2020 In Retrospect: Our Top 3

So the year 2020 is finally over. We made it through the difficulties of the past year by God’s grace, and once you’re reading this, you are a conqueror!! Thanks be to God for His mercies and protection.

So with 2021 already started, myself and our main guest writer, Makafui Torkornoo, will take a look at our personal top 3 stories of 2020, as well as a brief look at the main series that came to a successful and beautiful end, Meet The Dolphynes.

Let’s start off with the learned boss of Dabar.


This was quite a thrilling write for me. And trust me, after completing season 1 earlier during the lockdown, I had no idea how to continue this story. Of course, the main drama for the first season revolved around Thomas and Glori. I really did not like Thomas; the way he just threw in the towel and was like ‘I don’t care about my wife anymore’. It was just… ugh for me. Which is why he was so pushy and forceful to have his way with Glori. After the little issue which pushed Leticia to leave for Sunyani, they went hella crazy, didn’t they? Trust me, I was very cautious with the language, else y’all would have had quite an R-18 story (if it isn’t, already). I dunno if y’all saw the ending coming, but yeah, quite a stunning twist.

Somehow, I managed to put together the plan for season 2 when I returned to school for the final exams, and as I looked at it, I knew this had to be one super dark season on my hands. And personally, I think it was. I mean, Leticia’s chilling breakdown in the first episode gives me the absolute chills. Her mother chasing Thomas’ uncle out of the house is hilarious. Rawda does not paint herself in glory by causing a fracas at Glori’s one week memorial. And the concepts of death, grief, pain, anger… the entire season is soaked with them. Having watched The Leftovers somewhere in 2019, I grew pretty fascinated with one theme song that conveyed a lot of solemnity, and listening to it while writing made absolutely perfect sense. If you were to watch it, you’d hear it whenever Leticia broke down crying. When Boahemaa visited Glori’s grave. The final scene where Leticia met the therapist. This story really became much bigger than I anticipated, and I can picture myself going back to read it over and over again.


My very first pidgin story. In case anybody sees this and tells him, Afajato (Mr. Can-Tamakloe) is pretty much the inspiration behind me going that way, and I’m hoping to do more.

This story goes high on my list for the reason that I find Jay to be one of the most complex characters I’ve made. He comes across from the onset as a pretty rough guy, given how violently blunt he is. But looking at his background, you can understand him to a large extent. I mean, the dude witnessed his dad murder his mom before his very eyes! How traumatizing that can be! And the aspect on his secondary school days simply shone a light into how violent he could get. Especially if you directed an insult at his mother. Can’t blame him.

Personally, it’s pretty heartbreaking how things panned out with his girlfriend. After letting down his guard and vulnerability, only to discover she was not just letting another dude enjoy her body, but also mocking that vulnerability. Yeah, murdering them was obviously the worst idea, but this is no psychopath. To me, he was still a little boy, deeply wounded by the memories of a cruel and heartless act by his father. Seeing the girl he loved follow in the footsteps of that dad he never forgave was just too much for him. Some may just dislike him. Others may also have pity on him. It’s complicated.


Well well well! This was the story after the extended break as I focused on completing my final exam (it totally paid off, chale!) and seriously, all I can say is that, Makafui took us on quite a journey!

I dunno about y’all, but in my younger days, after reading the story of Abraham being told to sacrifice Isaac, I always wondered about some things. So Abraham didn’t bat an eyelid when being asked to sacrifice Isaac? Isaac was okay with being tied to the altar? Did Sarah know about this? Was she okay with it?

Yeah, Makafui did his best in answering those questions, and it succeeded in breaking that already decrepit belief that great men of the Bible are spotless. Chale, Abraham was not the least bit excited. Isaac was totally confused about what was going on. And after the whole show, Abraham was NOT looking forward to going back to face Sarah. If I should be honest, I initially thought that wouldn’t augur well, since they’re all about faith and stuff. But let’s be honest: after waiting for so long to have a baby, would you be happy with your husband if he told you he was going to sacrifice that very son? I don’t think so. But honestly, that five-part journey with Abraham and Isaac is simply riveting and engaging, and it’s definitely my top story of 2020.

Honourable Mentions

A Fitting Solatium – My people in the legal fraternity, this story was inspired by Afrifa v Class Peters, just so you know. This was quite a riveting write, dealing with the super promiscuous Sampson, his fiancé Adjeley and all the other characters involved. What a snake Lydia was. And what a fierce one Rachelyn was.

I Am So Fond Of You – The little love story between Buenortey and Ansomaa. This story is dear to me for various reasons. That’s all you are allowed to know.

Here are Makafui’s top 3…

Number Three on my list: A Fitting Solatium.

This story, oh my word! Firstly, I had no idea that this law even existed. (This is what happens when the creator of the State is actually a barrister, big congrats to Dabar!) Secondly, if you felt like slapping Dabar for that intro to Episode One, I am right there with you. My guys, I beg, if you propose to her, marry her! How did Sampson get to believing that Adjeley made it easy for him to be a trifling man? Hmm. Between Lydia and Glori (From Options n Upshots,) I can see why some think it’s a bad idea to trust your significant other (or husband) around other women, especially the ones who seem harmless. Lydia was acting like she’d never even kissed a man in her life, meanwhile… Worst part is that the addict of a man named Sampson simply moved on from her and got himself fresh meat for his appetites.

My favorite part of this story: “I DARE YOU, F***FACE! I DARE YOU! HIT ME!” Rachelyn is the quintessential crazy ride or die friend, people. She’s the Peter everyone needs to have in their life; that one friend who is crazy enough to break all protocol when it’s necessary. And I bet she would’ve ended Sampson’s behind and happily gotten arrested for her sister too. I loved the way she and Kirah balanced each other out so beautifully and created the perfect space for Adjeley in the process. (Also, Kirah, cute really does recognize cute!) Honestly, though, this story was a window into some of the more nauseating aspects of the legal profession, the parts that perpetuate the stereotype that lawyers are untrustworthy. Did Mr. Binang really try to make it look like Adjeley didn’t have a case? Criminal lawyers, man. Someone pray for them cos theirs is either the most misunderstood job in the world or the vilest one there is. One word for this story: Insane.

Number Two on my List: Emunah

Abraham, oh Abraham. If anyone ever needed evidence that faith is not a cake walk, this right here is all the proof you need. To be a father and be okay with sacrificing your son cos God said so? It was so easy to look at him and admire his faith until I had to consider his humanity through it all. What an ordeal to go through! And Isaac? Its amazing he still had a relationship with his father after all that. (His whole monologue about not having a choice certainly came to make sense in time.) In the end though, I felt most for Sarah. Not knowing what happened, yet never actually having a conversation with Abraham because he chose to deny her the chance to. In the end, this story of great faith certainly showed just how pricey faith can be, and how important it is to listen for God until the very last second. One word to describe this story: Emotional.

Number One on my list: Options n Upshots.

First of all, anyone who can find a way to turn TomTom into a nickname from a side chick either needs to get roasted on a stake or given a thousand lashes. My man Dabar managed to book a date with the stake just for that. (I can’t look at Tom Tom candy the same again.) Anyway, if you read this story and thought to yourself that Karma’s a (insert word for female dog here,) I don’t blame you. There was absolutely a small part of every reader that thought “serves you right” when Tom crashed that car, but it’s his kids I felt for the most. Losing a parent as an adult, with all the understanding one has, is hell at best. Losing one as a kid? That really must feel like daily punishment. Kids recover fast, but still, you know.

On a lighter note, Leticia going straight up Janet Jackson from Why Did I Get Married Too was so right, I actually got mad at her mum for stopping her. Trash the room, Lit! Trash the whole damn room over his sleazy self! But really, I noticed similarities between the dynamics of my friendships and the ones between the characters and their friends. Glori went to her crazy friend for moral support but didn’t go to her correct friend because she already knew she was wrong. Even so, could you be mad at her for not going to her judgmental friend? To the morally upright ones out there: grace please! We need you but some of you need to learn to be tactical. One word for this story: Scandalous.

Honorable Mention 1: Jay Ayima. When I saw the artwork for this, I knew our latest Barrister creator was up to something. Then I saw it was pidgin? And then this man went ahead and said, “If harsh words dey offend you, lef here den go listen some hymns of whatever.” Listen, you’d best read this story. Jay’s rawness is such a departure from anything on the State of Dabar, and it’s so good that its like chocomilo: once you start, you won’t stop till its done.

Honorable Mention 2: Superhero Down. Bailey’s shenanigans would’ve made a top 5 list, but they get honorable mention here. This story is really a lesson in letting other people’s words get to your head rather than owning who you really are. Hey, at least he had Martha to check him. No one’s a superhero, people; we all need grace.


I absolutely love this! The Dolphynes in all their glory!


So 2020 is where a lot of crazy stuff went down in the Dolphyne world. As we started the year, we were pretty deep into season 2, where a lot of things took place. Toby getting entangled with Delphine, Adamtey and Aniyah having their issues… it was one helluva ride!

So Toby got dirty with Miss Awittor and realized it was not lying on the floor (those who speak Twi will interpret that and understand what it means). Oscar had quite a shake-up with Adelaide although it eventually ended well, Diamond eventually got together with Edem, the Sarkodie fanatic who loves to explain too much. Not forgetting Maabena, who was a more than perfect replacement for the viper called Shormeh. Kwame and Aki had quite the best friend relationship. Larissa showed us what a heart she has for those she loves. From roughing Delphine up to coming through for Aniyah (that one was pretty touching). And of course, becoming a judge. I just had to give her a happy ending in her legal career, didn’t I?

Oh, and of course, Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne. I still love that man (and let’s be honest, he looks mad dapper in the picture above), and his lion’s den treatment of Edem was hilarious. Only God knows what Serwaah’s boyfriend will encounter in a few years time!


Now, can we talk about this season of MTD? I almost killed your MCM at least three times every episode. He did his best to torture almost everyone, but no weapon, people, no weapon! Who can forget the raw, feral escapades between Toby and this crazy woman? (Paging Delphine! Also, tell me I’m not the only one who channeled my inner Drake – Noooooo don’t do it! – when Toby had to make a choice.) And can we talk about Diamond and Edem? Shout out to Edem, man. That man drank a whole bottle of longsuffering and got hurt but kept up hope. He moved out of the friendzone straight into the brother zone (the dungeon of dungeons) before finally getting his girl. To my guys in the friendzone: Stay strong, brothers.

Oscar had to get a prophetic rejection he didn’t know about, Aki (oh sweet Aki) and Kwame showed what love between friends of opposite genders really looks like, (shout to the real brothers out there who actually want to be in the friendzone,) and Larissa went from excellent barrister to Mama bear to private investigator to Judge, all without missing a beat with her kids and the ever chill, ever wonderful Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne. Man do I miss these guys.

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Here’s to a great 2021!

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