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Lockdown Plans

So, in the wake of the recently announced lockdown in Ghana, just like many of you all, I’m stuck in my house, waiting and praying that this Covid-19 virus will soon be conquered, so we can get back to normal life. What will be going on in the next 2 weeks? Well, I’m sure most […]

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Coronavirus Update

So, as the ‘A Fitting Solatium’ series is ongoing, we’re deep in the middle of a global crisis. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you what it is. I know it gets frightening. For the likes of China, Italy and Iran, the stats are absolutely devastating. Even if the death rate isn’t that high, it’s […]

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Project Section

So this is the non-story section of State of Dabar. Once you see this side of town is active, it basically means yours truly is putting down his observations and the like. And it also means y’all are getting in on the action, coz I’m definitely not gonna be the only one talking. Miscellaneous stuff, […]

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