Meet Mr. Sean Isaac Kwamina Addo-Mensah, Esq., the self-enthroned King of the State of Dabar!

For some reason, I seem to squint that eye a lot. Yet to discover why…

Yeah, for some reason, I just seem to enjoy this idea of Dabar being a ‘country’, and I’m in charge. Well, technically, it is so, but, lemme not go there.

I’m a gentleman who has always loved writing stories, from childhood. I’m more of an Akyem man than a Fante man, in spite of my name. My major interests in life – God, law, art, cartoons (or 3D animations or however else it can be called), among others.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for well over a decade now. Owned a couple of sites and seen them go down after a year (coz I couldn’t cough up the doe for the following year. lol), and I’m delighted to have this one up. Mainly coz that issue won’t be happening this time; man is well prepared! But also because I love to tell stories, and I seek to make this a place where y’all can get lost in the fruit of my imaginative thinking and be entertained and impacted in different ways.

Hope you have a lovely time here!!

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