Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 E14 – Abusua Pa

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the series finale. It’s been quite a journey over the past year. We’ve seen the characters go through a whole lot, and have eagerly followed them throughout. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Chale. Goodbyes are not nice kraaa. But I guess they’re needed.

Not too much to say over here, though. Let’s just get into the story one last time…

It was a sunny Friday morning in August. 

The day of Larissa’s official appointment had arrived.

A few unforeseen circumstances had pushed back the date a bit, but the event was officially set to take place that day. By the close of day, Mrs. Dolphyne would return to her home as a Justice of the High Court of Ghana.

She had taken the lead to the Jubilee House early, so the rest of the family were busily preparing to join the ceremony which was scheduled to commence at 10 am. Everyone was busy getting ready while doing other things…


“So chale, how is the new place?” Oscar asked, his shoulder propping up the phone to his ear as he tied his shoelaces, speaking to Kwame, who had left the Dolphyne house a few months back to join his father. They had been renting an apartment for a while, but had finally settled into a comfortable bungalow in one new estate on the outskirts of town.

“Oh, so far so good. You know these estates. Mostly quiet all around. Not too many homes have been occupied yet, so it’s a little empty, but it’s not bad. Our next door neighbours passed by recently to give us a big and proper welcome. Some nice man and his wife, with three daughters.”

“Eish. Are they grown up? And more importantly, are they fine?”

“Ahhh!” Kwame laughed. “Please, please, I didn’t look at that. And I don’t intend to. Allow me to settle first. But if I should be honest, the eldest daughter looks like she may be Diamond’s age. And yeah, she’s kinda cute.”

“That’s all I need to hear. Look sharp and make that move, lah!”

“Mtchew. Please, please, please, don’t give me any pressure. That’s why I’m not letting Aki know about it; she’ll disturb me too much to make moves.”

“But mustn’t she? That’s the job of a bestie, lah. Ei, by the way, do you know who else is coming for the party later tonight?”


“Hehehe. The lucky sperm that enters the egg. The bird with the coveted worm in its beak.”

“Uhhh… I don’t really get it.”

“You’ve forgotten? The king who is a chief…”

“Chief… ah, wait. You mean Chief Tay?!”

“Yep. Dennis Fafanyo Tay, aka Chief Tay, will be around.”

“Ei! But how? Are you guys friends now?”

“Oh, for about a month now, we’ve been vibing ooo. Chatting and things. Crazy guy, but he’s fun to be with. So when I told him about the celebration of Maa’s appointment, he asked if he can come with a date, and I said sure. He’s always been a cool guy, to be fair.”

“Well, that’s true, when you think about it. See how he didn’t tolerate the way those stupid girls disrespected you and all. No problem, chale, he’s welcome. Then hopefully, we too, we can connect at the party.”

“Oh, most definitely. He should remember you, so chale…”

“Kwame! Time to get moving!” 

Clayton’s voice could be heard over the line.

“Oscar, man has to move. We’ll meet at the venue, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to pick Addy and her mother. Abi Aki and her aunt will come later. So we’ll meet, then.”

“Okay, bro. Later.”

“Yeah, later.”


“So you managed to blend it the way I usually do?” Diamond asked over the phone.

“Yeah, yeah. Done it that way. The taste is just about the same.”

“Good, good. So that should be settled. You’ll do just fine.”

“Of course, babe. I got this. And Gyamfua too is taking over the wraps quite nicely.”

“Good, good. She too, she’s learnt fast papa! At this rate, we’ll probably have to make her a deputy CEO or something.”

“No jokes ooo. But I really like the way she’s taken to the business. Filling in for you the time you and the family went away for the weekend and all. She’s just too good.”

“Yes ooo, Maabena. She naaa, Smooth Wrapz owes her a lot. Abi she’s the one who exposed that witch to begin with.”

“Oh yeah, true true. Ei, so you never heard from her again, eh?”

“Never. And I don’t need to. Not when I have my Oseikrom Empress by my side.”

“Of course, jor! No space for fake friends, when you have the likes of me, and of course, Efo Explanation Master aka Sarknation Presido.”

Diamond laughed out loud. “I tell you ooo! Two God-given partners, chale.”

“Is he gonna be at the ceremony?”

“Nahhhh. He wanted to, but some errands bi he has to do for Mawuli didn’t allow, so he’ll have to settle for coming for the party.”

“Hehehe, see how happy you are. I really dunno what made you spit out that thing about him proposing and you rejecting, but thank God for that. See all the happiness you would have denied yourself of.”

Diamond just smiled. No lies were told there. The lovely dates, frequent encouragement and affirmations, spine-tingling kisses and the time they spent together… so much happiness…

“Mmm-hmmm. Soooo much happiness I would’ve denied myself…”

“Guys! It’s almost 9:15! Let’s move before the traffic makes us late!”

Almost drifting into a dreamy state, Daniel’s voice brought her back to earth.

“Maabena, my dad’s calling, so I gotta move. At least, since you’ve got the blending under control, that’s all. So Ed and I will pick you up later on.”

“Sure, dear. Sure. We’ll meet later.”

“Alright, bye, babe.”

“Bye, boo.”


“Ahhhh, just as I expected. The John Cena video is getting some crazy views at the moment!” Toby announced, eyes fixed on the laptop screen as the twins sat on either side of him, watching the analytics on the Dolph-Skwad Youtube page. 

Along with Serwaah and the cousins Ethan and Afrakuma, Toby had successfully formed the dance group, and over the past couple of months had gained a lot of views and fans. Focusing all his energies on becoming a world-class dancer, he and his younger siblings were catching the attention of the world, and he couldn’t have been happier.

“I knew it. Especially with the way Afrakuma kicked things off. She’s improved paa!” Serwaah commented. “She really killed it!”

“I promise,” Anasah agreed. “That was perfect arrangement by you, Toby. How you got her to begin, and Serwaah to end it. Chale, the video was mad captivating from start to finish, and you all did it!”

Toby smirked, pleased with the compliment. “Chale. Give the people what they want. Moves that will make them wish they had the skills like us. But this guy too has really come through for us, K-Kwan. Can’t forget the support he’s given us since we decided to come out. Those videos in the studio have honestly been our breakthrough. From Serwaah killing it on ‘Naami’ to Ethan destroying ‘Gweta’, Afrakuma slaying ‘Bossu Kena’…”

“And the major, major one: Toby living up to the ‘Killin Dem’ song!” Serwaah cheered. “That’s honestly my favourite among them all. The intro alone…”

“Serious!” Anasah agreed enthusiastically. “The way you tossed your cap aside and did the throat-slitting distin… too epic! There’s a reason why it’s the most viewed video on the channel!”

Toby grinned. “Yeah, well, man’s just decided to put his all in this for now. And I’m finding so much fulfillment in it.”

“Yeah, that’s the best. I’m loving this journey too,” Serwaah agreed enthusiastically. Looking around, she noticed the well-ironed kaftan on a hanger on on the front of Toby’s wardrobe. The kaftan everyone in the house had had designed for the party later that night. A kaftan that bore an Adinkra symbol she wasn’t very familiar with.

“You know, I still don’t know what this symbol represents,” she commented as she pointed at the kaftan. “I know it’s supposed to be one of the Adinkra symbols, but I don’t think it’s very common.”

“Yeah, it isn’t. I’ve forgotten. I remember seeing some site bi where they provide all that info,” Toby mentioned. “Anas, check on my phone for me. Should be or something.”

As Anasah picked up the phone to check, Daniel’s voice rang out.

“Guys! It’s almost 9:15! Let’s move before the traffic makes us late!”

“Chale, let’s move before Daddy gets impatient,” Toby said as he closed the laptop. He and the twins rose to their feet. “Let’s check the symbol thingy as we go.”


“Kindly repeat after me. I…”

“I, Larissa Darteh Dolphyne…”

The calm look on her face certainly betrayed the level of excitement in Larissa’s heart. Among twelve other lawyers, she faced the Chief Justice of the Republic, clad in the attire of a judge, her right hand up, ready to take that huge step into a new phase of her career in the legal field.

Repeating each phrase after the head of the judiciary, her heart pounded with euphoria. Her dreams of becoming a major force in Ghana’s legal system were beginning to materialize! Making the step up from the Bar to the Bench was no small feat, but she was ready for it. She had dreamed of moments like these, and to finally live them out… sheer bliss.

Nothing but sheer bliss.

“… and that I will at all times…”

“… and that I will at all times…”

“…uphold, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Ghana…”

“…uphold, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Ghana…”

“So help me God.”

“So help me God.”


“Indeed, considering the conscientious nature of the processes we went through on our journey to the Bench, we cannot be said to be ignorant of how demanding this new position is,” Larissa spoke as she stood at the podium. As the representative for the new High Court judges, she had been tasked with the responsibility of giving the response to the President’s speech on their behalf. 

“It is a position that requires the highest levels of diligent industry and a fearless devotion to carrying out the administration of justice without favour for any person. It goes without saying that this is more than a profession; it is a calling. And on behalf of the newly sworn High Court justices, I would like to assure His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Ghana, and all and sundry, that we shall not let you all down. Just as the statue of Lady Justice, a well-known symbol of justice systems worldwide, is seen to be blindfolded, with a beam balance in one hand and a sword in the other, we shall exhibit the virtues of impartiality, proper application of the law and swift and effective justice, as we discharge our duties before God and man.”


“Congratulations, my love!” Daniel gushed, hugging her tight as the family met her outside. The ceremony was over, the necessary photos with the other distinguished personalities had been taken, and it was time for them to have their own photos taken.

Wrapping her arms around him, she murmured, “Thank you, hubby.” Letting go of him, she added, “And by the way, that’s Your Ladyship now. Watch the way you address me, gentleman.”

Daniel shook his head. “Whatever.”

“That was an amazing speech, Maa! I’m so proud of you,” Diamond gushed as she hugged her mother.

“Thanks, love. Now can we get these pictures taken? This wig is hot!” Larissa responded.

In moments, the nuclear family, Jayla, their mother and the Bensons had taken their pictures with the new judge.

As the last photograph was taken and the photographer gave a thumbs up, Larissa said, “Wait. Take one of me and my girls.”

Daniel smirked as he and the boys stepped aside. “Is this one of your…”

“Yes, Kwadwo Dolphyne, it is,” she replied smugly. “Got a problem with that?”

“No please ooo, do your tin, wai.”

Standing aside, Oscar and Toby had whipped out their phones, eagerly recording the three ladies as they prepared to pose for the picture, already aware of what was coming up next.

“Any moment nowwwww….”


The result: an almost perfect shot of Larissa, Diamond and Serwaah in their favourite Dolphyne Air Kiss mood. 


7:45 pm, and the Adlon Ballroom in the Kempinski Hotel was abuzz with activity. The celebration party for Larissa’s appointment to the Bench was in full swing, with family, friends, acquaintances and fans all in attendance. 

With a visibly expecting Selasi as the MC, the Dolphyne couple and some others at the high table, and other tables occupied by people happily chatting and laughing and teasing and whatnot, the party was the place to be. A special cake had been cut for the new High Court justice, homage had been paid to her by family members and partners at the firm, and praises had been offered to God for His faithfulness throughout the journey.

Now dinner was being served, and as people went for their food and returned to their seats, it was all vibes and joyfulness.

“Oh Lord, this is my favourite song!” Edem exclaimed, one hand in the air as ‘Brighter Day’ by his favourite artist began in the background. 

Diamond, who as you’d expect, was seated next to him at their table, shook her head. “You said that for Saara, CCTV, Mary and Lay Away. Mr. Man, you better make up your mind, na this your tossing thing, e dey bore.”

“Tell him, boo! You can’t be changing favourite songs just like that. Please, you must make up your mind and stick to just one,” Maabena added.

Edem shook his head. “Listen, listen, it’s not that straightforward. I’d have to explain…”

Fake snoring sounds were the response at that last word. Obviously, the last thing they wanted was for him to switch to explanation mode.

A few tables away, Oscar, Adelaide, Kwame and Akinyi were seated with Chief Tay and his date, laughing over a recorded conversation Chief Tay had with a Mobile Money scammer.

“Herhhh! Chale, this your style di33, I’ll do some one of these days paaaa,” Oscar said as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. 

“Chale! The way you told him point blank you’re not sending him his money, and he was trying to do ‘that’s not fair, that’s not fair’. As if his scamming nonsense is fair. You really had time for him, eh?” Adelaide asked.

“Oh yeah. I get time give am paaa. If you figure sey you smart, I go make you stretch that smartness make we see. I started giving it to him naaa, nobody told him to hang up. Those nonsense things they like doing di33…”

“Oh, say it again. I remember when they first tried it on my father. The way he was scared and called me to help out. He told me naaa, I said that’s just some idiot trying to trick him into sending his money. From then onwards, Mr. Clayton will just end the call when any of them try,” Kwame narrated, shaking his head.

Just a snapshot of how everyone was enjoying themselves.

About twenty minutes after the last person had been served, Selasi made her way to the High Table.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure at this point, we’re all feeling good and satisfied. At this point, there is a special toast the patriarch himself has for us. Please give a hand for Mr. Daniel Dolphyne.”

A round of applause as she gracefully handed the microphone to Daniel, who rose to his feet and cleared his throat before proceeding to speak.

“Thank you, Mrs. Amenu. I’m believing everyone is feeling good with the food. Especially those who went for the jollof. The eternal delicacy that is jollof rice!”

He laughed as some jollof enthusiasts cheered in approval.

“I have a toast to make, but… before I do that, I’d just like to share something with you all.

“So I’m sure you may have noticed the design on the kaftans some of us are wearing. There’s a little story behind it. As we were making preparations for this wonderful party a few weeks ago, Her Ladyship and I were discussing certain things, and we happened to decide on having kaftans with these Adinkra symbols designed for the party. If you’re familiar with them, you’ll know this symbol is called ‘Abusua Pa’. For the benefit of those not conversant with Twi, it simply means ‘a good family’, and it represents family unity.

“So why did Larissa and I settle on this? Well, we’ve been thinking about all that’s transpired in the past couple of months, and there’s one thing we noted through it all: that family is so important. I think we can all agree that life is tough. Nowhere is cool in this life. You’ll look at someone and think they have no problems, but trust me, you have no idea what others are going through. And at the end of each day, one thing that we can trust is that after all the pressures and stress the outside world hits us with, there’s a group of people we can turn to, who love us and want the best for us and help to keep us going.

“That is family.

“And in the midst of it, Lari and I also noted something else. That family isn’t necessarily limited to blood relations. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve all found family in so many other spheres of life. And that is why we’re all here. Celebrating this victory. From church to work to neighbourhood, we’ve encountered all of you, and we couldn’t be more thankful to God for your lives. We’ve had the good and the bad sprinkled within these past few months, but the love we shared kept us all going. And that’s what makes us family. That’s what Her Ladyship and I are celebrating.”

As he signalled to Larissa to rise to her feet, he took up his glass, as she did same. “This is a toast,” he announced. “To many years of camaraderie between us all. Supporting each other in the good and bad times. Celebrating each other’s wins, and commiserating with each other in the hard times. To Abusua Pa, everybody!”

“TO ABUSUA PA!” everyone responded enthusiastically, with clinking of glasses following.

“At this point, I think the dance floor should be opened. Or what say ye, my lady?” Daniel asked, smirking at his wife.

She smiled back at him, just as the DJ for the evening put Sarkodie’s ‘Mary’ on. “Absolutely, honey. Let’s go.”

As they moved to the front of the room to groove to the song, a few tables away, who else would be excited but Edem?

“Babe, you know I ain’t sitting down for this song,” he said to Diamond, giving her a wink. “Wanna dance?”

Diamond smiled and shook her head before nodding. “Of course, my boobae. As long as you keep silent through it all.”

“Thy wish is my command, madam.”

They got up and proceeded to move to the dance floor as well.

A few moments passed, and Oscar and Adelaide and two other couples decided to make their way to the front of the ballroom as well.

Then Kwame and Akinyi, and Selasi and Jackson followed.

Before the end of the song, the dance floor was occupied, with couples and singles alike dancing their hearts out and thoroughly enjoying themselves with the smooth sounds.

And it continued right into the late hours of the night.

Just one big happy family having a good time together.


Yes, folks. Meet The Dolphynes has officially come to an end.

But what more can I say but thank you for making all the work worth it! It’s been an absolute honour bringing you 4 seasons of this family. Keep following the State, coz there’s a whole lot more in store for y’all (and who knows, maybe the Dolphynes might pop up again in the future. You never know. Hehehe).

Thanks so much for reading, y’all!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP13 – It’s Never Too Late

Wow! The penultimate episode of this awesome series. I’m honestly amazed at how this journey is truly coming to an end so soon. Well, lemme not get too emo, let’s get into it.

Remember the whole Adamtey-Aniyah saga? Of course y’all do! Who can forget that bloody end to Season 2? Anyways, the curtains come down on that little saga once and for all in this episode…

“So the trial comes to an end tomorrow. Wow,” Oscar gasped as he watched the newscaster on the evening news announce that judgment for the trial between the Republic and Aniyah Johnson was set to be delivered the next day. Months had passed since the beginning of the trial, and things had gone rather quickly. It was time for the fate of Adamtey’s killer to be revealed.

Daniel nodded. “Time has really gone fast, hasn’t it? Seems like just yesterday when it happened,” Daniel commented as he leaned back in his regular seat in the living room, in the presence of his oldest son and wife. “And it’s really slapped us with a lot of surprises. Who would’ve thought that Adamtey was such a monster behind the scenes?”

“I know right? I honestly used to think he’s just really loud and obnoxious when political matters are concerned. But after that rape issue, I was shocked. Of course, a lot of his people were claiming it was nothing but lies. One of my lecturers was so vocal eh. Fiercely defending the man, saying the government had him killed because he was exposing them, saying the lady is a demon, plenty things bi. The man literally said he sees Adamtey as greater than Dr. Kwame Nkrumah! I mean, how?”

Larissa rolled her eyes and shook her head. “What politics does to us in this country. Makes a supposed intellectual speak like a brainless fool. Ah, what has he done for Ghana that makes him greater than Nkrumah? All that foolishness he portrayed is what he’s great for? Ei, has the standard of intelligent lecturers dropped that low?”

“I’m even shocked. Is it insulting people and always going belligerent that makes him great or what? That’s what he thinks is greater than the man who helped gain independence for the country? Such rubbish! That lecturer of yours is a very stupid man!” Daniel added, his face full of disapproval.

“Hmm. The way some of my mates were dissing him among themselves after the lecture. I still have no idea where that came from. So Maa, will you be going?”

Larissa sighed. “I wish I could, but I have a case at the Nsawam High Court just around that time. Trying to clear some of the major cases on my plate before I join the Bench. But I’ll try and see if I can make it back in time to see what happens.”

“But what do you think is gonna be the end result? Could she be freed?” Oscar asked.

Larissa shook her head. “I really wish that would happen. But it’s not likely. This isn’t exactly in the mold of Ahluwalia, and that doesn’t even apply to our jurisdiction. So what will be the best is a manslaughter charge.”

“But can’t they spare her or something? With the issue of the rape and all?”

She shrugged. “It might be a mitigating factor to give her a lower sentence than usual, but to let her off the hook… nahhh. I really don’t see that happening. She killed a man.  The evidence is undeniable that she did it. And there was no hint of self-defence. So she has to do the time. I wish to God she didn’t have to, but, the law is the law. I feel no pity for Adamtey, but she fell foul of the law, and she’s not gonna get away with it.”

“Mmm… well, let’s see what happens tomorrow.”


“Ugh, move your bloody car, damnit!” Larissa growled, beeping furiously as the car before her remained still despite the moving traffic. Already quite miffed at her opposing counsel for failing to show up without any proper excuse whatsoever, she was now stuck in traffic, having to deal with lax drivers.

As the car ahead of her began to move, the driver clearly distracted before the horn had sounded behind him, she checked the time.

10:47 am.

Per the info Barnie had given her the day before, it was possible the judgment was being or had been given. The likelihood that she would get to the heart of the city in time was extremely low. Even more of a reason to be pissed at the lawyer who didn’t show up. She was definitely gonna mark him for that and deal with him accordingly if he tried that kind of nonsense in her court.

Shaking her head, she turned the dial on her radio, hoping one of the stations would have some info once the judgment was given. The trial had generated a lot of discussions concerning sexual abuse, false accusations, PTSD, among others, so the outcome was quite important to the media. At least one or two media houses would be in there, ready to break the news to the public.

Another ten minutes spent in Amasaman traffic before she could speed her way back to the main side of Accra.

Within three minutes, she was at the Achimota traffic light. As she waited patiently for the red light to turn green, her phone vibrated.

She looked down briefly at it to see a message from Barnie.

13 years.

A sharp burn in her stomach ripped through.

Aniyah had been sentenced to sixteen years imprisonment. It looked like the judge had really considered the mitigating factors and handed Aniyah a smaller number of years than the offence of manslaughter actually deserved. Barnie had succeeded in using those mitigating circumstances to her advantage, for sure. No surprises there, considering he won the award for criminal procedure in his time at the law school.

Yet, where there should have been a feeling of joy, there was… sadness.

We have some breaking news, and it has just emerged from the High Court Complex that Aniyah Johnson, the lady behind the killing of famous politician Emmanuel Adamtey, has been sentenced to thirteen years imprisonment…”

The news finally making its way onto the mainstream media, Larissa felt a deep grief.

She had known that the girl was not likely to be let off the hook, and this was what she and Barnie had been hoping for since the case began against her. But it was now really hitting her: this poor, abandoned, traumatized young lady had really been dealt unfairly in this life. Upon all the misfortune she had suffered, this had to add itself to the list.

Jail time.

Aniyah just couldn’t catch a break.

Larissa shook her head as a tear began to form in her left eye.

Oh, oh, oh, poor girl…


The look in Aniyah’s eyes… bland.



Seated in the back of the police car as it made its way into the Nsawam Female Prison, there was really no particular emotion she was feeling at that moment.

Maybe a little bit of relief or something. But ever since the judgment had been handed down a few days ago, there was that same old emptiness within. That emptiness that had reigned in her soul ever since the day the police arrived at Adamtey’s house and found her next to the badly mangled body of that monster. So much had been said, family and friends had shunned her… so much. The support from her lawyer and Mrs. Dolphyne had done a bit to make her feel better, but it didn’t change the fact that she was still a killer and was destined for a life behind bars.

She just wanted to get on with it. Mr. Barnie and Madam Larissa had done all they could, but ultimately, the justice system had dealt with her accordingly, and it was time to face the music.

The car came to a stop at the area where she was to be led into the prison. The door was opened for her, and she stepped out to meet the wardens who were to prepare her.

Voices in a jumble as they began rattling some stuff to her that she was barely paying attention to, her attention span was non-existent. She couldn’t give a semblance of a crap about what they were saying. Whatever, she thought to herself as they droned on, just take me to my f**king cell, for goodness sake!

“Officers! Wait!”

A familiar voice broke through her apathetic reverie. She and the wardens looked in the direction from where it came from.

Clad in her lawyer attire, it was Mrs. Dolphyne, walking briskly towards them. Is she here to try and stop them or something? Coz if she is, she’s wasting her time, Aniyah briefly thought to herself.

As she caught up with them, Larissa gestured towards her. “Please, can I have a word with her before she’s taken in?”

The wardens looked at each other. The senior one then shrugged, put up his hand to indicate she had five minutes, then stepped back as the junior gestured to Aniyah to meet with the lawyer before them.

As she led her aside, Larissa placed a hand on Aniyah’s shoulder and sighed. “I’m so sorry, Aniyah. I’m so sorry life has dealt you this hand. I’m so sorry…”

Aniyah looked up at her, the blank look still on her face. Sighing, she shrugged and said, “You thought I was joking when I said my life is messed up, didn’t you? This is it right here. From being taken advantage of to raped to spending years behind bars. This, Mrs. Dolphyne, is my life.”

Larissa shook her head, choosing not to say anything, but rather pulling her in for a hug.

“I know, Aniyah. I know,” she whispered. “And God knows I wish I had been of help much earlier. If only I had known what was in front of you that night, I would’ve dealt with you differently. Maybe I’d have saved you from that beast.”

For the first time in a while, Aniyah let out a little laugh. “Oh, don’t bother yourself about that one,” she murmured. “You’ve done what you could, Mrs. Dolphyne. What happened has happened, and this is what I deserve. So it’s all good.”

Larissa remained silent as she held her close. 

Aniyah felt the icebox that had replaced her heart begin to melt as she found herself wrapped up in those arms.

It was in Larissa’s arms that she had experienced a love she had been deprived of for way too long, that fateful day she revealed all. And these arms had come to show that love once again, just before she kissed her freedom goodbye. In a time where those she could have depended on all chose not to associate with her, this woman was the only one who stuck around. And she did all this in spite of the fact that their first meeting was not the friendliest. What a woman!

“Mrs. Dolphyne?” she called softly.

“Yes, Ani?”

“Thank you so much. Thank you for being there for me. For showing so much concern for me. For coming. I… I couldn’t be more grateful…”

Trailing off, she began to sob as the embrace grew tighter.

That emptiness within just couldn’t override the way she felt about Larissa’s treatment of her. Love in its purest form. Love that she really didn’t deserve. Love that broke through a steel wall and melted all defences.

Unconditional love.

“It’s alright, honey, it’s alright. Like you said, I did what I could. And I’ll continue to do what I can. I’m not leaving you alone, Aniyah. Believe me when I say that.”

Pulling away, Aniyah looked up at her, a little surprised.

“Yes, Ani. I’m not leaving you alone. I’ll try and visit whenever possible. And I dunno how, but after a few years, I’ll see if you can be granted pardon. I can’t make any promises, but I will do my best. All I need you to do is be a good girl, alright? As you go in there, just be on your best behaviour and seek to better yourself.”

More tears filled her eyes. This was not what she expected. “But-but Mrs. Dolphyne, you-you-“

Larissa put a finger upon her lips as she shook her head. “Nope, don’t say anything. Just accept that I’m not letting you loose to the system. I dunno what it is, but I just have every intention of making sure that you can get your life back in order. Listen to me, Ani, it’s never too late to get your life together and become a better person. Even in this situation. There’s still hope, and that’s why I’m not letting you go. So please, promise me you’ll be of good behaviour.”

The tears rolling down her cheeks now, she hugged Larissa tightly, her sobs a little louder. How in the world was this stranger refusing to give up on her becoming better when she had long thrown in the towel?

“Thank you, Mrs. Dolphyne, thank you! I promise I’ll be a good girl! Thank you! For refusing to give up on me, thank you!” she whispered in between sobs. “I…I… I love you, Ma’am.”

“I love you too, Aniyah. Don’t ask me why, I just do. And I promise you, I will do what is possible to help you manage to get yourself together.”

As they separated, Larissa wiped the tears off the face of the younger lady and held her hands. “You do not have to be bound and held back by the past, honey. There’s a brighter day ahead of you, and I just wanna do the necessary to help you get there. So please, take care of yourself. And whatever you can busy yourself with, focus on that.”

Aniyah nodded.

Larissa looked in the direction of the warden. The five minutes were almost up.

“It’s time for me to go. So remember everything I said, alright? Take care of yourself and be a good girl. I will keep in touch.”

“Alright, alright, I will. Goodbye.”

“Bye, Aniyah.”

As Aniyah turned to approach the wardens, that emptiness no longer remained. In its place was a feeling of warmth. Sure, she was now a convict, about to spend a substantial part of her life behind bars. But something was different; the idea that she was just an uncared for loner who would probably wither and become a nonentity in the system had lost its grip on her. Now she knew that indeed, there was someone who actually had her at heart. Someone who truly cared about her.

And at that point, she could feel it within her; there was now a reason to keep her head up and face forward.

Make Larissa Dolphyne proud.

I’m gonna do my best, Mrs. Dolphyne. I promise you. I won’t let you down.

The unspoken but heartfelt words from Aniyah’s heart to Larissa’s as she was ushered into the prisons to begin a new phase of life.

Touching. Just touching. At least, there’s a ray of light at the end of the tunnel for Aniyah. God bless Larissa!

Well, people, tomorrow is the final episode.

Yeah, I’m heartbroken. I wish this didn’t have to end. But chale, so many other goodies lie in store, so… yeah, I gotta do this.

So, “Abusua Pa”, the Meet The Dolphynes series finale, will be released tomorrow at 1800 GMT. Anticipate!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP12 – Diets, Touchdowns & New Levels

So this is pretty much for us who are wondering what good news came Larissa’s way. Let’s find out as we gradually come to the conclusion of this wonderful series…

“Eii, so you finally manage grab that Delphine chic?”

“Chaleeee! Finally ooooo! I finally grab am. Wey I make she feel yestee gb3k3. Herh! Some hot teases and tins!”

“Sosket! Clement, you hit be that ooo!”

“I swear, chale! This morning sef, she send some sexy pics bi. Aboa! The body. F**k! She say morrow afternoon, she make free, so make I come over. Guy, the strokes I plan give am eh, the bo-legge go last like one month. Walahi, I go pound the p***y ankasa!”

Toby, who was sitting at the back of the shuttle, shook his head as he overheard the lascivious duo of Clement and Adjetey talk in hushed tones about his past nightmare girl behind him. From the sound of their chat, Delphine had moved on quickly and had found herself another gullible prey all too glad to fall for her irresistible curves and enticing mannerisms. Looks like she decided to let him in after all, he thought as the duo snickered.

He, meanwhile, had not spoken to her since, and the few times they had seen each other in the hostel, they acted like they had never even spoken before. Quite the ‘friend-stranger’ cycle, but Toby didn’t mind at all. The girl had only wanted to destroy him, in any case, so that toxic relationship deserved its place in the great oblivion.

Do I tell these guys to be cautious of who they’re dealing with? He wondered for a moment, wanting to turn and give them a warning. He then shook his head after a few seconds of pondering over it.

Nah, these boys won’t listen. As for them, it’s all about sleeping with as many girls as possible. They’ll not sacrifice their diet for anything. Let me think of myself, chale…

He sat back in his seat, the lewd talk behind him becoming a blur as he began to dwell on something much more important at that moment.

A name for the new dance group with Serwaah, Ethan and Afrakuma.

Quite ironic how it was Delphine’s suggestion a few months ago that he was considering in order to get over this chapter of his life.

As he pondered over it, a message from his father came through to his phone.

He picked it up and checked.

Toby, can you come home tonight? Issa urgent distin…


“Aki, really? Selfies over here?” Kwame asked, rolling his eyes as he watched his bestie strike a pose, a cute pout on her lips as she steadied her phone in front of her.

“Yes, Junior Mr. Benson. Selfies over here. At the airport waiting area. I’m in a self-love mood right now, especially with this dope bandana, so let a doll be, please,” Akinyi replied cheekily as she pressed the capture button a few times, changing her pose with each tap.

Kwame sat back and shook his head as he looked at his uncle, who looked quite amused as Akinyi satisfied the demands of her ‘self-love mood’. “

Clayton Benson was set to arrive that day, and Daniel had agreed to pick him up and take him to the hotel where he would be staying until he secured a simple but comfortable place for him and Kwame to live. After many years away from the motherland, focusing on building his successful airline, he had successfully sold it to an enthusiastic entrepreneur and was ready to return home, accepting a very lucrative job at the Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy.

Not a bad job to return home to. Given the wealth of experience he had, the academy could not wait to have him around.

As Kwame kept his eyes on the doors through which the arriving passengers stepped out, he felt something drop on his lap. He looked down to see Akinyi’s phone.

Piga picha mimi.

The Swahili order had him rolling his eyes even harder. “Uncle Danny, have you seen this troublesome little one?” 

Daniel laughed. “Awww, Kwame. Allow her small, wai. She is in a good mood with the good news that’s come through, so…”

Kwame sighed. “Okay, uncle.” He took up the phone and began to take a few pictures of her, ignoring her sticking her tongue out, when his gaze returned to the doors.

And out walked his father.

“Dad!” he called, rising to his feet as Daniel and Akinyi did same, moving out of their seats to meet him.

Meeting his old man first, Kwame wrapped his arms around his neck as the young and old Benson shared an embrace they hadn’t had in months.

“Missed you, Dad.”

“I’ve missed you too, Kwame. And good Lord have I missed good old Ghana,” Clayton said, tapping his son on the back as they separated. He shook Daniel’s hand and gave him a hug as well.

Akinyi stepped forward, a cute but mischievous grin on her face. “Karibu tena nchini Ghana, Bwana Benson,” she said sweetly as Clayton turned to her.

The senior Benson smirked. “I’m guessing that meant ‘welcome to Ghana, Mr. Benson’, right?”


“Hahaha! And how are you, Miss Mwita? You’re even cuter than I’ve seen in your pictures.”

“Awwwww, I’m flattered,” Akinyi drawled, giggling as she curtsied. “And I’m fine, too. Just being myself, really. The fun-loving, high-spirited…”

“… sometimes tomboyish NyaLuo doll,” Kwame helped her.

Clayton looked pretty amused. “Well, looks like I have a lot to acquaint myself with. But thankfully, I’m not going anywhere, so there’s time. Kwame, please help with my luggage.”

Kwame took over the trolley as Akinyi walked beside him while the two grown men began to talk.

“So how’s my cousin doing?” Clayton asked.

“Oh, Larissa’s doing fine. You know, she and her plenty works and all that. And oh, speaking of which, we’ve got some major good news…”


It was 12:15 am as Larissa stepped out of her car. A pretty draining evening back at the firm, but a memorable one. The news she had received elicited nothing short of a major celebration, and many congratulatory messages had been rained upon her from many. Work still called, however, and that night was particularly grueling.

Nonetheless, she was glad to be back in her home.

Entering the living room, she noticed a piece of paper and Daniel’s iPhone X on the table. Nobody else was there. She walked over to the table and picked up the piece of paper, on which was written, ‘Listen to the audio on the phone’.

Her curiosity piqued, she took up his phone, tapped in his password and saw an audio on the screen, waiting to be played. She took a seat on the sofa and pressed play.

The audio started up with excited whispers and Daniel’s voice asking, “Y’all ready?… ok, 1, 2…”


She took her head, having been slightly taken aback by that.

Daniel’s voice continued. “Lari, it’s only fair that the kids know the good news about you getting that call informing you of your nomination as a Justice of the High Court, and of course, we’ve all made our joy known and we’re gonna have to have a party…”

He was cut off by the cheers from the children, who then started chanting, “Party! Party! Party! Party!”

As they trailed off and grew silent, his voice continued. “These youngsters, huh. Anyways, I wanted us to surprise you with this random note of appreciation. It goes without saying that we’re all so proud of you, and want you to be made aware of this. So we all have a little something to say. Starting from Kwame.”

A few seconds of silence, then Kwame’s voice came on. “Auntie Lari, I’ve been with this family for about half a year now, and one thing is for sure, you’ve been a wonderful mother figure to me. I see your hard work and all, and your passion for what you do, and it’s glorious. I just wanna say I love you, I know Madam Mary will forever be grateful to you for being the amazing aunt you’ve been, and I know you’ll be a superb judge.”

Next was Serwaah. “Maaaaaaaa!! I love you so much, Maa! You’re my queen, my role model, the best mama in the world! I’ll never forget how you told me to always give my all in whatever I do. That’s why I’m the dancer I am now. Congratulations, my beautiful Maa, you’ll be a wonderful judge.”

Anasah followed. “Hey Maa! You are a great woman, and you inspire me so much. That’s why I wanna become a lawyer like you. Now I know I have big footsteps to follow. Serwaah and I talk about what a top lawyer you are, now we can say you’re a judge. Levels have changed! Hehe! Congratulations, Maa, and I love you!!”

The next voice was Toby’s. “My one and only goddess! Do you have any idea how amazing you are? I think the Judicial Service couldn’t have made a better choice. Such a hardworking, studious woman with the perfect mixture of tough and sweet. Maa, I know this is just the beginning, and you’ll soon find yourself getting to the top. You know, the Supreme Court. You’ll do great and leave a mark, like you always do wherever you go.”

Oscar next. “My beautiful sugar mummy! Now I’m gonna have to upgrade the sugarlicious barrister to something else, like sugarlicious justice or so. Anyways, I still have memories of you hard at work. Big books on the dining table when we were younger. Studying all those cases and stuff. Always seemed weird to me, but I totally appreciate it now. You are a strong, ambitious woman, and all that hard work is yielding fruit now. You’ve taught us to be the best at whatever we do, and best believe we’ll not toss these lessons away. Congrats, Maa!”

Diamond. “Awww, my twinnie, you know how deep the love is! Way too deep for words to describe. And I couldn’t be more delighted. Maa, you are one of the finest legal minds in this country, and it’s only fair they now make you a judge. You are an inspiration to all young women, Maa, no doubt. Your mini-you will always be proud of you, and will always love you!”

Finally, Daniel took over. “Lari my love. I remember our second date. I think it was that date where I knew I was deeply in love with you, and nobody else could possibly be my wife. I remember the passion with which you spoke about your dreams. How you wanted to be one of Ghana’s top legal luminaries. How you sought to ensure you leave a legacy where you find yourself. Baby, that was one major thing that had me firmly convinced you had to be mine. And goodness, what I’ve witnessed over the years. Nobody else here truly knows.

“Babe, I’ve seen you balance being a mother and a law student so effortlessly, it’s mind-boggling. You had Diamond in your first year at the professional course, and how you managed nursing her and studying, and coming out with prizes in the toughest subjects, is something I will never fully understand. I’ve witnessed you deal with hard times, especially during the first four years at the Bar, where you went through hell. Getting sidelined and ignored because you were having our babies. That first firm and their unfair treatment. Those rude comments from one of the judges. That Lomotey pig. Among many others. You’ve been through so much, my love. But you kept going. You are a Superwoman, Larissa.

“I felt it within me from that second date, that you would be a woman my daughters would be proud to call their mother. And it’s obvious I wasn’t wrong, with what Diamond and Serwaah have said. I am so grateful I have the absolute package in you. Not only am I married to the most beautiful and irresistible woman in the world, but the most hardworking, Godfearing and successful woman in the world. It’s an honour to be your husband, honey. I love you and I’m proud of you. Congratulations, soon to be Her Ladyship Larissa Dolphyne.”

As the audio ended with awwws and applause from the youngsters, tears were streaming down Larissa’s face. Daniel’s long, moving words were simply the icing on the cake. She had not expected to get such a touching tribute like this from the family. Only Daniel had known about it, and she had been wondering when they would officially spring the surprise on the children.

As she sniffed and wiped her eyes, she heard a voice.

“I see you’ve listened to it.”

Turning to see her husband, they smiled at each other before he joined her on the sofa. Before he could say anything, her lips were on his as she gave him a quick but sweet kiss.

“Danny, you’re the most amazing man on this planet,” she whispered as they separated. “What would I have done without you by my side? My number one supporter. My God-given backbone. My major encouragement source. This victory is as much yours as it is mine, baby. Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do. You guys have made me so happy with this.”

“My pleasure, Lari. No better way to celebrate these wins than with the ones you love. We all love you, babe, and we’ll always be happy to see you soar high.”

“I love you all, too. You’ve all made life worth living. All these accomplishments I’ve chalked up wouldn’t be as sweet to savour without you there to lift me up. Thank you, Danny.”

“You’re welcome, Lari,” Daniel responded as he wrapped his wife in a tight embrace. “I love you. Always have and always will.”

“Love you too, my king. Always have, and forever will…”

They sat there in silence for a few moments, each other’s presence the only thing they needed.

“Umm, by the way, Toby said Judicial Service. It’s the Judicial Council rather.”

“Whatever, babe. You know he’s not up to date with your legal distins. Let him be.”

“Right. Got it.”

One of the sweetest ends to an episode. You just gotta love this couple, don’t ya!! Well, I’m sure gonna miss them. We’ve got 2 more episodes to go, peeps. Let’s treasure the moments!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP11 – Proverbs 25:25

That title has an underlying theme that will run through this episode. If you don’t know it, just hold on and read it first. Hehehe, anyways, we move…

“Mmm-hmm,” Diamond hummed, the phone to her ear as she stood before a blender, ready to prepare some of her smoothies for delivery to a customer. Maabena was busy preparing some chicken wraps at the other side. 

One of the few days where less customers than usual came around. The order they were working on was about the third order they had had all day, and it was already past five o’clock. So obviously, it was not the best of days for them, even though they knew they were bound to come.

“Yeah, well, of course I’m annoyed, but… I guess I can’t be annoyed forever. Fine, I’ve forgiven you. But please, let this be a lesson. When I tell you about these things, listen to me. I did it coz I gotta look out for my blood. Keep them from bloodsuckers. So don’t let there be a next time… ayoo, if you say so… ugh, today’s been dry as hell, chale. Just 3 orders all day… chale. Hmmm. It’s one of those things. Anyways, I’m working on an order, so I’ll get back to you… yeah, okay, bye.”

“One of your bros got into trouble?” Maabena asked as Diamond switched on the blender after putting the phone down.

Diamond turned and nodded, staying mute as the blender did its noisy but necessary job. After a few more seconds of blending, she said, “Yeah, chale. After I warned him, and he lied that he had taken my advice. Now he was confessing on Sunday and all that. I was really pissed off with him, but he’s now huuing abeg for real.”

“Hehehe, go easy on him, wai,” Maabena pleaded, a grin on her face.

“Oh, I have. That’s why I said I’ve forgiven him. Abi he’s now touched fire and gotten burnt. So he’s learned his lesson.”

“Good evening ladies.”

Their backs turned to the front of the trailer, they turned upon hearing that familiar, gentle voice.

“Queen Cee!” they both exclaimed.

“Hey girls!” Selasi, looking tired in her purple office attire. “A colleague dropped me off here, and Jackson will pass by soon to pick me up. I thought I might just get myself and him something to much on while we head home.”

“Not a problem, Queen Cee!” Maabena enthusiastically gushed, taking out the sales notepad to jot down the order. “That makes you customer number 4 for the day. So two chicken wraps and tangerine smoothies?”

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, just give us a moment. We’ve got a delivery we’re just about getting ready. Then we’ll attend to you.”

“No problem, dear. Hey Diamond, so how’s Edem?”

A shy grin appeared on Diamond’s face as she poured the blended mixture into the cups. Placing the covers over them, she turned to Selasi, who had her arms propped up on the counter. “Ummmm, he’s fine, I guess?”

“Hehehe, I see. He’s been in a hyper mood recently, and I believe there’s a certain beautiful young lady who’s the reason for it. Have any idea who it is?”

Diamond and Maabena burst into laughter.

“On a serious note, though, I’m delighted for you both. I mean, you’re an amazing young lady, and you know how me and Edem be like. So I’m hoping nothing but the best for you two.”

“Awwww, thank you, Queen,” Diamond said gratefully. “And have no fears, your baby boy is in safe hands.”

Selasi smiled and nodded. “I trust you, Dee. Oh, by the way, speaking of which…”

She lowered her voice. “… it’s not in the public domain for now, but uh, let’s just say Edem’s soon gonna have to give up that title.”

Diamond and Maabena squinted, trying to figure out what that meant. A couple of seconds later, those narrowed eyes grew wide.

“OHMIGOD! CONGRATULATIONS!” they squealed in unison.


As Toby opened the door to his room, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Having Diamond angry with him was never a pleasant thing. Beef between the two of them was few and far between, unlike their younger years where literally every week presented them with a new fight. Growing older, that had metamorphosed into trolling and banter. But when a real beef arose, it was not very nice, as she’d literally refuse to talk to him for days.

That was what had happened since Sunday. He knew she was pretty upset at being lied to, and he couldn’t complain. But that phone call had settled issues, and he could now relax.

Walking to his ice chest to check how many bottles he had left, as well as the temperature, he heard his phone buzz. He walked over to see what it was.

A nasty chill washed over him as he saw the notification.

Yet another voice note from Delphine.

He had no idea what this was going to be about. He hadn’t heard anything from his mother since she asked for her full name. What could this be about? Had she done the unthinkable and put the false info up?

His heart pounding, he debated between putting the phone down and going back to check on his bottles, or just getting it over with.

Taking a deep breath, he chose the latter. “I might as well know what’s happened. I just pray to God she hasn’t done it. Please, Lord, let her not have done it.”

The palpitations grew fiercer as he opened the chat. A tension he had never felt before wrapped itself around his bones. He inhaled and exhaled a few times as he looked at the voice note.

“Chale, now or never.”

He pressed the play button.

“Toby Dolphyne, wo y3 kwasia paaa, wa ti? Now I’ve seen what a weak little bitch you are. Scared of some small slander, so you ran off to go and chook to mommy, eh? Weak ass snitching little bitch. Anyways, if you care to know, the whole thing has been called off. No more of the rape allegations. I’ve cancelled it. It’s not happening any more. I’ll leave you alone and you leave me alone. Don’t ask what your mommy did, coz it’s none of your f**king business.

“And now that it’s been cancelled, I’ve had to delete my entire Twitter account, coz really, I don’t know how to handle the whole wahala. When they learn that it wasn’t true and all that stuff. So yeah, you cost me a Twitter account. But it’s cool. It’s just a social media account. I’ll manage. But for real, Toby, f**k you and everything that concerns you. F**k. You.

P.S. If you must know, all those moans and orgasms and s**t, I faked them all. Coz the real truth is, you dunno how to satisfy a woman. Sia!”

Toby stared at his phone, a gobsmacked expression on his face.

Was this real? She had actually decided to withdraw the stupid allegations?

It took a few seconds for the shock to move away, and in its place was a mighty wave of euphoria.


What was it that his mother went to do that got her to retract her madness?

Well, there was time to find that out. But for now, it was time to enjoy the sweet feeling of relief. It felt like the first pail of hot water upon your skin on a very chilly day. Dropping to his knees, he raised his hands to the sky, whispering as many thank-yous as he could.

What a relief! The terror that had gripped him from the moment she had made her intentions known could finally leave him alone. He was not gonna be disgraced anymore. He was free.

In the meantime, he wanted to reply her pretty badly. Particularly to respond to her decision, and that last insult. Her statement that he cost her a Twitter account was pretty ludicrous as well, considering he had nothing to do with her decision to share all those falsehoods.

Do I do it or nah… lemme give it to her. Stupid girl. See how nasty she’s been to me these past few days… or nah, lemme just ignore her and move on with my life. After all, we’re through with each other… nah, lemme give it to her, then block her.

He sat down, thought hard for about a minute or so, typed and deleted for twice a longer period, then had his message down within five minutes of deliberating and editing.

Thanks a lot, Delphine. Oh, and f**k you too. Goodbye.

He hit the send button, and upon seeing the two ticks appear, nodded and proceeded to block her from his contact list.

“There we go! Good riddance to bad poison!”


“So she said she’s leaving you alone?” Larissa asked, her earphones fitted in as she stared at her screen.

“Yes, Maa. I just checked Twitter. No sign of her account. Looks like she deactivated it for real.”

“Very good. I’m glad to hear that.”

“Yeah, yeah, me too. And uh, Maa. I’m sorry I let you down. You, Daddy and Diamond. I really wish I had done things better.”

“It’s alright, my love. I wasn’t pleased, but… I obviously won’t let any witch come and destroy my son’s life for anything. I didn’t carry you in my womb for nine months just to throw you under the bus when something goes wrong. Discipline you, of course I will. You know that. But I do that because it’s simple: I love you and I want the very best for you.”

“Thank you, Maa. I love you too. I really do. And I promise to do better. I’ve learned my lesson for real. Never again will anything of this sort happen. I promise.”

“No problem. I’m glad you’ve learned. By the way, I hope you know you need to see Reverend Ocran soon about this.”

“Uhh… Reverend Ocran?”

“Yes, Toby. Reverend Ocran. Only God knows what kind of nasty soul ties you’ve picked up for yourself by sleeping with that stupid girl. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s an order. We’ll talk about it later.”

A sigh of surrender was his response. No use in him trying to protest. “Alright, Maa. No problem.”

“Good. Gotta finish this tenancy agreement. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Stay blessed.”

“Alright, bye, Maa… oh wait, uhh, what did you do to get her to stop?”

“Toby, don’t ask questions about matters higher than you. Just enjoy your freedom from that silly girl. Bye.”

As she hung up, she took out the earphones and resumed her typing. About ten seconds later, her phone rang again.

“Ah, who is that? Just when I’m trying to-“

Her annoyed expression changed when she saw the familiar number on her phone screen. She inhaled sharply.

Oh my God, it’s probably out now.


Wiping his hands as he stepped out of the washroom, Daniel headed for his office to get his phone so he could head to the conference room for the meeting.

The phone screen lit up the moment he plucked it off his desk.

It was from Larissa.

I made it, baby, I made it!

Daniel immediately pumped a fist in the air.


So Toby is free! Thank goodness! And what’s this somtin that Larissa is talking about? Well… the next episode should have our answer for us…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP10 – Delete Or Defy?

A bit hard to believe we’re edging closer to the end of this story. But that’s just what it is. Let’s keep moving…

“Soo, the treatment is going well?”

“As far as the doc is concerned, yeah. Still a long way to go, but according to him, at least the cells are under control. So no spreading to other organs or anything like that.”

Oh, praise God for that info!” Adelaide sighed in relief as she leaned over the sink, her phone to her ear. “So obviously, in time, they’ll all be vanquished, right?”

“Yeah, pretty much. He wanted to have the tests run so they’d know how far the treatment is going, and I guess it’s going good. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the chemo should clear things up soon enough.”

“Oh, thank You Lord Jesus! We truly serve a prayer-answering God. It’s all working out!”

“Yeah, it is. But this process is painful.”

“Awwwww,” Adelaide cooed. Akinyi’s voice was extremely dry and weak. The chemo-induced exhaustion was having its effect on her once again. “I’m sorry, baby. How bad is it right now?”

“Really bad. I’m lying in bed, and I feel like raising the phone alone will be like raising two motorcycles. It’s just horrible, Addy.”

“Oh chale. So I’m on speaker right now?”

“Yeah. I’ve put it against some books. Ugh, this weakness is one of the low points of this thing. Feeling so useless right now.”

“Awww, don’t worry. Once we’re done, we’ll come over, alright? I’ll come and rub your back and sing to you while you rest, okay?”

“Mmmmm… okay.”

“Any particular request?”

“You know already, lah. I’m No Longer A Slave, lah.”

“Hahaha, no problem, doll. I gotchu. And uh, by the way, it’s gonna take some time to get used to hearing you use that word ‘lah’. Just feels so… someway, you know.”

“Whatever, Addy, whatever. Just come over as soon as you can. I need that special pampering you’ve just promised, coz I’m going through hell right now.”

“Do not fear, baby girl. We’ll be over soon.”

“Good. So uh, your mom’s adjusting to Oscar now?”

“Oh yes, she is! Feels so good having to hear them interact with one another the way they are. That’s all I had been praying for; that she’ll see Oscar for who he is.”

Akinyi gave out a little snicker. “Yeah, see him for who he is. Not for what some so-called prophetess claims about him.”

“Babe, abeg, that’s in the past. I don’t even wanna entertain thoughts about her mpo. Wherever she is, I don’t care.”

Another snicker. “Wow. How aggressive the power of love can be.”

Adelaide shook her head. “Hm. You’re not in good shape, so I won’t mind you. Anka this little mischief of yours wouldn’t go unpunished.”

Akinyi laughed weakly in response.

“Heard from your bestie yet?”

“Nah, I’m sure he’s in class. He’ll probably call once he’s done.”

“Alright, alright. Lemme get back to my people, wai. We’ll be at your place as soon as we’re done with my mother, okay?”

“Sure. Maranatha, Mrs. Adelaide Dolphyne.”

Adelaide sighed. “Once again, I’ll let this mischief go. But I hear you, we’ll come quickly.”

“Alright. Bye.”

“Bye, baby.”

As she walked from the kitchen to the dining room, she walked in on her mother chatting heartily with Oscar. The two of them turned at hearing her footsteps, and smiled at her.

The warmth in her heart was one she couldn’t explain, but was one of the sweetest feelings she had felt in a while.

For many days and nights, this had felt like a dream that wouldn’t come to fruition. After the lies of that false prophetess had taken root in her mother’s brain, it had felt like this was going to be a desire that would have to remain locked in her heart forever.

But now here it was, playing out before her very eyes. And she couldn’t have been happier.


Delphine sighed as another Twitter notification came through.

Yet another DM from another tweep seeking to find out what was going on. Worried that she had been silent for a couple of days.

Ever since that unexpected and very much unwanted confrontation with Mrs. Dolphyne, she hadn’t been on Twitter. Her last tweets had given hints of her revealing her supposed abuser in due time, and having remained quiet since, people were wondering what was going on. Had she been taken captive or something? Had the ‘abuser’ come for her? What was the problem?

Now she found herself in quite a quandary.

Mrs. Dolphyne had gotten evidence on her that proved the rape allegation was a total sham, and after the warnings she had received, going ahead with her plans did not look like the best of ideas. And with the barrage of concerned DMs she was receiving, she felt way too embarrassed to come out and confess that it was all a lie.

That aside, she actually had a point. The last thing the world needed was yet another false rape accusation for people to use as a reason to discredit truly abused victims.

Which was why she was suddenly thinking of deleting her Twitter account totally. Possibly the easiest way to avoid having to deal with all the concerned Twitter inhabitants.

But then again, there was a part of her that was even more pissed at Toby now, and was craving to teach him a lesson by disregarding all his mother had said and going on to tag him as a rapist and an abuser and damn the consequences.

After leaving the pub that night, it was nothing but rage that consumed her heart as she seethed over what happened. From wishing she had admitted to never being raped, to being called an evil lioness, it was regrets and I-should-haves that replayed over and over in her head.

And of course, she was mad that Toby actually opened his mouth about it. Such a dumb weakling.

Kwasia boy paa, she thought to herself for about the two hundred thousandth time as she continued to dwell on the issue. She hadn’t gotten in touch with him since, and she wasn’t in the mood to confront him at that point, either. All she wanted to do was come to a decision on what to do.

Delete her Twitter account and leave Toby alone so she wouldn’t have that creepy mother come looking for her, or defy the thick bitch and teach the stupid little boy a lesson that nobody could possibly mess with Delphine Awittor and get away with it?

Neither side was smooth and easy. But… a decision had to be made.

And quickly.

And it didn’t take too long for her to come to one.

Well, what could it be? We’ll find out soon enough…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP9 – Don’t Be Silly!

Another fire episode coming up!

Delphine took a sip of the glass of red wine and smirked as she looked around her.

Gane’s Bar. A serene, relaxing atmosphere to be in. One of her favourite spots to spend her nights at when she wanted a break from the books. And that is what she desired that Wednesday evening.

She snickered as she thought of how nicely she had Toby tied and twisted up. It did surprise her that he was standing his ground, even after getting a dose of humiliation at the restaurant back in school, but of course, he was acting to his own detriment.

Idiot boy. He thinks issa joke. It will do him like Chinese movie, eh, she thought to herself as she looked at the Muhammad Ali picture across the table. Humming to herself as she turned to observe the long line of old, classic pictures the bar owner had seen fit to decorate the place with, she nodded. “Chale, the man knows how to make a place look good.”

She went back to her glass of wine and took another sip.

Staring at the door, she noticed a lady enter. Dressed in a dark running jacket and black jeans.

An eyebrow went up. Well, I wonder what she’s doing in that attire. Seems a little… wound up. But ah well, not my business. Doesn’t do much to cover up some mad curves, though.

The lady walked in the direction of Delphine, settling to sit at a table just beside her. Delphine turned her gaze off her, not wanting to come off as rude or intrusive. She continued to take sips of her wine.

“Is that a bottle of Meridies?” 

Delphine turned in the direction of the lady, realizing she was asking her a question, then looked at the bottle of wine, and nodded. “Yeah. My personal favourite.”

“Oh, I see. I actually tend to prefer white wine over the red. My husband never understands why; he thinks red wine is much sweeter,” the lady said.

“Hehe, interesting. Does he like Meridies?” Delphine asked.

“Yeah, but not so much. He’s more of an Anfora kind of person, although he does buy this one whenever he can.”

For the next three minutes, Delphine and this lady engaged in talk about the kinds of wines they liked and disliked. It was all giggles and snickers as they discussed wines like some professional sommeliers.

As they laughed over a funny comment the lady made, she looked at the TV, where the news was being read. She shook her head. “News. Always got something negative to tell us.”

“Huh, tell me about it. It gets so painful having to pay attention to it. I’d rather just read it on my phone or something,” Delphine replied.

“Hmmm. You heard about the young lady who killed that politician?”

Delphine nodded. “Yeah. Apparently, he raped her a few times, and she got back at him, or something like that. Chale.”

The lady shook her head. “It’s just crazy how much agony we girls go through. Sad part is how almost every girl gets sexually harrassed one way or another. I’ve had my experiences. Getting my ass pinched by some dirty old man a few times. Thank God my work people actually listened to me instead of calling my bluff.”

“Wow,” Delphine responded. She wondered for a moment whether to mention the Toby issue.

Nah, it’s not really rape. Besides, this isn’t social media. Let it brew from there. I doubt this woman is even on social media to begin with.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Hmmm. Crazy that in spite of all this goodness I got, I’ve never really experienced that before,” she added.

The lady looked at her, surprised. “Seriously? So no harassment?”

Delphine shook her head. “I mean, maybe the catcalls are considered abuse to some, but, for me, I kinda take it as normal. But for a guy to like, really harass me, nope. Never had that. Never even allowed it.”

“Meaning any kind of forced sexual activity is not even in the picture?”

Delphine laughed. “Not at all. As far as that’s concerned, I tend to be the one in control. There’s no man who has ever, or will ever, overpower me and get in between my legs against my will. If he’s there, it’s because I want him there.”

“Mmmmm, I see…” the woman responded while Delphine nodded, feeling quite pleased with herself. If there was anything that gave her a good sensation in her bones, it was that thought that she somehow had the remote control over men.

“… yet you’re threatening to tell the world that Toby Dolphyne raped you? How does that work?”

Delphine froze.

Slowly looking at the woman, every cell of hers stiffened up in utter shock. How the bloody hell did she know about that?

The lady zipped down her jacket halfway and turned her chair in Delphine’s direction. “So, now that we’re at the real agenda for this meeting, how about I introduce myself?”

“Wait a minute, how did you- where did you- who are-“

“That, Miss Delphine Awittor, is none of your damn business. Just sit the hell down and don’t even think of moving away.”

Delphine looked at her in horror. “Oh my God, he sent you to stalk me, didn’t he? I should report you-“

“Zip it, young lady! And don’t even go that route about reporting me to anything. Not gonna work. Now shut it and listen to me… now, where was I?”

Delphine felt stunned. Thoughts began swirling around her brain. F**k, why didn’t I say I was raped? Did he send an investigator or something? What the hell is this?

“Oh yes, I was about to introduce myself. My name is Larissa Dolphyne and, let’s just say, I’m an eternal baby girl. I love giggles, as you probably have seen for yourself. I love apple juice, nkate-cake, and most especially, my amazing husband and five kids. The third of which you’re planning some ridiculous blackmail nonsense against. And I hope you know that when someone’s trying to destroy the one you love, they touch a raw nerve, and that, miss Delphine Awittor, is exactly what you’ve done.

“I’m still pretty annoyed with Toby for falling into the trap, upon all the advice and exhortations he’s received from us as his parents. I mean, I can see you and I are kinda from the same mold, but he still should’ve known better than to sleep with a girl just coz she’s as sexy as you are. Nonetheless, I’d never throw him under the bus and let any evil lioness rip him to shreds. Far be it from me to do such. He’s still my son, and I love him, and I will reveal the monster in me to anyone who intends to harm him in any way.”

Delphine bristled at the thinly-veiled dig at her. The words “Don’t you call me an evil lioness!” were begging to be let loose from her throat. Yet she remained mute. This woman did not look like someone who would take that clapback lightly.

“But you know what? There’s another nerve you’ve touched in all this that’s really pissed me off. The fact that you’re gladly willing to spread a fallacy that will not only be eventually found out, but will have a mad horrible effect. If you must know, young lady, I’m helping out with the young lady under trial for murder. What she did was wrong, all right, but I’ve been up close and personal with her, and let me tell you, that girl’s life was destroyed by the man who raped her. You look into her eyes, and all you see is pain. Despair. Anguish. A readiness to give up on life. All because some fool saw fit to violate her. It breaks my heart. Not just to see her like that, but to know there are so many out there in the same boat as her who have nobody to listen to them. Many who have been cast aside, silenced and told to be liars. And they just sit in their sorrows, dying a slow death. Do you know just what your silly little scheme will do?”

At this point, Delphine had lowered her eyes. That last part hit her real hard, and truthfully had never crossed her mind.

“If you go ahead with this silly revenge thingy just coz my son won’t have sex with you, once it’s revealed to be fake, so many people will jump on your foolishness as an excuse to not believe the stories of real victims. And that, honestly, is the last thing we need in this fight against sexual abuse. We already have a system that more often than not, will rather heap the blame on the victim than actually look to listen and help them. Don’t you realize your little plot to wreak revenge or whatever rubbish it is will empower such people to discard their stories? Does it honestly make you feel good knowing that one day, a rape victim will put out her story and people will be like, ‘oh, remember that Delphine story where she lied about being raped? Maybe this is just like that.’ Does that make you feel good, young lady?”

Delphine was silent.

“Answer me, damn it!”

She shook her head slowly in response.

“I thought so. The last thing we need is for someone to use her selfish, senseless ambition to set the fight back by a few more centuries. In any case, once he’s been humiliated and all, what benefit really will you get out of it? Will you get that tingly feeling in your little garden when he’s being ripped apart on social media?”

She kept her head down. It was the pleasure of having control over men that she would have extracted from it all, but she didn’t need to have an IQ of 130 to know that was no wise thing to blurt out before her.

Larissa rose to her feet, turning the chair back to its proper position. “Well, Miss Awittor, whatever your motive was for this madness, I don’t know, and honestly, I really don’t care. All I know is that you are setting yourself up for some crazy ass massacre at my hands if you move on with this, because for one, I will not let you destroy my son for something he never did, and two, I’m not gonna sit back and let you set us back in our battle against sexual abuse with this nonsense. If nobody has ever harassed you, good for you. But many others have, and I fight for them, and I’ll continue to fight for them and make sure s**t like this gets shut the hell down!”

She began to walk away, then turned. “Oh, and uh, in case you plan to just give my speech the middle finger and go on with it, please be informed that your little boast has been comfortably captured on audio.”

Delphine gasped, looking incredulously at her. “But… but, but that’s-“

“But what?” Larissa sneered. “But what? Young lady, there is no need for me to use it if you do the needful. So stop stuttering and get to doing the right thing. If you don’t, then it goes out. And afterwards, I will look for you, and I will find you. And when I do, trust me, honey cakes, it won’t be pretty. Not even a little bit. So, do what’s right, and don’t be silly!”

If there was ever a facial expression that perfectly conveyed what it meant to be stupefied, it was that on Delphine’s face as Larissa walked away. Her head spinning, she looked at the bottle of wine. The glass which was still slightly full.

She shook her head, before placing it in her hands.

Dammit, my evening is ruined! 

Well well well!! Larissa doesn’t play at all! That was some no-nonsense dealing right there. What’s gonna happen next, now that Delphine’s been confronted?

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP8 – An Avoidable Entanglement

I guess at this point, we can all tell what the main issue is for this season. And it’s looking like he’s finally gonna come out with the truth. It is not gonna be pleasant, but let’s see what happens…

“Mrs. Dolphyne!”

“Oh, hello, Aki!” Larissa gushed, her arms outstretched as the little Kenyan lady made her way into them. It was the end of Sunday service at Triumphant Chapel, and Akinyi was around. Having missed the past couple of weeks due to medical appointments and hospitalizations in between, she was pleased to be back among the people she enjoyed being with.

And of course, everyone else was pleased to see her. Having repeated how she was feeling to almost everyone she spoke to, she was already quite exhausted.

The plus, though, was the compliments she was getting for the bandana she had on.

Holding on to Larissa, she looked up at her and with a sly grin, murmured, “Have I ever told you how much I look up to you?”

Larissa looked down at her, an eyebrow raised. “Uhh, are you being serious, or that’s mischief talking?”

“She’s being mischievous, Auntie Lari! Don’t mind her!” Kwame called from behind as he stood by Oscar’s car, the owner beside him.

“Yeah. She likes that!” Oscar added, a rascally simper on his face.

Her arms firmly around Larissa’s waist, she turned her head to stick her tongue out at the two before turning her gaze back up to the Dolphyne matriarch. “Ignore those two, Mrs. Dolphyne. You’re my heroine.”

Larissa snickered at the dreamy manner in which she said that. “Well, thank you, honey. I appreciate that. The bandana, though. Have you…”

Akinyi nodded solemnly. “Yep. Clusters of hair already fell out after the first session, so I had to shave everything off, and my doctor recommended these for me.”

“But how have you been doing?” Larissa asked in concern.

Akinyi sighed. “Been feeling awful lately. General weakness, can’t eat, nausea whenever I do… it’s only this weekend that I’ve been able to get some form of fitness in my system. Oh hi, my beautiful Diamond!”

“Hey doll!” Diamond responded as she came to stand by her mother.

“Mmmmm. I can only imagine how horrible it gets,” Larissa sympathized, wrapping her arms around Akinyi. “Just hold on, alright? I know that won’t be enough to ease the pain and all, but… just know we’re here for you, praying for you and wishing nothing but the best for you. You are not alone, Aki.”

“Absolutely not, Aki,” Diamond added. “I need my cutey-cute doll around, and you’re getting through this, ya heard?”

Letting go of Larissa’s waist, she smiled at her as Diamond’s arms swooped around her waist. “Thank you so much. These are the words that help keep me going when I feel so low during those times of pain.”

“And they won’t stop coming any time soon, baby girl,” Diamond assured. “Till you’re cancer free, expect a truck load of them. Love you, doll.”

“Love you too, my beautiful Diamond.”

“Hi, Aki! Maa, Pastor Lois was looking for you,” Anasah said as he walked up to the trio, holding a bottle of Vimto.

“Oh, yeah, yeah! Almost forgot. Well, I’m going to see her briefly. If I don’t see you again, take care of yourself, Aki,” Larissa said as she walked from them, following her youngest son as she commented on his love of the drink he was holding.

Akinyi watched her as she walked towards the auditorium. “Good Lord, what a queen!”

“I know, right. Maa is just something else,” Diamond agreed. “Oh, by the way, there’s a little something you should know. It’s about Edem and uh, it’s quite an distin. So, the day before the grand opening of Smooth Wrapz…” 


Halleujah… salvation and glory… honour and power unto the Lord our God…”

Toby’s attention was barely on the Kanye Sunday Service Choir song Oscar had put on repeat about four times already, despite the top volume in the car. Leaning against the door in the backseat while Kwame rode shotgun as usual, his heart pounded as he felt a dryness in his mouth.

Once they got home, it was time to come clean.

It was terrifying the crap out of him, especially considering Diamond was going to be around. They may have had a good relationship characterized by endless trolling on his side, but he knew she would be furious once she found out. Given that he had lied to her about brushing Delphine off, it was likely her anger would probably be double that of their parents combined.

Nonetheless, comparing the wrath of his big sister and parents with that of vicious strangers on the internet, the former was certainly what he preferred. The latter would only care about eviscerating him.

As the car arrived at the gate, where Anasah, who had opened the gate for them in advance as he always did if they in Daniel’s car came before them, was standing with the pathway to their parking spot empty, Toby took a deep breath.

The time is almost due…


“You know I’m gonna get you for that, don’t you? Me, I’m just timing you. Na the day I descend on you…”

Diamond laughed as she rolled over on the bed, the phone to her ear. “Please, Efo Anyo, there’s nothing you can do to me. Aside subjecting me to hours of Sarkodie tracks and your plenty explanation tins, wey weapon again you get?”

“Oh, wow. You’re really saying this to an Ewe man?”

Diamond laughed. “Oh please, Edem. You know I don’t like doing those things when it comes to your people. You know how I feel about that juju stereotyping. Keep it on the physical, wai.”

A sigh followed over the phone. “Fine. No problem. But still… don’t underestimate me. I go show pepper p333…”

Diamond mock yawned. “Whatever, dude. So, beach it is next week?”

“Yeah, beach it is, babe.”


She sat up to see Toby standing at her door, a very solemn expression on his face.

Ordinarily, she’d throw a ‘loser’ jab at him, but the look he had indicated there was something serious. She held up a hand to tell him to hold on for a minute. “Alright, Eddy, so we’ll talk about it during the week, alright? I think I’m being called, so I’ll get back to you later, okay? Love you boobae. Bye.”

Putting the phone down, she looked at Toby. “What’s up? Is there something wrong?”

His eyes facing downward, he nodded. “Yeah. Umm, can you come to the living room? There’s something I need to tell you, Daddy and Maa. I’ve… gotten myself into a big mess…”


“… and uh, yeah, that is the mess I’ve gotten myself into.”

Having narrated the entire story of how things transpired between him and Delphine, Toby bowed his head, feeling too ashamed to look into the faces of his parents and big sister.

Faces that were filled with disappointment. Especially on that of Diamond’s.

“So Toby, you were lying to me when you said you had cut her off?” she demanded. “After all the warnings I gave you about that girl? Ei, Toby! How could you? I told you that girl is no good. I told you! And you lied to me on top! Ahh!”

“Calm down, Diamond, calm down,” Daniel ordered, putting a hand on her shoulder. His stern glance remained on Toby. “Toby. Lift your head and look at me.”

Toby silently obeyed.

“Young man, that was a pretty bad mess-up. I’m really disappointed that you discarded your sister’s words and went ahead to fall in this girl’s trap. I think we’ve had a talk with you guys about sex, haven’t we? You guys know full well that sex is a beautiful thing, but it’s best shared with someone you genuinely and deeply trust, within the confines of marriage. I’ve told you boys before that as lovely as a big ass and big boobs may be, that shouldn’t be what leads you into bed with them. As to what made you discard all that, I have no idea. Boy, enobi every chow you for chop!”

Toby would have laughed at that last statement, given how rarely he heard Daniel speak pidgin. But of course, to make it seem like this was a joke was the last impression he wanted to make, so the look on his face remained as solemn as ever.

Daniel sighed and leaned back. “But well, it’s not like reminding you of those things changes anything. You still found yourself in bed with the wrong girl. Got yourself an unnecessary soul tie. And now you say she’s blackmailing you?”

Toby nodded. “If I don’t have sex with her, she’ll spread false rumours that I raped her.”

“And you didn’t, did you?”

He shook his head vehemently. “No, no, no, no, no. Never! I’d never do such a thing.”

“Ah, but then, why would she do that?” Daniel wondered aloud. “Where’s the sense in saying something you know isn’t true when it can be found out so easily?”

“Daddy, she’s taking advantage of the present atmosphere,” Diamond explained. “These days, on social media, a lot of girls who have been sexually violated in any way are coming out to speak, and since most of them have been ignored or silenced in favour of their abusers, they’re being given the platform to be heard and believed right off the bat. She’s simply being a major bitch and trying to take advantage of people’s sympathies to get him in trouble, coz people will choose to favour her word over his.”

“Ah! Naaa, this is ridiculous! What kind of opportunistic witchcraft is that? When we’re trying to help real victims, she is using it for her own selfish means?”

All this time, Larissa had her arms crossed, a very dark expression on her face. Not a word had come from her since Toby had completed his story. Her eyebrows furrowed as she digested the information.

“…but honestly, Toby, I’m really disappointed in you. I told you to stay away from her. I know of her. I’ve heard her rundown, and I knew she wouldn’t bring anything good your way. Now look! Ah!”

Diamond was really peeved, and Toby knew she had every right to be. Ignoring her sisterly warnings had brought him a whole lot of trouble.

“Toby, what’s her name again?” Larissa asked sharply.

“Uh, Delphine,” he responded.

“Her full name!” she ordered, her tone of voice changing.

That kind of stern tone of voice that got the kids in steady mode.

“Delphine Awittor,” he blurted out quickly.

Shooting him a hard look, she took out her phone and rose to her feet. “Excuse me, y’all,” she said as she walked out of the living room and stepped out onto the porch.

Daniel watched as his wife went outside, then stared at Toby, shook his head and got up to join her outside.

Diamond remained on the side of the sofa, her annoyed gaze still on Toby as she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Dee. I know I messed up big time. I know I shouldn’t have lied to you, I just… ugh, I’ve been so careless. I really regret getting entangled with her.”

Diamond shrugged and rose to her feet. “Yeah, a bad entanglement. One you could have avoided if you just listened. But, at least you’ve come out with the truth now. It would’ve been worse if she actually put your name out there. Think of the humiliation it would’ve brought upon us all. But Toby, you lied to me. Made me think you had cleared her off. Meanwhile… ugh, never mind. Enough has been said.”

With that, she walked away.

Toby watched as she walked off. She was definitely pissed, and it would take a while for her to cool down.

He then looked outside, where he could see his parents talking. Whatever it was they were saying to each other, it had to do with the crazy little conundrum he had found himself in.

Well, the truth is out now. I just hope to God they can think of a way to help me stop her…

The truth is out now. So I guess the question is… what’s next?

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP7 – The Lion’s Den

So it looks like whatever Daniel has in store for Edem will be revealed here. I bet we’re all wondering how the ‘lion’s den’ experience will be like. We shall find out in the next couple of paragraphs…

“Herh. You this boy, you really be some idiot oo. Ei, so after all I’m doing, you still won’t reason up? Do you know the number of guys who want my nipples in their mouths, and you are there rejecting the chance to enjoy them? Ah well, as you’ll see or have seen, plans are far advanced. It won’t be long till your name is out there as a rapist. And if you’ve seen how vicious it gets on those streets, you know just what you’re in for. So chale, the choice is yours. Although I won’t lie, Toby, you really shock me. So even after the way I had you kicked out of the restaurant kraaa, you won’t see sense. Hmmm, you really be some idiot, I won’t lie. But anyways, I doubt your stupidity will make the feel of your tongue on my coochie any less spine-chilling. So, I’m still waiting. Your gain if you change your mind. Your loss, a major, MAJOR loss, if you don’t.”

The voice note ended, Toby tossed the phone aside on his bed and placed his head in his hands.

Before that, she had sent him a few tweets. Tweets of some ladies who had made it clear they would believe any woman’s sexual abuse story, even if it seemed fishy or turned out to be false. From the tone of those tweets, any contrary evidence brought forward by a man was absolute garbage not even worth glancing over.

This resistance was getting weaker by the day.

After swearing that he was not going to fall for her charm and be swayed by her, it was now looking like pushing Delphine away would rather be the mistake to make. The girl had not been joking. She meant every word when she said she was gonna deal with him if he didn’t drop the no-sex mantra.

She had to be stopped, but… the problem for him was how he did not want a tint of their fling details to get out there.

Still too ashamed to admit to any person that he had slept with her, trepidation had his hands tied when it came to putting stuff out to prove she was only out for revenge. His course mates knew him for a few things, but being a sexually active guy was not one of them, and he was actually respected for it. For them to discover he had had fun between a girl’s legs would come as a shock to them, and he feared the whispers of disappointment that would happen behind his back.

With that fear in place, the thought of his bedroom antics hitting social media were even more of a bother. He didn’t want to have to defend himself about anything. He just did not want his dalliance with Delphine to be public. Period.

I might just have to give in. Coz chale, I’ve shouted at her, I’ve begged her. Numerous times. But this girl just won’t let up, he thought to himself as he looked at his phone.

That had been his hesitant consideration since the day he got embarrassed at the restaurant. Inasmuch as he had vowed not to get into bed with her again, the repercussions of sticking to that vow were a little too ugly for him. And with each passing day, it looked like they would actually manifest, given the direction she was heading towards.

He could hear that old, familiar voice in his ear as he pondered over it.

Just give in, eh! It’s not like you didn’t enjoy those two sessions. Playing with mad juicy boobs, hands inside her panties, a hell of a time banging her. It’s not just her pleasure, it’s yours too. Just drop this vow and go back to the fling. This thing remains a secret, she gets the pleasure she craves… massa, issa win-win. Stop fooling and get back into her panties!

A little smirk came over his face as her dirty talk on that Sunday morning came to mind. The manner in which she gasped and moaned as he played around with her body. Very erotic words that got him charged up and eager to make her scream louder. Maybe having another experience of that wouldn’t be so bad. Besides, this was Delphine Awittor. The subject of literally every guy’s wet dream on that side of campus.

“I guess I have missed those two fun times,” he murmured to himself as he returned to WhatsApp to respond. He opened her chat and began typing away.

In the midst of the message, however, another familiar voice came by. Toby’s fingers froze as its words came through loud and clear.

Toby, really? You’re going back to her? You’re returning to the illicit vomit you said you wouldn’t go back to? Toby, that won’t help! Don’t let her keep a leash on you. Remember what Diamond said. No matter what, it still won’t end well for you. Don’t do it!

The reminder of Diamond’s words hit him particularly hard. They rang out in his mind like an echo.

…to allow her to overcome you will only bring future events that are overwhelming, in the worst ways possible. It’ll never, ever be worth it…

He looked at the message he had just prepared to send to her. “Alright, Delphine, you win. I guess I do miss sucking those sweet, sweet apples…” he read out loud before shaking his head and hitting backspace to clear out the message.

The next few words the second voice brought to him, however, filled him with dread.

You can’t continue to hide this, though, Toby. You have to let the truth out if you’re gonna defeat her evil scheme. Silence will only hurt you the more. You need to open up. As soon as possible.

Toby’s head returned to his hands. He didn’t want to do this. Opening up about his escapades with Delphine was the last thing he wanted.

But it was right. The silence had to end if things would be resolved.


“Hello, Mr. Dolphyne,” Edem greeted, stretching out a hand to Daniel, who was seated on his special chair in the living room. His new girlfriend had suggested that he come around for the weekend. Of course, he had absolutely no problems with that. He was already a bit familiar with the family, and hey, spending time with a prospective father-in-law wasn’t the worst of ideas.

As he had entered the living room, Diamond had quickly murmured something about needing to help her mother in the kitchen before rushing off. He had raised an eyebrow, but shrugged and walked over to the man of the house, who had a glass of juice on his table, with his face stuck in Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime.

Mr. Dolphyne slowly put down his book and looked up at him.

Edem’s friendly look changed. The facial expression of the older man was a rather stern one.

“Sit down,” he ordered, clearly ignoring the outstretched hand.

Edem looked a little confused. He had never really interacted with Diamond’s father. But from afar, he seemed like a pretty chill dad. So this cold order seemed quite out of place.

“Sit. Down,” he ordered, a scary sternness behind each syllable.

Edem quickly found himself a seat on the couch adjacent Daniel’s seat. Adjusting himself on the seat, he accidentally knocked over a bottle of Fanta Cocktail that had been left there. Moving quickly to place it on the table beside him, he could feel the hard stare from Mr. Dolphyne. He turned to him and indeed, the steely expression on the patriarch’s face was centered right on him.

Little beads of nervousness began to form on his forehead. Was I wrong about this man being cool or something? Coz this movement diɛɛ

“What’s your full name?”

Edem was slightly taken aback by the rapid-fire manner that question emerged. “Umm, I’m Edem Anyo Sedudzi, please.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-eight, please.”

“Where do you work?”

“At a social media marketing agency, please.”

For the next minute and a half, the Dolphyne living room was a shooting range, Mr. Dolphyne was the soldier with the rifle, words were the bullets, and Edem was the helpless party upon whom they were rained. His heart pounding as each question flew at him with a sharpness, he did his best to remain composed, answering each question as he ought to. It wasn’t easy, though; for a man not yet in his fifties, Daniel Dolphyne had quite an intimidating aura about him.

After answering a question about his older brother’s job, there was a moment of silence from the older man. He simply stared at him, his stern gaze not breaking even once. A very uncomfortable feeling for Edem, as he began to squirm a bit.

“So what’s your business with my daughter?”

Oh, of course! That question had to come at a point. 

Edem swallowed nervously, inwardly raging at his boo for being absent at a time like this. Surely she’d be able to tame her dad a bit. 

“Umm, well, we…” he began.

Daniel narrowed his eyes at him. “You what? Gentleman, can’t you talk? This is a simple question. What is your business with my daughter?”

Crap! Wey intimidating lifestyle too this? Edem wondered, his heart pounding within his chest. He was madly in love with Diamond and he had no qualms about letting all around him know. But this man was not making it easy. How did Diamond neglect to tell me she has such a scary ass dad?

“Mr. Sedudzi, I’m not going to repeat myself. What is your business with my daughter? Answer me!”

Chale, forget this! I’m just gonna say it. If he’s mad about it, tough luck! It’s not like he’s gonna marry her or anything.

“I like your daughter, Mr. Dolphyne. That’s the business I have with her,” Edem stated firmly. As those words poured forth from his lips, he felt a rush of relief and trepidation. Relief at not pretending, but fearful of what reaction this scary man would have.

Mr. Dolphyne sat back, his eyes back to their evil slit expression. Edem held his breath, wondering what was next.

Then Mr. Dolphyne got up from his seat.

Terror would be the weakest adjective to describe the feeling in Edem’s stomach.

He sucked his breath in sharply as the older man moved to him, that granite expression on his face unflinching.

Oh s**t, this man go hurt me. Damnit, where the hell is Diamond? Why the hell did she have to leave at this time?

Standing before him, the man of the Dolphyne household had the scariest of straight faces. Suddenly, that burst of confidence looked like one of the dumbest risks he had ever taken.

Sinking back into the couch, he began to tremble, fearing the worst as Mr. Dolphyne’s stony glare remained on him, wishing Diamond would somehow step out and stop him.

Still no show from his love.

He shut his eyes, wondering what was coming next.

After a few seconds, he opened them.

Mr. Dolphyne was still standing in his position. With a smile on his face.

“Alright, Edem, you’re welcome,” he said in a friendly tone, stretching out his hand.

Edem looked confused. “But-but… the way you… I thought you-“

Mr. Dolphyne snickered. “Oh, that was just the lion’s den initiation. You know, a lil scare-your-daughters-boyfriend kinda vibe. You passed. Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Oh, thank You, God,” Edem sighed in relief as he rubbed his eyes before shaking his hand.

Cries of laughter rang out from the kitchen.

Edem and Daniel looked in that direction. The latter shook his head. “These ladies of mine are not serious. So they were in the kitchen the whole time listening to me take you through the lion’s den? You see your girlfriend’s life?”

Edem placed a palm over his face once again. Arrgghhhh! So she was in on this all along? I am so gonna kill her once this is over…

“Herh, Serwaah! You are there laughing some, eh? This one is Teletubbies stuff oo! If you know what your future boyfriend is in for, you’ll start crying for him mpo!”


About two hours later, interspersed with good conversation, fufu and palmnut soup, the visit had gone well, and it was time for Edem to leave.

“Bye, Mr. Dolphyne! Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll let you know when I get home!”

“Alright, see you, then! Safe journey back home!” Daniel called as Edem drove away. He and Diamond stood in front of the gate, watching as he sped off.

“So did he pass, Daddy?” Diamond asked, smirking.

“Nope. I hate him. End of story,” Daniel responded, a bland expression on his face.

“Daddyyyyyyyy!” she groaned, holding him by the arm. “I’m serious, lah.”

He tilted his head in her direction, his facial expression still fixed. “Does this look like the face of Kevin Hart in the middle of a stand-up show?”

She burst into laughter.

He cracked a smile. “Of course he passed, Dee. At least we had a good talk. I can see he’s a serious-minded human being who genuinely cares about you. Granted, you guys just started out, but his willingness to meet me so quick is… unexpected. But I like it. You’ve got a good guy, Diamond. Hopefully, it goes in the right direction.”

“Thank you, Daddy. And don’t worry, until I become a Mrs, you’ll always be the number one man in my life,” Diamond cooed, throwing her arms around her father’s waist.

“I know, honey. I know.”

“So does that mean I’m the number one lady in your life?” she asked, a sly grin on her face.

Daniel gave her a side eye. “You know I can easily tell your mother about this, right? And you also know she will stuff your head into the kettle for trying to take her man, don’t you?”

Diamond laughed out loud.

Daniel’s phone then began to ring as they walked back into the house. He checked, and saw Toby’s number. He immediately answered.

“Hello, Toby!”

“Hello, Daddy… Uhh, there’s something I need to talk to you and Maa about. I’ll be coming home tomorrow so we talk…” 

Well, it looks like Toby is finally coming to himself. Staying silent was never gonna work for him. As to how that pans out, I guess we will see in due time…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP6 – Oh, This Water Seller!

Uh-oh. This title doesn’t seem to bode very well for Toby. What in the world is goin’ on?

“Aniyah! How are you, honey?”

Dropping her bag on the chair by the door to Barnie’s office, Larissa walked over to Aniyah, who was seated on the couch in the office.

“I’m okay,” she answered simply, wrapping her arm around Larissa’s waist as she was brought in for an embrace.

It had been a while since she had gotten in touch, now that the murder trial was well and fully underway. At least, Aniyah looked slightly less tormented than she had when she had first been placed in custody. The therapy sessions Barnie had booked for her seemed to be helping her a little bit.

“Oh, thank God. Aww, I’m so sorry you haven’t been hearing from me for a while. How is everything going?”

Aniyah shrugged. “It’s all okay, that’s what I can say. I sometimes get some calls and messages from Adamtey’s people, calling me a liar and an ashawo and all sorts of things, but I’ve learned to block them out.”

Larissa looked up at Barnie, who shook his head. “I’ve instructed my police friends to fish out those people so they can be brought to book. We’re not tolerating that kind of heckling.”

“Good. It shouldn’t be. So your parents? Siblings? Still not hearing from them?”

Aniyah shook her head. “Nope. None of them have bothered to keep in touch.”

Larissa sighed. “So pathetic. Well, just remember we’re here for you. Me, Lawyer Barnie and the therapist helping you out. And we’ll see what the court finally decides on, and know what to do from there.”

Aniyah let out another nonchalant shrug. “Honestly, I don’t mind going to jail anymore. I’m really not moved. It’s not like this justice system would help me if I had reported him, anyways. They’d probably throw my complaint out before I even knew it.”

Barnie and Larissa exchanged looks at that statement. As to whether they thought it to be too harsh or a pitifully accurate statement about the system, only they knew.

“Hmm. Well, what happened has happened, and we just need to make the best out of it. Excuse us for a moment,” Larissa responded, as she got up and followed Barnie out of the office.

They went to stand at a water dispenser a few metres away from the door. “So do you think she’s gonna get a sentence for manslaughter at this point?” Larissa asked.

“Well, I’m really hoping so. Since the rape issue was established and the whole mens rea thing, I think the jury might have been swayed to drop the murder charge. But we’ll have to see how it goes.”

“Yeah, we’ll have to. How far with the defence? I know Kyei can be quite ruthless with his cross-examination style.”

“Oh, he’s doing his usual. But I doubt the witnesses have had their testimonies ripped apart in the eyes of the jury. Nobody has been impeached, which I know is a style he enjoys using paaa, so I guess we’re good to go.”

“Thank God for that. Just keep doing what you need to do, alright. Hopefully, that murder charge won’t work. If she gets a sentence for manslaughter, that should be okay.”

“Sure thing, Lari. By the way, how far with your distin?”

“Oh, I dey top ooo. Not an easy process, but let’s see where it takes me to.”


As Toby entered Jiagge’s Chow, the restaurant right next to his hostel, his eyes fell upon the person sitting at the far right end. Seated all by herself, happily chewing on a drumstick while she stared at her phone screen.

His eyes narrowed. His heart beat increased. 


About a week or two had passed since their fierce encounter. Since then, they had not met face to face, although he had seen her around a couple of times. Now that more people had returned for the second semester, the likelihood of easily running into her was lower than before.

He was absolutely peeved as he stood there, though. Thanks to her.

He had been minding his business, serving some customers with water from his room as always, when a message came through.

It was from her. And it was basically a link to her Twitter profile.

Where she had tweeted a few things in relation to an issue of rape, insinuating that she was a victim herself, and that she would soon be exposing the perpetrator of the offence.

He seethed at the sight of those tweets.

She’s actually going ahead with this nonsense? What in the flying crap is wrong with her?

He had honestly hoped she was just blowing hot air with those remarks. Clearly, that wasn’t the case. She was proving to be even more of a devious character than he would have anticipated. And she needed to stop this garbage ASAP.

As he observed her, looking like the most satisfied person on earth, he knew he had to keep his emotions in check. Left to them alone, he would march over to her table and cause a hell of an ugly scene.

Taking in a few deep breaths, he rustled himself a bit to ensure he was okay, before walking over to her table. 

The smirk on her face as he approached was irritating, to say the least.

“Listen, Delphine,” he whispered furiously, “I got your message. And honestly, this isn’t funny. What the hell do you gain by telling lies about me? Huh? Stop this nonsense! Stop it right now!”

She gave him that up-and-down look before snickering and taking another bite of her chicken.

“Delphine, I’m not joking! There’s no sense in this. This blackmail is just madness, and you know it. Please, just put an end to this!” he hissed, a little more miffed by her action.

Putting the bone down on her plate, she took up her phone and started typing, a smug expression on her face.

“Girl, what the hell are you doing?” Toby demanded, his voice beginning to rise.

She put a finger to her lips, and pointed to his phone before getting back to typing.

Seconds later, a message came through on Toby’s phone. He held it up, and saw a message from Delphine: Fine, we don’t have to have sex. At least come over and play with my boobs. I’m really craving some sucking action. I’ll shut up after that 😉

He glared at her. “How many times do I have to tell you that I am NOT going back to that, damnit! I don’t wanna do that anymore. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull?”

At the sound of those last words, the wicked smirk on her face was wiped out. Now an equally irritated look came in its place. “Oh really? So you’re now gonna diss me and tell me I’m stupid, eh?”

“Are you giving me a choice?” Toby shot back, leaning on the table, inwardly finding it funny how a nasty word pushed her to speak. “Isn’t it stupid to try and force me into bed with you when I’m not up for it?”

Delphine looked bemused. “Oh wow, I see. So you really are insulting me. You are so gonna regret this, young man!”

As Toby opened his mouth to retort back, she raised her voice. “Mr. Jiagge, this young man is disturbing me!”

It didn’t take long for the restaurant manager, who happened to be on good terms with her, to show up, with her cry causing a bit of a scene. The few people who were around did not look pleased with Toby at all, accusing him of coming to harass the “poor girl” while she ate her food.

“Sir, I don’t know him oo. I’m just sitting here, minding my own business, and he just showed up to come and worry me. I don’t know why some guys just won’t let a girl be!” Delphine complained, as others murmured in agreement, expressing their disappointment at his actions.

“Oh, this water seller paaa!”

“Ah, but what is that?”

“But you paa, what that?”

“Leave the girl alone, eh!”

Talk about getting thrown off balance again! Toby stood there, mouth agape. Not even a modicum of an attempt to defend himself could be lifted. 

The restaurant manager shook his head in disapproval. “Young man, if you know you have no other business here, then please walk out. I don’t accept harassment of any form to my customers in my restaurant. Out!”

He simply hung his head, feeling super embarrassed as Mr. Jiagge ordered him out of the restaurant.

Quite a walk of shame for him.


“Didn’t I tell you I saw it, Danny?” Larissa said excitedly. “I knew this Adelaide girl had a thing for Oscar. Longest time.”

Oscar looked slightly sheepish as he sat in the living room with his parents. He had informed them of his new relationship with Adelaide, and they seemed to be in quite a gloating mood, having predicted it a while back.

“You said it ooo, hun. But Bla Oscar said they are just cool,” Daniel responded, shooting a smirk at his oldest son. “So now this is where the coolness has led to, eh?”

Oscar covered his eyes, a shy grin on his face.

“Ah well, at least we know she’s a good girl, so that’s what matters. And it’s pretty much about time we have some of these conversations. Your mother and I have been waiting long enough.”

“Oh yeah, I know full well, Daddy. I’ll definitely come around for advice.”

They all turned as the front door opened, and in stepped Diamond, looking gleeful but tired.

“Daddy! Maa! Loser. Good evening, y’all!”

Her parents responded as Oscar shot her a dirty look in response. “Annoying forehead,” he shot back, snickering as he felt a dirty look from Larissa.

“How was your day, honey?” Larissa asked.

“It was good, Maa. Business is building up slowly, so I can’t complain. Maabena and I are making the most out of it. And uh, there’s a little something I need to tell you.”

Daniel sat up, eyebrows raised. “Oh really? More juice for us this evening? You too, you’ve started dating that Edem guy anaa?”

Diamond’s eyes widened. “Daddy!”

He held up his hands in surrender. “Just saying, baby girl, just saying. Your brother just admitted he and Adelaide are in a relationship after so long, so I’m just imagining the trend is that it’s the same thing for you.”

She smiled shyly, which caught everybody’s eye. “Wait a minute,” Oscar went, “you’re dating Edem for real?”

Her hands behind her back, she nodded lightly.

Daniel and Larissa looked at each other, then shook their heads, with smirks on their faces. “So what happened to the ‘just business’ stance?” Larissa asked mockingly. “Or now love has become a business?”

“Maaaa!” Diamond protested.

“Oh me diɛ, gerrout. You were there forming hard geh hard geh, na it’s all business. So what changed?’

Diamond shook her head. Falling into her mother’s trap was always a hilarious experience; she knew how to troll her hard. “I dunno, I guess… when the heart wants something, it wants it.”

Larissa had a mock scornful look on her face. “Afei na when the heart wants something. Esa bo diɛntsɛ!”

“Haha, you’ve got Maa speaking the small Ga she knows,” Oscar laughed.

“Stop kraaa. Anyways, I hope he knows he must needs go through the lion’s den,” Daniel mentioned.

Diamond groaned out loud while Larissa rolled her eyes. “Seriously, Danny?”

“Ah, you think I’m playing around, eh? Hwɛ, young lady, let him come here. Whether it’s this weekend or whenever, he must needs go through the lion’s den! As long as you and Serwaah are daughters of Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne, issa required tradition. So let him know. And please, you can do your face like Squidward, I don’t care. Whether you like it or not, the lion’s den shall come on. Live and coloured!”


See what happened back there, young man? If you don’t shape up and get back to standard settings, you’re gonna be facing much worse. Be wise, and make the right decision!

Toby stared at the message from Delphine, then pushed his phone aside and laid on his bed, starting to think about it.

This is becoming scary. The way this girl is moving, she might end up doing something crazy. What do I do? I don’t let anyone to know about what happened between us. Yet those allegations will destroy me… or should I just give in? 

He turned over, sighing.

Maybe I should. Coz I… I just dunno…

Hmmm, this boy really has found himself in some tight spot, hasn’t he? And by the way, I wonder what the distin Larissa answered on is all about. Maybe we’ll find that out soon enough…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP5 – Let’s Try This Again

Another day, and the journey continues. Hopefully, this issue between the two young lovers should come to an end right here and now. Let’s see…

“Hey, Selasi! Good morning!”

“Good morning, baby boy! How are you? And what’s with the early call?”

“Oh, I’m good, I’m good. Just got to work and uh, a lil something came up last night that I thought you might want to know,” Edem said as he pressed the power button on his laptop. He was one of the first people in the Workshed, as usual. He shook his head as the time on his screen read 7:58 am.

As always, his colleagues were late. They really needed to get their game up if their social media marketing agency was going to grow.

“I see. Does it have to do with Diamond?”

“Yeah. Umm… so she called me late last night, and uh, she said she’d like us to meet so we can talk.”

“Oh really? Did you agree to it?”

“Ummm… I told her to let me check my schedule for the day and see if I’ll be able to. I just don’t know, though. Should I? I mean, with what you said about giving her some space and all that…”

A sigh followed in response. “Edem, I can’t speak for you. But in my opinion… I… I think you should. Maybe she wants to clear the air about saying no, since there’s been that awkwardness since the day it happened. I mean, you’re still friends, and stuff like this definitely tends to drive a wedge if not properly dealt with.”

Edem sighed himself, typing out his password as he used his shoulder to hold up the phone. “Lord knows I wish she’ll tell me it was a mistake, and that she wants to say yes instead. God, I love her, Selasi. I love her so much.”

“Awwwww, Edem! I know that’s how you feel right now. It doesn’t always happen, but chale, you never know, so just… tell her you’ll meet her and keep your fingers crossed. And listen, whatever she says, remember that you’ll be fine, alright? You’ll be fine. Just like Jackson said the last time. I know you love her, and you know I wish as much as you do that she’d have said yes, but chale, things don’t always go the way we wish they would. At the end of the day, God is good, and life goes on.”

“Yes, Queen. I hear you loud and clear. I’ll be fine.”

“Definitely. So let her know as soon as you hang up.”

“Alright, Queen. Oh, this is just an aside, by the way, but yesterday’s IG post… herhhhh!! You fine oo!! Like joke, like joke, you dey make I dey weak o, you make I weak o…”

Selasi laughed on the other side. “Efo, it’s too early for this. Please! Behave yourself!”


“Uzongithola ngiblom’emlanjeeeeeeni, uzongithola ngiblom’emlanjeni, soka lami, ” Akinyi sang softly, her eyes closed as she relaxed on the hospital bed. The chemo infusion had taken place, and she was having her rest. Auntie Grace and Kwame had been around, but the former had stepped out to make a few phone calls, so it was her bestie that was with her in the treatment room.

Kwame’s head, which was bent downwards as he read through some notes on his phone with earphones plugged in, went up. “Say what?” he asked as he took them out, having heard her.

Akinyi opened her eyes, then shook her head. “Oh, I wasn’t saying anything to you. I was singing to myself. One of my favourite songs from childhood. Emlanjeni by Mafikizolo. God, I loved that song as a kid.”

“Oh, I see. Never underestimate the oldies but goodies. They really bring the chills when they come to mind.”

Akinyi sighed. “Oh yeah, they really do. This song does that. The memories of how sad me and my people felt whenever we saw the video on Channel O.”

Kwame looked interested. “Why, was the video emo or something?” 

Akinyi nodded. “Mafikizolo used to be a trio, two guys and the lady, but the other guy was killed in a road rage accident, and the video for that song had a little tribute for him. If I remember correctly, at the end of the video, the two guys were in a car, and the deceased guy got out of the car and waved at the other, suitcase in his hand, as the car moves away and he goes in another direction. Always felt so… symbolic. In a sad way. A sign that he’s no longer with them.”

Wrapped up in the sudden solemnity in the room, Kwame breathed in and out, his mind attempting to visualize what she had just described.

“Then the one in the car goes to meet the lady at a riverside, and they just sing the chorus while the screen shows the tribute to the fallen member. I mean, it was so beautiful and so moving, and so sad. I remember watching it at the age of 8, 9, and just feeling sad at the end of the video, while never losing sight of how beautiful the song is. It’s… I don’t know, I… can’t really explain it, I guess. It’s just one of those things.”

Kwame nodded. “I get it, I get it.”

“And I guess it just reminds me of the good old days. Sheila and I singing along to this and every other Mafikizolo song we’d hear on the radio. Or everytime Papa played one of the many CDs of theirs we had. Lord, everything seemed perfect. My grand-aunt was as fit and healthy as could be, Sheila met Chilemba real early, and they were so in love, while little miss Akinyi was the cute, unstoppable force of nature that drove everyone crazy.” She giggled, then sighed as she looked at her arm that had the IV hooked in it. “Hmm. Some surprises life throws at you. From my grand-aunt passing, to my favourite couple in the whole world having the ugliest split, to this.”

Kwame sighed. Had he not been advised by the nurses not to come into contact with her during the infusion, he would have walked over to give her a hug. “I know, Aki, I know. I’ve had my share of nasty surprises. I’ll never stop missing Mrs. Mary Sarfo Benson for as long as I live, that’s for sure. Life really does slap us with some unpleasant stuff. But one thing I know is that as life goes on, inasmuch as some of these losses leave a vacuum that won’t ever be filled, there are gains, too. Like how I’ve come to know you. And some of these slaps aren’t meant to break us, but toughen us.

“God comes through for us in our toughest times and takes us through, and it’s even better when He gets the real ones to surround us during the process. You’ve been through stuff, doll, but I’m confident you’ll come out of this better than before.”

She gave him a weak little smile and nodded. “Thanks, Kwame. You’re right. And you know, you’re a real one.”

Kwame smiled back and bowed his head. “I’m delighted to know of such.”

“Hehehe. But honestly, thank you for being the best bestie in the world. You really are a godsend.”

“You’re welcome.” He rose to his feet. “Now lemme step out briefly and get myself some plantain chips. And please, now that I know Mafikizolo is more than that Khona song, you need to hook a brother up!”

She shook her head. “You thought Mafikizolo is popular due to just that song? Ugh, the utter disrespect you’ve just shown one of Africa’s biggest musical duos. You are so out of touch, young Mr. Benson.”

“Whatever. Just hook me up.”


“Ei, Sarknation president nono!” Maabena snickered out loud as Edem’s car moved in to the parking lot of the area the Smooth Wrapz trailer comfortably sat.

Diamond smirked. His window was down, so the sounds of ‘Saara’ could be heard loud and clear. “Stop. Passionate native kraaa. I think I ended up listening to the entire Mary album one time we were going round town preparing for the grand opening.”

“No surprise. The way he doesn’t like it when I say ‘Irish cream’ eh, as if I’ve dissed him.”

The two of them laughed.

“Are you ready, though?” Maabena asked, to which Diamond nodded lightly. “Good. Settle it and settle it well. You do not need to let fear ruin what can be a beautiful thing. Just come clean and let him know the feeling is mutual. You deserve some happiness, boo. And so does he.”

“Hi ladies!” Edem greeted as he approached them.

“Hey, Mister Irish Cream!” Maabena responded loudly, a taunting smile on her face. Diamond shook her head in amusement.

Edem, not looking the least bit amused, put his phone in his pocket. “Umm, I think before we move, I have to clear the air on that line. Now look, the fact of the matter is-“

“Gentleman, please, let’s get moving,” Diamond interjected, quickly moving to grab his hand and drag him off. “Na you, if we let you switch to explanation mode, we’re finished.”

“Thank you, baby girl!” Maabena responded, sighing with relief as her partner dragged a laughing Edem off to the car.


Twenty minutes later, after small talk, forced sing-alongs to songs on the radio and moments of uncomfortable silence, Edem and Diamond found themselves in the parking lot of the Marina Mall.

As Edem switched the engine off, he turned to Diamond. “Alright, Dee. So, uh, you wanted us to talk. I’m all ears now.”

Diamond, who had been fidgeting with her phone for the entirety of the journey, feeling a little embarrassed that she had grabbed him like that despite their awkwardness towards each other, lifted up her head and looked at him.

Her heartbeat increased a bit as she looked into his dark brown pupils.

Oh God, he’s so damn good-looking!

She shut her eyes for a moment, took in a deep breath, then started. “Umm, yeah, so… it has to do with what happened a few weeks ago at the grand opening. When you proposed to me.”

Edem nodded. “Mm-hmm.”

“So, I said no, and uh, it’s been extremely cold between us since, and I’ve not felt the least bit happy about it. It’s always so weird when this kinda thing happens, and it’s so not nice. I’ve not felt at peace at all, and I… I guess I needed to straighten things out.”

Edem continued to nod.

Her heartbeat picking up speed, she took another deep breath before continuing.

“Edem. The truth is… I… I feel the same way.”

She watched as the solemn look on Edem’s face suddenly changed into a stunned one.

She nodded. “Yes, Edem. I… fell in love with you too.” Not knowing what else to add, she went silent.

“But… but then, why did you say no? Did you hear something about me? Did someone tell you something?” he enquired, looking genuinely confused, although there was a hint of excitement in his voice.

Diamond shook her head. “No, none of that. It’s because… I was afraid.”


“Yeah. These past few weeks, or maybe months, a lot has happened that’s left me a little less willing to really trust peeps. The Shormeh issue, Maabena’s boyfriend… they just really played on my mind, and… I just got scared that we’ll get into a relationship and things will go bad between us and… I don’t want a broken heart, chale! I’m scared, and I-I just thought it was better we not do this at all.”


Edem nodded, an understanding look on his face. Even though his heart was doing backflips and somersaults of joy at knowing the feeling was actually mutual. He reached over and took both hands of hers, forcing her to adjust herself to look directly at him.

“Diamond, baby girl, I totally understand. When it comes to love, there’s always that fear, especially in this age. It’s a major risk putting your heart in the hands of another person. But… more often than not, it’s totally worth it. Look, I feel nervous too; it’s a tricky thing, this love eyi. I feel tensed up, but I feel excited too. Coz inasmuch as there’s that risk of things going bad, there’s way more beauty staring us in the face.”

Watching her calmed expression, her hands in his, he squeezed her hands gently.

“Listen,” he continued gently, “I know this world is full of wicked people. Like that witch and that f**king guy. And chale, my mother always says we should pray that we should be delivered from such people. Wicked and unreasonable people, as she says. But Dee, we can’t let fear keep us from connecting with those who aren’t. And believe me when I say this: I love you, and I want to make you happy.”

“Awwww, Edem,” Diamond cooed, at a loss for words.

Letting go of her left hand, he reached out and stroked her chin. “Diamond, every time I think about you, all I wanna do is make you happy. I know you’re scared, but trust me, my heart has nothing but good intentions for you. I know you’re good on your own, but with me, there’s so much happiness in store.”

She let out the softest of laughs. The atmosphere in the car had switched. From a stiff and awkward one to one soaked with the sweetest of emotions.

“Edem, I’m… I’m lost for words, honestly,” she murmured. “All I know is that… this… this feels like where I wanna be. With you.”

Edem smiled gently. “Me too, Dee. Me too. So, shall we try this again?”

Diamond cocked her head sideways gently. “Try what?”

“The proposal.”

She giggled. “Sure.”

Edem put a finger on the side of his forehead. “Ummmmm… I’m trying to remember the exact wording I used at the grand opening… uhh, did I say most incredible before most beautiful…”

Diamond rolled her eyes. “Nyɛbro, just pop the question, lah!”

Edem snickered, then turned to her. “Alright, I’ll be serious now. Diamond, I’m in love with you, and I want you to be my lady. Will you be my lady?”

“Yes, Edem. My answer is yes.”

Oh, the outburst of joy within those two young hearts as they officially made it official!

A sweet smile on his face, Edem reached over, his face heading towards her. She closed her eyes in anticipation.

The next second, their lips met in a sweet, passionate first kiss.

As they separated after a few seconds, Diamond had the most excited and flushed expression on her face. Giggling slightly, she murmured, “Now I know why my mother’s always so giddy after she and my dad make out.”

Edem laughed softly, then reached over and kissed her again. 

Words would fail to describe the inexplicable bliss both of them felt within their bodies at that moment. The best word you’d probably find for it: glorious.

As they parted once again, he kept his eyes on her, his hand stroking her cheek. “I love you, Diamond,” he whispered, “and I promise to make you happy from this day forward.”

“Me too, Edem. Me too,” Diamond responded. “That was such a sweet kiss.”

“Hehe, I know right? Lord knows how long I’ve dreamt of this moment. To have the beautiful Diamond Dolphyne all to myself.”

Taking his hand in hers, she whispered softly, “Well, now you do. And I also have the amazing Edem Sedudzi all to myself.”

“Yes, you do.”

For the next few moments, they just stared into each others eyes, their pupils doing all the talking and affirming of their desire for each other. After so long, this moment had finally come to fruition.

Edem and Diamond were finally a couple.

“Right. So, can we talk about pet names? Coz I’m planning on calling you baby girl, but it kinda demands that you call me baby boy, and given that Selasi already calls me by that, I dunno…”

Diamond shook her head. “Massa, no talking. Just shut up and hold my hand. And lemme enjoy the presence of my boyfriend in silence. Na you like talking too much.”

“Hehe, yes please, my love. Your wish is my command.”

Finally ooooo! Edem and Diamond are together now! No more lalasulala stuff between them. Another one of the young Dolphynes is having a nice ending in the works…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP4 – Sankofa

We continue with the ongoing story. We know how crazy things are getting with Toby, but what’s going on with the others? We need to know, so let’s find out…

And in case you’re not a Ghanaian and you’re wondering what the title means, don’t worry. You’ll see its meaning in the story…

“Well, that’s the end of another Friday. So far so good, huh, baby girl?” Maabena asked as she cleaned up her side of the trailer, sweeping up all the breadcrumbs and bits of veggies and chicken that lay around. It was 10 minutes past 10 pm, and the owners of Smooth Wrapz had completed another working week. Once again, nothing to complain about. The patronage was just what you’d expect of a business as fresh as theirs.

Diamond nodded absentmindedly, lost in her thoughts.

One of those moments where that rejection haunted her brain. Once again, a tug of war was underway within.

This is the right choice I’m making, right? It has to be. After the little I’ve seen, it just has to be. I don’t need any crazy heartbreak rubbish coming my way right now. I don’t. You can’t always be so trusting of these men, chale… But yet… this still feels so wrong. I love him. I shouldn’t be letting him go. But…


She snapped out of her cloud of confusion as she stared at Maabena. “Uh… ye-yeah, that’s true. Yeah, so far so good,” she agreed hurriedly, a bashful look on her face.

Maabena leaned on the counter, her left eyebrow raised. “Diamond, is there something wrong?”

Diamond immeidately shook her head. “Oh, no no no, everything’s fine. I just… got a little distracted, that’s all. One of those things.”

Maabena shrugged. “Oh well, if you say so. I’m almost done sweeping up, by the way. And Mr. Tamakloe said he’ll be here in the next five minutes to take the trailer to the…”

“Edem proposed to me, and I rejected it.”

She honestly had not thought about letting those words loose. They just tumbled out of her mouth. With no permission whatsoever.

Maabena stood there, jaw hanging as she took in the words of her fellow labourer.

“For real? When? Why? What’s wrong?”

Diamond sighed, hesitating for a moment. She really had not prepared herself for this. But once it was out, she might as well explain herself. “Umm… let’s just say that I… I’ve had some things in mind that kept me from saying yes. I’ve seen enough to… not want to get myself into a bad state of mind, so… yeah, that’s why… I…”

Maabena had cocked her head sideways as she stared at her. “Dee, you didn’t bounce the boy because of what happened to me, did you?”

Diamond looked down, nodding slightly.

“But, Dee, do you have feelings for him too? He said he likes you. Is it mutual?”

This was where it got slightly uncomfortable for her. Caution kept trying to douse out the flame of passion, but it just wasn’t working. There was that tiny voice in there that kept insisting this desire to protect her heart was a costly one.

Her head still down, she took a minute or so before nodding her head. As she lifted it, Maabena could see the tears formed in her eyes. “I love him, Maabena. I’m so in love with him. But I… I-I…”

“Babe, babe!” Maabena hushed, moving to her to hold her by the shoulders. “Easy, okay, easy. So you love him, but you’re scared he’ll break your heart, with that man’s sick actions your motivation for this. Is that correct?”

Diamond sniffed and nodded.

“And with this in mind, are you at peace with your decision? Do you feel it’s the right thing you’re doing?”

It took a few seconds, but hesitantly, she shook her head. “No. It just feels like this is a bad mistake.”

“Then it is. Listen to me, girl, it is not because of me that you have to give up what could be your true love. Don’t look at what happened to me and live in fear, you hear me? Living by fear is the worst choice you could ever make. Trust me. The fact that I got my heart broken by Robert isn’t a surefire indication that you will too.”

Diamond nodded.

“Honey, I may have waltzed into the picture not too long ago, but I know you two to an extent, and if you guys are in love, I’m all for it. I understand that you don’t want to get hurt, but girl, love involves taking the risk, and unless you know it’s a bad relationship you’re walking into, it’s totally worth it! Our hearts weren’t made to have concrete fences around them; they’ll wilt and wither under such. Don’t allow the desire to protect yourself keep you from letting him in, especially when you know you want him in. Understand?”

Again, she nodded, taking in a couple of breaths. “So, uh… what do I do?”

Maabena reached over and grabbed Diamond’s phone and handed it to her. “Simple. Take this phone. Get in touch with him. Let him know you want to see him.”

Diamond’s eyebrow went up. “But… wouldn’t that be someway?”

“Girl! To hell with feeling someway. The elders have said that it is not a taboo to go back and fetch what has been left. Sankofa. Go back and take. Diamond, this fine young man cannot be left behind like that, when you both love each other. Please, take it now, and talk to him, and save yourself from all this superfluous heartache fear is causing you.”


“So what time will you be heading for your monthly appointment?” Adelaide asked as she adjusted herself on the bed on which she and Akinyi sat, as Oscar and Kwame were seated on chairs near it.

“By 8 o’ clock,” the little Kenyan responded, shaking her head as she laid back on her pillow. “And I so am not looking forward to it. The weakness that engulfs my body afterwards… ugh, just horrible. And the pain…”

“Awww, I can only imagine, baby,” Adelaide responded, holding her hand. “Just take it easy, okay? This should be over soon enough. I’m believing God to clear the cancer out of your body totally by the end of the year.”

An enthusiastic ‘Amen’ came from the mouths of the three.

“May that happen quickly, so at least I can get back to certain things. Like having my hair back,” Akinyi commented as she patted the bandana on her head. “I’m honestly not a fan of this clean head thing.”

Kwame snickered. “I still remember the look on your face when we went to the barbershop. Chale, Aki was not the least bit happy. Especially when it was finally her turn.”

Akinyi rolled her eyes. “You thought I was joking when I told you how much I hate short hair? Y’all have no idea how relieved I was when I was finally done with high school. I thought I was finally done with those dreaded visits to the barbershop.”

“Baby girl, you’re not alone. The way I didn’t like short hair in SHS times,” Adelaide added. “I still don’t. Lemme keep my natural hair growing.”

“I remember Diamond too wasn’t a fan of having short hair, either,” Oscar also added. “She still thinks that thing where girls have to cut their hair is a dumb, outmoded practice.”

“I totally agree with her. Anyways, we wanna hear the juice! Let us have the juice!” Akinyi urged, shaking her friend on the bed, a mischievous glint in her eye.

Adelaide looked confused. “Juice? What juice?”

“How you two finally got together and the whole prophetess case. We want the juice, lah!”

Adelaide gave her a side eye and shook her head. “Relax, Aki. That’s why we’re here. And by the way, since when did you start adding lah to your vocabulary?”

“Just what I was wondering here, Addy,” Kwame said. “Worst part is how it sounds so weird and so… non-Ghanaian.”

Akinyi rolled her eyes. “Well duhhhh, obviously, I’m not a Ghanaian. I’m doing my best.”

“So we should fry gari or boil plantain for you?” Kwame retorted playfully.

Chochote!” Akinyi shot back with a dismissive wave of the hand.

“Ummmm, you guys wanna have a battle, which Aki will probably win, given the Swahili arsenal she’s reaching into, or you guys wanna hear ‘the juice’?” Adelaide interrupted.

The besties held their fire with that. “We’d like the juice, please,” Akinyi replied sweetly. Shooting a side gaze at Kwame, she added, “we’ll have the beef later.”

“Ha! I see what you did there, Aki,” Oscar laughed.

“Me too. Hehe. Anyways, here’s how it went. So after my mother rushed out to see her and bla bla, she spent like three hours there. When she came back, the things she had heard rocked her to the core. All along, the woman was using other powers to fuel her ministry.”

“When she got there, the woman’s house was in quite a mess. Tables turned over. Rice scattered in the living room. Ei. The way she described it eh, like some Nollywood scene bi. And when she got there, the boys who are supposed to be the understudies or whatever were all in tears. The woman was sitting on the floor, some basaa expression bi on her face. When my mother inquired, she began to spill the beans.

“She started confessing that some guy bi with Indian powers is the real source of her strength, and that the main agenda was to be able to able to have some form of control over others, seeing how people have so much reverence for the prophetic and all that. She started saying that the main prophecies she had given her were all lies, na the first few accurate ones were just to reel her in and make her believe she was the real deal. My mother was just standing there as she spoke. She couldn’t say anything.”

“Wow. Sounds like a crazy experience,” Kwame breathed.

“It was. The thing really shocked my mother. Big time. Now diɛɛ, she says she’ll think twice before believing any self-acclaimed prophet.”

“Thank God for that. So as soon as she said the prophecy was false, you were happy and went after him, didn’t you?” Akinyi asked, that naughty grin on her face.

Adelaide eyed her. “Young lady, behave yourself. But yeah, I did. And oh, thank God I did. It’s been a wonderful time reconnecting, hasn’t it, Ozzy?”

“It sure has, Addy,” Oscar agreed as their smiling eyes connected.

“So, basically, this means that uhhh…” Kwame enquired.

“Yes, Kwame. We’re officially dating now.”

“Sweet! I’m honestly so happy for you two,” he gushed. “Since I came back, I’ve seen Oscar have to go through some Ls, and it wasn’t nice to see. But now that’s over, and I’m so believing you two will be happy together.”

“Yeah,” Oscar replied, his eyes and smile still fixed on Adelaide. “Me too. I definitely believe that this is it. The future is exciting. And I’m ready.”


Never mind, I’ll find someone like youuuuu,” Edem murmured along to the song he had repeated about six times since he had gotten into his car and called it a day. With the ache in his heart, who else but Adele would be a perfect companion for this ride home.

Another day at work, full of activity and bustling around, ending with a long drive back home. A long, lonely drive that reminded him of that painful rejection.

The playlist he had created since that day was pretty reflective of his mood. From “Unbreak My Heart” to “Nothing Compares 2 U”, the atmosphere in his car was constantly a morose one. All because of one Diamond Dolphyne, and her decision to say no to him.

As he joined a traffic queue, the song paused as a call came through.

Looking at the caller ID, a sharp burn ripped through his abdomen.

It was Diamond.

He answered.

“Uh, good evening.”

“Good evening, Edem. Um, how are you?”

Naturally, he wanted to yell how not fine he was, but showing that soft side didn’t seem too wise an idea, so he responded, “Uhhh, I’m okay. It’s been a while.”

“Yeah. Yeah, it has. Ummm… I was wondering… is it possible we meet tomorrow? I think we need to have a talk.”

His heart pounding in his chest, a thousand questions were flying around his brain. Why does she wanna meet me? Is she sorry? Is this some damage limitation thing? Wossop?

“Uhhh… in the evening?”

“Yeah, evening.”

“Well… lemme check my schedule and get back to you.”

“Alright, alright, no problem.”

“Alright, bye.”


Awkward from start to finish.

His foot firmly placed on the brake, he closed his eyes as the thousand questions were now replaced by one.

Should I meet her or not?

The driver behind him, livid at his lack of movement as the traffic eased up, beeped at him angrily. He opened his eyes and quickly got moving. He’d have to dwell on that issue later…


“Mmmmm, perfect,” Delphine murmured to herself as she scrolled through her Twitter timeline. She had found exactly what she was looking for.

A tweet of a young lady sharing her unfortunate sexual abuse experience.

With almost 200 replies to this tweet, she was clearly garnering a lot of sympathy from others, and Delphine thought it a perfect opportunity to share her condolences and make a light reference to her own ‘ghastly and traumatizing experience’.

She snickered to herself as she tapped on the retweet to reply button, her response already formed in her head. Typing it out with a wicked grin on her face, she hit the send button once it was over.

Getting up to stretch for a minute, she walked over to her wardrobe to take out a pack of Indomie. As she took up one of her pans to begin cooking, a notification sound came from her phone.

Walking over to check, a smile spread across her face.

The young lady had DMed her about the reply she had sent.

All according to plan.

“This silly little boy thinks I’m playing games with him, eh? It will shock him bia.”

This Delphine girl is really devious, chale!! Toby’s really gotten himself into some trouble. And is anyone else hoping this Edem-Diamond saga ends quickly enough, coz I sure do!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP3 – Toby v Delphine

Back to the action, and as you can tell with the title, some major drama is about to go down!! Prepare yourselves, coz something crazy is about to happen!

Standing at the balcony of the fourth floor of the hostel, Delphine had a stern look on her face as she stared into space, various things on her mind.

The holidays were over, and it was time for school to reopen. She had returned to campus the weekend before the reopening date, which meant that she was pretty much all by herself, as most people would rather wait a few more days before returning to campus.

She enjoyed being out of the house, in any case. She loved her mother and sister all right, but the Awittor household always had some rancour sizzling beneath the surface. Just like her, the big sister and mother still harboured a grudge against Mr. Hubert Nyiani. And something would spring up somehow that would get one of them to speak about him passionately.

She was slowly tiring of that. To her, it was all just talk. While they continued to moan and curse the man with every fiber in their being, she had her ways of dealing with it.

Which was, using her God-given gifts to punish men for being such ‘hungry, insatiable, easy-to-manipulate dogs’.

They’re all the same. Shameless ass beings.

Snickering as she remembered some of her ‘deserving’ victims and the way she had dealt with them, a car made its way onto the car park. Stepping back a bit, she peered to see who it was that had also arrived. Seeing the one who stepped out from the backseat, a sly grin slid across her face.

“Well, well, well,” she purred, “somebody’s arrived early. Just in time, too. The very company I needed in this lonely ass hostel.”

She looked down at herself, and giggled.

“Time to dress up for him. A sexy lil welcome never hurt anybody.”


“So you’re sure you’ll be okay?” Daniel asked from the driver’s seat.

“Oh, of course, Daddy. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Toby assured them. “It won’t be long till the others start coming in. At most, 3 days, then the hostel will start to fill up.”

Larissa, riding shotgun with her hubby as you’d expect, nodded. “Oh well, make sure you take those garlic capsules. And please, Toby, can you please learn to ‘chisel’ yourself a bit with the Nido? I dunno what it is with you and Anasah that you boys can’t take only about 2 spoonfuls. I’m not minding you if you say you need some more after one month.”

Toby grinned sheepishly. “Hehehe, yes, Ma. I’ll be more careful with it.”

“Good. Alright, darling, take care of yourself, and be good. Love you!”

“Love you too! Bye, goddess! Bye, Daddy!”

He waved to his parents as they drove off. Within a few minutes, he was back in his room, proceeding to clear up the place.

Fifteen minutes later, having swept the room, cleaned the windows and properly arranged the items on his tables, he took a seat, feeling quite satisfied with himself. “Alright, time to catch up on ‘The Americans’,” he said to himself, ready to take out his laptop.

There was a knock on the door.

Toby froze, wide-eyed. He had a slightly uncomfortable feeling that he knew who it was. And who it was, was the last person he wanted to see.

He stood up and walked to the door tensely, praying it wouldn’t be her.

His heart sank as he opened it. It was her.

As much as he knew he had to see her and make it abundantly clear that he did not want to continue with the fling, her last response had him slightly shook and in trepidation of how she would react.

“Uhhh… how did you know I’m back?” he asked.

“Oh, I was walking on the corridor when I saw you standing at that car. Lord knows how excited I was to see you’re back. So I quickly rushed back in and got into this steamy dress and said I better give you a proper welcome back gift,” Delphine rattled off cheerfully as she made her way into the room.

Toby swallowed hard. Indeed, she was dressed for the kill, clad in a short denim dress, with the top buttons opened to reveal cleavage. She sure was sticking to her word, acting like no ‘break up text’ had ever come her way.

She smirked as she saw him take in a full view of her. “Soo,” she murmured slyly, “I can see that you are absolutely loving the view before you. Just as I expected. Tight, sexy shada, guaranteed to turn you on super bad. My sweet succulent boobs on display. These sexy thighs of mine in full view. Just what triggers you, I know. And they’re right her for your pleasure. By the way, you know some girls like to keep their underwear off before sex for easier access or some nonsense like that? Not me. There’s some satisfaction in having my man take off my bra and panties before he dives into my treasure chest. Makes me feel like he’s hungry for me, you know? So erotic! Haha!”

Toby had his eyes down now, knowing he’d give in if he continued to watch.

“My neighbours haven’t come yet, so it’s quiet and empty around my place. You come around by 10 pm, and we can have a splendid all-nighter. Coz I’m lonely. And horny. Real horny. And I miss having you in me, on me, and all over me. You game, baby boo?”

Toby took a deep breath. He had promised himself that he was not going to fall for her charm again. Now that she stood before him, trying to lure him back into their fling, he knew he couldn’t let his attraction to her win the battle, as fierce as it was.

Gademmit, man, look at her! Just one more time, Toby. One last taste.

The dissenting voice swooped in, in an attempt to sway him back into Delphine’s arms. He shut his eyes as the sudden attack descended upon his already heated mental battlefield. The thought of having sex with her one last time sounded so appealing, to be honest. She was looking too saucy to be turned away. Cleavage was on point; thick thighs looked as alluring as always. To hit it one more time before staying away seemed too good an alternative…

… until he remembered that it was a lie. That so-called one last taste would pop up again and again and again. If he didn’t say no to it now, he never would. 


Delphine stood there, the smirk off her face. She shook her head, chuckled and sighed. “I’m just gonna ask this one more time, Toby. I need you in my room…”

“I said no, dammit!” Toby hissed furiously, springing to his feet and staring her dead in the face. “I do not want to come up to your room and have sex with you. I don’t want to do it!”

Delphine remained rooted to where she stood, a blank look in her eye as she faced him.

“Look, this whole… affair or whatever it is, it never should have happened, okay? I was… I didn’t want us to be in this situation. It’s just that… I grew weak, coz… you’re so irresistible, and so I let my guard down. And one thing led to another and now we’re here. This isn’t what I wanted. I don’t know what your beliefs are, but I… I’m a Christian, and sex outside of marriage is a no-no. I may have gone contrary to that, alright, but it’s better to end it now than to keep going and make things worse.”

Her sudden stoic stance remained. He breathed heavily as he took a brief pause from letting out his frustrations. His wild expression remained as he continued.

“Look, after the text, I realized I had to say this to your face coz ghosting you would be a bad idea, given how we’re in the same hostel and you buy water from me, you’d obviously come asking questions and all that, so I thought it appropriate to let you know this properly. I know you might be into me or whatever, but please, this thing between us has to stop. I can’t keep getting into bed with you knowing what I’m doing is wrong. I’m sorry.”

She now had her eyes down. He felt it necessary to tread carefully at this point. She might try to knock me down with crocodile tears, just to make me feel bad. Gotta be careful.

“Delphine, personally, I’m not proud of what happened, but it’s already done. All I can do is look forward. And going forward, I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m sorry. If I’ve hurt you in any way, I truly am sorry, but… this has to end. Now. Please. Respect my decision.”

He took a deep breath, feeling like he had let it all out.

“You can leave now,” he mumbled, moving to the chair next to his bed.

As he took a seat, Delphine sighed heavily and turned to the door.

YES! Toby thought triumphantly as he watched her retreat, feeling super accomplished. He hadn’t expected it to be that easy, but it looked like she had absolutely nothing to say to him. The white flag was already out, and she was the one waving it.

Then she stopped as her hand rested on the doorknob. She turned to face him, a serious look on her face. Toby felt his muscles tighten up in apprehension, wondering what she was going to say. 

“Lemme give you two scenarios, boy. First one, things stay as they are. You continue with this super-religious whatever about sex before marriage. Then… one day, you wake up and discover this: you’re an overnight celebrity! Everybody’s talking about you in the hostel, on the shuttle, in class, all over campus, all over the damn city! You know why?”

Toby looked confused.

“Because social media is such a powerful tool, and on Twitter, word on the street is that, Toby Dolphyne is the latest monster that’s been exposed, hiding a calm, gentle interior and a sham water business to take advantage of girls against their will. And poor miss Delphine is his latest victim.”

Shocked for a split second, Toby sprung to his feet in rage. This definitely threw him off. Of all the things she could plot, she was blackmailing him with sexual abuse??

“You wouldn’t dare do such a thing!!” he roared, moving furiously to her, his finger in her face.

“Hey, hey, hey,” she snapped, unamused and seemingly unmoved by his reaction, “watch yourself, young man! As far as those hands are concerned, if they’re not fondling my breasts, or peeling off my panties, don’t even dare lay a finger on me!”

Trembling with great fury, Toby struggled to speak. He had had a feeling she might not have backed down easily, judging by her response when she called, but this was just unexpected. And so down, dirty and malicious.

“Don’t you underestimate me, boy. When I want something done, I get it done,” she stated, a hard gaze at him. “I wanted you in between my legs, f***ing me real good, didn’t I? Did I get it? Of course! I did.”

How badly he wanted to slap her and kick her out physically! Yet, he knew doing that would most likely end up making things worse. And being a child of Larissa, he had had it imbibed in him never to hit a woman.

“So yeah, back to what I was saying before that rude interruption… you’re exposed as a sexual abuser using your little water business to rape young ladies… Aha, and you know the best thing about this? In the court of social media, nobody usually gives a flying f*** about evidence. I know a couple of girls who will rip you into shreds once they pick up the story. No time for questions or knowing if you really did it. They’ll just roast you and ensure your name is dragged deep into the mud. The carnage will be so bloody that by the time you get to explain yourself, the damage is done. And you’ll never be the same again.”

An evil smirk came upon her face, as she reveled in his stepping back, believing it to be a sign of accepting defeat.

“That’s the reality, honey. I let the world know that a guy called Toby Dolphyne came into my room and raped me at about 2 am, and you are finished. Absolutely finished. Forget your explanations and whatever. You will still be disgraced.”

Toby breathed in and out, silently pleading the anger to exit with each exhale. 

“Or, there’s the second one. You put away all this anti-sex bulls**t you’re on about. Come to my place whenever I’m ready. Have the pleasure of taking off every last piece of clothing on me, and do whatever you want to me. Whether it’s sucking my boobs till I asphyxiate out of pure pleasure, driving me mad as you get your tongue all up in my p***y, or shifting my womb with that sweet magic stick in between you, is totally your choice. Although I’d personally prefer you do all three. Hehe, you have no idea how tingly my p***y gets when I think of that tongue and little soldier of yours.”

Toby sat on the bed, his head beginning to whirl. This was not good. Not good at all.

“There you have it, gentleman. Two different scenarios. First one, really unpleasant and guaranteed to make your life a living hell. Second one, well… heaven for the two of us. Hehe. I think it’s better to be in heaven with an extra person than to be in hell alone, don’t you think?”

“You’re just bluffing,” he spat as he looked up at her, finally finding his voice. “You can’t do that. It’s a counterproductive thing you’re doing. You don’t have the means to keep it up.”

“Oh, saa? You think I’m blowing hot air? Don’t worry, okay. All you need to know is that with each passing day you choose this rubbish, I’ll send you updates on my Twitter feed, just to let you know that this is not a game. Hopefully, you’ll snap out of it soon enough and come back to giving me insanely sweet strokes. Think wisely, Toby. You either walk your way into eventual ruin, or take the sensible option. Your choice.”

“Shut up and get the hell out of my room,” he snarled, his heart bursting with acrimony towards her as she stood at the door.

“Oh, sure, I will. Don’t worry. At least, now that you know what’s up, I might as well add a lil something… welcome back, baby boy! I hope you… have a wonderful semester, void of controversy! Had a nice welcome back gift for you, but… you’re now some anti-sex nonce, so… enjoy yourself, and be wise in your decision-making!”

With that, she opened the door and stepped out. Just as the door was about to fully close, however, it opened up again, and she popped her head out, peering at Toby.

“Oh, I almost forgot something important. My nipples. They just asked me to tell you that they really, really miss being in your mouth. Yeah, public service announcement over. Bye!”

A mischievous snicker, she closed the door and walked away.

His head in his hands, he simply whispered words to himself that he desperately hoped were the truth. Words that just had to be the truth.

“There’s no way she can do it. She’s just bluffing. There’s no sense in spreading lies. It’s all just empty talk. She won’t do it…”

Uh-oh. Toby has found himself in some crazy wahala. Even crazier than we would have anticipated. What is gonna happen now? Well, we will find out soon enough…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP2 – Patriarch’s Day

Well, we had quite an interesting introduction to season 4, didn’t we? I bet we’re itching to know what comes next. For this episode, though, let’s have some downtime. It’s the big man’s day for this one.

“Alright, honey, you can come down now!”

Stretched out on the Dolphyne matrimonial bed, Daniel smiled as he heard those words from downstairs. Lifting up his upper body, he stretched a bit, letting out his regular groan as he felt bones crack in all the right places. Then he looked at the date.

4th January.

The day he came out into the world about four and a half decades ago.

He already knew what was coming once he got out of that bed and walked downstairs. It never got old, though. A little family tradition they had started about a decade ago, just about the time the twins were born. It had become trite practice for him to remain in the room and just stretch out and relax as Larissa and the children prepared a nice big breakfast. Just as well that he always had the first week of January off from work; ample time for the family to give him the treat they wanted.

As he had lain on his bed, he had been checking the WhatsApp status list. As expected, the kids had his pictures all over, with accompanying wishes and praises. Diamond had posted about 12 alone, Oscar about 4, Toby 6. Kwame too had gotten in on the act, posting about 3 of his pictures. Inasmuch as he wasn’t into social media things so much, he couldn’t deny it felt good seeing all those lovely things said about him.

He stepped out of bed, looked up and whispered, “Thank You Jesus for a brand new day,” and bent his head slightly to pray. When he was done, he moved to his wardrobe where he threw on a T-shirt and shorts before moving out of the room.

Walking downstairs, he heard excited whispers as they could hear his footsteps. He smiled and shook his head. Typical.

As he entered the dining room…


Everyone in the house sat around the table, cheering out their felicitations as lovely plates of waakye, well complemented with the necessary condiments, sat on the table before each person. At the head of the table sat his plate, appropriately covered.

Daniel laughed. “Thank you all, my beautiful people. I see Samia was on time as usual.”

“Of course she’d be. She naaa, she’s gotten used to me calling her on the 7th to get your special birthday waakye ready,” Larissa responded as she pulled out the chair for him to sit, seated on the right seat closest to his. “Anything to make sure Mr. Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne’s day gets off to the right start.”

He smirked as he looked into his favourite pair of eyes. “Thank you, my queen. I appreciate it,” he said gently, landing a kiss on her forehead as he took a seat.

Lifting the cover off his plate, he nodded in satisfaction. “Samia on point as always with her edziban.”

“Hehehe, Samia di33, no size ooo! Best waakye in the nation, bar none!” Oscar agreed.

“Alright, people, let’s bow our heads and pray, so we can start eating.”

Upon Larissa’s order, all heads went down, as she prayed for the birthday boy and the food before them. Once a resounding Amen followed in response to her prayer, the table was buzzing.

Taking a spoonful of his food, Daniel looked at the activity ongoing before him.

Oscar trolling Diamond as usual about her forehead. Toby taunting Larissa by trying to take her bottle of Auntie Maggie’s sobolo, and getting ‘deadly threats’ in response. Kwame questioning the twins on why they didn’t like plantain with their waakye.

Daniel shook his head. 

A crazy bunch he had in his house.

But what would life be without them?


“Oh please! We all know the media will do anything to make Messi look good. Paint him as some holy little man with no flaws, while making Cristiano look like some agent of the devil. Every day, Messi is humble, C-Ro is arrogant. Hoh, massa!”

While Larissa and Diamond were out for the birthday cake and some other little snacks for the afternoon, the boys and Serwaah were seated on the porch, having some quality time together. The topic was football, and with time, the conversation had shifted to the never-ending debate of Messi vs Ronaldo.

The birthday man was a full-time Ronaldo fanboy, and was totally unashamed to make it clear.

“But Daddy, Ronaldo does tend to have some form of arrogance about him, and it’s pretty annoying,” Oscar interjected.

Daniel shot him a look. “Oscar, arrogance is a part of the game. Champions always have some air of arrogance about them, and it’s what makes them legendary mpo. In any case, please, you lack the locus to complain. Do you know the aura of arrogance your beloved Terry and Lampard had back in their unstoppable days?”

“Exactly, Uncle Danny!” Kwame agreed. Of course, whichever side Oscar was on, he would surely find himself on the other side. “Arrogance in moderation is essential. It gives you that edge. It’s not for wimps like Messi who quit their national teams coz they didn’t win a tournament.”

“Oh Lord, are you still going on about that?” Oscar groaned, his hand on his face.

“But he returned, didn’t he? Doesn’t that account for something, at least?” Anasah pitched in.

“Not a cruddy chance, Anas! If he was serious, he wouldn’t have quit at all. It even annoys me they went to beg him to come back. He should’ve just remained in retirement, with that his easy life in Barcelona. When you say he has it easy there, Barca fans don’t want to understand.”

“Hoh, Kwame, are you even minding them?” Daniel scoffed. “I’m telling you, if he leaves, he’ll become beans! That’s why he doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Comfort zone things nkoaa. When he’s with Argentina sef, what aaa does he do?”

“Nahhh, Daddy, I think you’re being a little too harsh on Messi,” Toby joined in. “I mean, look at the 2014 World Cup. He won the Best Player award and got to the final.”

Daniel looked dismissively at him. “Oh please. FIFA just wanted to appease their darling love child for not winning. After the group stages, what again did he do? Tweakai! The final that you should really step up to the plate and deliver, he was still doing lalasulala things. Abeg, don’t bring that one in there!”

“Ei, Daddy!” Oscar laughed. “This one di33, you’ve taken it personal ooo. Ei. What did poor Messi do to you?”

“Poor for the where?” Daniel snorted. “The man has enough money to buy some entire countries, you say what? He doesn’t bore me, he’s just way too overrated. Messi fanboys always disturbing us when he’s doing the easy easy things. Meanwhile too, outside of Barca, we don’t see anything. At least Ronaldo has a European championship title to his name, and he wins wherever he goes. From England to Spain to Italy. That’s what you call a true great of the game.”

“Uncle Danny, you have said it all,” Kwame said, nodding in agreement. “Facts are facts. Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest ever to do it. Point blank period. As for Messi, I rate Ronaldinho and Kaka higher than him. Hoh, even Neymar is better for me.”

“Herh, herh, herh, what kind of disrespect is that? Whadduyu mean?”

As Oscar, Toby and Anasah moved to vehemently disagree with what they termed ‘utter disrespect’ to the Argentine, Daniel took note of Serwaah, who had her head on the arm of her chair, looking quite bored. Nobody needed to guess that this fierce debate was about as exciting to her as staring at a dead light bulb.

“Awww, my baby princess,” Daniel cooed, the boys suddenly halting their argument to look at her. “Feeling bored by our little banter?”

She nodded as she yawned.

“But you kraaa, you’re not into football, are you?” Anasah asked her.

She lifted her head briefly. “Not really. Just this one player I really like… uhhh… Theo Walcott or something.”

Oscar rolled his eyes. “Ugh. Literally every girl I know is in love with Theo Walcott. Literally every single girl I know.”

“But like who should they love?” Toby taunted. “Troy Deeney anaa Carlos Tevez?”

A moment of silence ensued…

… then they all burst into fits of laughter.


“Alright, kids, gather round the table. Cake time!” Larissa announced.

The six young people enthusiastically moved to the dining table. Surrounded by about four bottles of different varieties of non-alcoholic wine, was a large red velvet cake, with a lovely inscription on its face: Happy Birthday, Mr. Daniel Dolphyne.

“Ooooooh, red velvet! My favourite!” Toby cooed as he stared at the culinary delight before them. “This isn’t Kareena, right, Maa?”

Larissa rolled her eyes as she walked towards them with a cutting knife. “Obviously not. Aren’t you already used to the creamy nature of their cakes? This is from some girl bi. Gracie told me about her, so I decided to try her hustle small.”

“Oh, not bad. It looks gooooooood, though,” he reiterated, making dreamy eyes at it.

“I know. Now make way for the birthday boy.”

“Here comes the birthday boy!” Diamond announced, as the rest responded with funny cheers.

Daniel shook his head as he came to stand in their midst. “You guys are crazy.”

“Alright, so, the floor is yours, Mr. Dolphyne,” Larissa said. “And Anas, no smart comments about the floor,” she added, the mischievous glint in her youngest son’s eyes not overlooked.

Daniel cleared his throat.

“Well, uh, I know we’re all impatient to get some cake, so… I’ll try and make this as brief as possible. What more can I say? It’s not been the smoothest of rides, but God has helped me keep my head above water, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve felt I’m in over my head, throughout these years. Whether it’s at work or home. Many times, I’ve felt pretty clueless on what to do, yet I’ve somehow, by God’s grace, been able to get through it.

“I remember when Lari was pregnant with Dee. There were nights I couldn’t sleep; all I could think about was whether I would succeed or flop miserably in my duties as a father. Honestly, those thoughts of fear were some of the most crippling periods. It really frightened me to imagine being a failure of a father. It took a while before I opened up to Lari about it.

“It’s moments like these that remind me those fears had no foundation. I know I’ve not been perfect in any way. There are some major gaffes and errors I’ve made that still try to haunt me and knock me down. But… I think the good ones totally outweigh the bad. I always call to mind the good times whenever that happens. You know, the little, little things. Singing to you guys when you were younger before putting you to bed, watching your happy faces whenever I came to pick you from school… watching all those Disney movies with you…”

Toby snickered. “I remember how Serwaah was crying when she watched Mufasa die in ‘The Lion King’. The girl literally grabbed you by the waist and sobbed.”

Daniel gave him a side eye. “As if you didn’t cry yourself. All of you did. Not a single one of you had dry eyes at that scene. And I’ve watched it about 8 to 9 times with each of you over the years, so I know.”

Serwaah snickered, a look of vindication on her face.

“Anyways, so yeah, these little things have kept me going, and uh, I’m glad to still be here. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in my field of work, and being a counsellor at church is also a pretty great honour. But ultimately, I’m proud of what I have here: a beautiful wife and wonderful children, and I hope I’ve done what I should to serve you all.”

“Awwww, yes you have, Daddy,” Diamond assured, wrapping her arms around him. “You’re the best daddy in the world, and we wouldn’t dream of having any other.”

“I agree. I love you so much, Daddy. You’re the world’s best daddy,” Serwaah agreed, also attaching herself to him.

In no time flat, the boys also echoed their agreement and gave him light hugs and taps on the back. They would’ve gone for the group hug, but being in the middle of a six-person group hug wasn’t exactly something Daniel found fun, and they knew that.

“Thank you. Thank you all,” Daniel said gratefully. “Now, time to cut this cake and have ourselves a lil good time!”


11:34 pm.

It had been four to five hours of enjoyment in the Dolphyne household, with cake, non-alcoholic wine, spring rolls and soft drinks in abundance. Now the day was done; the children had retired to bed after thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

Daniel sat on the couch, reflecting on the little speech he had given before the cutting of the cake, and the responses he got. He smiled and lifted his head to the sky. “Thank you dear Lord Jesus. You definitely come through for me with all those little reminders whenever the fears of failure come around to try and scare the crap out of me. Thank You for this beautiful family.”

He heard the sound of the microwave from the kitchen. That was Larissa, probably heating some of the samosas. She had a thing for liking them hot.

He got up and walked to the kitchen. Right in front of the microwave, her back turned to him, stood Larissa. He made his way to her. “Hey, you,” he murmured, tapping her on the butt.

She turned to face him, a tired but satisfied look on her face. “Hey Daddy.”

“Had a good time?”

“Oh, most definitely. It’s been a great day, no doubt.”

“Wonderful. I’m glad it’s been a good day.”

“Uh-huh. And listen to me, baby,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck, “you might not be perfect, but one thing is for sure. You are a good man. A good father. And a good husband. Don’t ever let the mistakes you’ve made make you feel like you aren’t. Got that?”

Daniel nodded. “You know I almost wanted to mention the Tarzan-Clayton thingy as one of my regrets, but I decided there was no sense in saying something that would hurt Kwame.”

“Exactly. We fought about it and you apologized years ago. And it was between just us two, so it’s best kept as such. The past is not the present, in any case.”

They both laughed softly, then looked into each other’s eyes, and after a moment, locked lips.

Upon separating, Larissa had a familiar naughty look on her face. “Wanna go down to the basement? I got a …very special gift for you down there.”

Daniel smirked. “Lord, I love it when you tease me like that.”

She laughed as he lifted her in his arms and began to move towards the door leading to their basement.

Just then, the timer on the microwave came to an end. They both looked at it, then at each other.

“Wanna have those samosas first?” he asked.

“No, you silly boy. I wanna Marvin Gaye and get it on now. They can wait till we’re done.”

“Yes, ma’am. Let’s move.”

Hehehe, some spicy birthday stuff is going down in that basement! And I think those of you who love Messi will probably like Daniel a little less after that. Anyways, that was an interesting episode. We get back to the major action tomorrow!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP1 – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Boy oh boy! After such a long break in May, the Dolphynes are back!!

Unfortunately, though, this is our final season with them. Sigh. I’ve done my share of crying, chale. It’s been quite a journey, and unfortunately, this is the last round of episodes with the squad, but I trust y’all have enjoyed yourselves.

Well, let’s get back into the story! So what happened after the grand opening’s events?

“Okay, guys, one last shot at this before you two leave!” Toby ordered, wiping his face with his towel as he signalled Anasah to wait. Taking his position in front of Serwaah and his cousins, twelve year-old Ethan and fourteen year-old Afrakuma as they stood in formation in the middle of the living room, he nodded to his younger brother after shaking his arms a bit.

Anasah hit the play button on the phone, and the sounds of DJ Flex filled the living room.

“Alright, five, six, seven, eight!”

For the next minute and a half, the quartet performed the choreography they had practiced for almost two hours beautifully, to the delight of those who watched. Namely, Anasah, Daniel and the father of the cousins, who recorded that particular take.

“Ahhhh, lovely, lovely! Ei, Toby no be small choreography teacher oo!” Daniel teased as he clapped his hands once they had ended.

Toby grinned as he shrugged. “I do what I can, Daddy. Uncle James, will you send the video?”

“Yes, yes, lemme do that through WhatsApp.”

“Great. Nice work, guys! All those two hours bore some fruit!” Toby cheered as he turned to his little sister and cousins, giving them high fives as they wiped their faces with their towels, looking tired but pleased with the work done. “Alright, so Ethan, Afrakuma, just keep practicing as often as you can… “

He was interrupted by the ringtone of his phone. Anasah walked over to him. “Here you go.”

Looking at the name, his heart sank.

Yet again, she was calling.

Silencing the tone, he quickly debated within himself whether or not to answer. A question he had been asking himself every time her name appeared on his phone’s screen.

Nah, I think I’ve ignored her enough. Time to hear her out.

“Guys, gimme a moment, eh. Let me answer this call,” he said to the others as he quickly walked to his room.


“Look here, gentleman. I don’t know what it is that’s gotten into your head, but it is not amusing in the least! How do you just tell me that what we’re doing is wrong and that you want out? Want out for what reason? Huh?”

Toby sighed as he held the phone to his ear. Just what he had feared: an angry Delphine. 

Since he sent that message at the grand opening of Diamond and Maabena’s business, he had not heard from her. Truth was, he had been dreading the moment they would talk again. She obviously had no regrets about their intimate encounters, and was pining for more, unlike him, who had now regretted giving in to his passions.

“Delphine… I know it’s not good news, but… I just don’t feel good about this anymore. I know… I was high on emotions, coz your body is just so irresistible, but… I can’t continue this. My conscience has been hitting hard, and I… I just feel this is wrong, and it has to end,” he reiterated as he sat on his bed.

“Gentleman, this your conscience excuse, that’s my back case, honestly. We just started having fun, and you want to chicken out? Are you kidding me? We’ve had just 2 insanely sweet encounters, and suddenly you’re turning into one of those anti-sex pastors? And you do it over a f**king text? Please, you better tell me something different, coz I’m not accepting this rubbish!”

Toby winced. This was harder than he thought. “Delphine, I’m sorry. I really am. I mean, I still find you insanely attractive; you’re still the hottest girl I know. And yes, I know the message thing may have been a bastard move. But… this just isn’t right. I can’t violate what my inner man is telling me. Please. Let’s talk this out properly once school starts. Please. I promise you, we can have a good, proper talk about this.”

There was silence over the phone. He prayed silently that she would agree to give in.

“You know what?” she said after a while. “I’m just going to end this call, forget I ever received any dumb message like that one you sent, and assume that the last time I was in touch with you was that incredible Sunday morning where you ate me out so damn good, I still get goosebumps from the thoughts of your tongue doing such an amazing job. And I’ll believe that when we meet the next time, you’re gonna surprise my coochie with more of that spine-tingling goodness. Goodbye, Toby.”

The line went dead.

Toby tossed the phone aside and put his head in his hands. This was not going well at all. She was undoubtedly proving to be the nightmare Diamond predicted she’d become after wrapping him around her finger. She clearly wanted to be the one in control, and was getting nasty.

Oh, God, what have I gotten myself into?


“Really?” Adelaide asked, a look of horror on her face as Oscar nodded.

“Yep. Not only did she bounce me, she teamed up with her idiot friend to come and say all sorts of horrible things to me. Herh, the thing really pained me. I mean, you don’t like me. Fine. Abi love no be by force. But the way she went so far as to make me feel like a fool for simply liking her…”

“Hmmmm. That’s just terrible. Some girls eh, you just don’t understand what’s wrong with them,” Adelaide sighed. 

“You just don’t, chale. I still remember when Kwame told me. I didn’t want to believe it, coz he naaa, he didn’t seem to like her very much. If only I had followed his instincts… but chale, it’s in the past.”

“Yes, it is,” Adelaide said, reaching over to give his hand a little squeeze.

Ever since the grand reopening of Smooth Wrapz, the two had been conversing literally every single day, with Adelaide seemingly looking to make up for lost time. After being restrained from getting close to him due to orders from above, she was grabbing every opportunity to spend time with him with both hands.

That evening, they were seated in the KFC restaurant at Haatso Agbogba, engaging each other about diverse issues. One of the questions Adelaide had for him was his worst romantic experience, which led to him giving her the tale of his ultimately disastrous pursuit of Barbara.

Needless to say, she was not impressed with Barbara’s behaviour one single bit.

“So you’ve not heard from her since?” she continued to probe.

Oscar shrugged. “I saw her a while back at Tasmin’s Express, with her now-ex and that toke she calls a friend. They did some really stupid stuff and later, Anasah came to tell Kwame and I that the guy brutally dumped her afterwards.”

“Oh chale. And uh, she’s not been in touch with you after that?”

“Never. As if I’d even want to begin to consider minding her.”

“Hmmm. Well, at least that’s over.”

“Oh yeah. And now that another complex chapter is over, hopefully it can only get better from here,” Oscar murmured, giving her a pleased look.

She put a hand over her face, looking just a little bit flushed. “Oh yeah, it most definitely is going to get better.”

His eyes darting from left to right to left, he grinned. “Want me to go all dramatic right now?”

“Noooo!” she laughed. “You know I’m not into those things.”

“Hahaha, I know.” A brief moment of silence followed. “But honestly, it’s been pretty awesome since we reconnected, and uh… I guess I’m fully convinced now that I… really like you, and I’d love for us to go beyond where we are now.”

The brightest of smiles quickly formed on her face. She sighed as she reached for his hand again. “I like you too, Oscar, and you can bet I want us to go beyond where we are now. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long.”

Oscar smiled. “So… that’s a yes, then?”

Adelaide laughed softly. “Well, the question didn’t come out as it should, but… yes, Oscar, issa yes. Let’s begin this new level together.”


Edem sighed as he leaned back in the sofa in the Amenu household. “Yeah, so… that was it.”

Before him sat Jackson and Selasi, concern etched on their faces. “And she didn’t say much?” Jackson asked.

Edem shook his head. “Nah. She just said no, that this isn’t what she wants, then she walked away. Arrgh, I feel like such an idiot! See me falling in love when it’s just friendship she wanted!”

“Easy, baby boy, easy,” Selasi calmed him down. “Don’t beat yourself up over it. You did what you needed to do. The answer might not have been what you wanted to hear, but… hmmm, well, such is life.”

“Yeah. Chale, don’t dwell on it for too long. It’s already been a couple of days since it happened, right?” Jackson asked.

Edem nodded. “And we haven’t spoken since then.”

“Hmmm. Yeah, the whole awkwardness thing, I’m sure,” Selasi said. “It’s always quite tough saying no to a friend who likes you. Unless you’re just plain immature and entitled, you’ll know he’s hurting and will want to keep a little distance.”

“I agree. Ed, just let her be for now. Don’t push anything. You should hear from her eventually,” Jackson urged. “Whatever happens after that, just remember that you’ll be fine. These things happen, chale. Feel free to nurse your broken heart for a while. Then get yourself back together and locomote to the future. Simple as that.”


As Diamond waved to her partner from the departing Uber in which she sat, that old tug at the heart came rushing back.

The Smooth Wrapz trailer out of sight after a few minutes, she leaned back in her seat and sighed.

Business was okay. Of course, people were taking their time in warming up to the brand. Considering how busy she and Maabena had been throughout the day, she could be proud of the baby steps taken so far. “Treasure those humble beginnings”, as Pastor Lois had told her.

But there was something else on her mind.

That proposal from Edem at the grand opening.

The memory of that excited spark in her belly that his touch ignited when he held her chin was an indelible mark on her brain. Those brown eyes piercing hers as he officially proposed could not be easily erased. That moment was something else.

But… in the midst of all that, doubt whispered into her ear and sent waves of unease down her spine.

Remember Maabena? How in love she was, only for her man to go behind her back and marry another woman? Remember your favourite YouTube Couple? Valdo and Loya? Didn’t they just break up and cancel the channel altogether? Do you honestly think it’s worth saying yes? What if he breaks your heart and you guys become enemies?

Swayed by those fears, she had shaken her head, claimed that a relationship wasn’t what she wanted with him, and walked away, leaving him with what she was sure was a face burning with humiliation and disappointment.

It had been a few days, though, and she constantly did her best to tell herself that she made the right choice. After all, she had seen firsthand how hard it was on a person when a breakup occurred. And heartbreak was the last thing she needed to experience. Better not to put yourself in front of cocked muskets ready to fire.

Yet… there was this deep dissatisfaction within. This inkling that kept her feeling like this was a bad decision. This deep impression that that proposal should have received a positive response.

Because the reality was, deep down within her soul, burned a raging flame of passion for Edem.

Her eyes focused on the lit up buildings they sped past, she sighed again and rubbed her forehead.

I’ve made the right choice. I know I have feelings for him and all, but… it’s not worth getting hurt over… yeah, yeah, I made the right choice haven’t I?

So Diamond said no? Ah! And Toby too has really gotten himself in trouble, hasn’t he? Let’s see what happens as the season unfolds…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP13 – Smooth Wrapz Is Open 2

And here we are! The final episode of the penultimate season of the beloved MTD series! We’ve already seen the good vibe it’s sorta ending on, but there’s still quite a lot more to be seen, so… let’s complete this!

“Diamond my love! That was a fantastic speech!” Larissa gushed as she stretched her arms out wide, her daughter walking straight into them.

It was about five minutes after that ‘fantastic speech’ had been made. Maabena had also made her own comments, and Selasi had subsequently brought the little ceremony to a close. Now it was simply a matter of socializing and enjoying Smooth Wrapz’ flagship snacks. Which was in full swing. After all, the evening was still very young.

“Thank you, twinniee!! I’m so grateful, and I meant every word of it!”

“I know, honey, I know!”

“Great speech, Dee!” Serwaah added her voice as the two separated. Diamond looked down at her little sister and smiled, wrapping her arms around her.

“Thank you, baby girl! I’m so grateful to all of you. You all helped in your own special ways to make this happen. I love you!”

“Love you too!” was response from both mother and younger sister.

“Hmmm. This is a perfect time for our special love language,” Larissa added, a finger on her chin. “Or what do you say?”

Diamond and Serwaah agreed enthusiastically.


The three Dolphyne ladies shared their vintage Dolphyne Air Kiss, before Larissa pulled the two of them close in an embrace.

“Awwww, I love you, my beautiful babies. Always have and always will.”

Their warm little embrace did not last too long, however, as Adjeiwaa and a crying Barimah came to them.

“Auntie Larissa, please, Barimah is looking for Mummy,” Adjeiwaa said as her brother continued to bawl out.

“Eeei, Barimah nono. Come here, sweetie, let’s go look for your mummy,” Larissa said as she lifted up the three-year old and wiped his eyes. She looked at Diamond and smirked as he stopped crying, looking rather satisfied to be in the arms of his auntie. “This your cousin eh.”

“I know right! Barimah nie!” she gushed as she tickled him, getting a giggle out of him. “Oh, Maa, I need to attend to something at the trailer. I’ll catch up with you later, alright?”

“No problem, Dee. Serwaah, you go with Adjeiwaa, alright? Lemme go look for Jayla.”

“Alright, Maa,” Serwaah responded obediently as she took her cousin’s hand and headed for the table where the family was seated.


“Oscar, can you go and get an extra one of these for me?” Uncle Baafi asked, holding up a plate on which his chicken wrap had been.

“Alright,” Oscar responded, getting up a little too eagerly to get it for him. He liked his uncle, but the current conversation between him and Daniel bordering on the country’s financial sector was definitely not what he wanted to spend another ten minutes listening to. Not when Kwame was around and they could engage in some useless debate. He was feeling ready to battle with his cousin over whether How I Met Your Mother’s finale was terrible or not.

He headed for the trailer, where there was a line of pretty satisfied customers in a similar Oliver Twist mood. He nodded to himself. Diamond’s dream had kicked off spectacularly, and he was pleased for her. There was something to smile about.

Five minutes later, he had been served and was returning to the table where his uncle and father were seated, when he saw a rather familiar-looking figure among the crowd.

The figure of a person that had been actively avoiding him for weeks.

What was Adelaide doing here?

He wondered for a moment, then shrugged. That needn’t be his worry. It was an open thing, anyways. At least she was coming to get herself some smoothies. Good on her. At least she was supporting Diamond’s new venture.

Besides, she already didn’t want to have anything to do with him, so he was better off letting her be and going to look for his cousin so they could talk about things that would actually hold his interest.

Just as he turned his gaze, he heard a familiar voice.


He turned in surprise. It was Adelaide actually calling out to him.

She walked briskly toward him, that cute grin on her face.

“Hi Oscar,” she greeted shyly once she caught up with him.

He had honestly considered turning away from her and walking off, just to show her how unamused he was at the way she had been treating him. Somehow, though, that cute grin on her face had been sorely missed, and it had somehow tossed away the idea of airing her.

“Hello Adelaide,” he said, with a tint of coldness in his voice.

That notwithstanding, he wasn’t going to give her the impression that she was totally off the hook.

“Umm, I knew you’d be here, and I… I wanted to clear the air with you. First of all, I’m so sorry for the way I’ve been acting towards you. Please understand this, I… I never enjoyed having to be separated from you like that. There is a reason, and I… I need to let you know now. That’s why I came here. To talk.”

Oscar raised an eyebrow. She was now ready to speak? Interesting.

“It’s a long story, but I can say that she didn’t want me to speak to you. The long story will reveal just why. But Oscar, I’m really sorry. Trust me, it hurt me to ignore you more than you think. Because I really like you, Oscar. I like you so much.”

Perfect words to melt away the iciness in his heart.

He sighed. There was no way he could shove her aside at this point. Because as upset and hurt as he was, the feelings were mutual.

Maybe now, something good was coming his way. After the past couple of disappointments, he was finally striking gold.

“I like you too, Addy. And sure, we can find a place and talk about this whole issue. Just gimme a moment. I need to give this to my uncle. I’ll be back. Looks like we have a lot to talk about.”

“Oh, most definitely, Oscar. Most definitely.”

“Great. And uh, get yourself a wrap or something. They’re ridiculously good!”

“Sure, I will!”


“Ei, sister Ajay that!” Toby said, grinning as his little cousin walked up to the table with Serwaah.

Lifting her up onto his lap, he began to engage her in little child talk while he handed over his phone to Serwaah, who wanted to show him one of the latest dance videos she wanted them to work on.

As she opened YouTube and typed in the name of the video, a WhatsApp notification appeared.

“Toby, you have a message oo. Looks like it’s from… Delphine or something…” she murmured.

In a split second of panic, Toby suddenly reached out and snatched the phone from Serwaah’s hand, scrambling to see what she had sent to him. Not too long ago, he had ended up opening her chat and realizing she had sent him a very steamy bathroom selfie. Until then, the auto-download option on his WhatsApp messenger had been switched on, and despite promising himself to turn it off, he was yet to do that.

Opening the chat in a panic, he breathed a sigh of relief as he realized it was a simple text. No x-rated pictures.

Then he turned to Serwaah, who had a look of astonishment and suspicion on her face. Suddenly realizing how crudely he had taken the phone from her, his pupils darted from her gaze. “Sorry, Princess,” he muttered. “Just some… silly girl sending spam stuff.”

Serwaah didn’t seem very convinced. Or satisfied with his apology.

“Look, lemme quickly send the person a message, then I’ll give it back to you. I’m sorry, wai. I shouldn’t have snatched it from you like that. Just one of those things.”

She shrugged. “Okay. Then lemme have Adjeiwaa.”

“Sure,” he agreed, lifting his little cousin onto Serwaah’s laps. “Ei, Ajay, you’ve become a big geh paa oo!”

Adjeiwaa giggled in response.

Turning to the phone screen, he opened WhatsApp and read the message.

Toby, what the hell is going on? I’ve been trying to contact you for the past couple of weeks and all you do is blue tick me and ignore my calls. I don’t understand what’s going on…

He shut his eyes and sighed inwardly.

Indeed, the silence was not the best. Since she had suggested the after-exam sex, he had totally ignored all her messages. It was only that afternoon that curiosity got the better of him and he ended up finding the last message sent to be a bathroom picture of her topless, her left arm covering her exposed breasts. With a caption “Don’t you just miss them?” 

The guilt was still present; it was only the little assistance he had offered in the build-up to this event that had kept his mind occupied. He hadn’t said anything to her yet, knowing she most likely did not feel the same way.

But with this message, he knew it was time to set things straight with her. At least a message would be sufficient.

In a minute, he had typed out his response.

Hi Delphine. I’m really sorry I haven’t responded to you for a while. It’s just that I’ve been thinking, and I have to be honest with you: this fling between us is not right. I’ve honestly not been myself since the second time we had sex. I’m sorry, but I think we have to end this. I don’t wanna continue with it anymore. I’ll explain better when we meet in school. Happy holidays.

He pressed the send button.

Watched as the two ticks appeared.

Saw the ‘online’ word immediately appear below her name at the top, and the ticks turn blue.

He quickly exited the chat and put it on mute, then exited and handed over his phone to Serwaah. He’d read the reaction later. What mattered was that she knew the truth.

He was no longer interested in this illicit relationship. He had betrayed his conscience and his morals enough. He had allowed himself to be swayed and spellbound by her body for too long. He may have fallen, but still. It was time to do what Diamond had told him to do a long time ago.

Time to bring it to an end.


“Oh lawd, this has been hella successful!” Diamond cheered as she met with her partner at the side of the trailer. “Just as we had planned and prayed for!”

“Most definitely, baby girl. Such a relief that all those hours of hard work paid off,” Maabena agreed, stretching out her hands upwards. “We did it, Dee!”

“And we’re definitely gonna keep doing it!” Diamond added, giving her partner a hug. Upon separating, she bit her lip and had a bit of a guilty look on her face. “I should probably apologize to Edem now. Still feeling guilty about telling him to eff off.”

“Still haven’t spoken to him?”

Diamond shook her head.

“Well, go look for him and make up! Life’s too short for these small beefs. Go on and find him.”

“Yes, ma.”


“So yeah, you need to let your pride down and apologize to her. That was definitely not the right thing to say. I mean, tease her if you want, but if it’s offensive, you definitely have to backtrack. That was not the right thing to do at all,” Selasi gently chided her cousin.

“Mmmm. Yeah, you’re right. In hindsight, I realize that was rather messed up. I really should have been more responsive to her feelings. Don’t worry, I’m gonna go look for her and…”


The two of them, standing beside the Amenus’ car, turned to see the one they spoke of heading towards them.

“Well, you’ve got your work cut out for you, baby boy. Clear things up and move on, alright? I’m gonna go find Jackson,” she ended, before patting him on the shoulder and walking away, giving Diamond a compliment as she headed towards the area where the trailer was located, many people still going for refills.

He took a deep breath as the most beautiful girl in his sights approached him.

“Hey, umm… I want to apologize for last night. I really shouldn’t have used the F word on you like that. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, I was just about to look for you to do that myself. Coz truth is I owe you a bigger one. In hindsight, I was quite an asshole last night, and I should’ve been more sensitive. So I should be the one to be sorry. I promise, I’m not that much of a horrible guy.”

“I know, Edem,” she replied assuredly, rubbing his arm. “We all slip up every now and then. But you’re an amazing guy, and I’m glad to have you around. You’re a major reason why we’ve been so successful. And besides, I’ve had my dealings with horrible guys, and you’re definitely not one of them.”

“Oh, of course. Archibald is there. Archibald. Ah, what yawa name too is that?”

“Edem, please, not now.”

The two of them laughed. Then, that silence followed.

That ever awkward silence.

“Well, I guess I’ll be heading back to the ceremony,” she said, then turned to leave.

In a split second, the words he had been hoarding for so long tumbled out of his mouth.

“Diamond, I’m in love with you.”

She froze, and turned to him, wide-eyed.

It didn’t look like she was expecting that. But those moments of awkward silence had to end. The truth had to come out now.

“Diamond, I’m crazy about you. Honestly, amazing isn’t enough to describe how wonderful a woman you are. I can never seem to get you out of my mind, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve felt this way for some time, and I… I can’t keep it to myself. Honey, I am deeply and hopelessly in love with you.”

Her hands in his, he watched as she inhaled and exhaled gently, still trying to absorb the depth of this.

“God, you’re so beautiful, Diamond,” he breathed. “You blow my mind every single day. Like, I’m so damn serious. You really do.”

She simply stayed mute, her eyes staring straight into his.

“You are the most beautiful, most ambitious, most intelligent, most incredible young lady I’ve ever come across. It’s been nothing but bliss since you came my way. And at this point in time, I know that I need you in my life. Not as just a friend. I want more with you. So much more.”

With that, he let go of her right hand and held her chin, looking deep into her eyes.

The time had come. He had been dreaming about this for a while now. With all the anxieties that came with it. But this was it. No turning back.

Now that she knew how he felt, it was time to finally pop the question.


“Yes, Edem?” she responded breathlessly.

“Will you be my lady?”

Well, that’s quite an ending. Will Diamond say yes? She should, shouldn’t she? After all, she feels the same way about him. And it looks like things might be turning around for Oscar. I just wonder what happened with Adelaide’s mother and prophetess to begin with. And something tells me ending things with Delphine won’t be as easy as Toby thinks.

Well, season 3 has come to an end, and the next one is the final season. You’ll find out in due time when it’ll be out. In the meantime, other limited series and the like will come out soon, so be on the lookout for those!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP12 – Smooth Wrapz Is Open 1

So season 3 ends with a good thing. Diamond’s little business is opening up, and we get to see the build-up to it! Of course, a lot is going to happen in the midst of all this. So let’s get into part 1 of this…

“Ah! Edem! Are you seriously saying this? Really?”

“And what is wrong with I said if I might ask? Isn’t it the truth? Am I not allowed to be honest?”

“Honest? Massa, this isn’t honesty. This is just being an all-out jerk.”

“Ah! Really? Because of something as trivial as your handwriting, you’re using that word on me?”

“And you think it’s not offensive that you said it looks like chicken diarrhoea? You think it’s something I should laugh about? It’s hurtful, if you didn’t know.”

“Fine, fine, I’m sorry.”

“And what kind of clumsy apology is that?”

“Ah! I’ve said sorry, lah. Abi you said it’s offensive, so me too, I’m apologizing.”

“I’m not accepting this trash apology.”


“Seriously. If you can’t get it in your head that apologies are supposed to be authentic and not just coz you wanna run away from the offence you’ve created, then save it.”

“Wait. Diamond, are you indirectly calling me a coward or something?”

“I’m not responsible for how you’ll process it, gentleman. And anyways, you’re a joker if you think you can suddenly turn the tables and play victim.”

“You know what? I’m not gonna continue with this. Have yourself a nice evening.”

“Whatever. Just f**k off.”

Diamond hung up and tossed her phone on her bed. Not the best of ways to end the conversation with him the night before the grand opening.


“Good morning,” Adelaide greeted her mother as she entered the kitchen.

“Good morning,” she responded, busily washing the dishes in the sink. Adelaide went to take the broom and rag, ready to sweep the living room and clean the furniture. As she moved out, she heard her mother’s phone ring. Going to take it, she saw the name ‘Prophetess Joyce’ on the screen.

Her lip curled in disgust. She really did not like this woman. Not just because she was the reason why she could no longer speak to the guy she liked, but she just disliked the rather bossy manner in which she behaved. Spend a maximum of thirty minutes with her, and you’d get impression that she was the closest person to God than even the apostle Paul.

Nonetheless, she might as well hand it over to her mother. So she did.

Returning to the living room to begin her chores for the day, she was ready to begin with cleaning the center tables and the smaller ones by the chairs when she heard a slightly loud “Huh?” from the kitchen.

She immediately stood up straight, panic in her eyes. Those kind of reactions were usually due to the bad news of death. And that was something she deeply disliked.

“Oh, God, who is it?” she said aloud to herself as she crept towards the door. Her mother’s phone had a bit of an issue with sound, so she ended up having to place all her calls on speaker.

She listened in.

“Auntie, it’s very urgent. Please. You need to come immediately. Please!”

“Ei. Prophetess. You’re scaring me ooo.”

“I know. I know. But you’ll understand everything when you come. Please, leave the house and come now!”

As Adelaide decided to quickly sneak back to the living room before her mother ended the call, she wondered what was wrong. The prophetess did not sound like she was in a good state at all. And as much as she wasn’t exactly Adelaide’s cup of tea, she’d never wish anything bad upon the servant of God.

I wonder what’s wrong, she thought as her mother immediately rushed out and sped to her room, obviously to get dressed and see the prophetess.


“The next twenty minutes? Alright, Daddy… no, just a few people trickling in here and there,” Diamond said as she looked at the canopies set up beside the trailer. Maabena and a few other volunteers were arranging the last of the chairs. 

No doubts about it, everything was looking splendid. All was going according to plan.

“Oh, the MC is in. I’m going to see her now. So I’m right here. I’ll see you guys in a bit… ayt. Bye.”

She waited as the car stopped, and out stepped Selasi, clad in the Smooth Wrapz T-shirt and jeans. Pretty much the same attire she was in. She noticed Edem in the passenger seat next to Selasi’s husband, and turned her eyes away. She still was not in the mood to talk to him.

“Hello darling!” Selasi greeted, her arms wide open.

“Hey queen!” Diamond responded, embracing her. “Damn, you know how to make a T-shirt and jeans look so good.”

“Please, girl, I’m ordinary. You, Miss Diamond Dolphyne, are the one who’s looking stunning. Yellow definitely makes you look like a snack,” Selasi grinned.

Diamond laughed. “Oh wow. My favourite IG lady thinks I’m a snack. I think I’ve made it in life!”

The two laughed.

“So, everything is set?” Selasi asked, looking at the set up.

“Yeah, just a few more sound checks.”

“Good, good. Ummm, by the way, I noticed Edem’s been quite moody the entire day. And it seemed even worse whenever your name was mentioned. Yet he won’t talk. What’s going on?”

The smile on Diamond’s face subsided. “Umm, we had a squabble last night. He said something nasty, and instead of a proper apology, he was doing silly things.”

“Calm down, honey,” Selasi said, rubbing her on the back. “These things happen. But don’t let it get in the way of a big day like this. He might have hurt you, and I’ll talk to him about it. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s been one hell of an instrumental figure in helping this dream come to pass. So don’t take it to heart. I’ll talk to him…”

“Mrs. Amenu!” one of the sound technicians called. Their little convo interrupted, she excused herself as she walked towards him.

There wouldn’t be much time for chit-chat from then, as some of the invited guests started coming in. Within twenty minutes, many of the tables were occupied, as the time drew near for the beginning of the ceremony introducing the latest healthy foods joint to the nation.


“And now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I declare this business open to the glory of the Lord! I declare that this business is blessed! I declare that this business shall flourish and shall never go down! I declare every evil eye against the growth of this business blinded in the name of Jesus! Let every accusing mouth be silenced in the name of Jesus! Let the lines of this business fall in pleasant places! Let the products of this business be a blessing to each and every customer! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!… Father, we give You the glory. We give You the praise. And we give You the honour. For we know that Thy will has been made manifest in the lives of these young ladies. And we know that You have started it, shall bring it to completion. In the name of Jesus. Amen!”

The crowd responded with a resounding amen.

“Amen! Thank you, Pastor Macarthy, for such a powerful opening prayer,” Selasi commented as she took the mic from Maabena’s pastor.

At the table where the Dolphyne family sat, Daniel nodded as he leaned towards his wife and murmured, “Chale, the man has given me goosebumps sef. Herh!” 

“No jokes, chale. No jokes!” Larissa agreed.


An hour had passed, and Diamond, Maabena, Edem and the rest of the team and volunteers couldn’t have been more delighted.

Everything was going well.

The performers hired for the occasion had come and done their thing quite admirably. The ushers for the evening were keeping things in order. Selasi was doing a yeoman’s job as MC. And everyone who had been served with a smoothie and a wrap seemed quite pleased.

This could be evidenced by the positive comments being given as Selasi went around asking random guests how they found the flagship snacks of the latest healthy foods joint in town.

“Oh, I love it! This chicken wrap and tangerine smoothie is super! Absolutely super!” one young lady squealed enthusiastically.

“Awesome!” Selasi responded happily. “Well well well, I can see we’re all having a wonderful time and we’re enjoying ourselves. Well, I think it’s about time we hear from the two ladies behind this brand new joint. Or what do y’all say?”

Affirmative shouts and cheers were the response as she looked at Diamond and Maabena, who were sitting in front. The two nodded, ready to come forward.

“Alright! Ladies and gentlemen, please join me as we welcome the two geniuses behind this. Miss Diamond Dolphyne and Miss Maabena Agyei!”

The cheers increased in volume as the two stood up and made their way to the front, giving Selasi pecks as they took in the love and applause.

Diamond took the mic, and looked around for a moment.

So many smiling faces. Looks of delight from many in the crowd. Her immediate family. Church members. School friends.

A sense of pride and satisfaction filled her up at that point. This was the fulfillment of her dreams! She had dreamed of this for so long, and it was finally coming true!

In spite of the few roadblocks, her dream of owning this healthy foods joint was actually manifesting. And everyone that mattered was rightly there, showing her all the love and support they had already displayed since she started.

She raised the mic, and began.

“Umm, ladies and gentlemen, this has… been a long time coming. This has been a dream that’s been in the works for a while now, and honestly, this whole ceremony has been… overwhelming, I guess? I mean, it’s kinda hard to believe that… this dream is finally a reality!”

Thunderous applause followed.

“I must say, the journey did teach me a couple of things. For one, this whole thing taught me that not everyone who’s close to you is actually your friend, and there are some who’d actually rather sabotage your dreams. Mainly because they don’t have any other ways of dealing with their insecurities.”

A few hmmmms could be heard. Of course, those who knew about the whole Shormeh debacle understood. 

“I also learned that when God takes such people out of your life, He’ll always give you an amazing replacement,” she continued, putting her arm around Maabena. “And honestly, that couldn’t have been a better experience. For without it, it wouldn’t have spawned this great joint. I might have gone alone, but it wouldn’t have been the same without Maabena. And I am absolutely grateful for her!”

Maabena wrapped her arms around Diamond as more cheers and claps rang out.

“So, I’m so grateful to God for making this a success. It’s taken around five months to get everything in order. Much quicker than I expected. I’m thankful to my family for their undying support and love. Daddy, Maa, Oscar, Toby, Anasah, Serwaah, Kwame, I love you all so, so much. You’re the best family a girl could ever have.”

Cheers came from the table where they sat. Particularly from Oscar and Toby.

She quickly rolled her eyes. Those two would not let her rest, now that she had included them in the ‘love list’. A list she always removed them from due to their constant trolling.

“To the team. Madam Becky, Edem, Mr Bempong, Madam Gracie Allotey, all the volunteers, I thank you all so much. You’ve made this thing work. Wouldn’t have made it without you. Reverend Ocran, Pastor Lois, and everybody else at Triumphant Chapel, your prayers and encouragement are absolutely appreciated.”

She stopped for a moment, then added, “And I’d like to briefly give a shout-out to one of my dearest sweethearts who isn’t here at the moment. She’s starting with chemo, and I know it’s a tough time. Aki, I just want you to know that I love you, you’ll make it through this, and you’ll soon be frequenting this place like crazy. I’m confident of that.”

This had quite a number of people on their feet as they applauded those words of solidarity.

“And to everyone else that has given us the needed support, donations and all that good stuff, we are absolutely grateful. We couldn’t have done this without you. It was just a dream, and you’ve helped to make it real now. So, it is official now…”

She lowered the mic, allowing Maabena to hold it. 

Time to carry out what they had been planned that morning.

The two took a deep breath and let it out.


The audience, much to their delight, had saved the best and the loudest cheers for last.

Indeed, Diamond was now officially an entrepreneur.

The beginning of a new journey!

Good for Diamond!! Always sweet to see your dreams come true. Now we wait to see the second part of this. And come to the proper end of the penultimate season of MTD!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP11 – Mute

So, we carry on with this tale. Toby’s realized his error, we’re hoping for the best for Aki, and don’t forget that Diamond’s business is still under works. Oh yeah, and some brewing somtin with Edem. We should see something about that soon enough…

“Hello?… Yes?… Massa, massa, goweyu! Idiot!”

Oscar ended the call and shook his head in annoyance as he looked at his brother busily packing the last of his items.

“These Mobile Money scammers no be serious! Ah! Same old style for the past 2 years. They think we are all stupid!”

Toby shook his head. “Daft peoples nkwaaa. It’s good, anyways. Once they use those old lines, you know you just tell them to eff off and end it.”

“That’s all. Me, I don’t have time for them now. You start that nonsense about sending money to my number naaa, I’ll just give it to you and hang up. That’s the last bag, right?”

“Yeah.” Toby hoisted up the bag on his shoulders. “Chale, time to move. As for the ice chest, I spoke to the hostel manager. He’ll get some people to put it in some storeroom, so no worries about that.”

“Alright, alright, let’s go.”

As he followed his older brother out the door to lock it, he sighed to himself.

Only God knew just how Toby managed to get past the rest of the semester.

From morning to evening, the weight of guilt remained an ever-present feeling in the depths of his chest. Regrets aplenty about his escapades with Delphine. Every time he was out, it felt like somebody was glaring at him in an accusatory manner. Discomfort galore. It took so much effort to shove those feelings aside and focus on his exams. Even then, he wasn’t sure he would be able to maintain his usually high standards.

Even more irritating was the way his mind constantly brought up flashbacks of those two times. Bringing up mental pictures of him greedily unhooking her bra, burying his head in between her legs, among other things.

Indeed, the elders in his life had not been kidding. These kind of affairs never ended well.

As for Delphine herself, he had not been seeing her since that Sunday. It looked like she also kept herself very busy during the exam season. Messages too were few and far between as well. Just some flirty quotes here and there.

As the brothers walked to the car, a message came through on Toby’s phone. He checked it.

A message from Delphine.

Hey bumpkin. Finally done with my last paper. Some end-of-sem sex wouldn’t be bad kraaa. Anaa? 

Toby sucked in his breath.

“Why?” Oscar asked as he turned around, looking concerned at that sudden sound.

Toby shook his head, quickly thinking of a lie to cook up. “Uhh… some guy bi on one of the group pages. Saying he’s lost his best friend or something.”

“Oh chale. Yawa oo.”


As they got into the car, Toby swiped the message away and put the phone in his pocket. He was not going to respond to that message. In fact, he would not respond to any of her messages henceforth. Giving her any more leeway in his life would not amount to anything profitable.

And as for those two times he got into bed with her? Nobody had to know about it.

Not Oscar, not Kwame, not Anasah, not Serwaah, certainly not his parents.

And definitely not Diamond. She’d absolutely rage at him if she knew he had not only ignored her advice, but had gone ahead to get into Delphine’s panties twice.

As to what he was going to do next, he had no idea, but one thing was certain.

Nobody had to know.


The gate to the Mwita residence opened, as Adelaide entered the house. Seeing Akinyi seated at the porch, she walked over to her. 

“Hey baby girl!” she greeted softly as she took her seat beside her.

Akinyi, whose head was down, nodded silently.

Adelaide sighed.

It had been a week since the meeting with her doctor, and despite their prayers against it, it had been confirmed: Akinyi had to go through six months of chemotherapy.

“Honey, I know you’re still worried about what’s ahead. I can only imagine. But don’t let that weigh you down. It’s better than having the cells run riot in your body and taking the life out of you. This is for a couple of months,” Adelaide assured her as she reached for her hand.

Akinyi nodded. “Yeah, I know. It’s just that… it’s a scary future ahead. And I’m not looking forward to it at all. There’s even the risk of contracting infections here and there, and I sometimes get scared that I might just catch something deadly and…”

“Don’t worry, Aki, don’t worry,” Adelaide consoled. “I know they’re gonna do their utmost best to ensure you make it through safely. And besides, I know above all things that God will protect you. He’s already taken you out of the main danger, so there’s no way He’ll let anything minor take you out.”

Akinyi sighed. “Thank you, Addy. I’m just shaken by it all. But I guess I have to get over the fear now and brave the storm.”

“That’s all! Be bold and courageous. You’re gonna make it through and be an inspiration to many!”

“Amen to that, sister. What’s up with you, by the way?”

Now it was time for Adelaide to sigh. “Well… my mother and I are still on ice, if I should put it that way. And I’ve had to keep avoiding Oscar. Which hurts so much. The worst part is when I end up avoiding Kwame as well. Makes me feel so awkward. The poor guy’s done nothing to me, yet it’ll feel rude greeting just him. I just wish something would happen, coz this is unbearable…”

“Hmmmm. Another complex situation. And this is gonna drive a wedge between us four.”

“Exactly. I really don’t like this at all. Extremely divisive. This is just one of the reasons I doubt the whole authenticity of that prophecy. I don’t know. I just keep praying and hoping, that’s all. I just keep praying and hoping…” 


“So what’s the plan at this stage? Now that these reports have come out?”

“Well, Barnie said the aim right now is to at least get the charge knocked down to manslaughter. It’s about the best we can do for her right now.”

“Hmmm. Now I’m really starting to feel bad about doubting her. Ei, so this Adamtey man was that wicked? Herh!”

“Don’t worry, Danny. At least you now know it’s the truth. Those tears were no fake. She really was raped by the man. The slimy bastard literally penetrated her anally at a point.”

Daniel cringed at that last sentence. “Oh God, that’s messed up.”

Larissa shook her head as she sat up in the chair adjacent to his seat. “Very messed up. Yet those dumbasses out there are too blinded by political loyalty to accept their flawless warrior was a pathetic waste of semen who treated this lost girl like trash. It’s just disgusting.”

It was evening, and as usual, after a long day at work, the Dolphyne couple were seated in the living room, talking about various issues. The topic of Aniyah’s trial came up. The medical reports had been released, with the confirmation of Aniyah’s rape by Adamtey, as well as the revelation that she was suffering from PTSD. With all this having come out, it was no longer a straightforward case, as many would have believed.

Of course, his party faithful would rather drink a bucketful of dog vomit than accept that their fallen hero was a bad person in private, so they continued to proclaim all these as falsified documents, all part of the grand scheme to drag his name further into the mud.

“So, there’s no chance of her being freed?” Daniel asked.

Larissa shook her head. “If he had come there and tried to rape her and she did something to protect herself, we could have claimed self-defence. But this one… she planned it, lured him in… chale, manslaughter is the best we can get. As for going behind bars, it’s the most likely eyi to happen. I really wish it wouldn’t have gone that way, but chale, the law is the law.”

Daniel sighed and shook his head.

The two of them turned as the front door opened, and Diamond walked in, looking pretty knackered.

“Diamond honey!” Daniel greeted as his daughter threw herself on the couch. “Exhausted , I can see.”

“Very!” Diamond groaned. “Setting things up for the grand opening is not a joke. The next two weeks will not be easy at all.”

“Oh, that’s for sure,” Larissa said. “It’s all in the game. You can see entrepreneurship is not jollof.”

“Ei, Maa, it’s not ooo. It’s not at all. This girl has had stress starting up this thing. But at least it’s been good. Edem and Maabena are definitely godsends.”

“Thank God about that. By the way, the Maabena girl, is she okay? After that whole boyfriend issue?”

“Oh yeah. Initially I thought she might not be in the right frame of mind for it, but she said she won’t let it throw the whole dream out of shape. She doesn’t wanna sit at home and brood when there’s this to attend to. As for the guy, he tried begging her, but he backed off when she threatened to tell his wife.”

Daniel shook his head. “Very stupid boy. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these young men these days. Do they think a woman’s heart is some plaything they can cast aside and pick up any time they want? Hmm.”

“Oh, say it again, Daddy. Anyways, he’s out of her hair now. So that’s over. We’re focused on the task at hand.”

“We thank God. And Efo too is doing fine, eh?”

Diamond held back a big smile. Thoughts of his compliments on her dress came to mind, and it really made her feel good. She didn’t want to give her parents any ideas, though. “Yeah, he’s good.”

Larissa gave her a mischievous side eye. “I see. We thank God. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to the grand opening. These two weeks won’t be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth once it’s open.”

“Oh yeah, no doubt about that, Maa. And I can assure you and Daddy about this: the grand opening of Smooth Wrapz is going to be nothing short of spectacular!”

“AMEN!!” Daniel and Larissa cheered.

Alright! Well, the last two episodes of this season will pretty much be centered around that special day. A lot will happen that night, that’s for sure, and an interesting ending is coming!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP10 – Black & White Sunday

So from last season, it became obvious that Delphine wanted Toby in a certain way. And it’s pretty official, she got her wish. What’s next? Oh, and we’re surely hoping for the best for Aki, too…

It was 6 am on Sunday morning. In room 101, Toby was just about stirring from his sleep when a vibration from his phone forced him to open his eyes and check who it was.

A WhatsApp video call from Delphine.

Upon seeing it, the drowsiness immediately fled from his eyes, and excitement took hold.

They hadn’t spoken much since that Thursday at 2:00 am, where they finally made love, but Toby was wholly smitten and taken up by the experience. He could hardly believe that he had been in bed with a naked Delphine, doing all the things he could imagine to her. Glorious was an understatement to describe that hour spent in her room. It had been the prominent thing on his mind since then, and he was itching for another chance to be alone with her in a room. 

 He sat up and excitedly answered. “Hey you!”

Delphine appeared on his screen. “Hey you. What’s up?”

“Ugh, just woke up. Just now, chale. Now gonna get ready for the day.”

“I see. Well… hihihi… I just wanted to let you know that I… can’t stop thinking about you. And how good you handled me the last time. Oh God, ecstasy be what!”

The slow, sensual manner in which Delphine spoke, coupled with the flirty expressions she made, did not fail in making an unholy ardour the first major emotion Toby felt that morning. She sure knew how to trigger a man in every way.

“It was awesome,” Toby agreed. “Damn, that body of yours is so ridiculous and… so juicy!”

Delphine giggled. “You enjoyed me, didn’t you? Devouring my sweet lumps, making me squeal with joy… wanna get a lil reminder of it?”

With that, she moved her phone to show him the rest of her. Covered in only her underwear.

Toby grew even more excited as she flashed her scantily clad figure at him over the phone. “Oh crap!” he moaned. “Gademn, woman! Why you gotta turn me on this early?”

“Well, Mummy called coz… she wants someone to make her feel good this morning,” she purred sensually, touching herself as Toby watched on. “Mummy needs some good love this morning. And you, with that sweet magic stick and that amazing pink wonder in your mouth, got what Mummy needs. You down for it, baby boy?”

Toby nodded without even realizing he was nodding. Exactly what he had been hoping for all weekend.

Delphine giggled as she watched his stupefied expression. “My neighbours will be all out for church by 10:30. When they’re gone, I’ll flash you, okay?”

He nodded once again.

“Good. And when you come, that thing you did the last time? Right before you left? Oh God, it was so sweet. Can you do it again when you come?”

“Oh yeah, that. I’m more than happy to do it, Mami. Loved the way it made you squirm and beg for more.”

“Hehe, can’t wait to feel you again. See you later, bumpkin.”


“Ah, so he’s going to the campus church?” Kwame asked as Oscar hung up, shaking his head as they stood at the technical area of the church, preparing for service.

“Yep. As to why, I don’t know. With the way he always complains about how they behave and stuff.”

“Exactly. He says he finds their overall demeanour to be fake or something like that. Or has he been captured by some girl bi in the church?”

Oscar shrugged. “I wonder for him. I’ll have to ask him later. And Daddy is definitely gonna question him on why he decided to go there instead. You know he feels the same way Toby does about them.”

As they stood there talking, some of the choristers, already in their robes, passed by, some of them waving to the two as they made their way to their designated seats.

Among them was Adelaide.

She looked at the two of them, quickly turned away and walked on as if she had not seen them.

Having seen her reaction, Oscar shook her head. “I just don’t get it. I’ve never met her parents that they might say I was rude or something. All of a sudden, they say don’t talk to me. I really don’t get it.”

“That’s what she said?”

“Nah, but when I asked, she didn’t deny it. Just continued to push me away.”

“Hmmmm. Well, let’s worry about that later. Let’s just get ready for service. Aki’s gonna be around today.”

“Oh, grand, chale! Then no be small fans she go receive when she shows up!” 


“Mmmmmm. See you later, you dirty little man.”

Toby smirked as he looked back at the naked lady on the bed, who lay on her side, giving him that good old look of desire.

It was 10:37 when he had gotten the expected missed call. In a state of enthusiasm, he sped out of the room and headed to the top, straight for Room 401. When he knocked on the door and she opened, looking the same way she had when she called, there were no words between them. Just an outpouring of raw, unfiltered emotion as they hungrily and ravenously kissed and undressed each other before spending the next hour pleasuring each other in various ways, to the point of madness.

As he exited the room, he was feeling extremely good about himself. Within a week, the hottest babe in the hostel had been ravished twice by him. He had been super discreet, avoided getting caught, and most of all, Delphine’s reaction to both moments had him feel like he really satisfied her.

As he entered his room and fell on his bed, he sighed, the air of accomplishment still occupying space in his chest. No doubt about it, he felt good.

He closed his eyes and felt his body totally relax as he began to playback in his mind what he had done to her not long ago.

Then a voice in his head dropped a question.

Okay, so now what?

He frowned, discomfort suddenly taking over. He had been so focused on the periods of enjoyment, he didn’t ponder over the future. Now his conscience was raising all sorts of deep questions. Questions that he did not like.

So now that you’ve had sex with her, what’s next? Are you gonna start a relationship with her? Will she agree to that? Can you introduce her proudly to your family? Are you okay with the control she has over you right now? To the extent of giving up church just to go give her head and strokes?

These questions hit hard. He tried to blank them out, but they came back at him with an unrelenting vengeance, forcing him to ponder over the real answers to them, until he sat up from his bed, feeling nauseous.

He had fallen into the trap!


“Brothers and sisters, let’s welcome our dearly beloved sister, Aki!”

The auditorium of Triumphant was rife with cheers and applause as the little Kenyan lady made her way to the podium.

She had been around for a few months, but it had not taken long for her to become a popular figure among many in the congregation. So obviously, the news of her diagnosis had been very unpleasant news to all, and she had been absent for a while, following her surgery. So it was natural that with her return, she’d let everyone see her and know how she was faring.

As she stepped onto the podium, she received a tight hug from Pastor Lois before taking the microphone from her. Her eyes quickly scanning the happy congregants, she spotted all the familiar faces.

Including Adelaide, her auntie, bestie, and all the Dolphyne family members.

Except for Toby, of course.

“Praise the Lord, everybody!”

“Hallelujah!” an enthusiastic response came from them.

Smiling, she shut her eyes and took a quick deep breath before opening them again to continue.

“Umm, so, we all know what happened. I had the surgery and had the tumour removed a few weeks back. And by the grace of God, it was successful…”

She was interrupted by the applause that erupted. Once they cooled down, she went on.

“… so this week, Auntie Grace and I will be finding out whether chemotherapy is needed or not. Since it was stage 2, the doctors said there’s a chance I might not need it, and honestly, I don’t want it, because the side effects that come with it are just… they scare me. So, I’m grateful to God for what’s happened so far, and I’m thankful to all of you for your immense support through this tough time. That said, I still need your prayers, so I get a positive response from the doctors. Thank you.”

She handed over the microphone to Pastor Lois and stepped off the podium, amidst more claps and loud promises that she would definitely be remembered in their prayers.

Of course they would. Triumphant Chapel adored Akinyi Mwita.


“I know you’ve been frightened about this whole thing, sonny boy. I’m sure there may have been flashbacks of your mom and Renata. That one di33, I know it’s been on your mind since it all started…”

Kwame sighed, nodding as he held up his phone as he chatted with his father via WhatsApp video call. Service was over, and the compounds were buzzing with activity, as people met and greeted and chatted and laughed. 

“Yeah, I have. Can’t lie about that. I really got scared that yet another dear female figure would get snatched by death. It’s not been easy, with how I have to cover up and be strong for her sake. But… it’s been really alarming for me.”

“Well, you can calm down now. She’s gonna be fine. And hopefully there will be no need for her to undergo chemo. You’re definitely not gonna go through that trend again, son, so don’t let fear keep its grip on you. Calm down.”

Kwame nodded as he kept his eyes on the screen. “Sure, sure. I’m calmer now. Much calmer.”

“Good. And uh, I hope there’s been no temptation to… you know…”

Kwame shook his head. “Nope, no cigarettes, Dad. Haven’t even entertained the thought of it. Wouldn’t even work if I attempted it while under the Dolphyne roof. I’d definitely get caught.”

“Thank God. I’m just glad to hear that. Well, I’ll soon be coming home. Looking at late January. I’m getting tired of Canada, chale. Just want to come back and settle down.”

“Oh, neat! That’s great!”


The familiar voice of the baby Dolphyne was the next sound they heard, as Serwaah walked up to the car.

Kwame sat up. “Hey princess, what’s up?”

“Is that Serwaah?” Clayton asked.

“Yeah. Hey, Serwaah, it’s my dad on the line.”

“Oh, nice! Hello, Uncle Clay!”

“Hello, sweetheart! How are you doing?”


The toilet seat slammed down, he flushed it, discarding of the little breakfast he’d had earlier that morning that he had ended up vomiting.

Getting up, he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. Tears welled up as he gazed at his reflection with shame.

What have you done to yourself, Toby?

“God, I’ve messed up!” he wailed as he looked down, the tears dropping into the sink.

The bound and gagged angel had somehow finally broken loose, and was wasting no time in pointing out the utter folly in his decision to be led by his feelings.

Flashbacks of exhortations from Daniel, Larissa and their pastors came hard and fast at him like stones hurled at Stephen. Hitting his temples hard, he felt the need to hurt himself as much as possible, as punishment for being so stupid.

Oh God, Toby, what have you done? Why did you fall for it? Why did you focus on her breasts and hips and thighs? Why did you discard the many warnings? Why have you given a precious piece of yourself away to this girl?

The sounds of his phone ringing in the bathroom were nothing more than a faint echo to his ears, as he continued to shed tears of deep regret.

The veil was well and truly off. 

Toby had messed up. Fallen totally into the trap.

Hook, line and sinker.

Indeed! Toby fell into the trap. And he’s now waking up to the reality of his actions…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP9 – All Yours

Time to close out the month of May with the latter part of this season. So, as was mentioned the last time, your wonders about Toby and his little dalliance with Delphine will finally be answered. Let’s go!

“Ah! Seriously?”

“Yes oo, Toby. The man was keeping Maabena as a side chick all this time, and he went and got married to someone else this past weekend. If not for Queen Cee, we wouldn’t have known.”

“Ei! Na how are some guys this wicked? I don’t understand. You know you won’t marry her, but you’re dating her. Then suddenly you go and marry your actual lady. Chale, it bosts my mind!”

“Hmmm. You men. Anyways, I’m on my way to her place. She’s not been answering her calls and all. The girl is devastated, obviously. Gotta give her all the help I can give.”

“Definitely. Oh chale, I feel bad for her. These stories di33, they’re always painful to hear.”

“Very. It’s left me feeling very someway… very someway… ei, I’ve forgotten to ask in a while: that Delphine girl, have you fixed your boundaries with her?”

“Uhhh, yeah, yeah. I have. You know, I don’t give her that space… so… yeah…”

“And how has her reaction been?”

“Welllllll… she’s… seemingly okay with it, I guess…”

“Toby, if she’s not mpo, too bad. It’s better she’s pissed at you than to fall in her trap. Trust me. That girl will destroy you if you make loose.”


“Well, I’ll talk to you later. Bye, Toby.”

“Bye, Dee.”

Ending the call, he switched to his WhatsApp, where he went straight to open a message that got him high on testosterone.

2 am, bumpkin. I’m all yours.

Just the message he had been waiting for, for more than a week.

It had been a pretty painful waiting period Delphine had put him through, after denying him that fateful night they first kissed. After visibly enjoying his caressing of her thigh, as well as getting necked, she had shaken her head, pushed him away again and told him, “Not tonight, boo.”

Obviously, this had not gone down well with Toby, who had been eager to rip off her clothes and unleash the overflowing cauldron of passion upon her. He tried to coax her, all to no avail. She insisted she would give him the perfect time, before exiting his room, looking very pleased with herself.

The girl was clearly the one in total control of this fling, but Toby was way too taken up by the desire to devour her to realize this. The only thing of concern to him was that he had had a taste of her goodness, and he was not the least bit satisfied. He needed her. Badly.

For days, his attention was slightly divided. Whether in class, group study or serving customers, his mind was often drifting to those sensuous curves of hers, and his craving to touch and kiss them. Her teasing videos didn’t help, either, along with cryptic messages that gave him no idea as to when she’d let him in. It felt similar to death row, at a point.

But that was over now. In a few hours, he’d be able to go beyond that caress and fulfill his most lewd thoughts.

What Diamond said had pretty much made its way through an auditory tunnel unwilling to absorb those words of wisdom into the top tower of his brain. All that mattered was finally having the opportunity to do what Clement, Adjetey and probably most of the guys in the hostel wished they could do: get it on with the unashamedly risque Delphine Awittor.


“How could I have been so stupid to not see this?” Maabena wailed as she tightened her grip around Diamond. It had obviously been a rough couple of days for the poor girl. After receiving the shocking news, she had made her checks, and indeed, the man she believed was her darling boyfriend had gone off and married another woman.

Devastation was not enough to describe how she felt. She had heard of such stories, but she never thought she would ever experience that. To think the man she had loved was nothing but a straight-faced liar who had used her heart for keepy-uppys so slick, Ronaldinho would be stunned.

“It’s alright, baby girl, it’s alright,” Diamond said soothingly, running her hands through her hair. “It’s not your fault. He’s the asshole here. He came for you and started what he knew he’d never finish. He’s the bad guy here.”

Maabena remained silent, sobbing as she kept her face buried in Diamond’s blouse. “God, I can’t believe I was in a farce all this time. And here I was, thinking I’ve found the love of my life.”

Diamond simply sighed. There was not much she could say. It was pretty sad. A few weeks ago, she was happily chatting with this guy and believing she would soon begin plans of spending forever with him. Unbeknownst to her, his idea of forever included someone else.

“It’s alright, honey. Just take it easy. Let me get you something to drink, alright,” Diamond said as she gently pried her friend off her shoulder, readying herself to head for the kitchen.

As Maabena nodded, there was a knock on the door.

The two ladies sat up. “Who’s there?” Maabena asked.

“Babe, it’s me. Finally done with my business retreat now.”

The look on Maabena’s face changed. From misery to rage.

The absolute nerve of Robert! To get married behind her back and come running back to pretend as if nothing had changed!

She looked ready to march right up to the door and rip his head clean off his shoulders. Diamond seemed to notice that was her desire, as she begged her to let her be the one to open the door to him.

Maabena shook her head vehemently, shoving her aside as she sprung to her feet and walked straight to the door, opening it and facing Robert.

“Hey you! I’ve missed you!” he gushed, reaching over to hug her. She pushed him off roughly, to his surprise.

“What are you here for? Does your wife know you’re here?” she asked bluntly.

The look on Robert’s face, which was already one of surprise at being pushed away, changed to one of shock upon hearing ‘your wife’. He had not expected this at all.

“Umm… wh-what do you mean?” he stuttered.

“Don’t play stupid with me, you liar! You think I don’t know? That you and some Brenda chic got married last Saturday? At the Corpus Christi Anglican church in Sakumono?”

Robert stood there, mouth agape.

Maabena shook her head. “You thought I’d never find out, didn’t you? Hmm! After toying with my heart, lying to me each and every day about how you loved me and there was no space for anybody else, you ran off to go marry somebody else, eh?”

“Baby, please, it’s not what you think-” Robert began to plead, before being silenced by a hefty slap.

“Not what I think for the where? Do you really think I’m that stupid? That you can sweet talk some false bulls**t into my ears for me to get all giddy again? How dare you!” she roared as he held his cheek.

“Babe… y-y-you slapped me,” he whimpered.

“Gentleman, don’t bring that Naija movie rubbish on me. And also, stop calling me babe. I am no longer your babe. Your babe is your wife. Go and call her babe. Now get out of my house, and never come here again.”

“Come on, ma-“

She immediately slammed the door in his face, locking it as he banged on the door, pleading for her to open.

Diamond, who had been shoved back onto the couch, had sat there watching the exchange unfold before her eyes. As Maabena stood back and took in a deep breath, she got up and walked briskly to her.

“Are you okay, Empress?” she asked.

Her eyes shut as she tried to fight back the tears, she nodded. “Yeah… I… I guess I needed to get that out.”

Diamond looked at the front door, where the persistent knocks and pleas continued. She looked back to her friend, who was fighting the urge to break down again. She put an arm around her and drew her closer.

“It’s alright, Maabena. It’s okay. Let’s get you to your room. I’ll deal with that stupid mosquito later on if it continues its buzzing.”

Maabena couldn’t help but crack a little laugh at that jab.


“So you’ll be out of here within the next 24 hours?” Kwame asked as he rose from the chair next to the bed.

Akinyi nodded.

“Well, we can be thankful that the tumour has been successfully removed. That was so flipping crucial.”

Akinyi sighed and leaned back on the fluffed up pillow. “Indeed. Oh, God knows I was terrified something would go wrong. You know how we hear those stories of doctors leaving stuff in people’s bodies and how it can have a horrid effect and so on. Trust me, those thoughts were running through my head just before I entered the theatre.”

Kwame shook his head with a little smirk on his face. “Well, nothing of that sort happened, did it? They got the needed tumour out. Now it’s left to see if the chemo will be needed or not. They said it’s a 50-50 thing for the stage you’re in, right?”

Akinyi nodded glumly. “Yeah. But… Kwame, I’m scared.”

She looked up at him, the fear visible in her eyes.

Kwame sighed, returning to his seat and taking her hand in his.

The prospect of chemotherapy had been discussed, and she was not looking forward to it at all. The side effects scared the lights out of her, and she was desperately hoping it would not be necessary. Because having to lose her hair, face constant bouts of diarrhoea and nausea and become a perennially fatigued human being was not a nice thought.

“Aki, I know. I know the side effects are not pleasant at all. That’s why we’re hoping it doesn’t have to get to that. But if it does, remember that it’s mainly to ensure those other cells don’t get up to their nonsense and cause a relapse of sorts. And as awful as it sounds, please remember that it won’t be forever. And most of all, we’re here for you.”

Akinyi sighed and nodded. “I know. I’m just… not happy about having to get there. It’s a horrible place to be.”

“Oh yeah, that I know. I can only imagine. Horrid as heck. But Aki, no matter what happens, you always have a support system you can depend on to hold you up during those low moments.”

She simply squeezed his hand in response.

“Remember what you said to me back at the A&C Mall? The feeling is very much mutual. You’re my best friend, and I love you dearly, Aki. If there’s no need for it, all glory to God! But if there is, I’m with you through it all. Be assured of that.”

A tear ran down Akinyi’s cheek as her free hand reached over to grab his occupied hand. “I really appreciate this, Kwame. I really do. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, cutie. And by the way, you can always don a bandana if the hair goes. That should help maintain the cuteness levels!”

“Hehe, we’ll see about that.”


It was 2:00 am on a Thursday morning.

Toby stood in front of Room 401. The halls, as expected, were empty, with most of the students asleep or in their rooms. He had made sure his movements were as discreet as possible. Looking around, he felt satisfied that nobody saw him come up.

He knocked. The door opened a few seconds later, and before him stood Delphine, in a transparent lace robe that covered only her underwear.

Toby shook his head. Damn!!! was all that went through his head.

Giggling, she took a step back, and unbuttoned the robe and dropped it.

He swore to himself at the resulting sight.

“All yours, Bumpkin.”

Toby immediately sprung into action, hungrily kissing her as his hands immediately went up and down her body.

From the day he had first truly noticed the ridiculously endowed Delphine Awittor, there had been that one tiny desire which had grown and battled his beliefs and values. It had been a battle to give in to it, with internal and external warnings coming his way, informing him of the consequences.

But at that point, as they got onto her bed, both of them taking each other’s last layer of clothing off, it was all too clear that he had given in to that now gigantic desire of lust.

The bound and gagged angel lowered his head in sorrow as the demon did the victorious fist pump.

Well, he didn’t go all in the last time apparently. But it’s official: Toby gave in to the girl’s charm. Sigh. What happens next? Episode 10 will tell…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP8 – Saturdays Are For Weddings

I dunno why, but this just happens to be one of my favourite episodes! And thanks to the current state of affairs, I get to put it out on a Saturday! Let’s dig in...

Yesu adi nkunim… over Satan power… Messiah adi nkunim ooo… I’m an overcomer…”

Koda’s ‘Hosanna’ song was on full blast as Larissa and her younger sister Jayla sang along, having themselves a little praise party as they headed for a wedding in Tema. Accompanied by their little daughters, Serwaah and Jayla’s five year old girl, Adjeiwaa, who were asleep in the backseat, they couldn’t have had a better time to enjoy the trip on the Motorway. And with a playlist that included Joe Mettle’s ‘My Everything’, Ohemaa Mercy’s ‘Aseda’ and Diana Hamilton’s ‘Mo Ne Yo’, their singing was nowhere near over.

Five years younger than Larissa, Mrs. Jayla Baafi shared a most delightful bond with her older sister. Given the unfortunate rift that existed deep within the Darteh extended family, which sadly had spilled over into their nuclear family, resulting in a pretty acrimonious split between their parents, the two of them were all they really had. Their cousin, Clayton Benson, was another one who remained on good terms with them, but that was all there was to it.

“Well, we’re here. And we’re late,” Larissa announced as she drove into the church car park about twenty minutes later. Finding a very suitable spot, she immediately moved into it and stopped the car. Checking the mirror to see if the girls were still asleep, she muttered, “This is all your girls’ fault, Jay. Ah, we should’ve reached here long time.”

“Don’t mind them,” Jayla responded, shaking her head. “After telling them to be ready at the mall by 9:30. Ten o’ clock, and now Ekumaa was doing her make up. Ah ah ah! But on the low, though, I get why Baby Boy gets annoyed whenever we’re going out. I can waste time papa!”

“Oh, you’re not alone, Jay!” Larissa laughed. “Sometimes Diamond and I will keep everyone waiting, and the look on Daniel’s face when we come out eh… you can see he wants to explode on us!”

“Hahaha! Mr. Darteh’s daughters can give stress! Well, time to get those lashes done, sis.”

“Of course, lah!” Larissa took out her make-up bag and tossed it at her as she turned to the back seat. “Serwaah! Adjeiwaa! We’re here now!”

Serwaah opened her eyes, then stretched as she looked out and saw the car park. “Ei, Maa, it looks like we’re late,” she commented.

“Yeah, baby girl, we are. But wait a bit. Your auntie’s doing my lashes for me. Hold on to your lil sister before she has you running all over the compound again.”

“Yes! Definitely!” Serwaah replied, a little too enthusiastically. She loved her little cousin and the three year old Barimah, and enjoyed being their big cousin for obvious reasons, but they had given her quite a headache when she and her mother went to pick Jayla. She obviously was not in the mood for part two of that.

She watched as her auntie did her mother’s make-up for her and adjusted her fascinator, then admiringly said in her typical sweet fashion, “Awww, you two are such beautiful queens!”

“AWWW!” Mr. Darteh’s daughters responded gleefully as they turned to her.

“Thank you, honey!” Jayla said, smiling at her. Larissa reached out her hand and stroked Serwaah’s chin.

“Oh, my precious little princess. Kisses!”

A Dolphyne Air Kiss between mother and daughter followed.

“OK now, you can get down. Adjeiwaa, hold your big sister’s hand, OK? Don’t cause trouble for her, OK?”

“Yes, Auntie Lari,” the little girl replied.

The two young girls got down, waiting for their mothers to lock the car. As they took a few steps to the building, Adjeiwaa noticed a young lady walking in the direction of the entrance to the church which was opposite the altar. She held a margarine bucket. She pointed innocently at the lady. “Serwaah, look at the girl with the bucket!”

Serwaah nodded in amusement. To her, that was probably one of the caterers with a bucket full of pastries for the reception.

However, as Larissa locked the door, Serwaah noticed the lady look in their direction, seemingly hearing Adjeiwaa. The look on her face was already straight, but it suddenly turned into a scowl, and she quickened her steps, disappearing out of their sight as she hurried to the entrance.

Serwaah immediately grew suspicious. “Auntie Jayla! Maa!” she called as she started to walk quickly in that direction, Adjeiwaa beside her. “There’s some lady passing the other entrance. She’s holding a bucket. It doesn’t look like she’s up to any good.”

Her police instincts kicking in, Jayla frowned, moving in the direction Serwaah walked. She saw the lady holding the margarine bucket take off the lid. “HEY!” she yelled.

The lady ran into the building.

A second or two later, the church was filled with gasps, screams and shrieks.

Jayla and Larissa rushed to the main entrance and stared in horror at the scene before them.

The groom and bride were covered in what looked like palm oil, and had absolutely stricken expressions on their faces. The bride in particular looked ready to break down and wail as loud as she could.

The lady was being held back by some of the groomsmen, shouting at the top of her voice as she struggled with them.

“You thought I’d let you go scot-free? Huh? After your hit and run, you thought I’ll let you marry your ‘virgin’ girl in peace! You are mad!! F*** you! I’ll disgrace you for the whole world to see you can’t f*** me and dump me and go scot-free! F*** you!”

It had pretty much turned into a mad house at that point. The expressions on the faces of the parents of the couple were that of utter horror and confusion. Some guests had their phones out, recording the entire scene. What should have been a beautiful union of two souls in love was now a spectacle of epic proportions.

Jayla and Larissa remained at the entrance, too stunned to speak.

“Damn,” Larissa murmured.

“Issa catastrophe in here,” Jayla said. “Looks like I’ll need to spring into action, because this is clear cut assault.”

As she marched to the front of the church, ready to delve into what would definitely be one very unpleasant aspect of her job, Serwaah and Agyeiwaa also stood at the entrance, spellbound by the ensuing chaos before them.

“Serwaah, the lady with the bucket is screaming too much. What is she saying?” the five year old complained.

Of course, Serwaah understood everything that was going on. But to explain to her that this was an angry woman who was getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend for breaking her virginity and dumping her to go and marry another girl? Nope. No way would she do that. She wouldn’t even understand.

“Ummm… you know what? Let’s go back to the car and watch some Peppa Pig episodes on your tablet. You’ll understand all this when you grow older.”


“So he got in touch with your sister?” Kwame asked, sitting by the bed in the ward.

Akinyi nodded. “Yep. But I told her he can leave a message. To speak to him is a no-no. He’s history, and I prefer he stays that way.”

“Wow. He really must have been toxic.”

“Oh, he was. I mean, Kwame, I love being a mischievous human being, no doubt. But every jovial personality knows when and where to draw the line. James never ceased to make me feel like I didn’t know how to be serious. Always chastising me, calling me Turd Brain… ugh, that phrase alone invokes so much anger. He really cut me down with his words, and breaking up with him was the best favour I did myself. I don’t need him in my life.”


Kwame’s phone rang. It was Oscar.

“It’s Oscar. I’m sure he’s done with the wedding,” he said before answering. “Yeah, Oscar, what’s up? The wedding ended yet?”

“Hmm,” Oscar responded. “Chale, the low-key drama that went on over here, eh. Serious stuff.”

“Ei! Wow,” Kwame gasped. “Lemme put it on speaker. Aki is here. We have to hear this.”

Hitting the loudspeaker button on his phone, he placed it beside Akinyi, who was looking eager to hear whatever story it was.

“So of course, I was around on time. 11 am. The groom came about ten minutes later. And we know that the bride will delay small. Normal things. But chale, almost 40 minutes, and this woman was nowhere to be found. Ei! So the pastor asked the choir to do some brief praise and worship to while away the time. Another twenty minutes passed before this bride came.”

“After an hour ooo! A whole hour before she came. But what freaked me kraaa was her demeanour. Guys, you know that as for weddings, the bride is always glowing and stuff. One of the happiest days of her life. The atmosphere is full of glee and joy and all that. Chale, that atmosphere was virtually nonexistent.”

Kwame and Akinyi looked at each other in surprise. “Wuuhhhh?” they both said.

“No jokes ooo. The bride was not smiling. Throughout the entire distin. I mean, the worst part was the kiss. You know how some kisses are short coz the couples are shy. Which by the way is so annoying. We want proper lip action, lah!”

“I promise!” Kwame responded in amusement. “Look at Richard and Gloria’s wedding? Aki, you hadn’t come yet. Mad lip lock! Chale, it was obvious Richard had meant the thing.”

“Oh asayyy! That’s the action we like! Anyways, those short kisses mpo, there’s some ‘current’ behind it. This one had none. No spark. No electricity. Nothing. The way the bride pulled away mpo was just… chale. Most awkward wedding I’ve ever witnessed.”

“Ugh, that sounds like the most painful wedding to be at,” Akinyi whined.

“It was. From the vows to the kiss to the best man’s intro. So painful. But the real juice was at the reception.”

“Eiiisshhhh!” Kwame gushed, putting up the volume. “What was that?”

“Well, Salifu and I got ourselves some jollof and chicken and went to our seats to eat. The couple were eating. Same stony expression on the bride’s face. Then this guy came to our table as we were talking about how cringe-inducing the whole wedding was. And he was like, as for this marriage, he doesn’t see it going past 6 months. We were like, oh, that’s harsh. I mean, the atmosphere was like a deep freezer, but that prediction was someway. Then he said he was around the bridal car when it arrived, and the things he heard…

“Apparently, the bride’s mother and the bride were at each other’s throats like crazy. The bride was not happy at all. From what he heard, it looks like she sees her husband as arrogant and stupid, to the extent of calling him a GH version of Nabal. The mother too was blasting her and saying she’s disgracing the family, coz he’s a wealthy nigga and this was an agreement she must adhere to, and all sorts of things. Clearly the mother won.”

Kwame and Akinyi were stunned. “Wow,” Kwame said. “That took a dark turn rather quickly.”

“No joke. Wow. Poor girl. Locked down in a prison she didn’t want to be in,” Akinyi said sadly.

“Chale. I feel bad for her after hearing that. It’s sad when some parents put their reputation and stuff before the happiness of their children in matters like this. It’s the girl who’s gonna suffer in this marriage. And this will most likely damage the relationship between her and her parents.”

“Hmmm,” Kwame said glumly. “Nothing worse than getting married to a person you don’t want to be with. What should be a dream come true becomes a living nightmare.”


“… I mean, the name just bores me. Ah, Archibald? He sounds like some school boy born in the UK in the 1870s, lah! Not like there aren’t men who are called Archibald in this modern era, but it just sounds so damn lame….”

“OK, Mr Explanation Guru, you’ve made your point. Now pleeeeeeeease zip it.”

“Good Lord, Edem, warrisit with all the explanations?”

“I’m shocking, every day, three paragraph essays!”

Edem, Diamond and Maabena were hanging out at Frankie’s, checking out their plans. Things were slowly coming together, and the grand opening was not too far away. Diamond had been telling Maabena about the infamous Desert Eagle episode of her life, and Edem had gone on a rant about his name once again. For reasons only known to him, the fact that Archibald was Desert Eagle’s first name was something he found hard to accept.


The three turned. It was Selasi, clad in a fabulous purple dress, walking with a fine young man. Obviously her husband.

“Queen Cee!” Edem exclaimed as she came over to give him a hug. “And Mr. Jackson!”

Jackson Amenu smirked as he hugged Edem. “Eddy Eddy! Been a while, chale!”

Diamond and Maabena were literally fawning over Selasi’s attire as she moved to greet them. “Oh my God, Queen Cee, your dress is amazing!” Diamond squealed as she hugged her.

“I know, right! You look spectacular, Queen Cee! Sauce in its rawest form!” Maabena agreed.

Selasi laughed. “Thank you, ladies! I appreciate the love. You know a queen’s gotta slay! Gotta give them!”

“Yaaaaaaaassssss! That’s why I love youuuuuuu!” Maabena responded, her Bosom Pyung impression quite hilarious to those around.

“Herh, Attaa Adwoa, behave yourself!” Selasi scolded playfully, shaking her head and smiling as they laughed and took their seats. “Honey, you can go get our orders. I’ll be with them for a moment,” she said to her husband, who nodded and waved at them before heading to the counter.

“So you’re coming from a wedding, I guess,” Edem inquired.

“Oh yeah. One of Jackson’s workmates. Beautiful wedding all round, chale.”

“Sweet! Saturdays are for weddings,” Diamond said.

“No doubt, Dee. Been to quite a few this year, and this was definitely one of the most glamourous ones I’ve witnessed. Chale, love is sweet, but when money enter…”

“…Love is sweeter!” the three responded.

“Thank you! Yeah. I’m really delighted for them. Mr and Mrs Bruce-Lyle.”

Maabena perked up at that familiar surname. “Oh, sweet! My boyfriend has that surname. Robert Bruce-Lyle. Such a romantic name,” she said, giggling as she thought of having that as her last name.

Selasi’s bright expression suddenly changed, however, upon hearing that. She narrowed her eyes, looking a bit uncomfortable by that revelation. Edem noticed the change and asked, “Why? What’s wrong, cuz?”

“Umm… uh… that’s the name of the groom.”

The three were wide-eyed at that. Diamond sucked her breath in, while Maabena froze for a moment. Then she dismissively waved her hand, saying, “Oh, there’s more than one Robert Bruce-Lyle in this country. It’s probably some other guy with a different full name. My guy’s full name is Robert Nii Adamafio Bruce-Lyle.”

The look on Selasi’s face grew even bleaker. “Oh my God.”

Maabena’s face in turn grew paler. “Y-y-you mean…”

Selasi nodded. “That’s the groom’s full name.”

“Oh no,” Edem murmured.

In the space of a couple of seconds, the excited chatter and happiness at that table had turned into an atmosphere of supreme shock, as all four of them could not believe what was transpiring.

“Umm, you have his picture?” Selasi nervously asked, hoping that would settle the issue and that it would be another person.

“Uh… yeah, yeah,” Maabena said, grabbing her phone and turning the screen on, which had a picture of her and Robert as the background. Selasi took it, looked at the faces, and shut her eyes. “Oh, s**t, that’s him. He’s the one.”

“Oh my God!” Diamond gasped in horror.

“What!” Edem exclaimed.

Maabena sat there, tears beginning to form in her eyes as the reality of what had happened slapped her in the face. She had tried calling him the whole day, and his phone had been off. She had never really met his family. Or any very close friend. Their outings were few and far between. She had noticed all these, but never really considered finding out why she was treated as such.

Now it all made sense.

“Oh my God, what a fool I’ve been!” she gasped, as she sprung up from her seat, tears streaming down her face as she rushed out of the restaurant, deaf to the calls of the others.

Selasi put her hand over her face. “Oh God, I feel terrible right now.”

“No, no, no, Cee. You’ve done no wrong,” Edem said, holding her arm as Jackson came around. Seeing his wife’s crestfallen look, he frowned in concern. “Selasi, what’s wrong?”

Selasi sighed as she looked at her husband. “Rita’s husband. Turns out he was dating Maabena. The gorgeous girl who was just here. And she had no idea about it.”

Jackson put his hand over his mouth. “Oh no. Are you serious? Oh God, why do some of us guys do this? Oh no. Poor girl.”

Diamond had her eyes on the exit, where Maabena had tearfully left.

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable…

Well, that was quite a memorable Saturday in Dabarverse. Not your regular day of weddings. Poor Maabena, though. It’s ended in tears for her.

We’ll soon see what’s happening with Toby in the coming episodes!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP7 – Tears and Talks

So episode 6 was a pretty thrilling one, with us witnessing Toby letting go of his self-control and kowtowing to the seductress that is Delphine. We’ll see what happens with him later, but in the meantime, let’s find out the repercussions of what happened with Oscar…

Taro Street, as was usually the case on a Saturday afternoon, was moderately quiet. Here and there was the sound of pounding, as some households prepared fufu for the day. A few people could be seen walking to and fro, on various errands and assignments. Nothing too extraordinary.

Anasah was one of those on an errand. Having been sent by his mother to get some ingredients for the dinner she was making, he walked along the street, holding the polythene bag in which the provisions were contained. Humming to himself, he looked around, enjoying the usual solitude the neighbourhood offered. This had been what he was used to since the family moved in when he and Serwaah were about two years old, and he’d not exchange it for anything.

Except for the usual sprinklings of drama here and there.

Continuing his journey back to the house, he was momentarily startled as a familiar Range Rover drove by at an unusually fast speed. Anasah stopped in his tracks and looked in surprise as the vehicle quickly turned to the side and parked abruptly.

Squinting as he looked at the registration number, he nodded at the familiar digits.

But why is Chief Tay driving like that?

He moved a little further in the car’s direction, and began to hear voices.

And judging by the raised tones, anyone could tell there was a heated argument ongoing.

“Look, just accept you messed up, okay? Just accept it. Stop dragging this whole thing, na it’s not necessary.”

“Accept what? Massa, I’m not accepting anything ooo. I stand by my words. What your friend do be very foolish thing, and you still dey there dey defend am. Like, I no dey understand. Wey silly kind of blind loyalty too be this?”

“Ohhhhhh, ah! Why are you doing this? I don’t understand you.”

“You too, I no dey understand you. The way you dey defend am like ibi nothing she do.”

“Ah, but what was so bad about it? What was so bad about it?”

“See the stupid question you dey ask. What was so bad about it? Chale, chale, don’t annoy me any further. Ah, you make this buffoon girl hijack wana movement. Every day, then she’s following us wherever we’re going. I tolerated it a bit, but now I just tire. Now she dey misbehave, then you dey there dey behave like ostrich – head under the sand.”

“Look, look, this plenty talk is not necessary. You messed up last night. That’s the long and short of it. Let’s just stop all this and just accept it and apologize. Please.”

A silence followed. Anasah decided it was a good time to find his way behind a tree nearby. The little he had heard had him super invested, and he had to hear the end of this.

As he positioned himself, he heard Chief Tay’s voice.

“Get out of the car.”

“Ah. Chief. What are you say…”

“I said get out of the car, damnit!”

The door immediately opened, and out stepped Barbara, looking slightly scared. It didn’t look like she was very used to this side of Chief Tay. He literally roared at her.

“Close the door.”

She heeded obediently.

“Now listen to me. This whole wahala has been the climax of many things I’ve been observing over the past few weeks. With all that’s happened, I can now confidently come to the conclusion that you this girl, you are a big fool.”

“Ohh, Chief!”

“Fiww, Chief! Ibi truth I dey talk. You just be Makuyo’s puppet. I really observe you. Everything this girl go talk, you go follow like obedient little puppy. Her likes be your likes. Her dislikes be your dislikes. And for whatever reason, the girl dey despise Oscar, so you too, you dey follow. Like ah, I no dey get you. The guy dey like you, the feeling no be mutual. Where from the aspersions and innuendos? Just reject and leave him! There’s no need to pour scorn on him like that. He be decent nigga, for God’s sake. Or you think you fine, so you dey flex am or what? Have you seen his mother and big sister?

“See, I watch all these things wey I come to this conclusion ooo. The way she dey control you, the way she dey tag along with us by force, the way you no dey challenge am if she mess up, wey you just dey move with her flow. I watch these things all, wey what happen last night just be the icing on the cake. And with the way you dey defend am like she be some oppressed rape victim, I see sey this relationship no get future.”

“Ei. Ch-ch-chief, wh-wh-wh-what are you saying?” a stunned, wobbling voice asked.

“I am saying that, I have realized what kind of a girl you are, and I can’t maintain a relationship with your type. Blind and nonsensical loyalty to the point of defending the indefensible. The way you are, this your friend can tell you to poison me, and you’ll do it, no questions asked. So please, I’ve advised myself. It is over. The next time you pass by my house, come for your clothes. If you go go date Maku too, feel free. As for me, I can’t take this bulls**t anymore.”

“Oh, Chief Tay! Please, don’t do this. This doesn’t have to go this far,” Barbara tearfully pleaded.

“This doesn’t need to go what far? Massa, massa, go wey you! Sia geh. You no get sense aa, you say make I dey your body. Nonsense. Lef my car door make I move!” Chief Tay snapped, the glass rolling up as he turned away and set his eyes on the road as he drove away.

Poking his head out, Anasah could see Barbara frozen in her spot, looking like she had been informed she had a terminal illness. Her face growing paler by the second, her legs buckled and gave way as she fell to the floor, whimpering out loud, as if the wails were stuck somewhere in her chest.

He looked at her, shaking his head pitifully. Chale, there are breakups and there are breakups, but this was brutal. Absolutely brutal…


“Yeah… hmmm, I see… oh sure, I will. They’ve already apologized, so that’s settled. But you know you owe them a free meal for the little wahala they endured, right?… yeah, coz from the way I’ve heard it, the girl was just unbearable…”

Daniel was walking up and down the living room, the phone to his ear as he chatted with Tasmin over the events of the previous night. Oscar and Kwame were seated on one of the couches. Of course, he had not been pleased with the way Oscar had handled the situation, but the explanations, including that of Tasmin, helped him appreciate why his son had flown off the handle the way he did. Nonetheless, he still had a word for them.

“Mm-hmm… chale. Well, good move making sure she doesn’t step in your cafe again. We don’t need such bush human beings in your cafe. Alright, alright. I’ll talk to you later then. Bye.”

As he hung up, he gave a big sigh as he threw himself into his regular chair, ready to speak to the boys.

Larissa appeared from the kitchen to stand at the entrance to the living room. “Boys?” she called.

Oscar and Kwame looked in her direction.

“Remember, when you’re done with him, straight to the kitchen. All hands on deck as always. No contribution, no chop.”

They responded obediently. When it came to cooking in the house, everyone had to chip in. Larissa’s rules.

“And uh… make sure that man doesn’t enter my kitchen,” she added, pointing at Daniel. “I don’t like the way he’s looking at me.”

With the glint in her eye, however, and the rather sassy manner in which she turned to go back into the kitchen, the boys snickered, knowing all too well she meant the absolute opposite. The sight of her in that cute black dress with an apron over it had her husband’s attention locked down like a fly wrapped in spider’s silk. And if there was anyone’s attention she loved to capture, it was obviously Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne.

They smirked as Daniel murmured to himself, “Damn, I really love it when she teases me like that.”

His eyes shifting to the young men before him, he shook his head quickly. “Oh, umm, sorry about that. Just… hehe, you know. So, to the point at hand. So I was speaking to Tasmin. He’s explained everything. I told him you should get a little compensation for that heckling you got, bla bla bla. I get it. The girl was an idiot. But please, there’s something I want to tell you.

“Please be careful how you react to these sort of things. There are so many people walking around who behave like they were dropped on their heads as babies. Sense no dey the brain inside. Sometimes, you’ll have to show them something so they stop fooling, I agree. But don’t let your anger always dictate how to behave. It can go against you.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Oscar responded obediently as Kwame nodded.

“Good. If you always react angrily to what some brainless idiot says or does, you might end up looking as dumb as them. So watch it. Better to keep your calm. Even when you need to put the person in their place. When you do that, you maintain your dignity.”

As they nodded, the front door opened. Anasah passed by, holding the polythene bag of provisions his mother had sent him to get. Daniel saw him and called out, “Anas! Those are the things your mother asked you to get, right?”

“Yes, Daddy,” the boy replied.

Daniel immediately sprung to his feet and walked over to his youngest son. “Alright, so lemme take those,” he said gently, prying the bag from Anasah’s hands, “I’ll take them to the kitchen.”

Anasah looked surprised, then amused as he watched his father walk excitedly into the kitchen. Looking at his older brother and cousin, the snickering and head-shaking told him all he needed to know.

“Well, while Daddy and Maa are busy in the kitchen,” he announced, coming into the living room to sit on the chair nearest to them, “there’s a story I have for you. Something happened on the way.”

“Hehe! Trust you to know what’s going on on these streets!” Oscar teased, sitting up. “What’s the title for this one?”

Anasah looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded excitedly, very pleased with what his brain had come up with. “This one is called… It Brutally Ended In Tears.”

“EEEEEEEEEIIIIIIII!!!” the two older boys exclaimed out loud. Quite a title it was.

Kwame then quickly looked in the direction of the kitchen. “That’s not gonna disrupt them from their little making out distin, right?”

They immediately heard the kitchen door lock.

Kwame turned back to Anasah. “No, it won’t. Chale, Sherlock Holmes, give us the juice!!”

“Awwwww, I miss you too, babyyyy… yeahhhh, I know, I know. At least you make the effort, Bobby. That’s all I need…”

Diamond, busily preparing one of her masterpiece smoothies, smirked as she watched her new friend chat heartily with her boyfriend on the phone, all giddy and delighted. She had heard a lot about him since they had met, and although she was yet to meet him, she certainly looked forward to it. Maabena was absolutely taken with him, and gushed about what a romantic, sweet and caring guy he was.

“Alright, honey, no pee. I’m a little busy with Diamond at the moment, so… sure, sure. Byeeeee!”

She ended the call and put down her phone on the table, giggling as she looked at Diamond, who had a raised eyebrow.

“Odo diɛɛ, wopɛ!*” Diamond mocked.

“Na sɛ odo yɛ dɛ?**” she asked breezily, walking over to taste the smoothie. “Honestly, if I hadn’t met Bobby, like it’s not good. Ei, what a man!”

She paused and took a sip and shut her eyes. Her smile grew even bigger. “Oh Lord, Dee, this honey-tangerine combination is magnificent! Herrrrhhhhh! I love it! Truly and honestly!”

“Oh, wonderful! Thank God! That’s honestly some relief. At least I didn’t miss the cooking distin back home for nothing. My mother wasn’t too pleased letting me come here, but I begged her saaa, so she relented.”

“Oh yeah, you definitely didn’t waste your time. I’ll just keep this in the fridge.”

As Maabena carried the glass over to the fridge, Diamond looked at the wallpaper on her phone. She grinned as she saw the picture of Maabena and her beloved Bobby.

“Hehehehe, sista geh and Bra Bobby on some cute romantic poses!” she teased.

“Chale, chale, it’s not a joke kraaa!” Maabena responded sassily. “Me and my boo for you.”

“So you said you guys have been together for a year, right?”

“Yep, one year of bliss and happiness.”

“Sweet. Plans coming up anytime soon?”

“Well… we’ve not exactly discussed them yet, but it’ll definitely come up at some point.”

“Oh, okay. That’s cool. I must say, it’s so cute seeing you so in love and all that. Seeing someone weaken you in the knees…”

“Oh, staaap, Dee!” Maabena laughed. “But yeah, it’s a beautiful thing to be in love. It really is.”

“Mmmmm,” Diamond sighed, her mind drifting away.

Indeed, it was a pleasant sight to see her friend happily talking to her lover. It was more like an extension of what she witnessed at home on a regular basis. And she wanted that kind of happiness, now that she thought about it.

And honestly, there was one guy that came to mind as matters of the heart popped up. A guy she had met a few months ago, and now found herself spending a lot of time with. A guy whose presence she was beginning to cherish a lot more than she ever expected. A guy with whom she felt a connection and a vibe she hadn’t really experienced with anyone else.

A guy called Edem.

you like love!*

But isn’t love sweet?**

Well, the feeling is mutual on Diamond’s part! Are they gonna hook up soon or what? We need to know! And we will, very soon…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP6 – This Ain’t Right, But…

So y’all have probably been wondering what’s happening with Toby. Yeah, he’s been low key, but you’ll know what’s up with him today. Let’s get into this one!

“So Aki’s home now?”

Kwame nodded. “Yeah. Still recovering from the surgery. At least, it was a success. So the chemo follows afterwards. If the cancer hadn’t spread too much, that would’ve been it. But, well…”

“Well, thank God she’s fine. From the look of things, this will end in glory.”

“Yeah. I must admit, it hit hard. Brought to mind my mother’s passing. I really got stricken with fear that I was gonna experience another heavy loss. It still pops up every now and then…”

“I know. You were an absolute mess when I had to break the news; that was my greatest fear. But thank God it’s not stage 4 cancer. That wouldn’t be good at all. And as for those little thoughts, don’t let them get to you. Aki is gonna have a full recovery and come back to torment your life full-time; as for death, we forbid that in Jesus’ name!”


Kwame and his cousin were seated at Tasmin’s Express, a new cafe that had been opened. He had suggested they pass by to lift Oscar’s spirits. He was having a hard time himself, dealing with Akinyi’s unavailability due to hospital appointments, but seeing Oscar crestfallen really made him sad. Witnessing him fall flat in two relationship attempts in such a short time was not a pleasant thing. He may not have trusted Barbara, but he liked Adelaide a lot, so the news of her backing out was pretty sad.

“So, with Addy, no word from her?” he asked.

Oscar shook his head. “Nope. Chale, just as I was getting fond of her. She may not be as fine as Barbara, but she’s wonderful to be with. And her goofy smile… it just makes me happy.”

“Yeah, she definitely does steal hearts with that smile of hers. Let’s just give it some time. Hopefully, things will straighten themselves out, whatever they may be.”

“Hmmmm. I sure hope so.”

“Hello, bosses, may I take your order?” a sharply dressed waiter asked as he approached them, a polite smile complimenting his impeccable uniform.

“Yeah. Two cheeseburgers. And Mountain Dew to go with that, please,” Kwame responded.

“Noted. I’ll be with you shortly.”

“But chale, this place is on point mohm,” Oscar commented as the waiter walked away. He took note of the owner walking around. “Tasmin Basha. He works with Uncle James. Daddy’s older brother.”

“Oh, I see. Nice. And yeah, this place is pretty cool. I like the atmosphere here…”

As they discussed the ambience of the place, they did not notice the three people that opened the door, also looking to check out the place. It was when Kwame turned his face toward the entrance that he noticed them. His face immediately fell, and he murmured a low, “Oh s**t.”

It was Chief Tay, his girlfriend Barbara and her friend Makuyo.

Certainly the last group of people Oscar needed to see, considering the current state of mind he was in.

Ever since the last time they met, where the girls unleashed a torrent of scorn upon him, sightings of the three had been few and far between. Not that it was necessary to see them, anyways; they were part of a bad chapter of Oscar’s life, and he’d rather keep that chapter shut.

Oscar followed his gaze. Upon seeing them, his countenance changed. “Dammit. Why this time?”

“Boy, just ignore them. Let them go their way while we stay here,” Kwame whispered.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. JJ. Master No Space,” Makuyo said loud enough for them to hear. Barbara giggled as he held on to Chief Tay’s arm while they all approached the counter.

Kwame looked at Oscar. “Master No Space?”

Oscar shook his head. “She came up with that the last time I encountered them. Something about me not being on Barbara’s supplementary list of potential boyfriends or something.”

Kwame shook his head. “Ugh, God, what nonsense! Boy, ignore that stupid statement. Let’s just hope they sit far from us. Nothing ought to spoil our lil guys night out.”


“Ayyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!” Delphine cheered gleefully as Toby completed his dance routine with a dab. “Chaleeeeeeeeyyyy! When you said you can dance, I thought it was those simple simple dances some. This one di333…”

Toby smirked as he sat down on the floor to catch his breath. “Oh nahh. Been a serious dancer for a while now. Me and my baby sister. Dunno what it is, coz our parents aren’t exactly dancers, but we’re pretty good. We have cousins on my dad’s side too who are good: Ethan and Afrakuma.”

“Ooooooh, fascinating!” Delphine gushed. “Then there’s something in your dad’s background.”

Toby shrugged as he took a seat on the chair next to the bed, where she sat. “Yeah, I guess.”

“How many kids are you in the family again?”

“Five. I’m the middle man.”

“Nice. Two girls at my end, and I’m the younger one. All girls house.”

“Oh, interesting… all girls. Your dad’s not around?”

“Nah. He left us.”

“Oh. Why, what happened?”

 “The dumb ass nigga couldn’t keep his erect manstick zipped up. Found some small girl and ran off with her a couple of years ago. Never heard from him again.”

An awkward silence followed. “Oh. Wow. Sorry about that,” Toby mumbled. It was always tough to hear stories like this. With a father like Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne, the picture of a promiscuous and unfaithful father was virtually impossible for him or any of his siblings to envisage. With the choice of words, it was all too evident that Delphine was still pissed with her father.

He had no idea that that anger happened to be the fuel that drove her to do what she did. 

“Well, don’t worry about that. He’s history now. I just prefer to look to the future.”

“Yeah, that’s what matters. So what do you see in your future?”

She shrugged, giggling. “I dunno yet.”

“What level are you in?

“Level 300.”

“Oh. I see,” he mumbled. He wasn’t exactly expecting her to be ahead of him. “Oh well, there’s still more time for you to figure things out, so…”

“Yeah, definitely. But I think you should take up this dancing thing. You know, form a group or something.”

Toby had a thoughtful look. “Hmmmmm. I’ve thought about it, to be honest. Baby sis has mentioned it. I’m still considering it…”

“Well, I hope you decide to do it. By the way, there’s this move I really wanna do. That one where you’re tapping the ground or so. They do it to that Zlatan song all the time.”

“Oh, you mean Zanku? Oh, Delphine, that’s one of the easiest moves. All my siblings and I know how to do it. Here, get up and lemme show you how it’s done.”


“Massa, forget it, I’m not taking your opinions on GOT stuff seriously anymore. Ahhhh! First you claim Ramsey is more evil than Joffrey. Which is totally questionable in and of itself. Now you’re telling me you’d choose Cersei over Danaerys?? Kwame, really?”

Kwame rolled his eyes as the two walked across the car park to their car. If there was anything that kept their conversations heated, it was the subject of that famous HBO series. For some reason, there was always something one of them would raise that would be vehemently opposed to by the other. They certainly had a good bond, but with these debates, each of them always took the black and white sides, and firmly stuck to them.

“Gentleman, have you really looked at her? What’s not to love? I’m not denying Danaerys is a work of art herself, but jeez, boy. Look at Cersei Lannister!”

“Nah. Enough,” Oscar said, his nose in the air. “I don’t wanna talk about it. I am stunned, befuddled and amazed that you’d choose her over the Mother of Dragons.”

“Dude, you just pissed coz she was creeping about with Jaime. Ridiculously depraved and gross, yes. But that don’t change the fact that she a dime. An absolute dime! And yes, I’ll always stand by it: the Bastard over the Nasty Lil Kid any day of the week!”

“Ugh, forget it, Kwame. I’m not dignifying you with a response,” Oscar scoffed as he quickened his footsteps, leaving his cousin behind him as he moved quickly to the car.

Snickering as he took out his phone and opened his gallery, Kwame got into the passenger seat. Smirking as he came across the picture he was looking for, he pushed the phone in Oscar’s face.

“Look at her!” he announced triumphantly. “Cersei Lannister. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Look at that natural, sexy pout. Like, hot damn, girl! Why so fineeeeee?? Listen, boy, Danaerys is cute. Obviously. Who doesn’t know Emilia Clarke is a walking definition of the word ‘cute’? But Cersei? Chale, Cersei is sauce! Hot, raw sauce! She could order me to wear pyjamas and sleep with one leg in the air, and I’d do it allllllll day!”

Oscar turned up his lip in scorn at his cousin. “Eww! Kwame Benson, this is worse than I thought. You, dear sir, are a pervert! Don’t talk to me for the rest of…”

“Hey! Hey!”

The two of them were startled at the sudden shouts. They looked to see what it was.

Makuyo was standing in front of the car, a spectacularly stupid grin on her face. It was way too obvious that whatever she had up her sleeve at that moment was no good. Barbara could be seen a few meters away, giggling uncontrollably as she enjoyed the scene.

“Hey! Mr. Pathetic! Yawa boy! You know what you and my grandfather in a wheelchair have in common? You’re both so lame!”

Kwame immediately opened the door and stood out, a fierce expression on his face. “What is wrong with you?” he yelled at her. “Do you realize this is a public place, and there’s no need for this foolishness?”

“Massa, go wey you!” she snapped back before returning her gaze to Oscar, still seated in the car, now boiling. “Herh, so you no go change this tin trash? Your gay partners all, you no go buy better car? You be jon ooo! Gyimi Jonson ampa!”

As to what gave her the idea to come and cruelly troll him, he had no idea. But the memories of how she and Barbara verbally humiliated him a few months back, and they still stung bad. That insulting name in particular stung harder than a thousand bees, and with the mention of that name, he snapped.

He stepped out of the car and rushed to her, grabbing her by the neck and pushing her roughly to the floor. “You open your f**king mouth one more time, and I swear to God you will spend the rest of this year in the emergency room, you f**king stupid hippo!”

He looked just about ready to kick her on the floor, when a third party stepped in between them.

“Whoa! Calm down, my guy!” Chief Tay said, moving to stand in between him and Makuyo. “Relax! I beg you!”

“Buei, the boy wants to kill me oooo! Abuse oo, abuse!” Makuyo wailed as a firghtened-looking Barbara came to stand by her.

“Massa, shut up over there!” Chief Tay barked at her while restraining a still livid Oscar. “Didn’t I tell you not to come and taunt the nigga? Shun dey fool!”

“Oscar! Oscar, please, let’s get outta here,” Kwame pleaded, literally dragging his cousin away as some other bystanders who saw what transpired, came and added their pleas to exit before things ended up getting escalating to muddier territory. Given the fierce look on his face and the pathetic display by Makuyo to elicit sympathy, any more minutes spent with them in the same space would be likely to result in someone getting hurt.

Chief Tay and Kwame managed to pull him back to the driver’s side of the car. “Stupid idiot! Every day, raining insults on me for no reason, what kind of life is that?” Oscar snarled, still wishing he’d inflict some serious hurt on her.

“Boss, I dey beg you waaa, relax,” Chief Tay pleaded. “I warn am sey make she no do what she do. I know, ibi foolish thing she do. But I beg, make you no hurt am. It’s not worth it.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kwame added. “Please, Oscar, let’s just go.”

Breathing heavily, he glared at Makuyo, still putting on a lame acting display of a wounded and abused woman, and shook his head as he opened the door and got in.

In half a minute, the BMW was out of the parking lot of Tasmin’s Express, and on its way back to the Dolphyne residence.


Barbara turned to her boyfriend, a very unhappy expression on her face.

“Ah, but you too, this Oscar boy just assaulted Maku, and instead of defending her, you told her to shut up. I’m very…” she said.

“Massa, massa, don’t come and annoy me. I go bathroom for two minutes, see the wahala you two come cause. Ah. Stupid girls!” Chief Tay snapped at her, giving her an intense glare as he walked away from them.

“Ah, Chief. Herh! Chief!” she called out angrily as she rushed after him.


“Oh yes! That scene with the trivia questions! I absolutely love it!” Toby exclaimed.

Yeah, that part where Rachel’s screaming ‘transponster’ is something else. Never fails to make me laugh,” Delphine laughed as she remembered the scene in question.

“But the best part for me is how Monica screams when time is up. Lord!”

The two of them burst into loud laughter.

“Oh boy,” Delphine said, wiping the tears from the eyes from laughing so hard. “Good times, chale.”

“Yeah,” Toby agreed. “Good times for real. It’s funny, though, because it’s my older sister who introduced me to Friends. I was flexing her at first, saying it sucks, it sucks. Now I’m a bigger fan than her mpo!”

“Haha, interesting,” Delphine responded.

Walking down to his room, it had been quite an interesting visit. The song she played for him ended up not being the only one; Toby literally had himself a little dance concert in Delphine’s room. They had then proceeded to talk about various things, including their families, the songs they enjoyed, and their favourite TV shows.

It was now 11;45 pm, and Toby had to get back to his room. Delphine insisted on accompanying him back to his room, despite him saying it wasn’t necessary.

As they arrived at Room 24, he opened the door, with Delphine right behind him.

“Ahhhh, so this is the room of Mr. Toby Dolphyne!” she said as she looked around. “Never really seen the inside of your room like this.”

“Oh yeah,” Toby agreed. “You’re usually at the door. That’s true. Well, thanks again for tonight…”

Turning around to face her, he was taken off guard by what followed.

Delphine pressed her lips against his in a quick and impromptu kiss.

A bemused expression on his face as she drew back from him, that old flirtatious look slowly spread across her face like a raging wildfire, as she bit her lower lip to reiterate her lustful desire for him. “See you later,” she slurred as she turned and grabbed the doorknob.

In the blink of an eye, the bemusement that had enveloped Toby made its exit, and in its place, a raging erotic desire. He shut the door that she had opened, pushed her against the wall, and pressed his lips against hers in a wildly passionate liplock.

Within ten seconds of that steamy moment, she pushed him away, looking rather rustled but satisfied. “Oh, damn, my bumpkin’s hungry!” she murmured, giggling as she lifted up her foot against the wall, her slit dress revealing thick, enticing flesh that would certainly increase the flame of Toby’s libido. He stood back, looking ready to pounce back on her and resume their spicy smooch.

“You want me, don’t you?” she slurred.

Toby nodded, his eyes on her exposed thigh. “So freaking bad, woman.”

She giggled, visibly delighted at how inflamed he was.

Whatever the angel had to say in his head was destined to be ignored. He was on fire, Delphine was his desire, and she was right in front of him, offering herself up.

This ain’t right, he thought as she took his hand and slowly placed it on her thigh. Little sparks of ecstasy went off in his brain as he ran his hand up the bare part of her leg, enjoying the sweet feel of what she had been taunting him with for a long time. As he dug his face into her neck, there was only one phrase that was going to complete the words floating around in his brain.

but I don’t care.

Well, that was quite a night for the Dolphyne brothers! Oscar losing his cool, Toby losing his self-control. The latter’s really on the path to falling, ain’t he?

Stay tuned, y’all. Episodes 7 to 13 to follow in a few weeks!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP5 – It’s Complicated

So the journey continues. As far as Adelaide is concerned, she’s in a pretty sticky situation, isn’t she? And poor Oscar hasn’t got a clue what’s going on…

Edem stood outside the gate of the Dolphyne house, fiddling with his phone as he waited for Diamond to come out. 

After some conversations and check-ups, Selasi had confirmed availability for that Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, Maabena was not available, having church responsibilities to attend to. She had suggested, however, that the other two go ahead and meet her, as it was mainly about asking her to be the MC for the grand opening.

Of course, that was good news of some sort to Edem. Anything to be alone and have some time with the girl he now had the hots for.

The gate opened, and out stepped Serwaah and Diamond.

“Hey, Edem!” Serwaah greeted him.

“Hey, princess! How are you doing?”

“I’m good, I’m good. How are you? And how is Boochie?”

Edem laughed. She still remembered his dog’s name, months after his brief moment of carelessness nearly led to her sustaining physical and mental wounds from a canine attack. “She’s fine, and she’s well-behaved now.”

Serwaah giggled in response. “That’s good.”

“Alright, baby girl. We gots to get moving now. So please, keep an eye on my drink, na I don’t trust those boys,” Diamond said, her arm around her little sister.

“No problem, Dee. And by the way, you are looking so beautifulllllllll!”

His eyes fixated on her, Edem certainly couldn’t disagree. It was a simple white shirt and jeans she wore. But Diamond couldn’t have looked more amazing.

“Thank you, my loveeeee!! Kisses!!”

Edem briefly drifted into a daydream of what a lovely mother and wife she would be as the sisters did their routine Dolphyne Air Kiss. It took a light punch from Diamond to bring him back to reality.

“Oi, you! Mr. Sedudzi!” she mockingly called out in a fake British accent. “Let’s get a move on, lad!”

Edem shook his head and rolled his eyes as he turned to get into the car. “Worst Cockney accent ever, young lady. Worst Cockney accent ever.”


“Aki! How are you doing, baby?”

“Addy!” Akinyi exclaimed weakly as Adelaide entered her room. Sitting up as her friend greeted her with a kiss on the forehead, she responded, “I’m feeling okay. A little weak, but I’m doing good. The surgery was successful, at least.”

“Thank God for that,” Adelaide sighed in relief as she took a seat. “This is gonna pass, baby girl. You will be fine.”

“Amen, amen. How are you, though?”

Adelaide nodded. “I’m good.”

Akinyi raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? Coz you don’t sound too convincing.”

Adelaide nodded, although the look on her face had visibly changed and it was obvious that she wasn’t as good as she was claiming to be.

“Addy. What’s wrong? Is it about Oscar?”

She sighed in response. What was the use of lying at this point? She might as well let it out. It wasn’t like Akinyi had no idea what was going on in her life, anyway.

“Yes, it is. Ummm… I cut things off with him,” she muttered, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Akinyi gasped. “Ohhh! Is it about the whole prophecy thing?”

She nodded.

“Ohhh! Addy, I’m so sorry…”

The standing tears began to roll down as she moved closer to Akinyi, who took her in and hugged her tightly. She sniffed and laid her head on her diminutive friend’s shoulder, relieved to have let go of the need to pretend all was well. As to why she said she was fine at the beginning was now a wonder to her

“It hurts, Aki. It really does,” she confessed, her arms around Akinyi’s waist. “I’ve had feelings for Oscar for so long. He never really paid any attention to me. Then suddenly, we get close, just as you come in and get close to Kwame. All seems well and gravy, and suddenly this happens. I don’t get it. I just don’t…”

“Take it easy, honey. Take it easy,” Akinyi calmed her. “But you still don’t feel good about it? The prophecy, I mean?”

Raising her head, Adelaide shook it. “Not just because I’m emotionally attached to him, but… something just feels off about it. And that prophetess, to be honest. But… I can’t say anything. Else things will go bad. Already, I feel like she’s still angry with me…”

“Addyyyyyy! Are you sure you’re not still hung up on guilt? I thought you settled it all.”

“Hmmmm. It’s not easy, Aki. I mean, I was on the wrong path. Being disrespectful at home, yet being the absolute angel to Pastor Lois. I thought it was cool to direct all my honour to my pastor. Then Mama reported me to Pastor Lois, and she also came to the house and sat me down and gave me the biggest blasting I’ve ever received. I changed, but… guilt aside, I still feel like she still holds my past against me.”

“Why, is she cold towards you or something?”

Adelaide nodded. “A lot of the time. And she makes a lot of innuendos here and there. So… I dunno how I can deal with this. If I say this prophecy doesn’t sit right with me, it might turn into something else.”

Akinyi shook her head. “Hmmmm. This is complicated. Really complicated.”

“Yeah. It really is. Only God can intervene in this. Because I just can’t let Oscar go, but… I can’t risk messing things up with my mom. Things are still fragile as it is.”

“Well, I can only hope and pray for the best at this point. If I could do more than that, I would. But…”

“Awww, don’t worry about that, honey. You’ve got your own battles to deal with,” Adelaide said, hugging her. “Don’t trouble yourself over my issues. I’m just glad you’re around to hear me out. And of course, I’m here to hear you out. So enough about me, tell me how you’re doing…”


“Mmmmm, this is a beautiful place,” Diamond murmured as they arrived at the sweetly furnished bungalow within the estate they entered. “Simple, but elegant.”

“Indeed,” Edem responded, taking his seat belt off before stretching over to unbuckle hers. 

She looked at him and smiled smugly. She had sometimes given him grief for not doing it for her, claiming acts like that were all part of chivalry, and he might as well get acquainted with it. She always got rolled eyes as a response, but it looked like he had taken the advice. “Thanks, Edem.”

“You’re welcome, beautiful,” he answered.

She turned away and felt a hot flush on her cheeks. Edem had upped the ante when it came to compliments recently, and she couldn’t deny, she was beginning to love it. Especially when he simply referred to her as ‘beautiful’.

The two of them remained mute in the car for a moment, each party wanting to say something, but hesitating to do so.

“Ummm… let’s get inside, shall we?” Edem said, opening the door.

“Sure, sure.”


“Edem my baby boyyyyyy!”

A delighted Selasi entered the living room, arms wide open, happy to see her dear cousin.

“My darling Ceeeeee!”

The two embraced tightly while Diamond was seated.

“Ei, you, but I should be fighting with you. The way you’ve dawged me for so long is not nice. My only little bro and you don’t hit me up at least every week. You’ve not forced kraaaa.”

Edem scratched his head and grinned sheepishly as she folded her arms and gave him a look. “Errrmmmm… let’s just say I… have a lot of explaining to do. By the way, is Jackson able to argue with you when you do like that right there? Coz dayuumm girl, you looking as tasty as a pack of Marwako chicken!”

Selasi shook her head and laughed out loud. “Herh, in fact, get out of my face and lemme attend to my visitor,” she said, pushing him aside as she turned to Diamond. “Hello, Miss Diamond!”

“Hello, Queen Cee!” Diamond enthusiastically, springing up and almost running into her arms. “Oh Lord, you have no idea how much I adore you, Queen Cee! You’re like, my second major role model! And you’re so beautiful!”

“Yep, she’s a fangirl for real,” Edem muttered loud enough for her to hear. “On some serious Belieber levels.”

The sharp looks he immediately received from Diamond and Selasi had him snickering and backing away.

“Ignore that little brother of mine. Thank you so much, darling. I’m honoured to know that. And God bless your parents for giving you that name, coz you, my dear, are an absolute diamond.”

“Awww, I’m flattered. So flattered.”

The sweet pleasantries over, they now sat down to talk business, with Edem joining in.

It didn’t take very long. Selasi was obviously very willing to serve as their MC for the occasion, and within a matter of minutes, it was all wrapped up.

As Diamond briefly excused herself to get her other phone from the car, Edem stood up and walked to the window.

“She’s the one, isn’t she?” Selasi asked as he looked out, watching her go to the car.

He turned to her. “What?”

Selasi held back a laugh as she walked to him, rubbing him on the back. “I’m that sharp, cuz. You’ve barely spent an hour here, but it’s so obvious. From the way you’ve glanced at her when she’s not looking to you currently standing here. Edem, you like this girl, don’t you?”

Edem lowered his head and sighed. Indeed, his favourite cousin had read him too easily. Being the older sister he never had, Selasi knew so much about him, and before getting married, they spent a lot of time together. Enough for Selasi to be fully acquainted with little particulars about him.

He looked her straight in the eye and made the confession.

“I’m in love with her, Cee. Deeply in love with her.”

Selasi smiled, her hand moving to grab his. “Awww, my little brother in love. How sweet!” she teased lightly.

Edem rolled his eyes. “Ugh, you always have to do that, don’t you?”

“Of course, darling. You’ll always be my sweet little bro,” she further teased, snickering as he shook his head. “But on the real, though, from the little I’ve seen, I guess I like her. Seems like quite a sweetheart, and I like her drive and ambition, too. And goodness, she’s gorgeous!”

Edem nodded, remembering one Sunday he had brought some documents to their house. She had met him outside, clad in a stunning white beach dress that he was yet to get out of his mind. He was well and truly taken in with her.

“Yeah. The most beautiful girl I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Oh dear Lord, she’s marvellous!” he murmured almost absent-mindedly.

“Edem!” Selasi called, snapping her fingers in front of him, bringing him back to reality. He grinned sheepishly as he ran his hand over his fading hair. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Drifting off to another place.”

“Have you told her though?” Selasi asked.

He shook his head. “I know I should, but… I just feel like we’re in a busy period right now. I just want things to cool down a bit.”

“But do you think you stand a chance with her? Do you feel like she’ll reciprocate your feelings?”

He shrugged. “I guess. It does seem like she may be interested sometimes. But… I get a little uptight. What if I read them wrongly and she doesn’t see me like that at all?”

Selasi shook her head as she turned his face towards hers. “Listen to me, baby boy. These questions will always ravage your mind in situations like these. But here’s the deal: the only way you’ll get an answer is to hear it from her. That’s the only way.”

Edem sighed.

“Edem, if you really love her, as you say you do, then you need to tell her. Let her know how deeply you feel about her. No need to wait for any perfect time. Do it as soon as possible.”

Yep, Edem’s in love with Danny and Lari’s firstborn! How is that gonna pan out? And I sure hope Adelaide’s situation is resolved properly…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP4 – A Certain Prophecy

So a lot seems to be going on with the young adult Dolphynes. Everybody’s got their relationship issue. And yeah, there’s the Aki issue, too. Let’s see what’s happening with that…

“Awwww, my sweet little doll! I’m so happy to see you before you get into that theater!”

Akinyi smiled at Kwame’s phone screen. “My beautiful, beautiful Diamond! Thank you so much, booboo! Lord knows I need all the support right now. I feel so scared.”

“Don’t be, Aki. You’ll be fine, alright? No complications will occur or anything like that. They’ll get that cursed tumour out, and this cancer thing will be defeated before it tries to hurt you any further. Amen?”

She nodded. “Amen.”

She and Kwame were in the back seat of an Uber, with Madam Grace in the front seat, as they made their way to Barton Hospital. As bad a piece of info it was, the silver lining in it was that it had been detected early enough, and surgery was vital to remove the cancerous tumour. According to the doctor, the spread of the cancer in her system was not a wide one, and the earlier she got it removed, the better.

“Oh, Aki, here’s your fellow rapper.”

The phone was tilted to show Edem, who waved at her. “Hey, Aki!”

“Edemmmm!” she cheered gently. “It’s been ages, hasn’t it?”

“It has, chale. And listen, I’ve not been much of myself since I heard the news. Terrible. But we thank God you found out early enough. And see, you might be scared, but trust me, there’s no need to. Don’t let fear tell you that this thing will come back or that things will go wrong, okay? None of that is gonna happen. Your case won’t be like others.”

Akinyi had no idea what it was about his words that provoked that reaction, but before she knew it, tears trickled down her cheeks, a new wave of optimism and gratitude rising up in her. If there was anything that would contribute to her recovery, it would most certainly be the love many had shown her since the news broke out. She knew she was a lovable handful, but she never really expected such an outpouring of compassion and goodwill. It was overwhelming.

“Awwwww, it’s all right, Aki, don’t cry,” Edem cooed as Diamond’s face appeared on the screen. Kwame put his arm around her as she wiped her face.

Sniffing, she murmured, “It’s alright. It’s just… I didn’t think I’d get this kind of support in a time like this. Thank you all so much. Thank you.”

“No need for thanks, Aki. You deserve it. You’re a wonderful little lady, and we need you around. No two ways about it.”

Akinyi nodded happily. “I’m honoured, guys. I truly am.”

“You’re welcome. Well, Diamond and I are going to meet the new girl and continue making plans for Smooth Wrapz. So, all the best. You’ll come out of this victorious, alright?”

“Yes, Edem. I believe. Talk to you later. Bye, my beautiful Diamond!”

“Bye, baby girl!! God be with you!”

As the WhatsApp video call ended, Akinyi sighed and placed her head on Kwame’s shoulder. “Oh, God, how I needed that. I’ve been terrified, bestie. Terrified out of my mind.”

“I know, doll, I know. But like Edem said, all will be well,” Kwame reassured her.

She wasn’t the only one who had had her spirits lifted by that. Constantly haunted by the frightening thoughts that this dear friend of his might go the way of his mother, Kwame too needed a word like that. That Akinyi’s case would not be like that of Mary Sarfo Benson’s, and that disease would not take another beloved female figure from him.

He sighed and pulled her closer. “Yes indeed, Aki. All shall be well. It surely shall.”


Larissa was busy on her laptop, working on some court documents in her office when her phone rang.

She looked at the screen. Barnie Mensah.

She picked it up and answered. “Barnie, good morning.”

“Yeah, Larissa. Good morning oo. Just letting you know that I’ve had Aniyah taken in for medical examination and psychological testing.”

“Oh, good, good, that’s good. Is she doing okay?”

“Well, yeah, pretty much. Slightly calmer now. Some cousins have come in, served as sureties, so she’s out of custody now. And they say she’s doing fine.”

“Thank God for that. Continue to keep me updated on how things go.”

“Sure. It’ll take time, mohm, but I’ll let you know what the results are as soon as they’re made available.”

“Thanks. And by the way, all the best, na the theories going round di33, just crazy stuff. Her being hired by the ruling party and all that silly stuff. I know it’s tough.”

“Hmmmm, Lari. It really is. But chale, you know the drill. Man must protect his client as best as he possibly can, even though she did it. Once all the tests prove what she’s saying, I can get the judge to give her a sentence for manslaughter instead of murder.”

“Yeah. Hmm. Well, like I said, just keep me in the know. And I’ll try and get in touch with her soon.”

“That’ll be great. Alright then, later, Lari.”

“Later, Barnie.”


“Oh my God! Are you serious? You mean Selasi Amenu is your cousin? The glamorous, glorious Queen Cee?”

Edem nodded. “Yep, that’s my cousin.”

“Herh! And you never told me? Are you a good friend at all? Do you know how much I adore that woman?? Huhhh?!”

He laughed as she punched him on the arm. He had expected some excitement from her, but not to this extent.

They had been discussing ideas for potential MCs for the event, and Edem had the perfect person in mind. His dearest cousin, who was a widely-loved influencer on Instagram and was popular for her gracefulness and elegant fashion sense. 

“I know, right!” Maabena added, giving him a hard stare. “You should’ve told us about this a long time ago, lah. Do you know how religiously I look forward to her pics? Do you know the joy that fills my heart every time she has those inspirational IG videos put up? I absolutely love Queen Cee!”

“You and me both, sista,” Diamond agreed. “I mean, after my own twinnie, she’s like my next favourite lady. I kid you not!”

Edem snickered. “Wow. It’s that deep, eh? I mean, I knew she’s popular and all, but I didn’t know you girls were such fangirls. You know, the kind of girls that are so squeally and ready to polish the soles of her shoes with each step she takes…”

“Well, now you know, Mr. Sedudzi. And instead of switching to that annoying explanation mode, you better start looking for the perfect time for us to meet her,” Diamond interrupted him.

“Exactly. Get that phone out and call her and tell her about it ASAP. And do it quickly, boy!” Maabena added.

Edem shook his head as he took his phone out. It wasn’t taking long for them to gang up on him and bully him. These sassy young ladies would definitely be the source of many headaches for him.

But once one of them got his heart racing and his knees knocking so easily, it wasn’t a problem. “Fine, fine, lemme see what I can do.”


“You want us to stop spending time together?” Oscar asked in disbelief. “But why?”

A very pained expression on her face, Adelaide shook her head. “I’m sorry, Oscar. I know it’s hard, I know. But… but it’s for the best if… if we keep our distance from each other.”

Oscar shook his head. This had been brewing for some time now, but it still came as a shock. For reasons that seemed personal, the girl who once looked excited and full of giggles whenever he was around, now seemed uneasy whenever they were together. It puzzled him, and of course, there was nothing more frustrating than the fact that she refused to mention what it was that caused this.

“But, but, I work with the technical team, and you’re in the choir! This distance won’t be as possible as you request it should be. We’ll be seeing each other.”

She took in a few breaths, trying hard not to let the tears spill out. He had a point; it was definitely impossible to truly avoid him. But…

“Besides, I’m really fond of you, Addy,” Oscar added, reaching out to hold her chin as he stared her tenderly in the eyes. “That lovely yet goofy grin of yours. Your beautiful voice. Your love for platform heels, or whatever they’re called. Your sweet spirit. Come on, Addy. Let’s not do this.”

If only he knew how much I wish we didn’t have to, she thought to herself, silently relishing the cute manner in which he propped up her chin. It was one of those things she had desired so much, back when he barely gave her face. To have him do the little things that made her feel pampered and cherished.

And it just had to happen at a time where she had no other option but to break things off.

She shook her head and pushed his hand away. “Oscar, please. I beg you. Let’s not complicate things. I’m pleading with you. Let’s just… go our separate ways.”

Disappointment written on his face, he sighed. “Fine. If you insist. I’ll leave you alone. But please, just answer this. Do your parents dislike me?”

Not the question she wanted to hear, especially in the swift manner he asked it. She looked away. 

He sighed. “Can’t I, like, meet them or something?”

She shook her head vehemently. “No, no, no need to meet them, Oscar. I beg you, please, let’s just end this. Please.”

With that, she stood up and made her way out the door of the technical room, leaving Oscar totally confused. That reaction seemed to confirm that it had to do with her family. Yet, he was yet to meet them, so he hadn’t done anything to make them have any informed opinion about him whatsoever.

But… but why do her parents dislike me? What did I do wrong?


As she entered her house, Adelaide passed by the living room, where her mother sat, busily reading one of her many Derek Prince books.

“Good evening, Ma,” Adelaide greeted.

Her mother looked up at her. “Good evening,” she responded in a rather bland tone. “I hope you’ve finally broken things off with that boy.”

Adelaide bowed her head, nodding sadly. “Yes, please.”

“Better. Na the way Prophetess Joyce warned me about you two coming together, I’m not taking it lightly. And neither should you.”

Adelaide sighed within herself. This prophetess friend of her mother had really worried her.

“If being with him will cause you to fall away from your ministry and lead to premature death, then this shouldn’t be something to be moping over. You should be thanking God for saving you. Now stop acting like your world has come to an end and start being grateful. He reveals to redeem.”

“Yes, Ma,” she responded silently, before walking away.

The truth was, she didn’t trust this prophecy at all. Beyond the fact that she had deep feelings for Oscar, there was something totally off about what had been told to her mother. The prophetess in question just seemed to tick all the wrong boxes in her spirit, and she had a big hunch that this was nothing but a fallacy.

But, with a relationship that was going through a difficult healing process, it seemed impossible and disrespectful to make that known to her.

All she could do at that point was to obey her mother. A painful choice, but one that had to be done.

Wow, so that’s why Adelaide be acting funny. Some of these prophecy things, eh. And hopefully, Aki has a successful surgery. Let’s see what follows…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP3 – Room 401

After that intense episode, it’s time to get back to the family and all the wahala ongoing…

“What’s wrong with Maa?” Serwaah asked in concern as she moved closer to her parents on the couch. Her father held close to his chest a visibly upset Larissa, who was still quite shaken by the visit to the station, and had broken down after telling him about it.

Daniel wiped her tears and tightened his grip around her as her sobs reduced in sound intensity. “Your mother’s had a really rough day, baby girl,” he said to Serwaah. “Don’t worry, she just needs to let it out. She’ll be fine. You can go back to what you were doing. She’ll be okay.”

She nodded, knowing that the loving man of the house had spoken, so it was settled that her mother would be okay. 

“You’ll be fine, Maa!” she called as she walked back to her room.

Larissa lifted her head and sniffed. “Thank you, princess!” she called back weakly. Shaking her head, she whispered, “I’m sorry I broke down that way, it’s just…”

“No need to apologize, my love,” Daniel rebutted gently. “You know I’m here for you no matter what.”

Larissa nodded. “It is just… so intense. I’m not omnipotent when it comes to who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, but with the way she broke down… her reaction to the memories… just seemed so real. It hurts so bad, Danny. Adamtey was more than just an annoying guy with a sharp tongue. He was a terrible man. How could he do this to her?? How??”

Daniel shook his head. “Hmmmm. It’s unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.”

“I know it’s easy to think she’s just making things up to elicit sympathy. I know that’s probably what you’re thinking right now.”

Daniel shut his eyes and let out a sigh. Larissa knew him almost too well. “Well… yeah. I know it’s cut you up and all, but… I dunno. I still have my doubts…”

“Don’t worry, Danny. We’re not just working on emotions. Barnie and I agreed that we’ll have her go for testing to ascertain how bad it’s been. But baby, believe me, I can feel it. That girl was not telling lies. She truly went through a lot. And even though she’s probably not gonna go scot-free, I can’t let her be out there without any help. Even if I can’t be directly involved, I wanna make sure she recovers from this. It’s more than just physical; she’s mentally destroyed too.”

“Mmmm. So will you join the legal team?”

“Nah, I can’t. My emotions are too invested at this point. But pertaining to her recovery and all, I’ll be involved.”

“Hmm. Alright. Just be careful. You know there’s a political taint on this thing, and Adamtey’s people will stop at nothing to try to rip you up.”

Larissa sat up and looked him in the eye. “I couldn’t give a flying crap about those political animals and their bulls**t. This is a young woman’s life we’re talking about, and if anyone thinks it’s only worth gaining some stupid political points, they’re not gonna have it easy with me!”

“Okay, okay, I understand, baby. Calm down,” Daniel urged gently, holding her hand. Even though there was still a lingering hint of skepticism in his mind, he couldn’t deny that Larissa was very passionate about this thing. Much that she was using language she’d normally rebuke the children for letting out of their mouths. “Do what is best for her, alright? And don’t worry about the outsiders. You know I’ll always have your back. Always.”

Letting out an exhale that seemed to release the fledgling fury from her system, Larissa placed her head back on her husband’s shoulder. “Thanks, Daniel. And, uh, by the way, what I was discussing with you last week, I’m gonna go for it.”

Daniel’s eyebrows arched upward in pleasant surprise. “Oh, sweet! That’s great, Lari! Go for it. You know I’ll always be your number one supporter.”

Larissa smiled as she pulled up her legs and snuggled against him on the couch. “Sure thing, my king. Now can I get some orange juice, please? Been such a draining day.”

“No problem, baby. OSCARRR!! Get your mother a glass of orange juice, please!”


“Mmmmm… girl, this wrap is amazing! What are your ingredients?”

“Why, thank you, Dee! So this one is the chicken wrap. Learnt the recipe off the BBC Good Food website. It’s simple, really…”

As she listened to the explanation, Diamond felt like a river of relief had flooded its way into her soul. This was the first time she and Maabena were meeting, and they had barely spent an hour together, yet the vibe between them was just so… authentic. She wasn’t one who had high levels of discernment, but she could just sense that this girl was one who was genuinely interested in the business, and her.

It just seemed like God dropped an authentic person her way every time a problematic human being was taken out. From being heckled and harassed by the entitled pig that was Desert Eagle to meeting the wonderful Edem. Now the backstabbing witch Naa Shormeh had been quickly replaced by this young lady, and she had a wonderful feeling that this was a girl who wouldn’t just be a good business partner, but a great and loyal friend.

“Mmmm, neat!” she murmured as Maabena completed her explanation of the process. “So that’s gonna be the major one you’ll be preparing, right?”

“Yeah, that’s my flagship product.”

“Eeeei, this one too, flagship all come inside?” Diamond laughed.

“Hw33! When it comes to these babies, I don’t use simple English ooo. I don’t play around, sister. The Oseikrom Empress doesn’t play kraaaa.”

“Heyyyyyyyy! I trust you kraaaa!”

“Tenks, tenks. And now that we’re gonna be working together, forgetti! Smooth Wrapz is going global!!”

“Amen, honey!”

The two punctuated that with a high five.


Edem sat a distance away from the two new business partners, watching their animated speech with great amusement. Anyone who walked in and found them chatting and laughing together would have thought they’d known each other since childhood, when they had barely spent more than two hours together.

But hey, it was great to see they were starting off on the right foot. That had been his major prayer as he and Diamond had made their way to Maabena’s place. After the betrayal of Shormeh, he knew Diamond would be a little bit apprehensive about meeting a new person, even though it was necessary. As things stood, all was going well.

As he watched them, though, it was more than just amusement at their bonding that he felt.

There was something more within. And it was directed at the young lady the Oseikrom Empress was speaking to.

He had always known she was a beautiful lady, and getting to know her and spend time with her had been an exciting journey he never expected would happen. But over the past few days, he was starting to see her in a different light. His mind was fixated on her more often than he would have liked, and whenever he saw her, there was a sharp burn in his stomach.

It had all began with him happy to help out with her business, but it now seemed like Edem was beginning to fall for Diamond. 


“Thanks,” Toby said as he took the polythene bag from the attendant in the shop before walking out. Another day of lectures done, and it was time for him to go and enjoy the Don Simon juice he had just bought while watching the latest movie. His course mates had been raving about this movie on Netflix all day, and he definitely wanted to see if it was worth all the hype. 

“Hey you!”

Having moved a meter or two away from the shop, Toby stopped in his tracks upon the sound of that familiar sultry voice. He hadn’t seen her since returning from home that Monday morning. But he knew he’d eventually see her, and have to deal with his conflicted self.

He took a quick breath and turned to face her, lowering his bag. “Hey Delphine.”

Flashing her flirtatious smile at him, she placed a hand on her hip as she cocked her head sideways and asked, “How have you been, Bumpkin? And how did the previous weekend go? Have fun back home?”

Toby raised an eyebrow. Where in the hell did she come up with that nickname?

He shook his head. “Not the best weekend, actually. A family friend got diagnosed with cancer, so…”

The sly look on Delphine’s face suddenly disappeared, and one of genuine concern replaced it. “Oh! Oh! That’s so awful to hear,” she gasped. “What kind of cancer is it?”

“Cancer of the colon.”

“Oh damn! That’s horrible. I’m so sorry to hear that,” she sympathized. “I know what it’s like when cancer strikes. Such a horrible thing, chale. I had an aunt who had breast cancer…”

As she began to tell him her story of her unfortunate auntie, Toby was quite surprised. Her look of concern did not seem fake at all; the mention of cancer had truly struck a nerve of sympathy in her, and as she spoke, there was not a hint of her usual seductive edge.

Not to mention that the story of her aunt’s battle with breast cancer was a pretty sad one.

“… hmm, it was so difficult to handle. Very difficult. I still miss her every now and then. But I hope your family friend makes it. She shouldn’t have to go through what my aunt went through… sorry, gotta take this call.”

She excused herself as she walked away to talk to her caller.

Toby watched her, feeling a new level of attraction to her. Damn! Never seen her being so genuinely sweet. Such a sweet, sexy chic…

Somehow, that bona fide display of concern had triggered him more than he would have ever imagined.

The raciest of thoughts beginning a marathon in his brain, he gulped hard as he began to contemplate truly taking her up on her request that he visit her. At that moment, he was so excited, the thought of being alone in the room with her sounded too awesome for words.

She ended her call after a while, and walked back to him. “You know what? Let me leave you to go settle in your room. I’ll see you later,” she said, rubbing him on the arm before proceeding to walk away.

Herh, what are you doing? You’re letting her go? What dey wrong you? Don’t let that sexy kitten go ooo. Tell her!

“Hey!” he called out. She turned.

He swallowed hard. “So, uh, what’s your room number?”

The familiar smirk appeared on her face. “Oh, uh. 401.”

He nodded. “Cool, cool. I guess I’ll… pass by one of these days.”

She nodded. “Looking forward to it, Bumpkin,” she said as she walked away.

Heading to his room, he could literally feel the angel screaming at him ‘What have you done, boy???‘ He hardly felt any kind of regret at that moment, however. As dangerous as she supposedly was, she had revealed a part of her that had him wanting to get deeper in fellowship with her. And he was not gonna get there without a visit to Room 401.


“Oscar, please let me get down here.”

He looked at her in surprise. “Ah, but I always drop you off in front of your house.”

She hesitated, now thinking of an excuse to give before blurting out unconvincingly, “Ummm, I need to… get something for my mum at the shop nearby.”

The puzzled look remained on his face. 

Adelaide had been acting weird these past couple of days, and this request was further proof of that. For someone who was used to being dropped off at the front of her house, this was not the norm.

Especially considering she was the type who always made him know which pit stops she’d make before she got home.

“Oscar, please, I need to get down here. Please.”

The surprised look didn’t waver. He was tempted to ask what was wrong. Because something definitely was off. And her refusal to talk was not helping.

But as she had already done when he asked that the last 5 times, she would most likely insist nothing was wrong, and go on to either end the call abruptly, walk away from him, whatever weird action she was inclined to take. 

He sighed and unlocked the doors. “Fine.”

Adelaide nodded and opened the door. “I’ll see you later, Oscar.” She closed the door and walked off.

He sat there, shaking his head as he watched her walk off. Whatever was the source of this sudden coldness from a girl who had once flashed him numerous smiles while on stage to get his attention was something serious. Because Adelaide was not like that. 

And she just did not want to talk about it.

What the hell is wrong with her?

So Toby is letting his guard down? Ei, this boy! And it looks like some major romance plot may be in the works right now. And about Oscar and Adelaide… hmmm, I wonder what’s going on with them. Stay tuned!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP2 – My Life Is Messed Up

The meeting between Larissa and Aniyah comes up. Time to see what is gonna occur between them…

It was 8:37 as Larissa arrived at the Legon Police Station. A grim expression was on her face as she stepped out of the car and locked it while walking towards the entrance.

In the spacious and well furnished station, she spotted her colleague seated nearby and waved to him as she walked in his direction.

“Good morning, Mrs. Dolphyne.”

“Good morning, Barnie,” Larissa responded as she met her colleague and shook hands with him before following him to sign her name on the visitor’s list.

As he led her to the room where Aniyah waited, she asked, “Umm, so is there a particular reason why she wants to see me? Has she given you any info on that?”

Barnie shook his head. “She simply insisted that you be here, and that once you are, she’ll give us the full details.”

“Hmmm,” was her simple response as the officer opened the door to them. She still was not very enthusiastic about this whole visit. She did not hold this suspect in the highest of regards, especially regarding how she had attempted to seduce Daniel a few months back, and whatever it was she had to say in her presence, she sure hoped it would be quick, so she’d get back to her work.

They walked in to the room where Aniyah sat, a forlorn look on her face. She had not been in the best of shape since finding herself in police custody. Barnie was working on securing bail for her, but with most of her family members out of town, it was harder than expected.

Barnie took his seat in front of Aniyah, while Larissa sat on the chair nearby.

Aniyah looked up and glanced at Larissa. Their eyes met.

A weakened and stunned gaze met a steely, hardened stare. If there was any message Larissa conveyed with her eyes, it was that she did not approve of Aniyah’s actions in the slightest.

She looked at her lawyer in surprise. “Mrs. Larissa Dolphyne?”

Barnie nodded.

She shook her head, lowering her face. “He was right,” she whimpered to herself. “God, he was right. He was so f***ing right!”

The two lawyers were puzzled by this statement. By this time, tears had begun to fill the eyes of the lady before them. “What? Who?” Barnie asked. “Right about what?”

Head still down, she pointed at Larissa. “He was right. She’s more woman than I ever could or will be. Oh, God, he knew what he was talking about…”

The tears began to run down her cheeks. At this sight, the hard, tough stance Larissa had intended to put on was starting to dissuade even before she fully set it up. She had seen her fair share of criminals breaking down, and had no doubt that a lot of them were just putting up a pity party to provoke sympathy. Somehow, though, her instincts told her that this was no hoax Aniyah was putting up; those tears were real.

Besides, there was nothing she hated more than being used as a tool to deflate the self-esteem of another woman. Many men went weak at the sight of her inexplicable beauty, well-crafted body and queenly aura, and she had learned to live with that. But letting it get to her head and considering herself superior to all ladies was something Mr. and Mrs. Darteh taught her never to do, acknowledging that all women were beautiful in their own ways, and so it always ticked her off to discover some man somewhere utilizing her God given graces to demean another woman.

And it was clear that the words she repeated had really pierced the deepest parts of her soul.

“No, no, no, don’t say that,” Larissa gently protested.

Aniyah shook her head as she sniffed and wiped her eyes. “You don’t understand. As soon as I saw who you were, it just… made sense. Look at you, Mrs. Dolphyne. Beautiful is not enough to describe you. You’re a big-time lawyer. You have a hell of a handsome husband who wouldn’t cheat on you for anything. You probably have beautiful children too. Your life is amazing! As for me, I’m f***d up. My life is just one f***ing big mess. No wonder he said I’m worthless.”

“No, no, Aniyah. Don’t say that about yourself,” Barnie said.

Wiping her eyes, Aniyah looked at the two of them. For a moment, her lips twitched, as if she had something to say. She hesitated, then sighed and said, “Well, maybe if I tell you my story, you’ll get it. I never thought I’d have to tell it, but… what the hell…”

Barnie and Larissa looked at each other, then turned to her. It was evident there was a story to tell.

“It all started when I was seventeen. I lived with my parents in some nice estate. Normal childhood. Older brother who left for the United States quite early. So within the same estate, there was this uncle…”

Larissa shifted uncomfortably at the mention of that. She could already tell where this was going.

“He was my mother’s younger brother. We had a nice connection. I respected him as my uncle. I’d sometimes go over to do some things for him. One Sunday, my mother asked me to go get a bowl from him. I went to find him busy on his laptop. He slammed it down as soon as he saw me. I found it weird why he did that. And when he said he had to wash the bowl and got up to go to the kitchen, I could see he was hard down there. I went to take a peek at what he was doing before I came, and guess what it was?”

Barnie nodded, a solemn look on his face. “Porn.”

“Yep! My uncle was deep into porn. It creeped me out big time. The next day, when my mother was out and my dad was at work as always, he came around, saying he wanted me to make some food for him. He was acting all creepy and someway bi. Before I knew it, my uncle, my f***ing uncle, had his arms around me, saying he was deeply attracted to me. I told him this wasn’t right. He wouldn’t listen. He started to kiss me. Take my clothes off. Finger me downstairs. Suck my breasts…”

Larissa flinched. How these stories disgusted and infuriated her!

Aniyah shook her head, a small wistful smile on her face. “Yeah, disgusting. Hm. But this is where it gets messed up.”

“So I felt so traumatized by what he did. But afterwards, he sat with me, helped me put my clothes back on. Then he spoke to me. Told me that he’s sorry if I was taken aback by that, but he just couldn’t help himself, and that I was just too sexy to resist anymore. Then he told me he enjoyed it all, and asked if I did same.

“I couldn’t answer at the time; the shock was too much. But after he left, I found myself… thinking back on what he did… and… there was this voice convincing me that I… it was good. Real good. So I sent him a message telling him ‘Yes, I liked it’. And that’s when things went downhill.”

“I don’t know what entered me from then onwards. All I knew was that I loved it when Uncle Steve came over or I went over, and he did those things to me. Whether it was us making out or being pleasured by him, I enjoyed every flipping minute of it. My wardrobe started changing; sexy short skirts and blouses showing lots of cleavage. Anything to turn him on. He loved it. Triggered him every time. It was crazy. It went on for three months, and nobody knew what was going on. I knew it was sick, I knew it was unacceptable, I knew it was flat out wrong. But I didn’t care. I just loved it. All of it.

“Then came that one cold Tuesday morning. Parents were out as usual, and I wanted to surprise him. So I put some saucy top, and some tight hot pants, and I went to his place.

He wasn’t home. Small thing, I guess. But then, as I was leaving, I saw a piece of paper on the floor. I picked it up. Saw some writing at the back. And this is what it said.

I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore. I’m gone. Don’t look for me.

Barnie and Larissa shook their heads in amazement. This was one crazy story.

“Uncle Steve just bailed out. Ran away. Just like that. I was crushed. Hurt. Furious. How could he pull me into this… this web of illegal bliss and just leave me and run off? We called his line till he eventually disconnected it. Till date, I’ve never heard from him.”

The police officer sitting by the door shook her head. Even she was pretty taken aback by all Aniyah was saying. As to whether she thought it was a lie or not was known to only her, but she was quite amazed at what she heard.

“So, with inflamed desires and no Uncle Steve to quench them, I was forced to go out there and get them quenched. And quench they did. Ishmael was the first one to actually have sex with me. Injected me with a love for the act. After that night in the hotel, I was hooked. God! All I wanted was some good sex. Didn’t care who it was with, I just needed it. My parents found out, and they were horrified. Told me to stop. I refused. Packed out of their house and found myself sleeping at a few homes before one man bought me the house I live in.”

“I kept sleeping around. Visiting the offices of my partners just to give them blowjobs. Getting dollars for being so amazing in bed. It was the way I lived, and I had no regrets.

“Then… I met him.”

Aniyah’s face darkened at the mention of the pronoun. No prizes for guessing who it was.

Her voice, which had been normal throughout, began to quiver. She swallowed hard and shut her eyes as she continued. “I met him in a restaurant. He said he loved the sight of my cleavage. That I was so sexy, and he wanted to get down with me. I agreed. And it was one of the best nights ever.

“But…,” she trailed off, visibly hurt by the painful memories that followed that one amazing night. Barnie reached out and touched her hand.

Her body beginning to shake, she went on. “But… there was something about him. He was very unpleasant to me when we weren’t having sex. No friendliness in the least. I confronted him about it one day, and he got nasty and said horrible things to me. So I… I ended it with him. And… and…”

A sudden bout of heavy breathing overtook her, as the unpleasant memory of that fateful night struck her like the bat she used to pummel her aggressor to death. Larissa moved to her side, placing both hands on her shoulders. “Shhh, shhh, easy, honey. Take your time. Take your time.”

Her breathing back to default after a few seconds, her head went down again, as the tear glands began to work again. Her voice breaking, she slowly said, “Th-th-that night. That night I saw you and your husband in the restaurant… I went home… he came after me… he demanded I have sex with him… and I refused… and he… he-he… he slapped me…”

Larissa’s skin was crawling at this point. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“…ripped my clothes off… raped me…”

These words came out in a whimper so pathetic. Aniyah’s lawyer, with his glasses on, looked crestfallen.

Aniyah’s sobs suddenly grew in intensity as she recounted the inhumane and heartless manner Adamtey forced himself upon her. The forceful way he hammered her, totally unbothered about the pain he caused her. The agony she endured at his hands. The abusive words he showered upon her after he satisfied himself…

“He raped meeeeee!” Aniyah wailed, crying out loud before suddenly launching into a rabid scream, falling to the ground as she yelled out, “HE RAPED ME! HE DESTROYED MY LIFE! HE F***ED UP MY LIFE! AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Larissa, who had rushed to sit on the floor with her, held her tightly as tears came out of her own eyes. She had witnessed a number of breakdowns, but this had to be the most soul-shattering she had ever witnessed. Holding on to Aniyah, the pain the girl experienced was far too tangible to be unaffected by it. Her screams were so heart-rending; those memories were sharp daggers digging right into the wounds left by her violation.

“Aniyah! Aniyah! It’s okay! It’s okay!”

Holding her tight, Larissa tried her best to calm down the frantically weeping Aniyah. Her face was tear-stained as she looked up at Barnie, who had taken out his handkerchief to wipe his own tears. This was no small breakdown. Even the police officer by the door, who had opened it to let other officers who heard the screams know that everything was under control, had the most morose of expressions on her face.

“He raped me! Told me I was nothing! Threatened to do worse if I ran away or reported him!” she continued in the midst of loud sobs.

Sorrow and anger gripped Larissa. How could this man have been more than just a belligerent politician? How dare he inflict such pain upon this young lady?

“Then one night… he said I was useless… he didn’t want to have anything to do with me again… threw me out…”

Larissa shook her head. How disgusting! After messing her up, you just discard her like some tissue. God, some men are just unbelievable!

Her wails reduced in intensity as she grew limp in Larissa’s arms.

“I was so hurt… I just wanted to get back at him for all that he had done… and he-he, he called my pain trivial. Trivial! HE F***ED ME AGAINST MY WILL AND CALLED IT TRIVIAL!! GOD, I LOST IT!!”

“Easy, baby, easy,” a still very shaken Larissa attempted to hush, holding her tight as she shook her head. This was just insane.

“Please… just let them lock me up… I’m f**ked up… this worthless life is over already…”

“Aniyah. Honey, listen to me,” Larissa started, holding Aniyah’s face to hers, “you are not worthless. You are beautiful. You have a purpose. And it is not over for you. Even in prison, it’s not over.”

Aniyah shook her head. “No, no, no, it’s over. I just wanna rot in jail… like the waste of matter he said I am…”

Larissa’s grip around Aniyah’s face strengthened slightly. “Ani, you are not a waste of matter. You are special. I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure all this, I really am. But please, don’t give up on yourself. You are not what he said you are. And you can start over. Please.”

Aniyah remained silent, her void of expression.

A fresh batch of tears ran down Larissa’s face as she stared deeply into Aniyah’s eyes. She didn’t think she’d come in here caring for Adamtey’s alleged killer this way, but with all that had been said, she couldn’t even begin to stick to her initial Iron Lady plan. She just wanted to see this girl get the help she rightly deserved, even though she undoubtedly did the wrong thing in killing Adamtey.

“Aniyah, please, I beg you. Promise me you’ll get help. Promise me.”

Giving in, Aniyah nodded mechanically and murmured, “I will.”

Sighing in relief, she hugged her tightly, sobbing as she spoke. “I’m so sorry, Aniyah. I’m so sorry you had to suffer at the hands of a monster. I wish to God I would’ve known this; we would’ve found another way out. I promise you, you are not worthless. You are not just an object. You are a beautiful human being. You are enough. And in spite of what you’ve done, it’s not over. No matter how it ends, there’s still hope.”

Wrapping her arms around the older woman’s waist as they rose to their feet, Aniyah let go again. This time, however, sobs of relief rocked her as she remained in Larissa’s embrace.

Maybe, just maybe, this was the reason why she had had that inkling to have her come around. It hadn’t come along the way she had wanted it to, though.

Her main plan was to tell Larissa how Adamtey was lusting after her. None of this had been planned. The revelation of her backstory. The sudden breakdown. But this was what it had led to: a powerful, tender lady speaking words over her she didn’t know she needed so desperately, as dark times lay ahead of her.

Sure, it wasn’t magically healing her of her trauma from all the abuse Adamtey inflicted. And it most certainly wouldn’t make the events ahead any smoother. But… it just felt relieving to be loved on at that moment. Given how she was already shaping up to be a very unpopular figure in the country already, her heart appreciated this wonderful woman being there to lift her spirits. Even if for a little while.

Well, that was one hell of an intense episode! Who knew she had all that stored up in her locker? Poor Aniyah…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP1 – Tough Times

Well well well!! It’s been quite a long time, hasn’t it? But hey, Dabar’s beloved little tribe is back for season 3!!!

So as you already know, season 2 had quite a crazy ending. The main arrows being that of Aki’s cancer diagnosis, and most of all, Aniyah brutally murdering that awful guy Adamtey (I doubt anyone shed a tear for him). Time for us to see what lies ahead now. If you’re coming across this for the first time, please, stop right now and go here and update yourself before you get super confused!

Let’s get into the first episode of this new season, y’all!

“Hmmmmm. The news really hurts me, Danny. I don’t know her that well; Kwame has let me speak to her just once. But it’s so painful to hear of such things. Young girl like this, stricken with cancer.”

“Hmmm, Clay. It’s very distressing. We’re at her house right now. Along with some other church members. Everyone is messed up about it. She’s such a bright and bubbly character, so it’s really disturbing.”

“Hmm, asem oo. How is Kwame?”

“Chale. I don’t think I can begin to describe how shaken up he is by this. He really is distraught right now.”

“Oh, God.” Clayton let out a sad sigh. “Why my dear Kwame? Losing Mary was horrible enough.”

“I know, chale,” Daniel said sympathetically as he paced in front of the gate of the residence of the Mwitas. A small, comfortable house with plenty of flowers to brighten the place up. “That was my concern once the news sprang up. I mean, the boy is pretty levelheaded and all, and I don’t think he’ll spazz out or anything at this stage. But definitely, it’ll have a heavy impact on him.”

“Hmmmm. Yeah, he’s come a long way. The impact Mary’s death had on him was so intense, I discovered him smoking cigarettes after a pretty bad break up.”

“Ei. Really? Wow. This is deeper than I thought. And he’s never brought it up.”

“Yeah, after the therapy and all, he just made it clear he never wanted to go back to that. It’s like that was his way of dealing with losing a dearly loved female figure, but of course, once I made it clear that wouldn’t help him, and would only cause damage to his system, he gave it up. I just hope this doesn’t push him back into it.”

“Don’t worry, Clayton. I’ll keep an extra eye on him now. This whole issue is distressing, but I believe she’ll make it through. She won’t die. So there’ll be no need for him to go back to it.”

“Amen ooo, Daniel, amen. Oh, speaking of death, the murder case that has rocked GH, what’s up?”

“Hmmm, that one too. The girl is in custody oo. The police said she turned herself in. Hacked the guy to death with a metal baseball bat. Reports are that the crime scene was horrific. Serious damage to him.”

“Wow! I know he was not the nicest man in the world, but… chale, such a horrible death di33, he didn’t deserve it.”

“Say it again ooo. Pure wickedness. I wonder what motivated her to do such an evil thing. Do you know I actually encountered her one time?”

“Ei, seriously?”

“Yes! I was on a date with Larissa oo. Lari went to the washroom briefly, and this girl shows up, trying to make moves on me. Hmm! Only God knows what could have happened to me if I had been stupid enough to fall for her tricks.”

“Well, I dunno about that. There are whispers that she was hired by members of the ruling party to do that, so I doubt you’d be a victim per se.”

“Oh, of course. That’s what some of his party people will say. You should see the way they’re eulogizing him. As if he was Nkrumah incarnate.”

“No surprises there. I know his party people adored him to a T.”

“Yeah, they enjoyed all that nonsense he used to display. Some people too think she’s some prostitute who murdered him for non-payment. We dunno yet. You know Ghanaians and the way we can make up stuff. Well… the truth will have to come out eventually.”

“Oh yeah, definitely. And justice definitely ought to be served. She’ll have to pay for that gruesome act. By the way, I’m looking at coming back early next year. To settle back in good old GH and take charge of the airline operations here.”

“Oh great, great! It’ll be good to have you back home. Tired of Canada already?”

Yeah, chale. I honestly think coming back will help me. And of course, I want to be close to my son.”

“Oh, of course, that’s an essential. Well, let us know when you decide to come back. In the meantime, I need to get back in the house and see what’s going on.”

“Sure thing. Keep an eye on my boy for me, wai.”

“Most definitely, Clay. Talk to you later.”


“… Father, in the name of Jesus, let the healing virtue power run through Aki’s body and rid her of all those evil cells! In the name of Jesus, we speak against this cancer right now! We decree and declare the word of God that proclaims that by His stripes, we are healed…”

With a circle formed around her, Akinyi’s eyes, from which many tears had gushed out, were shut as she whispered hopeful Amens to the passionate prayer Adelaide spoke over her life, with Kwame and Oscar in agreement.

As Adelaide gave the final point of her prayer and rounded off with the usual ‘in Jesus’ mighty name’, the three responded with a big, resounding amen. Akinyi, who stood close to her bed during the prayer, took a seat and sighed. “Thank you guys so much. Honestly, thank you. God, this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. I’ve been so scared. So terrified. I just…”

She trailed off as she began sobbing, the devastating effect of finding out about her diagnosis still a massive burden on her shoulders. Kwame joined her on the bed and hugged her tightly, shushing her.

“It’s alright, baby girl. It’s alright,” he whispered to her, trying hard to conceal the fear that had refused to be evicted from his psyche since that evening Oscar broke the news to him. “We’re here for you. And we love you. So much.”

Adelaide and Oscar drew closer, echoing his words as they joined in the embrace.

“I’m scared, guys”, she whispered. “My grand aunt had this, and she didn’t make it…”

“I know, Aki. I know. It’s frightening. But let’s keep faith. You’ll overcome this. Once the surgery and chemo is done, that should be it,” Kwame whispered back into her ear. “Things will return to the way it used to be, the four of us hanging out, having fun together. I believe that.”

He tightened his grip on her as she silently whispered words of hope, trying hard to believe that it certainly would be so.

Neither of the three noticed the unease that appeared upon Adelaide’s face with that last statement. And it had nothing to do with Aki’s predicament.


“God, I wish this wasn’t happening,” Auntie Grace moaned as she sat in her chair, wiping her eyes. “I already lost my mother to cancer, and it was horrible. Now my sweet little niece Aki has it too?”

“Easy, Madam Grace,” Larissa cooed, rubbing her on the back. “It’s tough, I know. And it’s been so heavy a piece of info for all of us. But we need to be strong for her. She’s trying her best, but it’s so obvious how messed up she is by this. We need to be strong for her, and pray she makes it through.”

Wiping her eyes, Auntie Grace nodded. She sniffed before admitting, “At least they said it’s a stage 2 form of the cancer. Surgery and probably chemo will be needed. It’s just… my mother discovered hers at a low stage, got her surgery, and it still returned, and killed her…”

“Don’t worry, Madam Grace. Don’t let that dwell on your mind,” Diamond consoled, walking across to sit on the other arm of the chair. “Aki’s not gonna fall prey to this monster. I know it. That bubbly baby girl is a fighter. She won’t let it overcome her.”

Auntie Grace smiled lightly, a tear running down her cheek. “Oh yes, she is. She certainly is one hell of a fighter… oh, you have no idea how much of an encouragement it’s been having you here…”

“It’s the least we can do, Madam,” Larissa assured her, squeezing her hand gently. “Aki’s such a colourful character. It’s absolutely impossible not to love her. We all do. And at a time like this, we’ll stand by her…”

She was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. She looked to see a colleague calling. “Excuse me, Ma’am, lemme quickly answer to this,” she requested before stepping out of the room to answer the call.

As Diamond wrapped her arms around her and whispered words of encouragement into her ear, the rest of the younger Dolphynes and a few others sat in the couch nearby, their mere presence still a source of comfort to the deeply disturbed Kenyan lady.


“… ah, me, I don’t understand this… hmm, fine, fine, I’ll do it. Just pray I’m not in the mood to give her a piece of my mind when I meet her… hmm, okay. I’ve heard you. I’ll see you tomorrow, then. Bye.”

Ending the call, Larissa turned to see her husband coming in through the front door. “Just got off the phone with Clay?” she asked.

He nodded. “Yep. Very worried about Aki.”

“Hmmmm, I can imagine. Kwame did say something about telling his father a lot about her.”

“Yeah. He’s still in her room?”

She nodded. “With Oscar and Adelaide.”

“Chale. The way those four move together. It’ll be really hard on them. It’s crazy the stuff that’s suddenly popped up over these past few days.”

“Indeed, Danny. And speaking of which, you won’t believe what I just got. Barnie Mensah, one of my colleagues, just called me. Apparently, he’s representing that silly girl Aniyah Johnson, and in their recent meeting, she has requested to see me!”

Daniel’s eyes went wide. “Ah! Wait. You? For what?”

“Ask again, babe, ask again. I have no idea what business she has with me. Already, the way she tried to move to you still irritates my skin. And to find out she’s an alleged murderer on top. I still don’t get it. And apparently, she can’t talk till I come around, so Barnie has begged me to show up tomorrow.”

Daniel frowned and shook his head. “Lari, do you think it’s the right thing to do? I mean, with the rumours that she was hired to do it and all…”

“Hmmmm. You di33, lemme just see what she has to say. You can already tell that I’m not very enthusiastic about all this, but don’t like the fact that she’s delaying Barnie’s time with this nonsense threat. Whatever it is, trust me, the way I’ll give it to her when she’s done. Such rubbish!”

“Okayyyyy, honey,” Daniel said, putting his hands on her shoulders, “calm down a bit. I know you’re not a fan of hers, and neither am I, but relax a bit. If it was up to me, I’d definitely not let you see that killer. But you know your way around these things, so… just do what you gotta do, if you believe that’ll make things better.”

Larissa nodded. “Sure. Let’s see what happens tomorrow…”

So Mrs. Dolphyne is going to see Aniyah. I wonder what’s going to happen at that meeting. And just why does she wanna see her anyways? Oh well, episode two will tell all…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP12 – The Good, The Bad & The Indecisive

Well, here it is! The finale of season 2!!

Didn’t think time would move so quickly, but chale, it has. So, whatever you’ve been wondering, especially with regards to the Adamtey-Aniyah saga, it’s about to be answered. And you may be stunned. Or not. I dunno. Let’s see how it ends, and subsequently, what you can expect for season 3…

“Ah, but why would you leave your AirPods in my office?” he asked, irritated by the prospect of having to go all the way to her place to return it to her, as she seemed to be asking.

“It’s not my fault, Mr. Adamtey!” Aniyah whined over the phone. “It was just one of those things. But I beg you, I need them. Urgently.”

“It can wait,” he responded coldly. “I’m busy. I have stuff to do. Besides, you can buy new ones, so what’s your beef?”

“Please, Manny! I beg you,” Aniyah pleaded. “There’s nothing wrong with just bringing it over and going. It’s not like I want you to come and have sex with me. I just need my thing. It’s mine, after all.”

“But it can wait. Why, will you win a million dollars if you use them tonight?”

“Nooooo! Please! Is it too much to ask for you to just return it? Please. I understand that our relationship is over. I’m not asking for a second chance. Just return my thing to me, that’s all. That’s it. I need it. Please.”

Adamtey shook his head. He was really weary of this dumb woman. As to why she was so insistent on getting some irrelevant gadgets back that evening, he didn’t know. There was a reason why he had ignored her calls earlier, and now he wished that thirteenth call hadn’t broken his defense.

And he wasn’t that stupid to believe her when she claimed there was no amorous intention on her part; he had a strong feeling that was exactly what she was up to. That she wanted a second chance after being absolute rubbish in bed.

“You said I should never set foot on your work premises again. So I can’t come there to take it. Else I would have. Please, you can just meet me at the gate and give it to me. That’s fine. Please…”

But then again, she was right. The AirPods did belong to her, and he didn’t exactly have the right to deprive her of them. And he indeed no longer wanted her within ten feet of the Voltage Office.

In any case, if she tried any nonsense, he had already shown her excerpts of his strength, and he wouldn’t hesitate to give her a good disciplining should the opportunity bring itself.

“I know you despise me now. No problem. But please, I’m begging you. This is all I’m asking for. Please, Sir. Please.”

He sighed out loud.

“Fine. Fine,” he murmured grudgingly. “I’ll bring you your stupid AirPods tonight.”

“Oh, thank you so much, Manny! I promise I’ll never, ever worry you again after this.”

“Whatever,” he scoffed as he hung up. Stupid girl, he thought to himself.

He looked up at the clock in his office. It was about 8 minutes past 8 o’clock.

“Nine. I’ll leave here at nine. Go give the ofui her stupid Pods, then I can go meet Eben for our little discussion. And get that number I desperately need.”


Hey, Edem!”

“Hey, big man!” Edem greeted as Anasah opened the gate for him. “Is Diamond around?”

He nodded. “Yes. Still not totally over the whole thing though.”

“Yeah, I can imagine. I have some news for her that might lift her spirits, though. Can you call her for me?”

“Alright!” he sped into the house as he walked to the balcony and took a seat. A few minutes later, Diamond stepped out, a pretty bland expression on her face.

“Diamond,” he started, putting his hand in his pocket, “I know you’re cut up about the whole betrayal thing. I’m so sorry it went down like that. I really am.”

She sighed as she took a seat next to him. “I’m doing okay, but there’s still some hurt, Edem. To think I was holding hands with the enemy. I trusted her so much. And she… she…”

“It’s alright, Dee, it’s alright,” he consoled, rubbing her on the back. “I can only imagine how hurt you must be feeling. It’ll never be easy to discover that someone you considered a friend never liked you. Just go through the process, alright? You’ll be fine. At least you found out before she totally sabotaged you.”

She nodded, a little pout on her face as she looked down.

“Have you heard from her since you confronted her?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Blocked me everywhere. From WhatsApp to IG.”

“S-M-H. No shame. She’ll rather cut you off than make an attempt to make amends. Don’t stress yourself, Dee. You’re better off without her.”

She nodded quietly.

“Oh, by the way, I got another audio for you. From my snitch, Gyamfua,” he said, snickering as he took his phone out.

Diamond looked up at him dryly. “What, Shormeh’s planning an assassination plot or something against her?”

He laughed. “No, silly. Forget that backstabbing witch. This is something you’ll definitely want to hear.”

He played the audio.

Hey, Edem. So, since I found out about the witch sabotaging your friend’s searches, I happened to contact one of the girls with the sandwich and wrap business. Maabena Agyei. I must admit, chale, her wraps… Edem, her wraps!!! Staaaaap! One of a kind! So I passed by her place, got to talking with her, and she said nobody contacted her about any partnership thing, but she’s open to one. I told her about Diamond, and she wants to meet her. So let her know that the witch has failed. I’m sending you the contact right now. But I beg, tell her the way she stripped me was not fine. That one di33, I’ll say it.

Diamond had her eyes wide open by the end of the voice note. “For real?”

He nodded. “I even called her on the way here. Told her you’re having a little issue, but you’ll get in touch with her as soon as possible. And judging by her tone of voice, she sounds very excited to meet you.” He touched her chin. “So that’s a little something to lift your spirits.”

She smiled, looking quite relieved. “Good news from a far country. Thank God!”

“Indeed. Shormeh said she’ll do the devil’s work. She doesn’t know God doesn’t sleep, eh?”

Diamond laughed, then proceeded to give Edem a tight embrace. “Thank you so much, Edem. What would I have done without you, boy? You’re a blessing. An absolute God-send, honey.”

She had no idea how deeply those words touched Edem as he wrapped his arms around her. Especially with the way he was beginning to feel about her…

“Oh, and tell her I’m sorry, wai. I was in the moment.”

Edem was too busy relishing her embrace to even hear what she said.


“Yeah, Eben, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes. Just give me a moment. Gonna pass somewhere real quick, then I’ll join you… alright, bye.”

Adamtey put his phone in his pocket as he stepped out of the car and looked at the familiar gate. Sneering at it, he walked over and banged the gate.

He then noticed it was unlocked. He shook his head. What a klutz she could be, leaving her gate unlocked.

“And it’s stuff like this that proves why she gets no respect from me,” he muttered to himself as he opened it and stepped in. “Dumbest bitch on the planet-“

Suddenly, he felt an excruciating, crushing blow at the back of his head.

Instant blackout.


“Alright, so I go return by Sunday evening. So just hold the fort give me.”

Those were the last words from Toby to KayBee before he grabbed his bag and exited Room 23.

Larissa had called him and asked him to come home for the weekend, so he was handing over the ice chest to his next door neighbour. He hadn’t been told what he was needed for, but an opportunity to go home for the weekend was definitely not one he’d turn down for anything. It was his turn to watch Serwaah at her weekend dance lessons, so there was that to look forward to.

As he walked out of the hostel to the forefront of the area where food was being sold, he waved to the kelewele seller.

Passing by the khebab seller, he saw a familiar shape. A shape he’d rather avoid. As he passed by, though, the figure turned and saw him.


“Oh hey, Delphine. What’s up?” he responded, gulping nervously.

“Nothing much, honey. Just getting myself some meat for the night. Where are you off to?”

“Home. My old folks want me home this weekend, so I’m setting off. Kay-Bee will take care of the water while I’m gone, so…”

“Aww, Mummy and Daddy miss their boy. That’s so cute!” Delphine gushed, teasingly touching his cheek. “So you’ll be back on Sunday evening?”

“Yeah. I have one of those 7 am lectures, so I don’t have the luxury of staying home for too long.”

“Oh, OK. OK. That’s nice. But me and you, we have fight ooo.”

“Oh,” Toby responded, looking genuinely confused at that point. “But… but what did I do?”

“You, you don’t want to visit me! After how loyal I am to your business and all that,” she accused, pouting.

There rose a brief feeling of tension in Toby’s chest. “Oh, uh, that? Well… uh, I never thought about that, to be honest.”

“Well, come around, sweetie. I’m in a single room, just like you. And you know, it gets boring sometimes. Having some company would be… more than welcome,” she slurred, a sly and seductive smile across her face.

Toby felt like he couldn’t breathe at that point. His heart pounded as he watched her expectant expression. He knew she was beginning to move in for the kill, and the best thing to do was to rebuff her advances. Yet, he felt too scared to offend her. And besides, as much as he hated to admit it, he was still very much enamoured by her. “Sure, sure, uh… I’ll look into that when I come back on Sunday,” he blurted out.

She smirked in satisfaction. “Great. Can’t wait to have you visit me. Well, I gotta go back now. I’ll see you later.” With that, she blew a kiss at him before walking off.

Toby groaned silently to himself as he moved his bag from his back and placed it in front of him to hide the excitement Delphine had caused downstairs.

At this point, he could sense something like an angel and a demon on each side of him, advancing their different agendas.

The angel was saying, “Toby, you know this is wrong. You know this is not acceptable. Don’t fall for it. Remember, cut off everything that causes you to sin. She’s indirectly made it obvious what she wants. Don’t fall into the trap! Remember what Diamond told you. It will end in tears, Toby. Cut her off and save your spirit, soul and body from unnecessary drama!”

The demon was saying, “Toby, look at her. Look at those big breasts. Those curvy hips. That devastating ass. Do you really want to pass it over? When she’s making it clear she wants you? Herh, Toby, don’t be a fool oo! Massa, strike while the iron is hot! Look at how she bounced those two guys for you. Guy, if you listen to that other voice, you’re a big fool. Seize the opportunity, lah!”

Delphine Awittor was officially a problem for him. And these two voices were making their positions clear. One reminding him of what could be in store if he fell for this temptation. The other appealing to his sensual feelings.

As he walked on, he knew one thing was for sure: whatever decision he would come to, had to be done and done firmly and quickly.


“Ah. What’s wrong with her phone?” Kwame said to himself as his fifteenth attempt to call Akinyi that day was met with an automated response that her phone was off. He put the phone back in his pocket and wondered what was wrong. It was very unusual of her to turn off her phone.

He had been standing by Oscar’s car for almost twenty minutes, waiting as his cousin was occupied with helping to set up some equipment in the church for a program the following morning. He was beginning to get impatient; they should have finished five minutes ago.

“Ugh, where is he?” he moaned out loud.

As if on cue, he saw Oscar step out of the building, talking on the phone.

Kwame folded his arms, the impatient look on his face maintained to express his displeasure at being made to wait for so long.

The look changed to that of concern, however, upon seeing the look on his cousin’s face as he got closer. Oscar looked very worried and shaken by whatever it was he was hearing.

“Hmmm… alright… alright. Bye-bye,” he said quietly as he arrived.

“Umm, what’s wrong?”

Oscar sighed. “I got a call from Adelaide.”

“Ah, why? Did she…”

Oscar shook his head. “No, no, no, not that. She said she’s been at the hospital this evening. It’s about Aki.”

Kwame’s blood suddenly turned cold. Ever since the passing of his mother, terror gripped him whenever he heard the name of a loved one of his and ‘hospital’ in the same sentence.

Oscar took a look at the sudden switch to fright in Kwame’s eyes and shook his head.

“Chale. Turns out her auntie’s suggestion to confirm at a different hospital was justified. She went to Barton Hospital, and it turns out the first hospital had the results totally off.”

Kwame nodded slowly. “Mm-hmm?”

Chale, the cramps and the fatigue and all that. Indeed, it’s not IBS. But they apparently had to do some extra tests, and with what the new results showed, the condition is much worse.”

“Uhh, wh-wh-what is it?” Kwame whispered.

Oscar looked down, let out another sigh and looked back into Kwame’s eyes, wishing he didn’t have to say what he was about to say.

And at the mention of her condition, Kwame’s facial expression grew pale and full of disbelief.

“It’s… it’s cancer… Colon cancer…”


There was a muffled scream as the cold, hard metal bat made contact with his butt once it was clear he had regained consciousness.

“Hey, will you keep quiet before I smash that stupid brain of yours? Keep quiet!”

Overwhelmed by the biting agony borne by that hit, coupled with the terrible pain in his head caused by the same bat when he entered the house, his body violently vibrated as he tried to comply with the orders. He had never experienced this kind of agony before. A blinding pain.

And he wished at this point that he had never fallen for her passionate plea to return the AirPods. From the look of things, it was all a well-calculated plan, and he had fallen right into the trap. Lying on the floor, hands tied behind his back, he knew she had used the period of his unconsciousness to have him gagged up. Now she stood over him, a dark expression on her face.

What a mistake it had been to return here. This had been a plot to attack him. How in the world did she come up with something this devious?

There was a laugh from her. The most sinister laugh he had heard from her since he had gotten to know her.

“Hahahaha! Oh, Emmanuel Adamtey,” she said with an eerie amusement. “Handsome Emmanuel Adamtey. Political firebrand Adamtey. Incredible sex machine Adamtey.”

Her voice then turned menacing. “You are such a piece of s**t, you know. A world-class bastard. You really thought I was gonna let you treat me like soiled toilet roll? Use me, then flush me away? After treating me the way you did? You thought you could rape me, hurt me, debase me to the lowest form, then effortlessly dispose of me with no consequences? You are mad, okay, you are mad! Stupid animal.”

His eyes were filled with fright as he looked up at her. The glint of madness in her eyes was bone-chilling. She looked ready to do serious damage to him.

“I dunno what made me think you were untouchable. I dunno what made me think you’d get away with it. But whatever it is, damn, it lost its power over me. You’re nothing, Emmanuel Adamtey. Nothing. You’ve scorned this bad bitch for too long. You remember what I said, don’t you? Never underestimate such a woman, coz she’ll mess you up and not be the least bit moved.”

With that, she readied herself to lift up the bat and cause more damage to him. He panicked at her action.

“Please, Aniyah, please,” he pleaded, his heart beating furiously, “we can work this out in a better way. Please.”

“Better way?” she scoffed. “Better way, you say?”

“Yes, yes, a better way,” he replied, nodding his head, the desperation on his face crystal clear as words tumbled out of his mouth. “Look. Please. I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry. For all I’ve done. I’m sorry. Whatever you want from me, I’ll do it. But please, don’t do this.”

She looked at him skeptically, not moved by his pleas at all. Holding it across her chest, she gave him that same look, then turned away, snickering to herself as she took a few steps away from him.

Managing to sit up, he looked at her and shook his head. “Huh. Imagine getting pummeled for some trivial crap. That’s new,” he muttered to himself.

A little too loudly.

“Wait, what?”

Those words came out with a sudden sharpness. Something in her had snapped upon hearing that.

“What did you just say?” she asked, her eyes narrowing as she turned and glared down at him.

He felt uneasy at this point. The fire in her eyes blazed at a racing pace. He did not realize his murmur was that loud. And now he wished he had not let it out.

“Nothing, nothing. It was no-“

“You call what you did to me trivial?” she growled, the grip on the bat tightening as she clenched her teeth, infuriated by the word.

He shook his head vigorously, frightened by her actions. “No, no, no, no, no, that’s not what I meant…”

“You raped me, and you have the nerve to call it TRIVIAL??” she screamed, raising the bat and landing it heavily on his arm.

He screamed at the devastating impact of metal on his body as he fell back to the floor.

“No, no, no, please, I beg, I’m sorry…,” he gasped hurriedly.

It was too late. He had used the wrong word at the wrong time, and now all the fury and pain inside her had broken loose and all she could feel was an overwhelming desire to hurt him as much as she could.

“YOU RAPED ME! YOU TREATED ME LIKE AN ANIMAL! YOU DESTROYED MY F***ING LIFE! AND YOU SAY IT’S TRIVIAL! YOU STUPID BASTARD!” she screamed uncontrollably as she began to wildly batter him. His cries and pleas were drowned out by her angry screams, the memory of his cruel treatment the fuel that kept her hitting him with a rabid ferocity.

As she continued to pummel him with intense strikes, his screams of agony grew lighter and lighter. Particularly as her aim spread to different areas of his body. She didn’t care whichever part of his body got hit; what mattered was that it got hit.

Eventually, he went silent as she continued to yell out with each strike, “YOU MONSTER! YOU BEAST! YOU ANIMAL! F*** YOU! F*** YOU!”

After over two and a half minutes of extreme anger, rage-filled screaming and relentless clobbering, she took one last strike and came to a stop, breathing heavily. As she inhaled and exhaled loudly, she looked around her.

Her moment of rage had turned quite bloody. Red splattered all around the living room.

She raised her bat. Stained with blood.

She looked down at Adamtey.

An absolute bloody mess. His head split open, his face unrecognizable, his body broken, battered and bludgeoned.

His chest still. No rise to indicate an inhalation.

She shook her head as the reality of her actions dawned upon her.

Emmanuel Adamtey was dead.

All the pain and rage indwelling in her since the night he violated her and continued to treat her with no sympathy or compassion had been unleashed with the way he referred to it all as a mere trifle. All guns blazing. And he hadn’t survived the onslaught.

This was not exactly as she had planned. A broken leg was what she had aimed for, at most.

Taking deep breaths as she looked at the damage on her living room floor, however, the steely look on her face eliminated any possibility that she felt guilty.

Dropping the bat on the body, she walked over to the center table where her phone lay. She picked it up and dialled a number, putting the phone to her ear as it rang.

“Hello? Yeah, Police. Yeah, well… my name is Aniyah Johnson, and I just murdered a son of a bitch in my house. Are you gonna come and get me or not?”

Well…… very little to say right there. Brutal, that’s what I can say. Adamtey was certainly a scumbag, but… wow…

And that’s how season 2 ends, y’all! MTD Season 3 will return in April, God willing. In the meantime, though, the State is growing, and there’s more to it than our beloved Dolphynes. More riveting stories will be arriving while we wait for Season 3. Watch out for those!

Oh, and by the way, State of Dabar is on all the major social media platforms! Go ahead and follow them all, and get updates on what’s new and all that. Name is State of Dabar across all platforms.

Stay blessed!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP11 – Oh Ye Traitor

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re edging closer to the final episode of this season. Discovered more readers over the course of time, and boy, am I glad y’all are following. Makes it all worth the plans I have for this State. Anyways… after this episode is the link for the Val’s Day story I promised, so prepare yourself for that. In the meantime, where doth the story go? Answer is below…

“Yeah, yeah, so you, don’t worry about it. Just let them know it was an error. I’ll handle it myself, alright?… Yeah, right after my interview. Alright… don’t stress yourself out, Rosa. We all make mistakes sometimes… good girl, good girl. Alright, then. Bye.”

Adamtey hung up as he turned off his engine at the car park of the radio station he was scheduled to appear on that morning. A little e-mail gaffe had been committed by his secretary, and she was tearfully apologizing. Adamtey had a lot of patience for that woman, however, and reassured her all was well.

He shook his head as he reflected on what he had told her. We all make mistakes sometimes.

Indeed. He wasn’t immune. He had made his own mistakes.

One of which was Aniyah Johnson. Thinking she was the sweetest source of satisfaction ever. He had not even remotely expected she’d become worse than a log. A flipping log! If there was anything Emmanuel Adamtey did not deserve, it was an inactive, unresponsive woman under him. Ticked him off more than anything.

Well, at least that’s over, he thought to himself as he opened the door and got out. She had been tossed out. Consigned to the Recycle Bin of his life.

As far as his new target was concerned, he had to wait. He had subtly tried getting her number from his lawyer, but Mr. Agbettoh was proving a little too hard. They had a little meeting that Friday, however, where they would go over the final details before meeting Larissa again, and Adamtey was intent on giving him pressure until he linked them up.

Nothing was gonna keep him from this one. Nothing.


Aniyah sat up in the backseat of her E250 and rubbed her eyes, looking in the mirror and finding them bloodshot and haggard.

She had not stepped into her house after returning from the Voltage Office last night. She rather spent the night crying and screaming in the car, deeply wounded by Adamtey’s treatment of her. His physical treatment of her over the past few weeks had been nothing short of horrid, but those words of his took things to a whole new level. After destroying her in so many ways, he had effortlessly discarded her and made her feel like she was devoid of value.

An absolutely soul-crushing experience.

Not to mention the persistent comparison with the lawyer woman he kept talking about. Even as she took the files from his car for him, he continued to compare her body with that of the other lady and proclaim her as absolute crap. His words were like a horrid confirmation of what someone’s silence had implied a few years back. Her past returning to kick her in the gut, harder than before.

And to top it all off, he literally kicked her out of the office, warning her to never set foot on the work premises again.

After sexually, physically, mentally and psychologically abusing her, he had just tossed her away. As if nothing about her mattered.

There was no doubt about it, Aniyah was devastated. Overwhelmed by anguish.

Taking a few minutes to breathe, she sat still, letting the little exercise fill her with a bit of calmness. Reaching what she felt was an acceptable level, she reached over and turned the radio on.

The station on her dial was holding its regular breakfast show, and who happened to be one of their panelists for the day?

Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey, of course.

Hearing his voice, she squeezed her eyes shut, her soul getting caught up in a raging tornado of heartache, grief… and anger.

She began to seethe as he spoke. Rage now spreading through her innermost being like a bad epidemic, the sound of his voice made her angry. All she could think about was what a heartless, despicable bastard he was for treating her like she had an inferior kind of blood and skeleton.

“Monster!” she spat, switching the radio off. That was definitely not what she needed to begin the day with. She’d rather listen to Cardi B.

She reached for her bag to get her AirPods. Rummaging through its contents, she realized they weren’t in her bag. “Ah, but where did I leave them?” she wondered out loud.

After a moment, it came back to her. She last left them on the couch where he had had his way with her. In his office.

“Ohhhh, s**t!” she cursed out loud, slamming her fist against the passenger seat. Shaking her head, she murmured to herself, “I’ll just have to go get myself some new ones now. No f***ing way am I going back there. Or letting him come here. Satanic beast! God knows what I’d do to him at this point in time if I saw him!”

No sooner had those words left her mouth than she suddenly frowned.

Wait. Was there an idea coming up?


“What? Are you kidding me right now?” Akinyi asked in disbelief.

“Hmmm. I heard the audio for myself. To think we were convinced that Diamond has a ride-or-die team behind her. Turns out Naa Shormeh is a two-timing, backstabbing witch. So many horrible things. None of which are true. Admitting to sabotaging the whole partnership thing, smearing Diamond black to a bunch of girls. Ugh! Traitor!” Kwame informed her, the disgust apparent in his voice.

“We had a susu-pon in our midst? Damn! I can’t believe it.”

“Neither can I, Aki. Neither can I. I mean, it’s bad enough that you’re pulling her back. But all kinds of nonsense, like how Diamond holds her parents to ransom and how she hates her brothers. Ah!”

“She’s sick. Spreading stuff that we all know is not true. Such witchcraft!”

“Well, your words come to mind, though. About how jealous ones will always be exposed. Here it is.”

“Indeed. With what you’re saying, it’s obvious Diamond has to get her out. Fast!”

“Chale, no joke. The Red Wedding statement kraaa is what scared me.”

Akinyi sighed. “Here we go. Mr. GoT on the analysis thing.”

“No, seriously. That Game of Thrones moment is terrifying. Terrifying and unexpected. So if she’s saying that, then chale, the level of sabotage she has planned… hmmm, it’ll be something else.”

“Okay ooo, Analytical Benson. I have heard you. I won’t argue with you.”

“But why would you even want to argue with me? You’ve never even watched Game of Thrones before. Even Jon Snow is a stranger to you.”

“Shut up, Kwame. Well, I have to get to the hospital this morning.”

Kwame’s snicker stopped at the mention of ‘hosptial’. “Mmmmm. Your IBS results?”

“Yeah, well… actually, they came out negative, but my auntie wanted me to do a second test at another clinic, to be doubly sure. In any case, I need to get checked up on the fatigue issue. Must be anaemia or something.”

“Yeah, I’ve experienced that before. Drains the life out of you. Well, keep in touch, bestie. Let me know how things go.”

“Alright, Mr. Benson. I will. And I sure hope Diamond gets that snake out. Talk to you later!”

“Oh, she better! Bye, doll.”


“Chale, this History of Western Medicine assignment no be easy oo!” Eric Ewudzi grumbled as he sat on a bench outside their lecture room with a few others colleagues, including Toby.

“I promise. The research alone be full-time job,” Wisdom agreed. “But thank God for Toby and Confi. The way them mow eh, chale, no jokes!”

“Oh, ahiaa,” Toby laughed as he took out his research papers. “Confi wey she get all the juice, chale.”

Confidence smirked. “Please, boy. I’m just a deputy shark here. You are the boss.”

“You diɛɛ, if I decide to debate with you, we’ll not solve this question…” Toby said in amusement. His phone rang, and he checked to see it was Oscar. “I beg, guys, let me quickly answer this, then we’ll start.” He answered the phone. “Yeah, Oscar.”

“Chale, emergency! You need to come to Rufai’s center. Something could go down.”

Toby was alarmed. “Why, what’s happening?”

“I just ended lectures, and I was driving to the nearest photocopy shop. I passed by that place and I saw Naa Shormeh’s car. That car she’s been driving to our place. And guess who I just saw heading to that spot?”


“Yes! Chale, I don’t have a good feeling about this. It might turn slightly ugly if care isn’t taken. I know you might be busy, but this be crucial.”

Toby was skeptical. “Ah, but do you really think things will get out of hand? Rufai’s place is a public side ooo. I doubt they’re ready to muddy themselves like that.”

“Toby, listen. Diamond told me she spoke to Shormeh this morning, and the witch told her she was meeting some girls to get them to agree to usher for the grand opening in the future. She said she deliberately told her she’ll be doing other stuff. I dunno why it didn’t occur to me, but… it could get ugly, bro. I need you here. Now.”

Toby sighed. “Fine, fine. I’m coming.” He hung up, then called Confidence to whisper into her ear what was transpiring. Looking concerned, she encouraged him to go, as he excused himself from the group discussion.


“But Naa, you be evil genius ooo! Herh! What you did to the Diamond girl, eh. Serious levels!” one of the girls said as they sat on the chairs provided outside Rufai’s center.

She smiled and shook her head. “Sister geh, it is smartness. Without strains of smartness in your genes diɛɛ, any fool can roll you over oo.”

“Abi you diɛɛ, you’ve rolled her over,” another one of them laughed.

“Of course. Ah, with all you have, you still want to fly, so that the rest of us will do what? BS!”

Some of the girls’ facial expressions changed as they noticed the object of their discussions approaching. They tried to draw Shormeh’s attention to it by making zipping motions with their fingers. Her eyes not on them, she continued to voice out her contempt for Diamond.

She eventually noted their actions, and immediately turned to see the reason for same.

Diamond stood there. She gave a mock clap as she moved closer to them.

“Well done, Naa Shormeh. Well done. Madam chorister. So this is the squad you claimed you would get to usher at the opening this morning? Fantastic work. Ain’t no stopping you now for real, baby girl.”

The gossip squad was stunned. Naa Shormeh was on her feet, a mixed look of guilt and shock on her face.

“Shormeh, I thought we were friends. I took you to be my girl. My bosom buddy. The girl I can vibe with for hours on end. Is that my crime? Is that why you’ve decided to assassinate my character and try to destroy my dreams? Really? What wrong did I do you? For you to tell these girls such blatant lies about me and my family!”

Shormeh was speechless. So were her cohorts.

“You were able to look me in the face and lie to me that things will be alright, when you knew so damn well that you were the very one working behind the scenes to ensure it won’t be alright? Ei, Shormeh? What kind of wickedness is this? How do you see me joke around with my brothers and turn around to say I hate them? How, Shormeh, how? And you just sat there and proclaimed that you don’t want to see me succeed. After we proclaimed there’s nothing stopping us? What did I do to deserve such hatred and fakeness?” she demanded passionately.

Not a word from the squad seated before her.

Diamond shook her head, the pain seeping into her voice as she continued. “Well, I don’t have anything more to say. I don’t know why my desire to soar high offends you so much. Just know that I bear you no grudge, but your role in my life ends from here onwards. Since my success troubles you so much, I’ll just do you a favour and show you the door so you don’t have to witness it.”

Directing her next couple of words to the other girls, she lashed out, “And to the rest of you, huh, so much for being campus champions for ‘We sisters gotta stick together’. Shame on you all.”

She turned to walk away, then halted and looked at them. “Oh, by the way, you know that you sow what you reap, right? When you sow betrayal, you reap betrayal. No wonder you have a snitch in your midst. That’s how I know.” With that, she walked off.

“Herh, how did she get to know about this? Who snitched?” Shormeh shrieked, obviously triggered by that last word from Diamond. She glared at all the girls around her, trying to determine who it was that leaked the information. One of them was caught looking away, a slight tint of discomfort on her face. She did not seem happy about Diamond putting that out.

“Herh, Gyamfua,” Lisa said, noticing the change in her facial expression, “are you the one? Is that the reason why you never talk?”

Gyamfua kept her eyes down, remaining mute.

Shormeh, interpreting her silence to be confirmation, flew into an absolute rage.

“You traitor!” she snarled. “You sold me out! You bitch!” following it up with a slap.

Chaos broke forth as some of Shormeh’s gossip partners also sprung on the mole in their midst. Some of the watching crowd moved to intervene, while some decided to whip out their phones.

Shormeh, meanwhile, ran from them and in Diamond’s direction. Triggered by the revelation that a snitch had sold them out, she thought she’d fight her for infiltrating her ranks, just to avoid the guilt of being caught.

She grabbed Diamond’s blouse and pulled it, dragging her ‘friend’ back. Diamond, immediately springing into defensive mode, turned and used her arm to break Shormeh’s hold.

Shormeh didn’t waste another second, lunging for her, arms stretched out, ready to grab her by the throat. “How dare you spy on me?” she hissed.

She didn’t anticipate, however, the reinforcements that came at top speed upon seeing her adversary getting attacked. Before her hands could touch Diamond’s neck, Oscar stepped in, blocking her. She stopped and stared fiercely at him.

The look on his face, however, was even fiercer. “You lay a hand upon my sister, and I swear you are gonna be having nightmares about me for the rest of your life!” he snarled, shielding his sister from further attacks.

The manner in which her vehement look reduced by a couple of degrees showed how seriously she took that threat. A couple of seconds later, and Toby stepped in front of her, his expression just as vicious as that of his older brother’s. “Are you still standing there?” he asked snidely.

She took a step or two back. There was obviously no wisdom in trying to attack Diamond’s brothers. Given how wild their facial expressions were, she’d be making a major error trying to do so.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Walk away, you two-timing snake!” Toby spat as she increased her distance. He then turned and put an arm around Diamond as he and Oscar walked her back to the car.

The owner of the shop, Mr. Rufai, came out, meanwhile, very displeased with the scuffle in front of his shop. He wasted no time in sacking everyone around.

“Hey! Hey! Get out! Out of here! Hurry up!! Leave, leave here! Such nonsense. You young people of today have no self-respect. Heyyy! Just leave! Now!”


In the office of Doctor Joseph Henson of Barton Hospital, he glossed over the two results in front of him.

Test results for Miss Akinyi Mwita.

He shook his head as he looked at the results of the previous hospital. “How in the world did they arrive at this diagnosis? Totally wrong! Hm!”


“Take it easy, honey,” Larissa said soothingly as her upset daughter, later that evening, laid her tear-stained face on her shoulder. “Take it easy. I know it’s rough to process. Just take it easy. I’m right here for you.”

Wrapping her arms around her mother, she let out a big sigh of sadness. “Maa, it hurts so much. My bosom girl was jealous of me all this time, and was willing to go to crazy depths just to bring me down. And she attacked me on top, acting like I’m the bad one! I don’t understand. I just don’t…”

“Hmmm. Some people just prefer to see you where they want you to be, not where God wants you to be. And when you disappoint them by moving on God’s path, they can’t stand it, and will do anything to veer you off track. No matter how stupid it is. You can never understand such people, baby girl.”

Diamond sniffed. “God, how I wish I had seen this earlier. I never would have entrusted her with that task. Ei! People are wicked.”

“Indeed,” Larissa agreed, holding her daughter tight. “People are wicked. But let’s be thankful to God that He exposed her at this point in time. Imagine if you had been unaware of this. At least you can still find a partner. Give her more time, she’d probably destroy your plans altogether. So I know you’re hurting, Diamond, and take time. But let’s be thankful. God has disposed of her.”

So the snake has been disposed of. Good riddance! And of course, the major point of interest is almost at its concluding point. Personally, I am so looking forward to the finale. Probably coz it’s one of mi personal favourite MTD episodes! Hehe. Stay tuned and let’s see how this season ends, and what’s at stake for the next season!

And as I stated earlier, here is your Valentine’s Day story, featuring Dabar’s beloved couple, Daniel and Larissa Dolphyne! Click the peecha below and get moved by our dearest #relationshipgoals!

NB: If you’ve ever wondered what Larissa’s full name is, you’ll see it here!
Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP10 – Tasteless Chewing Gum

And we’re in the month of love!! Thank God for being alive in the month of February.

With the feedback I got, it’s settled. Danny and Lari’s honeymoon it is for the 14th. Some of you wanted me to do their entire love story. Ebei! That’s an entire series on its own, lah. Have mercy on a student. Anyways, the link to that will be up on next week’s episode. With the drama that’s coming up in that episode, the love tins will even out what y’all will go through. Hehe..

Anyways, today’s episode has an interesting title. What does it apply to? Let’s find out…

“Oh chale, the water is finished,” Delphine said to herself, frowning as she looked into her fridge, full of cartons of fruit juice and stew containers and milk tins, but no sachet or bottle of water. Currently not in the mood for any sweet fluids, she was a little taken aback to see that she had exhausted her supply.

Not very pleasing. But then, it did give rise to an opportunity she loved to take.

Standing straight, she smirked as she said to herself, “Time for a little visit.”

She immediately headed for the door and stepped out, locking it as she made her way downstairs to the place she usually purchased her bottled water from.

As she walked through the hallway once on the ground floor, she heard a guy nearby murmuring to a friend, “Awurade, see boobs! The way I get, I go press press eh!”

“Chaleeeeee, me sef, I root! Gademmit!” his friend agreed in a low tone.

She shook her head and smiled scornfully as she maintained her direction. As always, guys were drooling over her. And as much as they tried whispering to themselves, more often than not, she heard their remarks about her body and how badly they would love to get her into their beds.

And despite loving how sexy she appeared to the outside world, it never failed to strengthen her low impression and utter scorn of the male species whenever they lost it at the sight of her. Not a tint of self-control whatsoever.

Hm. Men. So driven by their little soldiers. So f**king dumb, it’s just amazing. As to why it’s been said that men are the leaders is beyond me. These easy-to-manipulate dogs? Kai! See how they lose their senses over my cleavage and my ass. And they are meant to be in charge or whatever?

That’s why I don’t let them move to me like that. So they can have the rule over me and my body? Never! I have to be the one in charge. So forget all these hungry little bastards. I already got the one I want. And it’s all going according to plan. Edging him right into the middle of my palm. Only a matter of time till it’s complete…


Toby took a deep breath as he knelt beside the ice chest, getting ready to take out the usual 5 bottles of Awake.

He shut his eyes, asking God for strength to resist the lady at the door, whose ever-enchanting smirk and net blouse which did little to conceal cleavage was fighting his intention to resist her.

He opened his eyes and stood up, feeling a little surge of confidence. He walked over to Delphine and handed over the polythene bag as usual. “Here you go, Delphine.”

“You’re such a sweetheart, aren’t you?” she gushed as she received her usual order from him.

He sighed. It was time to start setting the boundaries. And for starters, those pet names, winks and air kisses had to go. Nothing weakened his resolve more than that. “Umm, Delphine? No offence or anything, but, I’d really appreciate it if…”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, ah! This Clement guy dey worry, lah!” she grumbled as her phone vibrated, barely hearing what Toby had to say. She pressed the reject button, a frown on her face.

“Clement? The guy on the second floor?” Toby asked. That was one of the guys who had been talking about Delphine in front of him a few days back.

“Yeah, that one,” she responded, looking pretty peeved. “He and some Adjetey guy have been disturbing me these past few days. Calling me and sending all kinds of text messages that they like me and blah blah blah. I know they want to have sex with me, but I’m not interested!”

Toby was surprised at her words. “Oh, wow. Hmmm. I see. You’re not that kind of girl, are you?”

A small smile returned to her face. “I’m not a virgin, if that’s what you’re thinking. I have nothing against sex. I’m just a different kind of girl.”

That answer piqued Toby’s curiosity. “Meaning?”

With that, the small smile gradually formed back into her sexy smirk. “It’s simple, really. I’m the kind of girl who knows what she wants, and will make damn sure she gets it. The regular girl loves it when a guy wants her and chases her and convinces her to get into bed with him. I don’t. Matter of fact, I kinda despise that thing, to be honest. I like to be the one in control. I like to be the one who comes after the nigga. Reel him in. Make him want me so bad, he’ll never wanna stop eating from the palm of my hand.”

Toby felt himself trembling as he heard those words. Diamond certainly had not lied about this lady.

Heartbeat on steroids, he knew the next question was not necessary, but emotions got the better part of him. “So, uh… y-you have someone in mind? Or something?”

The smirk glued on her face, she shrugged. “Possibly. And who knows who he could be? Could be in my class. Could be in the next block. Could be someone I think is very… cute. You know… someone who thinks I’m sexy. Who knows?”

With that, she sassily walked away.

Toby felt shaken as he closed the door. If there was any indication that Delphine had some ulterior motive for him, that had to be the biggest one yet. After all, she had called him cute the second time she had come around. He had blurted out that she was sexy before. And he certainly wasn’t the one moving to her; she was making all the moves.

It was obvious that setting boundaries was gonna be nothing but a fruitless venture at this point. The only wise thing to do was to cut her off. Totally. As the Bible made it clear, whatever it took to prevent sin ought to be done, even if it meant plucking your eye out.

But somehow, as much as he was terrified, he found himself very aroused. Even more than before. As scary as her way of thinking sounded, the thought of someone as voluptuous as Delphine wanting him brought some pleasure that a part of him was not ready to let go of.

Damn. I know this is wrong. I know what has to be done. But…


Diamond was finding it hard to believe what she had been told concerning her bosom buddy’s apparent hidden side.

The previous night, Oscar had had the rather difficult task of revealing to her the information Confidence had relayed to him and Toby. As expected, it was an absolute shock to her to hear this. With the bond she and Shormeh shared, it was nowhere near sinking in. Too many doubts about the whole thing.

As she and Oscar moved about town that afternoon, she was still struggling to process the whole issue.

“Ah, nahhhhh. Oscar, are you sure this girl is telling the truth? Because me, I still can’t process it,” she protested.

Oscar shook his head, getting a little irritated. This was about the fifteenth time she had asked. “Dee, that girl wouldn’t have come all the way just to come and fabricate lies. She and Toby are not that close, for her to just barge in and come and deliver this. And I know she’s not the greatest role model on campus, but I certainly don’t know her to be a liar.”

Diamond shook her head and leaned back, giving a ‘hmph’ as she crossed her arms. “It still doesn’t click. With the kind of pictures she showed me concerning the responses from those businesses, to the things she claimed about me. Doesn’t add up. Shormeh knows I don’t hate you and Toby. She’s seen us fooling about like normal siblings do, so where from that? And a sugar daddy. Really? Ah!”

She was interrupted as her phone rang. It was Edem.

Her phone being connected to the car’s Bluetooth, the radio cut off to indicate the incoming call. She pressed the receive button. “Hey, Eddy.”

“Diamond,” he responded, the tone of his voice not as light-hearted as it usually was. “There’s an audio I’m sending to you right after I hang up. Please, listen to it in its entirety. Then, when you are done, you’ll know what to do. In this life, there are some weights that need to be dumped off before you can make headway. I’m really pissed right now, but I no go talk plenty. Just listen, and you’ll know what to do.”

The line immediately went dead.

The two were stunned by that. A generally pleasant-tempered person, it had to be serious to get Edem so riled up. He really did sound like he was doing all he could to restrain his temper.

Not long after, the audio arrived. Having been silent since the call, Diamond quietly asked, “Umm, could you please park by the roadside so we listen to it?”

Equally as silent as her, Oscar duly obliged.

She began to play the audio.

Whoever had sent Edem that audio had to be one of the girls in the room, as almost everything that had been said that day was captured. They listened as the girls, in their hating speech, confirmed all that Confidence had reported. They heard how Shormeh had cleverly yet deviously used a number of mediums to deceive Diamond into thinking they had responded to the offer, when in fact, she had not only refused to contact them, but even spread those lies to some of those young CEOs to sully her image before she even began.

They listened as others also got their fair share of nasty shots, including Akinyi and Edem. They winced as Shormeh called Edem ‘Diamond’s little slave puppy’. A pretty emasculating comment. No wonder he was so angry.

Once the audio was over, the hurt on Diamond’s face was all too evident.

“I can’t believe this. I thought… I thought we were friends,” she whispered.

Oscar reached over and put his arm around her as tears began to run down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, big sis. I’m sorry…”


It was 7:30 pm, and at the Voltage Office, in the office of its boss, Adamtey had just completed having his way with Aniyah again. 

As Adamtey got up from the couch to put his boxers and trousers on, he turned to look at her, as she remained still on the couch, simply breathing in and out.

He shook his head. Tonight’s session was well below satisfactory, and it had been so for the past couple of times they had met. The attempt to spice things up the last time had gone nowhere; just a lot of screams of pain and cries afterward, which really annoyed him.

To think that he had deemed her an essential and indispensable part of his sex life a few weeks ago due to her incredible skills! Now he felt bored and sick of her. It was time to dispose of her.

Besides, now that he looked at her body properly, he found her sorely lacking in comparison to the lawyer lady the company was now dealing with. That woman was divinely gifted, and he knew that was what he deserved. Not this expired sex toy.

“You know what?” he said to her once he had put on his trousers. Still seemingly engrossed in her thoughts, she looked up at him from the couch.

“I’m tired of you. Honestly. For some reason, I thought sex with you was something I couldn’t live without. I somehow stupidly led myself to think that you’re the sexiest woman I could possibly meet. But here’s the truth: you’re nothing more than tasteless chewing gum now. You’ve lost your vibe. Or zing. Or whatever. But tonight was the worst I’ve had this year. And it just tells me you’ve really become a worthless piece of s**t.

“And anyways, I’ve discovered a woman whose body is ten times way more amazing than yours. A lawyer at that. Larissa, or something like that. More woman than you could ever even begin to imagine you could be. She’s the one I want now. Yet to convince her, but I have no doubt that she’ll soon be the one in my bed, and I can bet my life that sex with her will make me forget you even had a vagina to begin with.

“So, you’ve had your time satisfying me, but you’re trash now, so this is where it ends. After you dress up and leave this office, that’s the end. No more business between you and I. It’s over. Whatever amount of money you need, I’ll give it to you. But you’re no longer useful in my life. Hurry up and put on your clothes and get out of here!”

He turned to get his singlet and shirt, as Aniyah, still silent, sat up, tears starting to form in her eyes as she began to process the weight of his speech. Oblivious to her reaction, he took her car key and threw it at her.

“Get me my files in my car when you’re dressed. And take my cheque book too… nah, forget that. I’ll just do the MoMo thing as always… ah, what are you sitting there looking so morose about? Hurry up and get dressed and get me my files! I need to work now!”

Well, Adamtey says he’s done with her now. How is this gonna end? And with the traitor exposed, how’s that gonna go down? Two more episodes to see the answers to those questions!

OK now, so… the announcement for this week has to do with seasons 3 and 4. You already know how it goes: new episode every Friday. Well, due to academic circumstances, I cannot maintain that for the last 2 seasons, so here’s the deal…

Once we’re done with season 2 in the next 2 weeks, after the usual mini-series comes in as the hors d’oeuvre, episodes 1-6 of season 3 will be live on the site from 13th to 18th April, God willing. And episodes 7-13 will arrive from the 27th of April to the 3rd of May. The site will then be dormant till July (once I’m done with my final exams), then we can wrap up the final season of Meet The Dolphynes. I may switch to the #OVAV schedule for that (Mondays and Fridays), but let’s see what the Lord will do. In the meantime, 2 more episodes to go for this season!!!