Start Over?

Start Over? Epilogue

So now we know what’s happened. At the end of it all, Marcus stuck to the Zambian. I don’t wanna leave it hanging at just that, though. Something a lil more finna be added (why am I even using that word ‘finna’? Smh at myself. lol). So, this episode draws the curtain on what has been two months of following the story of this little group of peeps..

It had been a long and pretty tough eighteen months.

Within this time, there had been many temptations to call it quits, to find pleasure in someone else, and to even call up Allison and start over. But he had now learned to master his feelings, so he kept them in check.

Now, at the airport, Marcus waited for his sweet girlfriend Temwani to arrive.

Standing at the arrival space, he remembered it all. How her father had informed him of the short stay and his approval of their relationship, the bitter feedback from Allison over his choice, the disapproval of it from quite a number of friends, especially Jerry… it hadn’t been easy at all. With the help of his parents and friends who approved of the union, though, as well as his own willpower, keeping the fire with Temwani stoked through Skype chats and long-distance calls was enough. After the hassle of the past few months, he had been fully persuaded that this was the right route.

Patiently waiting for the moment she would come out, he stood behind the few family members who were awaiting her as well, chatting with the latest married couple in town.

Basit and Sefakor.

Their engagement – which had been done just as they had planned that day in Basit’s living room – right up to their pretty lavish wedding, had been one of the highlights of this waiting season. Having known Basit since their days back at St. Augustine’s, it was more than a pleasure to help out the many ways he could. Sefakor would have loved to have Temwani’s input in the preparations, but the Zambian was more than enough help in her own way, especially on the night before the wedding, where she stayed up late enough to have a pretty long Skype chat with the bride-to-be to quell her pre-wedding jitters. Now, as Marcus spoke and laughed with them, they had had one of the most exciting weddings held that year. They had just completed the second half of their honeymoon in the United States. The first half was enjoyed at Akosombo.

Listening to Sefakor narrate one of their experiences, he shook his head and grinned, because Sefakor was being… Sefakor. The spontaneous, hilarious lady they all knew her to be.

In the middle of her speech, she stopped, her eyes fixed on the door through which the people arrived. She pointed. “Look, she’s in.”

The two guys turned to look.

There she was, walking out of the exit, wearing a black blouse and black leggings. Marcus was spellbound as he watched her walk in their direction. Oh, Lord, look at her! I’ve missed her so much…

“Herh, look at Temwani’s hips!” Sefakor said in a slow, childlike tone of voice. Nudging Marcus with a mischievous grin on her face, she continued, “Now Marcus is going to handle some serious things!”

Snapping out of his trance, Marcus gave her that mocking harsh look, making zipping motions with his right hand. Then he faced Basit and said, “Massa, I no dey like what you dey do ooo.”

“AH??!! Na me, what I do?” Basit responded, looking confused.

“The two shall become one. Therefore if your missus dey fool about, then automatically, you too dey fool some,” Marcus quipped, laughing as his friend dismissed his statement.

Meeting her relatives who were in front of them, Temwani did a lot of hugging and pecking as she greeted them. After hugging Joy, she looked ahead and saw the three. She looked stunned for a moment.

Then, leaving her trolley with her beloved younger cousin, she walked quickly towards them, loudly whimpering, “Marcus! Oh my goodness, Marcus!”

Stepping forward, he opened wide his arms. She flew straight into them. Sobbing, she said, “Oh, Lord, Marcus, I’ve missed you so much!! I can’t believe I nearly let this go! I’m so sorry…”

“Sssshhh, it’s alright, baby girl,” Marcus gently said. “Look at me.”

She tilted her head back from his shoulder to look at him. Their foreheads touched as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Temmy, no need to apologize. It was my fault, remember? And in any case, it’s over now, okay? That chapter is over. If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s how mastering your emotions is so important. I’ve learnt it’s so important for life in general. I can’t afford to be tossed to and fro by what I feel.  I won’t be telling you the truth if I said I’ve not had thoughts of ending this relationship. That I didn’t consider an Allison comeback, or no other girl appealed to me throughout this time. I didn’t let those fleeting feelings take control. Because I’m thoroughly persuaded and steadfast in the fact that, it’s you I want.”

She smiled, a tear running down her cheek.

“You’re the one I wanna continue to go on Pinocchio dates with. You’re the one I want to introduce to the world as the wonderful, intelligent creative that I’m ready to support no matter what. You’re the one I wanna see being walked down the aisle to join me at the altar. You’re the one I wanna go world-tripping with, discovering the beauty of this world. You’re the one I wanna have squabbles with and make sweet love to afterwards. I wanna kiss your belly when it protrudes with the arrival of our beautiful babies, and feed you all the ice cream cakes and kelewele your heart desires. You’re the one I want to spend my life with. I mean every word of this, Temwani. Even if my mind lingers a little bit, even if we experience a little friction here and there, I know this is what I want. I wanna be with you, through sweet and sour moments. God is my witness. I love you, girl.”

Wiping her eyes, she took a deep breath. “Oh, Marcus. That’s so wonderful. I love you too, and I want it all. I want it all. It’s you and you alone I wanna be with.” She wrapped her arms around his neck again, burying her face in his shoulder.

It was a truly magical feeling for them. All those months of having to wait and remain satisfied with Skype sessions suddenly felt like the 1800s as they remained in that embrace. This must be how Jacob felt when he finally got married to Rachel, Marcus thought in amusement.

The newly married couple just stood by, overjoyed to witness the fruit of Marcus’ painful but clearly worthwhile wait: a beautiful reunion with the lady of his life.

“Mmmm. By the way, Temmy, good Lord, you’re looking stunning! Papa Joe and Mama Stella have really been doing you good,” he murmured flirtatiously in her ear.

That giggle he had only been hearing over the phone and laptop resonated in his ears. “Hush, baby boy, hush,” she scolded teasingly as she let go of him to embrace the new couple and congratulate them. Of course, the missus wouldn’t let her off without a tease.

“Eiiiiiiii, Temwani, look at how big your hips have become. Please, I am in love with you and want to snatch you from Marcus. What do you say?”

The three of them looked to the sky in mock frustration as she laughed at her own madness. “I say you’re a crazy little girl,” Temwani laughed, giving her a playful slap on the head.

“Woah, girl! Put some respeck on the ring, girl!” Sefakor shot back in a sassy, Americanized accent, showing off her wedding band.

Temwani laughed and saluted. “Yes, Mrs. Alhassan! Still feeling happy?”

“Oh yeah, shawty! I’m still happeeeeeeeee!” Sefakor responded, snapping her fingers and swaying from side to side. She and Basit had almost perfectly executed their own choreography of the popular song at their wedding, and the video was going quite viral.

“Listen, chale,” Basit said, “we need to get back to Sefa’s house and get the last of her stuff.”

“No problem. Excuse me for a minute, though. Let me just get my stuff from my folks. I have to talk to you guys later about the ideas I showed you for your living room. My wedding gift to you,” Temwani replied before walking towards her cousin.

As Marcus watched her go, he felt the couple move to stand beside him, Sefakor on the right and Basit on the left. Sefakor patted him on the shoulder and said gently, “All those things you told her, Marc, that was so beautiful. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you, Sefa,” he said, putting his arm around her. Putting his other arm around Basit, he continued, “I owe you guys a whole lot. You’re a major reason I got through this season. You’re Godsent friends for real, no jokes.”

Basit patted him at the back. “It’s for moments like these, chale. I no get much talk, but… the future is now.”

Marcus nodded. “Yes indeed. Time to get serious. I’m going to help her establish the business and get grounded, then I can start plans of making her mine. God, I’m so thankful I have her.”

Another pat from his friend. “Everything cool now?”

He nodded and smiled. “Everything cool now.”

“Wait!” Sefakor said, hands up, as if she was stopping a car from moving. She had a serious look on her face, as if she had just discovered something groundbreaking. “Pidgin is a spectacular language. The question and the answer can be the same thing. ‘Everything cool now?’ ‘Everything cool now.’ Amazing!”

“Herh, see, Basit, get this your crazy wife out of here!”

They all laughed as Basit dragged her away, calling out to Temwani and waving at her. Taking her handbag from the trolley, she walked up to him, that evergreen sweet smile on her face. Marcus said, “Hey ma, what’s up?”

She let out that equally evergreen giggle. “I was thinking, I’ll leave my stuff with Joy and the others. They’ll take it to their place later. I wanna go see your parents. I’ve missed them, and I want them to know I’m back now. What do you say?”

Marcus shrugged. “Not a problem, Temmy. As long as I can be with you, I’m good. Shall we move, my Zambian empress?”

She smiled and curtsied. “Yes, my GH king.”

As he took her hand, she seemed to remember something. “Oh, lest I forget.” She brushed his cheeks with her fingernails. “Territory duly marked.”

Marcus grinned and kissed her on the forehead. “Ditto, love. Ditto.”

Squeezing each other’s hands affectionately, they walked out onto the car park and headed towards Marcus’ car.

THE END (for real! lol)

Special thanks to my sister Efyah. She assisted me in her own ways in doing this series. Sharing in my sovereignty. hehehe. I definitely wouldn’t be a good person if I didn’t acknowledge her help.

Appreciation to all of y’all who followed the story with eagerness. The regular commenters: Stacy, Baddy (winner of the Best Comment Award. That ‘Choices’ comment, eh!) and Reuben, y’all are appreciated!

Thanks for reading!!!

Start Over?

Start Over? 9

New week, and the journey is pretty much over *sigh*. So, after last week, this is pretty much how the reaction of y’all was like…

And just like Mario, I had a smug smirk on my face. I was loving every moment of it. 😆😆😆 I told y’all a twist was coming. Well, this situation finna be resolved swiftly, so, without much ado (I hate it when MCs make it sound like ‘I do’), let’s get into it…

Marcus rose from his bed. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, but the brightness was nowhere near a reflection of what was going on within his heart. The past month had been an awful one.

Ever since Temwani had decided she was going to pursue her career back in Zambia, their relationship had grown quite sour. Her cute little giggle was something he hadn’t seen in ages, their outings decreased totally, and their conversations were filled more with vitriol than sweetness.

She had left on Wednesday, and even on the way to the airport, a nasty argument arose between the two of them. As she walked into the terminal with her belongings, he drove away, his heart filled with anger and bitterness, and mind focused on all the annoyances and fights they had had.

When he got home, though, as he lay on his bed, he went through pictures on his phone. As he saw the pictures he had taken with her, from their last ‘civil’ date to the early days of their relationship, he started to ponder over what had happened. Memories came flooding in. Reminiscing on their relationship, he realized how messed up the last few weeks had been. The pang of regret struck him hard, and he rolled over and started to weep.

What a fool I’ve been! How could I have ended this beautiful thing on such a bad note? Temwani was one of the most beautiful gifts God has ever given me! How could I have messed this up?

Spending at least fifteen minutes in tears, he was soaked in remorse. His indecisiveness and double-mindedness had played a huge part in this. Despite still harbouring feelings for Allison, the reality of losing Temwani had sent his panic hormones into overdrive, thus the reason for his sour and irrational attitude that had been the source of many fights. In all of this, the truth about his resurging feelings for Allison was revealed, which only served as fuel to the fire. At a point, he had sarcastically suggested that he’d go back to her straight after she left. Even as he had lain there sobbing, he knew it was the love Temwani had for him that made her slap him when he said that, instead of dealing with him the way she did that lawyer.

Wiping his tears, he had decided that it was no longer wise to keep mute about the confusion within, so he called his father and poured out his heart to him. His father had not been amused at all.

“Marcus, you haven’t dealt with this issue well at all. You’ve messed with these girls’ emotions with this indecisive behavior. Now look at how you’ve ended this. You should have made a firm decision and stuck by it. You can’t live your life constantly swayed by emotions and feelings, else you’re heading for disaster. I don’t know what you’re going to do, now that she’s gone, but I think you owe her an apology. And Allison too. At this rate, I’m sure you may have to go with Allison. It’s not like you have a choice, anyway…”


“…and so I’ve realized how foolish and immature my attitude was. I shouldn’t have kept a double mind. I should have been firm in my resolutions. I’m sorry,” Marcus said to the laptop in front of him, finally getting to talk to Temwani via Skype.

On the screen, she sighed, arms folded. “Okay, Marcus. I’ve heard you.” The tone of her voice and the look on her face made it quite obvious she still wasn’t happy with him. The ugliness of the past month had taken quite a toll on her.

“Temwani, please. I know you’re angry with me. I accept that I’ve made a mess of things. My attitude was crap. Absolute crap. And a queen like you didn’t deserve that. Not one bit. I’m sorry, babe. Ever since you left, especially with the way we parted, my mind won’t rest. I can’t believe I was such an ass to you. I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful it used to be. I remember the way you giggled when I asked you to be my girlfriend. I remember the first time I held you close to me, the chills I felt that night were so awesome. Our dates at Pinocchio. The first time you came to meet my parents. Those silly wrestling matches. Our talks about African history. I miss it all. I miss you. I love you, Temwani. I love you so much. Believe me when I say this. I always have and I always will. I’m sorry it had to end this way, but I can’t live with myself knowing you’re still hurt and mad at me. Please, forgive me.”

Tears formed in his eyes as he said all this. By the time he was done, Temwani’s stiff defenses were broken down. The way tears streamed down her face relayed the obvious message: in spite of the anger, the love was not gone.

Between sniffs and wiping her eyes, she mumbled, “Marcus… baby, listen…”

An elderly man appeared on the screen next to her chair. Marcus was startled.

“Hello, Marcus. I am Joseph Mutale. I’m Temwani’s father.”


Allison hung up, feeling excited. Marcus had called, and said he wanted to meet her that evening in the church.

Ever since that scary encounter with Temwani, she had decided to withdraw and resort to praying that somehow, a way would be made. The Zambian was a lot daunting and intimidating than she had expected, and the sweetness that covered it up made it all the more terrifying. So when the news of her rival having to go back to her homeland reached her ears, the first reaction was to go on her knees and raise her fingers to the sky in gratitude. Now hopefully, something good would come out of this. She got up and opened her wardrobe.

“Gotta find something good to wear.”


Marcus walked by the closed restaurant on the church premises, looking at his reflection in the window. The restaurant ended operations at three o’ clock on Saturdays, so he could admire himself without worry of having people staring at him. He looked at the time on his phone. 5:43 pm. He told Allison to be in thirteen minutes earlier. Oh, well, he’d continue to wait…

“Marcus!” a familiar voice called out to him.

He turned. It was Sefakor.

The look on her face made it obvious she was not in comedian mode. She approached him and upon getting close to him, softly commented, “You miss her, don’t you?”

He nodded.

She rubbed his arm. “Coming to unwind around here for a while? Just to get your mind off things?”

He shook his head. “Um, no. I’m here to see somebody.”


With a sigh, he answered, “Allison.”

He looked just in time to see the petite lady’s eyes grow wide with shock. “You mean you’re going to…”

Placing a hand on her shoulder, he signaled for her to be calm. “Sefa, easy. Please, I know what I’m doing. I’ve prayed about this, sought counsel about this, and I’ve made my decision. It’s for the best.”

Sefakor looked up at him, her eyes conveying unhappiness. He put an arm around her and hugged her tight. “I know you miss her, Sefa. I know. I miss her more than you can imagine. But I have to do what needs be done.”

His phone vibrated. He took it out, and nodded.


He came to find her leaning next to his car. In a simple yellow blouse and jeans, she was somehow looking cuter than usual. That sharp burn emerged in his tummy.

Wow! She looks stunning!

“Hi, Allison. Thanks for coming.”

“No problem, Marcus,” she responded, doing her best to keep her excitement under control. If she could do a better job at hiding it than she did her dislike for Temwani, that would be good.

“Listen, this is something I have to release, and I won’t waste too much time. I’ve been playing around too much, time to be a man about this. Ally, before we hooked up at the housewarming party, I was convinced I was totally over you, but I was wrong. The feelings never truly went away. Unfortunately, I kept letting my confusion bounce me around; I neglected to take control of my feelings and rule over my thoughts. So I caused a lot of confusion for you girls, and that was so wrong of me.”

“I’ve spoken to Temwani, and she’s forgiven me now. I kinda owed her a bigger apology, because I really hurt her. So I ask that you forgive me for the confusion and insecurity I put you through. I know what I want now.”

That last statement got her excited. She nodded enthusiastically. “Don’t worry, Marcus. You were forgiven a long time.”

“Thank you so much.” He rubbed his hands together and sighed. “So, after much prayer and contemplation, I’ve made my decision.”

This is it! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

She leaned over, eagerly awaiting the good news.

“I have decided…”

Yes? Yes?? Yes???

“… that I am staying with Temwani.”

Huh? What did he just say?

Allison looked so confused. She stuttered, “Wh-wh-wh-wh-whuh? What did you say?”

“I’m gonna keep on with Temwani.”

At a loss for words, Allison looked to and fro, looking helpless for a moment. Fixing her eyes back on Marcus, she blurted out, almost wrathfully, “But she’s gone! She’s no longer here! She’s not coming back!”

“Yeah, that’s what we all thought, herself included. See, I spoke to her father, and he said she’s gonna be working at her place for about a year and a half before coming back to establish a branch here in GH. He was made aware of our relationship when she got there, and they’re looking to go continental, so it gelled perfectly. It was the answer to my prayers, to be honest.”

Allison couldn’t believe this. She looked dazed and confused, her head full of swear words that couldn’t be released right then.

“I’m sorry, Allison. I never should have led you on the way I did. I’ve been a fool about it, and I know you’re hurt. I don’t take any pleasure in it, I assure you of that. But… I’m convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that it’s Temwani I see myself truly being happy with. If I have to wait another year and a half before I’m with her again, I’m ready for it. I’m really sorry, Allison. But there’s just no you and me.”


Mensima sighed as she endured the vocal tsunami of anger and disappointment rushing through her phone. She remained silent, then when there was silence, she gently spoke.

“Well, Allison, I knew there was some indecisiveness in him. I told you from the onset not to get your hopes too high, though. Looks like you didn’t listen to me. I understand your disappointment, but if he’s really made up his mind this time… there’s nothing you can do about it, really. He says he’ll wait for the Zambia girl to come back. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to, but some people handle the long-distance thing well. Honestly, sister, let it go. Let it go.”

“But I don’t –”

“Azayy, sister geh, listen to me! Stop! If the girl has gone back to Zambia and he’s decided to wait for her, then it’s obvious he’s dead serious. You’ll only make yourself an enemy at this rate. Just stop. Let it go.”

Silence on the other end.

“I’m sorry, Allison. You’re not winning this fight. It’s not gonna happen. Put up the white flag. There’s no start-over here. It’s over…”


Or is it? …… not exactly! Hehehe…

Quite a few questions in your mind, I’m sure. So, I’ll tell you what. Epilogue of this whole story comes your way this Friday. So you had better stay tuned!!! 

Start Over?

Start Over? 8

Sooooo… it was pretty fiery last week. The warning and all. Well, we’re pretty much coming to the end of this captivating story. A twist or two just may be awaiting us as we approach a pretty interesting conclusion. Well, lemme stop the talking and let’s just right into the action!

Entry in Allison’s Notepad app on her phone

So, after tonight, I think I’m just going to seek divine intervention on this thing… no, of course not juju. No way. I’ll just hope something supernatural happens. Honestly, that Temwani girl scares me. The way she threatened me was terrifying. Not the type where she’s all screaming and waving broken bottles. Those type of peeps who give warnings in gentle, calm manners are usually more dangerous. I’ll just hope for the best. By the way, the way Mensima is boring me eh! Mtcheeewwwww….


The quartet sat there, taken in by the peaceful and lulling sounds of Bach. The atmosphere for the next two minutes and fifty-eight seconds was a totally serene and beautiful one, the four guys held spellbound by the enchanting music.

When it was over, they all opened their eyes.

“Chale, the time I be kiddie, na this music dey bore me. I see sey I for repent for my youthful ignorance. What!!!” Marcus exclaimed.

“I was enthralled. Enchanted. En-somtin-somtin. That was beautiful!” Jerry agreed.

Basit let out a big sigh and leaned back in his seat. “Any of you could use that to propose to me and I’d accept.”

The three gave him a hard look. Then the other guy, Gameli, shook his head. “If I start dey talk your matter now, we no go finish this plan. So never mind.”

“Okay, so as the music dey play, then you go hold up those cards with the inscriptions, right?”


“Very good. Timing is essential. Make sure you hold up just about enough before popping the big question. All the sweet things that you can say, put them on the cards.”

“Got it!”

“Chale, this proposal idea diԑԑ, interesting choice. Not too extravagant, but with a touch of priceless romance. And well strategically placed – on her birthday!”

“Indeed! A beautiful surprise awaits. Chale, I dey go washroom come,” Marcus excused himself as he walked to the bathroom.

As he gave his bladder that glorious feeling of relief, he reflected on the past week. Allison had not been keeping in touch as much. She had given some unintelligible excuse the last time he asked her, and in a way, he kind of missed her. On the other hand, until the past three days, Temwani had been her normal self: increasing her ‘pregnancy period diet’, bonding with Sefakor, doing double dates with the crazy double and just being the high-spirited darling that gave him chills and made him desperate to keep her. However, she had been rather occupied with some family issues, and she seemed worried. He sighed. I need to deal with this sooner rather than later.

He returned to the living room, where Basit was looking at him with his mouth wide open, holding up Marcus’ phone. “Herh, massa, why you gbele your mof like that? I steal your Doritos?” he asked mockingly.

“My guy, the way you dey change your custom ringtone for Temwani be very suspect,” Basit charged. “The first time we hear of am, Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’. The time we dey go pick am for the double date, Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’. Now, ibi Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’. Brother, why? Be faithful to one eh! Stick with ‘Hello’!”

“Oh nah,” Gameli interjected. “You can never go wrong with some Stevie, chale.”

“Abi you diԑԑ, long-time Stevie fan.”

“Ah, but inobi true?”

“Whatever! Just tell me sey I miss call make I call am back!” Marcus said, catching the phone perfectly when Basit tossed it at him. “Kwԑԑ!! See the way I catch the phone! De Gea skills, wati!”

African man dialing cell phone

Laughing as his friends dismissed his claims, he excused himself and called.

Temwani answered on the second beep. “Marcus, I need you to come over. Now. It’s urgent.”


He sat in her living room, the news giving him a sudden does of dizziness. There had always been the slight possibility that it might happen, but given how comfy she was, it wasn’t even considered. Now here it was, slapping him in the face.

He shook his head, rising to his feet and grabbing her. “Temwani, you can’t leave me! You just can’t!”

She sighed, shaking his grip off. “Marc… this is hard for me. I love you. I want to be with you for real. But… this is big for me, boy. My parents built this company. I grew up always wanting to be a part of it. This is a big deal for me. Interior design and decoration have been a part of me, and now they want me to come and take the reins, so to speak. I should be jumping up and down by now, this is a dream come true! But…” she drifted off.

The knot in Marcus’ chest was growing tighter by the minute. The thought of Temwani leaving was more than enough to suffocate him. How could she be leaving?

She dropped into the sofa. “Since my dad told me, I’ve been a mess. I’m not in this for fun, Marcus. I see my future with you, I really do. But at this point, I have to make a choice. And it’s not going to be an easy one for me.”

Still panicking, Marcus let out the first thing that popped up in his mind. “Let’s have a baby!”

Temwani looked incredulously at him. “WHAT??!!!”

“Let’s have a baby so you have to stay here and not have to go…” he cut himself short as he noticed two things: the sheer foolishness of that idea, and the evil stare his Zambian beauty was giving him. Temwani may have been the touchy PDA lover, cherishing every hug of theirs and adoring every time he put his arms around her, but pre-marital sex was nowhere near an option for her. Getting pregnant for any man meant she had his ring on her finger. Marcus knew this too well, having been told by her that she wouldn’t be allowing him to canoodle with her anytime soon. In her own words, she was way too irresistible for any guy to ‘want to stay outside the 18-yard area’. In any case, that was a pretty selfish idea too, clearly showing a lack of respect for her passion. He muttered, “Sorry, baby, I just blurted that out carelessly.”

Temwani sighed. “Marcus, I know this is tough. My heart is in tatters right now. I wish I wouldn’t have to choose between Mutale Interiors and you. It hurts…” she said, words failing her at that point.

The look on her face prompted Marcus to get closer and wrap her in his arms as she continued to let out her frustration and unhappiness. As he attempted to comfort her, the questions were a rising flood in his mind. Why now? Why does she have to go? Why can’t she be with me? Why? Why? Why?


It had been about a week since the bombshell had been dropped, and Temwani was yet to make a choice. As he sat in the boardroom, barely paying attention to all his manager was saying in the end-of-week meeting he and his colleagues hated, his mind was more focused on the probabilities and possibilities. I don’t want her to leave. I can’t stand the thought of losing her. Yet if she goes, then there’s Allison…. Ugh, no, I don’t wanna be without Temwani… but Allison?… what do I do?

It took a sharp rebuke from his manager to jolt him out of his inattentive state. He mumbled a quick apology and sat up.

The meeting ended at 6:00 pm. One of the major reasons why it was so hated.

As Marcus walked to the car, waving to the secretary as she drove off, he took out his phone. There was a missed call from Temwani.

His heart started to beat furiously. He had a serious feeling there was something very important coming up.

He sat in the car, and as he pressed the dial button, his hands were shaking. His heart was still treating his chest like a punching bag. His mouth turned dry.

On the second dial, 0:00 appeared on the screen.

He held the phone to his ear. “Temwani?”

“Hey, Marcus… ummm, so, I’ve finally made my decision…”

You do not want to miss the thrilling conclusion(?) next week. This is gonna be crazy!!!

Start Over?

Start Over 7

Another episode arrives!! So I’ve been getting feedback from y’all concerning our dear Zambian girl. I can see most of you see her as a sweet, innocent girl. Some agree with Sefa that she’s a trimudԑ girl. Some too have seen she’s not just all sugar, spice and everything nice. Some Chemical X too dey (yep, those times when we watched Powerpuff Girls! lol). I’m sure you know what to expect, so… let’s keep it moving!

“AH! You did what? Awuraba, what is wrong with you!” Mensima snapped over the phone.

“Mensima, I couldn’t help it. Ever since the party, there’s this deep-seated dislike I have for her. I tried to be nice, but I just couldn’t keep it in…”

A sigh over the phone. “S-M-H, Allison. S-M-H. You should have tried harder. It’s not by force to like her, but letting your emotions take charge like that? Aaba! Do you know how immature and silly you’ve made yourself look?”

“Immature?? What do you mean?” Allison shot back, feeling quite offended by her sister’s use of that adjective.

“Listen to me, young lady. Don’t get all heated up on me,” her sister sternly warned her before continuing. “It is likely this girl knows about your history with Marcus, and was just being nice. The fact that she approached you and tried to make conversation speaks volumes to me. Now that you brushed her off, do you think you’ve painted a good picture of yourself? Don’t you think Marcus is going to find out? Do you think he’ll be happy? Do you think it’s going to be easy getting closer to him if he sees your actions as disrespect to his lady?”

Allison was silent.

“I know what it’s like. Roger’s last ex was trying some funny stuff a few weeks before he proposed. Trying to serve him his food at a party whilst I was around, giving me those unfriendly looks and all. I didn’t tolerate it one bit. Afterwards, I told him plainly that I didn’t want that woman around us ever again. Turns out he himself was pissed by her actions. To this day, I have not seen her again. Listen, sister, you’ve made a mistake. A very silly one, I might add. If you really want to make this work, the cold shoulder treatment is unnecessary!”

“I’m… I’m sorry,” she responded flatly.

“Sorry to who? What jon apology is that? I’m not the girl’s mother oo. And sorry won’t cut it. Assuming she knows the history with Marcus and tells him what you did, the damage is already done. The only thing you can do right now is hope against hope that the scenario won’t come to pass.”


Marcus stood outside the front door of Joy’s house, arms folded, deep in thought.

He and Temwani had come, as planned, to properly engage Joy about her illegitimate little escapades. She revealed that he was the one to make moves on her, calling her ‘sexy’ almost all the time she passed by the office. She confessed to being enticed by his allure and his rather suggestive comments whenever she came around. The charming man he was, she found it difficult to shove off his advances when his words turned into actions, starting from hugging to slight caressing. The initial resistance was eroded by a serious sensual attraction to him, so by the time he was hungrily taking off her clothes in his office way after working hours, she was too deep in to resist. Not even the knowledge of him having a wife and a child was enough to make her reconsider. Since then, she had taken the carefree route, meeting up with him as often as possible to have some minutes of pleasure. She admitted that these stolen waters had been too sweet to stop sipping.

Gently but firmly, the couple reminded her how sacred marriage was, and that despite her carelessness, it was not too late for a fresh start. As Joy broke down again, openly realizing how she had been this man’s object of gratification, her older cousin held her tightly, affirming her undying love and support for her as she got over this. Her parents had been made aware of the situation and would be dealing with the lawyer.

As the two were overwhelmed with tears, Marcus gently excused himself, stepping out to let these cousins have time alone. And as he stood outside, he thought hard about the whirlwind of confusion that had yet to settle in his brain.

He hadn’t confronted Allison about her attitude. He wasn’t happy about it at all, but… somehow, he felt confronting her would totally scare her off, and the lingering feelings made him too scared to try that. But then, given the serious nature of Temwani’s words, it would be wise to pray that they didn’t meet in public. One thing he had come to realize about her was this: when she loved a person, she loved that person hard. He briefly remembered what the finance officer at his workplace said when he admitted to falling for her. He had forgotten ever since she accepted his proposal, but now it rang loud and clear in his head.

“Well, Marc, I don’t think I want to say much, since you’ve already gotten to know her, but there’s one thing I can tell you about her: she’s a fierce lover. Not that she’s aggressive by nature per se, but, when her affections are set on you, brother, she’s gonna go all out for you. You know, her name means ‘love’ in her native tongue, so it’s no surprise that she’s the way she is. Trust me, if she says yes, I doubt you’ll ever come across a ‘ride-or-die’ lady like her. Ever.”


“Oh my goodness, you guys look so good together in this picture!” Temwani gushed as she looked at a picture of Sefakor and Basit clad in dashikis. As she admired and awwwwed over it, she lifted her eyes briefly to Sefakor’s and asked, “He hasn’t left his spot, has he?”


“Still checking us out?”


The two were having a bit of a girl’s night out at Maquis Tante Marie at the Marina Mall. Marcus, Basit, Jerry and a few others were meeting up elsewhere to watch a football match, so they were seizing the opportunity to bond together. So far, they were having a great time, talking about silly and serious issues. Being two devastatingly good-looking ladies, they were attracting the attention of quite a few guys around. Particularly that one mid 20s-looking guy sitting a few tables away from them. Of course, they had no intention to be flirty and lead him on. His infatuation-fuelled stares were getting rather irritating. Sefakor insisted they just let him alone, saying, “Let him stare all he wants. He certainly ain’t getting anything more than that.”

Temwani shrugged at the response, then continued with her little speech of the history of her beloved nation, with Sefakor paying rapt attention. As she told her of the events leading to her country’s independence, she noticed a familiar face walking on the other side, obviously coming off the escalator.

“Is that Allison?”

“Where?” Sefakor asked, turning to look in the direction which Temwani was staring. She saw the figure. “Yep. That’s her.”

“You know, she was quite unfriendly to me when I came on Sunday. I don’t know what it is I did to her. Really strange.”

Remembering the whole scene she had witnessed, but not wanting to let it be known, Sefakor raised her eyebrow. “Really? That’s rude. That’s not fine kraaa.”

“I know right? See, she’s coming in this direction. Let’s just be nice. You never know.” So the two put on cute smiles, and as the subject of their discussion drew closer to their table, they called out, “Hi, Allison!”

She gave them a cold side stare as she briskly walked by, looking quite annoyed.

Temwani did not take kindly to that at all. “Did you see that? Can you imagine? We just said hi to her and she brushed us off! Look at the side eye she gave us! That’s it!” She stood up. “I’m not taking this! I’m going to talk to her.”

Sefakor sprung up quickly, looking to pacify her. “Please, Temmy. Don’t start a fight in public.”

Temwani gave her a sweet smile. Not the typical smile that indicated she was in her usual happy, bubbly mood, but a smile that indicated something slightly sinister. “Don’t worry, baby girl. I don’t fight in public. I deal with stuff.”


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That blasting she had received from Mensima, as well as an awkward conversation with Marcus, where he seemed very confused and indecisive, had really left Allison in a bad mood. So as she rushed into the Mall, she was hardly in the mood for pleasantries. She went to take a seat, asked a nearby waiter for a drink and just took deep breaths, trying to control her inward rage. How can Mensima talk to me like that? And why won’t Marcus just make up his freaking mind? Ugh…hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t be so pissed. That confusion might be a good sign, actually…

A deep, “Hello, Allison,” jolted her out of her thoughts.

She looked up from her seat. Her Zambian rival, clad in a camo stretch tank top, with Sefakor standing nervously beside her. She looked back down. I don’t need this, I don’t need this!

Temwani slid into the seat next to her. “Hi again, Allison. You know, I’ve noticed that for certain reasons, you’re being pretty unfriendly to me. I initially thought you were in a bit of a bad mood when you gave me that icy treatment on Sunday. Now I’m convinced you have a problem with me. Now I know I’m not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, I know I’ve got a lot of flaws like everybody else, but I really don’t remember doing anything particularly offensive or harmful to cause such a vicious attitude from you. I’m a loving person. I don’t have time for hatred. So I don’t like what’s going on. I’d love nothing more than to be hanging out with you alongside Sefakor on a night like this. If you really have a problem with me, let me know. Tell me where I offended you, so I can make restitution if possible. Because this is really a turn-off, what you’re doing.”

Allison opened her mouth to say something, but Temwani patted her gently on the back. “It’s all right, darling. I can see once again, you’re not in the best of moods. You might just make some careless statement you’ll later regret. Trust me, I’ve done it before. Here’s my number.” She paused to take a business card out of her bag and write her number. She placed it on the table and slid it towards Allison. “Call me when you’re calmer. I’m sure we can have a good conversation.”

She got up, as if she was ready to leave, then stopped. “Oh yeah, I just remembered.” She sat down again. “Listen, Allison. I know your history with Marcus.”

Allison froze slightly.

“I know he was once in love with you, and how you weren’t interested. I don’t have anything against your past choices; I’m not one to judge. But if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s this: when I love, I love hard, and any unnecessary obstacle that stands in my way will get trampled. I’m a bubbly character, I giggle a lot, and I have a sweet spot for sweet cakes and things. But in situations like this, I’m nowhere near sweet. Truth is, Marcus is my man, and I love him, and I’m not letting him go anytime soon. So if this animosity has anything to do with wanting Marcus, you might just want to reconsider investing all your emotions and time in it. Because if you do, and you try it, your pupils are gonna be viewing me with the terror with which a skinny child beholds his heavy-built school bully. Don’t mess with my man, baby girl, or you will regret it. I’m serious.”

All that was said with a straight face. As she got up, she put on a sweet smile. “Enjoy your meal, Ally!” she called as she walked off.

Allison, the waiter bringing her drink and Sefakor stood there, speechless.

Sefakor said aloud, “Chale, this warning diԑԑ, me sef, I dey fear am!”

Hmmmm, fire!!!! That’s scary! I wonder how this is going to end up. Meanwhile, Marcus is still doing ‘crown’ tins there. smh lol. I guess next week is gonna bring some surprises. Continue to stay tuned, y’all!!!

Start Over?

Start Over? 6

We keep moving on with this story! So what is happening with the whole Marcus saga. Last week, we saw that the boy is confused. I know some o y’all wish you could deliver some slaps to him (Nii, he for chop persuasion slap, you no dey see? lol). Well, let’s continue to follow this story with its twists and turns you love so much…

“Marcus, I beg, make we do exchange, eh. Na the way your lady sing for church today diԑԑ, my heart,” Basit joked.

“You dey craze! Keep your off-tune chic!” Marcus shot back, laughing as Sefakor gave him a side eye. She put up her hand dismissively. “Talk to the hand, Negro. Talk to the hand.”

The four of them laughed.

Temwani had come to visit their church for the first time, and quite a number of people had warmed up to her immediately. Her exquisite voice in particular had caught their attention, and they were enthralled by the Zambian beauty’s singing. Some of the choristers had already approached her and asked if she would join the choir.

As Basit and Sefakor went to the parking lot, a voice rang out, “MARCUS!”

It was the music director. He signaled that he wanted to see Marcus in person. Marcus held Temwani’s hand and said, “Wait right here, Temmy. Be back in a jiffy. I’m going to sign your contract for you. I’m your manager!”

“You’re crazy!” Temwani laughed as he rushed off to meet the guy. She looked around, waving back to a few people who gave a friendly greeting. Looking at the stand where drinks were being sold, she noticed a familiar shape.

“Oh, that’s Allison! I remember her from the party. Lemme go say hello to her,” Temwani said as she walked toward her.


“Hello, Allison!”

She turned to see Temwani, beaming with a friendly smile.

Ever since she had officially met her at the party, Allison couldn’t help but have quite a bit animosity in her heart towards her. The jealousy within had taken full effect, and she really had no intention of being very nice to her. Ignoring her at this place, however, would be a terribly bad idea, so she forced a smile and made herself tap Temwani on the shoulder, saying, “Hi, Temwani. How are you?”

“I’m good, I’m good. I’m so glad I came to visit your church today. I love the atmosphere here.”

Allison nodded. “Indeed. It’s awesome here.”

“Uh-huh. I’m already being invited to join the choir, can you imagine? Haha!”

Allison’s fake smile was wearing off by the minute. She was in no mood whatsoever to get any conversation going. She nodded again. “Interesting.”

“I’ll definitely be coming around another time. By all means. Or maybe I might just pass by with Marcus on Wednesday. Do you come around on Wednesdays?”

By this time, there was a rather cold look on her face. She wasn’t going to be all-out nasty towards Temwani, but she certainly did not want to be nice. She shook her head and turned away. “No,” she murmured, oblivious to the look of confusion on her rival’s face.

A brief silence of awkwardness followed, then she heard, “Ummm, okay. Sooo, I’m going to wait for Marcus over there. I guess I’ll see you another time.”

“Sure. Bye.”


You need to gi-vi-na. Had a spotty night. It’s not hard to see, the boy is mine,” Sefakor sang in her usual deliberate off-key voice as she watched the short conversation between the two in the car. Basit looked up from his phone, giving her the ‘Ugh, you again’ look. “There you go again. Destroying songs as usual. In this era where finding lyrics to a song is so easy. And why that song anyway?”

“Because I’m watching Brandy and Monica at the drink stand over there. I’m placing my bet on Temwani. First blow, GH¢250. MTV Celebrity Deathmatch things. Torn tendons and dislocated ligaments!”

Basit sighed. “People figure sey I fool, but you diԑԑ, ah! You torch too much!”

“I torch like torture chamber?” Sefakor cheekily asked. Her eyes still on the scene, she giggled as her boyfriend did a facepalm behind the steering wheel and muttered, “Lord have mercy on her soul.”

As she saw Temwani walk away, looking rather confused, her tone of voice changed. “But Basit, on a serious note, I sense animosity. On Allison’s part. Considering what I saw, I think Allison is really jealous, and she’s not hiding it.”

Basit looked quite annoyed. “What? Seriously?”

“Yeah. This one diԑԑ, I make serious. I know a jealous chic when I see one. And Allison right now just put up the attitude of a very jealous girl with that facial expression and the stiff way she brushed Temmy off.”

“That’s stupid! Ah, we were all here when Temwani was nowhere in the picture. You were the one Marcus wanted, but you do your body titanium girl. You no dey like. Now he get woman, you bore. Ah! Ibi nonsense kraaa she dey do. Make she go chew terrazzo. Rubbish!”

“Baby, relax!” Sefakor hushed, rubbing her boyfriend’s shoulders. “I know. It’s ridiculous. But calm down. I’m sure Marcus will have this under control.”

“I hope so. Coz this comeback she dey search, massa, make she forget. She lose guard. That be all. W’ayԑ late. Period. She no get any reason why Marcus for lef Temwani. None. Like he allow sef, me naa, I go take my pen pluck e eyeballs!”

“Ebei!! Wey evil thoughts too that? You be very wicked guy… But yeah, chale. We’ve not known Temwani long enough. Personally, I think she’s a bit of a trimudԑ, but that aside, a very sweet lady, and I can see she’s very happy with him. And chale, Marcus loves her too. For him to dump her is way too unfair and unforeseeable, in my opinion. I would be angry with him myself if he went back to Allison.”

“Oh, but if by strange twist of fate, he do, wey I stab am finish, I go take Temwani then make am my main lady. You go be wifey no. 2.”



Marcus stopped in front of his parent’s house, killing the engine. He looked at Temwani. “Honey, it’s alright. Here’s my hanky,” he said, giving it to her.

That afternoon had been quite eventful for her. And not in a good way.

She had gone to meet a few of her cousins and her uncle at the law firm at which he worked. He had asked them to help him with some quick work. During the job, one of her cousins, Joy, was nowhere to be found. Being the only one who noticed, Temwani left the floor to find out where Joy was. At the basement ground, she passed by a door, but stopped when she heard what sounded like giggling, gasps and moans. She opened the door…

…And found Joy and Jackson Herman, one of the young lawyers in the firm, having a steamy quickie.

The fact that Jackson was a married man with a child, coupled with the unpleasant sight of him excitedly fondling and humping her cousin against the wall, was probably what fueled the rage in Temwani as she delivered a knuckle sandwich to him as he hurriedly zipped up. With a bloodied nose and a red face, he cowardly made a dash for it, leaving Joy to face her older cousin’s wrath.

By the time Marcus arrived at the basement car park to pick her up for their date at his parents’ place, he came to find an angry Temwani raging at an obviously embarrassed, half-dressed and distraught Joy, tears rolling down both faces. Calming the situation down, he got the two to regain their composure, then waited as they returned to the firm and Temwani got permission to leave. On the way, she told him the whole story and broke down again. Now as they sat in the car, he looked on as she wiped her tears, obviously a mess of emotions.

“Temwani, listen. I know you’re upset. And you have every right to be. I mean, that’s a pretty disturbing scene to walk in on. And the fact that they’ve been having a fling for like 2 months is pretty sickening. I feel your anger. But please, honey, get yourself together. You’ll have to talk to Joy again, at a time when you’re not so emotionally charged, because I’m sure she’s feeling more than awful right now. Yes, she’s messed up big time, but let’s settle this properly.”

Temwani sniffed as she wiped her eyes. She sighed as she leaned back. “I know. I know I probably went too far with the screaming at Joy and all. It’s just… I’m so angry and upset. Angry with that lawyer and upset with her. I mean, why?? Doesn’t she realize what he’s doing to her? She thinks it’s all sweetness and pleasure when he’s sleeping with her. But he’s just using her as his sex toy! That’s it: a sex toy. That man won’t leave his wife for anything. I know that. His wife is gorgeous, a wonderful mother to their son, and he’s not going to divorce her for Joy or any other girl. She’s just his little toy that he’s screwing to satisfy his selfish little libido. I’m shattered because she’s my baby! I love Joy! So much. She’s my little sister. She’s so much more than just some living doll that you can insert your little soldier into and get a whiff of illegitimate enjoyment. She’s so much more than that, and it breaks me to have found her in that situation. I just snapped.

“And that aside, I’ve grown up hating the whole infidelity thing. My parents were so faithful to each other. Not that they were perfect, but they always made it clear to me and my siblings that they took their vows seriously. To this day, they have eyes for each other alone. So it really frustrates me to see this happening. I just can’t stand cheating. Why?? Why do you choose to hurt your wife this way? Why do you give the middle finger to your vows? Why can’t you honour relationships as it was made to be? Why??”

“It’s alright, darling, take it easy,” Marcus said soothingly, letting her place her head on his shoulder. “I understand. Totally. You’re right. Just calm down. We’ll go to their place this week and know just how to solve this.”

She went calm in his arms for a couple of minutes. “Thank you, Marc,” she whispered. “You’re a blessing. I love you.”

“Love you too, Temmy.”

Brief period of silence.

After a while, she raised her head. “Umm, Marcus. I dunno if it’s right to ask, but uhh… what’s up with Allison?”

A sudden sharp burn emerged in Marcus’ stomach. He swallowed nervously. “Umm… why do you ask?”

“Well, I spoke to her when you were speaking to the music director, and honestly, she didn’t seem happy to see me. It felt like she was trying to be nice and failing at it.”

Still nervous, but unhappy with what he was hearing, he shook his head. “Well… that’s not cool. I’ll make sure I deal with that.”

She sat up straight. “Well, good if you do. I know you had a history of some sort with her, and I’m not in the know about dealing with exes since you’re my very first boyfriend, but I detest competition when it comes to my man. I always thought you said she had absolutely no interest in relationships whatsoever.”

“She didn’t. Margaret Thatcher things back then. The whole ‘I don’t need a man’ thing back then.”

“I see. Oh well, I guess it’s one of those things. But in any case, if she’s now getting interested, she had better back off. It’s me that’s the queen now, and I’m not vacating my seat for anyone. Certainly not her. And if she’s thinking of taking you away from me, then it’s gonna get pretty ugly between us.” She reached out and gently brushed his cheeks with her acrylic nails.

A raised eyebrow from Marcus attracted a laugh and a kiss on the cheek. “Just marking my territory, darling,” she said sweetly. “Now let’s go. I’m sure your parents are wondering why we’ve kept so long.”

Well well well, Temwani is not playing around! I wonder where this is going. Do you think there’s gonna be a confrontation between the two ladies? When is Marcus going to stop his nonsense tins and get serious? And how does Basit deal with Sefakor with all that craziness in her system? lol. Stay tuned for next week…

Start Over?

Start Over? 5

Another week, another episode! 

Sooo, what happened last week certainly was not what we expected at all. Almost as if Bra Marcus was pretending or something. Ahh, well, we don’t know. But the truth is that it’s definitely going to get interesting now. What is he going to do with these lingering feelings? I wonder…

“Oh my goodness, look at those Nutella lava cakes! They look soooo appetizing,” Temwani squealed in excitement at the photo of the culinary delight on her tablet.

Marcus shook his head as he drove them and the two young lads at the back to their home. “Temmy and her insatiable appetite.”

They had had quite a great day, Marcus treating her and her twin nephews, James and Jonny to a pretty memorable time. They had gone to Silverbird to watch the latest Disney-Pixar releases, Finding Dory, and went to Pizza Hut afterwards. The eleven year-olds had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were clearly worn out by the day’s activities, as they were already fast asleep in the backseat of Marcus’ Hyundai Elantra.

Temwani, meanwhile, was busy checking out one of her favourite Twitter accounts. Food Porn.

She was a lover of food, particularly good-looking pastries. Not many things piqued her interest as much as cakes and luxurious desserts. And somehow, whenever she had time, she’d feast her eyes upon the wonderful sights regularly posted on that account. Marcus was used to it, though. He even sometimes found it cute and amusing to see her face light up at seeing all those cuisines.

As he slowed down at a traffic light, she tapped him furiously on the arm, almost whispering, “Look, Marc, look! Ice cream sandwich cake! Oh my God, this must be heaven’s dessert!”

He rolled his eyes. “Ei, Temmy? You and your sweet tooth…” he stopped as she showed him the new picture that had caught her attention. He was pretty awed at how good it looked. Anyone with a sweet tooth would ignore any internal resistance to sink their teeth into that cake. “Kwԑԑԑ! This cake is outtadisworld, wai. Herh!”

“Good. Now take a good look at it. Because when I start having your babies, you’re buying all this when the hunger pangs strike.”

Marcus groaned. “I knew you were gonna say that. In other words, add it to the chicken wraps, mozzarella sticks and the Cinnabon French toast.”

“Exactly! And don’t forget the kelewele. Kelewele is bae.”


About half an hour later, they arrived at the front gate of Temwani’s sister’s house. Waking the boys up, she spoke to them in their local dialect, got them to thank Marcus, then enter the house. Holding her darling’s hand, she said gently, “Stay safe as you get back home, sweetie. Thanks for the good time.”

“Not a problem, A-“ Marcus started, then quickly caught himself as he realized he nearly spit out the wrong name. Closing his eyes, he scrunched up his nose to fake an oncoming sneeze, then shook it violently. “Ugh, I hate it when you get the urge to sneeze and you end up not doing so. So annoying,” he complained to take away the brief look of confusion on Temwani’s face.

“Oh yeah, so irritating. Anyway, don’t wanna stay out here too long. Joyce is waiting. Paweme, my love.” She kissed him on the cheek and hopped out of the vehicle.

The confusion already encircling his brain made his goodbye response less enthusiastic as he turned his vehicle and drove away.


“Aaaargh!! I can’t believe this is happening! I thought I was totally over Allison, especially after that cold shoulder and all. Why the hell are these feelings resurfacing at a time like this?” Marcus growled at his bedroom wall.

Indeed, since the party two weeks ago, it was as if the feelings he had had for Allison back then were undergoing a resurgence. They hadn’t talked much since – he had chosen to avoid her briefly – but his mind was filled with confusing thoughts. Considerations of whether to give her a chance or not.

But at the same time, how the hell could he just decide to leave Temwani? It didn’t make any sense whatsoever. “It’s not like I’m unhappy or anything,” he continued to speak to the wall. “Sure, she may be a little too into being pampered, but for a queen like her, I’m more than happy to oblige. I love her so much. Why this feeling then? Where from it? Why? Whyyyy?”

He threw himself onto his bed, feeling quite frustrated. When she had first approached him with the prospect of starting over, he had felt absolutely nothing. It had even felt good, in a way, to rub it in her face that he had moved on. So as to why he was suddenly smitten with her after that talk, he couldn’t get it. He hadn’t spoken to any of his guys yet, and at the present moment, he’d rather not. After the hard stance he had taken, he’d rather not spill out the internal chaos plaguing his mind.

He turned on his laptop. “Maybe a few episodes of Friends will help me get over my state of mind,” he murmured to himself.

As the screen lit up with the episodes of the old sitcom, he giggled and shook his head at the mishaps and crazy statements made by the characters.

In the middle of the third episode he was watching for the night, his attention drifted from the action onscreen as his eyes started to grow heavy…

Laughing heartily, Marcus put his arm around Allison as they both watched people getting pranked on ‘Just For Laughs’.

“Eei, look at how he reacted to the sound of the puppy when those potatoes fell down?” she laughed. “Scared kraaa!”

“I tell you! He doesn’t want trouble at all,” he responded gleefully. Calming down after a moment, he looked at his lady. Noticing his gaze, she turned her eyes from the TV screen to him. They shared a brief kiss.

“You know, it’s wonderful to finally be with you. I’ve never loved any woman the way I’ve loved you,” Marcus said, drawing her closer to himself.

Allison giggled. “Awww, boo. You know I love you too. Took me a while to get to my senses, but… there’s nothing else I’d prefer to this. I knew you’d come back for me eventually.” She paused. “Can’t lie, though, there are times I feel a little bit sorry for that Zambian girl. Whatever happened with her?”

Marcus shrugged. “Let’s not go there. You’re here. That’s what matters.”

They leaned towards each other, prepping themselves up for another lip-lock…


Sharply, Marcus snapped out of his reverie. He sprung up from his bed in frustration.

“AAAAARRRGHH!!! What the freaking hell is wrong with me?? How did that get through my brain? Stop it!! Stop it!!!” he growled loudly to himself, banging the sides of his head with his fists. “This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I shouldn’t.”

His phone vibrated. He picked it up from the bed.

Two separate messages.

Hey baby boo! Started watching ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. Liking it so far. Don’t you dare drop any spoilers, or else… lol, ttyl <3 <3… from Temwani.

Hi Marcus. Been a while. I kinda miss u. just checking up, don’t wanna disturb u now. Regards to your gf. Allison.

As he read both messages, the whirlwind in his brain took off yet again. He loved Temwani, and to break up with her just seemed utterly preposterous an idea. Yet these lingering feelings for Allison just refused to go away or be ignored.

He dropped unto the bed again, a short moan escaping his lips. “I’m so messed up right now.”

*sigh* What the heck is wrong with this dude? We all thought he was stable, but… doesn’t look that way at the moment. How is this triangle gonna be solved? Let’s wait for the coming weeks! We’re not too far from the end of this tale…

Start Over?

Start Over? 4

So, I published part 3 last week thinking I’d not have much time on Wednesdays. Turns out I have so much time, actually! lol. So, I’m sure we’re all wondering what is going to happen at that house-warming party. I guess it’s just about to get really interesting right now. Let’s see what happens…


The light-skinned cutie that had entered the big dining hall was certainly making up for what she lacked in size in being vocal. Something that happened very often whenever she found herself in social gatherings with her friends.

Marcus did a facepalm as she continued to belt out a terrible rendition of Roxette’s classic, then he called out to her, “Herh, sista geh! Why???”

She ceased singing, and walked up to him sassily. “Horrisit? Horris your praablem?” she asked haughtily.

“Your singing and your English are my praablem. Aaba! You like destroying classics too much, lah! And stop disgracing your English teachers. They deserve better than that.”

“Oh, waleva!” she said dismissively, waving her hand in the air. “Excitement without expression leads to depression. Lemme be free!”

She walked away from him, attempting to continue her song in a higher pitch. An attempt that neither started nor ended well.

Everyone who knew Sefakor knew she and Basit were a match made in heaven. Their crazy natures somehow complemented each other perfectly, although many would agree that she had a deeper streak of madness. One of the most interesting things about her was how she almost flawlessly achieved a balance between her attitude at work and attitude amongst her friends. She’d barely crack as much as a joke at work, and a cute little smile was the most you’d get out of her during working hours. But in the midst of her friends, she could be one hell of a loose cannon.

As most of the people around laughed at her foiled attempt to hit a falsetto, Allison snuck over to the table where Marcus stood, and said to him, “I wonder what it’ll be like if she ever got drunk.”

Marcus turned to face her. He had a slight impulse to act cold and give a curt answer to cut off any chance of communication. But he decided not to. That would most likely give off bad signals, and increase the aura of awkwardness between them. So he put a smile on his face and with a snicker, responded, “Thank God she doesn’t drink. I doubt anybody here can handle an intoxicated Sefa. Eeei!!!”

They both laughed.

“The way she destroys songs diԑԑ, it’s an earsore. Because of her, I can’t hear Tori Kelly without remembering how she messed up her songs the last time I sat in her car. You aa, your voice can’t handle high notes, yet you were forcing to do what she did in ‘Nobody Love’.”

“Ha! She can twist the song eh, sometimes, you don’t even know what she’s singing until either she hits the chorus or she mentions it herself. I’ve already warned her never to sing ‘Hello’ in my presence…”


An hour later, and the two were still deep in conversation.

“Ma guy, I dey beg, come pop somtin,” Sefakor called to her boyfriend as he stood with Jerry. He handed his cup to his friend and walked over to her. “Bebe! Wassup?”

Sefakor nodded in the direction of Marcus and Allison. “Your man and the Hard Lady are in a pretty deep chit-chat. My kokonsa senses tell me that the wishes of Marcus may just be coming true.”

Basit looked confused. “Wait, but how did you know about that? And why are they being so free with each other?”

“Hoh! Na this one too be secret? Plenty people knew. And ah! Isn’t this a free country? Let them be, lah! Maybe she has softened up and will allow him to ron tins.”

Basit sighed. “It’s cool if they’re chatting and all, but… the truth is that he’s got a girlfriend already. And somehow, I don’t feel comfortable with this…”


Allison smiled as he bent over in laughter. Her big sister’s advice seemed to be working quite well. He was certainly having a great time with her. She quickly glanced at the clock. Wow! An hour has already gone by. She was pleased to see how freer he was around her. They had had conversations before, but those times, she had maintained a stiffer guard and refused to let her hair down. She was surprised at how much fun she could have now that she had lowered her walls.

She placed her hand on his arm and rubbed it, gently saying, “It’s okay. Catch your breath now.”


The brief five seconds in which they looked into each other’s eyes felt like an uncomfortable hour for Marcus. He looked away, realizing the familiar sharp burn in his stomach.

A burning sensation that he had felt many times when Allison had been the sole desire of his heart, and he spent many moments with her.

No, I don’t like this.

“Uhhhh… I need to step outside for a moment. Check something on my phone,” he stuttered as he quickly looked to get away from her.

Once outside, he slapped himself on the head. Crap! What the hell just happened over there? I shouldn’t have let myself go like that. Goodness…

He took out his phone, and immediately, it started to ring.

It was his girlfriend.


“Yeah, it’s been so nice catching up with him,” Allison said to Jerry.

Jerry nodded. “Good to see that. I always thought the sight of you two together was a cute and complementary one… oh, chale, Marcus! Where you pass?”

“I was outside. Just had to quickly check on something.”

“Oh, ok. I was just telling Allison how I remember those times you guys were always hanging together -“

“You know, though, it’s pretty crazy,  but as soon as I was checking up, I got a call from Temwani. Apparently, the family reunion thing ended early, and she hitched a ride with her cousin who lives in the area, and she said she’s coming over! Shouldn’t be too long!”

The gleeful expression on Allison’s face faded out upon hearing those words. And as she and Jerry started to process the fullness of that message, the front door opened.

A uniquely gorgeous lady entered. The guy nearest to the door greeted her pleasantly, asked her something, and then signaled towards Marcus. The lady quickly walked towards the trio, face beaming.

“Hey, booski!” rang out an accent unfamiliar to the average Ghanaian in the room.

“Hey, baby girl!” Marcus said a little too enthusiastically as he hugged her. Planting a kiss on her cheek, he turned to Allison and Jerry. “This, is Temwani. My lady.”


“Really? You’d rather live with a wicked version of Patience Ozorkwor than Kansiime? Eei!” Sefakor asked in disbelief.

“Seriously. I know how I’d handle her. She can be a mega handful, but I have my ways of dealing with such people. But Kansiime? Never! If we go one hour in the house without at least three fights, it’s a miracle,” Temwani responded.

As the little group of attendants gathered around the table and discussed crazy stuff, with Temwani now the center of attraction as people just sought to know more about this exquisite piece of art that had captured their friend’s heart, Marcus, standing next to her, looked up and saw Allison at the other side, standing beside Jerry. The smile on her face seemed quite forced, as though something was wrong, but she’d rather cover it up.

A sudden sharp burn in his bowels once again followed, along with a very unexpected and somehow reflex thought.

Dang, I wish I was with her…


“So it wasn’t a trick after all. Temwani is for real. She came to the party. And I won’t deny it, she is so beautiful!” Allison said.

Her sister sighed over the line. “Well, I guess I got it wrong, then. He wasn’t playing jokes on you. This is not going to be easy as I somehow imagined it would be. But tell me, how was your conversation with him?”

“Wonderful. We had a lot of fun together.” A brief silence followed. “Ummm… there was a point he stared deep into my eyes, and it felt like he still loves me or something. Then he awkwardly left, and probably called his girlfriend or something. I don’t know, but I think this might just work out…”

“Uh-uh! Sister geh, don’t rush it yet. Don’t start saying certain things now. Relax. Take things slowly. That’s an interesting sign, but don’t jump to conclusions yet. The guy has probably been hit with the realization that he has a choice to make. Let him make it.”

Oh my, it seems like the #AyԑLate stance Marcus made might not be as stable as the team would have hoped. What’s going to happen now? I guess we’ll have to find out next week.

Start Over?

Start Over? 3

So, for special reasons, I’m bringing this episode a day earlier. I may just be very busy on Wednesday, so I thought it would be better to release it now. I know some of you were waiting impatiently for this, so, all the better, right? lol. So we know what happened with Marcus after that awkward separation, what about sister Allison? Let’s find out…

Allison sat in the living room of her older sister, Mensima, as she waited for her to finish her long conversation with her husband.

The decision to confide in Mensima about the whole Marcus debacle and seek advice from her had been one she had struggled with the previous week, before choosing to do so during her lunch break at work. The truth was, Mensima had never been amused by her attitude towards men. She found it unreasonable and over the top, often berating her for the harsh manner in which she would reject a guy or even disallow him from holding her hand. She had given Allison two nicknames as a result: Aunty Thatcher, and Mandy, the latter in reference to the cartoon character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy who never smiled and thought ‘love is for the weak-minded’. Lord knows how Allison hated that nickname.

Mensima’s love life, as one would expect, wasn’t as iron cast as that of her younger sister. She had been in a relationship with one Roger guy since university days, and after 5 years, they had exchanged vows about six months ago. Now as she walked around the house, rattling off in immaculate Fante, the first fruit of their union was six weeks old in her belly. She seemed pretty satisfied with life as it was.

She came to sit down on the sofa next to Allison, signalling to her that she was about to hang up. “Some of these people who have househelps don’t know how to treat them well at all. Oh!…. Waaaa look at that…. Hmmm, it’s a problem ooo… Well, anyway, my sister is around, so let me attend to her, OK. In the meantime, hurry up and get back home. I need you here. Badly…. You know what I mean, you silly boy. Bye, boo!” she ended with a schoolgirlish giggle and two blown kisses. As she put her phone down, she turned to Allison. “Azayy, Madam Thatcher! What’s going on?”

Allison shook her head. If she could give Mensima a cedi for every time she said ‘Azayy’, she’d be living a more luxurious life than the Royal family.

“Mensima, there’s something important I want to talk to you about. I find myself in a certain situation, and I need your help. Your advice.”

Her older sister’s face softened upon hearing that. She placed a hand upon Allison’s lap. “I see. Talk to me.”

She knew that sudden gentle demeanour wouldn’t last long, but at least, it was good to have that reaction. She took a deep breath, then started.

She told Mensima about Marcus. How they had gotten quite close in church a couple of years back. She told her about the hints of interest Marcus had shown back then that she had turned a blind eye to, thanks to her strong stand against romantic relationships. How she had constantly made that stance known to him. How she had, without warning, decided to give him the cold shoulder and talk to him less, and his subsequent drift from her. She told her that after much introspection and thought, she was not happy with her choices. Finally, she mentioned the Temwani factor.

Mensima listened quietly and carefully throughout, a solemn look on her face. When Allison was done, though, her facial expression changed. With a smirk on her face, she clapped and said loudly, “Ei, there is God ooo! Mandy has finally repented!”

Inward sigh. I knew she would do that.

“So now you don’t mind being in a relationship, eh? Hmmm. I see. I don’t know what has made you suddenly change your mind like that; it’s not a bad thing to remain single your whole life. But anyways… after flexing and ghosting the boy, you now want a second chance? Well, let me see.”

Mensima put on a serious look, as if she was thinking long and hard about something. Then she snapped her fingers. “Yes! I have a perfect idea.”

Allison inwardly groaned. Her sister was definitely going to troll her.

“Invite them to this place. Marcus and Temani or Tiwana or whatever her name is. Invite them to this house. Call Marcus upstairs, get him into our room, lock him in and force him to say ‘I love you’ to you 3 times. I hear it works wonders. Meanwhile, I’ll get those iron bars at the back of the house and beat the Zambia girl with it…” Mensima trailed off in a fit of laughter, obviously finding her own ‘joke’ very funny.

Allison simply kept silent, deciding not to throw a fit of rage or openly grumble at her sister’s jokes.

After a minute of giggling, Mensima sat up, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Forgive me, that was just so funny.” She took a deep breath, probably to expel the humour from her system. “OK, let’s get serious. So, this Marcus guy, you actually like him now?”

Allison nodded.

“And at this point in time, do you still wish to be with him?”

“He has a girlfriend now- ”

“Azayy! Do you still wish to be with him, yes or no?”

Allison remained silent for a moment, then quietly said, “Yes.”


Mensima leaned back in the sofa. “Hmmmm. Well, this is quite a situation you find yourself in. I can’t be too sure if it’s for real or not. As to why you always took that hard stance with guys, I’ve never known, and honestly I don’t want to at this stage. But that would definitely have left a bad mark on him. Naturally, I’d expect him to still tell you he liked you, but with your style of rejection, I’m not too surprised he didn’t. A lot of guys have a fear of rejection, you know.”

“Umm… for real or not? I don’t get it,” Allison stated.

Mensima sighed. “The whole new girlfriend issue. He didn’t show you any picture, did he? I might be wrong, but for all you know, there is no lady in his life. He might just be flexing you, trying to get some payback of some sort, and in my opinion, I don’t blame him. You deserve it paaa.”

Allison stayed silent. She knew she was going to get these statements the moment she decided to come for advice, so losing her temper would be unnecessary.

“And Ally, if I should be honest, I think it was a bad idea to approach him and tell him straight up that you want a second chance. Do you know how that will make you look? Like some desperate chic bi who needs to get married urgently. And we all know you’re not one. So I think that was a bad move. But… I don’t believe it’s too late.”

Allison sat up. “Good. So what should I do now?”

“Simple. Don’t push it. Next time you meet him, just be friendly. Get into conversations with him. Just let him be happy around you. No flirting or anything. That will spoil the whole issue. As it is, you should be praying he’s not slapped the ‘desperate’ tag on you, coz that’s bad news. Especially if he lets his friends know about it. When boys-boys gather to gossip like that, it’s deadly.”

“I don’t think so. Marcus is a good guy. I know he respects women a lot. And his friends aren’t exactly that type, so…”

Mensima gave her that up-and-down look, then chuckled to herself. “I’ve said enough. You know him better than me, so if you insist. So just rebuild that bridge. Abi he didn’t say you must never talk to him. Do that. Those feelings might just still be lingering in there. He may have suppressed it, and it’s easier to do that when the object of your affection is far away. If you come around, he might realize he has a decision to make, and he’ll open up properly sooner or later. Trust me, I’ve seen it before.”

Allison smiled. “Thank you, Mensima!! Thank you so much. I guess I have to make use of next Saturday. Jerry’s gonna have a housewarming party, and we’ve all been invited! Hopefully, I can make use of it and get closer to him.”

“Azayy, remember that there’s a big ‘if’ in this equation ooo!” Mensima warned. “I’m not saying that he’ll definitely decide to come back to you. If he does, then good for you. You have yourself a good man. If not, and he still isn’t interested or he wants the Zambia girl if she really is there, abi you naaa you do yourself. Nobody asked you to do those Lady Thatcher things, anyway.”


I wonder what she’s sending me this text for, Marcus wondered as he relaxed in his sofa, relieved that another working week was over. He pondered over it for a moment, then shrugged. Ahh, well, cutting her off totally is someway. Lemme just respond for courtesy’s sake.

He typed a response and pressed the send button.

Too bad Temwani can’t be around for the party tomorrow. I’d have loved to show my queen to the others. Oh well, hopefully, we can make it another time…

Well, I wonder what’s gonna happen at the party. Stay tuned for next week’s episode to know what happens!!

Start Over?

Start Over? 2

So, last week’s story was meant to be just a one-off. But after talking to quite a number of y’all, I could see the interest was that deep, so, it’s now officially a ‘series’ sort of thingy. lol. I noticed two major teams along the way: those who feel sorry for Allison and wish she’d get a chance (I call them #TeamOneMoreNight. Think of the Busy Signal version of that song) and those who do not feel sorry for her one bit (#TeamAyԑLate). Some are not really on either team. Well, dear teams, and those on the fences, strap up and let’s see how this story pans out…

Marcus walked back to the building and entered the hall where Allison had come to call him. Most of the people he had been with had scattered. Two of his closer friends, Basit and Jerry, were still around.

“Chale, Allison say what?” Basit asked. They had been aware of Marcus’ former interest in Allison.

Marcus sighed as he slumped onto a chair next to him. “Just some issue bi she wanted to ask about.”

“Chale, Marcus, I didn’t want to bring it up till a little later on, but I have to be honest, I think the girl is changing oo. For like three weeks now, I’ve noticed her demeanour has become less stiff. I seriously believe there’s some change somewhere. Plus, she’s looking even more beautiful. I think you can start over with her. Second chance,” Jerry said.

Marcus shot him a dirty look. “Massa. Please. Don’t go there. It’s over. End of story.” He took his seat, and thought to himself, in any case, if you’re referring to beauty, Temwani is an absolute gem.

“Oh, Marcus, don’t do that. There’s no need to be bitter about the past…”

“AH!” Basit responded incredulously. “Bitter? What you dey talk about? The guy has moved on from the past, you are there saying bitter. Ma guy, shon what you dey talk!”

Marcus shook his head. “I don’t understand where that’s coming from. The girl never dissed me or anything like that. She just made her stance clear, and I advised myself. Now I have moved on from the whole thing and I don’t intend to go back and you’re saying bitter.”

Jerry pulled up a chair and sat next to the two. “But Marc, let’s be honest; you never actually asked her out. I mean, despite everything, you could have just asked. There’s no harm in trying. Boy, this life is all about taking risks oo. That Craig David lifestyle of always walking away doesn’t help. She might have accepted. You never know.”

Those last couple of sentences had Marcus and Basit wide-eyed with mouths agape. They looked at him as if he had just announced to them that he was going to be on the next episode of Fear Factor.

Basit clasped his hands together. “Ei! Jerry! For one, that be very bad punchline. Make you never use again. Number two, you make I shock paaa. Herh! Why? You no know this Allison girl or something? See, rewind briefly. You dey kai the day she come from Kumasi, straight from the bus yard to this place, wey like you dey go hug am?”

Marcus stifled a giggle. The memory of the outstretched hand that plainly sent a ‘NO, don’t do it’ message to the oncoming Jerry was quite a funny, yet embarrassing one. Allison in her element clearly had a very strict way of dealing with guys.

“I sure sey the memory alone go make your ears burn right now. Aside that embarrassment, I have seen with my own two eyes the reaction when Marc tried to hold her hand when we were walking to the National Theatre one time. Somebody go figure sey acid dey Marcus e hand top. Ah, these things all, you dey tell we sey she might accept any romantic advance? This girl wey she dey behave like Pentecostal hug be foreplay? Hoh!”

That remark made the two laugh. Basit had a penchant for saying the silliest things. It had only been a matter of time until something that crazy came forth from his mouth.

“In any case, you forget the gathering at the mall? On Dede’s birthday? You forget the guy?”

Jerry paused for a moment, then reluctantly shook his head. “I no forget. I dey kai paaaa.”

“Very good. What did she say after the guy left? If my memory serves me correctly, she unequivocally stated that she was not impressed by the guy’s approach, and that men in general and their ways of trying to get with girls does not amuse her, and that any guy who approaches her will get the bouncing of his life. Do you remember what I teasingly asked? ‘Ei, so you mean any guy?’ What was her response? ANY guy. Special emphasis on the word ‘any’. Non-exclusive function here. Meaning there is no special exception in the aforementioned case. Once a guy, bouncing go dey. Take this argument go any courtroom, them go tell you the same thing.”

Jerry shook his head. “See, Basit, you dey forget one thing. There is always an exception to the rule. Always. There’s the likelihood that she was testing Marcus. You know how girls can be. Saying one thing and meaning the opposite. He should have deciphered the thing. There are different ways of the ‘hard to get’ game they play.”

Marcus sighed. “Please don’t take that route. Girls are a lot more straightforward these days oo. Look at opana,” nodding in Basit’s direction, “and Sefakor. Was she doing long complicated things? No, it was opana she liked, and she didn’t waste time in accepting. Slight stretching, but nothing ridiculously radical. Allie was, and always has been fiery about her convictions. No teasing. No coyness. She is serious.”

“Exactly!” Basit added. “And anyway, difference dey between red light and brick wall oo. First one, small delay dey inside. The other one bi denial ankasa. This be straightforward denial. We no dey prod around this thing, we dey respect the decision. Women fit make dema own decisions. If she no wan marry, fine! Nobody bore. It’s your life, it’s your choice.”

“And now that you’ve made me talk plenty, I might as well say this. The reason she called me was that she wants us to possibly start over and probably become a couple. And I said no.”

Jerry looked shocked. “Ah! But why? She’s come around, and you’re rejecting her?”

“Oh, and P.S. I asked if she would’ve accepted my proposal 2 years ago, and guess what? She said no. So I hope that answers your question.”

“Ma guy, that’s all. If your time pass, your time pass. Move on. Isn’t that what we sang in church today? ‘I won’t go back, I can’t go back, to the way it used to be?’ Like ibi me, I go tell am sey I get woman make e eye die,” Basit added.

Another sigh from Marcus. “Ummm, I’ve been waiting for a while to do this, but since this popped up, I guess I have to let it out since I told her anyway, but I’ve got a lady in my life.”

His two friends just looked at him, stunned. As he took out his phone, he continued. “I met her at Sharon’s monthly function. You know, that function my company does every month? The finance officer invited her. We started talking, we got close, I fell for her, I proposed, she said yes, we’re a couple now.”

Finding the picture he was looking for, he showed it to them.

Basit put his hand over his mouth. “Heeeeeerrrrrrrrhhhhhh!!! Guy, this girl fine ooo! Where she from?”

Marcus grinned. “She’s actually not a Ghanaian. Zambian chic.”

“Sosket! Chale, those East African ladies too, the beauty level be some unique thing kraaa o! Kwԑԑ! This one diԑԑ, double for your trouble oo!”

Jerry looked at the picture and stood upright, shades of disapproval on his face. “She’s beautiful, chale. Very beautiful. But… I’m not really feeling it. I dunno. I just feel you and Allison look better together. In my opinion, you’re a perfect fit together.”

“Massa, commot for there!” Basit snapped. “Wasn’t that the same thing you said when Manchester United appointed David Moyes as manager?”

Marcus fell off his chair in a bout of laughter. Trust Basit to say something like that. The master of ‘trailer jamming’.

“Eeeei, this boy go kill me ooo!” he laughed as he got back up, eyes already filled with tears of laughter. “Herh, why you messop like that?”

“Ibi truth I dey talk. But chale, look at the girl. What be e name?”


“Temwani. Beautiful name. Like I be you, I go take this pic show Allison, then I go talk, ‘hwԑ wo watch, hwԑ wo time, ayԑ late!

Just then, another picture of Temwani appeared, with Lionel Richie’s voice an accompaniment. “Hello… is it me you’re looking for?

Marcus grinned sheepishly as he excused himself. “Chale, make I take this call.”

Basit’s mouth was wide open as he watched his friend retreat to answer his call. “Herh! Awo’a! You this boy!”

Start Over?

Start Over?

“Um, Marcus, could I see you for a moment?”

“Sure,” he responded, excusing himself from the group gathering of his friends as he followed Allison outside the building onto the car park.

The place was still packed with cars, as it was only about thirty minutes since service had ended. The place would only really become bare after about an hour or so, with all the after-service meetings, official and unofficial, coming to an end by then.

The two came to stand by one rather old Toyota Corolla. Marcus had his hands in his pocket, wondering what it was that made Allison want to have a private conversation with him. They barely ever spoke to each other; he could boast of having a deep bond with his colleagues at work than her.

“Um, Marcus. There’s something I wanted to ask you. I just feel like it’s necessary I do. Umm… do you have feelings for me?”

Marcus was taken aback. If there was anything he didn’t expect, it was her asking such a question.


“Okay, scratch that. Have you ever had feelings for me? Like the time we worked together? Did you like me?”

Marcus really didn’t want to answer the question, but that would probably make things ugly, and he had no intention to spark up anything of that sort. So he nodded his head. “Yeah, I once did.”

“But why didn’t you ever tell me?”

He sighed. “Simple. We spent quite an amount of time together, and you said enough for me to know that what I wanted would not work. What I desired is a long-term relationship; I’m not a fan of just falling in love for the sake of it. But every time the concept of relationships came up, you expressed a straight-up personal non-preference for it. You mentioned how you don’t want to marry, how intolerant you are of proposals from guys and how you’d bluntly shoot them down. Then that period where you just stopped talking to me, with that reason you gave? Come on! It was obvious.”

“Okay, just answer me this question. Assuming I had said something, that I had officially proposed to you. Would you have said yes?”

“That’s not the –“

“Please, Ally, please. I answered your question quite smoothly. It’s as much of a yes/no answer I require as you did. Would you have said yes?”

Now it was Allison’s turn to sigh. She looked up briefly, then said, “I definitely would have said no.”

Marcus shrugged. “See? I could see it plainly. I mean, your words were more than enough to advise me that this would not end well.”

Allison then took a hold of his hand. “But… isn’t there a chance to start over?”

Marcus was now really puzzled. He wasn’t expecting this sort of behavior from Allison. She was the type of girl who wouldn’t even hug a guy, and on a number of occasions where he had tried what she was doing, she had briskly whisked away her hand. She took the “Don’t Touch Me” mantra to a whole new level when she was in her element, so this was quite confusing.

And that’s what he said. “Uh, Allison, I’m confused. What’s going on? Start over as in?”

“As in how we once were quite close. And maybe go down that path. I was pretty radical back then, I admit it, but things are slowly changing. And I was wondering if…” she trailed off.

No need for her to finish the sentence, though. Marcus knew what she was getting at.

He sighed within himself this time.

“Allison, I won’t lie, I was pretty crazy about you back then. I remember all the time we spent together, even as just friends, and it was always a highlight of some sort for me. It was great. But things have changed. It’s been almost 2 years since the fire died, and really, I have no intentions of going back. In any case, I already have a lady in my life.”

The soft grip on his hand grew limp with that last statement. Her face was a portrait of disappointment.

“Look, Allison, I don’t wanna be a jerk, that won’t get me anywhere profitable. But after the attitude and all, I really lost it all for you. I’m glad if you’ve changed, but the truth is, I love Temwani. She’s a wonderful girl, and life is amazing with her. Yeah, by the way, she’s Zambian. Never thought I’d date a non-Ghanaian! But really, it’s too late. When I wanted you so bad, you had shut your heart off totally. Now it’s too late to start over. Maybe we can talk more, but nothing more than that. I’m sorry.”

She nodded, head down. “I understand……. I guess I should be going now.”

He wanted to tell her to wait, but, that statement had suddenly activated an awkward atmosphere that was not strange to either party. Staying there any longer would only cause more discomfiture between the two. So he muttered, “Sure. Uh… next week then.”

She mumbled a response, and the two went their ways.