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Options n’ Upshots – UE #6

Getting down from the trotro, Boahemaa blinked back the tears that threatened to force their way out, as she made her way to the church

Options n’ Upshots – UE #5

“So we’re looking at the middle of next month. That’s about three or so weeks away. I personally don’t believe there’s the need for us

Options n’ Upshots – UE #3

It was exactly a week since the tragic accident, and at the entrance of a compound house, there hung a big banner with Glori’s face

Options n’ Upshots – UE #2

Seated on the balcony, Leticia sat in her usual chair, clad in black, her facial expression void of any emotion. Looking at the flowers being

Options n’ Upshots – UE #1

Welcome to the second and final season of Options n’ Upshots! The finale of season 1 really threw us off track, didn’t it? I doubt


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2020 In Retrospect: Our Top 3

So the year 2020 is finally over. We made it through the difficulties of the past year by God’s grace, and once you’re reading this,

December Update

Okay, so the State has been awfully quiet recently. And I must apologize for that. We had some goodies lined up for the month of

October Update

A new month is upon us! In a year that’s been nothing short of crazy, what more can we say but thanks be to God

State of Dabar is 1!!

Yes, your beloved storytelling site is a year old now!! All thanks be to God! I’ve always had a knack for telling stories, although for


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