I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #5

And here is the conclusion to this brief tale…

“Ah, really? Yossi Benayoun an average player back then? Massa, you watch am for Liverpool in 2008, 2009? What you dey talk?”

“Hoh, my guy! Notin, my guy. Apart from Torres, Gerrard and Alonso, who else was good in that Liverpool squad? Make I think.”

“Herh, Buenortey, you dey watch football? The three you dey mention be world class, no doubt. But you dey try tell me sey Mascherano then Benayoun thems be trash? Ei, guy! Go watch thema match plus Arsenal. That 4-4 draw wey Arshavin score 4. Pop the way Benayoun play ball that night. You go shun what you dey talk.”

About three days since I ‘proposed’ to the amazing beauty that is Akua Ansomaa Abrokwah, and I was in the back of the shuttle with one of my guys, Stanley, who is an avid Liverpool fan.

And just so you know, he’s one of those new fans that popped up after they won the Champions League last year. So obviously, I don’t take him seriously. I’m sure the boy never watched that match he was talking about. Just some highlights bi.

It was a long day, with lectures going from 7:30 to 5:30, so I was definitely in the mood to let out some steam. And this boy brought himself by coming to talk.

So I stretched him well well. The argument was not loud, but we were definitely at each other’s throats for the length of the journey. Best part is how some guys joined me to knock his argument down.

Yeah, that was bullying, but whatever. I just find it annoying how this dude barely cared about Liverpool until they won the Champions League. The proud Bayern Munich fan I am, I couldn’t be bothered about them anyways. And I’m lowkey still pissed they beat us at the Allianz on their way to that win.

When we arrived at our destination, though, we said our greetings, shook hands and went our way.

Yep, we were fiercely sparring with each other over football stuff, but we departed, laughing with each other as if nothing had happened. Normal, chale. It’s not because of some Israeli footballer that we are gonna have beef with each other. We argue, then we move.

So anyways, I made my way to the hostel. Trudging through, greeting familiar faces as usual. You know, the standard thing.

Then I got into my room.

Oh Lord, that feeling of getting into your room after a long day is simply the best! Herh! Well-deserved rest and relaxation!

As I took my shoes off while sitting on the bed, my phone buzzed. It then hit me: I was so busy battling with the fake Merseyside boy that I did not touch my phone throughout the trip back to my room.

Not a very common thing for me to do, to be honest. 

So I picked it up from the bed and checked my WhatsApp.

78 messages from 14 chats. Majority of them from my class group and the GH Bavarians group (In case you’re wondering what that is, the Bayern Munich fan club chat).

There was only one that caught my attention, though.

Of course, none other than Ansomaa. She’s the one I wanted to get in touch with first of all. The others could wait.

I opened the chat, which had about 5 messages.

Hey you!!

Hope you had a good day

I’ve got a little meeting to attend to, so I’ll call you later

But here’s something you need to hear

The fifth message was a voice note.

Instant heartbeat increase, chale!! Herh! I was feeling nervous as heck.

The way the thing was, I could tell baby girl had something to say about our relationship.

I just sat there for a minute or two, panicking and wondering what it was she had to say. Had I been bounced? Was it gonna end in tears? What was her reason? Was I nothing more than a friend to her? What if she had changed her mind and actually decided she wasn’t ready for a relationship?

Ugh. It just had to be bad news my adrenaline would suggest to me. Typical.

I shook myself and picked the phone up. No use wondering what it was she had to say when I could simply press play and find out what it was.

So I pressed that play button.

Yeah, so… um, about what we spoke about when I spent the night at your place. Well, there’s not much to say. I already told you how I appreciate you and all that. There’s nothing more to say than to just say yes. Yes, let’s take this thing further.

I nearly dropped the phone.

You’re an amazing guy, Buenortey. And… like I said, I’ve not really sought to be in a relationship, but… to say no to you? Nahhh, I know I’d regret it. I see you being an amazing boyfriend, hopefully my future husband. So yeah, it’s… official, I guess? I’ll call you after the meeting, alright? And by the way, should we tell Hilda first? Let’s tell Hilda first, Buu. Pleeeeeeaaaaseeee? Hehehe. I’ll catch you later.

The voice note ended.

Well, putting Stanley in his place was certainly a sweet thing earlier on. But did it compare to this? Not even the slightest hint of a chance!

Ansomaa said yes!

Disbelief. Shock. Delight. Joy. Euphoria. Confusion.

As to how I experienced all those feelings at that exact point, I’ll forever wonder. But that was the least of my worries. The major question on my mind had been answered, and it was a most beautiful answer.

The sweetest, most amazing and irresisitble honey on the planet said yes to me.

That was the start of our relationship.

It’s been two years now, and trust me, I love her so much. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. She makes me happy, and I do all I possibly can to make her happy too.

Yeah, I still get distracted by her every now and then. Hot damn, my lady got a killa shape! But chale, resisting the temptation to do the illicit has some feel-good distin to it. I know that girl is gonna be my wife one day, and I won’t have to resist no more. She’ll be my bed buddy, baby mama, best friend, arguing partner, life partner… yep, all of that and more.

There’s something beautiful about being able to share your life with someone special. For me, it’s Ansee. Shared two years of my life with her, and it’s been awesome. Not easy, but awesome. Can’t wait for the future ahead of us. It surely will be bright.

And beautiful.

Cute!! They got together. Sometimes, all you need is an adorable little story to remind you how sweet it is to fall in love and be loved back. Love is such a beautiful thing!

I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #4

Well, how is it gonna go with these two friends?

It was about 6:01 am when we left my room as I saw her off.

As we walked down the stairs of the hostel, Ansomaa’s phone rang.

The Uber driver she had ordered.

As she answered and confirmed exactly where she was, I couldn’t help but keep my gaze on her as we continued to move down. Must have been one of those enchanted modes, I guess.

Yeah, those modes where Ansee just catches my attention by just… being her.

Chale, I’ll delve into some super emo state of mind if I let myself go. Let me just leave it at that. She had me in that enchanted mode. Period. Hehe.

“Well, he said he’s not too far from the hostel. And at least my first class is at 9:30, so that’s good,” she commented as she hung up.

“Yeah, yeah,” I agreed. “More time to relax and get prepared for the class. Anyways, what did Hilda say when you called her?”

Hilda is Ansomaa’s roommate. An equally troublesome human being. A professional leg-puller, as I like to call her. For some reason, ever since Ansomaa and I got close and I began visiting her, this girl has made it her aim in life to give me stress! No be small stressing the girl dey fit stress me!

Oh, sometimes she’ll just find some small distin in some statement I’ll make, and stretch the thing and do long arguments with me over it. Herh!

I remember I initially wanted to really dislike her at some point, because it was quite annoying the way she seemed to seek to wind me up. I think Ansee noticed it and told her about it, so now… she still winds me up, but she at least made it clear she has nothing against me, and that she’s just a crazy girl.

I appreciate that. And lowkey, I know she’s more than just ‘crazy’. Ansomaa once showed me some video of them and some friends in a good mood. The insane dance moves this Hilda girl was doing, eh! Still makes me snicker whenever I think about it. I’m just timing her. The day I descend on her and tell her I know of her ‘scopa tu mana’ moves…

“Oh, she subjected me to some plenty questions. Just making sure I’m fine and all that. She said the next time you come around, she’s subjecting you to some heavy cross-examination for keeping her roommate in your room.”

Like I said. Major tormentor.

I shook my head. “You better tell her to watch herself. Na if I decide to let her know about the ‘scopa tu mana’ video…”

“Buu, I beg, pleeeeeeeasseeee! Don’t let that out!” she pleaded, holding on to my arm. “I beg you. She’ll kill me if she knows I showed you that video.”

“Then find a way of telling her to stay clear. Coz me di33, I’ll laugh at her. Ei, see winding of waist!”

We both laughed. I mean, seeing that cute little bespectacled melanin beauty acting a fool in the room with their other friends was pure gold. God bless Ansomaa for recording that for posterity. Lord knows Hilda’s children will need to know what a nutcase their mother is.

We walked out to the car park of the hostel, where a few people were out, readying themselves for their daily jogging routine. Some of the shop owners around too were passing by, ready for another day of work.

Most of the other students were obviously getting ready for the day. It’ll be another thirty to forty minutes before they start trooping out to the shuttle area. So yeah, it was a pretty empty park, as far as human beings were concerned.

As we stopped and waited for the Uber to arrive, both of us silent, I took her hand. “Ansee? Thank you.”

She looked at me in surprise. “For what?”

“For trusting me,” I said simply. I turned to her. “I know it’s… probably a lil crazy that I’m saying it. But I mean, I just felt like I ought to say it. For trusting that I’d let you sleep in my room without me doing anything untoward to you. Not that it was easy, but, I definitely do not wanna jeopardize what we have.”

She looked up at me.

“Ansee, I am so fond of you. And I know I want more than just friendship with you. I want you all to myself. You’re too awesome a girl to not be with. And as much as those hips of yours drive me nuts, I know it’s not just getting in them I want, but something real.”

She stifled a shy laugh.

“I’m not looking to put too much pressure on you, but you need to know this is real. I really have a thing for you. Back then, I’d probably have been all ‘I’m madly in love with you’ and all that. That’s a stretch, at this point. But my feelings are real, and I just hope you see they are and accept me.”

At that point, I had her chin in my hand. And chale, the temptation to kiss her was so freaking high!! That girl honestly is the weakness in me.

A slightly flushed expression on her face (I think), she pried her face away from my tender grip and nodded. “Just give me some time, Buenortey,” she said softly. “That’s all I ask.”

I nodded back. “Sure, sure. Take all the time you need.”

I didn’t really mean that. One of my friends called Rhodaline once told me if a girl takes more than a week to respond to your proposal, then it’s more than assured that it is ending in dangerous premium tears. For some reason, I’ve taken that to be as true as John 3:16.

But hey, it just rolled out of my mouth.

About five seconds later, a red Daewoo Matiz came in. 

She checked the registration number and nodded. “Alright then, BuuBuu, I’ll see you later.”

She wrapped her arms around my waist as I responded by wrapping her in an embrace. “Take care of yourself, Ansee,” I murmured.

“You too,” she said as we separated from each other and she walked off. I had to turn my eyes elsewhere, lest my gaze get stuck on things I shouldn’t be watching too eagerly.

But in all, it was a cool conversation we had concerning the relationship. I have a hint she wanted to talk about it yesterday, but Queen Sono and her antics had her totally relegate it somewhere. I honestly had some super romantic proposal lined up for her, but… well, at least she knows.

And I meant every word I said. I truly want something real with her. Hopefully all the way. She truly is that special, and I do not wanna lose her in the least.

But well, she wants time to think about it. So let’s just… wait and see…

I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #3

Okayyy, so Buenortey has made his intentions known! What is Ansomaa’s response?

Ansomaa sighed as I uttered those words of intention for this relationship. It sounded pretty much like she had been expecting this all along.

As I let go of her hands, she started. “Well… first of all… can you turn that light off? Day is breaking.”

Brief diversionary tactic. I know her.

But yeah, it was no longer pitch black. From my window, I could the sky was a gradually brightening shade of blue, with the bats flying overhead from the west.

One of the sights I like to feast upon when I wake up at those times of the morning.

“Oh yeah, sure. Hehe.” I turned it off. 

“Good.” She remained mute for a moment or two, then began.

“Well, Buu, I must say, I’m not exactly surprised that you have feelings for me. I mean, I’m a big girl, and I can tell these kind of things from the onset. I just wanted some clarity on it. At least, as far as you and I are concerned, there’s some level of blunt honesty that we’ve established with each other, so… I’m glad you’ve let it out. I know you wouldn’t be silent forever, but… I just wanted to know.

“Ummm… I won’t lie, I appreciate you too. I obviously didn’t expect I’d meet a guy like you that blessed day, but I did, and life has been pretty awesome since. You’re such a funny and interesting person to be with. I like the way you’re quite open-minded and all, not to a nonsensical degree, of course. You’re fun to talk to. I love the way we can spend hours together just talking about various issues. I don’t get that kind of connection with many people.

“Also… I love your drive. Your ambitions. The little project we’re starting honestly led me to believe you’re a Godsend, Buu. You have no idea how heavy that project has been on my heart. I’ve honestly been super lazy to get it up and running, but you came in and gave me that needed kick up the butt to get it going.”

Yeah, so I’m very passionate about African comics. We have Marvel and DC, who have a crazy library of comics. But nothing really popular from the African front. In one of our numerous conversations, she brought up the issue, and made mention of some superheroes living in her brain and how she wants to bring them to life. Totally in line with my dream, right? So we’re working on it.

“And yeah, I like the fact that you respect me. Honestly, you’re like the only guy I’ve had a certain kind of closeness with who actually respects my boundaries and doesn’t just follow what his penis tells him to. I mean, I know my hips get you guys hooked, but chale, show some decency eh! Ahba! I’ve cut so many guys off because they tried to grope me, and some got aggressive mpo. You’ve been different. Most of them… even if they slept on the chair, they’ll try and sneak into the bed and do something.”

Well, that’s a win for self-control! Clearly won me this queen’s trust. It isn’t easy, though. If I tell you the number of times I’ve watched her and wanted her so bad… it’s not easy. But it’s not worth jeopardizing a relationship this special. I’d rather wait till she’s wearing my ring and literally backing that beautiful booty into me while we’re on our matrimonial bed.

I nodded and shrugged. “It’s all about controlling your libido, I guess.”

“Well, thank God you do. You’re a good guy, Buenortey.”

I smiled. “Thanks, baby girl.”

“You’re welcome. Well, concerning how you feel about me… I… I wouldn’t say I’m not ready for a relationship. But I haven’t really desired it that much. It’s not been a priority like that. I do think when a good guy comes around, it’s absolute madness to put it at the backside. Especially when he makes you happy and helps you to become a better person. And I can’t lie, BuuBuu, that’s the kind of person you are.”

God, it’s so good to have a beautiful girl tell you these kind of things! Lord knows how happy that made me.

She had a look of uncertainty, though. “Ummm… I still have to think about it, though. I mean, I really like you as a person and everything, and you’ve proven to be a great guy. But I don’t exactly wanna rush into giving you an answer. Now that I know you like me for real, I need to take some time over it, you understand?”

As always! The ‘let me think about it’ thing. I’ve gotten used to that, to be honest. Sometimes it ends in tears. Other times too, in praise.

I nodded. “Sure, sure, I totally get it.”

“Thank you, BuuBuu. Let’s just take it easy for the moment. You’ll have my answer when I’m totally at peace and sure of what I want.”

I exhaled. “Sure thing, Ansee. I’m fine with that.”

“Great. Now, I need to wash my face and get an Uber,” she said as she took off the blanket and got off the bed. “Do you have a spare towel or so?”

“Yeah, yeah. Hold on a moment.”

Going for the small towel in my wardrobe, I felt a warm feeling of confidence. Yeah, like I said, sometimes the whole ‘lemme think about it’ vibe can be a negative sign. They’ll come back and tell you they’re not ready for a relationship, or you’re just a friend, or something like that. Other times too, it can pan out well.

At least, Ansee said she wouldn’t take that ‘not ready’ route, so that’s a good thing, that ‘bouncer’ is off the cards. And with all she said, it’s pretty clear my approach from day one showed that I was interested in something more. I just tend to be one of those guys who doesn’t rush in just like that.

But at least, it was all good. What mattered was that Ansomaa knew that I’m mad fond of her.

That was the major thing she needed to know.

I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #2

Time for Buenortey to start talking…

“Well, Ansomaa,” I began, “you want some clarity, I can see. I totally understand, with all you’ve been through and stuff. No worries. So, since you want to know the truth, is it alright if I talk plenty?”

She shrugged. “As long as you don’t bore me with the details.”

I snickered. “Don’t worry, I won’t. Alright, ummm… so, here’s the deal…

“The truth is, from the moment I saw you in that classroom, I had a thing for you. I really did. I’m not the kind of guy who develops feelings like that, on the spot. You know I’ve said it before; fine girls di333, you make plenty for this campus top. Every week, I see at least one fine girl. I admire small, then I go my way. But with you…”

I shook my head at that point. Chale, what I felt that day as I saw her, eh, it was not a joking matter.

“… with you, I knew just admiring you would not be enough. I just had to get through to you.”

I looked at her. I could see she was watching me intently. The darkness, tho…

“Alright, lemme use my phone flashlight, na I need to see your face,” I stated, taking my phone from the floor and proceeding to switch it on.

“Ah, but just turn the light on, eh!” she retorted as I switched it on.

“Nah. We good,” I said with a smirk as I put the phone, light up on the bed. “There we go. Now I can see that pretty little face and those big cheeks as I speak,” I added, tickling her chin with that, to which she laughed.

I always do that to get a shy laugh out of her. She’s so gorgeous when she does that.

“Now, back to what I was saying,” I restarted. “So it’s been close to three months since we got to know each other. It’s been fun getting so close to you and spending so much time with you. As far as my feelings toward you are concerned right now, it’s… should I say, developed. But lemme start with the major thing that caught my attention.”

I reached for her cheek and stroked it gently. “Ansee, you are so damn fine. I knew that from the get go, and it’s never been in doubt. Honestly, girl, you dey bost my mind pass!”

She laughed softly and shook her head. “You, eh.”

“No jokes, baby girl. Remember when we went to that movie premiere? Herh, Ansee, I’m not kidding, I couldn’t get you out of my mind for the rest of the night.”

She laughed even more.

It was serious oo. You see, she’s got some incredible hips on her. And from the little I’ve seen, it’s like she has clothes that can really accentuate those curves and make her look so damn irresistible, and clothes that don’t really bring it to light, so she looks normal. This pink and white dress she wore when we attended some recent movie distin was purely of the former category. Some pink and white off-shoulder blouse with a matching skirt and a gorgeous shawl around her shoulders.

Herh! That day is the day I saw that self-control is criminally underrated. The way I kept my feelings reined in di33, only God ooo. Because I honestly wanted to grab her close to me at a point and just fondle and kiss her. That deep, chale. Her body really dey trigger me.

But of course, I can’t let that happen. It wouldn’t be right. The way this generation spoil already, I don’t wanna add to the rot. Even with her sleeping over, sleeping on the chair was a must. I mean, me on the same bed with Ansomaa? Forget, I’d have done damage to those hips. The only time I wanna do that is if she’s Mrs. Buenortey. As for that, she’ll really experience things, and God won’t have any problem with us. Hehe!

“But beyond this… beautiful face and sensational little body, I’ve come to encounter the intelligent genius that you are. You know how much you’ve challenged me in so many ways through our chats and debates? Trust me, you have. You’re so witty, so sharp. And you know exactly what it is you’re talking about. Even when we don’t agree, I respect your point of view, because you are one smart girl.”

She had that shy smile on her face again, though her eyes were down.

“Of course, you love God, which is evident in your actions and all that. And that’s always a nonnegotiable for me, even though some of my experiences with church girls have been anything but pleasant. You’re not just about saying it. You live it out.

“And Lord have mercy, you are a stubborn girl! Ah!”

That got her laughing out loud. She warned me from the beginning that she is, and chale, she’s lived up to it. The way this girl can give headache, eh. It’s not a laughing matter.

“But that’s something I can learn to live with. I love the hospitality in you whenever I come to your place. You sure are a queen, the way you serve me and show concern for me and all that. You’re the perfect hostess, Ansee, and you inspire me.”

She was silent as she continued to listen to me. I took a deep breath and decided to round it all up.

“Ansomaa, all in all, I think you’re a wonderful person, and I am so fond of you. It’s early days yet, but I know I want more than friendship with you. We’ve got a beautiful vibe, and I know one thing: I don’t want to lose you. I thought I’d wait a bit to make it official to you, but chale, you’ve ambushed me. So naa your life dey.”

She snickered.

I then reached for her hands and took them in mine, as I looked her directly in the eye.

Here it was: time to lay it down and let her be aware of my true intentions. All I’ve ever wanted since I saw her in that classroom that fateful morning.

“Akua Ansomaa Abrokwah, I really, really like you. And I want to be more than just a friend. I want you in my life as that special one, my best friend. My girl.”

I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #1

Here’s the short, sweet love story I decided to begin the month of April with. I hope this tale of Buenortey and Ansomaa makes your quarantine period interesting!!

It was about 5:11 when I woke up.

On the plastic chair next to the bed.

Chale, not the most comfortable of nights. I think I had just about two hours of straight sleep. Then the usual intermittent sleep pattern. 

Ugh, so annoying. Can’t remember the last time I slept for more than three hours without waking up in between. I need help, chale.

There’s a reason why I slept on the chair, though.

As I got my feet off the bed and stretched, I looked at the one on the bed.

The one who occupied my comfortable bed for the night.

Sleeping peacefully, wrapped up in my dear blanket.

Ansomaa. Sweet Miss Ansomaa.

I’ve known this girl for about three months now, and there’s no doubt about it: she’s a wonderful young woman, and I’ve had an awesome time with her so far. 

I first saw her at the Amonoo-Neizer Hall. I had gone to see one of my guys about some assignment bi. I was sitting with him, teaching him how to do the work and all that, and in stepped this absolute babe. Chale!

I don’t believe in love at first sight (sorry, hopeless romantics, I know you won’t like this), but I won’t lie, I was captivated by her. Such a beautiful girl. As to how I kept my cool and continued to help Hubert out with the work, only God knows.

I guess it became obvious how enthralled I was, with the way I kept shooting glances at her while he was busy doing the work. I kept watching her, and it was only a matter of time until I knew that this girl was somebody I had to talk to. Which is honestly rare for me. I’m the kind of guy who prefers to admire from a distance. If I’m tormented by the desire to get closer to you, then it has to be real.

It was about thirty minutes later that I finally decided to muster courage and move to her. I whispered my intentions to Hubert, who was totally supportive, got up from my seat, walked over to her as she was busily doing something on her phone (most likely WhatsApp stuff) and engaged her in a brief chat.

Honestly, it was better than I expected. It was almost as if Ansomaa had been expecting me to approach her, the way she opened up to me so happily. With the cutest smile on her face. Ugh, Lord knows that smile of hers makes me wanna stroke her chin and murmur sweet distins into her ear all day!

So we exchanged numbers right there and then, and since, my usually boring life has had an injection of excitement. Ansomaa is so much fun to be around, and we spend hours together, talking about different things. Movies, childhood memories, future aspirations, African politics… the list goes on and on.

Last night, she came over to my room (I’m in one-in-a-room) just to hang out with me. That was around like 6 pm. I was just about getting ready to watch the Netflix series ‘Queen Sono’ when she came around. Turns out she’s been wanting to watch it.

So we watched it. All 6 episodes. At a go.

By the time we were done, it was about 11-something. I’ve honestly forgotten what time it was. All I remember is that we were so busy debating on whether Queen or Ekatarina was more of a badass character (I just don’t get how Ansomaa thinks the latter is badass. The woman is flat out wicked, lah!) that before we knew it, it was 12:30 am.

Her hostel too, around that time, it’s not the safest. Kwashey boys dey linger around; they’ll steal your money and phones, and leave you with scars afterward. So I suggested she sleep over, then leave early in the morning. She didn’t seem to be too pleased, but yeah, even taking an Uber kraaa, she didn’t feel comfortable, so she slept over. So she took the bed, while I slept on the chair.

It was so cute watching her sleep; she might be a fierce badass herself at times, but she’s a baby girl deep within. And it just showed on her face. Calm and peaceful.

I got up, stretched and felt totally satisfied to hear those bones crack, and walked to the bathroom to pee. When I came back, she was awake.

“Hey, Buenortey,” she murmured as she sat up in the bed.

“Hey you,” I responded as I moved the chair so I could sit right before her. “How are you? Hope you had a good sleep.”

She nodded. “It felt weird to wake up here. Almost started shouting ‘where am I’. Then I remembered.”

I rolled my eyes. We were sitting in the dark, so I doubt she saw that. “Ebei, Ansomaa. Shouting for what? You want people to come and beat me and call me a rapist?”

She laughed softly. “Don’t worry. At least I didn’t.”

“Oh yeah. We thank God for that. Well, it’s almost 5:15, so… you can start to get ready now.”

“Ummm, yeah. But… Buenortey, can we talk? Briefly?”

That kinda took me by surprise, but hey, not a problem at all. I shrugged. “Sure, we can. Why not?”

She took a deep breath, then let it out. In the darkness, I heard a simple question from her.

“What are your intentions?”

My heart beat a little faster upon hearing that.

I mean, Ansomaa is one of those kinda straightforward chics who has no time for long things. I’ve known this for a while. But I was not expecting a question like that.

“You say?” I asked.

She cleared her throat. “Your intentions for this… thing between us. It’s been a little over three months now, and uh… I think I’d like to know where we’re headed. No games and all that. I just want to know what you intend to happen between us.”

Well well well! I have no idea what motivated her to ask that question. But then, it falls in line with her cut-straight-to-the-chase mindset. 

I let out a little sigh. No need for playing games with this one, chale (as if I’ve ever liked that kind of nonsense). I knew I had to let it out eventually. And I understand her. She did mention how she’s had an experience here and there where the guys awakened her love when they weren’t actually ready to love her back. So obviously she wanted some clarity on our relationship.

Not a problem. I know what I want. I initially thought I’d wait a bit before doing this, but… the earlier the better, I guess.

Time to let her know how fond I am of her.