrolling through, he found what he was looking for. “Aha! Here we go. For your enjoyment.”

It was the classic romantic comedy, My Best Friend’s Wedding. One of Larissa’s favourite movies.

Larissa looked at him lovingly. “Honeyyyy! What would I do without-“

“Wait. As you mentioned honey, I just remembered I left something in the car,” Daniel interjected. “Gimme a minute and lemme go get it.” As Larissa grabbed his arm and began to pout again, he laughed. “Lari, what I’m going for will enhance your morning treat, I promise.”

She pouted even harder and tightened her arm around his. “But I don’t wanna let you go,” she said in her most childish voice.

Daniel laughed. Giving her a deep kiss for a couple of seconds, he said in an equally babyish voice afterwards, “But what if issa little surprise for my big beautiful queen?”

“Surprise? Oh, sweet! Alright, then.” She let go of his arm, looking extremely happy with the mention of a surprise, as well as that brief lip lock, and he rushed out.

A minute later, he returned with a black polythene bag. She took it from him and looked inside.

It was nkate-cake. Her favourite dessert!

She looked at him again. “And this, Mr. Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne, is the reason why you rock my world more than anyone else ever could!”

She kissed him and returned to resting her head on his shoulder, taking a bite of the nkate-cake as the movie began.


“Hahahahaha! Oh my goodness, what a propagandist idiot!”

“Lawrence, do you hear what he is calling me? Did you hear that?”

“Hoh, massa. Like I should say what? I should say something politically correct to massage your silly little ego? My friend, I’ll say it again: you! You, Benoni Foster Gidi, are a propagandist idiot!”

“Mr. Adamtey, please! This program is in the public domain. Exercise some decorum. Please!”

“Oh, get away with your big English! You think you’ve said something big or what? Decorum for the where? Gentleman, I speak the truth with no censorship. You know he’s an idiot, but you are just being fake. Don’t pull me into your hole of pretense and hypocrisy!”

Aniyah switched off the television, bored at this point. It wasn’t as if she had had any intent of watching Adamtey do his usual thing; she had been flipping channels and just happened to chance upon him in a morning panel discussion. She couldn’t even be bothered about whatever it was they were discussing.

As she saw him, though, certain thoughts that had been at the back of her mind started running around once again.

The truth was, she had not experienced a man like him. Being a self-professed ‘sexual liberation advocate’, sleeping with others was not a big deal for her; she regularly scoffed and ridiculed those who believed in the sanctity of sex within marriage alone. And after about two months of this intensive fling with Adamtey, there was one thing she could say about him.

Damn, he knows how to work my body to the mountaintops of ecstasy!

In addition to that, he was pretty liberal with the cash. She had had a number of partners over the years, some of whom were good sponsors, but weak in bed. And some who knew how to get her squealing and squirming and scratching, but could barely afford to buy her a small-sized pizza. Only a few were in the region of achieving both sexual satisfaction and financial generosity, and yes, Emmanuel Adamtey was one of them.

The problem was, she was starting to get frustrated with his cold attitude.

For the past few weeks this relationship had been in existence, it was dawning on her how it seemed he was interested in the sex alone. Everything else seemed to be a nuisance to him.

Even Nicholas was sweeter than this guy. At least he showed some concern for me. This guy is just… so aloof and uncaring.

She knew they were in this for just the satisfaction all right, but the cold shoulder treatment was so unpleasant, and she was growing weary of it. She didn’t exactly need him to be all lovey-dovey and cute on her – after all, their relationship was hinged entirely on sex and money- but some level of concern and respect would be appreciated. She was a human being, after all.

“Never calls to ask how I’m doing. Never tells me anything nice. Doesn’t even bother to make conversation with me. He just tears me apart, gives me money, asks for hot pics and that’s it. What kind of man is he?”

Shaking her head, she briefly checked her Instagram page. Her DM, as usual, was full of messages from a whole lot of guys who were allured by her tempting pictures. She looked with disdain at many of them, leaving some on read, and blocking others. After going through about 42 of the messages, she got bored, exited the app and turned the TV back on.

Adamtey was no longer on the panel. Given the look on the host’s face, he had most likely sacked Adamtey for his attitude. Something that would make him the envy of many a host who had had to deal with him.

Aniyah shook her head. “That man,” she said to herself as she walked to her room. “If it wasn’t for the money and the fact that he’s a fusion of Ronaldo and Messi in bed, I would’ve left by now. Always giving him all my sweetness, but none in return. Well, maybe I’ll talk to him the next time we meet. Hopefully, things will change. Things just have to change.”

Well, considering his thoughts in episode 6, will Adamtey turn over a new leaf and treat her better? We’ll find out in time.

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP6 – Authenticity

Time dey move, chale! I guess the Monday holidays made the weeks go faster than usual. Ah well, the earlier Fridays come, the better, right? We get to know woiz going on with Dabar’s beloved tribe!

For this week, let’s see a bit of one minor character who y’all probably haven’t had much encounter with. The sharp-tongued politician. Loool. Enjoy!

Transaction complete.

Emmanuel Adamtey nodded as those words showed up on his phone screen. He then put the phone on the bedside table and put his hands behind his head as he waited for the next 5 minutes to be up before stepping out of bed to prepare for the day, which included a discussion at one of the radio stations.

He had just sent some money into the account of the lady sleeping by him.

As he patiently awaited for the next set time of his alarm to arrive, he shook his head as he looked at her, deep in slumber.

I really marvel at how I encountered this girl.

Truth was, Adamtey, now in his late 40s, was an unashamed player. Only two things mattered to him: sex and dirty politics. He had been married about a decade or so ago, but his lust for young ladies was something he never sought to rid himself of before taking that walk down the aisle. Within sixteen months, he had already broken his vows, and his wife got tired of having to share him with others. She quickly filed for a divorce and left the country afterwards.

Given the way he dived right back into the player’s lifestyle, though, one didn’t have to be a genius to figure out that he had zero regrets. He did his possible best to keep his promiscuous lifestyle away from the spotlight, well aware that somebody could easily use it to tarnish his image, which undoubtedly wasn’t the best, considering his fiery attitude.

It’s sad how everyone wants to be a ping possy pipsqueak. Being all nice and cute when we need the straight hard truth. I do it, and everyone says I’m a horrible person. To hell with all them politically correct cowards! At least I have the party faithful solidly behind me…

And journalists! The way most of them annoy me. Always asking questions to subtly discredit you. Always trying to be smart and insinuate silly things. They’ve been pissing me off since I entered this political game. Idiots, all of them!

He had encountered Aniyah at a restaurant one evening. She was sitting by herself, a bottle of Coca-Cola on her table, looking like she was waiting for someone. As to whether she had been waiting for anyone or not was immaterial to Adamtey; once his eyes fell upon her ever-displayed cleavage and her legs which the short yellow dress failed to cover in any way, he knew what he wanted, and he had duly moved to her and flirted with her, and the rest, as they say… is history.

Two major thoughts about Aniyah ran through his mind…

One. Definitely one hell of a daft woman…

Adamtey had come to the conclusion a while back that Aniyah was a person whose intelligence controls had been set to permanent brain fart mode. So much of what she said made little to no sense to him. He often marveled at her statements pertaining to general knowledge of national affairs, as well as the factually inaccurate things she brought up regularly in their attempts at conversation.

It’s so funny how you still manage to display such lack of knowledge in this Google era. Goodness! Such a dumb slay queen.

Two. But, damn, is she just what little Emma needs…

The only reason why he hadn’t tossed her aside was the fact that not many women satisfied him sexually as well as Aniyah. He had been attracted to her body for a reason, and his expectation certainly hadn’t been disappointed.

As he lay there, he smiled as he thought of what an intense and satisfying time he had been given just a few hours ago. He had come to her house for the usual, and for him, at least, it had been a mind-blowing session. When it came to the real reason he had her around, she more than delivered.

Goddamn, that thong had me up in my levels. And that mini crop top. Set a fire in me like I’ve never known. Best night of enjoyment I’ve had this year, without a doubt. And I thought Karen and Haji had all the fruit I needed…

As the alarm went off, he grabbed his phone and pressed the silence button. Lifting himself up and stretching, he nodded with satisfaction at hearing the necessary bones crack.

“As for this one, I’ll just keep her around. I can’t let one of the sexiest toys go just like that. She might not have sense in any way, but then again, it’s not sense that keeps tiny Emma satisfied. So chale, I’ll just not engage her. Just keep her quiet with money, and when I need it, I’ll have it. Time to get back home so I can get to work,” he murmured to himself as he proceeded to put on his clothes, doing it quietly so as to not wake Aniyah up.

She stirred and opened her eyes as he was putting on his shoes. “Manny boo,” she murmured, reaching for his hand. “Do you have to leave so soon?”

“I have a radio discussion in a couple of hours,” he replied curtly. “I have to get going immediately. Talk to you later.”

Without so much as a look at her, he got up and exited the room.


I mean, it is so obvious and plain to see that this hospital crisis ongoing is solely the fault of government. This is an absolutely ineffective and useless government that has done next to nothing to advance the plight of Ghanaians. We need a change. We need competent leaders who will take our dear country to the next level. Not these bunch of crap jokers!”

“Hmmm,” came from Kwame as he sat in the car, listening to that fiery speech. As the panelists applauded, Oscar said, “Well, the prophet is celebrated in his hometown.”

“Ozzy, is that Mummy’s friend?” Anasah asked from the back seat.

“Yes oo, Anas. That’s Mr. Adamtey. He’s at one of his party’s radio stations. That’s why there’s no fighting.”

“Aha! That’s why. He should have been fighting by now.”

Kwame laughed. “It’s that bad?”

“Papa!” Anasah responded, moving forward. “Sometimes, we hear him when Daddy is taking us to school. He fights with the others 7 out of 10 times.”


“Kwame, it’s serious oo,” Oscar added. “I saw him on TV the first time a few days back. This guy practically told the other panelist that his girlfriend doesn’t know the difference between perfume and mosquito spray!”

Kwame put his hand over his mouth. “Oww! That’s just below the belt. Can’t he just stick to the issues without being so abusive?”

“Hmmm, this guy. His sticking to the issues includes being a nasty bastard. Nasty and unapologetic. And as for him being dealt with… it happened once. You should’ve seen how it turned into another political discussion altogether. His party claiming it’s a political witch-hunt and all. So now he has some freedom, so to speak.”

“Wow, that’s crazy.”

“Hello, guys!”

Oscar turned to look at the person who said that.

It was Adelaide. One of the lead singers at church. The girl his father had recently asked about.

“Hey Adelaide! What’s up? On an errand?”

She smiled, nodding. “Yes oo. Doing something for Pastor Lois as always.” Noticing the young one in the back, she waved to him. “Hey, Anasah! How are you?”

“I’m fine,”Anasah responded.

“Good, good. Send my greetings to Serwaah, okay?”

“Alright, I will.”

She turned her attention back to Oscar, the smile on her face a little too sweet. She looked like she had been fantasizing about chancing upon him throughout the day, and her little daydream had just come true.

“So what are you guys up to?”

“Oh, uh,” Oscar started, slightly unsettled by the bright expression on her face, “we’re just getting some stuff for the house, but we’re waiting a bit for the traffic to subside before we move. Early morning choke-up.”

“Oh yeah, this place can be crazy around this time. Oh well, nice seeing you,” Adelaide said, touching Oscar’s arm which was rested on the car door as the window was rolled down. “I’ll see you on Wednesday, OK?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Oscar responded, looking a little surprised by that brief brush of her hand against his arm. As she walked away, he had a puzzled look on his face.

Which changed as he looked in the rear view mirror and saw the mischievous look on his younger brother’s face. His eyes narrowed. “Anasah, don’t say anyth…”

“Adelaide likes you!” Anasah gleefully blurted out loud.

Oscar did the facepalm. “Ugh, I knew this would happen!”

“Well, Oscar, it does look like she has some affection for you,” Kwame said. “I mean, that smile on her face as she looked at you. We’ve seen her smile a couple of times, and none of them were as bright as this.”

Oscar shook his head as he held his forehead in his palm. “So Daddy knew what he was talking about when he asked me about her. Ugh! Well, she’s not a bad girl. But… you already know.” His eyes narrowed again as he looked in the rear view mirror. “And apparently, so does Sherlock Holmes Junior.”

Anasah giggled. “Yeah, we know it’s Barbara you want!”

“Kwame, trust me, it’s almost impossible to keep secrets from this boy. If he was alive in the 60s, he’d probably know who killed JFK.”

Kwame laughed. “Anas knows too much.”


“But, about Barbara, are you sure about this? Because from what I gathered, thanks to the incarnate Inspector Bediako sitting behind us, you’re not the only one interested in her. And that didn’t give me a good vibe at all.”

“Oh, I know. I know what’s going on. But trust me, that’s nothing to worry about. When you know what you have distinguishes you from the others, you don’t have to worry.”

“But Oscar,” Anasah interjected, “the other boys are doing a lot oo. Buying her gifts and the like. Chief Tay giving her lifts in that Range Rover of his, among others. Aren’t you concerned about that?”

Oscar smiled as he turned to look at Anasah. “Anas, Anas. I’m not concerned about that at all. You know why?”

Anasah shook his head.

Oscar then switched off the radio and turned to face the two.

“It’s simple. When it comes to the pursuit of women, too many of us guys have got it badly twisted. We think it’s all about splashing the cash and impressing the ladies. And that’s all these guys are doing. Chief Tay and the others. Behaving as if that’s all there is to relationships. Just showing her you have money.”

Anasah and Kwame watched him silently as he spoke.

“We all know there’s more to relationships than just the financial status of the guy. I mean, that can even end up being a veil that covers what really lies underneath. At the end of the day, all that cash can’t atone for him being a sensational drunkard, a habitual cheater or an abusive guy. What matters is authenticity. And that’s what I bring to the table.”

Anasah nodded.

“I can do what they do, can’t I? I mean, Daddy and Maa are well-to-do, and we’re a very comfortable family. I’m no poorer than the rest of the squad. But I present a real version of myself to Barbara. The real Oscar Paa Manu Dolphyne. Because I like her and I want her to be my girl, and it’ll take more than the greens and the purples and the browns to keep her.”

“But you know you still need to spend on her, right?” Kwame asked, a smug smirk on his face.

Oscar rolled his eyes. “You think I’m gonna walk into Pizza Hut with her and order a pizza and tell them my authenticity is enough currency? Is it not beating they’ll beat me?”

They all laughed out loud.

“Balance diɛɛ, it’s necessary. But all I’m saying is, the others are just following the ideas of this society to the extreme. Money sweet, money nice. But that’s not all there is to this thing. And I’m just looking to keep from that. The name of the game for me is realness. Authenticity. Letting Barbara see who I am and who she’s gonna be with once she says yes.”

“Well, I guess your mindset is in the right direction,” Kwame said, shrugging. “I just hope Barbara appreciates that, and that she’s not the kind of girl who is money-conscious, because those kind of girls will trash all your ‘authenticity’ sermons.”

“Oh, she’s not like that. For that, I’m sure. I’ve seen those kind of girls in operation before, and I know how heavily they’ll insult me for the truth I just spoke. Barbara is far from that. So I’m confident. She’s all about authenticity.”

“Umm, Oscar, brief distin I want to say,” Anasah requested.

“Yes, Anas?”

“Can you please stop mentioning that word ‘authenticity’? I’m getting tired of hearing it!”

Oscar looked at him with narrowed eyes once again. “You know, I was thinking of buying you white chocolate after this speech. I’ve changed my mind. And even if I do, it’s only for our little princess.”

“Oh, Oscar!”

“No ohs, boy.”

“Kwame, beg him for me.”

Kwame gave him the side-eye. “You’re on your own, please.”

So Oscar’s all about being real with his love interest and not being an unnecessary show-off. Interesting. Will that work in his favour? Only time will tell. See y’all next week!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP4 – Who Starts A Call Like That?

First Friday of my favourite month (for obvious reasons) has arrived!! Praise the Lord, somebody!! Alright, so the Dolphyne tribe is back yet again!

By the way, I’d like to show my lil appreciation to all of you who have shown support and enthusiasm at this series. It’s most definitely highly esteemed how y’all look forward to each episode. This will surely be an interesting ride! Anyways, let’s see what’s going on with them, shall we?

As the congregation shared the grace to signal the end of the service, Daniel shook hands with those around him, a big smile on his face.

“God bless you all, and see you on Wednesday!” the pastor announced as he placed the mic on the pulpit and walked down the stage to interact with a few of the members.

As he noted his colleagues from the bank, Mr. Woledzi and Mrs. Amankrah, moving with their individual families, he nodded and smiled.

Being the last born of three children, Daniel Dolphyne had experience of what it was like to be in a family truly united and present at all places. His parents had been one of the most respected couples in their church, and if social media hashtags were a thing back in the days of old, that Dolphyne family and #familygoals would have been synonyms. They were loved by many for being such a lovely reminder of how tight-knit a family should be. And it wasn’t just a matter of keeping up appearances; the bond was real.

Now a husband and a father, he certainly hadn’t failed to follow the trend, and somehow, every Sunday seemed to remind him of how blessed a man he was. Being the Chief Compliance Officer of one of the biggest banks in Ghana was an awesome thing, for sure, but juxtaposed against being the husband of the most amazing woman in the world and the father of five wonderful human beings? It definitely fell flat on its face, just like the statue of Dagon before the ark of the covenant.

So it was always a heart-breaker when he had to hear stories of broken homes and children split between either parent. It was a major reason why he had chosen to become a counsellor; to play his part in helping such issues minimize. And from the look of things, the two workers, who had come to him for help a few months earlier, were slowly but steadily getting their once-wrecked homes in order.

And that was enough to put a smile on Mr. Dolphyne’s face.


“Daddy! They said Kalyppo is finished!” Anasah yelled, running to his father, who was seated in the passenger seat of the car.

“Oh, then what do they have?”

“Vimto and the small-sized Ceres Apple Juice.”

“Hmmm, Vimto is too sweet. Go and buy the small-sized Ceres, alright?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Anasah replied obediently, receiving the GHc10 note. Of course, he would have preferred the Vimto, but his father wouldn’t bend, and anyways, Ceres was just as good. He sped off just as his mother showed up, yelling, “Hi Maa! I’m coming, Maa!!”

Larissa looked at her little boy in amusement as he ran off, then walked over to her husband. “Hey Daddy.”

“Hey baby,” he greeted. “Still can’t get over how big our Royal twins have become?”

“It’s serious, Danny! To think they were such cute little beings a while ago. Now look at how big they’ve become. Goodness, Danny, we’re getting old!”

Daniel laughed. “Twenty-four years have come by quickly, haven’t they?”

“They sure have… hmm… aha, why I’m here. You know that girl in the choir who usually leads when it’s time for offertory?”

Daniel nodded. “Adelaide or so, right?”

“Yes, Adelaide. You know, I’ve been observing her for a few weeks now. You know Oscar has to work with the choir every now and then. I’ve been watching her movements and all, and I think she has feelings for our son.”

Daniel looked pleasantly surprised. “Really?”

“Yep! The way she reacts to him, her body language, her smile whenever she’s looking at him or in his direction. I know when a girl likes a guy, and she’s ticking all the boxes perfectly. Plus I’ve overheard her in conversations with some of her friends and when Oscar is mentioned, plenty of giggles, and trust me, I’m well versed in the art of giggling. I know what fuels all kinds of giggles, and those giggles are definitely fueled by a crush.”

He shook his head and narrowed his eyes while looking sideways at his wife. “Lari, this isn’t just an observation thing. You’ve done a full-blown audit on the girl, haven’t you?”

She smirked. “You know me, babe. I’m all about that due diligence life!”

“Ha! Don’t I? I know you too well. So, you think Adelaide has a thing for Oscar?”

Larissa folded her arms and tapped her feet in mock impatience.

“Sorry, I mean, so you’ve successfully discovered that Adelaide has a thing for Oscar?”

“Better! Yes, I have! And I must confess, I’m personally all for it. She’s a good girl. If Oscar likes her too, hey, they have my blessing.”

“Well, I guess I’ll speak to the boy concerning it, then. Just in case he may or may not have noticed.”


“Mmmm, Adelaide? Well… sure, she and I are cool,” Oscar said, shrugging as he straightened himself in the sofa. The family was home now.

“But you don’t feel any… special vibe between you two? Or at least from her end?” Daniel asked.

Oscar shook his head. “Nahhh. We’re not tight like that, so I definitely don’t feel any kind of vibe. Much less a special one.”

“Oh well, just your old man being inquisitive. I was just asking. And don’t worry, I’m not trying to put any ideas in your head or force anyone on you.”

“Oh, no worries, Daddy. I know.”

“Good, good. Just don’t hesitate to talk to me when any of those issues come up. You know you don’t have dinosaurs as parents, right?”

Oscar burst into laughter. “Oh, Daddy!”

Daniel grinned. “Abi it’s the dinosaurs who are so old-fashioned, they don’t want to hear about anything pertaining to sex and relationships till you’re about 30. You know your mother and I could never be like that.”

“Oh yeah. For very obvious reasons. No worries, Daddy. I will when it’s time.”

Indeed, when it’s time. As for Adelaide, she’s cool, but nah. There’s only one girl my heart beats for, and it’s Barbara all the way!


“Neighbourhood what?” Kwame asked in surprise, looking at his little cousin.

“Neighbourhood hot cake,” Anasah answered. “The way most of the boys in this neighbourhood are chasing her.”

They were walking back from a shop in the neighbourhood having bought a can of starch spray for Daniel, when they noticed a Range Rover parked nearby, and a familiar figure stepped out and waved to the driver before walking off.


Upon seeing her, the 10 year old had exclaimed, “Eish, the neighbourhood hot cake!”

An interesting revelation.

“I see. She’s that wanted around here?”

“Most wanted girl here. I hear a lot. I know a lot of the boys who have been making moves on her. Chief Tay, that’s the one with the Range, Viper, White Tiger…”

Kwame looked at his cousin in bewilderment. “Viper? White Tiger? What kinda nicknames are those? She’s got wild animals chasing her?”

Giggling, Anasah shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t know their real names. All I know is that, and how they’ve meant her. Buying things for her and the like. And from what I see, she likes the treatment, so I wonder who will win.”

Kwame nodded. Is this why I felt aloof about her? Because she has many guys competing for her heart? Does Oscar know about this?…… Can’t be too sure. Maybe… maybe not…

“And you know,” Anasah continued, lowering his voice, with a bit of a mischievous look in his eyes, “I know another guy who is chasing her. Someone we know very well. He thinks nobody at home knows. But I do.”

Well! This youngster really knows stuff around here!


“YEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!” Diamond and Serwaah jumped up and down in the latter’s room, excited at having perfectly executed their own video of the dance moves at a recent fashion show which had gone viral. Having used the whole weekend, including Friday evening, to polish up on their moves, they were delighted to see their numerous practice sessions pay off with a flawless video of them doing the shaku shaku.

“Perfect job, Serwaah! If we upload this, it’s going viral, I tell you!” Diamond said delightedly, triumphant fist in the air.

“I know, I know!! Thanks to you! Best video director in the world!” Serwaah replied, still hopping excitedly in front of her big sister.

“Thank youuuu!” Diamond said, cupping her little sister’s cheeks in her palms. “And you’re the best 10 year old dancer I know. I love you too much, my darling. Kisses!”

The two blew a flurry of air kisses at each other.

“OK now, can you go and get me the bottle of sobolo I bought yesterday?”

“OK, I’m coming.” She ran out the door.

As Diamond laid back on her bed, her phone rang.

Looking at the number, it was unfamiliar, and had no Truecaller name. she frowned, wondering whether it was a wrong number or one of those Mobile Money scammers. She shrugged, however, and decided to answer. She pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

Silence on the other side.

“Uh, hello?”

Then she heard a scoff on the other end.

“Stupid girl.”

She was taken aback. Who the hell would start a phone call that way?

“Excuse me?”

“Idiot. You thought you could disgrace me and get away with it. You are mad. Sick in the head. Cheap trash. I sure sey your ass sef no be genuine. Botox things nkwaa.”

Then it clicked. It was the Desert Eagle guy!

She shook her head in disbelief. What kind of childish buffoon was this?

“Oh my God. Are you that immature? To call me and just rain all sorts of abuse on me just because I have a choice as to who I like and who I don’t like?”

“Get away! You’re a foolish girl. You no get sense. You fool pass. Imbecile!”

She immediately ended the call, already pissed off. She had encountered a couple of guys who took her rejection hard, but this was a whole new level of stupidity. “Goodness, imagine if I had said yes to him. Would’ve been one of the biggest errors of my life,” she said to herself.

The phone rang again. Same number.

She looked at the screen incredulously. What the hell does he want?!

She grabbed the phone, pressed the answer button again and spewed, “Listen, you immature little boy. Grow the hell up and learn to respect the opinions of women for once in your life. And if you have nothing better to say to me, stop calling me!”

She cut the call and tossed the phone back on the bed.

The phone started ringing again.

Diamond threw her hands up in frustration. “Oh my God, what is wrong with this guy?” This time, she pressed the reject button.

Unbelievably, he called yet again.

“Will you just leave me alone?” she shrieked, chucking the phone off the bed and throwing it at her open wardrobe.

“Dee, what’s wrong?”

She turned to see Serwaah looking at her, holding the bottle of sobolo in her hand.

She shook her head. “No, no, no. nothing’s wrong, baby, I just… had a bit of an issue with the editing. Those ad things.”

Serwaah nodded, although she looked slightly unconvinced. “Okay.”

Don’t stress yourself out, Dee. It’s just one infantile fool showing how much of a baby he is. Don’t sweat it, he’ll stop eventually. “Yeah, don’t worry. Just get my phone for me. Let me get back to editing and we’ll see what goes on from there.”

As Serwaah obediently walked to the wardrobe to retrieve the phone, one major question popped into Diamond’s mind.

Who the hell gave him my number?

Well, who did give him her number? And what kinda immature attitude is that? Sigh. And this Oscar-Barbara thing, is there hope? Well, I guess we just live to see another Friday, right?

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP2 – I Just Can’t Let Go

Welcome back! Another Friday arrives, and that just means the story of the Dolphyne tribe continues. Last week, we got to see most of the family, and the lil issues the first 2 children currently have. I know most of y’all are really interested in what’s gonna happen with Diamond and Oscar. Well, we shall cross those rivers in due time. But let’s get into today’s episode!

And if per chance, you dunno woiz going on here (looool), just go here first, then return.

“Mr. Adamtey, please, would you withdraw the use of that word?”

“What word?”

“The word you used to describe the argument Mr. Ohene Asante just put across. It’s inappropriate for our viewers, so please withdraw it.”

“I should withdraw the word ‘useless’? For what reason? Isn’t it a useless and brainless argument he’s putting across?”

“Mr. Adamtey, please, we’re live on air…”

“And so what? As for me, I’m the bad guy, so even when I use these simple words, you are there telling me that I’m using offensive words. Yet, all those small boy communicators that think they know everything when they only have some useless A4 sheet called a Bachelor’s Degree will come and be as abusive as possible, and you’ll sit there and claim it’s their opinion. My friend, don’t come and annoy me this evening!”

“Mr. Adamtey! Mr. Adamtey…”

“Massa, don’t ‘Mr. Adamtey’ me. You these media houses, you already have your favourites, so when we are telling the people the truth, you want to mute us and promote their rubbish propaganda. Don’t irritate me!”

“Oyiwa! Bra Asumah, you see what his party faithful are made up of? No wonder things went so bad for this country during their time in office. Blatant arrogance on display! Right in front of the discerning public.”

“Hey, look here! You better watch who you’re talking to. If you don’t take care, I’ll beat you up so bad, that your cheap girlfriend that doesn’t know the difference between expensive perfume and mosquito spray won’t recognize you…”

“Herh, how dare you bring my girlfriend into the issue! Who the hell do you think you are?”


As the discussion, now turning into a heated fight, was quickly taken off air, Oscar stared at the screen, mouth wide open. “Wow. From 0 to a 100 so quickly.”

Daniel shook his head, gesturing at the screen as he looked at his son. “You see your mother’s best friend?”

Larissa, who had cuddled next to him, gave him a side eye. “Gentleman, behave yourself.”

“Ei! I’d always heard that this man was a firebrand, but chale, this was intense,” Oscar said, still pretty amazed. “And that jab on his girlfriend. Herh! Out-of-this-world savagery!”

“That man is just downright nasty. Bullies everyone. Even when he’s speaking the truth, it’s difficult to accept it because of how he is,” Larissa said, now sitting up. “And it’s unfortunate, because that happens more often than not. But the insults and crude language is just a put-off. I mean, look at this. Why go so personal? Hoh! No wonder people are tired of politics. With stupid pieces of trash like him and that Ohene Asante guy, another very cheeky idiot, what do you expect? Fools galore in GH politics!”

“Easy, Lari,” Daniel pleaded. If there’s anything that got his wife riled up, it was the crude nature of the modern Ghanaian politician. “Easy. You, I beg, let me change the station.”

“Good. Before I get any more pissed.”

“My sugar mummy, relax,” Oscar said soothingly, a smirk on his face. “Think of happy things. Like Auntie Maggie’s sobolo. Or Ceres apple juice. Oh, and most of all, think of nkate-cake! We all know how much you love nkate-cake!”

Larissa gave him a side eye and smirked. “Fine, fine. I’m cool now. No fury.”

“Hey Daddy!”

Diamond walked into the living room, a cup of hot steaming Milo in her hand.

“Hello Diamond!”

“Hey rival!”

Wo tiri so rival!”

Diamond and Oscar burst into laughter.

If there was anything that could not be disputed, it was that Diamond, the 24 year old senior child of the house, simply adored her 10 year old twin siblings. Doting on them almost everyday, she practically went to the extent of calling them her babies, and turned it into a running gag in the Dolphyne household, taunting her mother that she was looking to steal her place as their mother. Larissa knew better than to take her seriously, and always dismissed her gags. Which, of course, encouraged Diamond to continue.

“By the way, Dee, are Anasah and Serwaah asleep? They stayed up a little too late last night. I don’t like them being awake past 10 o’ clock during weekdays.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Ma. My babies are already in bed. They were asleep by 9:45.”

“Oh, OK. That’s about an hour ago. Good, good.”

Diamond frowned. Definitely not the reaction she was looking for.

“Oh yeah, and for the avoidance of doubt, I’m pretending you didn’t use that pronoun and emphasize it on top just to annoy me. I refuse to be moved,” Larissa added, without even looking at her.

Diamond laughed again. Just what she wanted: a reaction from her mother.

“Ma, it’s not her fault. These days, they’ve been hyping girls with big foreheads, so she’s started feeling big bi aama,” Oscar slyly said, prompting a dirty look from Diamond.

“Herh, young man, you can’t be attacking her like that,” Larissa shot at him. “What do you mean? That’s my first baby you’re talking about. My mini me.”

Oscar looked at his mother blankly. Not for the first time, though. He always did that when he teased Diamond and she came to her defence, and it was usually right after she had been taunted by her daughter.

“Awwwwwwww!” Diamond gushed. Putting down her cup, she made a mocking face at Oscar before rushing to Larissa’s side, saying, “my twinnieeeeeeeee!”

“My loooveeeeee!” Larissa responded, stretching out her arms for a hug. “Kisses!!”

With Diamond comfortably in her mother’s arms, they blew a flurry of air kisses at each other.

“Why you so fine, ma?” Larissa asked sassily.

“Coz I got a fine ma!” Diamond responded with as much sass.

Oscar looked at his father. The two of them shook their heads and muffled their laughter.


“So how’s it going so far?”

“Oh, I’m settling in quite well. The family has been nice so far. Uncle Danny and Auntie Larissa might be busy, but they’re definitely doing their best to make me feel at home.”

“Good, good.”

Clayton Benson, born of a Canadian man and a Ghanaian mother, was undoubtedly a successful man. A lover of all things related to aviation, he had utilized the investments his father had made for him since his childhood and founded his own airline, which he named Bersson Air. There was no particular reason for the name; he just thought it sounded cool.

Having lost his wife to a mysterious case of food poisoning a decade and a half earlier when Kwame, their only child, was thirteen years old, he and his son had formed a strong bond as he made the choice to stay single and raise his son while chasing his lifelong dream. Bersson Air had been in operation for the past five years, and it was nothing short of satisfying to see his passion flourishing.

“How are your cousins adjusting to you?”

“Oh, so far so good on that count too. Of course, there’s not too much I can talk about with the twins. But the others are cool. Oscar is very nice. Very, very nice. And so is Toby, although we’re yet to have a real conversation. For Diamond, she’s busy with work, so we haven’t really had much time to bond. But she seems free too. She mentioned something about taking us to some local restaurant this weekend. Saying that now I’m here, I should get used to the food here. No more burger and chips alone!”

Clayton laughed. “Oh yeah, that’s very necessary. Time to re-acquaint yourself with the real taste of GH food.”

“Sure! Finally tried out GH waakye this afternoon. Definitely superior to what they sell at Madam Denise’s shop.”

“Of course. Of course. Denise does her best, but what the vintage Amelia will prepare always will be superior. Anyways, things are getting better with the airline. Just purchased a new Airbus A310-300. So things are moving along nicely.”

“Sweet!! Any progress on getting a hub in Abu Dhabi?”

“Still working on it.”

“Great!! We’re getting there. Mama is proud of you, I know.”

“I know, son. And we’ll continue to make her proud. Well, I have to get ready for a quick meeting with my lawyer. You’re getting ready for bed, right?”

“Yeah. It’s 10:44 over here. 7 hour difference.”

“Alright, then. I’ll speak to your uncle and auntie later. Good night, sonny.”

“Good night, Dad.”

As he hung up, there was a knock on his door.


As Toby took his seat on his cousin’s bed, he felt nervous, having last-minute doubts about whether it was a good idea to let this secret be revealed. As Kwame sat up, he decided to push those doubts away. It’s best I get this off my chest.

“Yeah, so I know we haven’t spoken much since you arrived, but, I kinda feel like sharing this with someone I deem trustworthy. And I can’t help but feel like you are. Not that my fam isn’t, but… you know, sometimes the confidentiality thing…”

Kwame nodded. “I get what you mean.”

“Thanks, man. Ummm… so… it’s about this girl…”

Kwame nodded, the look on his face conveying an expectancy that it had to do with relationships.

“…this girl I met in school during the exam period. A Naija girl.”

“Oooh, Nigerian chic! Interesting. Go on.”

“Hehehe, yeah. Well, she’s so gorgeous. I didn’t really get to talk to her during the exams. It was afterwards that I met her briefly and tried to talk to her. Her name is Nnenna. Sweet lady. Since it was an introduction thingy, I didn’t seek to get her number. My issue is… Kwame, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’ve never felt so strongly about any girl before.”

“Mmmm, interesting. The feeling is deep?”

“Extremely! And I know I wanna make her mine. I just have to. That feeling that tells you not to let a good thing slip away? That’s what I’m feeling. But… I just wonder if I have a chance. Because, good Lord, baby girl got sauce! And I know she’s back in Nigeria by now, and chale, the boys there… it just looks like the odds aren’t in my favour, especially considering we don’t have each other’s contact. But that fire within, chale. I just can’t let her go. So I wanted some advice on it.”

Kwame adjusted his position on the bed, his brow furrowed as he seemed deep in thought. After a couple of seconds, he started, “Well… I really don’t know… you want to know my thoughts?”

Toby nodded.

“Well, to be brutally honest, at face value, this seems like serious infatuation to me. I mean, she must be super hot for you to be so enthralled by her. Because when it comes to the sons of Mr. Daniel Dolphyne, you guys must have high standards.”

The two laughed. “The love for women like our mother is deep. Must be a bloodline distin,” Toby joked.

“No jokes. Anyway, back to the issue. Personally, it sounds like physical attraction to me. But… I’ve honestly heard of stories like these where the guy sees a girl and is smitten on sight, and after a while actually gets the girl. Crazy sets of circumstances. I don’t know if this situation will be similar. But… all I can say is, don’t dive all in for now.”

Toby sat silently, listening to him. The look on his face expressed a bit of discontent.

“I know your feelings must be telling you a different story, saying you must go all out. But that’s not a good idea. You may end up burned real bad. Just take your time and think through this logically. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I personally think it might be just a crush. But you never know. Just take it easy for now. When are you supposed to go back to school?”


“Alright, so there are a few months in between. Just let the feelings settle down. Let time take its course.”

Toby nodded, getting ready to leave. “Alright, then. Thanks a lot. I feel a lot better being able to open up.”

“No problem. Thanks for considering me trustworthy enough. Promise I won’t tell anybody else.”

Toby cracked a smile and gave him a thumbs up. “Highly appreciated.”

As he closed the door behind him, he closed his eyes and began to rationalize to himself.

Look, at least he said there’s still a possibility. Even though he thinks it’s not gonna amount to much. There’s still a chance. I just can’t let go of Nnenna so easily. I just can’t. I can feel it in my bones; she’s the queen I’m meant to be with. That girl is the one!

Well, this third Dolphyne child has quite an interesting issue on his hands. Wonder how that’s going to pan out. And yeah, the foundation’s being laid. Things should get interesting in the next couple of weeks. Let’s see what the next Friday brings!