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Sooo… Qwamenah has the State of Dabar to work with, but that’s not the only one. If you want to see other aspects of his presence on the blogosphere, the next few lines below will introduce you to what else he has to offer.


Before this site was established, the major blog was Machshabah & Dabar. Hebrew for ‘words & thoughts’. I just wanted something pretty unique. Don’t ask too many questions. It’s not that deep. lol

So this is the oldest blog I have. Been around since 2013. That’s where the likes of Start Over, Long Journey and Of Voices & Vermin were first created (which is why they’re called Original M&D Series). It’s still active, and I use it for more personal stuff these days. As well as poems and short stories, and reviews of some selected works.

Word To Archippus

I’m a Christian. Not ashamed to make it known. And ‘Word To Archippus’ is where I share the word of God as I come to understand it through the Holy Spirit’s help. I like to consider it as my little version of ‘DesiringGod’ (now if you’re looking for Christian content, that site is a class on its own, chale).

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