December Update

Okay, so the State has been awfully quiet recently. And I must apologize for that. We had some goodies lined up for the month of November, but some technical issues brought that to an unfortunate halt.

Sigh. Technology. It isn’t always kind to us, is it?

Anyways, this is simply to let y’all know that the State has NOT been abandoned. School stuff got in the way yet again, but don’t y’all worry; an idea for a Christmas story has come up, and I might as well let y’all have something to enjoy for the season.

Oh, and another thing…

About the whole education thing… it’s official. Your dear writer successfully passed the bar exam, and quite possibly, the next State of Dabar story you’ll see will be my first story as a lawyer.

Yes, you heard right! Your dear writer is joining Larissa at the Bar! 6 years come to a successful conclusion!!

Yeah, it’s been one helluva journey. I might just write a little article about it on my older blog. But what matters now is that your homie made it! All glory to God!

So, I will get to work on that Christmas story for real. Don’t worry about that. And if anything else pops up, I’ll let y’all know.

And lest I forget, Makafui and I will have a bit of a ‘review’ of 2020. It’s been one super productive year for the State, and we definitely will have a lot to talk about.

So yes, that’s that for now. Just a quick announcement I had to drop for y’all. Stay tuned!!

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