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Options n’ Upshots – UE #10

A lovely Wednesday morning it was. A morning with the sun out in all its glory, surrounded by clear blue skies and very few clouds.

In the Dawson household, it was a busy morning, as this would be the last time there would be any serious activity in it.

Leticia and the children were leaving.

“Sammy! Denny! Time for us to get going now!” Leticia called.

The children walked out of their room, looking pretty sad. “I’m gonna miss this place, Mummy,” Samuel said, holding on to his mother.

Leticia sighed as she placed a hand on her little boy’s head while looking around one last time. She knew it was not going to be easy for them to leave. New surroundings. New school. New friends. She knew it would be tough for her little ones.

But staying here was tougher. She had thought about it long enough, and she was convinced. To remain in these surroundings would not help her get over the spite lodged firmly in some corner of her heart. And that wouldn’t be helpful for her or them in the long run. This had to be done.

Two more weeks had passed, and she was sure that this was the right decision to make. Her healing was not going to come by just pretending to be okay, but by dealing with it properly. Time wasn’t going to heal these wounds as far as she was concerned.

“I know, baby, I know. But it’s for the best. And I’m sure you’ll get used to our new place.”

The three of them walked out of the room and onto the porch, where Thomas’ dad and Reverend Bondzie sat, waiting for them. They rose from their seats, giving the children big smiles.

“My sweetheart Denise!” Thomas’ father said as he ushered his granddaughter into his arms, as Samuel walked to the priest. The older Mr. Dawson looked at Leticia and gave a sad nod. He had also tried to convince her not to leave, but she had insisted that it was the only way she could properly move on with life.

“So the flight is at 9 o’ clock, right?” he asked.

Leticia nodded.

“Alright. Well, so as we already settled at the courts, I’m going to handle the distribution of the family property. Are you sure you don’t want to take possession of the house in Kumasi?”

Leticia shook her head. Already, staying in their house was bad enough. To take the house where Thomas and Glori had spent the entire weekend hungrily devouring each other with a passion all over was another issue altogether. “No, Daddy. I’ll hold it in trust for the kids for now. I’m sure they’ll know what to do with it by then.”

“No problem. So I’ll sell this house and let you have the proceeds, and if anything else pops up, I’ll let you know.”

Then, he sighed and bowed his head. “Hmmmm. Leticia. God knows it wasn’t meant to be like this…”

“Daddy,” Leticia intercepted gently, putting a hand on his shoulder, as Reverend Bondzie did likewise on the other shoulder, “I know too well. It wasn’t. But… I guess… choices were made, and…”

Her voice beginning to break, the two elderly men switched to comforting her. “It’s alright, Leticia. It’s alright,” Rev. Bondzie assured her. “This is your first step in moving on. We would’ve wished you could move on here, but you need to do what’s best for your mental health, and for the children too.”

“Just take good care of yourself and the children, alright?” Thomas’ father said to her, to which she nodded.

“Anything else left in the house?” Rev. Bondzie asked.

She shook her head. “Sammy and Denise went for their bags. Everything else has been packed and is in the car.”

“Alright. Good, good. Shall we take a moment to pray before you set off, then?”

Leticia, Thomas’ father and the children all duly closed their eyes and bowed their heads.

“Heavenly Father, yet again, a new day is here, and it is only by Your grace that we are standing here, and for that, we are ever grateful. Lord, I commit Your daughter Leticia and the children into your hands…”


Turning her head to the left, Leticia saw Denise fast asleep and securely buckled in her seat.

Placing her hand on the little girl’s head, she looked behind. The young man sitting behind her gave her a thumbs up as she noticed Samuel in slumber as well. She gave him a grateful smile and turned.

Twenty minutes into the flight, and they were out of Accra. She sighed as she stretched her neck to look out the window. She had seen the seas and the canoes on the shores. Such a lovely sight. And it hadn’t been the first time.

It reminded her of the last time she and Thomas sat on a plane together. She had been excited about the scene and told Thomas, who gave a weak smile and nodded and said, “Ohh, that’s nice.”

In hindsight, since that had happened after the infamous row, she was sure he probably cursed her in his head.

But that was immaterial now.

It was nothing but green vegetation she could see now. And if she was going to get through this, reliving memories wouldn’t be the most helpful.

Just think of the future ahead of you, girl, she encouraged herself as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. The past is the past. It’s time to focus on what’s ahead of me…


Midday had arrived. Leticia and the kids were now at their new home.

Kwesi had met them at the airport and duly taken them to their new neighbourhood. A comfortable little bungalow in a rather comfy neighbourhood. Upon arriving, she was pleased she had delegated the task of a new home to him; he had secured a good place for them.

As he helped the children get their room in order, Leticia stepped out of the house to make a call. She had spoken to Thomas’ father and her parents on the way to the new home. Now she had to contact her now former priest.

“Hello, Leticia?”

“Yeah, Reverend Bondzie. We’re in Sunyani now.”

“Oh, thank God for travelling mercies. Good to hear. Have you arrived at your new home yet?”

“Yeah, we’re already working on setting it up as I speak. Kwesi is helping the kids set up their bedroom. Sammy seems pretty excited about it, so that’s a positive.”

“That’s great to hear. So please, Leticia, let me be hearing from you often. We might be miles away from each other now, but I still wanna know how you’re doing.”

“Oh, don’t worry at all, Father. I’m definitely gonna be keeping in touch. Don’t be in doubt about that.”

“Great, great. So you start work tomorrow?”

“No, I’ll start on Monday. So I’m going to the hospital to check up on my brother and see how far with his rehabilitation. Then I’ll go and meet the therapist for the first time.”

“Alright, alright. Well, all the best in that. We’re praying God helps you through that period.”

“Thank you, Rev. I’m most grateful.”



Barnabas looked surprised but delighted to see his sister as she walked into the room. Her name had come out of his mouth in a slurred way, indicating how the stroke had affected his speech. He attempted a smile as she came to land a kiss on his forehead.

“Hey, Barnie, you doing good?”

He nodded, his eyes looking up at her with joy.

“Great. The nurses told me you’re doing fine, and that’s great to hear. So far, I hear your speech therapy is coming along nicely. Petite a petite, right?”

“Yeahhhh. I’m okayy,” he drawled slowly, nodding his head in similar fashion as she sat down, placing a basket by his side.

“Good. Well, like I said, I’m now settling here in Sunyani. Going to make sure I do everything I can to help you get back to the Barnabas we know you to be. I know it’ll take a while, but I’ll be here through it all.”

Barnabas looked confused. “Buutt… th-the children? Thommmassss? Wherrree is heeeee?”

A wistful smile appeared on her lips upon the mention of that name. She had anticipated this.

“Don’t worry about all that. I’ll let you know what’s happened in time. For now, I brought you some of your favourite yam balls. Just the way Maame used to make them back in the day…”


Standing in front of the door, Leticia heaved a big sigh.

This was it. The final major task for the day.

After letting Kwesi take the children to a nearby playground so they could make new friends, and visiting her brother, it was now time to see the therapist.

Time to truly begin the journey of healing from the pain of loss. The pain of betrayal. The burning urge to hold on to that flaming coal of anger.

Quickly doing the sign of the cross, she knocked on the door, opening it after she heard an order to come in.

The middle-aged lady sitting at her desk put down her papers and flashed Leticia a wide smile as she approached. “Please take a seat,” she said warmly, to which Leticia obliged.

Picking up a sheet of paper, she looked at it. “Okay, so… Miss Adjei, right?”

Leticia smiled, then nodded. “Yes. Miss Leticia Adjei.”

“Alright, so my name is Abigail Ofori, as you already know, and you’re welcome to the first day of therapy. Let’s begin, shall we?”


So Leticia begins the path to healing. That in itself is an entirely different story altogether. Well, like she said, choices were made, and the consequences are what we witnessed in this really dark season. I guess that’s a lesson we might just take from this. Choices have consequences. We might as well know what to do.

Thanks for reading, everyone!!

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #9

“Hmmm. Leticia, are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Rev Bondzie. I’ve thought about it long enough, and I know it’s what I need. Look, I’ve tried my best, but it just isn’t working. Every time I wake up in this bed, every time I sit on the porch… look, thoughts of him have just refused to leave me. And it does nothing but fill me with bitterness. Father, remaining here just keeps me in this perpetual state of rancour, and I hate it. I need to change my surroundings if I’m gonna get through this.”

Rev. Bondzie sighed, rubbing his eyes.

It had been a few weeks since the funeral had taken place. Of course, knowing that moving on after that would most definitely be the hardest part, he had taken it upon himself to remain in touch with Leticia and note how she was adapting.

So far, though, the grief had seemed to subside, but not the anger. And as far as she was concerned, it was slowly sliding into the area of bitterness.

Which was why she had now told him about her new plan.

She wanted to leave Accra with the children and settle in Sunyani.

“Umm, Leticia, I appreciate that you don’t want bitterness to dwell in you. That’s extremely important. But… wouldn’t you want to wait a bit before taking such a decision? I know Barnabas is there and all, but your life is based here. Isn’t it gonna be a bother to now find a new place of work, a new school for the children, a totally new environment?”

“Reverend, I’ve thought about all that. I’ve thought of all the inconveniences and stuff, and honestly, they can be worked on. Rev, the fact is, it would’ve been easier if I never knew about the affair. But it’s not, and believe me, I’ve tried. I don’t want it to drown me. But it is. I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t get those words in the diary out of my head. Having sex with my housekeeper while telling her I’m now a nuisance to him. It cuts a fresh wound every single time it comes to mind.

“Look, Rev, I can’t take it anymore. Even when I do my best, they’re chasing me, and all it does is enrage me over and over again. It doesn’t help that every part of this house reminds me of him. Please understand me, Rev, this is a battle that’s just impossible to win with where I find myself. I’ll get into bed and all I remember is that the one I shared it with brought her and broke her virginity on this bed. Reverend, it’s too much, honestly. It’s too much.”

Rev. Bondzie simply nodded. That last part did leave quite a scar, when he thought about it. To know that your spouse was cheating was bad enough, but to desecrate the matrimonial bed would definitely leave a lasting impression.

“Well, I get that. And uh, well… I guess I can’t force you to just get over it, because this is not an easy situation you find yourself in. let’s just give this another week, and then you know what to do from there.”

“Alright, Rev, no problem. Oh, and by the way, I’ve decided to get in touch with Glori’s mother.”

“Oh wonderful!! I’m glad you’re finally going to get through to her.”

“Yeah. My mother raised the topic again before she left, and I decided she was right. So hopefully, I’ll settle the issue. I’ll speak to you later.”

“No problem, Leticia. Bye.”


“Madam, I’m so sorry, I really am. If I knew my daughter had been involved in that thing, God knows I would’ve knocked some sense into her…”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Vanderpuye. No need for you to apologize. I mean, you’re not your daughter, and truthfully, it was wrong of me to take out my anger on you. So I’m sorry for refusing to pick the calls of you and your husband. I’ll have to come and visit you and make my official apology.”

“Hmmm, not a problem, madam. We’ll be most grateful. It’s just been so hard…”

“I can only imagine. That’s why I need to come over. I may have been angry and all, but at the end of the day, I can’t turn my back on parents who’ve lost a child, no matter what the child did to me. So I will definitely see you and give my condolences in person. But I’m really sorry about this loss. Forget everything that happened, I’m genuinely sorry about what happened.”

A sniff came as a reply. “I’m grateful. I really am.”

“Mmmmm. Well, I’ll speak to you later, so we decide on the best time to come.”

“No problem, Madam. Thank you so much. God bless you.”

“Oh, Aseda y3 Nyame dea. Later, Ma’am.”


Rawda sat on the balcony, earphones plugged in as she spent time with Bob Marley’s wisdom in song form.

As she hummed along to “Could You Be Loved”, a vibration alerted her to a WhatsApp message arriving. She paused the song and switched to her messaging platform to find that Glori’s mother had sent her a voice note. She went ahead and pressed play.

Rawda, how are you doing? I hope all is well. So guess who I got a call from?… Mrs. Dawson. Yes ooo, looks like she finally let go of the hurt. She apologized, said she’ll come over to give her proper condolences and all that. I mean, she’s very late, since it’s been almost a month since Glori was buried, but… better late than never. So I’m happy. But it somehow got me wondering, what’s happened with you and Boahemaa? Why don’t you patch things up with her? Invite her so we can let go of all the grudges and stuff and just move on. What happened has already happened, and we might as well look to the future. Please get back to me once you’ve heard this. Thanks.”

The audio having come to an end, Rawda took the earphones off and sighed. She was glad to hear that Glori’s mother had finally settled matters with the wife of the man; it was a long overdue relief. But that last part of the voice note wasn’t exactly something she wanted to hear.

Reconciliation with Boahemaa.

Like she had decided earlier, the words spoken to her at that one-week celebration was a revelation of how Boahemaa truly felt about her, and she was convinced that with such, nothing good would come out of rekindling their bond. It was better left broken.

Shaking her head, she muttered to herself.

“What do I tell this woman? She’ll probably disturb and beg me to let her back in. hmmm… I’ll have to find a way around this. Because Boahemaa… forget it. I don’t want to have anything to do with that girl. Ever again.”


Walking through the gates to the cemetery, a small bouquet of flowers in her hand, Boahemaa’s face was a grim, crestfallen one.

As expected, she was not present at the funeral. So she had gone to ask one of their mutual friends where she had been buried, and had been given the directions. Since she couldn’t be there to say goodbye, now was the time.

Tears streaming down her face as she walked briskly past the various tombstones, it still felt so unreal. The last place she’d expect to have to visit Glori was this place. Where so much potential and talent lay waste. Never in any lifetime would she have expected that Glori would end up there so early.

After about ten minutes of walking, she saw the site. Just as her friend had told her, a little grey sign had been erected on top of the grave with the initials G.V. and her years of birth and death.

Rushing to the grave, words failed Boahemaa as she fell to her knees and began weeping uncontrollably. For the next five minutes, no words were spoken. Just the cries of a broken-hearted young lady mourning her best friend.

As the bitter tears ran out, she sniffed and sobbed as she held the dirt that covered Glori’s grave in her hands. She shook her head, and began to whisper.

“Glori. My one and only Glori. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t as good a friend as I should have been… I know we both loved those sexy, well-built men, but… if only I had done my part and told you that sneaking around with a married man was not good. Maybe you might have listened to me. But whatever the case is, I failed you. And I’m so sorry.”

Wiping the remaining tears from her eyes, she placed the flowers on the grave. As she rose to her feet, she swallowed the urge to burst into another session of loud cries. It’s alright, Boahemaa, it’s alright, she thought to herself as she continue to observe the patch of ground under which lay her friend, and continued.

“Glori, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. I was supposed to see you at your wedding, with your future hubby, all beaming with smiles and excitement. I should’ve seen you become a mother. Baby showers, trips to mother care shops, all those things. But… look at what’s happened. Now everything has changed. You’re here, and, and… chale, our lives are never gonna be the same again.

“I don’t know what’s next, but… I dunno, I guess I’ll have to move on. Learn my lessons and make sure something this crazy never ever happens again.”

Taking a look around her as she finished her little speech, she sighed and knelt down and touched the ground. “I’ll always miss you, Glori Vanderpuye. I always will. You were an awesome friend, baby girl. Made my life a joyful one for sure. God knows I’d do anything to have you back, but… it just isn’t possible. All I can say is that I love you, and… you’ll forever be in my heart. Sleep well, babe. Sleep well,” she whispered.

Rising to her feet, she turned and began to walk out of the cemetery.

Hmmmm, Boahemaa bids her friend adieu. And it doesn’t look like Rawda is ready to forgive her. Well, we’re almost at the end of this dark journey. Tomorrow lets us know what happens with Leticia.

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #8

“Thomas was a loving father. An amazing husband. Someone I believed with all my heart that I’d spend the rest of my days with. From the day he asked me to be his wife, I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the man I’d grow grey hairs with, and it couldn’t be more devastating that our time together is over so soon. Thomas, when I said until death do us part, I didn’t sign up for it happening after just seven years together!”

Her voice calm and composed, Leticia stood before the solemn congregation, reading out her tribute to her departed husband.

At the end, she had decided to go with a pleasant tribute. She had not enjoyed writing it, but freeing her mind wouldn’t have gone down too well with the congregation. And the children had had it hard adjusting to their daddy’s demise; surely a nasty tribute from their mother to him would affect them negatively. So she settled for the good one.

“That week was one of the most unforgettable weeks I had. From discovering my brother had been struck down by stroke, to losing my husband suddenly. Thomas, this was far too soon, and my heart aches like crazy. What wouldn’t I give to have you around, hubby? Our bed feels so empty, your laundry basket untouched. I can’t even bring myself to look at your favourite Arsenal mug, because I’m expecting it to be filled with the black coffee you’d always make before work.”

Looking up briefly, she noted a number of people wiping their eyes and sniffing. That last part of the tribute must have touched them hard. She was living the nightmare many prayed against: losing the love of their life too early.

“But what more can I say?” she continued, as she lowered her eyes and carried on. “This is my new reality. Living without you being the first person to wake up to. Raising our two beautiful little ones without you around. There couldn’t be anything more devastating than this. It’s a nightmare I wish I could wake up from so badly. All I know is that you’ve made your way to one end of the divide, and I’m stuck here, and a vacuum is gonna exist for a long time to come. Nonetheless, I thank God for the times we had, the joy you brought to my life, and how you made me feel as wife, woman and a person. We surely shall meet again one special day, that is my confidence. Sleep well, Thomas, sleep well.”

Concluding her speech, she took her sheet of paper and walked away from the podium to take her seat.

As her father put his arm around her and consoled her, she knew the different thoughts that would be going around the minds of people. With the way she had kept her composure, it was likely some people would see her as a strong woman in control of her emotions. Some silly ones would assume her failure to shed tears made her complicit in his death. As far as both thoughts were concerned, she couldn’t be bothered. The funeral was going according to plan, and that was her only concern.

The church was packed with family, friends and sympathizers, and all the plans for the service had come off without any hitches. From the body being carried to the church auditorium to the laying in state, it had all been done alright. No problems whatsoever. She had often heard of serious fights in the build up to funerals, but there had been very little conflict, and she was grateful for that.

Of course, the laying in state was extremely difficult for her. The last time she saw him alive was when he dropped her off at the station earlier that day she went to attend to Thomas. To see him lying there in a white suit, stiff and still… more than a slap in the face.

As the next group of people made their way to the podium to share their tribute, she sniffed and held tightly to her father.

No doubt about it, for that day, the grief and sadness of losing her spouse had truly taken over.


“O God, whose mercies cannot be numbered: Accept our prayers on behalf of thy servant Thomas Dawson, and grant him an entrance into the land of light and joy, in the fellowship of thy saints; through Jesus Christ thy son our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.”


As the coffin was lowered into the grave, once Reverend Bondzie was done with the prayers, the few mourners who were present at Thomas’ final resting place sobbed and cried, saying their final farewells to Thomas as his body found its way down into the ground.

Leticia, surrounded by her parents who had Samuel and Denise in their arms, simply had more tears spilling from her cheeks as she watched her husband go down.

It was real. It truly was real.

He was gone.

It didn’t just hurt on her part. The sight of his father and uncles and aunties all wailing as they wondered why the one meant to bury them had rather preceded them. It was really painful.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. On a Saturday morning like this, the family should have been chilling. Samuel and Denise should have been having fun with their daddy. Not seeing him lowered into the grave so early.

The mourners cried out to the descending casket, bidding its inhabitant to hear their questions and pleas. Even though her lips were not open, Leticia too wished her husband could hear what was in her heart at that point in time.

How I wish it didn’t end this way. I loved you, Thomas. From the moment you made your way into my heart almost a decade ago, I knew it was my destiny to spend the rest of my life with you. Thomas, we didn’t have a perfect life, but at least we tried. I did what I could. Was I a perfect wife? Of course not. But you can’t deny that I did the necessary as a wife. As to why you did what you did…

She sniffed, squeezing her eyes shut as she gave herself a few seconds to pull herself together. The sounds of digging shovels and dirt hitting the casket filled her ears as she opened her eyes to see the grave diggers already at work.

“It’s time to go, my dear.”

Her mother’s gentle words were followed by a leading away, as she continued to speak to him in her heart.

Why did you give up on us? Why? How could you hate me and hold a grudge after that night? After all the apologies? God, Thomas! I thought we committed to make it through all the tough times. I thought you said it was okay. When it wasn’t. How long were you gonna keep up appearances? Huh? How long were you gonna keep it up? Now look!

Looking back at the grave side, as the diggers busily undertook their duty of covering up, she shook her head as she knew all the words in her heart were nothing more than tennis balls thrown against the wall. They did nothing but return to her. The reasons for giving up on the marriage would never be discovered. And that was that.

All she could possibly do was move on.

The pang of sadness hit her once again, and the tears on her face were suddenly joined by bitter cries.

Crying that the man she thought she’d grow old with had left her too young. Crying that she’d never understand why he threw in the towel the way he did.

“Ssshhhh, shhh, it’s alright, my child, it’s alright,” Mrs. Adjei said calmly as she took her distraught daughter into her arms.

Sigh. Poor Leticia. It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a spouse.

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #7

Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast,

There, by His love o’ershaded, sweetly my soul shall rest…

Those were the words of the solemn hymn sung by those present in the church as the service began in Holy Ghost Temple.

The casket in which Glori’s body lay was at the side of the altar, with a number of wreaths around it. The parents had decided against a laying in state. The thought of having to continually witness people file past their daughter’s corpse was too much for them. They just wanted to have a quick send-off and be done with it.

Relatives, friends and sympathizers had filed past the casket, and tears had been shed. Silently and loudly.

None, however, pierced the soul as deeply as the wails of Mrs. Vanderpuye, whose wails forced the manliest of men to wipe away tears from their eyes as she rushed to the front of the altar, somehow hoping against hope that she could wake up the young lady in the coffin. Somehow wishing that just like the numerous times she had shaken her daughter and she stirred… maybe, just maybe, this would do the trick.

A futile wish, unfortunately. It wouldn’t work this time; Glori was never gonna wake up again.

Rawda had entered about a minute or two before the bereaved mother’s grief boiled over. She had tried her best to stay strong on her way to the church, but seeing Mrs. Vanderpuye scream with agony as she attempted to wake her late daughter broke any attempt at that. It was in the arms of her brother Samed that she bawled uncontrollably into as they took their seats. At that moment, the will to file past the open coffin was gone; the pain of knowing her dear friend lay lifeless there fell on her like a ton of bricks and shattered her totally.

It took about ten minutes for composure to be restored in the church before the casket was finally closed and the service began, although obviously, there were many who still shed tears, albeit silently.

A place of mourning. A place everyone will find themselves someday, but never a comfortable place to find yourself.


“Glori was an ambitious young woman. A young lady who undoubtedly had big dreams,” the priest spoke as he gave the solemn homily for the occasion. “I spoke with her many times, and if there’s anything I know, it’s that she wanted to make a major impact in this world and make her family proud.”

He took a moment to shut his eyes and let out a big sigh of sadness, then continued.

“My honest expectation was always that if I had to do something major with Glori at the center of it, it would be about a celebration of her first play, or first book. Her wedding. Dedication of her children. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that I’d have to conduct a funeral service for her, at this point in time. My constant prayer for her was that God would give her the strength to fulfill all those ambitions and desires within. But… somehow, that didn’t happen.”

His eyes on the people before him, clad in black and white, he could see hurt in its most tangible form. From the morose parents to the heartbroken siblings. Uncles, aunties and cousins with tear-stained faces. Friends and loved ones still finding it hard to believe. Life had really thrown them the nastiest of curveballs, no doubt.

“We’re all hurting as we sit here. Every one of us has lost a special person. Someone who brought joy and happiness to our lives in various ways, and this is difficult to take in. But in painful times like these, even though we don’t have the answers, we can lean on the God of all comfort, who comforts us in our afflictions. We have a Comforter who is always by our side, and is ready to help us in this dark period. We have the assurance of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who promised that He will be with us always, even unto the end of the age…”


A few hours had passed. The service was over, and those who had the strength to do so, were at the cemetery, where Glori was to be laid to rest.

Rawda was one of those, holding tightly to her brother as they had walked through the place that held many resting places for the departed. She had chills running down her spine as she noted different tombstones, with different ages on each of them.

Some of them, like her great-grandmother, had lived to a ripe old age and peacefully made their way out of earth into eternity. Others had checked out a little too early.

And a number of them were as young as her and Glori.

It really brought into perspective how fragile and temporary life is.

Indeed, as she and Samed walked though to where Glori’s coffin would be lowered, her brother murmured out loud words she knew would never get out of her head.

“How pitiful is the man whose purpose revolves around the planet of self, and how wretched is the fool who thinks storing up material goods is ultimate wealth.”

As they arrived at the spot where the coffin was to be laid, many of the mourners were already weeping before the priest could begin the final prayers. Doing his best to maintain his own composure, he stayed silent as others shushed and told the weeping ones to hold their tears as he offered the final prayers over her casket.

“God of the spirits and of all flesh, who have trampled death and annihilated the devil and given life to your world, may You Yourself, O Lord, grant to the soul of your deceased servant Glori Vanderpuye, rest in a place of light, a verdant place, a place of freshness, from where suffering, pain and cries are far removed…”

As the prayer ended and the pallbearers began to lower the coffin into the grave, the cries resumed, and they were a lot more hysterical than before. Seeing Glori finally being lowered into the grave was pretty much that horrid arrow striking their hearts to confirm that this was not a dream.

Glori Vanderpuye was dead.

Samed had not had it easy calming Rawda down the first time, but this was a whole other issue. Reality had hit her just as hard as the others, and she had not broken down seriously until now, so this was a major outpouring of grief.


Overwhelmed with grief, she screamed and wailed loudly, oblivious to the attempts of her brother to calm her down. Not even the efforts of other mourners could help. This was a hard moment, but no one else at that grave side was as inconsolable as her. Even Mrs. Vanderpuye tried unsuccessfully to calm her down; a testament to how broken she was at that point.

This was Rawda’s valley moment. The moment she truly came face to face with the terrible reality that she was never ever gonna see her friend again.


Seated at the dining table, in front of Leticia sat a blank foolscap sheet and a pen.

She simply sat there, her hands not even remotely motivated to rise and pick the pen to do the needful.

Thomas’ funeral was a few days away, and as expected, the tributes were needed for the publication of the brochure. According to the senior Mr. Dawson, aside her and his secondary school year group, everyone else had submitted theirs. She had promised to get to work on it as soon as possible.

So that evening, she said to herself it was time to get to work on it.

However, as she sat before the paper, that push needed to get to work just wasn’t there. Because she knew what was to appear on that paper was either going to be something that would be inappropriate for a funeral brochure, or something that would make her sick to her stomach to read.

How could she now lavish her late husband with the words of adoration she had planned to give him when he finally passed at the ripe old age of 89, when it was much earlier, and especially in the light of his scorn for her?

The thought of writing down what a wonderful and amazing husband he was now seemed repulsive. Why should she shower him with such accolades when it was nothing but a façade? Did he deserve such lovely praises when his deepest thoughts about her were darker than she would have expected?

She sighed, looking at the paper. She would have loved nothing more than to vomit out her new feelings about him.

But would that be appropriate for a funeral?

Even as she flirted with the idea, she knew the answer was a no. It most certainly would not.

She sighed again as she picked up the pen and tapped it against the table.

“Well, I guess I gotta get it done…”

That’s one funeral down. Time to witness Thomas’ own…

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #6

Getting down from the trotro, Boahemaa blinked back the tears that threatened to force their way out, as she made her way to the church right in front of her.

Mission Anglican Church.

Following the events of the past week, she was no longer allowed to set foot in the Vanderpuye house. Glori’s parents were still quite mad at her for the misbehaviour at the one-week celebration. But they had also gotten to know a bit. The fact that she had cheered her friend on while she and the man of the Dawson household engaged in steamy flings. That obviously made her even more unpopular. It didn’t look like she, or Rawda possibly, would be permitted to attend the funeral.

So as she walked toward the church, her heart was filled with grief and guilt.

Inasmuch as she was convinced Rawda’s confrontation was unwise, ill-timed and very inappropriate, she couldn’t deny the fact that she did feel bad about not calling Glori to order. They both knew it was wrong for her to find herself in such a situation, yet their love for able-bodied men somehow became an excuse.

In hindsight, Boahemaa could see how foolish they had been. A six-pack and bulging biceps was never an excuse to do the wrong thing. Never.

If only she had told Glori not to do it. If only she had advised her to spurn the advances of that Dawson man. Maybe she might have listened. Obviously, Glori hadn’t wanted the kind of verbal lashing Rawda would deliver. But maybe if her fellow macho-loving friend had told her creeping about with the husband of your boss was a terrible idea, she’d have listened.

Or would she?

This question would never be answered, obviously. But that wasn’t why she was there.

As she entered the church, her aim was for the altar. Walking briskly towards it, her restraint on her emotions grew weaker as her face scrunched up. Throwing herself on it, the tears began to flow.

“God, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Forgive me for everything that I’ve done, Lord!” she pleaded, face down. “I’ve messed up so badly, and I regret it. I’ve failed as a friend, and now I’ve lost a sister so dear. Please, Lord, forgive me. Please!”

For the next fifteen minutes, she remained sprawled on the floor, her tears sinking into the carpet as she cried out to God for mercy. With time, words turned to nothing but cries.

As her strength wound down and her loud cries reduced in intensity, she heard footsteps move toward her.

Then a hand gently touched her on the shoulder.

She lifted her head to see a priest, crouched to her level, a kind, gentle look on his face.

“My daughter, what’s wrong?”


“And now it’s just… every time I remember how I was happily cheering her while she was telling me how they were having sex that Saturday, I just feel so… terrible. I feel like the worst friend on earth. I feel like the biggest disappointment on the planet…” Boahemaa confessed, looking down as she told the story.

Father Bondzie, who was seated next to her on the altar, had listened silently. He certainly had not expected to meet somebody else directly affected by the accident. Such a tiny world we live in, he had thought to himself as she had narrated the events to him.

“I wish to God I had a time travel machine or something. I swear, the first thing I’ll do is go back to the day she first told me about that fling and warn her like crazy. Even if I’ll have to slap her, I’ll do it. I’d do anything to have my friend back, I really would,” she continued, sniffing and wiping her eyes as she spoke. “I made a terrible mistake, Father, and I dunno if I’ll ever get over this. I really don’t.”

Father Bondzie laid a hand on her shoulder. “Listen, Miss Boahemaa,” he began gently, “I can only imagine how terrible you feel. Considering what this led to, I know there’s a heavy load of guilt on you. But listen to me, punishing yourself won’t accomplish anything. Yes, you erred by urging your friend on, and you might feel bad about it now, but you can’t let that rule your life. Don’t allow it.”

Boahemaa continued to wipe her eyes as she listened to him.

“You’ve sought for forgiveness from God, and I want you to know that He has forgiven you. This is not a sin that He deems unpardonable. And if God has forgiven you, why continue to hold it against yourself? I know at this point, the wounds are still fresh and the memories will continue to replay in your mind’s eye. By all means, go through the grieving process; it’s natural and necessary. But don’t let your heart remain in bondage to guilt. You’ll never be free if you do.”

Boahemaa sniffed. “But Father, will I ever be free? All I ever think about is how I could have saved her from this fate. I just can’t shake it off, it’s just…”

Father Bondzie’s gentle grip tightened a bit on her shoulder. “Boahemaa, take it easy. The wounds are still fresh, so that’s how it feels. You just need to go through the grieving process for now. And please, you need a support system that will help you through this tough period. You cannot go through this on your own; it’s too heavy a load.”

Wiping her eyes, she nodded. “Yeah, that’s true.”

“Don’t you have any friends you can seek help from at this point in time?”

She began to think.

Well, there’s Beatrice. There’s Jean. There’s Ama Serwaa. Rawda… no, forget her. I don’t need that judgmental girl around me. After calling me an ashawo. Idiot.

She then nodded. “Yeah, I have some friends I can lean on.”

“Good, good. Look to them for support. With what you’re going through, it’s only appropriate they hold you up. Now listen to me. Once again, don’t continue to hold this against yourself. Refusing to forgive yourself will not get you anywhere beneficial; all that assures is you remaining in a cell for the rest of your life. Weep, cry, mourn your friend, as you should. But afterwards, heal and move on. The Apostle Paul told us in the book of Philippians that one thing he did was to forget the things that are behind him, and forging ahead to the things before him.

“You’re still a young woman, and there’s still a great future ahead of you. Don’t let this one error bring your life to a grinding halt. Please. When your time of sorrow is over, move on.”


“Please, the service starts at 9 am, right?”

“Yes, my dear. 9 am.”

“No problem. I’ll try and come much earlier than that. Umm, so… have you heard from Mrs. Dawson?”

The sigh from Mrs. Vanderpuye over the line already informed Rawda that the answer was unlikely to be a positive one.

“No ooo. Hmmm. The woman has blatantly refused to pick any of our calls. We’ve tried over and over again, but no response. I don’t understand why. It’s not like we were the ones encouraging Glori to sleep with her husband, so why this behaviour?”

“Hmmmm. Looks like the anger has really overwhelmed her.”

“I can understand. And I know she’s going through serious pain. I mean, none of us expected this. But the way she’s treating us, it’s not fair. It’s as if we told her to come and snatch her husband or something. God knows if I knew Glori was doing such a thing, I’d go to the house myself and drag her out and beat that foolishness out of her. We just wanted to apologize, see the way forward, that thing some. But no, the woman won’t hear it. My husband tried going there twice, and nobody answered. So, I dunno…”

Rawda sighed and shook her head. “Hmm. Well, if she doesn’t want to talk, I guess you can’t force it.”

“Hmmm, no ooo. I can’t force it. I know she’s angry, but… well, let’s just move on…”

So Boahemaa too holds a grudge against Rawda? Doesn’t look like that friendship’s gonna be mended any time soon…

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #5

“So we’re looking at the middle of next month. That’s about three or so weeks away. I personally don’t believe there’s the need for us to keep him for so long in the fridge. Let’s just get things in order quickly, and give him a proper send-off.”

The senior Mr. Dawson looked at Mr. Adjei, who nodded in agreement.

“Not a problem. The earlier we do it, the better. So I believe my daughter will get in touch with the reverend father about it. Right?”

Leticia immediately nodded. “Yes, Da. I’ll contact him as soon as we’re done with this meeting.”

“Alright. So, you can work on the cemetery and where he should be laid…”

About two weeks had passed, and a meeting concerning the funeral arrangements for Thomas were finally being held, with the family of Thomas and Leticia in attendance. This time around, the focus was solely on giving their son and their in-law a worth send-off, so no questions about what happened between them were asked.

This time around, the uncle of Thomas who had been chased out previously by Mrs. Adjei was not present. Apparently, Thomas’ father had been very unhappy with his conduct and decided he could not be present in this meeting. In any case, Leticia’s mother would be around as well, and the last thing needed was any form of hostility; work had to begin towards getting the funeral arrangements sorted out.

“Okay, so I will take care of the obituaries and stuff. I have a friend who owns a printing press not far from my workplace…”

“No problem, I’ll take care of the wreaths…”

“Ummm… their names are Marcus, Yaw and Quayefio. So that’s half of the pallbearers. The Marcus gentleman said he’ll revert to me about the other three who will help…”

Leticia silently listened as the delegation of tasks went on. She couldn’t help but feel bemused.

Funeral arrangements, as far as she knew, were always going to be a part of life. But her expectation was that if it had to happen at any time, it would be one of her parents. She had thought these kind of discussions would happen with her husband by her side, being her strong tower as he helped to make all the necessary decisions.

Not that he would be the one around whom all these arrangements were being made.

It felt like she had been in a trance when after about twenty minutes, the meeting came to an end. She barely heard anything else that was said after the mention of Thomas’ friends serving as pallbearers. Nothing but couldas and wouldas and shouldas circled around and filled her brain.

As the elderly ones rose to their feet, she joined them as the Abusuapanyin of Thomas’ family gave the closing prayer. She sighed as she shook her bowed head with her eyes closed.

“Okay, so, my dear, please stay strong,” the Abusuapanyin said to her as he ended the prayer and the solemn assembly began to disperse. “These are very difficult times, and I know it’s not easy. It can never be easy, obviously. But please, be strong.”

She sighed and curtsied as she responded positively.

It was funny how carefully the Dawson family treated her now. After that previous encounter with his uncle, nobody wanted to make much allusion to Thomas’ actions before his death. The head of family had probably advised them not to do anything to drive the knife in her wounds even deeper, and she was grateful for that.

Because the knives Thomas himself had stuck in by his actions were deep enough.


“Ma, Daddy, I’m very sorry for what happened last week. Please forgive me,” Rawda pleaded, on her knees as she faced the parents of Glori. She had finally gotten up and made her way to the residence, knowing it was imperative she apologize to them.

The young men around had not been very pleased to see her. They hadn’t forgotten her misbehaviour, and were ready to walk her out. But the mother of Glori had stepped out in time to see her and ask the boys to let her past. She didn’t understand Ga, but she knew the guy who aggressively protested was reminding Mrs. Vanderpuye of what she and Boahemaa had done a while back. The elderly woman calmly insisted she be allowed in, despite that.

Begrudgingly, they left her alone and allowed her to enter the house.

Now she knelt before them, her eyes filled with tears as she pleaded for clemency. Facing them, she realised just how foolish her actions were. Boahemaa undoubtedly played a huge role in the whole thing, but that attack was really out of line.

Looking at these two elderly people before her, it was so clear that this untimely death had rocked them to the core. They needed support at this fragile chapter of life. Not an embarrassing episode at a solemn occasion.

“I never should have done what I did. It was all my fault. I never should have done that in public. That was the last thing I should have done in front of you. I beg you, please forgive me.”

At this point, she moved forward and lay prostrate in the floor.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, don’t lie on the floor, my dear,” Mrs. Vanderpuye gently protested as she lifted herself from her seat to lift Rawda up. “You don’t need to do this to yourself.”

Looking very remorseful as she was raised to her feet, she wiped her eyes and mumbled a few more sorrys.

“It’s okay, my dear, it’s okay. We’ve forgiven you,” Mrs. Vanderpuye assured her as she turned to her husband, who nodded in agreement.

“Take a seat,” he said, gesturing to a chair nearby.

Rawda duly obliged, walking over to take a seat. The elderly man sighed, looking up to the sky before returning his gaze to her as his wife sat down.

“Rawda, it has not been easy. Ever since the policeman entered this compound to inform us of our daughter’s passing, life has just been an absolute mess for us. Glori. Our very own Glori. Gone. Just like that. Hmmm. The thing that I feared the most has come upon me, and I don’t know how to take it. I saw my father’s agony when my younger brother died at the age of 20, and nothing terrified me more than experiencing a similar loss. And now, look. Look.”

Rawda shook her head as her tear glands began to function yet again. This man was really going through a hard time.

“I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do, I’ve been asking God for a Lazarus miracle… I’m at my wits end, honestly. I just don’t know what to do with myself. But I’m glad you came to apologize for your actions, because I was really angry that day. It only generated a whole lot of gossip, and the occasion lost a lot of solemnity. All the same, we have heard your apology, and we forgive you. This pain is enough; we need not add anger and bitterness to it.”

Rawda clasped her hands together. “Thank you, Da. Thank you, Mummy. I’m so, so grateful. And please, I’m here for you. We’re all in this together and we’ll walk through this torrid time together. I promise you that.”

“We are very grateful, my dear. Very, very grateful.”


“Oh, Leticia, won’t you answer the Vanderpuye woman?” Mrs. Adjei asked as she noticed her daughter’s phone screen alight with the name on the Truecaller notification. She had noticed he had called two times already, and Leticia was sitting in her chair while the phone sat on the living room table.

Shooting the phone a scornful glare, Leticia’s lips curled in disgust. “Leave him, Ma. I don’t have any business with them. After their daughter came and opened up her legs for Thomas to dive in. they can burn the sea for all I care. Nonsense!”

Mrs. Adjei didn’t seem too enthused by that. “Leticia, don’t do that. The parents are not their child. I understand you are angry with the girl, but don’t take it out on them. They were just sitting their somewhere. If they were complicit, I’m sure she would have mentioned it in her diary, but they didn’t know. So please…”

Leticia shook her head vigorously. “Ma, I don’t want to talk to them. Me and them don’t have any business. Whatever they want to do with their daughter is not my concern. Please, just leave me alone. I beg you.”


“Mama, please! I beg you. I’m not ready to be forced into anything. Please, I don’t want to talk to any of them. I don’t. just let me be. Please.”

Mrs. Adjei opened her mouth, ready to persuade her daughter, but in a split second, decided to hold back.

The reality was, Leticia was quite a mess of emotions, and with the disdain she spoke of anything related to Glori in the past couple of weeks, it was possible she might just unleash all the fury she had against her housekeeper on the poor, grieving parents. Which was the last thing they needed. In that little moment of wisdom, Mrs. Adjei held her tongue and decided not to push it further. Surely, they’d return to this issue, but when she was in a more emotionally stable frame of mind.

“Fine, no problem.”

That was her simple response, as she left the living room.

Leticia stared at the phone, and scowled again.

After taking you as my own. After doing you good and being ready to help you become more than just a housekeeper. Tweakai! Helping people. Never again…

Well, good to see Rawda patched things up with Glori’s parents. Leticia, though. Shouldn’t she at least pick their call once? Hmmm…

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #4

It was 7:50 am on a Wednesday morning.

And it was a knock on the door that woke Leticia up.

Stirring as she lifted herself to sit up on the bed, she looked at the two little human beings on each side of her. Denise to the left, Samuel to the right. They were still soundly asleep, their cute little faces as peaceful as could be.

Shutting her eyes, she sucked her lips in and shook her head. The previous day had been awful to deal with.

Imagine having to tell your four year-old daughter and six year-old little boy that the man they looked up to and adored with a passion would never be coming back home. The reaction would never be pleasant.

And that was exactly what Leticia had had to deal with. A crying Samuel and Denise who did not want to accept those harsh words and kept calling for their daddy. They wailed and demanded she call him to show it was a falsehood. The latter, which she painfully did, yielded no results, as one would expect: the automated voice message stating that the number was switched off was as close as the little Dawsons would ever get.

They could not regain their composure for the rest of the day, so Leticia decided to let them join her in her room. As they cried themselves to sleep, calling for a daddy that would never come back home to kiss them and play with them and buy them chocolate, the knife in Leticia’s heart dug itself a few more centimeters in.

She hated to see her babies this upset and not be able to do anything about it.

Look at what you’ve done to our children! She inwardly cursed at him as she had dozed off herself. Now they’re fatherless. Wounded for life. Left with vacuums that can never be filled. All because of you and your selfishness. Damn you, Thomas!

“Yes, Ma,” she called. The door opened, and her mother’s head popped in, a look of sympathy already imprinted on her face

“Hmmm, yesterday was difficult papa,” Mrs. Adjei commented. “The poor children took it really hard, didn’t they?”

Leticia simply nodded.

“Hmmm. So still no work, no school?”

Leticia shook her head. “Nahh. The MD has given me quite some time. And the headmistress was quite understanding when I explained. So that’s that.”

“Mmmm, alright. So, what are you doing for the day?”

“I’m going to see Father Bondzie.”


Sitting in her room, Rawda scrolled mindlessly through the Twitter timeline displayed on her phone. The sound of light showers was the company that drove away any feeling of absolute empty loneliness.

As she just went through tweets without stopping to really read any, the events of the one week celebration circled around her brain.

“Ah, but why would you do that? Don’t you know there’s a time and place for everything?” her older brother, Samed, had sternly reprimanded her after she admitted to blowing up at the event. “A solemn occasion and you go and misbehave like that? What is wrong with you?”

In hindsight, she realized that it was indeed a major brain fart to attack Boahemaa at such an event. Glori’s parents had been deeply disrespected by her actions, and she definitely owed them an apology.

But was she sorry about attacking Boahemaa? Not a chance.

Marcus Aurelius once said, “Anger cannot be dishonest”, and she was convinced that the words from Boahemaa were but a revelation of how she actually felt about her. To have it thrown in her face that the two of them considered her as a self-righteous person hurt a lot, and she still smarted over it, particularly that ‘religious witch’ jab.

Was it about the fact that whenever they joked about their love for hot guys, she always jokingly scolded them? Did they think she disapproved of their personal tastes or something? Why would they think that? She always made it clear she had no issues with them, it was just how they were always going gaga over any man with a divinely chiseled chest that she found amusing.

Well, she was still upset over Glori’s death, no doubt. And going to apologize to the Vanderpuyes was an essential. But as far as Boahemaa was concerned, she was not the least bit pleased.

As she replayed the nasty hoots and insults she had received from her friend, an idea came to mind.

Heading to her list of Twitter followers, she scrolled down, looking for the username b_a_p_piah.

Boahemaa’s Twitter handle.

Once she found it, she tapped on the handle, and upon opening the profile, swiftly tapped the unfollow button.

Closing the app, she went straight for the contacts list, moving to Boahemaa’s number. Without a second thought, the number was deleted from the phone in a matter of seconds.

Looking outside her window, she sighed.

I’ll go and apologize to the Vanderpuyes tomorrow morning. It’s the best I can do, and they deserve better than what I did. As for that stupid girl, forget her. I don’t want to have anything to do with her…


“Just let it out, Leticia. Just let it out,” Reverend Bondzie said calmly.

Leticia continued to cry loudly into the couch in his office, feeling the pent up pain and grief break free from her soul with each mournful wail.

That, in all truthfulness, was the reason why she had left the house and come to see the priest: to find a safe haven to let out her feelings. She didn’t want to break down in front of the kids; they were already now coming to terms with the terrible news, and she needed to be strong for them. So she came to the place she could vent, and vent she did.

After a few moments, she lifted her head up, eyes red and nose runny. “Rev, what did I do to deserve this?” she asked. “I did my best. I know I wasn’t a good wife all the time, but I tried. After that fight. I put my all into the marriage. Did what I had to do. Yet all this time, he didn’t like me. Thought the worst of me. Ran off to have an affair with my freaking housekeeper! Reverend, what did I do wrong? What?!”

Reverend Bondzie sighed. This was obviously a question he could not answer. Just when he thought all was well, this had to happen. “Leticia, if I had answers to this, you know I’d happily give them to you. But I don’t. It’s just as baffling to me. So they actually were having a fling?”

Leticia let out a slightly impatient sigh. “Yes, Rev, yes. They were. The diary made it all clear. And according to the tests carried out, there was some semen found in Glori’s body, and that semen came from my husband. Yes, they were sleeping with each other behind my back. And all I wanna know is why. Was I that bad a wife or something? I just… I don’t get it.”

“Leticia, Leticia, don’t put this on yourself. Please,” the priest pleaded, his hand on her shoulder. “Whatever the reason for the choices made, do not place it upon yourself. You do not have to take responsibility for this. Don’t do that to yourself. Please.”

Sniffing as she took out a tissue to wipe her nose, she shook her head as more tears continued to flow. “I loved him, Rev. I loved Thomas so much. He was my favourite man. From the day he wooed me, I knew I wanted nobody else but him to spend the rest of my days with. I thought ’till death do us part’ would be when we’re old and ready to leave this earth, still treasuring each other so deeply. Not like this. Not with him giving up on us like this. Walking out on me when I didn’t even know it…”

Reverend Bondzie stayed silent, taking out a tissue and handing it to her to wipe away the tears. “If I might ask, Leticia,” he asked gently, “how exactly do you feel right now?”

“Angry. Heartbroken. Upset. Furious,” she immediately replied. “Losing the man I love is the worst feeling on the planet. This is everything I used to pray against, yet it’s my reality right now. And the fact that I lost him in a different way before this even happened makes it worse. I almost wish to God I hadn’t read that cursed diary, yet I still would’ve wondered what she was doing in the car with him once the news arrived. I’m angry, Reverend. So angry. And so hurt. Why would they do this to me?

“And Glori. I took her in, gave her a job, decided to treat her like a niece because I don’t believe in treating those below me some way. I even went as far as to try and help her to improve her talents, just so she can become somebody. Always telling me she wanted to become a playwright and a motivational speaker. I did all this for her, not out of obligation, but just coz I love to help people reach the top just like me, and this is how she repaid me? By having sex with my husband on my matrimonial bed? Running away with him to Kumasi to have an affair in a house I never knew he owned? God have mercy, if that girl isn’t burning in hell right now…”

“No, no, no, no. Leticia, I know you’re upset, but please, don’t be saying such things.”

“Why shouldn’t I? isn’t it a sin to be doing what she did? Don’t people go to hell for doing such things? Don’t they?”

Reverend Bondzie sighed again. The anger was real, for a gentle soul like Leticia to be declaring eternal damnation upon the deceased housekeeper. “Leticia, please. Let’s not tow that line. Judgment ultimately belongs to God. Please, drop it.”

Leticia’s face did not convey an intent to do so, but she didn’t come there to bicker with her priest. So she sighed and muttered, “Fine, I’ll drop it. But I’m still so hurt. Her parents have been calling, and honestly, I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Whatever they want to do with her, they can do. They should just leave me alone.”

“Hmmmm,” Reverend Bondzie murmured. Leticia was an absolute mess of emotions, and obviously, he couldn’t blame her. To try and straighten her out at that point, though, was not the most ideal, in his opinion. Still coming to terms with the secret betrayal, she would be better off letting out all the pent up rage before coming to certain decisions. “Listen, it’s still early days. Give yourself some time to process what you’re feeling, okay? There’s so much hurt inside. Just let it out, and then we’ll know where to move from there.”

Leticia simply sat there, eyes fixed on the crucifix by the door. A few moments later, her gaze switched to her priest. “Reverend, I just wish I had answers,” she said sorrowfully. “Why he gave up on us. Why I became a pariah to him. If only I had answers. If only…”

Once again, the priest sighed as she broke down. Indeed, answers to those questions would be so appreciated.

Unfortunately, the one who could give those answers was lying in a fridge in the mortuary.

The wish was a futile one. They would probably never find the answers to those questions.


This widow is really going through it, isn’t she? And isn’t Rawda being a little too harsh at the moment? Oh well…

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #3

It was exactly a week since the tragic accident, and at the entrance of a compound house, there hung a big banner with Glori’s face on it. As one would expect, at the top, in clear capital letters, read the words ‘WHAT A SHOCK!’

As per the usual tradition, a one-week celebration was being held at the home of Glori’s parents, and one wouldn’t need to be a genius to know how thick the atmosphere was with grief, woe and heartbreak.

In the compound, the necessities had been set up, and people were already around. Canopies and chairs had been set up, facing the front of the house, where a table had been placed, with a full-blown picture of the fallen Vanderpuye member.

Glori’s mother was inconsolable. Refusing to be comforted in any way, she wailed uncontrollably about how her ‘shining light’ had been quenched. How the one she believed was going to make it big in life and support them was now gone forever.

The cry of a mother for her departed child is never a pleasant sound to the ears.

Her father, though not as dramatic as his wife, was also in tears as well, sitting among his siblings as he asked God why this had to happen to his beloved little girl. Just when she seemed to be lifting herself slowly, death had sped by and snatched her from the land of the living.

Too many questions, with no chance of receiving any answer whatsoever.

Many a relative, friend and sympathizer were in attendance as well. Everyone was as aghast as the other at this horrible turn of events. How could the lovely, bright, cheerful and enthusiastic Glori, who had just obtained a job as a housekeeper and was trusting and believing God that it was a stepping stone to a brighter and fulfilling, have passed away like this? How could life be so cruel to a young woman who just wanted a better life for herself and her family?

Some of her friends were seated away from the elders, crying bitterly as they reminisced the good times they had with her.

Among them, was Boahemaa.

Being the closest to Glori, it was no surprise that her lamentations were the loudest. As she cried, however, none of them knew how much of those cries were fuelled by a niggling feeling of guilt. They simply patted her on the back and consoled her as they wept themselves.

The gate opened, and in stepped Rawda, in black leggings and the black T-shirt made for the event. Her eyes were red and puffy, showing how much she had been crying herself. Greeting the people who were standing by the gate, she moved to where the family members were. Upon seeing the despondent state of Glori’s mother in particular, though, she decided she might hold on a bit. Mrs. Vanderpuye looked way too shattered to receive greetings at that moment. She did move to Mr. Vanderpuye and shook hands with him, giving him her heartfelt condolences.

Moving away from the canopies, she looked around.

Too many memories of her time with the one being mourned.

She had visited this house on countless occasions. Always been greeted by a giddy Glori, ready to receive her and engage in hours of chit-chat with her. Now, the only sightings of her friend were on the T-shirts people wore, as well as the photo at the table. The person herself was no more.

Rawda rubbed her eyes as tears threatened to leak out. Why, Glori, why? Why did you have to fall into that trap? Oh! Now look at this! It shouldn’t have been like this!

Her head turned in the direction of the friends mourning. And she saw the one sitting on the floor in their midst, belting out her sorrow as loud as she could.



Upon seeing her in that state, Rawda’s expression changed.

From a sorrowful one to an angry one.

Such nerve this girl had to be wailing like that! Wasn’t she the one who cheered Glori on while she slept with a married man? How dare she? They hadn’t spoken since the news broke, but there was no doubt about it, Rawda was not the least bit pleased with her friend.

And seeing her like that only made her more annoyed.

Go and give it to her! Such nonsense! If she had been a real friend, she wouldn’t have been accommodating Glori’s foolishness!

No, this is not the right time. Don’t do it…


The louder, dominant voice in Rawda’s head prevailed.

She stormed over to them, the cauldron within increasing in heated rage as she got closer. “Hey, hey, hey, hey, what is the meaning of all this?” she snapped at Boahemaa as she came to stand before them.

Boahemaa and the other ladies around looked shocked. “Ah, but Rawda-” one of them began.

“Please, please, please! You this Boahemaa girl, you are a big hypocrite!” she charged on, pointing a finger at her. “You are sitting here wailing your head off. Are you not at fault in some way?”

The sorrow shoved to another side, Boahemaa rose to her feet, not the least bit amused, while the confusion among the others remained etched on their faces. “Ah, my friend, what is the meaning of this?” she demanded. “Was she not my friend as well? Did I know what happened would happen?”

“Oh, get away!” Rawda shot back. “If you were a real friend, wouldn’t you have told her to stop creeping around with that man? Instead, you were giving her fans. Encouraging her. Giving her vim. Now that she’s gone, you are coming to form chief mourner! Hypocrite! Big, shameless hypocrite!”

At this point, the confrontation was starting to get the attention of the other mourners. Attention suddenly turned from dwelling on the painful departure to the two young ladies going at each other.

Boahemaa folded her arms as she narrowed her eyes at Rawda. “So you diɛɛ, you are the real friend, eh? You are the only one who should do the proper mourning, eh? Oya, then roll on the floor and scream, now! Nobody is stopping you. Arrant nonsense! This is what Glori and I never liked about you. Judgmental, self righteous little prude. Always acting like you’re better than us…”

“That’s never true! Did I ever judge you girls? Huh? Was it not just jokes and fooling around? Did I expect that any of you would actually stoop that low?”

“Oya, you see that? Stoop so low! Kyerɛsɛ we were some immoral little tramps and you diɛɛ, immaculate Virgin Mary. Shame on you! You see you’ve exposed yourself? Pharisee papa paa! Religious witch!”

“Don’t you dare call me a witch!” Rawda warned.

“Hoooooooooo! Judgmental witch! Shameless Pharisee!” Boahemaa hooted, clapping her hands in her friend’s face.

She knew her friend to have quite a feisty and irritating edge at times, but that action really incensed Rawda. Nothing ground her gears more than being hooted at.

“You know, I’d rather be a Pharisee than an immoral whore like you!”

That clapback was not what Boahemaa had expected, and it definitely struck a nerve. Stopping for a moment, her next response was swift.

Basically, her left hand flying through the air and landing forcefully on Rawda’s cheek.

At this point, hell began to break loose.

The surrounding friends, who had tried their best to placate the two, now had a bigger task of restraining them from ripping into each other. As they held Rawda and Boahemaa back from lunging at each other and exchanging blows, the Vanderpuye parents had risen from their seats and were walking towards the scene of the fight. “Herh, herh, what is the meaning of all this?” Glori’s mother demanded angrily.

They were too busy trying to break free from the holds of the others to hear her.

“F*** you, Boahemaa!” Rawda yelled. “It’s your fault Glori is gone. You’re a pathetic excuse of a friend.”

“Go to hell, you judgmental witch!” Boahemaa spat back.

Glori’s father, very displeased with this turn of events, stepped before them. “Hey! Listen here!” he bellowed.

Everyone, including the bickering friends, grew silent.

“This is a serious occasion. I just lost my beloved ray of sunshine, and the last thing I need is for you to come and spoil the occasion with whatever nonsense you have. If that’s why you are here, then you better leave… in fact, please, just get out of here. I’m not accepting this foolishness. Leave! Go! Away with you both!”

What an embarrassment. To be sacked from your late friend’s one-week celebration.

As he directed some of the young men around to show them out, they were still being restrained by their friends as they threw some more nasty comments at each other. Including language that would make the elderly cringe in utter disgust.

“Hey, shut up and get out of my house! Stupid girls!” Mr. Vanderpuye snapped after hearing them snidely insult each other’s flowers, with Rawda insinuating Boahemaa had a loose one, and the latter calling the former’s a “stale, rotting hole”.

The young men successfully pushed them to the gate and showed them the way out. One or two of them decided to follow them outside to ensure they didn’t descend upon each other.

But as the gate closed behind them, it was obvious that the grave atmosphere had been sorely interrupted. Family, friends and sympathizers were shaken up by that fight. A solemn occasion had been roughed up by an ugly clash, and tongues would be set wagging in no time.

Well, that was an ugly and pretty much unnecessary clash between the two friends. We probably had a feeling such would happen, but at the one-week celebration. Too disrespectful. What happens next?

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – UE #2

Seated on the balcony, Leticia sat in her usual chair, clad in black, her facial expression void of any emotion. Looking at the flowers being blown by the breeze, she took a deep sigh as she continued to wait patiently.

She was expecting certain visitors. Thomas’ father and uncle.

Was she looking forward to their arrival? Not in the slightest. She had a lot of respect for them, but she really did not want these kind of visits right now. In any case, she had a particularly sneaky feeling they were going to try and defend the honour of their late son.

Mrs. Adjei stepped out of the house and watched her daughter sitting there with that bland disposition. She shook her head and looked to the skies.

Leticia saw her mother’s reaction and smirked. She had the same feeling, and had not hidden it. “Mama, don’t worry yourself, I beg you. I know you’ve already charged up, but there’s no need. I’m sure the meeting will be smooth. Relax, I’ll handle it.”

Mrs. Adjei looked at her, an unsure “Hm” emanating from her before she shrugged and stepped back into the house.

Just as she did, there was a knock on the gate. Leticia rose and walked to the gate to open it up.

As expected, the father and uncle of her late husband were at the gate, also clad in black mourning attire. They followed her to the porch and took their seats as she went in to get them some water to drink.

Once they were served, she took her seat and waited for them to finish drinking before they began to speak.

“Hmm, my dear, to say that these are easy times would be a lie,” Thomas’ father began. “What has happened is just horrible, and as a father, my heart couldn’t be heavier. The way I expected Thomas and the rest of his siblings to be the ones to bury me, and this has happened! Leticia, I’m devastated. Extremely devastated.”

Leticia’s heart ached at those words. He’s right. It’s children supposed to bury their parents. Not the other way round.

“As far as the funeral arrangements are concerned, we will have to get to work on that soon enough. But, ummm… that’s not the reason why we came. That will be done in due time. We wanted to talk you about, uh… the state of affairs between you two before all this came to pass.”

The look on Leticia’s face turned from showing hints of sympathy to a blank canvas. Huh, just as I thought! I wonder what they have to say to me…

“Yes, we decided that coming over immediately would be in bad taste, given how very fresh the wounds were,” the uncle chipped in. “Of course, we were also in a state of shock as well. And obviously, it’s not like you’re totally over it; I know it’s going to take you a long time to fully recover. But at least, a few days have passed, so there’s some discussion we can have.”

Yeah, it’s gonna take me a really long time to recover. Why not, when my husband had fallen out of love with me and was finding his way into our housekeeper’s panties!

“Yes, indeed, so umm, this is just a harmless question, but, were things between you and Thomas okay before he left for Kumasi?”

Leticia sighed and shook her head. She knew they meant well, but this question almost made it feel as if she had driven him into the arms of another woman with some insane conduct.

“Yes, everything was fine. As far as I’m concerned, he wasn’t even supposed to go to Kumasi,” she started gently. “My brother suffered a stroke, and I had to rush for Sunyani. We communicated the whole time. No fights, no nothing. If anything at all, just those normal squabbles every couple has.”

The two elderly men sat back.

“But apparently, after one really nasty fight,” she continued, “he started to dislike me. Even though he denied holding anything against me. After I apologized numerous times.”

She took her time in laying those sentences out.

“Hmmmm. My daughter, can I be honest? I know the boy did the wrong thing, but personally, I think you ought to take the blame for all this as well,” the uncle stated bluntly.

Leticia sat up in her chair, a stunned expression on her face. “What?” she gasped.

“I mean, if not for that fight, who knows, maybe he never would have been motivated to go after the househelp. I’m not excusing his actions ooo, that’s not what I’m trying to do. But in my opinion…”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!”

An irritated snap came from the front door. They all turned to see Leticia’s mother step out, with a very irritated look.

“Mr. Man, you can’t come here and be throwing useless allegations at my daughter for wrongs she never did! It’s her fault for the where? Nonsense! Or you don’t know that she apologized? Ah! Why is it not the fault of that son of yours who couldn’t honour his wedding vows?”

Leticia shut her eyes. Oh no.

Her mother had been listening to the brief conversation, despite her earlier pleas that she be allowed to deal with these in-laws alone. Now that she had heard this uncle blatantly and ridiculously accuse Leticia of being complicit in Thomas’ passing, it was about to get ugly. Especially considering how livid the elderly lady was with Thomas’ ways, and fully blamed him for leading himself to an early grave.

“Isn’t marriage about forgiveness and compromise? Yet that gentleman you call a son decided to hold on to a stupid grudge and disgraced himself by going for that silly small girl. How is this Leticia’s fault? Don’t be silly over there!”

The men bristled at this attack. “Look here, woman,” Thomas’ uncle started, rising to his feet, “we did not come here to be insulted by you. We came for a simple, logical discussion…”

“Logical my foot! Where is the logic? They fought. She said sorry. He said he accepts, when he was lying. He went to cheat. Now he’s dead. How is she responsible? Logical discussion indeed. Listen, you can’t come here and shift any blame on my daughter when you didn’t teach your son not to be chasing any aimless fool in a skirt!”

“Hey, don’t you insult my son like that!” Thomas’ father snapped, also on his feet. “You better watch your mouth over there!”

“Or what? Is he a saint? If he had sense, wouldn’t he still be here? Nobody asked him to take some small girl to Kumasi just for sex!”

Things had officially become ugly.

For the next few minutes, Leticia stared on, mortified as her mother engaged these two visitors in a verbal war. A relentless, ferocious exchange of words. Exactly what she had been hoping would not happen.

But then, this uncle, who seemed a little too trigger happy with his words, started it, didn’t he? Where from the blame shifting?

“… and I am saying that he is a stupid man regardless! Instead of forgiving, you are holding grudges and chasing after girls that aren’t as educated and respectable as the woman you are married to. Isn’t he a pitiful excuse of a man?”

“He is still a man! And the fact remains that we men don’t like having our pride toyed with. If our wives fail to see that, then they only have themselves to blame when we get upset and hold on to certain things.”

“Hahahaha! Do you know how soaked in stupidity this statement is? So he has a right to not forgive? She must be perfect? Herh, you are even stupider than I thought. Idiot man!”

“You too, you are a foolish woman!”

“Useless dog!”

“Bloated pig!”

“Ugly rat!”

Now the insults were being tossed back and forth in table tennis fashion, with Leticia’s mother and Thomas’ uncle trying to outdo each other with the most offensive description they could conjure. It was beginning to get embarrassing, with Thomas’ father looking humiliated at his brother’s passionate attacks.

“Please, everybody, please!” Leticia pleaded loudly, now fully upset. “Please, this isn’t going to help anyone. We’re all affected in one way or another, and all this won’t solve anything. Please!”

The uncle shot her a dirty look, still incensed. He had been set off, and it hardly looked like this appeal for calm had touched his heart in any way. “I don’t blame him. I don’t blame him at all,” he barked. “With a terrible woman like this for a mother, I’m very sure this is what you were doing to Thomas. No wonder he hated you so much!”

As Thomas’ father rebuked him, Leticia narrowed her eyes. Just as she was trying to calm things down, this uncle just wanted to carry on with his ludicrous fault-finding propaganda. His earlier suggestion had touched a raw nerve, and he clearly wasn’t ready to let it go.

“Daddy,” she said to Thomas’ father, “respectfully, I think we’ll have to have this discussion another time. Because I’m not ready to sit here and be made to feel lower than I already am. Please.”

Thomas’ father sighed. He had not anticipated his brother taking this route. Now the plans for a fruitful talk had been flushed down the drain. He glared at him as he nodded. “You’re right. This wasn’t the right time, after all.”

“My friend, it’s the perfect time! Isn’t it obvious what this boy was going through? Only God knows the kind of abusive behaviour poor Thomas suffered at the hands of this woman,” the uncle butted in, unwilling to give up.

“Herh, so you won’t leave? Wait for me, I’m coming!”

Anyone used to Nigerian movies would know that statement from Mrs. Adjei was a dangerous one, as she rushed back into the house. The senior Mr. Dawson saw this, and started to move, unsuccessfully trying to pull his brother away. He told Leticia he would call her as he walked away.

His brother, unperturbed, continued to stand before Leticia, pointing his finger at her. “You better understand this: you are not the innocent little widow you claim to be. Our son didn’t deserve to have his life tormented, however it was done, and I won’t lie, I’m more convinced than ever that whatever you did to him…”

The front door flung open, and there stood Mrs. Adjei, with a butcher’s knife in her hand. “You are still standing here, abi?”

That was his cue to flee.

It was embarrassing, yet slightly comical, how Mrs. Adjei chased him from the compound to the gate, waving the knife wildly as he fled for dear life. As he sped out of the gate, she stood at the entrance, spitting out the last bits of venom she could find beneath her tongue.

“Fool! Useless toke! Go on, run away! After your foolish son has destroyed my daughter’s life, you are coming to make things worse for her! Step here again, and I swear, I’ll use this to chop your tongue off! Try me and see!”


“Mummy, I miss Daddy. When is he coming back? And Sister Glori too.”

Days had passed since the fatal accident, and the children were yet to find out the truth. Another major headache for Leticia.

Having to tell Denise that her beloved daddy was never going to come back was a task too heart-rending for Leticia to carry out at that moment. She just couldn’t do it.

So she blinked back the tears as she lied, claiming that Thomas had been caught up in some big work and would be staying longer than usual.

As she kissed her daughter good night and left the room, she sighed, shaking her head.

An absolutely draining day.

So much anger and grief within her. And the events of the afternoon had not helped, either. She had had a bit of an exchange with her mother afterwards, registering her displeasure at the interruption and subsequent insults.

Taking a seat in the living room, she looked all around her, as she had done consistently for the past two weeks. Observing the empty seat where Thomas once occupied, then the numerous pictures around.

Then she sat back, allowing the tears to run down her cheeks as she sobbed and wondered whether it was grief of his death or grief at his now-revealed contempt of her that was the cause of her breakdown.

As she wiped her left eye, mind barely focused on the blaring television, her phone rang.

Picking it up, she expected it was the senior Mr. Dawson. But it was an unfamiliar number.

Waiting for Truecaller to reveal the person’s identity, her lips turned up in disgust as it did. The name of the caller was Francis Vanderpuye.

Glori’s father.

She immediately pressed the reject button, a loud ‘mtcheww’ from her lips as she tossed it aside.

The phone rang again, and she decided to ignore it. In all truthfulness, the last thing she wanted was to deal with the family of that girl.

“Rubbish,” she muttered. “After all I was ready to do for you, you jumped into bed with my husband. Ungrateful little bitch. They had better leave me alone. I don’t want anything to do with her. They can toss her body into the sea for all I care. I don’t give a damn.”

A lot of ugliness ongoing in the light of these passings. Hmmmm, this would be a very unpleasant place to find yourself. It really would…

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – UE #1

Welcome to the second and final season of Options n’ Upshots!

The finale of season 1 really threw us off track, didn’t it? I doubt anyone saw that coming. It was all kinds of brutal. And clearly, what we’re all wondering is… what happens with those left behind? Leticia, Boahemaa, Rawda… they’re all gonna be deeply affected by what happened.

Well, it’s time to find out.

Imagine a junction with no traffic lights and mad lines of cars filled with angry drivers, all on a ‘every man for himself’ kind of vibe as each person seeks to reach their destination with no regard whatsoever for the other person’s well-being. Nothing but chaos is imminent.

That was as close a description as possible of the kind of mental mayhem going on in Leticia’s mind.

As she sat on the bed, thoughts of all kinds just sped through her brain, refusing to stop so they could be properly dissected and thought upon. From one idea and question to another, with no room for contemplation.

From the moment Inspector Seidu Moro showed up at her doorstep to deliver the news, things had never been the same. And of course, they were not going to be.

Receiving the news that her husband and housekeeper had perished in a ghastly accident was the stuff of nightmares. The kind of experience you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. That had to be the worst moment of her life, without a doubt, and the memories of her falling to the ground and screaming her lungs out was not likely to depart any time soon.

If that was not bad enough, a diary had been retrieved, apparently from the accident scene, and brought to her, containing information that instantly made her stomach churn when digesting same.

The question of how Glori was in the car with Thomas when the accident occurred was answered more intimately by those jotted journals than she would have wanted.

And up to that point, it just didn’t seem to really register. The fact that a lie had apparently been lived out, and she had absolutely no idea.

The thoughts were in motion…

“What the hell is wrong with you, Tom? Why can’t you be considerate for once?”

“And why can’t you cut me some f**king slack every now and then? Ah! Every time, emo outbursts nkwaa. Can’t you use your brain for once?”

“Are you implying I’m stupid or something?”

“Well, who the cap fits, let them put it on their f**king head. Geez!”

“Ah, all I want is a little assistance, and it’s come to this. Why are you like this?”

“Massa, I can’t. I can’t sacrifice a little bit. If you don’t like, go and drink sea water. Hoh! Mtcheww!”

“You know what? F**k you, Thomas Dawson! F**k you! You insensitive bastard!”

“Whatever, chale. I’m tired of this s**t. I’m out of here!”

That was the night of their infamous fight. Thomas had claimed to feel too tired from work to help out with a little task in the kitchen. Leticia had pleaded for him to ‘sacrifice just a little bit’, which somehow didn’t go down well with him. What followed was about 10 minutes of yelling and an exchange of angry words that culminated in Thomas walking out and spending the night elsewhere.

Definitely the lowest moment in their marriage…

“Honey, I’m really sorry about all that happened. I shouldn’t have said those things, I know. Please forgive me…”

“Don’t worry, Leticia. What’s in the past is in the past. We were… both angry. Never mind. Let’s just move on.”

She remembered those words after they left the counsellor’s office, a couple of weeks after that fight. How assuring his voice was. How calm his demeanor was as they drove away. That comforting feeling she had in her underbelly that all was well…

“Leticia, I knew you were the one from the moment I laid my eyes on you. Your sweetness, your calmness, your seriousness… you know, all the positive nesses, hehehe. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, but finally, this is the time. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Have a family with you. Grow old with you. Have eyes for no one else but you. That’s all I dream of, and it’s time to make it a reality. So, Miss Leticia Akua Adjei, will you marry me?”

“Oh, God, yes, Tommy boo, yes! Yes, I will marry you!”

A brief flashback to that memorable day he proposed to her, after about nineteen months of dating. The shots of joy that coursed through every vein as he went down on his knees. The sweet feeling of giddiness that wrapped her up as she was wrapped up in the arms of her now-fiancé. The assurance that her life was just getting a lot better…

So I guess I know why Mr. Thomas despises Madam Lit so much. They apparently had a pretty big fight, and she said some awful things to him. He stormed out, spent the night at a hotel, and that was it. Hmmmm. Chale, I still kinda wonder why he’s held on to the bitterness like that, with the way he claims she apologized and they went for counselling and all that. Ah well, not my business. I’m just enjoying what he’s been doing to me since we got here. God, his touch is so sweet…

Those words sprung to mind immediately. Contents of Glori’s diary.

“Ei, so all this time we were living together, this man disliked me? So I was nothing but some contemptible mosquito to my own husband? To the extent that he was fooling about with this… this small girl? Right under my nose?” she wondered out loud.

She looked around her.

The bedside table had a picture of the two of them, with Thomas’ arms around his wife’s waist, both faces beaming with radiant smiles.

A picture they took at his father’s retirement party. Only about a year ago.

Looking straight ahead, a framed photo of them and the kids at a birthday party.

They looked so happy. Like a family that had forged past their struggles and problems and had chosen to love in spite of the flaws.

The smiles on the face of Thomas in both pictures. They looked so genuine. They looked like the smile of a man content with life and what he had been gifted with.

Now as she observed them, they looked so… plastic.


“So all the mornings I helped him dress up, it was scorn he had for me?” she continued to wonder aloud, her voice beginning to crack with a bit of hysteria. “All the respect and admiration I had for him was not reciprocated? This man didn’t even want me as a wife?!”

Rising to her feet, a woozy feeling washed over her as her mind began to bend under the weight of oncoming mental pictures rushing to the forefront of her brain.

The most aggressive being pictures of different quotes from Glori’s diary.

Quotes of Glori and her husband’s moments.

Goodness, Diary! Mr. Thomas had me blinded with delirium this morning. He totally blew my mind! He really is a man’s man! Fire emojis, Diary. Fire emojis…

… oh God, Diary, the sparks that fly off my skin when Mr. Thomas kisses me on the neck! It’s just insane…

… chale, the way he jams his hands into my panties is something else…

… I swear, I was seeing stars when he dug his head in between my thighs. Herh, I’m literally getting all tingly just remembering about it…

Leticia squeezed her eyes shut, hoping against hope that the thoughts would let up and leave her be.

But they just kept coming. Reminding her of the unpleasantries.

Reminding her that her husband had been faking all this time and actually detested her very existence…

Reminding her that he set his sights on the housekeeper and relentlessly chased her until she agreed to let him have her…

Reminding her that while she rushed off to Sunyani to look after her brother, her husband went back home to passionately bang this housekeeper…

Reminding her that all those talks about a meeting in Kumasi and Glori saying she was at home with her family for the weekend were nothing but lies to cover up an illicit weekend-long fling…

Reminding her that they were dead, and she’d never get the answers she deserved…

That was it.

The elastic band in her snapped.

She let out a blood-curdling scream, grabbing the picture on the side table and chucking it at the wall. The glass smashed into a thousand pieces upon impact.

If anyone had looked into her eyes at that moment, they would probably find two glowing flames where her pupils ought to be.

She lunged for the curtains, ripping them off their hinges as she switched into a full-blown state of rage. Scattering all the expensive perfumes of his from the dressing table to the floor, she then took one of her high heels on her shoe rack and threw it at the photo hanging on the wall.

The impact knocked the photo off the nail it hung on and fell to the ground.

Grabbing the frame as it landed, she slammed it against the wall, its glass protection splitting under the blazing ire of a deeply wounded woman.

A blazing ire that wouldn’t permit a single thrust against the wall to be sufficient.

Each hit accompanied with a rabid, “I HATE YOU!”, she was totally oblivious to hurried footsteps outside her room. The opening of her door, didn’t phase her, either.

“Leticia! Leticia! Ei, Awurade, what is this! Leticia, stop, please!”

The cries of a concerned mother were the next thing that followed. And that caught her attention.

The frame now smashed to broken pieces of wood and bits of glass, her mother’s words brought her rage-driven frenzy to a halt.

Her head already bowed to the ground, another ear-piercing cry burst out of her.

This time, it was out of pain.

Breaking down in the mess of shattered shards and tiny splinters as her mother’s arms wrapped themselves around her, there was no need for words.

The widowed Leticia Dawson was broken. Devastated. Hurt beyond words.

She had lost the man she had vowed before God and man to spend the rest of her life with. She had lost a young lady she had grown fond of and wanted to see rise to the top. And in losing them, she had learned that they were actually involved in a steamy liaison.

Nothing could cut deeper than that.

As she wailed on, the elderly Mrs. Adjei held her daughter tight, tears running down her cheeks as she asked God what wrong she had done to deserve this. A son struck down by stroke to a daughter widowed in tragic circumstances.

Heart-rending. Absolutely heart-rending.

Wow! Intense is not even enough to describe what a beginning that was. This is going to be a tough period for Leticia, that’s for sure!

Options n Upshots

Options’ n Upshots – OE #10

It was 11:45 pm on Sunday.

Glori was seated in the car, busily noting down the intimate details of what Thomas had done to her earlier that evening. 

It had not been as active a day as the previous. Thomas had suggested they take the ‘Netflix and chill’ option for the day, so from 9 am to about 7 in the evening, in between breakfast and lunch which they ordered from some of the restaurants around, they binged on one Spanish series, ‘El Final Del Paraiso’. Being a fan of telenovelas, Glori was already into the show, and enjoyed every moment of it.

Once it was evening, Mr. Dawson, who had surprisingly kept his libido under lock and key despite observing Glori in the hottest babydoll all, decided it was time he opened the floodgates and ended their trip with “lovemaking so incredible, you’ll faint with joy”.

Thirty minutes later, they lay on the couch, exhausted but delighted at a pretty mind-blowing finale to the Lust-N-Thrust weekend.

After about five minutes of straight writing, she put her pen down and took a look through what she had written. She gasped as she realized just how raw and detailed she had been in her description of their last coupling in the living room. Anyone who picked it up and read it would definitely have their innocence ripped away from them.

“Ei, this thing I’ve written diɛɛ, it’s more than porno!” she laughed. “Herrhh, see what Mr. Thomas has done to me. Turned me from an innocent children’s writer to a Jackie Collins.”

She looked at it again, then shrugged. “Ah well, abi nobody else but me is gonna read this anyway. It’s not like Madam Lit is ever gonna find this, so… nothing to worry about.”

Putting the book back in her bag, she sat back and sighed in satisfaction.

Damn, what an amazing weekend it’s been. Geez, I never knew sex was this sweet. Hihi. Makes my choices totally worth it. To hell with Rawda and all those annoying voices in my head. It was all worth it. Totally worth it.


“Hmmm. As for this your love of travelling at this time of the night diɛɛ, I’ll never understand it.”

“I just love it, that’s all. You know that already. I already slept earlier this evening, so it’s not like I’m gonna fall sleepy any time soon.”

“Oh, alright, alright. It slipped my mind mpo. You usually do that whenever you’re travelling at this time of the night.”

Of course it would slip through your mind, he scoffed inwardly to himself. “Yeah, so don’t worry about that. You’ll be back later in the day, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll leave around 10 am, so, give or take, by 6 pm, I’ll be back in Accra.”

He rolled his eyes. Back to the boring old charade, chale. “Alright, alright, that’s good. So we’ll meet at home, then.”

“Definitely, honey. OK then, stay safe, Thomas. Have a safe trip back to Accra.”

“Thanks, Leticia. And safe trip as you return tomorrow.”

“Thanks, hun. Bye.”

As he hung up, he had the most bored expression on his face. He had enjoyed himself a lot more than he had thought. And now, after a weekend of ecstasy and unbridled freedom with Glori, the thought of returning to his regular role as Mrs. Dawson’s husband made him feel a little sour. Left to him alone, he probably would not return back.

But of course, that could not be done. The children were the only real reason why he remained in the union, so he had to go back and be their father.

As he picked up his backpack and exited the room, he smirked as he looked at the neatly made bed, gleefully reminiscing on how he had driven Glori insane on the night of their arrival.

“Well, at least, she’s coming back with me,” he mused to himself. “So this weekend might be over, but getting into that kitten’s panties certainly isn’t. Hopefully we’ll have her around for as long as possible, so I can be happy.”


“Hey sexy mama!”

Glori turned and saw him approaching the car. “Oh, finally!” she sighed in relief. “I was wondering when you’d come out at a point. I’m ready to go now.”

“Well, I had to speak to her,” he explained, a tint of contempt applied to the last pronoun. “So, you know. Long talk, blah blah blah, chale. But forget that. We can move now.”

“Thank goodness,” she said as he opened the back door and placed his backpack in the back seat before getting into the driver’s seat. “Are you sure about this leaving late thing, though?”

“Of course, babe! Been doing it since time immemorial. Works magic for me. That’s why I slept after taking you down, so I’m all fresh and set for the journey.”

“Okay,” she replied. “I trust you, TomTom.”

As he turned the engine on, he looked at Glori, who stared back at him.

“This has been one of the best weekends I’ve had in so long. I know I’ve said this numerous times, and I’ll say it again. You’re a treat, Glori. A super delicious treat.”

She smiled shyly at his compliment. Thomas sure knew how to say things that got her flushed and flattered, and for some reason, being called a treat never got old for her.

“You know,” he continued, moving to whisper into her ear, “this weekend might be over, but you and I certainly aren’t. I can’t get enough of you, girl. We gotta keep this thing going, no?”

Breathing heavily, she nodded. “Yes. Yes, Mr. Thomas. No two ways about that. I can’t get enough of you either. Don’t wanna let you go. I’ll be damned if I have to.”

He smirked. “Perfect.” He briefly kissed her. “You’ve given me more excitement than I’ve had in the last three years. I’d be crazy to just let things go back to normal. We may not have too many chances like this, but… we’ll work something out the moment we get home.”

The butterflies in her stomach totally ignored the message from the brain to calm down. The fluttery sensation remained as strong as ever, as her chin remained in his firm but tender grasp, while he looked into her eyes. She absolutely loved this feeling. And she was totally all for finding new and creative ways to creep around with this godly-built man without getting caught.

He chuckled as he shifted himself onto the seat properly, readying himself to get the engine running. “Get ready, babe. More secret getaways, more undercover games… more ridiculously good lovemaking.”

She smiled. “Can’t wait.” Putting on her seat belt as he sparked the car engine into life, the last words she had written in her diary reverberated around her mind, putting a smile on her face.

Ain’t no stopping us now, baby! We’re on the move! Woohoo!!


The car sped along the highway, no other car in sight. Mr. Thomas was right, Glori thought to herself. Indeed, the road was literally empty. And he was moving at a pretty top speed.

 She toyed with her phone, opening YouTube to watch a video or two to while away the time. They had been on the road for about an hour and a half. By Thomas’ estimation, based on the speed at which he moved, they would be back in the capital within a minimum of three hours.

Her eyelids growing heavy as the cool air hit her face, she began to doze off.

Thomas watched her from the corner of his eye and smirked. Finally!

After developing an aching urge for her body a few weeks ago. After being straight with her and immediately getting rejected. After rejecting the rejection and pushing on. He had finally conquered her! Fulfilled all his crazy fantasies on her.

Lawd, it’s been sweet getting in this hottie. I definitely need to think up something when we get back. I just cannot lose this kitten. We’ll see what to do when we get home…

As he continued to speed along, Thomas noticed an oncoming truck from the opposite lane. It was quite a distance away, and he thought nothing of it, until he noticed something off.

The driver seemed to be dozing off, as the truck was moving off the lane and entering into that which Thomas’ car was on.

Having slowed down a bit, Thomas slammed his fist against the steering wheel, the car horn beeping loudly in response. “Look at this idiot,” he said loudly. “Is this the place to be sleeping?”

Whatever was wrong with the driver, he didn’t hear, as the truck continued to sway off its proper lane, until it was off its proper lane and actually facing them.

The next few seconds happened quickly.

In a moment of panic, Thomas veered to the extreme right to move out of the way. The move was a microsecond too slow, as the truck hit the side of his car, sending it spinning beyond his control. The only sounds he heard, aside the screams from Glori, who had been oblivious to what was happening till she heard the horn and saw the incoming huge vehicle, were those in his head, praying and begging God to make a way so the car would somehow stop.

It didn’t. It spun off the road…



…and ended its irregular movement as it smashed into a large tree nearby.

The screams that had filled the car were silenced upon that gory collision.


“Chale, getting home is one hell of an underrated blessing!” one of the police officers mumbled to his colleague as they observed the accident scene before them. “Awurade, this is terrible!”

The truck had veered off the road itself and ran into a ditch. The damage was extensive, and pretty nasty. Though its condition wasn’t as horrific as that of the saloon car nearby. The impact with the tree had been heavy, with the resulting carnage a major eyesore. The car was totally condemned, and it would be an absolute miracle if anybody came out of it alive.

Chief Inspector Seidu Moro walked over to the area where the saloon car had hit the tree, where some of the officers had retrieved all that was in the car.

“Have you noted those in the car?” he asked one of the officers.

“Yes, Sir. Two people were in at the time of the crash. One man, one woman. The identification on them reveals one Thomas Dawson, and Glori Vanderpuye.”

“And did any of them survive?”

The officer shook his head sadly. “No, Sir. Per our checks, both died on the spot.”

The Chief Inspector sighed and shook his head. “Allah have mercy on us. These accidents are becoming too much. We keep losing innocent Ghanaians. Hmmmm. Alright, carry on with your duties.”

“Yes, sir.”

The fretful look on the Chief Inspector’s face was all too evident as he walked away. Another horrid accident on the road. Another occasion where two lives precious to the nation had been senselessly lost.

Another occasion where two families would have to receive shattering news that would turn their lives upside down.

“Tragic. Absolutely tragic.”

After a weekend of charged passions and illicit sessions, Thomas and Glori did not make it home alive. The next time they would arrive in Accra, it would be their lifeless bodies heading for a morgue.

Well, the way they chose seemed right unto them, but the end thereof has been an untimely death. Unfortunate. Very unfortunate.

This crazy twist doesn’t just affect them, however. What is Leticia going to do about this? How will Boahemaa and Rawda take this? It’s gonna be quite an intense second season, full of a lot of emotion. Brace yourself for that!!

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #9

Before Dr. Kevin Bulber of the Luther Memorial Hospital in Sunyani, sat a relieved but shaken Leticia and Kwesi. It was 11:30 am, and after checking up on Barnabas, the two immediately went to meet with him in his office, where he had given them an update on the patient.

The good news was that Barnabas was out of danger. However, the stroke had taken a hard hit on him, and even though death had been tossed out of the picture, he was going to have major problems with speech and movement. No time frame had been placed on the recovery time, but it was possible it could take months before he was restored to full health.

“Hmmmm. Well, at least we are grateful he’s out of danger. That’s the major thing,” Kwesi commented.

Dr. Bulber nodded. “Indeed. So we’ll start therapy for him as soon as possible. I don’t know if you noticed his inability to speak at the moment.”

“Actually, he was asleep when we checked up on him, so… no,” Leticia answered.

“Oh, alright. Please, don’t be too ruffled up, Mrs. Dawson. Your brother will make it out of this. He was in terrible shape on Wednesday when he was rushed here, but that man honestly has some crazy fight in him. I’m sure if he keeps it up, his recovery rate will be quicker than expected.”


“Ouch. So he won’t be able to talk or move about for a while?”

“Hmmmm, no.  The thing hit him really hard. It’s gonna be a long therapy before he’s back to the Barnabas we know.”

“Wow. Chale, that’s serious. But at least, death is far from him, right?”

“Yeah. Unless some horrible relapse occurs, but God forbid that. He’ll be fine.”

“That’s great, that’s great. Well, when he wakes up and you’re able to see him, tell him Thomas sends his regards, and he should keep fighting. None of us are going anywhere prematurely, chale. We all need each other alive.”

“Definitely! I will. So, how’s the emergency distin you needed to attend to?”

“Oh, it’s coming along smoothly. We’re in a board meeting. Just went on break, and I said lemme call you and know what’s happening up there.”

“Oh, alright. Hmmm, it’s crazy how we both had these various emergencies coming our way.”

“Mmm, indeed. Although mine is at least work-related, so nothing spoil. Your emergency is not a very nice kind of emergency to receive. But it shall be well. I spoke to the kids earlier, and they’re alright. Sammy finally got his Twix, so…”

“Hahahahaha! Oh, my little man! I’ve missed him. And my sweet Denise. And of course, you too. I can’t wait to be back home.”

“Hehe, well, take your time, Lit. just make sure Barnabas is alright. We’ll be home waiting for you.”

“Yes, please, Mr. Dawson. I’ll most certainly do that. Well, I’m sure you’ll need to go get ready for the continuation of your meeting.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think we’ll be going in any moment from now. So, just continue to keep your eye on him, alright?”

“Yes, honey. I will. I’ll call your mother so I can speak to the kids. Talk to you later then. Bye!”

“Bye, Litty!”

The only meeting he had at that moment was one in the shower with his housekeeper. A steamy, noisy and extremely X-rated meeting.


“Goddamn, Glori, why you gotta be so damn sexy?”

Glori smirked as their foreheads touched, her sitting on his lap, as he sat back in the sofa. “Anything for you to be happy, TomTom.”

Thomas grinned as he ran his hands up and down her bare back. It was 3 o’ clock, and they had already been super active that day, having made love about three times, the shower time inclusive. If anybody had come near the house between the hours of 11 o’ clock to that time, the likelihood that they would have heard Glori making sounds that would either excite or embarrass them, would have been very high. 

Of course, this was the reason why they left Accra, in the first place. To have as much fun as possible with close to zero probability of getting caught. And they were certainly making the most of it. With the two of them topless on the couch, busily admiring each other’s bodies, their Lust-N-Thrust plans were in full force.

She gave off a small moan as he ended his caress with a spank on her butt. Giving him a sassy look, she placed a finger on his nose and purred, “Be gentle with me. Or I’ll put my T-shirt back on. No free show for you.”

Thomas laughed, and immediately pressed his lips against hers in response. The gentle aggression with which he kissed her never failed to send the most spine-tingling of sensations down her spine. The warmth that clothed her whenever they locked lips was sweeter than the Niche chocolate she  loved with a passion. In Thomas, she had a piece of heaven.

As they parted, she sat up, smirking. “You know I haven’t seen you this happy since I came to the Dawson household?”

“Mmmmm,” Thomas murmured absent-mindedly, his attention clearly set on her exposed chest.

“TomTom!” she scolded playfully, hitting him on the forehead. “Take your attention off my breasts for a minute, please.”

Back to reality, he looked at her. “Oh, uh, sorry, babe. Just can’t wait to squeeze those boobies again, hehehe. Yeah, what did you say?”

“I said, did you know I haven’t seen this much happiness from you since I came to the Dawson household?”

Thomas’ facial expression changed at that. Taking on a more solemn disposition, he nodded. “Yeah. Basically because I haven’t been happy.”

Glori looked saddened by that. In her four months at their house, she had never really seen them fight or get aggressive with each other, but she had seen much to note that they weren’t the lovey-dovey type. She had been of the opinion, however, that they probably weren’t into shows of PDA and simply dwelt on a foundation of respect and friendship. Given that they had been married for almost seven years, she found it totally normal and acceptable. So this was news to her.

“Awwww. Are things that bad with Madam Lit?”

Thomas nodded, pulling himself up a bit. “You know what I think now? I think marriage is highly overrated.”

Glori’s eyes widened at that statement. “Really?!”

“Yep. I know it sounds shocking to you, what with all the rubbish they say about it being sweet and blah blah blah. Look, I lost the whole vibe a while back. The whole waking up to one person got dry and overplayed for me. Things got really strained between us, before we hired you. We began making snide comments at each other, and things escalated too quickly. We had a big fight one Saturday night, and we yelled the most horrid things to each other. I walked out and went to sleep at a hotel that night. And honestly, that was the night I fell out of love with her. Totally.”

Glori watched him solemnly as he shook his head, remembering the events of that night. It didn’t look like he had forgiven her for the horrible things she had said to him, whatever they were.

“She apologized when I returned the next morning. Said that we were getting to a tough stage in our marriage, and that maybe we should go for counselling. I really didn’t want to, but… the way she begged and all, I just conceded. We went, they said these storms are part of the whole marriage process… some plenty bulls**t. I’m surprised I even remember all they said mpo, I just didn’t care. I don’t love her anymore. That’s that.”

Glori pursed her lips together. “That’s why you got so miffed when I said you should stick to her when you started chasing me, I guess.”

Thomas nodded. “I’m just so tired of being told that. That’s what they all say. Stick to your wife, fight for your marriage… honestly, f*** all that! I don’t want to. It’s my choice. I don’t want to fight for anything. I’m tired. Period. There are only two reasons why I’m staying in the house with her.”

Glori raised her eyebrow. “Which are…”

“One, because of the kids. I don’t think it’ll help if we go our separate ways now, with them being so young. Two, she’ll probably go mad if I tell her it’s over. She’s got some level of emotionalism bi that can be extremely annoying. So for the meantime, I’ll just endure. Put up a satisfied husband facade while the kids get older. With time, I ‘ll have an idea of what to do.”

“Hmmmmm. But will you be able to go through this endurance thing?” Glori asked in concern. “I mean, with the way you seem so unhappy and all…”

The grin returned to his face. “Well… I’ve got you around, soooo… I’m happy now.”

Glori giggled at that. “Ooooooooh, I see,” she said, her finger drawing circles on his bare chest.

“Oh yeah, babe. At least I got something to keep me going. And that’s you, you tasty little treat! Now you know why I didn’t let you be when you said no. I needed you so badly.”

“Awwwww, I’m flattered, TomTom,” she drawled seductively, genuinely feeling a flush of delight at his words. Fighting the dissenting voices in her head that insisted she was blinding herself to the fact that Thomas was just a selfish man who was refusing to do the right thing to save his family, she reasoned to herself that being this man’s source of happiness in a tough period was the least she could do.

Besides, he’s staying on because of the kids. That surely must make him a good guy in some way, she added, hitting back at her conscience.

“Turn around, babe. Time for me to play with you a little bit.”

Glori giggled as she quickly turned over, her back to his face as she remained on his lap, waiting for him to get all touchy on her. “Nowhere near getting enough of me, are you, TomTom?”

“Not even close, babe. Not even close.”


“… so I tried to cover up ooo, Glori, I tried to. But chale, Rawda just wouldn’t accept whatever I’d say. And you know her, she can be a little too sharp to detect things. Hmmmm. Sorry about that. But what did she say?”

“Oh, you know her, la. Started questioning me in that her bossy manner. ‘What is wrong with you?’ ‘Do you realize what you’re doing?’ Typical Rawda attitude.”

“Hmmmm, no surprise. As for that girl…”

It was evening, and after some takeaway food and exposure to Thomas’ knack for lewd jokes, Glori was in the bedroom, chatting with Boahemaa while she awaited him to finish watching the La Liga match. Initially, she had had the mind to lambast her friend for letting the secret slip, but it was hard to stay mad at this bosom buddy of hers.

Besides, which other person was she going to tell about the ravenous appetite of Thomas Dawson and how she had enjoyed the day’s events?

“Chale, forget am. When we were coming, she sent me some message, saying I should stop this madness, na it won’t end well. The girl dey bore roff!”

“Ah, na Rawzy too, is that how to talk? Oh. When it comes to these things diɛɛ, she doesn’t force at all.”

“Oh, Boahemaa, like I said, I’m not even going to pay her any attention. I don’t like those things.”

“That’s all! My dear, mute her kraaa. Preserve your peace. Anyways, that distraction aside, how’s the day been?”

Glori giggled as she made herself comfortable on the bed. “Crazy, B, crazy! This man is just one crazy lovemaking machine! Working me up and down this house like a vacuum cleaner. Oh God!”

“Chale, chale, chale, you dey make I dey jealous you ooo! Herh!”

“My friend, humble yourself, wai. I’m experiencing your future so I can tell you how it feels.”

“Ayooo, I’ve heard you. Tell me how it feels, please.”

Glori snickered before launching into a rather dirty description of what it felt like to get pummeled by a strong man like Thomas. Boahemaa, all ears, gasped and screeched at her friend’s dirty revelations.

“…so you’re gonna show him something tonight, eh?”

“Chale, B, stop! I was just looking at some article bi, and the ideas it has given me for tonight…”

Lying on the bed, she sat up as the door creaked open. Losing her train of thought, she smirked as Thomas entered the room. He grinned and bit his lower lip as he stared back at her, the look in his eyes indicating what he was ready for.

“Umm, B, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Got a little work to do,” she said mischievously.

“Ooooooh. The student’s about to take the test, isn’t she?”

“Gerrout! Later, boo.”

She tossed the phone aside and looked at Thomas. “Wanna play some extra time, TomTom?”

“Oh yeah, babe. 30 minutes of sweet action.”

She giggled. “Ummm… mind if I be on top?”

“Oh, be my guest, babe. As long as I get to feast on that sexy body of yours, I’m all game.”

She giggled some more as he approached her, taking his shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans.

Well, hello to a thrilling end to a thrilling Saturday! Best Saturday of my freaking life!

Well, the end of this season is up next. With the option she took, I just wonder how it’s all gonna end.

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #8

“Okay, Sammy, Denny, are you ready now? Daddy is waiting for you outisde,” Glori called as she entered the kids bedroom.

They both had their bags ready, with Denise holding her dear bear. “Yes, Sister Glori, we are coming,” she responded in her cute little voice.

Glori smiled and rubbed her on the head as she took their main bag and waited for them to move. “So, what does Grandpa have for you when you go?” she asked as their little bodies scurried out the door.

“Chocolate!” the two infants yelled gleefully.

“He said he’s giving us KitKat. And Twix,” Samuel specified, looking very pleased with himself for pointing out exactly which kinds of chocolate had been promised.

Glori laughed as she followed them. “I see. Good for you. I like chocolate, too. Especially Niche Chocolate. The one in the nice blue wrapper…”

The three of them stepped out of the house as she had a little mock argument with Samuel over whether Niche was nicer than Twix. The little boy was not having any of her remarks about the local chocolate being nicer than that of his beloved caramel goodness.

Thomas stood outside by the car, arms folded as his little boy stomped over to him, totally unamused. “Daddyyy, tell Sister Glori Twix is the best chocolate in the world! Not Nish Chocolate!”

Glori stifled a giggle at the wrong pronunciation of the chocolate.

Thomas laughed and stooped down to rub his little boy on the head. “Don’t mind her, sonny boy. We both know Twix is the best.”

“Yeahhhh!!” Samuel cheered, before turning to Glori to stick his tongue out at her.

She laughed and shook her head.

“Alright, kids. Say goodbye to Sister Glori before we leave.”

“Bye, Sister Glori!” the two chanted happily.

“Bye-bye, little ones!” Glori responded, giving each of them a hug. “I’ll see you on Monday. Have a wonderful time at your grandparents!”

As they entered the car, Thomas looked at Glori and winked, mouthing, “I’ll be back,” before getting into the car, ready to drop off the children at his parents’ place.


In her red off-one-shoulder blouse and a pencil jean skirt, Glori busied herself with YouTube videos on her phone as she waited for Thomas to return, so they could set off. Her madam had called her, and as agreed, she lied that she would be returning home for the weekend. Leticia, of course, sensed nothing suspicious, and simply told her to enjoy her ‘return home’ and come back once Thomas had returned from the Garden City.

There was a knock at the gate.

Wondering who it was, Glori got up to go and check who it was. Reaching the gate, she peeped to see who it was.

It was Thomas.

“Ah, Mr. Thomas, but why aren’t you coming in?” she asked as she opened the gate.

He smirked as he entered, then went straight for her lips.

For about a quarter of a minute, that sweet bliss of being kissed by the ‘sexiest man in the world’ overwhelmed her, as she melted in his strong hold. She let off a flurry of sighs as he switched to dirty mode, necking her while sliding a hand inside her blouse.

Just as she began to squirm from the impromptu grope, he pulled away from her, removing his hand from under her blouse as he smiled at her. “Coz I’m in a hurry to get to Kumasi and tear you apart, you sexy girl. Go get your bag, so we can move.”

Breathless, she glanced amorously at him as she walked away to get her bag, which was on the balcony.

She returned to the gate, the bag in her arm. He gently took it from her, his free arm reaching over to smack her on the butt.

“Let’s get moving, babe. The Lust-N-Thrust weekend begins!”


“Wow, Mr. Thomas, this is so new to me!” she said excitedly as they drove on the stretch of the Teacher Mante road.

He smirked as he kept his eyes on the road. “I see. You don’t travel much, eh?”

“Nope. Can’t remember the last time I went out of Accra mpo.”

“Wow. That’s interesting. So like, you’ve been in Accra your whole life? Even with the schooling?”

She nodded. “Never been outside of Accra. Maybe we had a trip or two back in the day, but that was when I was too young to remember anything.”

“I see. Well, just look at your luck! Imagine if you’d remained in that stubborn state of mind. Not only would you have missed out on some sweet action, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see parts of Ghana you never knew existed. Aren’t you glad you gave in?”

She giggled and nodded her head, leaning back in her seat and resigning herself to enjoying the view as he returned to focusing on the road while singing along to ‘Nobody Has To Know’ by Kranium.

One of many songs on Thomas’ carefully curated Lust-N-Thrust playlist. With others like ‘Motivation’ by Kelly Rowland, ”Doin It’ by LL Cool J and ‘Magic Stick’ by 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim, the atmosphere was being set up for what would be a crazy weekend.

As she relaxed, thoughts of her family came to mind. Having mentioned their possible trips when she and her younger brother were at the toddler stage, she could now picture them. Going about their regular duties in the compound house she had known since childhood.

The house she had promised to get them out of once she became the famous bestselling author, playwright, scriptwriter and inspirational speaker she knew she was destined to be…

Glori, are you really letting this all go because of some married man? Wake up, girl!

Sista geh, would your parents be happy to see you right now?

Glori, you’ve got big dreams ahead of you! This ain’t part of it, girl! Playing sex toy to some selfish married man? Come on!

Suddenly, those voices were at it again. Hitting hard at her conscience.

She swallowed hard, trying her best to dismiss them. She attempted to hum to the song on play as the car moved along, doing her possible best to dull the sharp edge with which they cut into her mind.

Her phone then vibrated. She picked it up, and saw a text message.

From Rawda.

Glori, I don’t know why you’ve let yourself go like this, but please, stop this madness! This will not end well. I repeat, this will not end well. Please…

She sighed out loud. Dammit, this is not what I need!

“Glori. You okay, babe?” Thomas asked, noting her reaction.

She looked at him and nodded. “Yeah, yeah. Just some annoying message bi somebody sent me.”

Looking down at the phone, she shook her head and turned the screen off. This is not the time for all that self-righteous BS. Leave me alone and let me have my peace!

Nodding to herself as she looked out the window, she repeated the words to herself inwardly, feeling a bit of contentment as the reiteration seemed to dull her raging conscience.

Leave me alone and let me have my peace. Leave me alone and let me have my peace. Leave me alone and let me have my peace…

She continued until she dozed off…


“Well, here we are,” Thomas announced.

Glori opened her eyes, her slumber come to an end after dozing off around Konongo-Odumase. Peering at the building before her, she gasped in amazement.

“Oh my God, Mr. Thomas, this place looks amazing!”

“Yep. This is my luxurious mansion. Magnificent aesthetic landscape. Remote-controlled gate. Big ass garage. Four bedrooms. This is my little piece of paradise here in Oseikrom.”

“Woooow!” Glori breathed, wide-eyed at the beautiful structure before her. This house was miles ahead of the simple bungalow back in Accra. “This is incredible!”

“Mm-hm. Not a cheap house in the least. I pass by every now and then, just to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Neither Leticia nor the kids know about this place, by the way, so remember not to say anything about it to any of them.”

Glori nodded absent-mindedly, too overcome with awe to really hear his order. She had always heard about mansions like these, and to think she was going to spend the weekend in one had her in absolute awe.


She snapped out of her starstruck reverie and looked at him. “Yes?”

“I said, I’m the only one who knows about this, so don’t let it slip when we go back. This is between you and me. Nobody else should know about this place. Especially not my family.”

Glori’s look of delight lessened by a few degrees. Why would he buy such a prestigious house and keep it a secret from his family? Did he really dislike them that much?

She wasn’t in the mood for asking questions, however. This was supposed to be a weekend of fun and enjoyment, and Thomas could be quite irritable when it came to issues concerning his family. So she nodded. “Sure, Mr. Thomas. Our little secret.”

“Perfect! Now come over here, you little…”

Any thought of dissatisfaction was extinguished as he grabbed her by the waist and made contact with her lips. She giggled as his usual touchy nature came into play, his hands quickly exploring and squeezing the favourite parts of her.

“Come on, girl,” he whispered in her ear, the two of them already breathing heavily from that brief loss of self-control, “let’s get in and get busy. I got a little pink machine that’s waiting to go downstairs and… have you feeling like you’re walking on golden streets.”

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned. “Let’s go, Mr. Thomas.”

With that, both of them swiftly opened the doors, got out and ran to the door of the house. Thomas excitedly unlocked the door, with Glori right behind him. They quickly ran in, ready to get off to a flying start. Forget about their bags and all, it was the sex that mattered at that point.

The Lust-N-Thrust weekend was well and truly underway.

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #7

Glori groaned inwardly at the unexpected onslaught. Rawda had found out about her and Thomas!

Dammit, Boahemaa! She wasn’t supposed to know about this!

“Uhh, uh, what are you talking about, Rawzy?” she lied.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Glori! I heard you and Boahemaa. Talking about how your madam’s husband has been chasing you, and you let him in to your secret garden. Glori, what are you doing? This is not right, and you know it.”

Glori rolled her eyes. Just when she had lulled her conscience to sleep and was enjoying some good stuff, Little Miss Righteous had to find out. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“I… I dunno what you’re talking about, Rawda. Honestly, I don’t.”

“Glori, please, stop trying to lie to me. You’ve never been good at lying, and this is definitely no improvement.”

She shut her eyes in exasperation. Rawda was right; her dry attempts to deny the affair were as effective as the pleas of a deer to a starving lion.

“Look, Rawda, you wouldn’t understand…”

“Understand what? Glori, you know what is right and what is wrong. You know there’s nothing honourable in sleeping with a married man. You know it. This isn’t something to be happy about, Glori.”

“I know it’s not right, but… his body, Rawda. His body is…”

“Are you serious right now? Glori, that’s no excuse. That’s no excuse at all! I know you and Boahemaa love those macho type of guys, and there’s no problem with that, but not someone else’s husband, for goodness sake! You know I’d love to see you get your own personal hunk as a husband, but this is not it, Glori! Mr. Dawson is someone’s husband, and that someone is your boss! What if she finds out?”

“She won’t,” Glori replied simply. “We’ll keep it on the low. She’ll never find out.”

“Ei, Glori. Are you listening to yourself? Are you? Or has some spirit entered you? Ei! After the way you’re always on about how nothing under the sun will be hidden forever, now you’re saying this?”

“Look, Rawda, can you just leave me alone?” she snapped, starting to get irritated. “I’m a grown young woman, and I’ll do what I believe is best for me. It’s my business, and my business alone. If I want to let this sexy man have a piece of me, what’s your beef?”

A frustrated sigh came over the phone. “Glori, I get it. You’re defensive right now. I understand. And yes, you’re right. You are a grown woman, and your business is your business. But saying ‘I’ll do as I please’ has never been an excuse to do what is blatantly wrong, and it will never be. This is a family you’re messing up, girl. A family. Think of the children. Think of your madam. All the good things you say she’s doing for you. Is this the way you’re repaying her…”

“Chale, chale, bye bye.”

Glori ended the call and tossed the phone somewhere, totally miffed. Typical Rawda, always on hand to be as judgmental as possible. As to how Boahemaa slacked and allowed her to hear those sensitive details, she didn’t know, but she definitely was not pleased.

Forget her. Just focus on what’s ahead. Lust-N-Thrust weekend! she thought to herself, smirking as she let daydreams of Thomas doing the dirtiest things to her take over her mind.


“Yeah, so, it looks like I’ll have to take the kids to my parents for the weekend. I don’t think they’ll mind, though. Paapa said he has some KitKat and Twix for them, so I’m sure they’ll be very happy to go… haha, yeah, kids will be kids… sure, when I set off, I’ll let you know. How is Barnabas doing, by the way?… oh good, good. That’s good to hear. Tell him I wish him a speedy recovery… alright, alright, no problem. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, then… bye.”

Thomas hung up and turned to his guys, who were sitting with him at their favourite table in the drinking bar.

“Yep, that’s the madam. She’s in Sunyani now with her brother.”

“Hmmmm, abi the guy is fine now.”

“Yeah. Looks like he’s in a stable condition now. I wanted her out of my hair for a while, but not with this kind of news. At least, he should be okay.”

One of them, Marcus, drinking his bottle of Star beer, put his bottle down. “That be the most important thing, chale. So that aside, as she no dey the jurisdiction inside diɛɛ, abi you go clear the small girl tonight?”

Thomas laughed. “Guy, I drop the madam for the station naaa wey I go house go clear am.”

Marcus, Yaw and the other guy, Quayefio, cheered him on. “Ei, niggas no dey waste time!” Yaw laughed.

“Not at all, chale! She lef norr, Tom go smack the thing!” Quayefio added.

Thomas snickered. “That’s not all. As I eat finish wey I relax small naaa, I get idea. As the madam is absent, I’m taking her to Kumasi tomorrow, so we spend the weekend on some real dirty s**t. that be the weekend thing I mention to the madam. Inobi any business emergency biaa, I dey go enjoy the V!”

More cheers from the guys.

“Herh, Thomas Dawson, you be one sharp SoB, wati!” Marcus complimented him with a heavy pat on the back.

“I swear!” Quayefio pitched in. “You really be some hungry ass nigga. But I dey like it!”

“Chale, I no dey slack for this one kraaa,” Thomas boasted. “The girl be too tasty. I for do further exploration. Play with that body well well. Get her digging her nails into my back. I no dey play kraaa.”

“Ahhhhhh! You be the man! You officially turn my role model that!” Yaw said, raising his bottle. “Go for it, chale! Show am sey you be bossu for the bed top!”

“Yeah, chale. Screw am make she squeal!” Marcus added.

“No doubt, my guys. No doubt. I mean am rough. This weekend eh, no holds barred, chale. No holds barred.”


“Umm… Mr. Thomas?”

He turned as he made his way through the corridor of the house, a small mug in his hand. It was about 11:15 that evening, and he had just made a cup of Milo for his daughter, who was with her older brother in their parents’ bedroom.

He sucked his breath in as he stared at the one who had called him.

Glori, who had happily received the bag full of enticing lingerie when he arrived, was standing by the door of her room, peering slyly at him. Clad in the new bra and lace thong he had specifically picked out for her when he went shopping later that day.

“Goddamnit,” he whispered. She looked so stunning. So ready to be torn apart.

“Umm, I was wondering… you know, Madam isn’t home, and… you and me… we got a thing, and… I just thought I’d… make your night,” Glori purred, deliberately pausing every now and then to get an effect from him.

He simply stared at her for a moment, looking just about ready to drop the mug and pounce upon her. She had triggered him, no doubt.

But then, he sighed and shook his head.

“Glori, you know I wouldn’t hesitate to get into those panties and make you feel something special. You look so damn sexy, girl, you really do. But… Denise…”

Glori’s face fell. Oh, man.

How could she have forgotten?

The whole evening, the little girl had been complaining of having nightmares, and was very fussy about having to go to bed alone. She had left her in the hands of her father once he arrived, so she had not found out what the plans for the night were. She should have known Thomas would want to take care of her throughout the night.

“You know, her nightmares and all. She insisted she can’t sleep alone, so… I’m letting the two of them sleep in my room for the night.”

She nodded slowly, looking slightly disappointed but understanding. “Sure. Sure. I get it.”

He moved towards her and gently put down the mug by the door, before grabbing her chin and pressing his lips against hers. She giggled in between brief sweet kisses as he groped her virtually uncovered butt before giving it a light spank as his lips parted from hers.

“You’re still my tasty little treat, Glori. And that’s why we’re heading for Kumasi tomorrow. So I can enjoy what’s underneath that sexy thong all throughout. Just let me have my time with my babies, alright? They’ll be with my old peeps tomorrow, and I’ll have you squirming and screeching all night.”

She nodded, smirking as she moved back into her room. She blew him a kiss, to which he responded with that biting motion with his mouth before picking up the mug and walking away.

She sighed as she shut the door. Walking to her bed, she picked up her diary and began to write.

11:23 pm

So Diary, I was thinking I’d get some more of that incredible goodness from Mr. Thomas tonight. Dressed up in this sexy underwear just to trigger him and all. But… turns out he’s on daddy duty tonight. Denise has been having difficulty sleeping, so he’s taking care of her.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be upset or anything. After all, it’s his children. I know. But I can’t help it. I wanted to spend the rest of the evening getting my mind blown.

Oh well, I’ll just let it go. After all, the weekend is ours, so… it’s all groovy!

Well, as expected, she resisted the words of Rawda, and she’s going ahead with this thing… smh

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #6

It was 7:10 am, and the activity in the Dawson household was slightly different from what was the usual norm.

In the light of Leticia’s urgent need to go and attend to her brother, rather than Thomas move with just the kids, it was the entire Dawson family in the car. No work for Leticia as she was off to attend to her stricken brother for the weekend.

Glori sighed as she watched her madam get into the car. The woman was still quite shaken up by the unfortunate news, and it was not nice to see her in that state. She sure hoped her brother’s condition would improve quickly; it would certainly lift the spirits of a woman she had grown to love and admire dearly.

Or claimed to love, at least.

As the car moved out of the house, Leticia rolled down the window to speak to Glori briefly. “Remember to follow the list I gave you, alright? And do those checks we talked about on Wednesday. I’ll definitely get to work on them as soon as I come back.”

“Yes, Madam. I’ll get to work on them as soon as possible.”

“Alright, take care, Glori.”

“Safe journey, Madam. And stay strong, please. It is well. He’ll be fine.”

She smiled and nodded, waving as she rolled up the window, and the car moved away.


“Alright, so the next bus leaves at 9:30. I’ll just be at the waiting area,” Leticia announced as she arrived at the car, having gone to check the available times of departure.

Thomas nodded. “Good, good. So, have a safe journey. And don’t worry too much about it; Barnabas should pull through this. He’s a fighter.”

Indeed he was. And secretly, he was another reason why walking out on the marriage straight away was not an idea Thomas was eager to carry out. Barnabas Adjei was one hell of a fierce lover; when it came to his family and anything else that mattered to him, he was all out ready to protect them and put the hurting on anyone with a detrimental plan for them.

And given how Leticia could react to certain things, it was quite unlikely she would take a divorce lightly. And word would get out to Barnabas, and all hell would break loose.

Notwithstanding all that, Thomas certainly did not want anything bad happening to his brother-in-law.

Leticia nodded, reaching out her hand, which he grabbed. “Keep yourself safe, honey. And the kids, too.”

He smiled. “Sure thing, Lit.”

She nodded and let go of his hand before walking back to the waiting area.

He watched her walk away, and shook his head. Inasmuch as he was tired of her, he couldn’t deny that it was no fun to see her like that. He had been hoping for an opportunity to have her out of the house, but obviously, in the form of a business trip or something like that. Not an emergency visit to Sunyani to see her critically ill brother.

He might not have liked her anymore, but wishing this kind of thing upon her was something he would never do.

He sighed. Oh well. Not what I had wanted. I just hope he gets better.

He readied himself to head for the office when suddenly, a thought came to mind.

He stopped, seemed to be deep in thought for a moment or two, then grinned. He then grabbed his phone and made a call.

“Hello? Yeah, Yvonne, good morning… all is well, all is well. Well, actually, not so well. My wife just had a little emergency and I need to be there for her… yeah, exactly. Till about midday, hopefully… yeah, great… oh, some medical issue bi like that, chale… great, great. So let them know what’s happened. I’ll be in by 12… alright, alright. Bye.”

Dropping the phone on the passenger seat, a mischievous grin spread across his face as the car began to move.

Time to complete what I started…


Cleaning up the last bit of dirt on the table in the middle of the living room, Glori stood upright and nodded in satisfaction. My duties done for the day.

As she walked over to the kitchen to get her breakfast, she pondered over the couple of the house.

Of course, she felt for her madam. He might not have been dead, but the news still was not a happy one to receive, and she was fervently hoping no bad news would come. Thoughts of her husband, though, had her excited. Flashbacks of them busy in the bathroom that morning, with his hand buried in her panties, doing stuff that made her eyes roll in the back of her head came to mind, and she grew giddy. He had whispered his desire to properly enter her, and at that point, she couldn’t help but wonder if it was going to happen that evening.

Suddenly, there was the sound of the door opening. 

Glori rushed to the living room to find out who it was.

It was Thomas.

He stood at the door, breathing aloud as he shut it and took his jacket off, dropping it on the floor.

The look in his eyes was beyond wild. His stance was similar to that of a wolf that had found the prey that had successfully eluded him.

She had not expected him to return home; she was expecting he’d go straight to work after dropping his wife off at the STC yard. Nonetheless, with the lustful fire in his eyes, she knew what it was he was here for.

Looks like his aforementioned desire was going to be fulfilled earlier than she thought.

He rushed over to her, and without a word, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her hungrily. She kissed him back, sparking off the wild explosion of chemistry that had been cooked up between them for a while. Fireworks of ecstasy and euphoria went off in her brain. Squirming and gasping as he kissed her body while unbuttoning and tugging apparel off, the bliss overwhelming her, she begged him, “Oh, God, don’t stop.”

“Stop? I’m just getting started!”

With those words out of his mouth, he carried an almost naked Glori in his arms, and headed straight for his room, excited to finally get into his irresistible househelp’s pants.


It was about an hour after the outburst of desire. Glori found herself in the bed where her madam lay. With her madam’s husband next to her, having experienced what her madam alone was meant to experience.

God, what an insane first time that was! Never has a soreness felt so sweet! 

She had already perceived what a hungry beast Thomas was, but the utter passion with which he had put his gadgets to use was simply mind-blowing for her. When he told her to get ready for what he had planned for her, he was not joking. What an incredible experience!

“Hey you! Feeling alright?”

The extra deep voice of Thomas made her smile, as he propped himself up and stared down at her on the bed.

“Oh God, yes, Mr. Thomas!” she responded enthusiastically. “I’m definitely feeling good. And so sore. With the way you just handled me. God, you’re such a hungry lion!”

He snickered as he kissed her forehead. “Couldn’t be anything less, with such a sexy woman like you in my sights. You, my dear Glori, are f**king sweet. In every sense of the word. You have no idea how I’ve been waiting to just tear you apart!”

She giggled as she put her hand over her mouth and looked away, shaking her head. He and his flattering ways.

“You know something?” he asked, turning her head towards him. She shook her head as she looked at him with a face that anticipated mischief.

“Well… after that incredible exploration and consumption of your deliciously sensual structure, I was thinking…”

She giggled at his use of verbosity to describe what had just happened.

“…why don’t we go outta town and enjoy ourselves some more? I’ve got a private house in Kumasi. We can go there for the weekend and just… you know, explore each other further. Leave on Friday, come back Monday morning. What do you think?”

Her eyes widened at that. “Seriously, Mr. Thomas?”

He nodded his head. “I’m dead serious, girl.”

She sat up. “But… but, what about the children? Can’t we just… make love in secret places here? Do we have to go all the way there?”

He shook his head. “Don’t worry about the kids. I can take them to my parents. I’ll just tell them I have an emergency to deal with in Kumasi. That’s not an issue. And for making love here… yeah, there’s the risk of neighbours hearing us. I only came back for you coz I know the couple next door are out and wouldn’t hear anything. Besides, I wanna have a utopia of sorts. Just you, me and nobody else. In a place where I can watch you walk around in some mad sexy babydoll and admire your devastating body, and take it off and eat you up whenever I please. That’s why.”

She simply stared at him, wide-eyed at how he had seemingly thought this whole thing through so well. As well as the fact that he wanted to see her in lingerie she didn’t even possess.

“Ummm… well, I’ll… I’ll think about it. But I don’t even have a babydoll,” she protested.

He shook his head. “Once you gimme your specs, you will by this evening.”

She looked at him doubtfully. “Seriously?”

“I’m damn serious, girl. Look, as far as I’m concerned, whatever I gotta do to have you, I will do it. You know me by now; I’m not taking no for an answer.I’m not too happy with the circumstances under which it’s happened, but the fact is, that woman’s out of the house now, and I wanna have you all to myself, and let you have me all to yourself. And having tasted what I’ve been craving for so long, you should know I’ll stop at nothing to make that a reality.”

All to myself… hmm…

That did sound enticing to Glori. For the past two weeks, she had enjoyed creeping around with him and was unashamedly hooked on his ravenous desire for her. She was loving every bit of this affair, and now that she thought about it, it sounded rather appealing.

Why don’t we just do it? After all, the madam isn’t around, and we can just get it on and come back. Just one weekend won’t hurt…

She nodded, looking up at him. “Alright, Mr. Thomas. Let’s do it. Kumasi it is for the weekend.”

“Good girl! It’s gonna be a Lust-N-Thrust weekend! Now, as a reward for that, here’s a little something I reserved for you,” Thomas said mischievously, as he lifted the covers.


“Mmmmm! Boahemaa, I owe you an apology. This Marwako food is nice papa. Ei!” Rawda exclaimed, after relishing the good taste of the takeaway her friend had ordered. They were busy feasting upon the food on the porch of Rawda’s house.

“Didn’t I tell you? You have done yourself anti-anything-but-Papaye. Now you see your life?” Boahemaa mocked as she watched her buddy’s happy expression.

“Yes please, I’ve seen my life now. It’s not good. I’ll change, wai,” Rawda responded, too busy enjoying the chicken to seek a clapback.

They went on eating when Boahemaa’s phone buzzed. She checked to see a mesaage from Glori.

Girl! Call me right now! I got something to tell you, about Mr. Thomas!

Excitement and caution immeidately gripped Boahemaa. Obviously, she wanted to know what the latest development was. But Rawda was around, and they had both agreed there was no way she ought to know about it.

“Ummmm, Rawzy, can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course, baby girl!”


As she disposed of her pack in the bin in the kitchen, Rawda headed for her room to get her phone which she had left charging.

Passing by the bathroom, she heard Boahemaa’s voice. She shook her head in amusement at her friend’s usual high-pitched voice, squealing at whatever it was she was hearing over the phone. “That girl and her antics,” she said to herself.

She was walking to her room when she suddenly heard “Ei, Glori!”

She turned and frowned. That was strange. Boahemaa talking to Glori in secret? That virtually never happened.


“Are these girls planning a surprise birthday party for me or something?” she wondered out loud, stroking her chin. She shrugged. “Might as well find out.”

She tiptoed to the door of the bathroom and began to eavesdrop.

What she heard in the next two minutes filled her with amazement and disgust.


Goodness, Diary! Mr. Thomas had me blinded with delirium this morning. He totally blew my mind! He really is a man’s man! Fire emojis, Diary. Fire emojis! Awurade Nyame!

A rather delighted Glori jotted down her emotions in her beloved journal, feeling very pleased with herself. That book and Boahemaa were the only two allowed to know about the affair.

As she got up from the seat outside, her phone rang. She picked it up.

It was Rawda.

Her eyebrow was raised. Boahemaa had mentioned that she was at her place, and had hidden in the bathroom to have that conversation.

Ah well, it could also be the usual call that either of them will make when they meet up there.

She answered. “Rawzy baby! What’s up?”

Silence greeted her.

“Uh… Rawda? Are you there?”

A sigh was her answer.

“Glori, I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Her stomach went ablaze with tension. “What?”

“Glori, I heard you and Boahemaa! She was in my bathroom talking to you! I heard it all! You’re sleeping with a married man, Glori? A freaking married man? The man of the house you’re working in? Ei, Glori! What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to yourself?!”

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #5

“Sammy! Denise! Can we get moving now?” Thomas called as he grabbed his laptop bag, waiting for his little ones to get their bags and follow him. They had quite a penchant for delaying him sometimes, and today seemed to be one of those days. As to whether it was their breakfast, or forgetting to pack the needed books for the day, he did not know. But it was usually one of the two that caused that.

“Daddy, we are coming!” Samuel responded as he put on his bag, his little sister following suit.

Thomas smiled in relief. “Great. Don’t want you to be late.”

The two rushed to stand before him as their mother emerged from the kitchen.

“Alright, have a good day in school, my dears,” Leticia said, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads before turning to Thomas and adjusting his tie before cupping his cheeks in her hands and giving him a whispered “Have a blessed day, honey”.

Thomas smiled and mouthed, “You too.”

As he walked out, he sighed at how little an effect that had on him. He really was tired of his wife. She was trying her best, he knew. She was certainly doing her part to ensure this marriage would prevail. Unfortunately, on Thomas’ part, the white flag had already been hoisted, and very little could be done to bring it down. He preferred to do what made him happy backstage while playing Mr Satisfied-With-Life.

As he opened the door for the children to get in, he saw Glori walk over to the gate to open it for him. Standing by the left side of the gate as the exit lay before his car, her eyes met his.  

He made a flirtatious biting movement with his mouth and winked. She turned away shyly.

It had been a week and a half since she had approached him and gave in to his approaches. It had been dangerous but extremely thrilling and stimulating for him. Glori was one heck of a kitten, with sexy slender curves and a sweet bust that always had him excited, and he was fully enjoying his dirty little deeds with her.

Due to his schedule, and the presence of Leticia and the kids, however, they had not yet consummated their affair, although he was fervently praying for an opportunity to pop up so he could.

As the car moved out of the compound, he gave her another wink before switching his gaze to the road. A real treat, this Glori is. Can’t wait to finally taste that p***y…


As the car sped off, Glori bit her lip and closed her eyes as she reminisced on what had gone down earlier that morning in the bathroom. 

This fling was something else.

Thomas was turning out to be one hungry man. The way he kissed and fondled her with a sweet aggression never failed to leave her astounded. It was as if the elixir to eternal youth could be found in her underwear, with the way he often jammed his hands into them to have a feel of her delicate property.

It was always intense when they met up in the bathroom, and with each passing day, Thomas maintained his high drive. But it always made Glori feel so good, so in spite of those guilt-tripping thoughts constantly hitting hard, stopping was nowhere on the agenda. It was only a matter of time until they eventually engaged in the actual thing.

“God, he’s such an animal,” she murmured to herself as she closed the gate and walked back to the house to continue with the day’s work and wait for Leticia to leave. “And I love every freaking bit of it.”


It was about fifteen minutes to the end of the lunch break for the office. As Leticia walked back to her office, her lunch bag in her hand, her assistant met her on the hallway.

“Mrs Dawson. You missed a call from Kwesi Sunyani,” Rosette informed her as she was handed her phone.

“Thanks, Rosette,” she answered as she walked into her office. That was one of the co-workers of her brother Barnabas. She looked at the number, wondering what he was calling for. She hadn’t saved his number; it was Truecaller that gave her the name.

“I wonder what the issue is. I hope Barnie is okay,” she murmured to herself as she called the number.

A rather breathless voice answered after the second ring. “Leticia! Leticia, good afternoon.”

“Yes, Kwesi, good afternoon. I missed your call. I was in the kitchen at work. What’s up?”

“Hmmm… Leticia, I wish I could say all is well, but… it’s Barnabas.”

Leticia, who was now in her seat, froze. Kwesi’s wobbly and anxiety-filled tone of voice was not one that had glad tidings accompanying it. “Wh-wh-why? Wh-wh-what’s wrong with him?”

Kwesi sighed over the phone. “Umm, so… I’m at the hospital right now. And… Barnie is not in good shape at all…”


It was about 4:45 pm when the familiar horn of Leticia’s Hyndai Tucson could be heard at the gate. Glori, who was in the dining room, watching on as the little ones were happily seated in front of the television watching Dora the Explorer, was surprised to hear the horn. Her madam usually got home around 5:30.

She went outside to be sure if it wasn’t just her ears being too sharp. Indeed, there was a car outside the gate. She opened it, and sure enough, it was Leticia who drove in.

And her facial expression was not exactly a happy one.

Glori approached the car and peered at the mirror. Leticia looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“Madam, is something wrong?” she asked nervously.

Leticia looked at her and put her hand on her forehead. “Oh, God, I did not need to get this kind of news. I really, really didn’t. Heiii!”

“What’s wrong, Madam? What news?”

Leticia shook her head, remained silent for a minute, then blurted out. “I got a call from Sunyani this afternoon. My brother Barnabas… he suffered a nasty stroke this afternoon.”

Glori put her hands over her mouth. “Oh my God!”

“They say he’s in critical condition right now, and I’m just so scared. I dunno what to do right now. What if he dies? God, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I lost my little brother…”

“It’s alright, Madam, it’s alright! Calm down,” Glori shushed, opening the door and grabbing Leticia’s hands as the older lady’s voice picked up in pitch. Four months had taught her one thing: when it came to life-and-death issues, Leticia did not fare very well.

“I’m terrified, Glori, I’m terrified. I’m so terrified,” Leticia whimpered.

“Madam, please, don’t lose hope already,” I pleaded as I helped her wipe her tears. “I don’t know how bad it is, but once he’s not gone, there’s still hope. Don’t give in so easily. Our God is a Healer.”

It took a few more minutes of encouragement to get Leticia calmed down, as Glori reminded her that the little ones wouldn’t be too happy to see their mother as upset as she was.

“Take it easy, Madam,” she continued to reassure her stricken mistress as she took her bag and led her into the house. “Let’s just pray for the best.”


Later that night, Glori made the day’s entry into her diary.

So, it obviously wasn’t too pleasant a day, with the way Madam Leticia got hit with that bad news about her brother. I sure hope he recovers.

Anyways, I overheard her and Mr. Thomas talking earlier tonight. Turns out that there’s no other relative around who can be by his side but her. And given how close they are, it only means one thing.

She has to go out of town to care for him.

Yep, so tomorrow morning, she’s off to Sunyani to tend to him. From what she said, she’ll probably be there till Monday.

Well, this was not what I expected. And I can’t help but feel divided. Obviously, I’m not happy that her brother’s in a bad state, and I sure hope he gets better.

But at the same time, if she’s out of the house… Diary, Mr. Thomas is gonna come for me and do the do with me. And damn, I feel kinda tingly and excited thinking about it. If how he’s been fingering and fondling me is anything to go by, then oh my God, he’s gonna damage me once she’s gone.

Well, it’s a pretty divided feeling, but, not much I can do. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. And let’s hope, above all things, that Madam Leticia’s brother recovers. That’s more important.

Ummmm… this is not good. Not just on Leticia’s part, but the door’s wide open for major fooling to take place. Hmmmm, well…

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #4

The phone alarm went off at 4:20 am.

Thomas, who tended to be a light sleeper, was easily awoken by the blaring tone, as he reached for the phone and turned it off. Annoying alarms. Just as he was about to sleep, a flashing reminder popped up in his brain.

Glori. She was probably waiting for him in the bathroom by now.

How could he forget? After weeks of pushing past the rejection and the ignored messages, she had finally caved in to his proposal, and it was time to show her how badly he wanted her.

“Mmmmm,” he murmured as he rose from the bed, groaning as he stretched his arms out. Leticia stirred at the movement on the bed.

“Honey?” she murmured.

“Oh, uh, just remembered I need to get some work done on the laptop before I get ready for work. I left it in the living room,” he explained.

“Ahhh, ok,” she responded, before turning the other way to continue with her short slumber.

He smirked and shook his head, as he grabbed a morning coat, put it on, and headed out the door.

He made his way to the bathroom, noticing the light was on, and the door slightly open. He tiptoed toward it and peered in.

There sat Glori on the toilet seat, looking like she was patiently waiting.

Entering the bathroom, to her delight, he looked at her and grinned, shaking his head as he closed and locked the door, before taking off the morning coat and moving aggressively towards her.

Time to have a taste of this delicious little kitten…


Who would’ve thought she’d find herself in such a position?

Would anyone have imagined that there would be a day where it would be 4:30 am in the morning, and in the bathroom, instead of bathing in preparation for the regular day’s activities, Glori, clad in her old camisole and shorts she never wore outside her room, would find herself seated on the laps of Thomas Dawson, being hungrily fondled and kissed?

If anyone imagined it, it certainly wasn’t her.

Gasping as he squeezed her butt while nuzzling her neck, her brain was a blank canvas of blinding white. All she knew at that moment was that this was experience was insanely sweet. His grip was strong and secure, his laps too comfortable and his lips were in serious action.

The shower was on full blast as they continued to passionately make out, drowning out Glori’s sounds of pleasure…


“Alright, so the plumber should be coming around today to fix that annoying leak in the kitchen. Please keep an eye on him as he’s working. Some of these guys, they’ll do some shoddy job and take your money free of charge.”

“Hmmmm. It’s true oo, Madam. But don’t worry, I’ll be watching him,” Glori promised as Leticia took her bag, ready to head to work.

“Good. Oh, and by the way, I asked my deputy managing director about the course thing. Hopefully, he should get back to me when I go to work today.”

“Oh, wonderful! I’m so grateful, Madam. God richly bless you,” she gushed thankfully.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. You’re a bright, decent young lady, and if I can contribute to you having a brighter future while you’re here, why won’t I?”

Glori just smiled in response, her chest filled to the brim with euphoria as she took her boss’ bag and followed her as they stepped out of the house.

Ten minutes later, Leticia’s Hyundai Tucson was out of the house.

As Glori closed the gates and headed to the house to start her daily chores, she suddenly found herself under quite a mental bombardment.

An onslaught of critical bullets flew in the direction of her brain, fiercely berating her in the light of her fling with Thomas earlier that morning.

Glori, are you really happy with yourself? Look at what this woman is doing for you, and you stab her in the back by fooling around with her husband?

Glori, this is not right. It’s just not right.

Glori, this isn’t fair at all! She’s being good to you. Are you being good to her by doing this?? 

Shutting her eyes and gritting her teeth, she did her best to block out the thoughts as she headed back. This had been a good morning for her so far, from making out with Thomas to getting a favourable response regarding her creative writing course. The last thing she needed was a hippo tank of guilt upon her head.


“Boahemaa Appiah! There’s some juice I got for you! Super juicy juice!” Glori said excitedly as she put the phone to her ear. She was done with her duties for the day, the plumber had come and done his job and left, and now she was eating her lunch in the kitchen. Throughout the entire morning, thoughts of that passionate encounter filled her brain, and all she could do was giggle as she remembered the sweetness of Thomas’ kisses and his electrifying touch. Unable to keep it to herself, she called up her friend, eager to let them know what was going on.

Boahemaa was way more liberal with these issues, and given their attraction to men with well-toned muscles and incredible abs, she would probably be less judgmental. Rawda, on the other hand, was highly conservative when it came to issues like this, and certainly not hesitate to let her know she was on the wrong track.

And all she wanted at that point was someone who would make her feel less guilty of what she was involving herself in.

“Eeeishh! What’s happening? You found some Terry Crews boy bi anaa?”

She snickered. “Well, something of that sort, but…”

“Heeeerrrrhhhhhh!!! What’s his name? Where does he live? Does he have a twin brother? Tell meeeeeeeee!”

Her laughter grew louder. “Boahemaa, behave yourself! This one… chale, it’s kinda complicated. And… I don’t want no judgment, so…”

“Hmmmmmm. I wonder what this could be…”

Glori took a deep breath, held on to her words for a moment, then began.

“Um, Boahemaa, Mr. Dawson moved to me. A few weeks ago. And I… I accepted his proposal yesterday.”

The line was silent for a moment.

“I know, B, I know it’s not right. But… he was so persistent. I refused his advances, but… he just wouldn’t let me go, and… geez, these past few days, I… I couldn’t help but notice how he’s everything I like in a man. God, it’s like I had a veil over my eyes until I noticed that. B, he is so damn sexy. And the way he was all over me today…”

“Wow,” Boahemaa responded. “Hmmmm… I know it’s wrong, but I dunno what to think…”

“Babe, like I said, I couldn’t help it. He wouldn’t relent. And after the way we made out this morning… damn! Everything we want in a finely built man, eh, I got the experience!”

This seemed to get Boahemaa’s attention. A light giggle was followed by, “Ooooh, I see. Strong and sexy, eh?”

“Too much, B, too much! Never had hands on me like this. Kneading my ass. Kissing my cleavage. God, I’m getting all tingly just remembering it!”

“Eish, then he handled you well papa! Good for you! Mad lovemaking, eh?”

“Ummm… we didn’t have sex. You know, with the madam and the children around.”

“Oh, I see. Hmmm, well Glori, I guess you know what you’re doing. Just be careful, wai. Na if your madam discovers this, you know you’re finished.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s the most obvious thing, so chale, we’ll be careful.”

“If you say so, Glori. As for me, I’m actually just jealous of you right now. You this mad girl, you’ve got some macho man squeezing your average buttocks while me that my own is bigger and nicer, I’m not getting.”

“Herh, you’re a foolish girl, okay?” Glori laughed. This was why she called this friend up. She needed to have her ego massaged, not punctured. “Anyways, I’m just about finishing lunch, so I’ll talk to you later. And please, one major thing: under no circumstances must Rawzy hear about this.”

“Ei, of course! Rawda diɛɛ, she’ll tear you apart if she knows you let him fondle you. Totally.”

“Exactly. So it’s between the two of us.”

“Sure thing, baby girl.”

“Great. Bye, babe.”

“Bye, Glori.”

She hung up with a smirk on her face. “Well, that went pretty good,” she said to herself as she got up from the kitchen table, heading to the sink to wash her plate. As she started, her phone buzzed. She checked to see a message.

From Thomas.

Hey there, my little treat. What you up to?

She immediately grew flushed. She responded by typing, Just thinking about you and what you did to me this morning 🤭🤭

She waited as he typed back.

And his response had her flustered and excited as before.

This is just the beginning, Glori. Gird up your loins, coz I’m gonna make sure that sexy body of yours is gonna have an experience like never before…

Well, I guess we can see what kind of friend Boahemaa is. And Glori is venturing into certain waters…

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #3

As she buttoned up her jacket, checking herself out in the mirror, she nodded as she turned to ensure her dark blue seasonless suit gave her that professional look she never compromised on.

“Thomas, honey, do I look okay in the suit?” she asked as she faced her husband, who was putting on his own jacket.

He nodded simply. “Yeah, yeah. Definitely looking sharp, Lit.”

“Great, great. Thanks,” she said as she approached him to help with adjusting his tie. He stood still as she carried out one of her personal favourite tasks in the morning, making sure he looked on point.

“There you go. Sharp and crisp as always,” she commented as she straightened his collar and dusted off a bit of dirt on the arm of his jacket.

He smiled at her. “Thank you, my dear wife.”

“You’re welcome, my dearest husband. Now, time to get moving.”


“Bye, Mummy!”

“Have a good day, Mummy!”

“You too, my loves!” Leticia gushed as she gave Samuel and Denise a kiss on the forehead before they rushed outside to join their father in the car.

She then made her way to the kitchen, where she made herself her usual cup of coffee. With the little ones ever energetic and eager to go for school, she always had to attend to them and ensure they were set before having her regular shot of caffeine.

Of course, she had no problems with that. It was always sweet to be able to take in those slow sips without Denise crying about her favourite pencil gone missing or Samuel running around the dining room thinking he was Superman. Her babies were quite a handful.

But of course, she loved them regardless. She loved her family and was willing to do anything for them.

“Madam Leticia, I like your suit.”

She turned to the door, where Glori stood, with a look of admiration on her face.

She smiled. “Thank you, Glori. I was about to ask for your opinion on it.”

“Oh, you look absolutely splendid in it, Madam. Super professional.”

Leticia laughed. “Just as it should be, my dear. By the way, have you made a decision yet on the course you’d like to do?”

“Hmmmm. Probably the creative writing course.”

“I thought so. The way you don’t joke with your Peggy Oppong books. I can see you really wanna follow in her footsteps. It’s a good thing, mohm. I like the way you have those big ambitions. Author. Scriptwriter. Playwright. It’s achievable. And I’ll definitely do my part to help you reach there.”

Glori curtsied in gratitude. “Thank you so much, Madam. Lord knows I’ll eternally be grateful to you for all you’re doing, and He’ll bless you big time. And by the way, inspirational speaker is part.”

“Hahaha, well noted, my dear. So I’ll get to work on that for you when I get to the office. There’s one guy who should have some info for me. Even if not today, I should get some info soon enough.”

“Alright, Madam. I’ll be waiting.”


“Good morning, Mrs. Dawson!” Tricia Ampomah, the receptionist of Adrob Ghana Ltd, greeted as she made her way through the entrance of the building that housed a leading company dealing in wholesales of auto parts.

“Good morning, Tricia! Hope you’re doing good this morning!” Leticia responded brightly as she briskly made her way to her office.

If there was one person who was liked and feared in that office, it was certainly Mrs. Leticia Dawson. As the Human Resource Manager, she knew pretty much everyone who worked in that office, and even though she was friendly and sweet to everyone, the last thing you wanted was to breach the rules and end up in her office.

Arranging the papers in her office was her personal assistant, Rosette.

“Good morning, Mrs. Dawson!”

“Good morning, Rosette. How are we doing this morning?”

“Good, good, madam. By God’s grace.”

“Great, I’m well too. So, what’s our schedule for the day?”


“Oh yeah, Reverend Bondzi, things are way better than they used to be. I mean, he used to bring it up every now and then, in some sarcastic way. But now he doesn’t. I’m more than convinced that our marriage is back on track,” Leticia spoke into the phone as she chatted with her priest, Reverend Nana Kojo Bondzi, during the lunch hour.

“Mmmmm, well, we thank God for that. I hope on your part, you’re also behaving well.”

“Oh yes, Reverend, definitely! I mean, sometimes I get a little irritated when he’s being lazy and stuff. Little, little irritants. But to become snide and make certain biting comments, no, I’ve promised him and myself not to be doing that.”

“That’s good. Then things certainly are improving.”

“Oh yes, they are. That fight was something else. I mean, it’s been years, but it was definitely the ugliest part of our marriage. The things we said to each other were so horrible. I still regret it sometimes…”

“Ohh, Leticia, don’t worry your head about the past. At least you apologized to him afterwards, right? So there’s no need holding on to it. Things are better now. Both of you are relating well, abi?”

“Yeah. You know us, we’re not really into PDA like that. It’s mainly communication and respect. Yeah, that’s how it still is.”

“So all is well. Your marriage truly is back on track. Just be thankful to God and pray He continues to bless and protect it. There are many marriages under attack these days, and it’s so important to constantly commit your union to God. Too many broken homes, divorces and separations. We need to keep Christ in the center of our marriages, and they will stand the test of time. So continue to pray for your marriage.”

“Yes, Rev! Most definitely.”


It was about 3:30 pm, and after a brief nap, Glori was excitedly scribbling in her diary.

Diary, all I can think about right now is Mr Thomas. Oh Lord, he’s so damn hot! The most alluring thirty-seven year old body I’ve seen in years.

I’ve just been thinking about the way he’s expressed his desire for my body, and the crave just gets stronger and stronger. I’ve started imagining all sorts of things about him and what kind of kinky stuff he could do to me. And Diary, I must confess, those imaginations are so sweet! Made me all warm and fiery inside.

I know you’re thinking it’s not the right thing to do, but… ugh, it’s almost 5 pm, and my cells are lit up with a crazy longing for him. I mean, this ain’t no 50 year old potbellied freak. He’s an Adonis! A bloody Adonis! Do you know the number of women who would be falling over themselves to have this kind of man? I have to take advantage!

So I’m just gonna go along with it. When he comes tonight, I’ll let him know I’m finally giving in. It’s probably a crazy decision, but… I just can’t do this anymore, Diary. I want him. And he wants me too. So let’s just do this.


It was 8:40 pm when Thomas’ car could be heard tooting its horn at the gate.

Glori’s heartbeat doubled as she got up from the dining room to go and open it. The time was almost due.

As she opened the gate and the car moved forward to halt at its usual parking spot, she took a deep breath. This is it, Glori. Time to tell him the good news…

Walking over to the car, she put on her shy face as she approached the one sitting in it.

“Good evening, Mr. Thomas,” she greeted as he opened his door and stepped out, holding a couple of folders. She had her eyes fixed on his chest, which was well concealed by his blue shirt.

He smirked as he looked at her, getting ready to shut the car door and lock it. “Good evening, Glori. Looking pretty… spicy, as always.”

She felt a flush across her face. Thomas and his compliments. He always had something to say about her appearance. She could literally wear a hijab and a burqa, and he’d still make a comment about her body that would get her feeling funny. At the beginning, she simply ignored him and huffily walked off, but now she found herself happily reacting to those words.

As he shut the door, she took a deep breath and blurted, “Mr. Thomas, I have something to say to you.”

He looked at her in interest, already knowing what it was about. “I hope it’s a yes you’re giving me. Because I’ve already told you I’m not accepting any more nos. I’m not letting you go any time soon, Glori. I want you. Badly.”

The shy smile glued to her face, she looked down and murmured, “And I want you too.”

“What?” Thomas strained his neck, not sure he had heard right. “What did you say?”

She looked up at him, her heart pounding in her chest as she beheld the man of the house before her. “I want you too, Mr. Thomas.”

The look on his face immediately switched from surprise to satisfaction. Finally, she had given in!

“I know it’s… it’s someway, but… you’re so handsome, and… I kinda like your abs,” she murmured, wringing her hands together while giggling at the last statement. “I like men with big, strong arms and heavy chests, so…”

He reached out and held her chin, the look in his eyes a rather lecherous one. She could tell that he had been looking forward to this for a very long time, and couldn’t wait to get dirty with her. She blushed as his eyes travelled down from her face to her bust, then to lower parts of her body. 

“What time do you get up in the morning?” he asked gently.

“4:15,” she answered, watching in fascination as a bulge began to appear downstairs. Good Lord, this man is hungry for me!

“Good. Meet me in the bathroom at 4:20. Let’s get this show off the road tomorrow,” he ordered her, moving closer to whisper into her ear. “And uh, you better get ready for the future, coz I swear to God, your body’s gonna go faint with what I’ve got in mind for you.”

Turning to go, he hesitated for a moment, then turned back to her.

“Oh, and one more thing. Make sure you’re looking as sexy as possible. Turns me on real quick, and I, uh… like easy access to those delicious parts.”

Having put his message across, he drew back, winked at her and pressed the lock button on his car key before walking towards the house to meet his family.

As he disappeared from her view, Glori felt breathless. “Oh my God!” she said to herself excitedly. “That was… was… ugh, I don’t even know what to say. I’m just stunned!”

She had had a few guys chase her back in the day, but none of them ever really caught her eye. She was one of those rare human beings who had never been in a relationship at her age. She had no idea what it felt like to be romantically involved with a guy, and now she was about to have a major experience.

With a man who had the physique and build she adored and dreamed about.

Her head spun as she made her way back into the house, eagerly anticipating whatever it was that Thomas had in store for her the next morning.

Oh Lord, tomorrow morning couldn’t come soon enough! she thought to herself as she entered the living room. Watching Thomas land a kiss on his wife’s cheek, she bit her lip and walked off to her room, high on excitement as she readied herself to picture all the dirty deeds he would subject her to the next day.

So she’s made the choice to accept this man’s proposal? Hmmm, well… we read on to see what happens…

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #2

Thomas Dawson had his eyes locked on his phone as he busily tapped the phone screen, typing out a message. The look in his eyes was a dry one, an indication of how much he did not want to be chatting with the person on the other side of the phone. He took his bottle of Guinness and took a big gulp, placing it back on the table.

It was another Tuesday evening. After a long day at work, time to meet some of his friends from other workplaces and have a drink or two and chat about different issues.

Their chats, really, were mainly composed of complaints and gripes about the few things in life that annoyed and bothered them. Given that most of them had similar ‘problems’, they always had much to talk about.

And it was just one of those days where there was a lot on the agenda.

The main topic of discussion? Their annoying wives.

Just the person Thomas was sending a message to. With a facial expression that portrayed the enthusiasm of a plus size glutton at the gym.

The truth was, as much as they looked like a happy family to the outside world, Thomas was pretty much weary of his union. It had been seven years, and now he felt he had been sold a big lie about marriage being a beautiful thing. It wasn’t that Leticia was a bad wife per se, but he was not satisfied with her, and despite pretending to be fine, after one major fight between them one night, was now beginning to despise her.

He chose to keep his contempt under wraps, however. And in recent weeks, an idea had been planted into his brain. One which he believed would supply him with a bit of happiness.

“The wife anaa?” his friend, Yaw Nyamekye, asked as he put his phone down.

He nodded, rolling his eyes. “Stress nkwaa, chale.”

“Chale, these wives dey worry pass. By the way, how far with the movement?”

“I still dey top ooo, chale. She dey do long things, but me diɛɛ, I’m not letting go. I’ll continue till she says yes.”

“That be all, my guy. Just continue to push through. Na this prison we go pick diɛɛ, if we no find some freedom, we go die.”

“I swear, chale. Herh, no jokes, them scam we papa! Always making it look like the most beautiful and blissful thing to experience on earth. Apuuu! Bliss for the where?”

Yaw laughed out loud as he took a gulp of his glass of beer. “I see no lies in there, Tom. Major scam alert. They said the ball-and-chain mentality be lie. Massa, ibi true papa!”

Thomas shook his head and smiled as he drank from his glass of beer. “At least you can sniff a way out. Me diɛɛ, the encumbrances I get no be small, so backing out go be hard. But at least, this movement source aa, I’ll be okay.”

“Sure thing, Tom. Keep going, chale. You go get am. Abi now she start dey reason up small small?”

“Yeah, chale. At first, always doing ‘but you are married’ and all that bulls**t. Now she dey loosen up a bit. Still doing long, though.”

“Oh, massa, then it’s settled. Just continue pushing. The movement go come on, live and coloured!”

“Amen to that, brother!”

The two raised their bottles in the air. “To enjoyment!” they both chanted before clinking the bottles together and taking a big gulp.


“… anyway, this guy was just… oh my God, so damn sexy!”

“Eeei, Boahemaa nono! As to what macho guys have done to you and Glori eh, I’ll never understand.”

“Hwɛ, Sister Rawda, that’s our spec ooo! That’s what Boahemaa and I like. Huge biceps, big chests, muscles that make me giddy when they are flexed… girl, you have no idea! It’s like how guys like girls with big breasts or big ass. Look at your own brother Samed.”

“Hahaha! I knew you’d bring that up. The time he was chasing Amaya. It was crazy, chale.”

“Too crazy! Herh, Rawzy, the way Samed was enchanted! It was serious oo! He can stare at the girl as she walks away eh, and you can see the booty has just confused him. Ei!”

Glori laughed along with Rawda at Boahemaa’s comment.

Her two close friends, it was always fun when they had these conference calls. They could sit and chat for hours. Which usually consisted of Rawda playfully scolding Glori and Boahemaa for being mischievous and naughty, the latter of which they loved to exhibit in their conversations.

“Well, now he’s married to her, so that’s the end. As to what he does with her, that’s not my business,” Rawda commented. “At least he’s having fun within legitimate boundaries.”

“Mmmm,” Glori murmured, more to herself than in response to her friend’s statement.

“Oh of course,” Boahemaa agreed. “So Rawda, you should be praying for Glori and I, so we too, we get our macho husbands and they can spoil us all they want.”

“Oh Lord, B, why are you so dirty, lah?” Rawda asked, laughing in her foiled attempt to scold her. “You, I hear, you girls will get them. I really pray you do.”

“Amenooooooo!” Boahemaa and Glori chanted.

“Chale, girls, I think my people are looking for me. It’s almost time for prayers as usual. Got to go now.”

“Alright, Rawzy. Take care of yourself, baby girl.”

“Will do, boos. Later, y’all!”

“Later!” Boahemaa and Glori responded.


As she hung up, she noted the WhatsApp notification on her phone. Her heart beating slightly, she opened the messaging app, wondering if he had sent her anything. 

Sure enough, there was a Hi from him.

She rubbed her face and smiled shyly.

It had been two weeks since he had made his intentions known to her.

He had told her in no uncertain terms that he was madly attracted to her, and wanted to have some fun with her. He had been pretty raunchy, speaking about her body like she was some Ghanaian reincarnation of Kim Kardashian, which she certainly wasn’t. 

She rejected him instantly, shaking her head and making it clear she wasn’t going to entertain his feelings. She had a bright future ahead of her, and there would be no acceptance of his proposal. In any case, he was married, and the last thing she wanted to do was disrespect that union. 

Her no, however, had not sunk into his head. He bombarded her with text messages, reiterating his feelings and his determination to have her. 

It was highly irritating at first; she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just leave her alone. The fact that he seemingly got irritated and super defensive whenever she reminded him of his vows to his wife didn’t impress her either. She saw him as nothing more than a selfish creep and had even considered reporting him to Madam Leticia.

As the days passed, however, she found herself being entertained by the things he sent her. For example, that video of Ed Sheeran lyrics from the song ‘Shape Of You’. He was being super persistent, and to an extent, she was beginning to like it. Whereas a few weeks ago, his insistence enraged her, it now give her this strangely warm feeling within.

If that wasn’t enough, she was now beginning to actually notice how much of a hunk he was. Five foot eleven, with a huge chest and well-toned abs and arms that looked like they would have no problem breaking a plank with minimal effort, he was exactly the kind of man she and Boahemaa dreamed about.

What had been an absolutely preposterous suggestion a few weeks back now sounded so appealing and ready to sway her mind.

She responded.

Hi, Mr. Thomas.

A message came through. You know this ain’t ending till you say yes, right?

She felt her ears get hot upon seeing that. She typed back. Lol, I seeeee…

Come on, girl. Quit doing long with me. I want you so bad, you wouldn’t believe…

Her heartbeat increased as she read that message. There was something about the way he made his desire known for her that sent sweet shivers down her spine.

Trust me, when I’m kissing you all over your body, playing with your twins and sending you straight to heaven with my skills, you’ll know I ain’t playing.

She sucked in her breath as that message appeared. “God, this man really wants me,” she whispered to herself. Shutting her eyes as she thought of what to respond to him, she couldn’t help but let her mind slip, as she pictured being in his strong grasp, getting a ferocious necking from him.

Her eyes popped open. Shaking her head, she reminded herself.

Madam Lit, Glori. Think of Madam Lit.

It was a complex situation for her, even though she knew what really had to be done. The thought of getting illicit with her madam’s husband was not the right thing; she knew all too well how despicable it was. Yet, he had now captured her attention too tightly to just let go.

She typed her response. Oh wow. Well… let’s see what happens, then…

With that, she tossed her phone away and turned her TV on. Eventually, he’d come home and probably make a statement to her after she opened the gate, but for now, she needed some space.

“Hmmmmm,” she murmured to herself as the late night news came on. “I don’t wanna do anything that’ll disrespect Madam Leticia; she’s such a good boss to me. But good God, Mr. Thomas is sexy. Lord knows how sweet it’ll be to get down and dirty with him. I know, it’s so wrong, but… well, like I told him, let’s see what happens…”

So Glori is considering his ‘proposal’? Smh. Not good enough. With the way she’s saying they’ll see what happens, she’s definitely gonna give in…

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #1

Welcome to the first season of this story! You can call this the Options season. This follows the tale of Miss Glori Vanderpuye, the housekeeper of the Dawson household. Prepare for a crazy little journey!

“Madam, please, I’m going to bed now.”

“Alright, Glori. Have a good night! I’ll see you tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Yes, please. Good night, Madam.”

As she trooped back to her room, Glori stretched and yawned as she prepared to get the needed rest after a long day of work as always. Entering her room, she stood before her neatly made bed. Beside it was her small television set and a little library of books. Her little source of relaxation heaven.

As she walked over to it and looked at the various books, humming as she deliberated on which one to read for the night, she noticed a book at the bottom. More or less under the bookshelf.

“Ei, which book is that?” she wondered out loud, as she reached down to pick it. She had been picking books from this nice little shelf every night, but this book on the floor had seemed to evade her eye until tonight.

In her grasp, she took a rag on the nearby table and cleaned off the dirt. Then she stared at the book in surprise.

“Ei! My diary!”

The journal she said she would be putting every detail in when she first started this job.

She opened to the first page…

Hey Diary,

So this is the beginning of my stay in the Dawson household. My name is Glori Vanderpuye, and you are gonna be my confidante as I go through this new phase of life as a housekeeper. Doesn’t sound very glamorous, I know, but chale, times are tough in GH, and I needed to find something. Praise God, I got this!

Having dropped out of university at the first level due to lack of funds, it’s been hard. Paapa and Mama don’t have it easy at all; the old man is an electrician and my old girl isn’t working. This was the best I could get, and I was only motivated to go for it because issa Ghanaian family, and at the interview, it sounds like they have more respect and regard for such people than the usual, who will just treat you like a sub-human. The accommodation too is good. Satisfactory conditions.

I got the call on Friday morning that I passed the interview, and that I could start work the following week. You have no idea how excited I was to receive that. I could finally boast of being employed! You might think being a housekeeper is nothing to boast about, but if you’ve been jobless for almost 5 years, and you don’t have a degree, this will suffice. People have Masters degrees mpo, yet they’re suffering to find jobs. So chale, I thank God for this.

I moved in late last night, and I officially met the family.

Mr. Thomas Dawson, the man of the house. Madam Leticia, the lady of the house. Six year old Samuel and four year old Denise, the children. They gave me a pretty warm welcome, and assured me I’m in a good place.

Well, that mainly came from Madam Leticia. Mr. Thomas barely said much. Looks like he’s the reserved type of man. He just simply said a small welcome, and that he hopes I give of my best during the period in which I stay here.

Simple enough, I guess.

Today was my first day of work. My duties mainly consist of cleaning the rooms, sweeping the house, mopping afterwards, cleaning the furniture, helping out with the washing and cooking… you know, typical stuff needed to keep a house clean. Dear Lord, I had one hell of a busy day doing all that work. I was done by midday, and lawd, I was exhausted! I had some good food waiting for me, though, so I had no problems. Rice and chicken stew. A welcome meal, as the Madam described it. In subsequent days, though, I’m obviously gonna have to contribute to the kitchen work.

There wasn’t much to do for the afternoon. Just helping out in the kitchen as Madam Leticia prepared food for the children after she brought them home from school. They were watching their cartoons while we did that. Afterwards, I was free to do my own thing. So I retired to my room and went straight to my little library.

My little library of Peggy Oppong books.

If there’s anything I love, it’s a good book. And Peggy Oppong has always been one of my favourite authors (may her soul rest in peace). Throughout the period I’ve been searching for a job, her books are one of the only things that have kept me sane. They’ve also made me quite an indoors person. I doubt I’ll be stepping out of the house that much when I still wanna read The Red Heifer and Angel of Death again. Looool.

So it was reading, followed by helping Madam Leticia in the kitchen briefly, then I was released, so of course, back to the room to continue reading.

I left my room to open the gate when Mr. Thomas arrived at about 8 pm. I decided to hang around the dining room just to observe the Dawson family dynamics. Particularly that on the man’s side.

A sweet lil family they are, when you watch them interact. Mr. Thomas is adored by his children, that’s for sure. Watching how she was playing and giggling with him, Denise is gonna be a daddy’s girl for sure. And it’s pretty obvious how highly Samuel thinks of his father. As for the couple… well, normal married couple vibe, as far as I could tell. Not everyday romantic distins, abi? Most times, it’ll be normal conversations and mundane stuff.

So that’s that. I came back to my room around 9. Returned to my current book, The Adventures Of Cleopas, till about 10, where I decided to switch to the news.

You know one of the benefits of moving in here? Now, I can choose what station I wanna watch. Thank goodness I don’t have to put up with those late night political fights. Ugh! Always using current affairs for partisan fights and all that nonsense. Paapa religiously follows that stuff though, passionately yelling at whichever panelist he thinks is being narrow-minded.

Me? I couldn’t care less about all those greedy liars. We all know they’re in to leech the country. Just give me the news for the day and I’m good to go.

Anyways, first day in the Dawson household as a housekeeper is complete. First entry complete. And as you can tell, it’s been pretty mundane. This is gonna be a long journey. But it’ll certainly be an exciting one as time goes by!

Glori V.


“Chale! It’s been quite a while ooo!” Glori remarked as she completed the first page. It had been four months since she last wrote this. After about two weeks of religiously updating the diary with the day’s events, she suddenly forgot about its existence. 

Of course, since that period, she had pretty much adapted to life in the Dawson household. Madam Leticia was any maid’s dream boss, with her taking Glori as more of a niece than a servant, and the little ones pretty much enjoyed her presence in the house. They were quite a handful at times, but with the experience she had dealing with her extremely troublesome cousins back in the day, Glori had little to no trouble dealing with these ones.

She shook her head, smiling as she went through the other pages. How things can change in a matter of months, she thought to herself. 

And, now that she thought about it, with the new and very interesting developments popping up in her life, it couldn’t have been more appropriate that the diary showed up. The writer she was, she needed a place to write out her feelings. 

She looked for a pen on her bedside table. Finding it, she turned to the last page she had made an entry, turned it over to a fresh page, wrote down the date for the day and began.

Hey Diary!

Listen, I know I’ve neglected you for the past four months, and I am sooooooo sorry! I dunno what happened; I just shelved you somewhere. Well, I’m back, and I know you’ve forgiven me, so let’s get back to it!

Soooooo, the past four months have been cool, and I’m now totally used to life with the Dawsons. They definitely treat me well, and I’m glad to be here. I’ve been able to send some small monies to my family too, so… that’s a plus.

But ummm, Diary? There’s something new and… pretty crazy, that popped up some days ago and… I gotta let it out to you…

What could this new something be? The next few episodes will tell…