This is an anthology of some of Qwamenah’s oldest and most liked works, dating back to as far as 2010.

2. No More

Another tragic story here! And I like it just as much as the Archibald one… Selorm wiped her eyes one more time as she sniffed,

3. Taken For Granted

I think some old song by Cherish, ‘Unappreciated’, was the inspiration for this one… I’d been the serious type all my life. I was never

5. In The Car

Another sweetly written one by yours truly. I think an experience of similar proportions is what inspired this one… “Where are you?…. I said where

6. It Stops Now

I remember this one being inspired by a similar story, with the famous Anas Aremeyaw Anas being behind the investigation… He picked up the phone,

7. Victim Of An Abusive Love

This was one of my earliest works when the whole ‘writer’ instinct kicked in around 2010… Akwesi looked Araba in the eye, pleading for her

8. Putting Her In Her Place

Another one of my very first works that I believe should have a place on this anthology. Jay was loving the look on her face.

9. Hell Hath No Fury

I think this was a challenge to write a story based on the saying ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. Which is why

10. Proverbs 7 Lady

It’s basic, really. A re-enactment of the chapter in question. Definitely another personal favourite of mine… Joe took his phone and looked at the time.