October Update

A new month is upon us! In a year that’s been nothing short of crazy, what more can we say but thanks be to God for still gifting us with the breath of life!

So as you already know by now, Meet The Dolphynes came to an end a few days ago. Over a year of following them, and it’s been nothing short of engaging and exciting. Now the time has come for other stuff to come to the fore, and I look forward to bringing it to y’all.

For the month of October, tho? Here’s what gonna be happening…


Yep!! Season 2 will be arriving this month!

After the unexpected finale of the Options Season, it’s more than likely you’ve got a million and one questions going through your mind about what’s gonna happen. How is Leticia gonna react? What about Glori’s friends? All those questions. Well, the Upshots Season will bring all those answers, and trust me, it’s gonna be one pretty dark season you have at your screens.


This is gonna be a special one for a major reason: This is State of Dabar’s very first pidgin story! Get ready to follow the tale of this dude’s life and what got him where he is (as you can tell by the artwork).

Do be warned, though: aside the fact that it’s in pidgin, this tale is not for the faint-hearted. And Jay himself lets you know that in no uncertain terms. So, this story ain’t for everybody!


A collection of encounters a certain messenger has with different kinds of people at the titular bar. One thing this messenger in question is convinced about, is the fact that words carry power, and he intends to use them for good. Let’s prep ourselves as we follow this gentleman in his various meet-ups with different people going through different situations…

So that’s the schedule for this month as far as your beloved State is concerned. There should be a couple of articles on the way as well, so y’all better stay tuned for that!!

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