Lockdown Plans

So, in the wake of the recently announced lockdown in Ghana, just like many of you all, I’m stuck in my house, waiting and praying that this Covid-19 virus will soon be conquered, so we can get back to normal life.

What will be going on in the next 2 weeks? Well, I’m sure most of you are looking at what you could do to while away the time. As far as State of Dabar is concerned, there’s a number of stories here you can binge on for about an hour or two. Not every hour Netflix. Read small! Hehe.

Anyways, with regard to new material… work will begin on season 3 of Meet The Dolphynes this week. Thanks to Uncle Rona, my schedule has pretty much been disrupted (but then again, who hasn’t had their plans disrupted?), so I’ll decide on when that comes out in due time. Will it be during lockdown? Welllll… if it goes any longer, probably. Don’t worry, you’ll be reliably informed.

In the meantime, three new titles will be released during this unusual period…


I think the title gives it away. Yeah, a cute little love story. I actually had something like this a few years ago on my old blog. And it was only recently that it came to mind, so… here’s another 5-part mini-series that will be coming your way during this crazy period. Lands on the State on April 1st.


Yeah, Makafui is back with another one!! Once he told me there was another one in the archives, it was a no-brainer, chale!! Another 5-part series that will be dropping during this period, so watch out for that!! Lands on the State on the 6th of April.


This is a new 2-season series. So in Netflix style, season 1 will land here on the due date. This is one I’ve had in my archives for a while. The plan actually was to put it out after season 1 of Meet The Dolphynes, but that didn’t work out, so now is good a time as any, I guess. Here comes the story of Glori Vanderpuye, and certain decisions made, and the consequences thereof. Lands on the State on 8th April.

So, three new titles within the next couple of weeks! The State is certainly gonna be busy. At least it’s one state you know has no coronavirus lurking, so you’re free to visit!!

While we wait, remember that there are many other titles at your disposal for your reading pleasure. From Start Over to A Fitting Solatium, there’s so much here to get involved.

And yeah, the major thing: keep yourselves safe! These are really trying times, and this is not what we anticipated in the least, but chale, crazy things happen in life. Don’t forget to do all the things we’ve been reminded to do. And stay consistent in prayer; our God is still in control over this whole situation. It’s not easy, but this too shall pass. This virus will not prevail!

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