My Personal Top 10 MTD Episodes

So after over a year, the story of the Dolphyne clan has finally come to an end. What a journey it has been! I already miss it all, but of course, the page is always there for readers, old and new, to get in and get lost in the world of Dabar’s favourite family.

What a series this was!!

52 episodes of the first multi-season series I’ve ever made, and I think I’d like to make a list of my personal favourites.

Of course, you have absolutely no business here if you haven’t read the series yet. Go read it if you haven’t. For the rest of y’all that have, let’s get into it, shall we?

Before we do, though, let’s check out some honourable mentions I decided to go with…

Honourable mentions

Don’t Be Silly – this should probably be in the top 10, just because of how Larissa handled Delphine with such smart precision. I decided to let it settle for an honourable mention list, however. But yeah, this episode was essential in resolving the Toby-Delphine wahala. Larissa dealt with Miss Awittor spectacularly, and we’ll never know what strings she pulled to track her down, but she saved Toby. Superwoman style.

Tears n Talks – Joining Anasah to overhear Chief Tay brutally dump Barbara after the crazy encounter with Oscar was a personally gratifying experience. After seeming so sweet and stuff in season 1, she turned out to be a rather silly girl. Makuyo’s lap dog, always obeying her every whim. And clearly, Chief wasn’t amused with what happened the night before, and with her blind refusal to see the folly in her friend’s actions, that argument turned into what might be the harshest break-up you’ll ever see on State of Dabar.

Abusua PaThe comforting and lovely end to the series had to make it here. Seeing everyone’s stories tied up nicely to an extent was satisfying, and Daniel’s ending speech was a reminder that having a family is everything. A lovely way to end what was a wonderful journey with this family.

Okay, just a few of those. Time to get to the real deal…

10. O Ye Traitor!

This one just about sneaks into my top 10. An absolute irony that the traitor, Naa Shormeh, is the one who screeched out this statement. But yeah, it sneaks in since this episode became the climax of that sudden issue between Diamond and her friend. It was an unexpected revelation when we saw how much Shormeh was hating on Diamond’s desire to start up a business. While other issues were simmering under the surface, this one blew up as Diamond confronted the one who was doing all she could to sabotage her dreams.

Just like the penultimate episode of season 1, the men in Diamond’s life stepped in to fight for her against those willing to hurt her. For all the trolling and teasing that goes on between the three older Dolphynes, there’s a loyalty that can’t be denied, and it comes to its fullest throttle right here. The aggressive threat Oscar spits at an oncoming Shormeh shows how much he loves his big sis, and Toby doesn’t disappoint, either. Shormeh knew she had her back against the wall, and had to walk away. And of course, Mama Lari comforted her later that night. 

In the midst of the crazy drama in this episode, there was full Dolphyne love on display here, and I’m all for it!

9. Stealing My Warmth

This episode, focused on the family in a hospital visiting an ill Larissa, became a tale of how the man and woman of the house got together and brought into existence the titular family. It’s a pretty romantic episode, as the love between the two is the focal point. The way the children are familiar with the story, as well as the family joke about the banana cake, just shows how deeply bound to one another this family is. Just like Kwame, we’re introduced to the story of Daniel seeing Larissa and instantly getting smitten, and how we eventually got through to her. It’s an interesting tale, to say the least.

There are many times throughout the series that we see these two show love to each other in a beautiful way (the ending of ‘Diets, Touchdowns & New Levels’ comes to mind), but this is where we discover the genesis of that special love. A love that certainly impacts their children. A black love we all love to witness.

8. Patriarch’s Day

This was probably overdue, but it was good to get some downtime with the Dolphynes before the end really came hard. And that aside, the focus was on the man of the house himself, which really didn’t happen much throughout the series. 

My favourite part of this episode was the argument between the men over the football debate that will probably be argued over for years to come: Who is better, Messi or Ronaldo? Clearly, fanboys of the latter would be pleased to see Mr. Dolphyne go hard for their Portuguese darling, and the back and forth between them all was what you’d expect in such an argument: Ronaldo being arrogant, Messi having it too easy by staying in Barca his entire career… and then, Kwame audaciously claiming Neymar is better than Messi.

For me, though, the funniest part is the evil Carlos Tevez comment by Toby. Hilarious!

In all, we see a snapshot of Abusua Pa in here: a happy family that is not perfect, but loves and appreciates one another. Daniel admits to having had fears, and wonders if he’s done enough as a father. I think we can all agree that he’s certainly done his best. I mean, from roughing up a foolish boy disturbing his daughter to straightening out the issues between the twins, he’s not a bad father at all. His children aren’t the only ones; we too appreciate Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne a whole lot.

And of course, his wife just can’t get enough of him. A naughty lil ending for that episode didn’t hurt, did it?

7. Mary Sarfo Benson

An episode focused on a heartbreaking aspect of Kwame’s history, this was one pretty sentimental part of the story. From the beginning of the series, it was revealed that Kwame lost his mother in tragic circumstances many years ago, and this was the episode that revealed how that day went down. Following Kwame’s recollection of how the titular character for this episode seemed so full of life and joy, only to be cut down in circumstances most mysterious and painful, is not exactly easy reading.

It’s a pretty bleak reminder of how someone you love so dearly can be snatched out of your life suddenly, and how devastating it can be, even after many years, and the manner in which Kwame breaks down upon remembering it is proof of that. Truthfully speaking, if you’ve lost a parent, this might touch a raw nerve, and believe me, you have my condolences. I can only imagine how much it hurts, and my prayer is that you have one or two Akis in your life who will hold you up in those difficult moments.

6. This Ain’t Right, But..

This was based on the Dolphyne brothers and it was a pretty intense one. Oscar had an ugly part of his past coming back to haunt him at the worst possible time, and the relationship between Toby and Delphine took a different gear here.

As if suddenly getting cut off by Adelaide wasn’t bad enough, a brotherly hang-out with Kwame (where we learned the latter has a huge crush on Cersei Lannister) had a bit of an ugly ending with the emergence of Barbara and Makuyo, particularly with the latter playing some foolish antics. We knew how much they had a low impression of Oscar from the end of season 1, and we saw that scorn played out to irrational and infuriating proportions. If you didn’t dislike Makuyo enough from Discoveries, her vulgar talk and victim play will definitely irritate the heck out of you. No surprises why Oscar lost it; surely a guy can’t be taunted forever without reacting.

And for Toby… this is where it advanced from simmering desires to an outburst of passion between the two. Getting to know a bit about Delphine’s daddy issues shone a light on her motivation for what she does. Nonetheless, Toby let his guard down totally, and ultimately, all the caution, the indecisiveness from the thirdborn of Daniel and Larissa… down the drain in that moment. It was at that point we knew Toby had lost the fight against Delphine’s charm, and that he’d eventually get into bed with her.

If only he had known the kind of headaches that awaited him after that…

5. Saturdays Are For Weddings

This one was released on a Saturday. Timing couldn’t have been better. And it was one I enjoyed writing for the simple reason that I envisaged focusing on weddings that either didn’t go well, or had some negative impact coming out of it.

I’ll say this episode dealt with that in 3 ways: high-key drama, low-key drama and the negative impact one.

Of course, we saw the first one with the first wedding Larissa and her sister attended. Imagine the gossip that came out of the mouths of those in attendance once they left the church. Then the one Oscar witnessed was the low-key one, where the bride was apparently very unhappy about getting married to the man, and it showed throughout the ceremony. I’m sure that would be a very painful atmosphere to find yourself in. Expecting sweetness and joy, but getting one hell of a frosty atmosphere.

The major impact, though, is the shocking reveal that Maabena’s boyfriend went and got married to another girl behind her back. An ugly reveal right there, especially considering how in love she seemed to be in the previous episode. That event had a huge effect on Diamond, and ended up being a major factor in her initial rejection of Edem’s proposal. 

Saturdays truly are for weddings, but not all of them are the joyful celebrations of love you’d expect. 

4. Toby v Delphine

This, for me, is another one of the major turning points in the relationship, if you’ll call it such, between Toby and Delphine. Since the decision of Toby to end that fling, we all knew it was not gonna be pretty between them. Delphine already made it clear from the beginning of season 4 that she was not ready to end their fling. And what happened in that episode was stunning.

When we thought that Toby might have done just about enough to shove her away, Delphine slapped him in the face with a shocker of a blackmail. I think we guessed that Delphine wasn’t gonna go soft on getting her way, but the ruthlessness of her arm-twisting tactics certainly blew us away.

Personally, it was the moment Delphine became a full-blown villain for me. Despite Diamond’s warnings, in season 2, she seemed to be nothing more than a sly, saucy girl who just wanted to flaunt her devastating curves at Toby and be an alluring tease. Season 3 helped us see other aspects of her nature (genuine concern when Toby mentioned Aki’s cancer diagnosis, her revelation of her father issues). But this is where she became a dangerous woman for real. It was at this point that we all knew Toby had found himself in a real ugly catch 22. It was either one of two things: go back to enjoying her luscious body and violate his conscience, or stand his ground and get exposed as a ‘rapist’ on Twitter.

Thank God for Larissa.

3. They Were Shaken Up

This episode sticks out for me because of the two major happenings in here.

Firstly, the exchange between Adamtey and Aniyah. Throughout season 1, we both knew that they were in an affair. We also got to know that Adamtey had little to no respect for her, and that she wasn’t exactly enthused by his cold attitude towards her after they had enjoyed themselves. This episode, however, is where the real drama between them kicked off. As the mindsets of both had been revealed throughout, the clash was inevitable, and it happened here. Most would have imagined a major scandal would break out, but of course, season 2 revealed that things took a insane turn between them. One very few would have imagined.

And of course, the moment Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne dealt with the idiot Desert Eagle. This will forever be one of my favourite MTD moments. Daddy coming through for his daughter when she needed it the most. For season 1, I tend to believe Desert Eagle was the main villain. One that many could relate to, given how a lot of men possess that immature entitlement attitude he displayed throughout. I mean, obtaining different numbers just to diss Diamond for saying no to him? The pinnacle of infantile behaviour. Seeing him get his comeuppance was pure bliss!

Daniel’s warning still brings a smile to my face: Oh yes, if you come after my daughter again, I will find you, grind your bones into powder, mix it all up in your bloodstream and sing ‘Oh Happy Day’ while doing it. Because nobody touches my daughter and gets away with it.

I stan, Mr. Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne. I truly stan.

2. My Life Is Messed Up

The most intense and emotional episode in the entire series for me. One that shone a light into the history of Aniyah, and ultimately won Larissa over to become the caring figure she was over her.

I think Aniyah’s character was not a straightforward one, to be honest. In the beginning, she came across as some nasty bitchy lady who would unleash on anyone and had only two important things in her life: money and sex. Yet, from the moment she was raped by Adamtey, she became a sympathetic character, and I doubt anyone was mad at her for her actions at the end of season 2.

Her backstory, though? Tragic.

The revelation that she had been sexually exploited her whole life only revealed how much of a broken person she was. And the moment she broke down… intense. Really intense. This had to be the lowest point we saw her at. A point of absolute despair and brokenness. I honestly feel like anyone in the room with her at that point would have shed a tear. This was a woman tortured by the memories of being used and discarded like she wasn’t made in the image of God, and what’s sadder is how she had now accepted that lie and claimed herself to be worth nothing. If we didn’t have enough sympathy for her (which I honestly doubt), this episode must have ensured we did.

So hard-hitting an experience it was. Larissa couldn’t stop crying after it all happened. But it did ginger her to be of help to Aniyah, and as “It’s Never Too Late” shows, her efforts were not in vain.

  1. The Good, The Bad & The Indecisive

This episode. This. Episode.

This is an episode that I really took a while to straighten out, and at the end, I deem it my all-time favourite MTD episode. For a season which had a pretty dark vibe to it, this was quite a thrilling conclusion.

It was the episode where certain seeds were sown for some plots that lasted over the course of the following two seasons, namely Edem and Diamond’s relationship, and particularly Toby’s little thing with Delphine. And of course, some major shocks were revealed in it as well. Revelations that, in my opinion, hit way harder than the first finale.

First, there was the Akinyi diagnosis. Something seemingly as simple as recurrent cramps, mistaken for IBS, ended up being way, way worse than they had anticipated. We all knew there was an issue with Aki, but was anyone really expecting that it was colon cancer? Nope. Not at all.

But of course, the biggest shocker of them all can only be one.

The bloody end of Emmanuel Adamtey.

We all hated Adamtey; he turned out to be more than just a brash speaker. He was a cold-hearted, abusive man, and the last thing we wanted was for a monster like him to get involved with Larissa in any way. And we were probably wondering how that would go… until he made his way to Aniyah’s house. Nobody saw it coming. Nobody thought he’d end up a bloody pile at the hands of the woman he had treated like dirt. Not even the woman herself. It just happened: he said something, she was triggered. And that was it. Aniyah clobbered him to death in a most brutal fashion.

And personally, it’s Aniyah’s words at the end that kill it for me: my name is Aniyah Johnson, and I just murdered a son of a bitch in my house. Are you gonna come and get me or not?

Definitely ranks as my all-time favourite MTD episode.

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