A Brief Trip Down Memory Lane #1

So the State of Dabar is going to turn 1 year later this month, and one of the ways I intend to celebrate that is to take a look back at 4 special series y’all will find on this site.

They’re special for a simple reason: they are the OGs of my writing ting (I can’t say career, ha!). Until SoD came into existence, from 2016 to 2018, these were the stories that I had.

So yeah, they might not be the greatest works I have ever done, but they’re pretty much some precious babies to me.

Let me start off with the first two…


Soooooooo, I’ve written others before this (which you will discover in due time), but this was really the one that sparked off the whole movement.

Funny thing is, I didn’t even intend for it to become a series! Honestly, I only intended for it to be a short story. Yet, thanks to some pressure from a few fans, namely Nana Kwame Danso and Omolora Bright-Davies, I ended up continuing the following week. Unlike a previous story, In The Car, where I wrote a second part, this one went all the way, and I am soooo glad it did!

The love triangle of Marcus, Allison and Temwani!!!

The plan was really to just focus on the convo between Marcus and Allison. Bringing in Temwani was honestly something I briefly dabbled with. But at the end, I’m glad I did. She definitely brought something else to the story as a whole.

The motivation? Hehe, I think it was just something to outline my dislike for extreme rigidity on the part of some ladies.

What do I love about the story? Basically the two known couples in it. Marcus and Temwani, of course. And Basit and Sefakor!! I look back at the story and I feel like the latter deserve a series of their own. The only Dabar couple I love more than them is Danny and Lari, of course. Sefakor is one of the craziest characters I’ve ever written, no doubt, and only Basit can handle her madness.

My favourite part of the story? When Temwani gives Allison that sweet sweet warning. Goes right up there with Daniel Dolphyne shaking Desert Eagle. And it was also that moment when readers saw Temwani is not all sugar, spice and everything nice. The girl had some Chemical X, chale!

Oh yeah, and the finale is one of the best I’ve written, in my opinion. A romantic moment like no other, chale.

So, Start Over will always have the grandpa status in State of Dabar. And I’ll always be proud of it.

And by the way, it was released in June 2016. So it’s four years old. A real OG, chale!!


So, after the success of Start Over, I had an idea the following year to go again. I would admit, I was buoyed by the likes of Kenikodjo, who a lot of you will know is a very popular blogger. So I have her to thank for indirectly encouraging me to continue.

This series also made me realize one thing: writing ahead is wayyyyy better! Honestly. This was commenced in 2017, but after the 7th episode, I just grew super lazy. Chale, for a long period of time, I totally ignored the blogosphere. It was only after my dear friend Paul Folivi suddenly passed in early 2018 that I returned briefly. Even then, it was just one article, and I went dormant again. Then a friend by name Racheal came across the old blog and encouraged me to complete it. So after Of Voices and Vermin, I did so. And I’m glad I listened to her.

The motivation? So, this was the product of a little brainstorm. Imagine if after impregnating a girl and running away, you eventually come to meet your child later in life?

What do I love about the story? Funny enough, a few years back, I actually found this to be the least nice series; I found nothing super special about it. Now though, I’d say I love the change in Chris’ attitude.

My favourite part of the story? Well, I’d say the beginning of the 8th episode is it. Where Paa Yaw recounts with regret all the major mistakes he’s made, including all those girls he slept with. And that first meeting between father and son? That was an experience I had back as a form 1 Adisco boy. Hehehe. The dude was wretched as hell. I sometimes wish I had given it to him, but chale…

Like I said, for a while, I actually didn’t like Long Journey that much. Maybe I think about the way I slightly rushed to put up the last couple of episodes. But now, that seems too harsh. It was pretty much a nicely written story. And a recent new reader totally fell in love with the use of pidgin. So, that’s a win!

And yeah, for this one, the first episode is the epic one for me. From the fight to Evelyn’s worry about not hearing from him to the discovery that he’s left the city. I tend to think it set the tone for the story nicely.

So there you have it. Two of the oldest works of yours truly. They’re always available to view on the site, and you can get invested accordingly. For the next article, it’s all about ‘Of Voices and Vermin’ and ‘Compassion’!

Got something to say? Go ahead and drop it down there!!