Coronavirus Update

So, as the ‘A Fitting Solatium’ series is ongoing, we’re deep in the middle of a global crisis. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you what it is.

I know it gets frightening. For the likes of China, Italy and Iran, the stats are absolutely devastating. Even if the death rate isn’t that high, it’s still a tragedy how many lives have been lost to this pandemic. Aside that, with it being so infectious and all, normal life has been seriously interrupted. Lockdowns in so many cities the world over. Our plans have been seriously messed up. It’s not easy.

In the midst of all this, however, there’s hope. From what we’ve seen, the people that recover are a whole lot more than those who succumb. And once we can prevent the virus from spreading, the victory is ours.

So, this is just a quick encouragement to all fans of the State. In these times where your movement has been restricted due to precautions, just remember to do what the World Health Organization has mentioned: use a hand sanitizer (or alcohol rub), wash your hands on a regular basis, practice social distancing. We must use wisdom and all that to help defeat this monstrous canker.

But above all, don’t be afraid. It gets scary, I know. Especially when the number of cases start rising. We’ve already witnessed the level of paranoia ongoing in many countries. But, personally, as a believer, there’s One who I’ll put my trust in when these things come up.

And that is God.

I know He will protect us, heal the infected and eventually rid the world of this cursed thingy. This too shall pass. Faith over fear.

Remember, have faith in God that this will pass, as you do the needful to protect yourself. We know our God is Almighty, but He won’t do our part for us; we have to be vigilant and do the wise thing to protect ourselves and others.

PS: As you’re stuck in your homes during this isolation period, you know you can always pass by and binge read, right? Hehe!

Stay safe, everyone.


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