A Brief Trip Down Memory Lane #2

So last week, I took a look back at the stories that led to the birth of this storytelling site. Next week, State of Dabar turns 1 year old, and this is my little way of recounting how it all started.

Today, I’m looking at two others that came up in 2018 (well, not entirely, but you’ll understand). Let’s not waste too much time, shall we?


So, after quite a long time, somewhere in 2018, not long after writing the entrance exams for the Ghana School of Law (those waiting periods are a headache, chale!), the idea for this one came up.

Here’s the thing about this series in particular. It’s more like YOLO (or if you’re not Ghanaian, think of maybe… Young Sheldon or something like that). The truth is, those characters came from a previous series I made somewhere back in 2010 or so. It was called “World of Young People”. Basically centred on Sidney and his time as a university student. It was on one of my old laptops and I deleted the blog specially made for it, so chale, files lost forever. So I decided to bring them back, in a different setting.

The motivation? An older story about a child accidentally killed, and the accompanying guilt was the inspiration.

What do I love about the story? The characters, basically. In a couple of years, God willing, if I’m to rank my personal favourite lists of friends, Sidney, Kwabena, Jesse and Steel will definitely be in the top 3. Their ladies too are memorable as well.

This series also has the first State of Dabar villain in Razzie, although I think he’s way too much of a nutcase. But that’s just me…

My favourite part of the story? I don’t exactly have a specially favourite part. Or should I go for the part where the young boy’s mother comes to see Nii? Yeah, maybe I’ll go with that one.

As far as episodes go, maybe I’ll consider the last 2. The reconciliation and the wedding. Pretty nice ones. Especially with Nii Ajei having made progress with his recovery from his mental health issues.

So as far as that series is concerned, it’s another dear one. And I’ve got two lil things to say about it.

  1. Take a look at the name of the young lady Nii approached at the end of the series, and check out the name of Larissa’s junior associate. Yeah, they might just be the same person.
  2. “World Of Young People” will soon come to State of Dabar!! Yes, I might have lost the original docs and whatever, but I still remember a lot, so… be expectant!


Technically, this is way older than the others, but it was ‘lost’ for a while. Until I decided to get busy in my Yahoo mail account, searching through my archives. I definitely have a soft spot for this one, owing to what inspired it.

The motivation? It was somewhere in 2012, and Rev. Steve Mensah came to preach at the birthday celebration service of Archbishop Duncan-Williams. It was about compassion, and his focus was on the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. That sermon really hit hard, and a few days later, having dwelt on the sermon, I was moved to write this.

What do I love about the story? The message behind it, basically. I think it’s a reminder that being a Christian is more than just church programs and religious stuff. If you truly love God, then you’ll love your neighbour. It’s just that simple.

My favourite part of the story? Definitely the ending part, where the janitor calls out the church executives for refusing to understand Jennifer. He puts out the absolute truth!

So this is pretty much the first ‘Christian’ series on the blog. Of course, there will be more, so watch out for them!

And here you have them! The series that spawned the creation of this beloved site. Of course, you can go ahead and check them out, and enjoy yourself!

The next article here will drop on Thursday. The anniversary post! God has been good, and it’ll be awesome to recount how it’s been since we started!

Got something to say? Go ahead and drop it down there!!