Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #1

Welcome to the first season of this story! You can call this the Options season. This follows the tale of Miss Glori Vanderpuye, the housekeeper of the Dawson household. Prepare for a crazy little journey!

“Madam, please, I’m going to bed now.”

“Alright, Glori. Have a good night! I’ll see you tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Yes, please. Good night, Madam.”

As she trooped back to her room, Glori stretched and yawned as she prepared to get the needed rest after a long day of work as always. Entering her room, she stood before her neatly made bed. Beside it was her small television set and a little library of books. Her little source of relaxation heaven.

As she walked over to it and looked at the various books, humming as she deliberated on which one to read for the night, she noticed a book at the bottom. More or less under the bookshelf.

“Ei, which book is that?” she wondered out loud, as she reached down to pick it. She had been picking books from this nice little shelf every night, but this book on the floor had seemed to evade her eye until tonight.

In her grasp, she took a rag on the nearby table and cleaned off the dirt. Then she stared at the book in surprise.

“Ei! My diary!”

The journal she said she would be putting every detail in when she first started this job.

She opened to the first page…

Hey Diary,

So this is the beginning of my stay in the Dawson household. My name is Glori Vanderpuye, and you are gonna be my confidante as I go through this new phase of life as a housekeeper. Doesn’t sound very glamorous, I know, but chale, times are tough in GH, and I needed to find something. Praise God, I got this!

Having dropped out of university at the first level due to lack of funds, it’s been hard. Paapa and Mama don’t have it easy at all; the old man is an electrician and my old girl isn’t working. This was the best I could get, and I was only motivated to go for it because issa Ghanaian family, and at the interview, it sounds like they have more respect and regard for such people than the usual, who will just treat you like a sub-human. The accommodation too is good. Satisfactory conditions.

I got the call on Friday morning that I passed the interview, and that I could start work the following week. You have no idea how excited I was to receive that. I could finally boast of being employed! You might think being a housekeeper is nothing to boast about, but if you’ve been jobless for almost 5 years, and you don’t have a degree, this will suffice. People have Masters degrees mpo, yet they’re suffering to find jobs. So chale, I thank God for this.

I moved in late last night, and I officially met the family.

Mr. Thomas Dawson, the man of the house. Madam Leticia, the lady of the house. Six year old Samuel and four year old Denise, the children. They gave me a pretty warm welcome, and assured me I’m in a good place.

Well, that mainly came from Madam Leticia. Mr. Thomas barely said much. Looks like he’s the reserved type of man. He just simply said a small welcome, and that he hopes I give of my best during the period in which I stay here.

Simple enough, I guess.

Today was my first day of work. My duties mainly consist of cleaning the rooms, sweeping the house, mopping afterwards, cleaning the furniture, helping out with the washing and cooking… you know, typical stuff needed to keep a house clean. Dear Lord, I had one hell of a busy day doing all that work. I was done by midday, and lawd, I was exhausted! I had some good food waiting for me, though, so I had no problems. Rice and chicken stew. A welcome meal, as the Madam described it. In subsequent days, though, I’m obviously gonna have to contribute to the kitchen work.

There wasn’t much to do for the afternoon. Just helping out in the kitchen as Madam Leticia prepared food for the children after she brought them home from school. They were watching their cartoons while we did that. Afterwards, I was free to do my own thing. So I retired to my room and went straight to my little library.

My little library of Peggy Oppong books.

If there’s anything I love, it’s a good book. And Peggy Oppong has always been one of my favourite authors (may her soul rest in peace). Throughout the period I’ve been searching for a job, her books are one of the only things that have kept me sane. They’ve also made me quite an indoors person. I doubt I’ll be stepping out of the house that much when I still wanna read The Red Heifer and Angel of Death again. Looool.

So it was reading, followed by helping Madam Leticia in the kitchen briefly, then I was released, so of course, back to the room to continue reading.

I left my room to open the gate when Mr. Thomas arrived at about 8 pm. I decided to hang around the dining room just to observe the Dawson family dynamics. Particularly that on the man’s side.

A sweet lil family they are, when you watch them interact. Mr. Thomas is adored by his children, that’s for sure. Watching how she was playing and giggling with him, Denise is gonna be a daddy’s girl for sure. And it’s pretty obvious how highly Samuel thinks of his father. As for the couple… well, normal married couple vibe, as far as I could tell. Not everyday romantic distins, abi? Most times, it’ll be normal conversations and mundane stuff.

So that’s that. I came back to my room around 9. Returned to my current book, The Adventures Of Cleopas, till about 10, where I decided to switch to the news.

You know one of the benefits of moving in here? Now, I can choose what station I wanna watch. Thank goodness I don’t have to put up with those late night political fights. Ugh! Always using current affairs for partisan fights and all that nonsense. Paapa religiously follows that stuff though, passionately yelling at whichever panelist he thinks is being narrow-minded.

Me? I couldn’t care less about all those greedy liars. We all know they’re in to leech the country. Just give me the news for the day and I’m good to go.

Anyways, first day in the Dawson household as a housekeeper is complete. First entry complete. And as you can tell, it’s been pretty mundane. This is gonna be a long journey. But it’ll certainly be an exciting one as time goes by!

Glori V.


“Chale! It’s been quite a while ooo!” Glori remarked as she completed the first page. It had been four months since she last wrote this. After about two weeks of religiously updating the diary with the day’s events, she suddenly forgot about its existence. 

Of course, since that period, she had pretty much adapted to life in the Dawson household. Madam Leticia was any maid’s dream boss, with her taking Glori as more of a niece than a servant, and the little ones pretty much enjoyed her presence in the house. They were quite a handful at times, but with the experience she had dealing with her extremely troublesome cousins back in the day, Glori had little to no trouble dealing with these ones.

She shook her head, smiling as she went through the other pages. How things can change in a matter of months, she thought to herself. 

And, now that she thought about it, with the new and very interesting developments popping up in her life, it couldn’t have been more appropriate that the diary showed up. The writer she was, she needed a place to write out her feelings. 

She looked for a pen on her bedside table. Finding it, she turned to the last page she had made an entry, turned it over to a fresh page, wrote down the date for the day and began.

Hey Diary!

Listen, I know I’ve neglected you for the past four months, and I am sooooooo sorry! I dunno what happened; I just shelved you somewhere. Well, I’m back, and I know you’ve forgiven me, so let’s get back to it!

Soooooo, the past four months have been cool, and I’m now totally used to life with the Dawsons. They definitely treat me well, and I’m glad to be here. I’ve been able to send some small monies to my family too, so… that’s a plus.

But ummm, Diary? There’s something new and… pretty crazy, that popped up some days ago and… I gotta let it out to you…

What could this new something be? The next few episodes will tell…

Stalling For A Fool

Stalling For A Fool #1

Soooooo, Makafui is back with another brief series! This is a 3-part one, so.. enjoy the first episode!

It’s Friday evening in Legon, the school where sleeping on Friday night means you’re either single or you have a morning exam on Saturday. (As uncommon as the latter sounds, it’s true.) If you live in any of the three blocks at Pentagon Hostels and you still manage to sleep in your own bed on Friday nights, either your level of shyness is really severe or your girlfriend is mad at you over something petty enough to make her not want to see you. Being mad at you for something legitimate will warrant an explanation activity, usually dinner, and that would require their laying eyes on you in the flesh.

And though not every Friday night home body was extremely shy, or gifted with an irked significant other, or had a Saturday morning Academic writing exam, it seemed to be the predominant assumption throughout the building block I lived in. (No, I won’t tell you which one it is. What kind of mental konkonsa is that!)

I’m lying down, staring at the ceiling, and wondering whether the rabbits in the shower will ever come out so I can go in and hide, at least until they decide where to hang out for the night and leave. They’ve been in there for over five hours now, my need to get out of this awkwardness is getting even more desperate and the squeaky noises coming out of the shower aren’t exactly helping matters.

Ordinarily, I would be far away from them and this hostel, but man is a special kind of broke. I can’t even go from my room to Okponglo, which is literally a walking distance! I also just woke up, and walking anywhere isn’t on my list of things to do, especially when walking would cause hunger and tell my stomach the truth I’ve been trying so hard to keep from it.

I’m trying my hardest not to get down from my bed when someone decides that the best time to knock on my door would be now. My prayer while I drag myself down the ladder of my bunk bed is simple: “Dear God, please let it be Bill. He said he’d be back in an hour and that was seven hours ago!” With the last bit of hope left in me, I open the door and the high-pitched but normally soothing alto voice that greets me immediately makes me anxious.

Winnie, Maverick’s girlfriend, is here while Maame, Maverick’s other girlfriend, is in the shower with him.

Maverick’s case was a rather complex one. He came to Legon off the reputation of his secondary school and the fact that his major was a fairly easy one to qualify for. He was not exactly the brightest person but was observant enough to get into a girl’s good graces. His fashion sense was high, his ability to hold conversations was adequate and he possessed almost all the qualities of a playboy except he was short, had an almost frog-like look (minus the warts and the springing hind legs, of course), was extremely dark and had really huge eyes which stood out.

Everyone’s best guess as to how he was able to date the pretty ones was that his dress sense was very good but, in truth, it was because Maverick knew how to make a girl feel wanted. Even if she knew of his reputation as a playboy, she somehow felt like she could make him stay.

His taste in women was exquisite and his range was pretty wide, usually preferring women who were anywhere between slim and “thick”, not “fat”. When I asked him what the difference was, he said that a thick woman wasn’t fat or even in between but she had enough “to play with” whereas a fat woman couldn’t see south of her own tummy. Make of that what you will, I guess.

Maverick had one major flaw: he had no idea what to do when a woman was being difficult and he was especially clueless as to how to get a woman to open up to him about her personal life. None of our other three room mates were even remotely concerned that his friends tended to swarm the room most of the time, or that he was very inconsistent with his girlfriends. They did get mad at his apparent disrespect for the value of women but they blamed it on his youth, claiming that he would outgrow it.

Maverick happened to be fresh out of a relationship with the girl he’d been dating since the latter years of secondary school when he met Winnie in his psychology class. He happened to be sitting in between a mutual friend and her, so he got the mutual friend to introduce them and he worked his magic from there.

His advantage was that she had no idea who he was; she was a clean slate. Her advantage was that she was the type who liked to commit, so she made the chase seem easy although it was hella hard, which made it easier to sift the chaff out of the pool of men who wanted her.

When my man asked her out on a date after talking with her for 2 weeks, she immediately said yes… and then she stood him up date after date for half a semester.

She was a girl with morals and a strong devotion to her religion, a fact which always frustrated him because he had to work extremely hard to get her to cuddle with him, yet she never let him fondle her; the most he got was a brief kiss. She kept him on a tight leash and he was determined to break her because it made leaving her for the next one even sweeter.

It so happened that he went to a party and met Maame, who was nowhere near as pretty as Winnie, yet somehow caught his attention. Wooing her was a breeze; he made her laugh and just like that, she let him in. He eventually went all the way with her in his friend’s room just a few days after they met.

I ended up having to entertain Winnie more times than I wanted to while he was with Maame, a fact that really irked me. My roommates were no help either. Manfred was too macho to talk to her, Joe was almost never in the room and Bill was a busy man. I entertained her mainly because I liked the fact that Maverick could not get this girl to open up in half a semester while I did it in a week. The more we talked, the more trusting she became of me.

We would talk for hours about a million things while Maverick was out and when he came, they would talk for minutes and then go somewhere else. I was indifferent towards Maame because Maverick didn’t give her credit for anything except the fact that she allowed him to have his way with her while Winnie was a tough cookie.

Plus, she ended up being a very unwanted fifth roommate for the rest of the school year.

I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #1

Here’s the short, sweet love story I decided to begin the month of April with. I hope this tale of Buenortey and Ansomaa makes your quarantine period interesting!!

It was about 5:11 when I woke up.

On the plastic chair next to the bed.

Chale, not the most comfortable of nights. I think I had just about two hours of straight sleep. Then the usual intermittent sleep pattern. 

Ugh, so annoying. Can’t remember the last time I slept for more than three hours without waking up in between. I need help, chale.

There’s a reason why I slept on the chair, though.

As I got my feet off the bed and stretched, I looked at the one on the bed.

The one who occupied my comfortable bed for the night.

Sleeping peacefully, wrapped up in my dear blanket.

Ansomaa. Sweet Miss Ansomaa.

I’ve known this girl for about three months now, and there’s no doubt about it: she’s a wonderful young woman, and I’ve had an awesome time with her so far. 

I first saw her at the Amonoo-Neizer Hall. I had gone to see one of my guys about some assignment bi. I was sitting with him, teaching him how to do the work and all that, and in stepped this absolute babe. Chale!

I don’t believe in love at first sight (sorry, hopeless romantics, I know you won’t like this), but I won’t lie, I was captivated by her. Such a beautiful girl. As to how I kept my cool and continued to help Hubert out with the work, only God knows.

I guess it became obvious how enthralled I was, with the way I kept shooting glances at her while he was busy doing the work. I kept watching her, and it was only a matter of time until I knew that this girl was somebody I had to talk to. Which is honestly rare for me. I’m the kind of guy who prefers to admire from a distance. If I’m tormented by the desire to get closer to you, then it has to be real.

It was about thirty minutes later that I finally decided to muster courage and move to her. I whispered my intentions to Hubert, who was totally supportive, got up from my seat, walked over to her as she was busily doing something on her phone (most likely WhatsApp stuff) and engaged her in a brief chat.

Honestly, it was better than I expected. It was almost as if Ansomaa had been expecting me to approach her, the way she opened up to me so happily. With the cutest smile on her face. Ugh, Lord knows that smile of hers makes me wanna stroke her chin and murmur sweet distins into her ear all day!

So we exchanged numbers right there and then, and since, my usually boring life has had an injection of excitement. Ansomaa is so much fun to be around, and we spend hours together, talking about different things. Movies, childhood memories, future aspirations, African politics… the list goes on and on.

Last night, she came over to my room (I’m in one-in-a-room) just to hang out with me. That was around like 6 pm. I was just about getting ready to watch the Netflix series ‘Queen Sono’ when she came around. Turns out she’s been wanting to watch it.

So we watched it. All 6 episodes. At a go.

By the time we were done, it was about 11-something. I’ve honestly forgotten what time it was. All I remember is that we were so busy debating on whether Queen or Ekatarina was more of a badass character (I just don’t get how Ansomaa thinks the latter is badass. The woman is flat out wicked, lah!) that before we knew it, it was 12:30 am.

Her hostel too, around that time, it’s not the safest. Kwashey boys dey linger around; they’ll steal your money and phones, and leave you with scars afterward. So I suggested she sleep over, then leave early in the morning. She didn’t seem to be too pleased, but yeah, even taking an Uber kraaa, she didn’t feel comfortable, so she slept over. So she took the bed, while I slept on the chair.

It was so cute watching her sleep; she might be a fierce badass herself at times, but she’s a baby girl deep within. And it just showed on her face. Calm and peaceful.

I got up, stretched and felt totally satisfied to hear those bones crack, and walked to the bathroom to pee. When I came back, she was awake.

“Hey, Buenortey,” she murmured as she sat up in the bed.

“Hey you,” I responded as I moved the chair so I could sit right before her. “How are you? Hope you had a good sleep.”

She nodded. “It felt weird to wake up here. Almost started shouting ‘where am I’. Then I remembered.”

I rolled my eyes. We were sitting in the dark, so I doubt she saw that. “Ebei, Ansomaa. Shouting for what? You want people to come and beat me and call me a rapist?”

She laughed softly. “Don’t worry. At least I didn’t.”

“Oh yeah. We thank God for that. Well, it’s almost 5:15, so… you can start to get ready now.”

“Ummm, yeah. But… Buenortey, can we talk? Briefly?”

That kinda took me by surprise, but hey, not a problem at all. I shrugged. “Sure, we can. Why not?”

She took a deep breath, then let it out. In the darkness, I heard a simple question from her.

“What are your intentions?”

My heart beat a little faster upon hearing that.

I mean, Ansomaa is one of those kinda straightforward chics who has no time for long things. I’ve known this for a while. But I was not expecting a question like that.

“You say?” I asked.

She cleared her throat. “Your intentions for this… thing between us. It’s been a little over three months now, and uh… I think I’d like to know where we’re headed. No games and all that. I just want to know what you intend to happen between us.”

Well well well! I have no idea what motivated her to ask that question. But then, it falls in line with her cut-straight-to-the-chase mindset. 

I let out a little sigh. No need for playing games with this one, chale (as if I’ve ever liked that kind of nonsense). I knew I had to let it out eventually. And I understand her. She did mention how she’s had an experience here and there where the guys awakened her love when they weren’t actually ready to love her back. So obviously she wanted some clarity on our relationship.

Not a problem. I know what I want. I initially thought I’d wait a bit before doing this, but… the earlier the better, I guess.

Time to let her know how fond I am of her.

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 1: Should’ve Had It All

As announced, here is a new mini-series on the State, y’all! More characters to love, like, despise and not care about. Hahaha!

Anyways, the inspiration for this came from a pretty famous case (if you’re a professional law student, you’ll definitely know which case it is by the end of this chapter). I’m trusting you’ll enjoy this fictionalized account of two people supposed to spend their lives together. I’ll be straight: this won’t be anything like Daniel and Larissa or Marcus and Temwani. But enjoy!!

As she stood at the altar, face to face with the most wonderful man on earth, none could dispute that this was the best day of her life.

The butterflies in her stomach were on steroids as she grinned excitedly at him. She then briefly gazed at the pews in the chapel.

All filled with excited and delighted witnesses of this beautiful celebration of matrimony. The numerous wide smiles and small cheers were a glorious complement to the beautiful tulips that decked the sides of each and every pew. The décor team had blown it out of the park with this masterclass of a wedding decoration, that was for sure.

Her parents sat in the front row. Her eyes briefly made contact with theirs, and what they couldn’t say at that moment due to distance, their looks more than communicated. Her mother’s eye spoke pride and glee at seeing her dear daughter making that huge step, her father’s communicated his happiness at seeing his baby girl happy.

She didn’t see her sister’s face in that moment, but with the bond they shared, she knew the exhilaration coursing through that girl’s veins as the most important part of the service was about to begin.

Her eyes moving back to him, she blushed under her veil as his eyes travelled down, taking in the full picture of her in her immaculate lace ball gown wedding dress. She loved the subtle desire apparent in his gaze; he had teased her constantly about how he was not gonna spare her on their wedding night, and though she scolded him about it, she was so looking forward to it.

As they held hands as the priest asked them to, they followed his lead, repeating each word with a tender sweetness that conveyed how ready they were to begin this journey. As the best man handed him the rings, she giggled as she put forth her left hand, and he took it up in a very gentlemanly manner that drew an “eeeeeissshhhhh” from the congregation. Even the priest couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement and comment, “That’s one gentleman right there!”

Some sections of the congregation cheered a bit, and quieted down as they exchanged rings.

“I give you this ring… as a symbol of my love… and with all that I am… and all that I have… I honour you… in the name of the Father… and of the Son…. And of the Holy Spirit. Amen!” each of them recited as they slipped on the rings, to the joy of all in the chapel.

After a brief but powerful prayer from him, the priest made the announcement that was music to the ears of each and every person in that chapel. “By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

The cheers that erupted brought goofy smirks on their faces. No doubt, the people were happy for them.

“Now, for everybody’s favourite part, you may now do the needful. Kiss her,” the priest said to him. “And we don’t want a tiny peck oo. Proper kiss.”

“Thank you, Rev Father!” a few of his guys shouted, clearly in the mood for some legal lip action.

They laughed at that statement, then faced each other again.

He reached for her veil from the bottom. Began rolling it up bit by bit, holding in his laughter as the congregation gave hilarious shouts of support.

She smiled as he continued to lift it up.



“Sister Adjeley! … Sister Adjeley!”

Ah! Who the heck was that?

“Sister Adjeley!”

Adjeley’s eyes popped open.

Of course, it was all just her subconscious at work. Back to reality.

She sighed as she rose to her feet, getting up from the couch and heading outside to see the one who called out her.

It was her next door neighbour, Lydia Bonful. A sweet young lady who had moved in a few months ago. The previous occupants had not really paid her any mind, but this girl was different; she eagerly got herself acquainted not long after she moved back in, and made it clear she was happy to make herself useful to her neighbours.

“Sister Adjeley, here’s the margarine you asked for,” Lydia said, handing her a polyethene bag containing the provision in question. Adjeley took it, nodding and smiling as she thanked her.

“Are you feeling okay now? You look a little down,” she asked further, her sweet little look of concern bidding Adjeley to brighten up a bit.

She was yet to come across a girl with a temperament as delightful as that of Lydia. Choosing to add the title ‘Sister’ to Adjeley’s name, given that she was ten years younger than her, she had lived up to her intention to offer herself to be at the latter’s beck and call, helping out with little tasks whenever possible, making it a point to check up on her as often as possible, and availing herself for little chats every now and then.

With the issues Adjeley was going through right then, she couldn’t have been more grateful. Lydia had quite a lot of stories that had Adjeley hooked and, more often than not, in stitches. Necessary medicine for her soul.

“Oh yeah, I’m good, I’m good,” Adjeley nodded, smiling back at her neighbour. “I dozed off for a while. You actually woke me up.”

“Oh, chale. Sorry about that.”

“Oh, no worries, no worries. I’ll just get back to relaxing for now. I’ll call you later, so we can talk, yeah?”

“Sure, sure, no problem. Later, then.”

As Adjeley shut the door and took the margarine to the kitchen, she sighed and rubbed her eyes as she walked to the bedroom.

She opened the door. Neat and tidy as always. Dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Table and chair properly straightened. All the perfumes on the dressing table neatly and immaculately arranged. The wardrobe mirror without a smudge on it.

Being unemployed had certainly made her a bit of a cleaning freak. The reward of seeing her room in such magnificent shape, however, was utterly satisfying. That was one more thing to feel glad about.

Walking over to the drawer by the bed, she took a seat at the edge and pulled it open. She sighed heavily as she sighted its contents.

A white Bible and a ring inside a box.

They had been handed over to her almost three years ago. At a gorgeous engagement ceremony between her and the man of her dreams.

Sampson Addai.

She still remembered the giddy, euphoric feeling she felt that glorious day as she was accompanied by her girls to the event. Decked out in her glorious white and gold attire. Meeting him looking splendid in his stunning kente cloth. The chills as she was handed the Bible, and had the ring placed on her finger. What an amazing day it had been!

But that was three years ago. And even though she had left her house and joined him, and actually given up her job as a private school teacher at his request, they still were not yet husband and wife.


Because of constant postponements from Sampson’s end. With his job as co-owner of Asanaba Transport, dealers in transport vans, there were a lot of sudden encumbrances that had caused him to postpone their long-awaited wedding four times.

Four solid times.

Four wedding dates had been set at various times, and all of them were called off and set to a future date.

Frustration couldn’t have been more accurate a state of mind for Adjeley. With each deferment, the excitement lost more and more steam, to the extent that she stopped wearing the ring eventually and placed it in the white box. Now she looked at it, and sighed, thinking of what should have been by now.

A beautiful wedding. Followed by an enviable, lavish life as Mrs. Addai. Wife of one co-owner of the biggest transport brands in Ghana.

Well, it’s not like it was over. There was a fifth date on the cards. And this time around, Sampson had sworn on his life, right in front of her and her family, that there would be no disappointments. She chuckled as she remembered the fervent passion with which he made that vow. He had spent the next few days reiterating his intent to complete things once and for all, and that had calmed her spirit down a bit. Hopefully, nothing would get in the way.

Still, the glee and enthusiasm that surrounded you when your wedding day was coming up… she felt it had long gone. Now it would feel more like a relieving ritual. And to an extent, that kinda sucked. She should have had that warm, fuzzy feeling just thinking about it. But… it just wasn’t there.

She sighed and placed her head in her hands.

I should’ve had it all. The glitz, the glam, the joy, the ecstasy… I should’ve had it all…

Adjeley certainly isn’t satisfied with life, and I can’t exactly blame her. What about her guy? Tomorrow’s chapter will give us the answer…

Superhero Down

Superhero Down Pt 1

So, we’re kicking off the month of March with a new story! And what I like the most about it is, it’s not my story! As you’ve already seen from the title, this is a special from Makafui, who is an avid fan of the State, and it’s an honour to have his work featured here. Get ready for this involving and engaging journey!!

A million thoughts ran through my head.

“Bailey, your grades have been falling. What’s happening?”

“Bailey, what is happening to you? You did not receive any awards for the first time in a long time!”

“I’m beginning to lose confidence in you, man. You need to step it up.”

“Bailey, we recommended you for Student Congress Leader but a few faculty members have expressed their reservations. They say you’re not the golden boy you used to be.”

“Bailey, I’m really sorry. You’re a great guy, an amazing guy even, but your best friend is just more of a man than you are. Please understand. I hope we can still be friends.”

“I am your father, you useless fool and I say that as long as you’re my son, you will never amount to anything! You can be the smartest person in the world but you will always be a nobody!”

My actions after that last thought, words which were spoken right before my foot landed in my father’s ass and my palms pushed him out the house for good years ago, were completely out of my control. Reflex had taken over; time to spiral again. The darkness I felt and the darkness in my room made me feel less alone, after all. I’ll probably wake up in a few hours and scream at myself again.

“Goddammit! Again?” Well, there it is. Do calm your hooves; I did not say that out loud. But Goddammit! Again? Why do I keep doing this when I clearly hate it?

“Mowbry. Bailey Mowbry.”

Oh hell, she’s coming. Quick, cover up before she gets here, you idiot! Her footsteps are getting closer, this is no time to lie in bed and mope. Wanna get busted or nah? I dragged myself out of my bed and draped myself with a towel before Martha opened the door.

“Why is this room always so dark?” She brought back the lights just after I’d hidden my face. “Bailey, Why are you still in a towel? We have bible study to go for.”

Oh hell no, this could not be happening. I’d been kicking myself over having an episode without realizing that what I should really have been mad about was the fact that I’d had an episode right before bible study! How do I go in front of God now?

“Bailey, why are you still standing there? You’re leading today; you have to be the earliest one,” Martha said, as she rummaged through my closet to find something for me to wear. Oh, now I really wanted to slide back under my sheets and pretend this day hadn’t happened at all. Ironically, I’d been preparing for today for two weeks; it meant so much to me. Plus, I hated the idea of teaching the same tired stuff as everyone else. I wanted to be different, to be practical, and to be real. How was I going to be any of that if unclad bodies were the last things I saw before going to tell people about my thoughts on what the bible said about how we were meant to live?

“I have to go take a shower.”

“Bailey,” she started, walking towards me slowly, “I know we have bible study today but I kinda want to stay here with you.” In five seconds, her hands had cupped my cheeks and I was not sure how to fend her off. I held her waist, followed her lead as she slowly backed towards the door while I held her gaze, moved in swiftly to meet her halfway and then…

Bam! The pain snapped me out of that trance just in time for me to notice that Martha had been staring at me while I acted out a two-person romance all by myself and wasn’t sure how to react until I walked straight into the door, my hands out at waist level and my mouth partially opened, and slammed my face into it.

“Bailey, stop being silly and go take your shower now.” Funny thing was, it wasn’t even her face I saw during the trance; it was the face of one of the unclad bodies. Needless to say, I’d lost interest in teaching today. “Martha, could you please cover for me today? I don’t feel too well.”

 Martha just gave me the blankest possible stare, then shot, “Hey, get your head out of the armpit of fear and get ready! You’re doing this today; the Lord says so.” Martha could not be outgunned when she pulled out that card and she knew this. Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to do this. Sorry God, I really hope I didn’t piss you off for being a walking lie, having episodes before bible study and all.


All I could remember from that service was me constantly fighting the images that frequently popped up in my head while I was teaching, and trying not to quote some inappropriate line from the episode before, but it was finally over and everyone had nothing but kind words for me, so I thought it went well. Martha had elected to walk me home. I had no say in the matter because she was super persistent. I’m not sure what got into her but the company couldn’t hurt, could it?

It was pretty uneventful until five minutes to my house, when Martha stopped. I went a few steps forward without realizing that she’d stopped and being occupied with my thoughts, I would have gone on if she hadn’t said in her super calm voice, “That was amazing today, Bailey. I’ve never heard anyone teach about grace the way you did today. The way you used Romans 3:20-24 to talk about how our goodness was not enough but God’s goodness made us good, and then you reminded us that our righteousness is not enough and that we needed God to save us. And how you reminded us to get up quickly when we slipped, remind ourselves that we were forgiven before we were born and then try not to repeat the mistake again: that was spot on.

“Even better, your warning at the end where you quoted Paul and then asked if we were meant to continue making mistakes and sinning just because grace covered us. That got people thinking. No one fell asleep and everyone followed your train of thought from start to finish. Beautifully done, Bailey. As perfect as usual and you exceeded all expectations. I’m proud of you.”

Was Martha just drunk or was she kite-high? I could not stand still the entire time because I was so damn nervous and guilty about the episode before service! I did not even hear, let alone remember, a word I said yet here she was, giving me props for a job well done!

“Thank you, Martha. I’m surprised I was actually able to pull that off. Thank God for everything, right?” Martha wasn’t one to ever give compliments on bible teachings and she just gave me a bunch! Maybe the episode didn’t do as much damage as I thought.

“Bailey, is there something you’re struggling with?”

Where did that come from? “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that the way you spoke today felt a little too personal to me. Of course, everyone else thought you spoke under divine inspiration and they were so excited to learn that Jesus loved them no matter what they did but to me, it felt like you were speaking to yourself more than to any of us in the room. Plus before we left for bible study, you acted as if you were trying to kiss me and walked straight into the door; it was like you had been possessed. Is there something you’re struggling with? An addiction or a behavioral anomaly maybe?”

Wow, mind readers really are a thing! This woman just read the pages out of me without even trying and my longer-than-expected silence was not helping at all.

“No, Martha, I’m not. I’ve seen people go through a lot with guilt and that has impacted me. It was personal and that’s why it felt personal to you. I thank God you felt that way.”

“Are you sure, Bailey? You know you can talk to me.”

“Yes, Martha. Look, I’ve to go. I have to take care of something at home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Martha’s perplexed look made me know that she was going to chase after this feeling she had until she found the truth, which she was bound to find anyway. My secret had to remain hidden if any part of my world was to remain intact. I was a model youth and the one who everyone wanted their children to become; this could not get out! I would be fine. I just had to move my computer away from my bed and try my hardest never to bring it back. That would do it.

Or so I hoped…


Compassion! #1 – Consideration

It was five-thirty on a Friday afternoon. Jennifer locked the door to her house, and walked along, humming to herself as she prepared for the meeting at church. She opened the door to her Honda CR-V and drove off.

A young, vibrant woman with a passion for God, Jennifer was the secretary for the main youth group in her church, and she loved her job to the maximum. Nobody could deny her dedication and commitment to her duties, and many of the pastors held her in high regard.

This meeting she was going for, however, was a meeting of pretty high importance, and her presence was urgently needed to rectify a few issues concerning the group.

As she drove along, her car’s stereo bumping out the sounds of Mali Music, she reached for her phone on the other seat to call the youth group president to let him know she was on her way. It wasn’t there. “Oh, crap!” she said to herself. “I totally forgot to take it out whilst I was charging it. Oh, chale.”

Well, too late to turn back for it, as she had already found herself on the main road; she had to move on. The music on deck soon made her forget the phone, and she was busily singing along as she sped on to the meeting.

All the glory belongs to You, all the glory belongs to You, O God,” she sang, still on her journey. Then she found herself in traffic. Groaning, she looked at the digital clock on the dashboard. Without the traffic, she’d be a fifteen-minute drive away, but with this familiar traffic, an extra thirty minutes would be on the cards. The meeting was scheduled to start in thirty minutes.

“Oh, Lord, pleeease let this traffic move faster. I just can’t afford to be late,” she silently prayed.

It didn’t work. The traffic lived up to its expectations, keeping her in the line for half an hour before she could move on.

“Ugh, I can’t believe it. Now I’m late for this meeting, and I can’t even call Lawrence to let him know why I’ll be late. Why kraaa did I leave my phone at home?” she whined to herself, picking up a little speed. Then as she turned a junction, she noticed a little boy of about six years cuddled up in a corner. There were a few cars passing by, but none seemed to take notice of him. From the distance which she was at, she could see the redness in the boy’s eyes; it was quite obvious he had been crying.

Jennifer slowed down a bit, a bit oblivious to the taxi behind her. “I wonder what could be wrong with this little boy. Maybe I should get down and find out what it is,” she said. Then the meeting came to mind. “Oh, but I’m already late for this meeting. I have to get going.” She started to move on, but two seconds later, she stopped abruptly. She took a look at him. He was now wiping his eyes. Looked like his tear glands were in function yet again.

Jennifer was always one who took serious precaution when dealing with strangers and all. But upon seeing the boy in his miserable state, she had a very strong conviction to go and see what it was that had the boy so miserable. She knew she had to go for the meeting, but with the feeling inside her, she’d probably not be at peace with herself if she left.

After a moment, followed by the honking of the taxi behind her, she decided, “I’ll stop here and see what’s wrong with him. The meeting can wait.” So she moved her car to the side of the road and parked. All her attention was on the boy, so she hardly heard the nasty words the taxi driver threw at her when he passed by.

She walked to the boy, still crying, bent down and gently asked, “My dear, what’s wrong? Why are you sitting out here crying?”

The boy looked up at her, unable to speak. He just shook his head and raised his arms about, as if he was trying to find the appropriate words to describe his situation.

Uh-oh. I hope this boy isn’t dumb. I don’t understand a tint of sign language! Jennifer thought. “Come on now, talk to me,” she urged him. “Maybe I can help. What is it?”

He looked at her, then slowly, opened his mouth. “My.. my…my mummy is dying.”

Jennifer was horrified. “What’s wrong with her?”

Two tears rolled down the boy’s face, and he wiped them before continuing. “She got malaria about a week ago. We don’t have money to buy drugs. I don’t know who to turn to; my daddy is dead. My uncles and aunties think my mummy killed him, so they don’t want to mind us. Nobody wants to help us. So she’s in bed right now. I just can’t…” he trailed off, the tears starting to fall again.

At this rate, Jennifer’s eyes were filled with tears themselves. Judging by the clothes on the boy, it was obvious his story was true. His clothes were horribly faded, as if he had worn them continuously for three months. Before she could say anything, he continued in a wobbly voice. “You know, my mummy always taught me and my little sister to pray no matter what. Since she fell sick, we’ve been praying and praying, yet nobody wants to help us. None of our uncles or aunties care. People drive us away when we ask. I…I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m crying to God for help, but He’s not hearing me! Why? Whyyy??”

If that first speech from the boy helped form Jennifer’s tears, this one helped push them out of her eyes. Watching the boy start to cry loudly, the tears flowed at a fast pace, fueled by the misery of this young poor boy lamenting his mother’s pathetic condition.

I can’t let this young boy lose his mother. I need to find her and take her to the hospital ASAP! “Sweetheart, she asked, sniffing, “Where do you live? I’ll take her to the hospital straight away.”

The boy looked up at her, his eyes shining all of a sudden. “Really? You’ll do that?”

She nodded, wiping her eyes. “Yes, I will. Take me to your house and let’s get her to the hospital right now.”

He sprung up with delight. “WOW! Thank you so much, madam! Come let me show you my house!” He pulled her along through a lane littered with empty water sachets. At the end of it was a cluster of houses, all joined together. Typical slum on the streets of Accra.

She was looking all around her as she was led to the place where the little boy lived. He opened a wooden net door with a torn net and led her in.

The place was so small and cramped, almost equal to a prison cell. This living room is about a quarter of my bedroom, she thought as she looked around.

“My mummy is in here,” the boy said, pointing to a room with no door. She peered into the room.

There lay his mother on a small mattress on the floor, shivering uncontrollably and muttering intelligible stuff to herself. She was clearly in awful shape. A little girl was sitting next to her on the floor, face streaked with tears, clearly devastated at how her mother’s condition seemed to deteriorate by the minute.

“Mummy, please don’t die. Mummy, please don’t die. I beg you, please don’t die,” she said repeatedly to her mother, who was oblivious to these vain pleas.

The sheer helplessness on the little girl’s face, coupled with the evident high fever and the deplorable surroundings, was too much for Jennifer to bear. Hand over her mouth, tears streamed down her face as she beheld the heart-rending sight before her.

“Evelyn, this lady is here to help us,” the boy said to his sister. “She’s taking Mummy to the hospital.”

Evelyn looked up to Jennifer as she went over to lift their mother up. “Please don’t let our mummy die. Please,” she pleaded, pity in her eyes.

“I won’t, sweetie. That’s why I’m here,” Jennifer assured her. Within a few minutes, she had the two children and their mother in the car, off to the hospital.

Arriving at an exclusive private hospital, where the terribly sick lady would have the care and attention she needed, Jennifer informed the nurses of her condition, and they duly had her rushed to the emergency room, as her case was an extremely serious one. “Will she make it?” she asked one of the nurses nervously.

The nurse turned to her, a sympathetic look on her face. “Young lady, it’s a very good thing you brought her now. We’re going to do what we can, but I can’t assure you she’ll survive. She might go into a coma, or even worse, not make it. All you can do right now is pray.”

So she and the little ones waited anxiously in the reception. The two children continued to cry, still aware their mother might not make it.

“God, please don’t let our mummy die. Our daddy is already dead, and nobody will take care of us if she dies. Please, God, don’t her die,” they said mournfully, clinging to Jennifer.

Jennifer rarely cried, but with all that had gone on that day, her tear glands were in overdrive, and despite shedding so many tears earlier, the trepidation of the young ones at becoming helpless orphans was enough to provoke a fresh batch.

“Don’t cry, dearies. God won’t let her die,” she said to them, holding them tight in an embrace. Tears still coming out of her eyes, she looked up to the heavens, and said a silent prayer…

 Jesus, save their mother! Please, save their mother…

Let’s see what happens in part 2…

Where's My Little Boy

Where’s My Little Boy? Pt 1

So in a few days, season 2 of Meet The Dolphynes will arrive. And it is going to be pretty dramatic this time around. Definitely looking forward to 6th December to see what’s gonna be happening with Dabar’s favourite family for the next few months.

In the meantime, though, here’s a mini-series from the Original M & D library, set to run for the next 7 days. The title says a lot, I’m sure, but stick around and enjoy the ride…

Robert lay prostrate on the floor, absolutely stressed out.

Sixty hours now. Nothing good had come through.

His brain was an absolute mess of confusion and bewilderment. Terrifying thoughts. Scary thoughts. Nightmarish thoughts. Hopeful thoughts. All these thoughts muddled up his brain, and as he lay there on the floor of his living room, thinking straight was a straight impossibility.

Where is he? Has somebody cut his head off? Has he been shipped off to another country? Has he been used for rituals? How do I live without him? What am I going to do? How do I swallow yet another loss?

Even with the madness going on in his brain, his ears remained alert as he remained prostrate, somehow hoping to hear the excited, ever-enthusiastic shouts of a little six year old boy who resembled him so much.

Not a sound.

Thursday morning had been the last time the walls had heard anything close to such a sound. Little Benjamin was following his father out the door as another day of school beckoned. Robert had done the usual: bought the newspapers from the vendor right around their junction, bought the usual Kalyppo and Jack & Jill biscuits from the shop just a few metres away from the school, given his son the usual hug as he let him out of the car and reminded him, “Study hard and don’t get into any trouble!” before driving off.

It was one-thirty when the receptionist at the BUSAQ office in which he worked informed him of an urgent call from the school authorities.

After second break, Benjamin had not returned to his class, and he was nowhere to be found.

Upon arrival at the school’s premises, it took every ounce of self-control in him to not break out into a rage and verbally assault the teaching staff for their negligence. His calm countenance as the headmistress and other teachers walked and talked with him was an absolute betrayal of the boiling cauldron within.

Eventually, the police were called, and they sent out a search party to begin rigorously seeking the whereabouts of the young child. Night came, and there was no clue of where he was.

The next day was an absolute nightmare for Robert. If there was a word stronger than ‘distracted’, it would definitely be a good word to describe his state of mind. Try as he might, he just could not concentrate on the tasks handed out to him for the day. At eleven-thirty, he decided enough was enough. Walking to his boss’ office, he informed him of the unfortunate happenings of the previous day. His boss was not the soft type, but being a father of five children, his skin definitely crawled at the idea of having one of his children missing. Granting him permission to leave, he grabbed Robert’s hands and prayed with him and encouraged him before letting him out of the office.

By evening, most of his friends and other relatives had caught wind of the news, and a plethora of calls came flooding. Some came through with words of encouragement. Some annoying relatives were practically enacting the boy’s ‘funeral’ as they wailed uncontrollably. Robert was obviously ticked off by that, and either told them to shut up or just made use of the reject button.

Nothing got him angrier, though, than the call that came from an acquaintance, whom was known to the guys as T.K. This guy was a rather carefree spirit, loving the life of no responsibility, and that attitude somehow didn’t regard this occurrence as a big deal. Not that it was mandatory for him to feel that way, but calling to say ‘it’s not that big a deal’ and playing the ‘hard guy’ card was nowhere near wise. And Robert did not hesitate in offloading a barrel of fury upon T.K’s ears.

“It’s not a big deal??!! We be tough guys?? My friend, what kind of stupid drivel is this?” he snapped. “You expect me to just behave like nothing is wrong when my only child is nowhere to be found? You want me to pretend as if I don’t care that my little boy is out there, confused and scared? You think I’m more concerned about looking like a hard guy than my baby boy? Such rubbish! Listen, I’m so freaking scared right now! This is my son we’re talking about. I lost the love of my life three years ago, and the last thing I need is this! If you can’t say anything that has a hint of sense in it, then don’t even bother touching your phone with the intent of calling me! Keep your fragile, myopic, dim-witted crap to yourself!”

He tossed the phone aside. He’d delete the guy’s number later. No time for such clowns in his life.

Saturday morning, and there was no desire to take up his usual seating position in the living room while listening to the political discussions of Joy FM. He remained sprawled out on the floor, praying, hoping, despairing and panicking all at the same time.

He was yet to make an absolutely full recovery from the tragic, evocative memories of that tipper truck smashing into the black and yellow Kia taxi that had his wife, Samira, sitting in it right before his eyes. Despite numerous attempts, getting out there and dating was too difficult a task for him. He had given up at a point and decided he would just stay single for the time being. As to whether that would change with time, he didn’t know.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. In a crazied frenzy, he rushed to the table where it was, and upon seeing the number of the Chief Superintendent, he answered quickly, “Hello? Have you found him? Any good news yet?”

Considering the state of mind he was in, keeping a calm front was not an option. He needed answers ASAP.

The superintendent seemingly wasn’t too surprised by the onslaught of questions. Taking a deep breath, though, was already a signal to the distraught father that whatever was going to be said was not of an affirmative nature.

“Mr. Bart-Plange… not yet. We’re still searching…”

“Still searching??! Then why did you call me? What do you have to tell me?”

“Sir, please, I know you’re anxious and all, but please, calm down,” the superintendent calmly pleaded. “We’re working around the clock to find him. We haven’t given up and there’s absolutely no way we’re doing so. I wanted to assure you that there’s no bad news, and keep praying. We’re moving out of town to the other regions, because at this rate, the abductor may well have moved out of Accra…”

Robert was ready to vent, but the calmness and empathy in the officer’s voice convinced him to hold back the ether on his tongue. He didn’t hear the rest of the statement, but just placed his hand over his forehead and murmured, more to himself than to the superintendent.

“Oh God, please, please, don’t let my son die. I’ve already lost Samira, I don’t know what I would do if I lost Benjy. Please, please bring him home safe.”

The officer sighed over the line. This was no new case to him. He had handled so many of these missing children cases, and each case brought with it the emotions of panic, anxiety and thin hope. He had seen parents reunited with their lost children and felt that beautiful rush of relief pour over him like a pail full of cold water after hard work in the sun. He had seen mothers and fathers inconsolable as they discovered the bodies of their little ones, and the anvil of despondency dropping deep into his bowels. Thirty-two years into the job, and desensitization was not even an option. He still felt the pain when the lost child was found dead, and the joy when they were found alive.

“Sir, there’s not much I can do at the moment, but I think you should get yourself in good company right now. Family and friends that can hold your hand and pray with you through this.”


“We’re still working. Rest assured of that. His picture is on social media as well, so that should help our cause even more. I’m confident there will be good news. I’ll talk to you later, Mr. Bart-Plange.” The line went dead.

He placed the phone back on the table. The superintendent was right.

And he knew where to go…


“All is well, Robert,” Nana Kyereme said soothingly as he patted him on the back. “I am confident that the God we serve will help the police find Benjamin and bring him back home. This won’t be a negative end.”

He nodded. The tension hadn’t totally subsided, but the superintendent had spoken absolute wisdom when he told him to find himself among people who would hold him up. None could do that better than Nana and Godfred.

He had known them for a short period of time, not long after Samira’s passing, but they had already proven to be friends that stuck closer than brothers. Massive encouragers who knew how to get him to laugh, awesome uncles to the little one… they were God-sent friends. What he loved the most about them was the clear lack of haughtiness and stoic attitude in their character. It was rather unfortunate that most believers he knew tended to be so ‘highly spiritual’, being transparent was Lucifer-esque in their sight. These guys, though, were clearly so heavenly-minded that they were of earthly good. He knew that in meeting up with these brothers, they wouldn’t just leave the situation at some short, religious prayer, but would seek to lift his spirits as much as possible. They had done just that.

“Chale, thank God for the way the police make wild on this case,” Godfred said as he emerged from the kitchen with a steaming mug of coffee for Robert. “If I go be very honest, I no dey trust GH police. After some trend bi I see for Twitter, the stories make I lose vim in them. But I go give them plaudits this time round.”

Robert cracked a slight smile and nodded as he took the mug. He had seen that trend, and some of the stories had been startling.

“Aside that, Benjy’s picture is pretty viral right now,” Nana Kyereme remarked as he looked at his phone. After a little bit of screen-touching, he announced, “1,786 retweets so far. And it looks like people are really talking about it. The news has gone far, ma guy. I’m confident. Wherever he is, he’ll be found.”

“I really pray so. Because it’s bad enough that the memory of my queen Samira’s demise is permanently engraved in my brain. If I lost Benjy too, I’d…” Robert drifted off, too pained at the thought of such an occurrence.

Placing the mug in front of him, Godfred rubbed his shoulders comfortingly. “Easy, Rob. It won’t happen that way. You’ve been afflicted enough; it’s not gonna happen a second time. You’re not gonna lose Benjamin. He will be found. I’m confident about that.”

Part 2 tomorrow!

© Qwamenah 2019

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP1 – Welcome To The Tribe

It’s been a long time coming, this series! And it’s finally here! Take a seat, or whatever, and get prepared to delve into the lives of this humble little family… wait, sorry, they’re not a little family, actually. You’ll see what I mean. Get prepared to fall in love with some of the characters, be indifferent to some, and absolutely despise some! Let’s waste no further time and get into it!

A bright and lovely Thursday morning. Kwame Benson’s third morning in Ghana after being away for years in Canada.

As the time read 7:15, he was seated at the dining table of the Dolphyne, busily eating with his little twin cousins. The youngsters, dressed in their school uniforms, were done with their bowls which had once been filled with oats, and were swinging their feet, waiting for the call so they could set off for school.

“Good morning, Kwame! How are you doing this morning?”

Kwame looked up from his bowl to smile in response to the greeter.

Mrs. Larissa Dolphyne. The lady of the Dolphyne tribe. Daniel Dolphyne’s evergreen wife. Mother of the twins and three older children. No doubt about it, there was an aura of grace that just seemed to follow her all round. Whenever she walked into a room, nobody needed to be told that a queen had entered. A queen that silently commanded respect and admiration from all and sundry.

“I’m fine, Auntie. Just having my breakfast at the moment,” he replied.

“Good, good. Still adjusting to the time zone change?”

“Yeah, I guess. I should be fine by the end of the week, though.”

“Yeah, of course, you’ll be fine. You’ll soon get used to things here. The weather and all,” she said, nodding at him. She then turned to the youngsters at the table, reminding them to check if they had packed all their books for the day.

Kwame briefly stole glances at her, then blinked and shook his head and smiled to himself. Larissa was his auntie alright, but it was near impossible to ignore what a devastating work of art she was. For a woman in her mid-40s, a mother of five, everything about her on a physical front was almost perfect, and since his arrival, he couldn’t help but marvel at her astounding beauty.

Her magnificence went beyond her looks. Being a lawyer of high repute, she was one with a brilliant mind and an enviable track record. A Senior Legal Officer at a big firm in the capital, she was a well-respected professional.

“Alright then, Kwame, I have to get to work. See you in the evening,” she said as she finished with the kids, waving to him as she walked out of the dining room and out the living room onto the balcony, where Daniel was seated.

A few seconds later, he heard the two…

“You ready, babe?”

“Yeah, I got the message. So I’ll head to Mr. Adedeme’s office.”

“Oh boy, you’re probably gonna meet that Adamtey guy. Lord knows I can’t stand him.”

“I know right! Such a brash human being. I wonder how radio stations keep calling him up when he rips into their presenters so unapologetically.”

“Hmm.. Oh well… hehe… mmm… come here, you…”

Those last sounds widened the grin on Kwame’s face. He could guess what was going on.

A shy giggle from Larissa followed. I knew it! he thought.

“Oh, Danny! Stop! The kids are still around, you know.”

“Hehe, you know we’ve always been able to work our way around that.”

More giggles. “Honey, not today. The last time I gave in to you in the morning like this, I nearly got into a whole lot of trouble for being super late.”

“Oh yeahhhh. That’s true. My bad, love. It’s unfortunate you can’t resist my charm that well.”

A gentle laugh followed. “Next time, shift your leave period to the legal vacation period, so we don’t have to be held back by these distins.”

“Yes, ma’am! OK, Lari, stay safe. I’m just gonna get Anasah and Serwaah off to school. Call me after…”

Whatever made him stop in mid-sentence, Kwame had no idea. But a subsequent sly giggle from Larissa, followed by, “I’ll see you later, Handsome,” was all he needed to guess what was going on.

And then, he heard Daniel say to himself, “Damn, I really love it when she teases me that way.”

He hadn’t been around for too long, but already one thing was clear about his uncle and auntie.

For a couple that had been married for almost a quarter of a century, they still flirted with each other like university students in a fresh relationship.


“Oh yeah, we’re used to it,” said Oscar, the second born of the Dolphyne children, shrugging his shoulders in amusement as he and Kwame walked through the neighbourhood. “For as long as I can remember, they’ve been like that. Daddy has always said the thought of being with another woman is utterly ridiculous to him, because he’s got the ultimate gift in Ma. It’s great to have parents that are still so crazy about each other after all these years. Just that…” he smirked as he trailed off.

Kwame smirked. “I haven’t been here for too long, but I have a fair idea what you mean.”

Oscar laughed. “They try their best to hide from us. Sometimes, they’re successful. Or most of the time. Just a few times do we accidentally chance upon them. Kinda awkward. But hey, I’d rather walk in on them passionately making out than walk in on them screaming and fighting. A thousand times over.”

“Haha, yeah. Most definitely.”

Oscar, a third year student of one of the nation’s major universities, was on vacation, and as such, had a lot of time on his hands to bond with his cousin. Telling him briefly about his petroleum engineering course, he listened with keen interest as Kwame spoke about his passion for all things related to aviation.

Of course, being the son of the multi-millionaire, Clayton Benson, who had his own airlines, Bersson Air, it seemed rather obvious that matters relating to planes and travelling would be a passion of his.

Nodding as Kwame made mention of Boeings and Airbuses, he noticed a familiar figure on the other side of the road. A figure that got him excited.

“Kwame, I beg, hold that part for a second,” he pleaded before calling out, “Barbara!”

The figure turned.

Almost too excitedly, Oscar grabbed Kwame’s hand, saying, “Let’s briefly see her. It’ll take just a minute!”

Moving over to the other side to meet the girl with a little smile on her face, Oscar, face beaming, said, “What’s up with you, girl?”

Looking slightly amused by the excess enthusiasm on display, she responded shyly, “Nothing much oo. You?”

“I’m doing good by God’s grace. Just relaxing after the stressful sem and all. Oh, by the way, this is my cousin, Kwame. Came from Canada a few days ago.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Hello, Kwame, and welcome back to Ghana,” she replied, stretching out her hand. Kwame reached out and shook it, giving her a friendly smile. “Thanks a lot, Miss Barbara. Nice to meet you.”

As Barbara nodded, Oscar asked, “Umm, Kwame, can I briefly speak to her in private?”


Standing by, observing his cousin as he spoke in hushed undertones to Barbara, Kwame clearly didn’t need to have the brain of Albert Einstein to know that the boy was in love. His excitement at seeing her, the mannerisms as he spoke to her… too many giveaways. When a boy is in love, he thought to himself in amusement.

As he began to observe Barbara, however, he began to have a funny feeling.

Sure, she had a cute smile, which was on her face the whole time Oscar spoke. She seemed to like it when Oscar touched her chin at a point. She laughed when he make a brief joke, or so it seemed, since Kwame didn’t hear whatever it was that was said. Yet, something felt aloof. Amiss.

Almost as if there was something about her that wasn’t genuine.

Weird. Why am I feeling this way…

“Alright, I’ll call you later, then. Bye, Barbie!” Oscar said, hugging her as he waved at Kwame to indicate his little convo with Barbara was over. She waved at Kwame, then walked away.

“What do you think? Fine girl, isn’t she? That’s the one my heart desires,” Oscar murmured to him.

Very obvious.


“Why, is something wrong?”

Yeah. There is. For some reason, I just feel there’s something amiss… or am I just paranoid? This is my first time encountering her, anyways. Maybe I’m just being pre-judgmental…

Kwame shook his head. “Sorry, man. I was trying to recollect where I left off before we saw her. But yeah, she’s a lovely girl. Cutest smile I’ve seen in the past three days. You’re definitely your father’s son. Got a good eye for good things.”


“Oh Lord, finally!”

Diamond fell into her seat, sighing with relief. The past two hours had been grueling, with her needing to fill out vehicle details for one of the company’s biggest clients. It had been pretty intense, with her bosses putting her and her colleague under a lot of pressure. A transfer of pressure, since the management at the top were applying the fire to them. But she was finally done with the completion of details. For a National Service worker, she was really doing a lot.

“Chale, girls abrɛ,” her colleague, Naa Shormeh, said as she began to pack.

“Serious oo. This pressure alone entitles me to a sweet bubble bath and a good massage. Ei! Ohh, girls abrɛ tooooo much.”

“Who will give you the massage? Toby or Anasah?” Naa Shormeh asked teasingly.

“Oh, Anas of course. Anas is my darling. Sweetest darling in the world. Toby diɛɛ, if he doesn’t give me that up-and-down look at least three times, then I have to be extremely worried, coz that won’t be my brother.”

“Hahahaha! Ah well, at least the day is over. Time for me to get the hell out of here and find my way to choir rehearsal.”

“Sure thing, baby girl. See you tomorrow,” Diamond said as Naa Shormeh walked away.

“Tomorrow, Dee.”

A couple of minutes later, having felt that she had released a bit of tension, she grabbed her bag and exited the office.

As she made her way out of the gate and onto the path to the bus stop, she groaned out loud as she noted the growing number of people gathering there. Checking her watch, she looked up to the sky in frustration.

“Ugh! 5:15! The last time I got there at this time, I was there for close to twenty minutes, and even when I got a trotro, the elbowing I had to do to get in. Arrrghh!”

“Hey baby!”

She froze upon hearing those words. Then, as her brain began to register the familiarity of the voice, she closed her eyes. Oh, God, things just went from bad to worse.

The first child of Daniel and Larissa, Diamond Dolphyne, being an almost splitting image of her mother, certainly wasn’t the kind of young lady most guys would fail to take a second look at. Of course, this brought about a lot of attention from guys. A lot of whom she didn’t like.

And the guy behind that voice, Ayembi, apparently also known as Desert Eagle, was one of them.

After encountering him at one of the eating spots she and her colleagues frequented during lunch hours, it was evident he was out to win her over. Only problem was, Diamond could tell a real one from a thirsty one, and everything about him showed that he was one of those thirsty types whose direction was easily determined by his erection. The way his gaze constantly landed on her bust, coupled with her once overhearing him tell a friend how badly he wanted a feel of her ‘juicy curves’, was enough to convince her that her instincts were on point. So she had said no when he made his intentions known. But he wasn’t ready to accept that answer, much to her chagrin.

And as he appeared in front of her, a sly grin on his face, she knew he was nowhere near ready to relent.

She sighed. “Mr. Ayembi, please, I-“

“Oh, come on, babe. Call me Desert Eagle. You know I don’t joke with my nicky,” he said, punctuating that statement with a wink that sent uncomfortable chills down her spine. “So wassup with you, chale? You for make I feel you oo, anaa?”

She looked at him blankly. “Please speak English.”

He snickered. “OK, let’s try this again. What’s up with you, ma? You know I want you bad. Just quit the hard-to-get and let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye said. I don’t like long things.”

Oh, dear Lord, why can’t he just get it into his thick skull that I don’t like him? Diamond thought to herself. She shut her eyes again, took a deep breath and opened them, staring him in the eye.

“Listen, Mr. Desert Eagle. I appreciate your compliments and all. Thank you for telling me how beautiful I am since day one. I truly am grateful for the nice words. But please, I’ve said it from the first time you made your intentions known, and nothing has changed. I am not interested in being your girlfriend. I am not playing hard-to-get, I just don’t wanna date you. If you wanna be my friend, that’s fine, I have no problem with that. But please, no means no. I am not interested!”


He smirked, shaking his head. “Girls. They know what they want, but will always play coy. You know you want me…”

Irritated at this point, she snapped, “Listen, Mr. Man, I’ve had enough of this. No means no! Stop this! Just stop it! Ah, why?”

Stunned, the look on Ayembi’s face slowly changed to a scornful one. Clearly, this rejection had not gone down well at all.

“Hoh! Forget you mpo. Kwasia! Me wey you dey flex me like that? Ibi like you no get brain. See some nonsense. Ah! Me you dey rosh like that? Mtchewww. I swear, you go see your morda for here. Bomboclat girl!”

Having thrown a hissy fit at that statement, he walked off angrily, leaving her with a look of disgust on her face. She shook her head in amazement as he sauntered off furiously.

“Ugh, some of these males are so bloody entitled. Thinking they’re God’s gift to every woman and acting like the Bible commands us women to submit to every dumb command of theirs. Well, good riddance to such foul-smelling rubbish!” she said to herself, looking at the bus stop ahead, which still had quite a lot of people waiting for the next trotro to arrive. “Time to get another burden off my shoulder. I just hope I don’t have to elbow or be elbowed this time. Ugh, even more reasons for pampering myself this evening!”

Well, this is just the start of this journey. Bad vibes about love interests and immature idiots! Loool, let’s see just how this goes. Next week Friday, we get to know more!!

Long Journey

Long Journey 1 – The Last Fight

 A tale of adventure, drama, betrayal…

“Here’s the money I spoke about,” Chris said flatly, tossing the wad of cash onto the center table.

Evelyn eyed him evilly. “What are you talking about?”

“Look, I’m not in the mood for games right now. We already spoke about this. That’s about enough for you to go and get the abortion I’ve consistently ordered you to get.”

Evelyn shook her head. “Mr. Man, I have said it consistently: I will NOT get an abortion. I will not get rid of this child. I don’t care what you say, this child is not going anywhere.”

“Oh, will you stop this!” Chris shot back, the acrimony in the room already rising. This line of argument had been going on for weeks, without either party coming to any compromise of any sort. “I’m honestly getting sick and tired of all this nonsense. I don’t want that child. I don’t! I have my whole life ahead of me, and the last thing I need at this stage is fatherhood.”

Evelyn shook her head. “You’re so full of yourself. So selfish. After walking into my life and into my panties with all those false statements of love and all, you now have the audacity to say you have your life to live, after messing mine up…”

“Massa, massa, stop this emotional talk,” he responded dismissively. “I don’t know why you women attach so much emotion to your arguments. Hoh! How has your life been messed up? Didn’t you enjoy it when we made love in the car? Did I point a gun to your head and force you to scream and call me daddy as things got heated? Please, please, please, spare me that sentimental trash. It’s just a foetus. You can have another one in the future.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Man, this foetus you’re talking about is my child, and your child, and our child,” Evelyn retorted, springing to her feet. “I’m no happier about this announcement than you are, but as long as this child is in my womb, I’m having him. I’m not risking a lifetime of guilt for your silly desires. And for your information, this is not some object I can throw away just like that. Have some respect. This is human life inside me.”

Chris sighed. This was getting tiring. “What’s the big deal about an abortion? I know it’s not exactly the smoothest of medical procedures, but… there are so many chics like you walking about who have had abortions before. And they’re as happy as can be. So I really don’t get your beef with this.”

“Christopher Yaw Ennin Abbey, read my lips,” Evelyn said slowly and gravely, looking him in the eyeball. “I do not give a coin’s toss about which girl has done it and whether she feels good about it or not. I do not care what excuse or justification you have up your sleeve. I will not abort this child. I will not take that money and do with it what you want me to. I will not let you have your way with me a second time, since this is the result of you having your way with me the first time. I. Will. Not. Do. It. Period.”

The two, who were once caught up in an intense whirlwind of passion, now stood face-to-face, boiling with animosity for each other.

Chris, after a few lip twitches, finally nodded, the look on his face seemingly that of a person who had given up. He moved to the center table and picked up the money.

“Ok. Alright. I hear you. No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said bluntly as he turned and walked out the door.


The next morning, as Evelyn rose from her bed, she remembered that statement as she went on her knees. Among her many prayers, the most prominent of which was the daily plea for forgiveness for letting Chris break her virginity, included a request to make Chris susceptible to actually being a father.

Immediately she was done, she sprung to her feet and grabbed her phone which lay by the bedside. Searching for Chris’ number, she pressed the call button as soon as she found it.

“Sorry, the number you are dialing is switched off,” the automated voice informed her.

She looked strangely at the screen. Switched off? Ei, what’s happening?…… ok, calm down. His battery is probably dead, she reasoned to herself as she placed the phone back down. In the course of their arguments, Chris would always walk out in a fit of rage, never really interested in contacting her for a long time. The way he had promised he’d see her that day, though, was interesting. Despite the flat tone he had said it in.

Who knows? Maybe my hardened stance against the abortion has shaken him up so bad, he knows he has to compromise. He’s so used to having his way with women and making them some uber-submissive doormats. Well, it’s definitely not happening with me!

She went about her regular duties, making up her mind to call again around 11 o’ clock. Hopefully, his phone would be on by then.


4 o’ clock in the afternoon, and the phone was still off.

Evelyn was now beginning to panic. Had he been involved in an accident or something?

She tried calling two of his closest friends. One also had his phone switched off. The other claimed he hadn’t seen Chris for almost a week.

Now she was really getting worried.

Let me go to his place and see what at all is happening. I don’t like what’s going on….


Walking through the Akweteyman neighborhood, she waved at the kenkey seller as she always did when she came to visit.  She knew that woman made her the subject of many gossip sessions with the ladies in her compound house, as Chris had mentioned some time ago, but that was the least of her concerns as she briskly made her way to his house.

Two houses away was a shop from where the residents bought their provisions. As Evelyn passed by the shop, she heard a little girl’s voice ring out, “Sister Evelyn!”

It was Adoley, the shopkeeper’s 9 year old daughter.

Evelyn smiled as she saw the cute girl move towards her, but upon seeing the look upon her face, which was one of concern, had her slightly more worried than she already was. Keeping the smile on her face, she asked, “Adoley, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” the young one replied.  “Please, are you coming for the rest of Bra Chris’ things?”

Terror gripped Evelyn as she heard that question. Oh my God! Eyes wide, she stuttered, “Err… Why? W-w-why do you ask? Accident? ”

Adoley scratched her head. “No. I heard him talking to Mummy this morning. It sounded like he’s traveling or something. And it sounded like he’s not coming back. So I thought you were coming for the rest of his things.”

Evelyn grew pale upon hearing that middle statement. Leaning forward with a nauseous look on her face, she whispered, “What?”

Just as Adoley worriedly asked what was wrong, her mother walked in. Seeing the sudden deathly expression on Evelyn’s face, she rushed over. “Evelyn!”

“Ma, is it true? Has Chris left?”

The mother looked surprised for a moment, then shook her head, hands on her waist. “I knew this boy was lying. He claimed you knew and that you were okay with it. I tried talking him out of it, because it’s just too out of the blue, but he was not going to listen. For whatever reason, he’s left Accra. And according to him, he’s not coming back.”

Evelyn could do nothing more than shake her head as she was helped by Adoley and her mother to a seat. “I can’t believe he did this to me,” she whispered tearfully. “I just can’t believe this…”

Well, that’s quite a start to this story. Wondering what’s gonna happen to Evelyn now that baby daddy has run away? Just stay tuned for the next episode!

Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices And Vermin #1

The day has arrived!!! After soooo long, your MCM is back with the series thing. It shall be an interesting one. Captivating, riveting, all the brofo you can think of that applies to this.

Shout out to all my Naija people, by the way. Henson, Chiderah, Angel, Sylvia, Helen… God bless your country!! I wanted to raise the jollof issue, but never mind. Hehe… it’s your day.

Okayyyy, time to dig in!!!

“So the people were insulting him after he jumped the red light?” I asked.

“Yes oo! Especially the guys at the back. It was so heated, eh! Never experienced anything like it before. Especially when the mate was cutting in and telling people to stop talking plenty. Oh, the insults they rained on him… I’m sure if a policeman had caught him mpo, he’ll prefer it.”

I grinned, shaking my head as I looked at Nii Ajei in the passenger seat, who had a slightly smaller smirk on his face. The phone was connected to the car’s Bluetooth, so of course it was on speaker. I whispered to him, “When dadabees experience the normal trotro life.”

He covered his mouth as he burst into laughter.

Oh, sorry. Man hasn’t introduced himself yet. My name is Sidney Allotey. And Nii Ajei is my younger brother. We’re separated by 3 years, but the bond we share? Tight. Extremely tight. So tight that he’s like the unofficial fifth member of my clique from university. But you’ll find out about that later.

So, we were on our way back from Cape Coast. My boss just had to throw a spanner in the works for Saturday when he gave me this assignment on Friday evening to go meet one of our major clients. I had plans of spending it with Nii, Bambi and Jerome! Arrgh! Well, Nii had nothing to do, so he was happy to tag along.

By the way, Bambi is my fiancé. And Jerome is her younger brother. He’s the one I was talking to. The boy is a typical dadaba; always been moved around by his parent’s drivers. It was somewhere last year when they decided he should be moving around by himself. He’s fourteen years old, by the way. And as you can tell by the conversation we were having, the boy seems quite enchanted by the experiences he’s having. He already told me about the time this huge lady took the seat next to the mate, and the mate complained about her taking up too much space, and the third time, the lady didn’t take kindly to his plenty talk, and blasted the daylight out of him.

According to him, she’s from my tribe. So… if you know, you know. Haha! 😆😆 I love my people.

Anyways, he continued rattling off all the experiences he had had the past week, which took another five minutes and fifty-two seconds. He clearly is yet to get used to the shortcuts and the annoying driving skills of these trotro drivers. But of course, small boys are young. He’ll get used to it.

He handed the phone to his sister.

“Bra Jerome is done with this week’s edition of Trotro Diaries, eh?” Bambi laughed.

“Yep! All juicy details downloaded into my ears,” I responded.

Sigh, Bambi Darkwah. 😘😘😘 The cutest girl I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Chanced upon her at a chibom joint not too far from her hostel, got smitten hard, chased her relentlessly, wrestled past all the “Gimme some time”, “I need to think about it” and “I’m not sure what I want” and won her heart. Even then, it was sweet all right, but a lot of stuff threatened to keep us away from each other. I don’t need to bore you with all the details of that. What matters for the meantime is that I finally get to put a ring on it in a few months time!! Sigh, Bambi. My caramel blessing!

“Hahaha! He’s getting the experience. I’ve told him there’s more in store kraaa. Like when he’ll one day have some kokonsa passenger watching his phone as he’s chatting on Whatsapp…”

“Herh, that thing is so annoying!” Nii Ajei blurted out. “Then they’ll be reading your conversation. Like, warris dat?”

“Shocks me kraa,” I added. “That thing is witchcraft pɛɛɛ!”

“Tell me about it. There was one time I was chatting with Mabel, and this guy sitting next to me suddenly started leaning in my direction…”

I noticed Nii Ajei’s grimace as Bambi started her own story. He mouthed, “We’re missing the game on Citi!”

Hand on my forehead, I mouthed back, “I knowwwwww!!!”


Two hours later, we had safely arrived at our Regimanuel Gray estate home, after all that intense traffic. Ugh! Thank God for automatic cars, honestly. I like the good old manual and all, but let’s be serious. Half-clutch in that insane pile-up? Chale, chale, stop. I do enough exercise.

So we were ready to get in and take out the stuff and relax. Until…

“Oh crap! You didn’t remind me to get the Ideal milk?” I groaned out loud, just as I stopped.

Nii placed his right hand over his face. “Arrrrrrrgghhhh! Escaped my mind from the moment that Mr. Music Man hour began, honestly.”

I gave him a side eye. “Blame it on Kojo Antwi, abi?”

He gave me a silly grin in return. “Our old folks taught us well.”

I shook my head. Yep, all those family journeys in the past, with Kojo Antwi on heavy rotation, has definitely made a mark on us. “You diɛɛ, no worries. Let me go to the supermarket down the road. You can take the Fante kenkey inside and check if the Premier League highlights is on, na the way these commentators were screaming over that Dele Alli goal diɛɛ, man has to see it.”

“Mm-hmm,” Nii Ajei said as he reached over to the back to take the two bags of Fante kenkey.

Yamoransa Fante kenkey!! ❤❤ That junction is a legendary one. Dotted with all those Fante kenkey sellers, ever ready to rush upon any car that stops so they can make some sales. Anyone who’s schooled in the Central Region knows that place too well. The way three of them rushed to the car when we stopped. The plenty “ebei, bra” and things. If we didn’t exercise a good level of firmness and gentleness, we’d probably have the back seat filled up with those blue rubber bags filled with the Fante kenkey. No kidding. Those ladies can give pressure!!

“Chale, then blend about three of them in the meantime, so when I come, we just add the milk and have our mashke for the evening,” I told him.

“Okay, no problem,” he responded.

He stepped out of the car and entered through the gate as I turned the car to move to the supermarket.


As I took my change from the shop attendant, my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID.

It was Kwabena.

So Kwabena is my unofficial ‘brother’. My roommate from university. He’s the first… no, wait. Second member of the university clique I mentioned. I’m the first one, after all. And among the four (five-ish) of us, he is the loudest and most unpredictable. If I were to be given 1 cedi for every single time that guy said stuff that left my mouth hanging… chale, I’d build a sensational mansion for myself.

I’ll give one example. Back in school, I was a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. He wasn’t. One day, I’m watching my thing, and this boy passes by my laptop, sees Cristina Yang and says, “Ah, wey lady too this, wey ihn face check like confused duck?”

S-M-H. 🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂

To this day, I still can’t understand how that nonsensical statement entered his brain. Like, how????

Ah well, I thank God for Ewurabena. His wife. She knows how to somehow neutralize that foolishness in him. They’ve been together for so long (although there was a break-up in there at some point), and they complement each other so well (if only you could see their pictures! Goodness, they’ll make you melt, I promise!) even though they’re so different (Ewurabena is so quiet and gentle, and Kwabena… well, I already mentioned it).

He’s a handful, alright, but I wouldn’t exchange him for any other ‘well-behaved’ guy. He’s a wonderful friend. And a very loyal one, too.

“Chale, wassup?” I asked.

“I dey oo, Sid. You return from Cape?”

“Yeah, I dey Accra now. We return not too long ago. I just go buy some Ideal milk for the supermarket. Nii dey house.”

“Oh, cool. So chale, he be OK now?”

I hesitated, not too sure what answer to give. “Chaleeee, ibi difficult to tell. He dey act happy and all, but I no know whether ibi mask or he’s really getting over it.”

“Hmmm… dicey issue… Ewurabena won talk plus you.”

“Sure, sure.”

As I sat in the car, I held on, listening to the couple as Kwabena gave the phone and, from the sounds of it, took Jemima from her.

Yeah, I’m sure you can tell. Jemima is their daughter. Their one year old daughter. It still amuses me sometimes to know this cannonball friend of mine is a husband and a father. He’s a great one, though.

“Ei, Daddy Kwabena on duty!” I said teasingly.

Ewurabena’s gentle laughter was the next thing I heard. “Most amazing daddy in the world. Jemmy couldn’t have had a better man to call Daddy. How are you, by the way?”

Vintage Mrs. Afriyie. The way this girl loves him so deeply eh, it’s not a joking distin. Always got something sweet to say about her king.

“I’m good oo. Just still unsure what to do about Nii. The last time we spoke about it, he fiercely insisted he was fine. Since then, I’m just treating him normally. But the sagging shoulders and the quiet periods still persist.”

“Hmmmm. I think we should give him a bit of time. There’s a lot I’d want to ask, but I’m thinking it’ll be better if we meet you and get more info. So do we meet after church tomorrow?”

“As long as Kwabena is staying home, taking care of Jemmy. I’m fine.”

She laughed. “Don’t do that to him.”

“Tomorrow is fine by me.”

“Great,” she responded. “Have a good night, then, and send my regards to Nii.”

“Yes, Mrs. Afriyie. Good night to you too, and your husband and daughter.”

I hung up, started the engine and moved back home.

Sigh. Nii Ajei Allotey. My younger brother.

He means a lot to me.

That’s why I’m so worried about him.

Hmmm… 🤔🤔🧐🧐 I wonder what it could be that has Sidney worried for his brother. He seemed pretty fine throughout this episode to me. Well, things aren’t always as they seem, so let’s see what comes on Friday!!

Start Over?

Start Over?

Welcome to the State of Dabar! Have fun with this story, y’all!!

“Um, Marcus, could I see you for a moment?”

“Sure,” he responded, excusing himself from the group gathering of his friends as he followed Allison outside the building onto the car park.

The place was still packed with cars, as it was only about thirty minutes since service had ended. The place would only really become bare after about an hour or so, with all the after-service meetings, official and unofficial, coming to an end by then.

The two came to stand by one rather old Toyota Corolla. Marcus had his hands in his pocket, wondering what it was that made Allison want to have a private conversation with him. They barely ever spoke to each other; he could boast of having a deep bond with his colleagues at work than her.

“Um, Marcus. There’s something I wanted to ask you. I just feel like it’s necessary I do. Umm… do you have feelings for me?”

Marcus was taken aback. If there was anything he didn’t expect, it was her asking such a question.


“Okay, scratch that. Have you ever had feelings for me? Like the time we worked together? Did you like me?”

Marcus really didn’t want to answer the question, but that would probably make things ugly, and he had no intention to spark up anything of that sort. So he nodded his head. “Yeah, I once did.”

“But why didn’t you ever tell me?”

He sighed. “Simple. We spent quite an amount of time together, and you said enough for me to know that what I wanted would not work. What I desired is a long-term relationship; I’m not a fan of just falling in love for the sake of it. But every time the concept of relationships came up, you expressed a straight-up personal non-preference for it. You mentioned how you don’t want to marry, how intolerant you are of proposals from guys and how you’d bluntly shoot them down. Then that period where you just stopped talking to me, with that reason you gave? Come on! It was obvious.”

“Okay, just answer me this question. Assuming I had said something, that I had officially proposed to you. Would you have said yes?”

“That’s not the –“

“Please, Ally, please. I answered your question quite smoothly. It’s as much of a yes/no answer I require as you did. Would you have said yes?”

Now it was Allison’s turn to sigh. She looked up briefly, then said, “I definitely would have said no.”

Marcus shrugged. “See? I could see it plainly. I mean, your words were more than enough to advise me that this would not end well.”

Allison then took a hold of his hand. “But… isn’t there a chance to start over?”

Marcus was now really puzzled. He wasn’t expecting this sort of behavior from Allison. She was the type of girl who wouldn’t even hug a guy, and on a number of occasions where he had tried what she was doing, she had briskly whisked away her hand. She took the “Don’t Touch Me” mantra to a whole new level when she was in her element, so this was quite confusing.

And that’s what he said. “Uh, Allison, I’m confused. What’s going on? Start over as in?”

“As in how we once were quite close. And maybe go down that path. I was pretty radical back then, I admit it, but things are slowly changing. And I was wondering if…” she trailed off.

No need for her to finish the sentence, though. Marcus knew what she was getting at.

He sighed within himself this time.

“Allison, I won’t lie, I was pretty crazy about you back then. I remember all the time we spent together, even as just friends, and it was always a highlight of some sort for me. It was great. But things have changed. It’s been almost 2 years since the fire died, and really, I have no intentions of going back. In any case, I already have a lady in my life.”

The soft grip on his hand grew limp with that last statement. Her face was a portrait of disappointment.

“Look, Allison, I don’t wanna be a jerk, that won’t get me anywhere profitable. But after the attitude and all, I really lost it all for you. I’m glad if you’ve changed, but the truth is, I love Temwani. She’s a wonderful girl, and life is amazing with her. Yeah, by the way, she’s Zambian. Never thought I’d date a non-Ghanaian! But really, it’s too late. When I wanted you so bad, you had shut your heart off totally. Now it’s too late to start over. Maybe we can talk more, but nothing more than that. I’m sorry.”

She nodded, head down. “I understand……. I guess I should be going now.”

He wanted to tell her to wait, but, that statement had suddenly activated an awkward atmosphere that was not strange to either party. Staying there any longer would only cause more discomfiture between the two. So he muttered, “Sure. Uh… next week then.”

She mumbled a response, and the two went their ways.

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 7 – For All Your ‘Toughness’

So, Ambradu’s plan to go bang Stephanie at home failed. What’s gonna come out of it?

“Ambradu, are you ready?”

“Yes, Mummy!” Ambradu called from his bedroom as he put his shoes on. Next to him on the bed lay his phone, with his WhatsApp open.

On his chats with Stephanie.

He had sent over a dozen messages since last night, as well as about three voice notes. All pleading for forgiveness.

As he sat there, looking at the phone, she was yet to answer any of those texts. Of course, the greater likelihood was that she wasn’t going to respond to them at all.

It was only after he got home, knowing he was safe and sound from the disgusting little vermin, that he realized he had left Stephanie to deal with the intrusion. And he didn’t need the brain of a genius to know that she would be massively upset with him. So he tried calling her to apologize.

She refused to pick.

He kept calling until she blocked his number from calling her.

Then he started with the messages. Somehow she didn’t block him there, but still refused to answer any of his messages.

Now as he dressed up for school that morning, the fright from the strange happening had subsided, but he was pretty pissed. To think that he had had the chance to do what he had been itching to do to her, only for those stupid insects to come out of nowhere and mess things up.

“F**k! I don’t know how what happened last night happened,” he grumbled to himself. “She was right there for the taking. Those sweet breasts, those legs, that fresh p***y. Mtcheww, ah! It’s so annoying.”

As he finished tying his shoelaces, he looked at his phone.

Still no response from Stephanie.

He sighed and folded his arms. “What the hell is going on, chale? Too much strange s**t is happening. It’s crazy. Weird dreams. Strange occurrences. How? What’s going on?”

Briefly taking a minute or two to ponder over the past few occurrences, a thought came to his head.

Remember that kid who said you’ll regret this? Didn’t all this madness start after that? Coz, you’ve never been in predicaments like this until now.

Ambradu shook his head and laughed. “Oh, naaa, can’t be possible. That jon little boy? Tweakai! Why, ibi juju he get or something? Kiddie like that? Oh, kai. It’s not possible. It can never be possible.”

Yep, it sounded ridiculous at that point. How would some scrawny little boy be behind all the stuff ongoing? A scrawny little boy who simply uttered some wishful words? Definitely couldn’t be the case.

But think about it. He’s not a familiar face around that area. How often have you seen him since the time you beat him up? Or even before then? And it’s not like it’s just you alone; the others have things going on too. All at the same time. Yo, this is more than coincidence, chale.

Ambradu placed his chin on his palm. Now that he thought about it, there was some form of truth to it. The three of them barely ever spoke about having nightmares or scary visions and trances. But within these past couple of days, all of them seemed to be experiencing some sort of strange misfortune.

What were the odds of he and Jake having something wrong happen on a test they were both fully prepared for? Why would the other two also suddenly be having weird dreams after his very strange one?

Suddenly, this possibility didn’t sound so stupid.

“Hmmmmm. Chale. It might be true ooo. Coz all this s**t is too weird to be just a coincidence…”


“Sorry, Mummy! I’m coming!”


Time for break.

As the students got out of their seats, ready to take full advantage of the next 30 to 45 minutes, one of them was Stephanie Owusu. Excitedly chatting with her sitting partner, she was looking forward to having a pack of the fried rice Aunty Zaida made so excellently.

Reaching the door, her partner noticed she had left her purse, so Stephanie waited as she rushed to go get it. As she waited, Ambradu approached her. He hadn’t gotten the opportunity to speak to her directly as she had come a little late that morning. But he just had to take a chance.

“Steph! Yo, Steph!” he called softly.

The glare she gave him was a fierce one. “Leave me alone,” she responded flatly.

“Stephanie, please. I’m sorry…”

“I said leave me alone!” she snapped, yanking her hand away from his. As her partner returned with her purse, she gave him another hard look, punctuated it with a crisp ‘mtcheww’, then walked away.

Ambradu stood there, ears on fire as he felt super embarrassed. That last snap of hers was pretty loud, so everyone in the class saw what happened.

Including Jake.


“Ah, really? You make serious?” Faisal asked, looking very confused.

The Slash Kings were seated at their regular bench, with their leader in a clearly crestfallen mood. Jake had asked what happened, following the disgrace Stephanie had just dished upon his best friend, and Ambradu had proceeded to tell them about how what was supposed to be a grand night of biblically knowing Stephanie turned into the strangest and most frightening Wednesday evening he had ever experienced.

“Chale, this be one of the craziest things I ever hear for my life inside,” Jake commented, also looking as puzzled as Faisal. “Na plenty cockroaches like that diɛɛ, unless Fear Factor ooo.”

Ambradu shook his head. “Guys, I dey my bed top the whole night, I no dey understand. Up till now, I no dey understand. E check like some Goosebumps book matter bi. Like how? E no be just a number of cockroaches oo. A whole f**king army. Like some 10 or so still be someway give me, but this one, them go pass like hundred sef.”

The other two gasped. “Ei, how!” Faisal wondered out loud.

“Too weird, chale,” Jake agreed. “So that be why she bore you?”

“Yeah. You know me and my hatred for those things. I just flip wey I comot lef the house. I never tell am sey I get that phobia, so by now, she probably figure sey I be some coward or something.”

“Slowww, chale,” Faisal murmured. “After all the anticipation sey you go f**k am well well.”

“Mtcheww. Chale. Last night was the perfect opportunity. I strip the girl finish ooo, I dey come give am fire, wey chale, all this s**t happen. I still no dey get how all this happen. Still.”

Faisal and Jake gave off solemn Hmmms as they sat there.

“But chale, something else come my mind inside this morning…”

The other two looked at him curiously.

“Boys, this wana power we get over this area, inobi today we start. We dey show squad who be the bosses since last two years, wey notin ever dey happen. But chale, e come my mind inside this morning… you dey kai that kiddie we go beat for the uncompleted store inside like one and a half months ago?”

“The boy wey e diss we?” Jake asked.

Ambradu nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, I remember.”

“Chale, ever since we beat am, weird weird things dey happen for wana top. I know sey maybe e go be coincidence, but see oo, ibi early March wey we beat am. The next week norr, funny things start happen. I go write test wey suddenly, I black out. Jake go get some strange diarrhoea from somewhere. Some sexy daydream bi I dey do for my head inside, suddenly I dey car inside e dey go collide with tipper truck. You guys dey talk about strange recurring nightmares and s**t. Bird in the hole, choking in dreams, chale…

“I go fit be wrong. Inobi sey I’ve found the answer to our problems, but… me, I just start dey get feeling sey something dey go on behind the scenes, coz the way them dey happen… we for question things.”

Faisal was already rolling his eyes and shaking his head by the time he was done. Not the greatest of surprises. Once this had something to do with the supernatural, you already knew his opinion on it.

“Massa, massa, massa, these be pure coincidences. That be all. Hoh, this one too, you dey come attribute this to some metaphysical whatever whatever? Abeg, make we think. Blanking out be normal thing sometimes. Dreams too no be any serious eyi biaa, just wana subconscious e dey job as we dey sleep. Boss, forget all that transcendental s**t.”

Ambradu simply let out a quiet ‘Hmmmm’. He hadn’t expected anything different from this skeptic friend of his.

Jake shook his head. “Nahhhh, chale, I’d have to chalk it down to coincidences for me. Even though my reasoning be different from Faisal. Abi we know sey he no dey believe in all these things, but me, I dey believe. But I dey believe my parents dema prayers pass this. So for me, these all be random occurrences. Even if by some twist of fate, the kiddie in question get power, ma guy, power pass power! My mother ein prayers alone sef no go make e work.”

Ambradu remained quiet.

“Chale, Ambradu, forget that idea. Nothing dey go on. Ibi random occurrences kɛkɛ. nothing more than that. So life dey. Ups and downs dey inside. Inobi anything.”

He sighed. He hadn’t expected the boys to agree with him on this, and maybe it was a bit of a stretch. But… he just didn’t feel the same way they did.

It sounded far too easy to just chalk it up to chance. There had to be something more to it…



It was closing time, and he was seated with a forlorn expression on his face. One of his classmates approached him with a folded piece of paper.

Not saying a word, he nodded and took it, already guessing who it was from.

He opened it up.

I’m sorry, Ambradu, but for all your toughness, you’re really a weak boy. So you couldn’t stay and help me deal with the cockroaches? Such a disappointment. And you’re there saying you have a phobia of them. Give me a break. Please, I can’t deal with soft boys like you, so it’s over. Please stop sending me WhatsApp messages and trying to call me. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

He sighed as he read the short but succinct break-up note from her. Shaking his head, he looked outside the classroom. His gaze was upon the path near Barnes Road.

The path where he and the others went to beat that boy. The boy who was now somehow occupying his thoughts.

Thoughts were running through his mind so hard, this breakup note would have to be processed later.

Was he just becoming paranoid and crazy, or was that boy truly behind all the madness he, Jake and Faisal had been having in bits and pieces?

Were his weak whispers that day as they walked out on him just the mere whimpers of a wounded kid, or there was more than what meets the eye?

Was all this bullying and harassment actually worth it?

I think things might start changing soon. And this is where it gets pretty intense. Second half to come in a week’s time, so stay tuned!!

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 6 – Wednesday Evening

With a title like this, it’s pretty clear this is centred around what Ambradu and his girlfriend planned. I have a feeling something’s gonna happen…

“Heyyyy Ambradu!”

The big, naughty smile on Stephanie’s face as she opened the door, coupled with the devastating sight of her in a small crop top and panties.

Ambradu’s dream standing right before him.

Wednesday evening had finally arrived, and an excited Ambradu had been itching for the day to end. He literally had had no energy for leading the boys to go on the prowl for the day; thoughts of them in a sweaty, inflamed entanglement were all that engulfed his mind. He virtually rushed home to go prepare himself and wait for evening to arrive, egged on by excited encouragement from Faisal and Jake.

Once it did, and he received the text message: Babe, he’s gone now. Come over, he was springing out of his bed, with his fib that he had work to do with Jake at his home well rehearsed and recited.

Now he was finally at the door, looking at the object of his horniest fantasies. And she was every bit as delicious as he had always pictured her to be.

“F**king hell,” he whispered as he sized her up and down, taking in the delightful scenery of her delicious anatomy. She decided to turn around for him, giggling as she did so. Deciding to waste no time once she faced him again, he went straight for her lips, wrapping his arms around her as they began a fierce and passionate liplock.

The door was slammed shut.

In no time flat, they were right where they had planned the action for the evening, hungrily kissing and fondling each other on the couch.

“Mmmm,” Ambradu hummed after a moment of reprise, squeezing Stephanie’s butt as she sat on top of him. “You’re so sexy, baby.”

She simply giggled and continued to lock her lips against his, enjoying the moment of bliss.

It was finally coming to pass. After all the dirty fantasies and that one extremely weird daydream that inexplicably turned into a nightmare, here he was, seated on the couch in Stephanie’s home, with GHI’s sexiest girl sitting on top of him with little clothing, ready to let him have her for dinner.

Absolutely nothing would get in the way of this. Nothing.

“You ready, booboo?” Stephanie asked as they separated, but continued to fondle each other.

He looked into her eyes and snickered. “Ready? I’ve been ready long before I left the house.”

She giggled, then lifted her hands in the air, inviting him to take off her shirt.

Ohh yes! Time to play with those sweet breasts of hers. Ugh, damn, dreams do come true!

He excitedly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it up.

“Hehehe, you sexy little piece of… WHAT THE F***!”

Excitement suddenly turned to horror as his eyes fell upon what lay underneath.

He hurriedly pulled her shirt back down and pushed her off his lap, stunned at what he had just seen.

Surely it had to be some kind of illusion, right?

Surely it had to be some sick, twisted and absolutely impossible illusion.

Because what in the freaking hell were a bunch of cockroaches doing all over her skin under the shirt?!

“Ah! What’s wrong with you?”

Stephanie looked at him, a puzzled and outraged expression on her face. She had been expecting him to have started working her body into a sexual frenzy by now. Not pushing her off like she had some contagious pores on her body.

He shook his head, not knowing what to say. How in the world could he tell her what he’d just seemed to have seen? She’d obviously think he was crazy, or had suddenly chickened out and didn’t want to take things to the next level. Which was impossible, given the huge bulge downstairs.

“I-I-I… I dunno. I just…”

Whatever it was he wanted to say didn’t come out. Which clearly irked Stephanie.

“Ah, what do you mean you don’t know? Why, is there gogomi on my body or something that you’re screaming like that? Ah!”

Ambradu really did not know what to say at that moment. Obviously, it wasn’t gogomi he had seen. It was something else. Something that creeped him out more than gogomi. But how could those creepy crawlies be on her body, to begin with? It had to be a ridiculous vision.

He shook his head. This could not be real. It must have been his eyes playing tricks on him. “Babe, you know what? My mind just played some stupid trick on me. Forgive me. Let’s just get it on.”

Stephanie looked pretty irritated, ready to give him a piece of her mind. With the way she had prepared for this evening, this outburst was not part of the plan, and she really felt like ripping him apart.

That changed, however, upon the feel of his hands squeezing her breasts. On second thought, getting fondled and caressed by her man was far more enjoyable than shouting at her man. So she switched back to giggle mode and lifted her hands up again.

Ambradu yanked the top off.

No sign of cockroaches on her body.

I knew it! Just my stupid imagination.

They continued getting hot and heavy. In a matter of minutes, they were both topless.

“Wanna get inside of me?” Stephanie whispered seductively, giving him a light grind to trigger him even more.

“So f**king bad, baby. I wanna f**k you real good,” Ambradu whispered back, his hands on her rotating waist as he enjoyed the naughty movements on his lap. “You got the condom?”

Stephanie giggled. “Wait a minute. Lemme get it. It’s right on this coffee table.”

Ending her sensual enticing of him for a moment, she reached over to the opposite side to grab the rubber. Then she stopped.

“Oh crap.”

“What’s wrong?” Ambradu asked. “It’s not there?”

“Oh, it is. I just noticed that stupid thing on the wall.”

He looked in her direction, and upon seeing what she spoke of, felt his muscles tighten in discomfort.

A cockroach!

Was this some sort of coincidence?

His stomach churned as he observed the little insect on the wall. He really could not stand the mere sight of them; his fear of them was that bad.

“Ah, I thought we got rid of them after the extermination thingy we did last year. Well, forget it. I’ll deeeaallll…”

Her speech was interrupted by the sudden movement of the cockroach, as it flew in their direction.

A crawling cockroach was bad enough. A flying one… that just terrified the crap out of him.

He coiled in fright as the vile little insect made its way speedily toward them…

… only to get swatted by the pillow Stephanie quickly grabbed.

“Ugh! God, I hate having to deal with them and their flying antics. Mtcheww. Babe, forget them, I’m used to this s**t. Let’s just get back to business.”

Either she was too high on oestrogen to notice his brief moment of hyperventilation, or she simply ignored it. Whatever it was, his reaction to that flying terror was overlooked.

The panic in his system, however, was sweetly quelled by her, as she slid her hands down to unbutton his jeans and get inside his holy of holies. A grin came on his face. “Sure. Back to business.”

He dived for her lips once again, one hand urging her to keep her left hand inside his jeans. In a matter of a minute, she was on her back, fully bare before her boyfriend as he took off the last layer of clothing. The glint in his eyes as he scanned her from top to bottom could be described with only one word: hungry.

Time to give this sexy body some good ass licking before I dive into that sweet… oh, f**k.

Lifting his eyes briefly to ready himself for the action while tossing her panties on the floor, the kitchen door was in his sights, with the door slightly open. And the sight there was not one anybody would call pleasant.

“What the f**king hell?” he whispered.

“What?” Stephanie sat up and looked in his direction, wondering what had him entranced in the wrong way when he had special dinner right in front of him.

She gasped. “What in God’s name…”

The kitchen door was slightly ajar, and out of it was a horrific sight.


Many, many cockroaches.

The rate at which they were scurrying out, one would swear the Fear Factor team had brought them in for some crazy challenge; they were numerous.

Some climbed the walls, others spread to the dining room, others too approached the living room. It was not long before a frightening intrusion emerged from the kitchen.

To the katsaridaphobe, this was a picture of the hottest part of hell.

Ambradu, thus, saw this unfold before his eyes, and felt his bowels rise up into his oesophagus. This was the sickest sight his eyes could ever imagine. There was a reason he never watched Fear Factor; those cockroach-related challenges made for hellish viewing. And even then, they were on TV. So this… this was way worse.

His heart pounded furiously against his chest like a person who had been locked out of their house. Nausea in his throat to the uttermost. Suddenly, the thought of licking Stephanie all over and diving into the treasure between her legs was nowhere near appealing.

Only one thing appealed to him at that moment: running as fast as possible from this place!

“Oh my God, oh my God, where are they all from?” Stephanie whimpered, holding on to his arm. “Oh God, baby, what are we gonna do, what are-“

Some of the cockroaches on the wall got active with their wings and began to head in their direction.

That did it for Ambradu.


If Stephanie was seeking for her boy to provide some kind of protection, then tough luck.

An eardrum-bursting scream erupted from his lips as he shoved her aside, grabbed his shirt, and headed for the front door. Whatever happened with her in those split seconds was the last of his concerns. It was only about heeding that voice in his head.


And heed it he did.

Yep, that night of fornication was cancelled by the cockroaches. Gets crazier by the day…

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 5 – The Bird Is In The Hole!

Ten minutes to seven o’ clock on a Tuesday morning, and in the residence of the Kadiri brothers, a two bedroom apartment in a flat, the younger one was all dressed up and ready to go to school.

As he stepped out of his room and closed the door, he looked at the room opposite him. The door was wide open. Meaning his brother was out of the room.

He rolled his eyes. Jahwad and his regular untidy and careless self.

He walked into the living room. There sat his brother in their small living room on the couch, busily fidgeting with his phone.

“I’m off to school now,” Faisal murmured as he walked past the couch and headed for the door.

Jahwad snorted in response.

Faisal shook his head as he slammed the front door shut.

To say he had a fractured relationship with his 22 year old brother would be a massive understatement; the guy barely paid much attention to his existence. They might have been brothers, all right, but they certainly were not friends in any way, shape or form. There might have been another person in the apartment, but Faisal was pretty much on his own.

In reality, Jahwad did not like his brother. Their mother unfortunately passed on while giving birth to him, and for that he bore a deep-seated grudge against Faisal. For the early periods of life, while they still lived with their father, this animosity toward Faisal was not revealed, although he never really gave his younger brother a chance to draw close to him.. It was when their father sent them to live in Accra that Jawad exploded one day and made his truest feelings known.

Faisal had not taken kindly to that outburst, and what ensued next was a violent scuffle between the two, where the younger one caused the older one to lose a tooth.

From that day, Jahwad decided to pretend like Faisal never existed. And so it was to that day. Whether his younger brother was home, had eaten or wasn’t feeling well was not the least of his concerns.

Aside sweet stuff and the Slash Kings, Faisal really had nothing else to turn to. His relationship with his father had also deteriorated over time. And with the boys, he preferred not to open up; he’d rather maintain the harsh, unpleasant aura that followed him around than become vulnerable.

Life wasn’t good for Faisal. But he had chosen to accept it as such, and compensated for it with his aggression and unfriendliness towards others.


“Chale, na ibi crazy ooo,” Ambradu said as the trio made their way to school. “Tipper truck ooo. I dey the car inside wey e dey drive straight into the truck. I tinup, sweat all dey my top.”

“Wow. That be some f**ked up s**t,” Faisal murmured, shaking his head.

“I swear. Mad s**t. But chale, ibi just a dream. As for the movement itself, e still dey come on. Hot and heavy kraaa!”

“Nice, nice. Spoil there kraa!”

“Yeah, yeah. Give to am,” Jake mumbled. “Chale, na I dey wedge make Faisal come, but me too, I have some nasty dream bi like that last night.”

The two looked at him.

“So I dey some room bi. Normal room with light. Na I dey play Killer Bean for my phone top. Suddenly, the room come turn black. Pitch black ooo. I dey look around dey try find some light bi aside the phone. I dey search naa, I dey see some eyes e dey watch me. Evil eyes paa. I see norr, the eyes just dey multiply. Before I fit talk jack, the eyes all dey surround me for the room inside. Chale, my heart all…

“But the scariest part be how some feeling bi wrap me. Chale, e make like some evil presence dey try choke me. I dey the dream inside, I no dey fit breathe. E make like my lungs all dey collapse. Then I tinup. Chale, the whole night, I no fit bed again. Herh!”

“Wow, that one too be some scary stuff,” Ambradu commented.

“Yeah. But I sure sey you go tell your mommi sey make she pray give you, abi?” Faisal asked, a hint of scorn in the question.

Jake knew what his response would be, but went on to answer. “Of course jor. A mother’s prayers. We no dey joke with them oo!”

Faisal shook his head as he scoffed under his breath. “Whatever floats your boat. As for me, this metaphysical, transcendental belief system no dey make any sense to me. This one, sometimes you go chop some funny chow wey e turn dream. E no dey hia any prayer whatever biaa. But chale, to each their own.”

Jake and Ambradu were silent. As far as religion and spiritual beliefs were concerned, they never liked to engage this friend of theirs. He never failed to voice out his disdain for the supernatural and make his contempt for religious stuff known. They didn’t really enjoy it, but they tolerated it to an extent.

“Yeah, to each their own,” Jake muttered.

Switching the topic quickly, Ambradu announced, “By the way, how you niggas see Stephanie ein pics?”

Faisal perked up at that question. “The one wey she dey wear the bralette and panties?”

“Yeah, chale. See eh, the girl be bad bitch for real!”

“I swear!” Jake agreed. “Crazy s**t dey that girl ein mind inside. Freaky things sorr.”

“Ibi serious, chale. Moro diɛɛ, no mercy for the cripple ooo!” Faisal urged him.

“Oh, Boss, no cripple for the mercy kraaa! See, by tomorrow gbɛkɛ, you guys go get a well-detailed, juicy account of me f**king Stephanie Owusu. For your ears only!”

Faisal and Jake cheered in approval as they continued to make their way to school.


“Subtitle: the mesophyll. The mesophyll is the part of the leaf concerned with photosynthesis. It is several layers of cells thick and consists of an upper pallisade tissue and lower spongy tissue…”

If there was any teacher who really knew how to bore Faisal’s class to tears, it was Mr. Ogoe, the Biology teacher. Whenever he came to class, it was nothing but dull, insipid reading of the notes. He read in a dry and boring voice, and barely took the time to explain the notes. One would easily believe he only intended to dump the notes on them and go.

Faisal sighed from his seat at the exact right corner of the classroom as he rubbed his eyes. Chale, chale, this Mr. Ogoe man dey bore!

It was taking every fibre of strength in him to keep his eyes open, as usual. He looked at his colleagues in front of him; his case was no different.

He tossed his head back, let out a huge sigh and widened his eyes as he focused on his notebook. “Chale, make we fight through this,” he muttered to himself. “Only seventy minutes more.”

He left a gap where he had missed some of the notes and continued from where Mr. Ogoe was reading, determined to soldier on. He had made it past so many of this dullard’s classes and would have to make it through many more, so time to toughen up and fight through the interminable dross.

Five minutes in, and the renewed fire he had lit within was already dying out. His eyelids grew heavy and his consciousness wavered in and out.

In and out.

In and out…

There were voices. Hushed voices. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he could hear them.

What was it they were saying? What were they talking about? Was he the topic?

And where were they coming from? Who were those behind the voices?

Folks from his hometown? Neighbours in the apartment? Classmates?

Who were they?

As these questions circled his brain, he heard one voice out of the lot.

“The bird is in the hole. The bird is in the hole.”

What bird? What hole? What the hell was that supposed to mean?

“The bird is in the hole. The bird is in the hole.”

The voice was slowly getting louder. And a little more urgent.

“The bird is in the hole. The bird is in the hole.”

The voice was getting louder and louder. Whoever was saying this weird phrase was getting agitated by the second.

“The bird is in the hole. The bird is in the hole.”

Who the hell was this? And why was he sounding so panicked?

“The bird is in the hole! The bird is in the hole!”

Faisal’s eyes popped open.

The weird little trance he had drifted into was over.

“Ugh,” he groaned to himself, rubbing them. “What the hell was that?”

He looked around as he shook his head to clear the bits of drowsiness out of his system.

Some of his colleagues were already far gone, as Mr. Ogoe droned on mindlessly. He sighed. I really hate this man.

Looking down at his notebook, he blinked twice at what he saw.

About four lines of notes, followed by six horribly scrawled lines of ‘The bird is in the hole’.

Faisal looked strangely at the words. “But what the f**k does this mean?” he wondered. “What bird? What hole? What the f**k is all this?”


He was seated on a bench in a green park, busily scrolling through Jodel to see what was new on the social media platform. He snickered as he observed some of the silly posts on there.

A young boy passed in front of him, holding a carton of Eku juice. As he lifted his eyes and observed what the youngster had in his hands, the switch in his brain flipped. Wicked mode activated.

“Herh! Herh! Come here!”

The boy turned and looked at him, then resumed walking away.

“Hey! I dey call you, you no dey hear? You fool, eh?”

Nothing ground his gears more than being ignored. The familiar flame of antagonism was lit by that. He immediately sprung to his feet, ready to give this boy the whooping of his life for having the temerity to ignore him.

The boy noticed this, and quickened his steps.

Faisal began to run after him, peeved in no time flat.

“Kwasia, I dey call you, you dey flex me. Aboa! Make I catch you. You go see your morda for here! Stupid fool!”

Usually, it took very little time for Faisal to catch up with his victims. But this kid seemed to be faster than the usual 10-12 year old. He chased him through the lane leading to his apartment. Now the boy was heading for the road on the other side of the apartment.

“I swear, I catch this kiddie, eh,” Faisal growled to himself as he continued to run after the young lad, who took a right turn just before the entrance to the apartment. Faisal followed suit, knowing it was the path to some rough road which led to a dead end. The end was as dead as this boy would be once Faisal finally pounced upon him.

As he made the turn, however, he found himself in a different place.

A dark room. And no boy to be found.

He looked confused. “Ah, but… the boy… the road… where?”

Suddenly, a very bright beam of light shone on him.


The piercing blinding nature of the bright light knocked him to the ground as he cried out in pain. Covering his eyes with his arms, he yelled, “Damnit, the light’s too bright. Turn the f**king beam off, you f**king-“

His little tirade was cut short by a hair-raising scream. The kind of screams you’d hear in horror movies. He looked around in fright. Who was that?

Then another scream came through. And another. And another.

Faisal gritted his teeth, his hands over his ears as those terrifying screams carried on. Who were those screaming? And why were they screaming?

Suddenly, that voice came up again. The voice he had heard earlier in the day.

With a higher level of panic and volume than before. And the same strange phrase.

“The bird is in the hole! The bird is in the hole!”

“What the hell does this mean?” Faisal yelled in frustration.



Faisal sprang up from his bed, soaked in sweat and apprehension. He placed his hand on his chest and felt his heart slamming against it.

He rarely ever had nightmares, and even when he did, they weren’t as terrifying and vivid as this. He could literally still hear faint echoes of the strange phrase in his ear, even as he sat there wide awake.

But he still couldn’t get it. He had been wondering what that statement was all about, long after the class ended. He had asked Ambradu and Jake about it after school, and none of them had a clue what it could mean. He had tried Googling the term and found pictures of owls and woodpeckers in their habitats, which seemed pretty normal. So what was it all about? And why was the voice screaming with such intensity and fear?

He shook his head and sighed. “Doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t make sense at all. Mtchew. Lemme go get some water and go back to sleep.”

Yep, now everyone’s been affected in one way or another. We can only wonder where things go from here…

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 4 – What A Daydream!

What’s gonna happen next? We’re gonna find out now…

Oh, chale. So last night wey you arrive?

JAKE: Yeah ooo

No be small pumping them pump my stomach. Crazy

FAISAL: So ibi food poisoning?

JAKE: Yeah. But still no clue on the food. Very weird

Yh. Very weird.

But anyways, you dey house now, so…

JAKE: Oh yeah

I’ll be back on Monday morning

FAISAL: Nice, nice

A lazy Saturday afternoon saw Ambradu relaxing in his room, chatting on WhatsApp with his boys. After breakfast with his parents at about 10 am, he headed straight for his bedroom. His older brother was out of the country, and he mostly ignored the few servants in the house. So it was time to get lost in the worlds of FIFA, Call of Duty and God of War.

Three hours later, he decided to take a break and catch up on his chats. Jake, who had been admitted at the hospital after his diarrhoea episode, had returned home after undergoing a gastric suction. It had been a difficult couple of days for him, especially considering how the doctors couldn’t pinpoint what it was that caused the food posioning. But he was back to full heath now.

As he checked out some other chats, a call came through.

She smirked at the caller ID.

It was his dear Stephanie.

He pressed the receive button.


“Hey Ambraduuuuuu! Wassup?”

“Hehe, I’m good, I’m good. Was just chatting with my boys.”

“Oh, okay. Is Jake doing alright?”

“Oh yeah, yeah. He went to the hospital later and they said some food poisoning something bi. But he’s okay now.”

“Oh, okay, that’s good. Glad to hear that. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. News you’re gonna love.”

Ambradu smirked. “You’ve finally got a date for us?”

“Yep! Wednesday evening. My dad’s gonna be out for some board meeting. He’ll be out till about 10:30. Soooo, you know, hehe…”

Ambradu nodded, biting his lip excitedly. “Oh I definitely know. And gademmit, I’m already itching for Wednesday to come. Damn, I can’t wait to taste you for real.”

Stephanie giggled. “I can’t wait to taste you too. You really are my weakness, Ambradu.”

“Oh, I know, baby. I know. And you know you gotta meet me at the door with a lil sexy sum’n, right?”

“Hihihihi. I know, babe. Crop top and panties. Just for you.”


After a few more minutes of naughty talk and little gossip, the two said their goodbyes and hung up.

Putting his phone on the bed, Ambradu grinned as that burning feeling of excitement sparked up in his tummy again. So many daydreams of him and Stephanie since she said yes to him. Daydreams that would definitely be suited to the triple X side of the internet. Daydreams that would soon be made manifest on that Wednesday.

“F**k, I’m gonna enjoy eating this chic,” he murmured to himself as he laid on his back, putting his hands behind his head. “By the time we’re done, she’ll be singing Side To Side. Hehehe.”

Enjoying the rest and the burst of testosterone flowing through his veins, he decided to close his eyes. Time to enter into Daydream Land and create another deliciously sensual fantasy for his pleasure…


He loved risky, but this was certainly not what had crossed his mind when he was on his way to her place. This was extremely risky.

But hey, like he had told her earlier, the riskier, the sweeter. And per that, this put him at risk of getting diabetes.

Because it was super intense and heated in the back of Mr. Owusu’s Land Cruiser.

Five minutes had passed since the two teenagers excitedly entered Stephanie’s father’s spare car, and they were already getting it on, undressed and humping aggressively.

It was all gasps, sweat and lust as they unleashed their deepest cravings upon each other, lost in their own little world of euphoric pleasure. The sounds of Stephanie moaning and gasping were music to his ears as he worked her body like a grand piano. Having him inside her had her on the edge of delightful delirium as she bounced up and down, ecstasy blanking her mind to a T. 

As they slowed down with the bump and grind, she leaned down to kiss him passionately. He responded with like intensity, wrapping his arms around her waist. Upon separation, he smirked. “Goddamn, girl. You are so sweet.”

She laughed softly, then moved his head toward her exposed chest. He didn’t waste time accepting the obvious invitation.

“Mmmmmm… hihihihihihi…” she giggled as he began to work on her left breast greedily. Getting ravished by this bad boy was even sweeter than she had thought. He really knew how to use that tongue.

“Oh God, this is so sweet,” he gasped in between mouthfuls.

More giggles and soft touches on his head were the response.

“I swear to God, this must be what heaven feels like,” he thought to himself as he continued to fill his mouth with mammary glory, egged on by her soft giggles and sighs of joy. “Mmmmmm. Honestly, if sex is the fruit Adam ate that got him in trouble, I don’t blame him one bit…”

His moment of utopia was suddenly interrupted by a strange sound.

The engine had started up.

Ambradu immediately released Stephanie’s breast from his mouth as he turned his head to the front of the car. Indeed, the dashboard was lit up and the radio was on.

But nobody was seated in the driver’s seat. And there was no key in the ignition.

“What the hell?” Ambradu murmured. “Ah, babe, what’s -“

Turning his head, another shock met him he suddenly felt a weight off him. A weight that he had ravenously ravished a couple of seconds ago.

Stephanie had disappeared.

“Ah! What the f**k is going on?” Ambradu wondered, starting to panic. No sign of Stephanie or her clothing could be found in the car. Not even her bra, which he had excitedly flung to the passenger seat in the heat of the moment.

What in the heck was going on? Did she get out of the car herself? Couldn’t be possible, considering he didn’t hear the car door open. In any case, she was enjoying getting devoured, so leaving would be ridiculous.

So she disappeared? How? Why? To where?

This was beyond puzzling and frightening.

As he hurriedly put on his boxer shorts, the engine revved a couple of times, raising his tension level higher. How in God’s name was this car being revved when absolutely nobody was behind the steering wheel?

Well, whatever it was, he wasn’t willing to stick around to find out. He grabbed the rest of his clothes and opened the door.

Only one problem. It didn’t open; it was locked.

And his attempts to unlock it were strangely unsuccessful. The lock on the door refused to budge.

He switched to the other door. Same thing.

“Arrghh! F**king child lock!” he swore at the doors, then moved to the front passenger seat and tried to open it.

That too was locked, and refused to be unlocked.

And just as he was about to switch to the driver’s seat, the weirdest of feelings came over him. It was like an invisible seat belt had been strapped around his waist and his shoulders; suddenly, he couldn’t move.

If he had been panicked a few minutes ago, he was now outright terrified.

Struggling to free himself from whatever power it was that was holding on to, his stomach sank even further as he saw the gate open on its own. Wide open, the car engine gave another revving sound before speeding out of the house.

At this point, Ambradu was screaming.


His cries for help wouldn’t be heard, however, as the windows were closed.

As to how things had drastically changed in the past few minutes, he had no idea. Only a couple of minutes ago was he having sex with the prettiest girl in Gear House Institute in her daddy’s car. Now he was stuck alone in the car, which was speeding on an oddly empty road, with absolutely no driver.

Nightmarish stuff.

But nothing would have prepared him for what was next. Because the road wasn’t empty anymore.

Another vehicle appeared on the road.

A tipper truck.

And the Land Cruiser was heading right in its direction.

As Ambradu realized this, meltdown mode was activated. From banging on the windows to attempting to kick the lock open, he was absolutely hysterical, screaming himself hoarse as he tried to get out of the car.

Nothing worked.

The vehicles approached each other.



Top speed…

Impact imminent….

Terror in Ambradu’s heart as the tipper truck grew closer…


Ambradu sprung up from the bed, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

“What the f**k was that?”

He looked around, his chest heaving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. He used the edge of his shirt to wipe off the sweat from his face as he tried to calm himself down. In lying down and letting his hungry mind run wild with naughtiness, he had no idea how that suddenly switched.

How in the world did a lust-soaked fantasy turn into such a terrifying dream?

Things are slowly heating up with these guys, and you can only wonder where it goes from here…

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 3 – What The Hell Happened?

“Herh, you! Come here!”

The young boy walking by the palm tree on the school compound froze, cursing his stars as he heard Ambradu’s voice call out to him.

The Slash Kings, as always, were seated at their bench. It was Thursday, and Ambradu and Jake had an upcoming class test after break, so they had some exercise books on their laps, busily doing some last minute cramming, while Faisal sat next to them, giving them little reminders here and there.

As long as they were outside, though, there was always time for some form of harassment. And once Ambradu saw the lad holding what was clearly a brand new Nataraj pen, he was only too happy to snatch that opportunity. Never mind the fact that he had two Bic pens in his pocket.

The young boy walked over to them reluctantly, his face already glum as he twisted his pen in his hand.

“Give me your pen. I’m going to write a test,” Ambradu ordered in a calm but authoritative voice.

The youngster looked down at his pen, then looked up at Ambradu, despair on his face. “But-but I need it for class-“

“I said, give me your pen!” Ambradu repeated, his voice a little louder.

The young boy looked pretty unhappy. This was a new pen he had just bought for the next class, now suddenly it was being seized by this meanie. Ugh! If only he hadn’t been holding it out for the world to see…

“Don’t make me ask again, boy. I said, give me your pen!” Ambradu stated again.

“Hey, he dey tell you something, you no go do?” Faisal barked fiercely at the boy. “Will you give him the pen and stop being stupid?”

The aggression in that voice was enough to move the youngster’s hand towards the one demanding it. Ambradu reached out, snatched the pen and with a dismissive wave of the hand, sacked the boy from his sight. The victim wished he could give them a piece of his mind, but the hostile look on Faisal’s face made him think otherwise. That belligerent boy would undoubtedly give him mental scars if he spoke any further.

He walked away, tears standing at the corners of his eyes, while Ambradu and Jake snickered at the look on Faisal’s face.

“Chale, Faisal, relax eh!” Ambradu laughed. “He take the pen give me. That be all.”

“But you no see how he do ein face afterwards?” Faisal argued. “Like he dey come argue plus we. He, he make lucky waa sey he no gbele ein mouth. Like he go see ein sorrmii for here. Aboa!”

“Eiiii, we beg, relax!” Jake added. “He no talk anything. He naa, he know, so chale, forget am. Anyways, Ambradu, this test, you make ready?” Jake asked.

“Ready to the fullest. Na I dey study all night ooo, so these last minute things just be embellishments give me.”

“Chaleyyy! You dey force ooo.”

“Hwɛɛ! After the way Ms. Kyei mark me down last term, I say I never go slack for Integrated Science again. This term, the classwork and homework all, if I go score low marks kraa, 7 over 10. I no dey slack.”

“Simple kraaa,” Faisal agreed. “You no for dey lose guard give the teachers kraaa.”

“Ah, Faisal, what e dey your hand inside?” Jake asked, a mischievous grin on his face.

Faisal looked down, then shut his eyes in embarrassment. “Oh s**t, I forgot myself.”

Earlier that morning, on the way to the bus stop where he usually met with the others, he had chanced upon a hawker selling Pebbles. One of his guilty pleasures. After debating within whether or not to buy some, the part of him arguing for the motion won and he bought about four small wrappings of the chocolate treats.

So much for staying off sweet stuff.

He hadn’t wanted the boys to see him betraying his promise, but at that moment, discretion evaded him, as the wrappers were in his hand for all to see.

“Ah. Herh, Faisal, Golden Tree pebbles you dey chop for there?” Ambradu asked. “Inobi you wey you say you dey shun all sweet things?”

The goofy and guilty expression on Faisal’s face as he covered his eyes was hilarious. “Chale… old habits dey die hard…”

“Eeei, sweet king nono! You dey sweet things pass! You no catch one week sef, you dey slip up. Eiiii, boy!”

Faisal was too shy to respond.

“See, Jake, this boy, the way he get sweet tooth eh, e go translate to the waist pɛɛ. He go like c**t chop roff!”

Jake burst into loud laughter as Faisal’s eyes widened. Then he shook his head as he laughed. “You this Ambradu boy eh, you f**k up, I swear! Herrhhh!”

As they laughed, the siren to indicate break was over sounded off.

“Chale! Time for action!” Ambradu said out loud as he closed his exercise book. Readying himself to get up, he then looked at the pen he had extorted from the younger boy. “These pens sef, them be good?”

“Hoh, massa, forget these pens,” Faisal scoffed. “Abi you get Bic? That be the correct pen, chale.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

With that, Ambradu tossed the pen onto the ground and stepped on it. He smirked at his little deed before walking off with his boys to the classroom block.


All books away!”

At the sound of that order, the students placed their books under their desks and readied themselves for the test ahead of them. The teacher then moved around the class, providing each student with a plain foolscap sheet and an overturned question paper. With about forty students in the class, that was not too tedious a task for her.

Once she was done, she came to stand before the class and checked her watch. It was 12:58 pm. Another two minutes, and the test would begin.

As the digits finally switched to 13:00 on her watch, she announced, “Start work!”

The students duly turned their question sheets over and began to read as they started.


Jake was pretty excited as he scanned the question paper. That last minute session with Ambradu and Faisal had been a lot more beneficial than he had anticipated. Virtually everything they had discussed at their base was what could be found on the paper.

Alaa, no be small firing I go fire this paper. Herrrrhh!! Ɛbɛyɛ dɛ kɛkɛ! he thought triumphantly as he took up his pen and steadied himself to begin work.

He looked briefly in Ambradu’s direction. His friend was staring hard at the question paper on his desk.

Eii, this boy. By now, he dey cook up some killer answers for ein head inside, he laughed inwardly as he turned back to his sheet. He began to write.

Two lines into his answer, however, he began to feel something in his belly.

A pain that seemed to gain strength with each passing second.

As it started up, Jake ignored it, hoping it would remain at a bearable stage. But it refused to remain at the mild stage.

Slowly it climbed. From mild… to moderate… to severe.

Soon, Jake’s head was on the table, wincing at the sharp pain rippling through him. The urge to visit the loo was slowly getting so intense, he could feel his attempts to hold it in get weaker.

Squirming in his seat, the attention of a few around him. And the teacher.

“Mr. Jake Yorke, is something wrong?” she asked. Quite typical of her to call students out by their full names.

Jake quickly raised his head from the table. “I need to go to the bathroom, please!” he blurted out, the discomfort all over his face.

Seeing how much anguish he was in, she nodded and gestured toward the door. Jake immediately rushed out, to the concern of many, and the amusement of some.

A few minutes later, Jake walked back in, looking a bit weaker. Ms. Kyei looked quite concerned. “Jake, can you continue with the paper?”

He nodded. “Yes, madam. I’m okay now.”

He returned to his seat and resumed writing. That had been some nasty bout of agony, but that rush to the bathroom was a reliever. Now he could get back to killing this paper.

Five minutes passed, and he was halfway through answering the first question. Feeling pleased with himself, he had a smirk on his face as he wrote…

… then suddenly the pain returned.

And this time, it jumped straight to severe. Severe to the extent that Jake practically shrieked in pain as he held his stomach.

Now the class, and the teacher, were worried. Those who found his first reaction funny weren’t laughing now; it was clear the boy was in serious pain.

Two of his mates and Ambradu rushed to his side as Ms. Kyei called out to them to take him out of the classroom ASAP.

“Boys, please, take him to the dispensary. Quickly!”


Whatever Jake was going through did not make Ambradu happy, but it was a bit of a welcome distraction for him. He had been hoping the little interruption would restore some sanity to his brain.

But as he sat before the paper, nothing had changed.

Absolutely nothing.

He sighed and gritted his teeth in anger.

How the f**k am I not able to remember a thing?

Since Ms. Kyei announced ‘Start Work!’, it’s as if something had snuck into his brain and placed a veil over everything he had studied. He had learned hard for this test, yet as he sat there, it was almost like he had not even bothered to crack a book open in months.

He looked at the questions. These were questions he could answer with no fuss. None at all. Yet it felt like the answers had been stuffed in some corner of his brain and locked up, with no key in sight.

His head leaning on his upright right arm, he seethed to himself.

“Come on, gademmit! I know this stuff. I know it! Come on!”

His brain still wouldn’t open up. Just hazy ideas upon hazy ideas. This was so infuriating.

“Come on, come on, come onnnnnnn!”

No recollection. No remembrance. The lights in his brain were like lightbulbs of homes powered by ECG or NEPA.

And until the moment he heard ‘Stop Work!’, nothing changed.

Whatever blocked the information from being used for the test held on till the bitter end, much to the frustration of Ambradu.


“Ah. But how?” Faisal wondered out loud, standing next to Ambradu as they watched their friend accompanied by two teachers, walk to the car park where his mother’s car was conveniently parked.

Jake had spent the rest of the afternoon in the school dispensary, unable to do anything but rush to the bathroom every time a stinging pain ripped through his belly. Eventually, his mother was called to come and pick him.

She had come just as school was over for the day, and Faisal, wondering what the commotion had been about, had stepped out of his class to see his fellow Slash King looking pretty weak and pale and leaning on one of the teachers.

Ambradu shook his head, at a total loss. “I no dey understand sef. Sudden diarrhea, but what he chop, we too we chop the same thing. Wey notin do we. Very strange.”

“Very. So he no write kraaa?”

Ambradu shook his head. “Small, but he no fit finish. The way things happen, them say them go give am special time make he write after recovery.”


As they watched the car drive out of the premises, Ambradu shook his head again. Of course, he was concerned about Jake’s well-being and hoped he’d recover speedily. But his mind was fixed on what happened to him in the classroom; he still couldn’t understand how his brain suddenly shut down and refused to function for the entirety of the test. He had huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed, but just like the brick house of the third pig, his efforts to break through that barrier failed.

Eventually, he had to resort to writing utter gibberish. Something he knew would get him in trouble with Ms. Kyei.

Sighing as he trudged back to the classroom to take his bag, he kept asking himself the same question over and over again…

“What the hell happened?”

Things have started happening! What else is in store for them? The next episode will have more information for us!

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 2 – Good Deeds & Phobias

“Jake! Tamara! Salma! Kiki!”

A chorus of Yes Mas rang out in the Yorke house.

“It’s time for our regular devotion before you all leave for school.”

A cloudy Wednesday morning with no hint of rain in sight, it was a regular busy morning. Like many other households, the Yorkes were busy as the man of the house prepared for work and his wife went about her housewife duties, including preparing the four children for school.

Jake, the oldest of the four, appeared first in the living room, where Richard and Fanny Yorke were seated. A few minutes later, Tamara, his 13 year old sister, appeared. Salma and Kiki, the 10 and 8 year olds who were adopted children, eventually joined the rest of the family.

“Let’s hold hands as always,” Mr. Yorke ordered, to which the kids duly obeyed. He then raised a local worship song, which they all joined in. For two minutes, the living room was filled with six voices, young and old, all in tandem as they lifted early morning praises to their Creator and Father.

Once they were done, Mr. Richard Yorke began to raise prayer points, leading his wife and children in communion with God. As they fired off in tongues, the children prayed in a quieter tone.

Ten minutes of that, and the family then took their seats as Mr. Yorke took the big Bible placed in the middle of the living room table, ready to read the word of God to them for the day.

Morning devotion was not something the Yorkes took lightly in the slightest. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail, the family would gather to sing a few songs to the Lord, pray, then hear the word and let Mr. Yorke know what they learned out of the scripture reading.

Today’s sermon was centered on the words of Jesus in John 13:34. As Mr. Yorke spoke to his family on the importance of showing love to others as believers, Jake sat there, with a face that would have anyone believe he was deeply imbibing all that his father was saying to him.

“So, starting from Jake, what is the main thing you’re taking from the word for today?” Mr. Yorke asked.

Hands on his laps, the most innocent of looks on his face, he calmly responded, “The main thing I’m taking from the word of God today is that we must love others. No matter what. Because Jesus loved us first, and the least we can do to honour Him is by showing that love to others in all ways.”

“Very good! Tamara?”

As Mr. Yorke continued with the other children, Jake was just itching for this devotion to end quickly. Being the only child in the house who attended GHI, which was about a fifteen-minute walk away from them, all he needed to do was grab his bag and bounce, unlike his siblings, whose school was much further away and required Mr. Yorke to drop them off there.

And boy, was he ready to bounce! He and Ambradu had targeted one twelve year old who they noted had been buying Alvaro Passion Fruit for a while now. It was time that boy did a little sharing.

“Everybody hold hands… Let us pray. Heavenly Father, we thank You for this time in your presence. Holy One of Israel, thank You for enlightenment, thank You for revelation, thank You for showing us the way to live. This day, we ask that Your Spirit will shed Your loved abroad in our hearts. Lead us on how to love others, just as You love us. And help each of us to carry out at least one deed of love this day. In Jesus’ name.”


“Okay, time for me to go now,” Jake announced.

“Alright, son. May the Lord go before you and order your footsteps, and teach you to show love to others. Amen!”



“Thanks. Now go!” Jake said smugly as he half-snatched the bottle of Alvaro from the boy.

True to form, the Slash Kings had descended upon the young lad earlier that morning and as they had predicted, the boy had that drink in his possession. Not only did they forcibly take it from him, but ordered him to buy an extra one during break.

As he begrudgingly heeded their demand, the boy walked away, thankful that at least, Faisal largely ignored him. He was busy jotting some stuff down as they sat on their special bench.

“Ei, today diɛɛ, you dey thank the boy? Wassup?” Ambradu asked in amusement. “Popee give you some sermon this morning anaa?”

“Oh, you know the drill dada. Morning devotion tins, wey the old man say make we all do one deed of love towards someone. So I do my good deed for the day. Or?”

“Oh yeah, that be all, chale. One good deed, then we move.”

“You guys say what?” Faisal asked, looking up from his folded exercise book.

“Oh, Operation One Day, One Good Deed. That be the task Mr. Yorke take give Jake for morning devotion today.”

Faisal shook his head as a big ‘mtchew’ escaped his lips. “Massa, you know sey them things, I no dey…”


The three of them turned to see who it was.

Stephanie, and a couple of her friends, with the former waving to them. They duly waved back, big smiles on their faces as she and her squad walked back to their classroom.

“Chale, but Ambradu, this your girlfriend be sexy oo!” Jake commented as the three of them observed Stephanie walking with her friends.

“Ibi serious, chale. See how in this yawa uniform sef, the body make sweet. I just dey imagine if she dey wear some tight, short dress. Dammit!” Ambradu responded, a smirk on his face.

“It’ll be serious, chale,” Faisal agreed, adjusting himself at his side of the bench. “But on the real, you for do then eat am soon ooo.”

“Oh, but you dey fear? Na how I go get this fresh p***y wey I no go spoil inside? Faisal paaa!”

Faisal laughed. “Adey beg, boss. I should never have doubted your abilities. I dey believe you.”

Thank you! By all means, this girl diɛɛ, I go pound am, no two ways about it . Right on her couch. I go give to am make she moan pass them porno actresses, walahi!”

“Alaa! The boy means business!” Faisal cheered, giving Ambradu a celebratory slap on the back as Jake raised his hands in jubilation as well.

“I swear down! Chale, destroy the flower make she see sey Slash Kings no dey f**k around!” Jake added. “Pummel the p***y ankasa!”

“I go destroy am. Walahi talahi!”

Faisal and Jake laughed and cheered.

As the two took swigs of their drinks and Faisal of his bottle of water, a butterfly flew in their direction.

Faisal visibly flinched at the sight of it before realizing what it was, then shook his head.

Ambradu noticed his reaction and laughed. “Ah, but you, butterfly wey you dey do that?”

Faisal shook his head again. “Nahh, na I figure sey ibi moth.”

“Ah, but hard guy like you, small moth wey you dey fear?” Jake teased.

“Chale, chale. Moths be some creepy insects give me ooo. My former school, some times of the year, the way them dey enter the classroom go dey the roof top pleeeeenty, na ibi some creepy ass s**t give me. Boy, I dey fit see them, then I won vomit mpo. Since then, moths dey creep me the f**k out.”

“Ahh well, that dey make sense, mohm. As you explain am like that, I dey understand you,” Jake responded.

“Yeah. E check like me then cockroaches,” Ambradu added. “Chale, cockroaches be some nasty little pieces of s**t. Ei, picture of cockroach sef dey trigger me.”

“Ei, then your own be serious ooo. Picture sef dey f**k you up?” Jake asked.

“Inobi joke I dey tell you. I really dey hate those things. Them dey mess me up pass. Filthy little vermin. Mtcheww.”

Faisal snickered a bit at that last reaction. “But you know something funny? Apparently, cockroaches dey fear we too. I see for some place sey if them touch you aaa, them dey rush go clean dema body, or something like that.”

“I see, interesting stuff.”

As they continued to talk, one boy passed by their bench in a hurry, making sure he could avoid them as best as he could. Ambradu looked at the boy’s back and squinted. “Ah, guys. Inobi that small boy we see for the Barnes Road side last time?”

“The one na he dey kick red bag?” Jake asked.

Ambradu nodded.

Jake looked at the boy, who was almost out of sight, then nodded. “Yeah, ibi am.”

“He sef, we no finish plus am last week, sakeof that idiot boy he come tell we s**t,” Faisal recalled.

“Yeah, yeah, true. That boy sef, ibi like he no be student for here,” Ambradu wondered.

“Nahhhh. Definitely no be GHI student,” Jake answered. “Like by all means, we go see am for the compound top at any point in time.”

“Well, wherever he dey, what dey matter be sey, next time, he go mind ein own business then watch ein mouth. Kwasia like that! Small boy, notin you know for this world inside, you dey come call we excuse for homo sapiens! Aboa ba!” Faisal spat, still a little miffed by the memory of it all.

“Oh, by all means. He be very stupid boy to talk to us like that. But by now, he learn sense. That be all e dey hia,” Ambradu agreed.

The siren for break over sounded off.

“Chale, make we move.”


In a corner of the path to the incomplete stored on Barnes Road, his eyes were fixed on the seniors’ classroom block of Gear House Institute. Break time was over, and the students were returning to their classes.

His eyes spotted the three of them, leisurely walking and chatting with each other.

A mirthless smile spread across his lips.

“They don’t know what’s coming.”

He shook his head, and walked away.

I think this is where things will start to get interesting for this trio. Time to find out exactly what is coming their way…

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 1 – The Slash Kings

The story fully begins now…

“Herh, you make serious?”

“Hwɛ! Ambradu, ibi serious things I dey tell you ooo. Na ibi the daughter naaa she dey steal the money. Wey she dey lie make them beat beat the househelp until them record am sey she dey tell ein boyfriend how she dey steal am. Almost 7K wey she bost oo.”

“Chale! Herh, information dey this world inside ooo.”

“I swear, my guy…”

It was 7:10, and at the Manic Bus Stop, where trotros stopped for alighting and boarding passengers, stood two students of Gear House Institute, well dressed in their checkered purple and white shirts and purple shorts, busily chatting as they waited for their friend to join them.

Ambradu Gyekye and Jake Yorke.

Ambradu was the leader of the little clique. A fine, good-looking boy over 5 feet 7, he was the kind of lad who everyone would love to be around. The son of an owner of one of the biggest mining companies in the country, he was no stranger to the high life. Money, power, comfort… he had it all.

And he loved it all. Especially the power.

With a fit physique and a rich dad, he got so used to having some form of power that he began to wield it in his school. In a rather cruel way.

To him, power was for ensuring that those below him knew he was the boss, and they could not match up to him in any way. And that if he chose to show them the opposite of kindness, they ought to accept it in good faith.

Obviously, because of this, he had very few friends in school; he was considered one of the most cruel human beings on campus, and students avoided him like a plague as often as possible. But one stuck by for many years, and that was Jake.

Many would say that if Ambradu was Jafar, Jake was Iago. Slightly shorter and a little heavier than his best friend, he was probably one of the very few people on planet Earth that thought very highly of Ambradu and could always be found by his side.

Somehow, he just found his best friend’s cruel displays of power to be absolutely hilarious. And he always made sure the victims in question know how much he reveled in their misery.

“Anyways, chale, if we go school, I dey beg, make we search out that f**king Daniel boy then ein paddies. I hear sey na them dey talk s**t about me like two days ago or so,” Ambradu announced.

“Ah, seriously? Those boys eh… we for get some time show them levels. Like how we take show those jon Good Guys. See some gyimi-gyimi name sef.”

“I dey shock sef. Kwasiafuo. Abi now them make lemm. Jons. Them figure sey them go fit we…”

A red trotro stopped in front of them, and as the mate opened the door and stepped out, a student in the same attire as Ambradu and Jake followed him out.

A lean-looking young man with a cold expression chiseled on his face.

“Alaa, the one and only Faisal Kadiri. Chale, wassup?”

The two greeted him as he gave them fist bumps and gave them a polythene bag with drinks in it.”

“I dey oo, I dey. I manage buy your La Casera for the road top.”

“Fantastic,” Ambradu beamed as he took out his own, handing the other bottle to Jake. “You no buy some give your body?”

Faisal shook his head. “Abi I tell you guys. No sweet stuff for the next 30 days. I make serious.”

Jake eyed him and snickered. “Ayoo, we hear you. Anyways, make we go. Ambradu say we get some unfinished business plus Daniel ein squad…”


“Those boys are terrible,” one student sighed, shaking his head as he watched Ambradu, Jake and surround a few boys at a bench near the football pitch on the school compound. The three were clearly on the prowl, as was often the case during break time when they weren’t seated at their usual bench under the palm trees near the entrance to the school.

Nobody enjoyed seeing them walk in their direction. With a look that conveyed how much he relished being evil to others on the face of Ambradu, a goofy but mean grin on Jake’s, and an all-out fierce glare from Faisal, the sight of those three was never a sight to behold. Students always scattered whenever they came their way. Whether it was almost time for assembly, break time or closing time, those boys, the self-proclaimed Slash Kings, were looking for someone to assert their cruel powers over.

“Horrible pieces of s**t, chale,” his friend agreed, looking at them with disgust. “It’s honestly disgusting how they’re given free reign here. They torment everyone and nothing is done about it.”

“Hmmm. There’s a reason why ooo. Abi you’ve not been here very long. You see Ambradu and Jake come from affluent families?”


“Well, the truth is, when they first started misbehaving somewhere like two years ago, some students went and reported them to the authorities, sharp, and Mr. Agyare himself – a whole headmaster – disciplined them well well at one assembly and said that’s what will happen if bullying ever becomes a thing. Na the two of them were so angry and embarrassed about being disciplined like that in front of the whole school, they went and told their fathers about it.

“Apparently, their fathers have been helping with funding the school’s infrastructure. The IT Lab and the football field nyinaa, they were the ones who helped the school to build them. Iheard they’re financing the new classroom block too. So the next day, Mr. Gyekye and Mr. Yorke themselves came to the school. I hear it wasn’t easy in the headmaster’s office. Ambradu’s father was like, how dare he embarrass his son like that, bla bla bla. As for Mr. Yorke, he said issa lie, na the way he’s brought up his children in the fear of the Lord, there’s no way Jake will bully anyone. They came and warned the man gidigidi that if he touches them again, they’ll stop funding all the projects here. And since then, Mr. Agyare told all the teachers to jie their eye. That’s why they have carte blanche like that ooo. It’s sad.”

“Ah! So because of money and projects, your students should suffer? Mtcheww! So they don’t see what happens on campus? The fact that a number of parents have grown frustrated and withdrawn their wards from school doesn’t mean anything to them?”

“Hmm, chale. Them no dey see all that ooo. As long as they have some millionaires giving them money, everything else can go to hell.”

“This is sad. Really sad. And that clique too, the Good Guys, they did virtually nothing. Those guys easily beat them down. That Faisal guy alone could handle them, chale. I dunno, among the three of them, he’s the one I don’t like at all. I think he’s the worst human being on the planet.”

“Are you sure? It’s the leader who is the worst ooo. Ambradu Gyekye. He’s the most horrible among the three. Don’t look at just the aggression ooo. Look at their overall attitude. Ambradu is just some depraved boy. He diɛɛ, when he’s bullying people, you can just see it in his eyes that he derives joy from being mean. It’s so obvious.”

“Hmmm. For me, it’s Faisal that I really dislike. It’s like he just enjoys fighting for the sake of it. Ah, can’t you live in peace with others? What aaaa is wrong with your life that you want everyone to be afraid of you?”

“I’m sure he just has some self-esteem issues, and this is the best way he knows how to deal with it. But chale, he’s a coward. A pathetic little coward.”

“And as for that Jake boy eh, another major buffoon. As for him, he just follows them like some toy bi. Laughing and adding to the cruelty his friends are inflicting on others.”

“Oh, him eh… see, Seba, one day one day, them go see. For like two years now, they’ve been using their position and physique and tins to torment people. One day, they’ll regret it.”

“Oh, definitely. They will… chale, chale, they’ve finished worrying those guys. Make we lef here before them go come disturb us…”


“Feel good?”

“Mmmm… yess… ow, God, yes! Mmm… oh, don’t stop!”

It was 5:30 pm. Usually, by this time, virtually every student of Gear House Institute had left for home.

Except for Ambradu. And a certain girl in his class, called Stephanie.

Gear House Institute had quite a number of pretty young girls, but Miss Stephanie Owusu was considered to be one of the prettiest. A petite melanin girl, it was no secret that half of the boys in the school had varying degrees of crushes on her.

And of course, one of them was Ambradu. Taking due advantage of the powerful position he had, where very few people would want to get in his way, he bulldozed his way into the front of the line for her heart. Captivated by his charming words and the ‘bad boy vibes’, she had only one answer for him when he proposed to her, and it wasn’t negative.

Since then, they had been picking certain days to stay over and have a little fun after school hours. In the third stall of the girls’ bathroom, they would meet and get exceptionally intimate with each other. And that day was no different.

Anyone who would have walked into the girls’ bathroom at that time would have been flushed with embarrassment upon hearing Stephanie moan and gasp as Ambradu excitedly put his hands to work down her skirt.

A few more minutes of squeals and pleas for more went on before the two considered it a day for their illicit activities.

As they stepped out of the washroom, Ambradu naughtily spanked Stephanie on the butt. “Getting sweeter and sweeter by the day, you know.”

Stephanie giggled as she turned to face him.

“Babe, you know we eventually gotta step this up. It’s been two months already. I really wanna have you proper proper,” he continued, looking into her eyes.

She nodded. “We will, booboo. We will. Just lemme find out the right time my dad will be out of the house, and I’ll let you know.”

A grin appeared on his face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You know we gotta do it on the couch, though, right?”

She giggled again and shook her head. “Ambradu, you know that’ll be risky.”

“But babe, the riskier, the sweeter. Isn’t this thing we’re doing risky? Yet I bet my fingers are sweeter than they’d ever be without the risk.”

She laughed yet again. “Wellllll… I guess… I guess we can take the risk. As long as we get to have fun, that’s all that matters.”

“Exactly. And trust me, I know for a fact that sex on the couch will be the greatest ever.”

Yet more laughter from the young girl. “Oh, Ambradu, you’re such a funny guy.”

“That’s me, baby. That’s me in all my prestige and glory. So… time to head home now. Hope you had a sweet time.”

Stephanie giggled and nodded. “Too sweet.”

He leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Have I told you lately that you are so damn sexy?”

She giggled yet again, then shook her head as she gave him a seductive look. “Tell me.”

“Well, you, my dear Stephanie Owusu,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist, “are so damn sexy, it almost hurts.”

More giggles from the girl was silenced as he pressed his lips against hers in an intense kiss that lasted for about a minute. Once they separated, they were both panting, high on testosterone and oestrogen.

“I’m gonna get us a date as soon as possible,” she murmured.


“Can’t wait.”

“Me too. I’m gonna give you one hell of a night, I swear.”

Stephanie giggled once again. Those bad boy vibes. Always had her excited. “Okay, baby, it’s time for us to go now. Can you walk me to the bus stop?”

“Sure, babe. Anything for you.”

Well, that’s the introduction we’ve had to these boys. Let’s see what happens as the story goes on…

You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Prologue – They Surely Will

Welcome, guys! Here’s a brand new story on your beloved State!

This is a pretty crazy story, to be honest. But I think we all know crazy is a solid part of this side of the internet. So, brace yourselves for this journey!

“Herh! Herh!”

I was not far off when I heard them call out to that boy. Alvin, if I’m correct.

I saw the look of terror in his eyes as he stopped, unsure if it was him or not. He looked around to see if anyone else was around the path leading to the school. He realized he was the only one.

Yeah, hanging around that side of Barnes Road is a bad idea, especially around the hours of 4:30 to 5 pm. For some reason, there are few people around, and you’re at the mercy of a lot of terrible people.

Like them.

He tried to focus on his path. You know, pretend as if he wasn’t the one that was called. Act as if he didn’t hear anything. So he kept moving. Hoping that by some magic stroke, they’d ignore him or something like that.

Nope, it didn’t work.

“Herh! Where are you going? Hey! You with the red bag, I dey talk to you. Stop!”

Once they pointed out his bag colour, the jig was up for him.

I could see the look in his eyes. Tears ready to pour forth upon realizing he was trapped. I saw as he mouthed to himself, “Why did I decide to pass here at this time? Ah, ah, ah!”

Yeah, he probably should have found another path to pass or something. But considering the Blue Skies drink he was holding, I guess he had been targeting to get something from the shop that’s a few metres ahead of the path. Can’t blame him; I love Blue Skies too. Best juice in the world.

But that’s another matter.

He was frozen in his spot. Clearly torn between running away and just waiting for the eventual. The former would’ve been the better option, but… that would worsen his predicament. And I don’t think that 10 year old would successfully outrun them.

So he chose the latter, woefully accepting his upcoming fate.

I could sense the terror and trepidation building up in his chest as they caught up to him with each passing footstep. The fright at knowing he was about to have an experience that would be an unpleasant part of his childhood.

He shut his eyes and cursed his stars…

… and two seconds later, they were in front of him.

Three sixteen year olds.

The one in the middle, a tall lean boy with a muscular build and eyes that glinted with evil. One look into that boy’s eyes, and you can just tell how much he revels in being cruel to young ones.

The one on the left, the shortest among the three, with a slightly heavy build. He had this goofy smile, the kind that lets you know he thinks this nonsense of hurting others and being all-out nasty to those lower than you is fun.

The one on the right, a foot or two shorter than the one in the middle, with a lean look and this cold expression etched on his face. It’s quite clear that this boy has no idea what the words compassion, love or kindness mean. Wickedness in human flesh.

These boys were obviously bigger than Alvin. And the looks on their faces made it pretty clear that a friendly chat was not on the agenda.

“So as we dey call you, you no dey hear?” the boy in the middle sneered. “Why, you be deaf and dumb or what?”

Alvin shook his head carefully, too petrified to even move a finger. Unpredictability hangs in the air like a bad stench at the public toilets with these guys around. You have no idea what they’re gonna do to you, but you know it won’t be nice.

The boy on the right, without warning, suddenly slapped the back of his head. “Open your mouth and talk! Sia like that!”

Bowed over in pain from the sudden impact, Alvin whimpered.

Like I said, unpredictability. Any of them could strike you at any time.

“Disrespectful idiot! Don’t you know you must open your mouth when we’re talking to you? Nonsense!”

“Chale, you better raise your head and look at us when we’re talking to you ooo.”

The voice of the third boy, less aggressive but still a carrier of unpleasant tidings, rang above his lowered head.

You have no idea how disgust rose to the top of my throat like an erupting volcano.

Bullies. They make me sick.

At this point, I knew what was going to happen. I was going to confront them.

Sure, I might be Alvin’s age, but who else was gonna stand up for the poor boy? Apparently, they have some unfettered freedom in school to do all this foolishness, so almost nobody stops them. But I wasn’t gonna take it. The boy is going home. He’s done nothing to you. Why harass him unprovoked?

So I approached from the bench I was sitting on beside the uncompleted store.

They were just being the despicable human beings everybody knew them to be. Mr. Goofy Smile had Alvin’s small hands locked under his armpit as he slapped him, the one on the right – the bastard who slapped Alvin’s head – was knocking him, and the one in the middle was simply watching him with this very cruel smile on his face.

Abusing the boy for no reason at all. Just because it gives them shots of power.

Foolishness! Absolute foolishness!

“Hey! Leave him alone!”

The three of them froze for a moment, then turned in my direction.

I gave them the most evil of glares as I folded my arms, making my disdain at their actions very clear. “He’s done nothing to you! Let him be, for God’s sake!” I added.

The three of them gave a collective ‘Mtcheww’ as they saw who it was giving them orders.

“Massa, comot for there!” the middle boy, who at this point seemed to be the leader of the bullies, snapped. “Is it your matter? Mind your f**king business.”

“Yeah, mind your own damn business!” the smiling bully added. “And leave here before we decide to descend on you.”

With that, Alvin’s brief moment of peace was cut short, as they returned to slapping him in the face.

“Kwasia boy! Does he know who we are, and he’s coming to order us about?” the aggressive one scoffed as he pulled Alvin’s ear and twisted it.

“Are you minding him? He should continue standing there and see if we won’t take it out on him,” the leader said.

I was really outraged, and the next words that burst out of me were vicious.

“”You know what you guys are? Horrible human beings. Absolute pieces of trash. You think there’s fun in being nasty to people just for the fun of it, but you don’t know you’re honestly just pathetic excuses for homo sapiens!”

They stopped.

Yeah, letting that out felt good. Like an anvil off my chest. I hate bullies with a passion, and it felt cathartic to let these scum beings know how I felt about them.

Only one problem, though.

Their attention switched to me.

And the look on their faces… hmmmm… rage is too little a word.

They were absolutely fuming.

“Herh! Come here! Stupid boy!”

Alvin was shoved aside as they charged after me.

At that moment, I had a perfect idea of what it felt like to be a gazelle or a zebra being chased by a pride of wild lionesses. Now the terror that gripped Alvin a couple of moments ago took hold of me.

I tried to run as fast as I could. But who was I kidding? I’m not fast at all, and these boys probably had adrenalin fuelling their sprints as they rushed towards me. In a matter of seconds, the leader had me by the scruff of my neck.

As they dragged me to the uncompleted store, raining insults upon me, I knew I was finished.

They threw me on the floor.

Began to kick and stomp on me with all the strength within them.

It was horrible.

Blinding pain ripping through my nerve endings as they dug their shoes into my stomach, my back, my thighs… worse than walking on scalding hot coals.

It felt like an eternity as they kicked at me, pummeled me and used every single insult that popped into their head upon me. Absolute hell.

As one of them kicked me in the back of my head twice, in my dazed state, I still heard one of them say, “”Next time you see us, you’ll respect yourself and pass by quietly! Nonsense! Coming to call us pathetic. Gyimi!”

The voice of the ‘leader’.

“Chale, make I kick ein face make ein teeth, comot!” I heard Mr. Aggressive hiss passionately. “Kwasia toke! Who be piece of trash? Your family tree all be piece of trash. Aboa!”

“Nah, chale, it’s okay. We’ve shown him where power lies. Let’s go.”

“Chale, should we go back to the other one?” Mr. Evil Smile asked.

“Chale, make we forget am,” the leader suggested. “I’m tired. Let’s get some Beta Malt, na I’ve lost some strength. Dealing with pieces of s**t no be small task.”

“I tell you,” Mr. Aggressive agreed. “Alright, chale. If you say so. Make we move.”

No morsel of strength within my body; those sick boys totally wasted me. Pain still had total control over me. To even blink an eye would send nerve signals of crippling agony right down to the soles of my feet.

Nonetheless, I let out a cough. And with the little might I had, I called out weakly to them.

“You… you’re-you’re… you’re gonna regret this.”

“You go regret wo maame t**! Aboa!”

Mr. Evil Smile and the leader laughed at Mr. Aggressive’s quick retort as they stepped out of the uncompleted store.

Consciousness was fast slipping away. Everything was turning black slowly. Darkness overtaking my sight.

I didn’t know what was next as I passed out, but I know one thing is for sure.

They’re gonna regret this… they surely will.

Well, that was a pretty cruel start to the story. Bullies, eh. They can be terrible people. What awaits us as we begin? We’ll see in due time…

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt. 5

By the time Mr. Quist was done with his prayer, Elizabeth was crying, overwhelmed with the weight of the knowledge that had just been dished out to her. From the moment that minstrel at the worship concert began singing her song, she had had a hint of where this was heading to, yet it did not make it any less overwhelming to absorb that her little acts of obedience had actually changed an entire family’s eternal destiny.

“I… I can’t believe God has used this little effort of mine to do something like this,” she sobbed. “I’m stunned. What have I done to…”

She trailed off.

The angel smiled. “It’s all a part of His will. You’ve been faithful in your task, and the King is using it for His glory.”

Elizabeth wiped her eyes and shook her head. “I’m just so… I don’t know what to say. What a God we serve!”

“Indeed, Elizabeth, He is greater and more powerful than your human mind could ever comprehend.” The angel then took her hand. In a flash, they were back in the white area she had first met him.

It was clear this little journey outside of time was coming to an end. But what an impact it had just had on her!

“So you see, that was the reason why the Master sent me. He wants you to know that He understands the pain you’re going through. He sees your frustration at how unappreciated you feel, and He’s noted your tears. But He wants you to understand that your efforts for the Kingdom aren’t going unnoticed, and that the efforts are reaping rewards greater than you could ever imagine. At the end of the day, it’s not about your popularity and how people on earth will admire you. It’s all about fulfilling His purpose. You may be ignored by your friends, cousins, siblings and parents, but His Majesty sees it all, and will happily reward you before all of heaven when Jesus comes to take His bride home.”

“I promise, I’m not going to bother myself with the opinions of others anymore,” Elizabeth vowed, tears still flowing down her face. “I’ve seen enough. I’m going to pay attention and do what Jehovah expects of me. If He’s pleased with me, that’s all that matters. It’s all about Him now!”

The angel smiled. “Keep making music for His glory. He has greater plans than you ever could imagine. He’s going to use your weak efforts to do big things. Just remain faithful to your calling.”

He then turned to leave, but stopped and turned towards her yet again.

“And before I leave, King Jesus wants you to know this: He loves you with an everlasting love, and nothing will ever change that. He can’t wait to have you in His glorious presence.”

Tears of overwhelming joy still flowing, she smiled as the angel bade her farewell, and disappeared.


Beep… beep… beep… beep

Sonny Bossman was seated at the bedside of his little cousin, praying under his breath as he rocked back and forth on his seat.

It had been about a week since she had been involved in that terrible accident after she had left the studio. It had been one nasty collision the other driver had made with her, and it was only a miracle that had kept them both alive, especially in Elizabeth’s case, as she had suffered major trauma that induced her current situation.

For the past week, however, as he and her parents had been frequenting the hospital and praying over her, there had been one thing on his mind, and that of his uncle and auntie as well.

They had not been fair to Elizabeth.

Granted, Lizzy didn’t behave as one who wanted the spotlight for herself. As far as they were concerned, she showed no signs of envy for where he was in life as far as his ministry was concerned. But she did have her own thing going on, and suffice to say, they had all treated it very lightly.

For the past couple of days, he reflected on the number of times he had asked how her music ministry was going. The number of times he had reached out to her, offering her assistance. The number of times he featured her in any of his concerts.

They were very few. As a matter of fact, he had been so engrossed in his own work that he had basically brushed her aside.

Now as he sat there, he felt pangs of regret stab mercilessly at him.

How many times hadn’t Lizzy shown him love and been one of his biggest fans? Being the 2nd of three boys, she was the closest to a sister he had, and they had shared quite a special bond since childhood, especially considering that she was the only child of her parents. Granted, he tended to be quite busy these days, but making time for her wasn’t something that was beyond his control.

He just pushed it aside and kept himself busy.

Now as she lay there, not only was the world in danger of losing a talented and anointed music minister, but he was in danger of losing a little sister. A little sister he could not afford to lose this early in life.

“Heavenly Father, spare her life, I pray,” he whispered. “Lord, I can’t afford to lose Lizzy now. I just can’t. I promise I’ll be a better big brother to her. Lord, I promise I’ll support her in her ministry and do the best I can to lift her up. Just bring her out of this state, Lord. Please.”

As he continued to pray, the door to the ward opened. Elizabeth’s father walked in, holding a bottle of Blue Skies juice. Handing it over to Sonny, he shook his head as he observed his daughter on the bed. “What wouldn’t I give to see her wake up right now. God, this week has been horrible.”

“Ummm, Uncle Nat. I’ve not been able to sleep since it happened. Just been praying and praying and praying.”

“Hmmmm. I really wish I hadn’t shouted at her like that. That was so unnecessary of me. I mean, all she wanted to do was remind me to check out some of her works. But… I pushed her away. That wasn’t fair of me at all.”

Sonny looked up at him. “Uncle, to be honest, we really haven’t been good to her. Since it happened, I’ve just been reflecting, and honestly, we’ve been doing Lizzy dirty. We really have…”

A muffled moan cut him short, as he and Uncle Nat’s attention immediately turned towards the bed.

Elizabeth was moving.

“She’s moving! Oh my God, she’s moving! Sonny, go call the doctor, quick!”

Uncle Nat didn’t have to tell him twice.

As she began to open her eyes, she moaned a couple of times before looking around. “Oh, Lord…”

“Lizzy! Aww, my darling little baby! You’re awake!” Mr. Nat Bossman gushed, grabbing his daughter’s hand in gratitude. “Oh, thank God you’re finally awake…”

Sonny came in with the doctor and a nurse, who quickly moved to check up on her. Mr. Bossman duly stepped back to allow the health professionals to do their job.

Once they were done, the doctor said to the Bossman gentlemen, “Well, she seems a bit dazed and confused, but that’s because she just woke up, so give her a bit of time. Her memories should come rolling in soon enough. I’ll give you a few more minutes before you leave, so we can attend to her properly and run some tests.”

“No problem, Doc. Just give us a minute and we’ll be out of here.”

As the doctor and the nurse stepped out, Mr. Bossman took his daughter’s hand. “Honey, we’ll see you in a couple of hours. But I just want you to know, that now that you’re back, that I am so sorry for what I did before you left the studio. And things will change. I promise you that.”

“Most definitely, Lizzy baby,” Sonny added. “No more taking you for granted. From now on, we’re gonna do what we can to help you in this ministry. Trust us on that.”

“Yes, yes, we most certainly will. Have a good rest, sweetheart. We’ll see you later.”

As they exited the room, Elizabeth, with her eyes closed, had a smirk on her face.

Her memory, contrary to what the doctor thought, was already working fine. She had heard everything her father and cousin said, and even though she was grateful, she had already seen enough to keep her going.

“I’m glad they’re ready to help out now,” she murmured to herself. “But chale, the only thing that matters to me now is that God is using me, no matter how tiny and insignificant it might seem. At least, I’m fulfilling my role in the bigger picture. And that’s all that matters.”


I guess the moral lies in what the angel said to Elizabeth. Just keep going for the Kingdom, dear believer. Your labour will bear fruit eventually, and you will be rewarded at the appropriate time. Thanks for reading!

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt 4

The angel nodded. “Yes, that’s your song.”

Elizabeth simply stood there, amazed as the young minstrel continued to sing.

The truth was, of all the songs she had released, Ears Like Mine had had the lowest patronage. There was the likes of How Sweet and Praise Is Due which had quite a number of listens and downloads on her Soundcloud platform, but the one in question, per the last time she checked, had only 4 listens and 1 single download. In any case, this song was similar in terms of subject matter to another popular song of hers, You’ll Be Loved, which also gained quite some attention.

She simply stood there, awed as this young lady crooned out this creation of hers. Quite beautifully, she had to admit.

Looking in the direction of Patience, she noticed a bit of attentiveness on her part. From the moment Elizabeth and the angel showed up, their young target had showed all the enthusiasm of a half-asleep person. Those praise songs had barely moved her to any form of excitement whatsoever.

As the minstrel continued to sing Ears Like Mine, however, Patience seemed to pay attention to the words.

To know the Maker of all things hears my cries,

And calls for me to draw close to his side,

Tells me I’m dearly loved, the apple of His eye,

How sweet these words sound to ears like mine.

Before she knew it, they were out of the auditorium and back in the room of Patience. It was dark, the lights were off, but Patience, who was lying on her bed, seemed deep in thought.

“Those words have broken through,” the angel commented as they observed her, brows furrowed as she continued to ponder over the words of the song and a host of other things. “Those words are the seeds this heart needed for the Holy Spirit to come in and do His work. Now she’s reconsidering all she’s ever thought about the King. The treatment she’s been subjected to made her think there’s no God, and even if He did exist, that He cared not about her. But those words have brought the truth to her, in a deeper way she never anticipated.”

At this point, Elizabeth had no words. She was utterly amazed.

Another interesting fact to this whole scenario was this: Ears Like Mine had been written and recorded with quite an urgency in her spirit. She had put out 7 songs, and during the week the recording sessions took place, she had strongly considered dropping the song, because it didn’t really sound good to her as she read over the lyrics. However, the promptings within her spirit were too strong to permit her to go ahead with that decision. So she went ahead and recorded the song along with the others.

Seeing the song’s stats had made her quite disappointed. Just 4 plays? Ah! she had thought to herself as she shook her head the last time she checked up on those statistics. She had even felt a bit annoyed that she had gone ahead to record the song to begin with. Little had she known that God was working through those minute numbers.

“Let’s move forward a bit, shall we?”

Still in a state of amazement, Elizabeth was caught up in her own thoughts as they moved a few nights forward. The angel’s voice broke through her stunned reverie.

“It’s been 10 days now. And she’s been battling with the truth. Trying to hold on to what she’s known for so long. But her grip on those lies have gotten weaker by the day.”

As he ended his commentary, Elizabeth heard sobs from the bed. As she continued to observe, Patience got out of the bed and knelt by the side. “God, I don’t know what to do. I’m… I-I… I’m just so confused. But if You’re real, please show up. If all those things in that song about you loving me and stuff is true, please show me. Please.”

The angel then said to Elizabeth, “Excuse me for a moment.”

Before she could ask where he was headed to, he made his way to the side of Patience and whispered, “Check Jane’s status.”

As he stepped back, Patience, seemingly desperate, quickly heeded his voice. Grabbing her phone, she opened her WhatsApp and moved straight to the status section. At the top was Jane’s name.

She immediately pressed on her status, and upon seeing what was there, began to tear up.

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. (Jeremiah 31:3)

I dunno why, but I just felt led to let somebody know that God loves you with an everlasting love. Despite all you’ve been through, in spite of what you might have done… through it all, the Holy One of Israel loves you. With an everlasting love. Not our kind of fickle, conditional love ooo. Everlasting!!

All you need to do right now is this…

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Come to Jesus! He’s waiting for you. To give you the rest you’ve been longing for. To take off those burdens that have weighed heavy on your shoulders for so long. There is freedom from all the hurt and pain you’ve held onto at the feet of Jesus. Run to Him, dear friend!!

Elizabeth and the angel watched as a tearful Patience fell on her face, and right there and then, surrendered herself unto Jesus.

Elizabeth could see a look of pure, unbridled joy on the angel’s face at that sight. It really was true that the angels rejoiced at the sight of a sinner giving their lives to Christ.

“There’s nothing more beautiful to these eyes than this, Elizabeth,” the angel confirmed. “Your act of obedience led to this soul being saved. But there’s more.”

Before Elizabeth could get a chance to react, they found themselves in the living room of the house. It was daytime this time around.

Mr. Quist was in his seat as Patience, with a new and cheerful disposition, sat before him, explaining some things to him.

“It’s been about 2 weeks since Patience gave her life to Jesus. As you can see, His glory is manifesting in her appearance. His peace has filled her heart. No more hidden bitterness. No more rage. Just a new creation inhaling and exhaling His joy and peace.”

Elizabeth, by this time, had become pretty emotional. To think it was her song that had been the catalyst for this change. She had never expected that the prayer she constantly prayed in singing “Somebody Else’s Story” by John Waller would come true like this.

“This is glorious,” she murmured, her voice already cracking.

“Indeed it is. And as you’d expect, being filled with His love is compelling her to share Jesus with the family. That’s what she’s currently doing, talking to her grandfather.”

“Is it gonna work? Is she gonna win him to Christ?” Elizabeth asked excitedly.

Right after asking the question, Mr. Quist rose to his feet, a look of utter disgust on his face. Elizabeth winced as he rained nasty invectives on his granddaughter while claiming Christianity to be nothing but a sham and a scam. Two minutes of his harsh talk, and he walked off.

“Not at this current moment. Clearly Mr. Quist is still walking around with that stony heart. But let’s keep going.”

It was like watching a movie at this stage, with no timelines whatsoever. Elizabeth found herself in awe as they continued to move from one part of time to another, observing as Patience began to intercede fervently for the whole family.

Observing as her parents and uncle and auntie and brother dismissed her and shunned her company at a point.

They watched on as things slowly began to change. With time, Patrick and Adesua began to act less harsh towards her and Bernard. Mr. Quist somehow began using less curse words. Ayeyi and Fiifi’s arguments lessened over a couple of weeks.

As Patience continued to intercede and grow in her walk with God, the Quist family began to warm up to her new way of life, eventually asking for prayers and invitations to church.

Before she knew it, Elizabeth was watching them all in the living room singing praises unto God.

Yes, indeed. The family they had seen throwing foul words and acidic arrows at each other when they first arrived, had within a matter of seven months been changed by the power of God.

The elderly Mr. Quist went on his knees afterwards, with the other six members of the house doing likewise, and let out a passionate prayer.

“Heavenly Father, we give You all the praise and all the glory! We thank You, for it is only by Your mercies that we can come before You and ascribe to You the worship You deserve. Father, we were bound for hell! Wandering sheep! Enemies of Your Kingdom! But GODDD! You have shown us mercy! Mercy which cannot be fathomed by our limited minds! Mercy that we cannot comprehend! Mercy which has spared us from what we deserved: an eternal separation from You.

“Holy One of Israel, we just want to praise You! For translating us from the kingdom of darkness to that of Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ! We bless Your name and we say worthy is the Lamb who is seated on the throne, who died that we may have a connection with You. Worthy is Your name, Jesus! You are the Righteous One, the Great I AM, El Shaddai, the Essence of Love, He who was and is and is to come! Thank You for saving us! Thank you for saving us…”

Such a powerful prayer by a man who once would rather drop a dozen F bombs than mention the name of Jesus with any form of reverence.

As the whole family – Patience, her brother Bernard, her parents and uncle and auntie – knelt beside him, faces stained with tears as they responded to each sentence with Amens, it was clear: this troubled family was now saved.

Saved from their torrid, ugly past.

And it all started from the lyrics of a song written by Elizabeth Bossman…

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt. 3

With her eyes closed as she held on to the angel’s hand, she could sense a change in the atmosphere. She didn’t know how long her eyes had been shut, and honestly speaking, she couldn’t tell.

Not exactly a surprise, considering she was no longer bound by time zones.

Opening her eyes, she no longer saw white. It now looked like she was back on earth.

“We’re in Sekondi,” the angel announced as she observed the new surroundings. From what she could see, this was a residential area, and in front of them was a simple-looking bungalow.

“This is the home of the Quist family. Let’s go in and take a look, shall we?”

Elizabeth nodded excitedly as she and the angel moved towards the house.

She had always wanted to visit the twin city. Schooling in Accra and Kumasi, as well as mission trips to Keta and Hohoe, had afforded her the opportunity to visit three out of the sixteen regions, and being a person who liked travelling, she had looked forward to having the opportunity to visit the others.

“Lovely neighbourhood,” she murmured to herself as they drew closer to the house. “Although I’m sure this place is trash compared to what you see in heaven.”

The angel nodded. “This place is obviously inferior to home. Way more inferior. If only you who are His understood what awaits you; you wouldn’t go crazy over these temporary things which will be destroyed one day.”

They entered the house, walking to the living room. It wasn’t lost on Elizabeth that as spirit beings, they had walked right through the walls. A pretty cool feeling for her.

In the living room sat an elderly man, clearly in his 70s, in what could be considered the chair for the head of the house. On each side of the head chair stood two sofas, on which two middle-aged couples sat, looking upset and aggrieved. Given the manner in which they sat, a verbal war was ready to kick off.

As Elizabeth looked on, the man on the left side started to speak, only for the lady beside him to interrupt him rudely. He turned to her and snapped angrily. The elderly man and the other couple suddenly descended on the two of them. in a matter of seconds, the living room was like a verbal representation of World War One. Aspersions were cast, curses were hurled and insults were thrown from one party to the other. It was generally one toxic atmosphere.

Elizabeth, the peace-loving, non-confrontational personality she was, found this horrific. Especially when she heard quite a number of swear words from the elderly man. One of her biggest turn-offs.

She turned to the angel, gesturing towards them in amazement. “This… this is awful! Look at the kind of language they’re using on each other! Why are they doing this to themselves? Aren’t they a family?”

The angel nodded. “The old man is Charles Quist. The man on the right is his son Patrick with his wife Adesua, and on the left is his daughter Ayeyi with her husband Fiifi. And this is just one of many fights. The truth is, Charles is very proud, unapologetic and doesn’t care very much about others. His wife had to endure thirty odd years of being torn down by his words. And somehow, the children inherited his narcissistic nature and it’s going bad for them. Especially considering they all live in here.”

Elizabeth looked puzzled by that. “But… but why? Shouldn’t they be in their own homes?”

“They were, but financial issues popped up, and they had to settle here while the men try to find new homes. That and many others are the reasons you see them all going at each other like this. If it’s not that Patrick is verbally demeaning Adesua, it’s that Ayeyi is making nasty threats against Fiifi. It’s a horrible atmosphere here, it really is.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “Wow, this is tragic. But do they have children?”

“For Ayeyi and Fiifi, no. The other couple have two children, and one of them is upstairs. Patience is her name. Let’s go see what she’s up to.”

Before Elizabeth could say anything, they were in a bedroom. A rather messy bedroom. The kind of messy that Elizabeth had seen a couple of times in Sonny’s room and playfully chastised him for.

On the bed, amidst clothes and books, lay a young girl who looked between the ages of 18 to 20, a straight look on her face as she sat up with her laptop on her lap and big headphones over her ears.

“Yep, this is Patience,” the angel said as Elizabeth peered at her. “And she looks sweet, but that heart is one darkened heart, twisted and shaped by all that she’s been through.”

She immediately looked at him. “Her parents?”

The angel nodded. “A victim of the emotionally abusive ways of her parents. What she and her brother Bernard have been through at the hands really grieves the heart of the Lord. The kind of words that have been spoken into her life by those two bickering downstairs is just horrible. And it’s affected her. What you see, Lizzy, is one pessimistic, passive-aggressive and generally unfriendly young lady. Eaten up by the wounds of hurtful words spoken upon her day after day.”

Elizabeth shook her head sadly. This was tragic. Even though the way her parents didn’t pay much attention to her work was hurtful, they did not go as far as these ones had done. As she observed the stony look on Patience’s face, she could tell how hardened the young girl’s heart had become.

“This is sad,” she murmured.

“Indeed. But well, let’s move forward a bit, shall we?”

The atmosphere turned white for a moment, then the supernatural duo found themselves in a university environment. Students walking around to and fro as they made their way to their respective lecture halls.

“Look out for Patience. She’s coming from the other side,” the angel pointed out as she stretched her neck and looked out for the young girl.

She saw her walking with a guy looking quite like her. She didn’t need to make any guesses; she knew that was Bernard, her younger brother.

As they walked towards their destination, Elizabeth and the angel watched as a young lady walking in the opposite direction approached them with a big smile on her face. The hearty greeting she gave them was not exactly returned with equal energy, but the small smile on Patience’s face was enough to show she had audience before them.

Left to Bernard alone, she would have been embarrassed in the glare of the public.

“Who’s that girl?” Elizabeth asked.

“That’s Jane. She’s been talking to Patience for a couple of weeks now, and she’s inviting her to a worship concert.”

“Oh, cool. That’s great. With the look on Bernard’s face, I have my doubts about  him attending.”

The angel shook his head. “No, he won’t. He doesn’t know her that well, and anything to do with the Lord is repulsive to him.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “That’s so sad.”

“Indeed. Patience isn’t very receptive to the things of the Lord either, but she tends to be a little accommodating  of Jane since she’s been a friend of sorts to her, as opposed to others who have treated her as more of a project to be accomplished.”

As he spoke, she noticed Jane hand the siblings some flyers, flash them another smile and walk away. The shrug and subsequent pocketing of the flyer by Patience and Bernard’s scornful viewing of it made it clear what each of them would do.

“Yep, I can see it. Patience will begrudgingly attend, and Bernard won’t even bother himself,” she guessed out loud.

The angel nodded. “Correct. Now, let’s find our way to the concert.”

Before she knew it, they were in an auditorium, with many people around, dancing as the worship team belted out tunes from Hannah Marfo.

If there was anything Elizabeth was enjoying in this, it was the way they were able to switch from one period to another. Not being bound by time was super awesome. Plus, worship concerts were a ‘love language’ for her. Nothing beat the atmosphere of such events.

As the praises came to an end, a young lady was introduced to the audience. Holding a guitar, she made her way to the podium, took her place behind the mic and said, “Hallelujah! So this song is a song that I heard somewhere on Soundcloud, and it really touched me, so I… wanna share it with you all.”

She took up her guitar and started strumming.

Elizabeth’s eyebrows went up. Those chords were quite familiar. But it didn’t sound like a song that was popular. It was more like…

Worn out from all the stress of the world,

Words are knives in the heart of this little girl…

Then her eyes went wide.

Those lyrics were hers. That song was hers!

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt. 2

White. Blinding, piercing white.

That was what Elizabeth awoke to.

Squinting as she opened her eyes, she looked all around her. Alarm and befuddlement grabbed her heart as she observed her current surroundings.

Nothing but white all around. White beneath her, white above her, white around her… all white everything.

“God Almighty, where am I?” she asked herself as she looked around. “HELLO?? HELLOOOO??”

No answer.

Still wondering where she was, Elizabeth looked down and observed what she was clothed in.

She was no longer in her sunflower blouse and jeans. A garment as white as her surroundings is what covered her.

Her brow furrowed in confusion. Ah, but…

Then it hit her. Her senses felt much sharper. Her eyes felt a million times enhanced.

All these were things she knew happened once a person was out of their earthly body.

Her eyes widened. Oh my God! This only means one thing. I’m… I’m…


A gentle but firm voice interrupted her thoughts. She immediately looked around to see where it came from.

If that voice startled her, then seeing the one to whom it belonged as she turned definitely stunned her.

The owner of that voice was a being in human form. About seven feet tall with a shining face and also clothed in a white robe, it was clear this was a heavenly being that approached her. Even though the look on his face was a gentle one, fear still gripped Elizabeth’s heart as she wondered what it was he had to do with her.

“Fear not, Elizabeth,” he said calmly to her. “I am not here to hurt you. I am a messenger sent by the One who reigns forever. An angel of the Most High God.”

“S-s-s-so I’m d-d-dead? Is it time for judgment? Are you taking me to the throne? Is it time for me to face God?” Elizabeth blurted out, still taking it in.

The angel smiled and shook his face. “No, you’re not dead.”

Elizabeth looked confused. “But-but… but how? Then why am I here? How come I…”

Trailing off, she already looked like she didn’t know what else to ask.

The gentle smile still on his face, the angel gestured toward his right side. Something like a moving image slowly appeared. As Elizabeth looked into it, she could see what the image was, and it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant thing to see.

It was her on a hospital bed, with two nurses attending to her.

“You’re currently in a coma on earth,” the angel explained as she watched. “The accident was a nasty one, to be honest. Had the King not assigned your ministering spirits to bear you up in their arms, you definitely would not have survived. As it stands, the doctors are quite amazed at how you survived such an accident, considering the kind of trauma you suffered.”

Elizabeth was amazed. “Wow. But… but my parents. Sonny. How are they…”

“They’ll be fine,” he assured her. “Of course, they’re frightened right now. Praying fervently for you to pull through. But they need not worry. Neither should you. Your time on earth is not yet over. You’ll return soon.”

Elizabeth turned to face the angel as the image disappeared. “So… so why am I here? If I’m not meant to depart, then… why am I here? And uh, what’s your name?”

There was something so soothing and calming about the way the angel smiled at her, as he did so once again.

“My name is not what’s important here, Elizabeth. What’s important is why you’ve been brought here. You see, the Eternal King has noted a major concern of yours. Your music ministry.”

Elizabeth froze.

“He has watched you throughout your time on earth, and how you love to make music for Him. He’s seen how you started out in the choir, how your parents sowed the seeds of love for Him and a burning desire to worship Him. He’s seen your heart, and how it beats for seeing Him glorified in every song you make.

“He’s also seen your tears and frustrations concerning the lack of support. He has heard your cries and seen your struggles. He knows that it is not worldwide recognition or fame you seek. And indeed, that is not in His plan for you. But there’s something He wants you to learn. In His sovereignty, everything that happened has happened so He may reveal something to you. This is something that can only be revealed outside of time, and that is why you are here. So take my hand, Elizabeth, and follow me as I show you what the Maker of heaven and earth has commanded me to reveal unto you.”

Her heart beating furiously as she slowly moved her hand toward his, Elizabeth had thousands of thoughts running through her mind.

For one, this otherworldly experience was certainly something she could not believe she was actually having. She had always heard about some of these out-of-body encounters, and wondered if they were for real. Clearly, as she stood before this giant being, feeling much more alive than she had ever felt on earth, they were.

And what he had said concerning her grievances were quite a surprise, to say the least. Even though she had always been encouraged to be as open with God as possible, there was always that gnawing feeling that she was nothing but a pathetic little ingrate whenever she turned to Him with her problems. Hearing this angel tell her how He acknowledged her frustrations without lambasting her was not what she had expected at all.

And of course, as she grabbed the hand of the angel, all she could wonder was what it was the Lord had decided she should witness.

Whatever it was, it would definitely ensure she’d never be the same again.

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt. 1

Welcome to this side of the State, y’all!

So… this is a story with an essential message for every Christian. Especially those who are worn out and ready to give up on the Lord’s work because there’s little to no support. I wrote this a couple of years ago, and I decided to redevelop it for the State. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Bossman walked out of the front door of Soaring Eagles Studios, the darkest of expressions on her face.

Where you would normally see a bright and infectious smile, there instead was formed a peeved look and an unhappy frown. Holding a notebook close to her chest, she marched over to her blue Toyota Avensis, tossing the notebook into the back of the car before getting in.

As she put on her seat belt, she looked at the radio, briefly pausing in contemplation, before shaking her head. This evening was supposed to be for her Christ For The Nations playlist, but with her current state of mind, music was not needed.

A vent was.

Starting up the engine, she moved out of the parking lot, inhaling and exhaling heavier than usual, in an attempt to still her beating heart, pounding out of fury.

“I’m tired. Just so flipping tired,” she muttered to herself as she turned in to the main road. “Tired of being ignored. Tired of being undermined. Tired of being made to feel like some second-rate vineyard worker. God, I’m sick of it!”

Stopping at the red light just a few metres away from the studio, she adjusted her mirror. As she caught a view of her notebook, she shook her head.

“Little support. Little appreciation. Little encouragement. It’s like they’re not even bothered about what I do. Like, I don’t even understand. Even Daddy and Maame. The ones who saw my gift from the beginning and got me to work on it and use it specifically for God’s glory, they virtually ignore me. I’m literally having to beg them to listen to my demos before I get any feedback! Ugh!”

As the traffic light switched to green, she raised her eyes to the heavens briefly before stepping down on the accelerator.

“Lord,” she sighed, “I know I do this for You, but it gets so hard sometimes, I get discouraged with all the lack of support I’m getting from those around me. All I seek is someone who really believes in me and shows their support as I do this. But there’s nobody. Nobody.

“I’m delighted to be singing for You, Lord, but it’s depressing when my own parents seem to be more concerned and supportive of my cousin, who’s doing it big.I don’t want to be jealous of him, because I know all that he’s been through, and he’s been in the music industry longer than I have. But he’s not been as helpful as I had hoped. He rarely helps me out. I’m struggling in this thing, and he almost never checks up on me. Sometimes kraaa, it feels like he doesn’t want me to reach the top. As if I’ll come and steal his shine or something. But I mean, that’s just ridiculous. That’s not what I’m in this thing for. Not at all.

Lord, You know I don’t need to hit the music charts as high as he is. I’m not looking to be an iTunes hit. I don’t need to have 5 million fans on my Facebook page, talking about how talented and anointed I am. I mean, those things might be nice, and if You were to grant them to me, I’d be delighted, but… that’s not what I want. I just want some support. That’s it.

“Coz honestly, I’m starting to get cynical. I’m really getting a little sour about all this. And I don’t want that to happen. I want to have a pure heart in what I do for You. Please, help me, Father. Everyone around me, from my own parents to my coaches, are way more concerned with Sonny than with me, and I just end up feeling like an unappreciated nothing. Please help. Please!”

These words poured forth from the lips of the twenty-four year old as she made her way back home, the cup of frustration having reached its brim. Whereas the Bossman household and staff of Soaring Eagles held her older cousin, Sonny Bossman in the highest esteem, his past two albums already causing a stir all over the African continent, Elizabeth was most often shoved aside. Sure, they did have time for her and showed some level of interest, but the delight at Sonny’s uber-successful venture into the gospel music venture led them to keep her in the cupboard under the stairs while they worked hard to maintain his success.

She had held back from speaking numerous times, constantly whispering to herself that this was nothing to get worked up about. But after spending nights penning down new songs for a future debut album, her patience had officially reached its breaking point when her father and the studio producer had pretty much shouted her down when she tried to speak to the latter about her work. The focus was on Sonny’s West African tour.

She was fed up. Totally fed up.

“Just a little support, Lord. That’s all I’m asking for. Someone to not pretend like I’m some annoying little mouse on the dining table,” she continued to spurt out as she moved along the highway, eager to get home, scream into her pillow and get lost in the playlist she should have been playing.

Stopping at another traffic light, she rolled down her window. The car that pulled up beside her had the radio volume up, and the song coming out the speakers was a familiar one.

My Comfort by Sonny. One of his numerous chart-topping singles.

She shut her eyes and let out a huge sigh. “There it is, Lord. Some tiny feeling of bitterness rising up. And I know it’s not right. Please, help me, Daddy Lord. I do not wanna have to walk around with this feeling in my heart. You’ve blessed him, and that’s totally fine by me. I mean, You choose who to shower Your special graces upon. But I’m not happy with how I’m treated. Please, Lord, show up for Your baby girl!”

A couple of seconds later, the traffic light turned green, and being the first in line, she immediately stepped on the accelerator and moved.

Of course, the expectation was that the cars coming in from the right would stop, as the traffic light they were at had stopped.

Unfortunately, whether it was due to faulty brakes, or a sheer streak of stupidity, one Honda Accord seemed not to get the memo, as the driver sped right past the red light, turning into the other side of the highway.

By the time Elizabeth saw the madness, it was far too late to quickly turn away from the oncoming path. Her eyes widened in terror as the Accord headed straight for the side of her car.

“JESUS, NOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed.

A second later, the Accord smashed right into the right side of her Avensis.

Terrible impact. An unpleasant scene no motorist would want to witness on a Thursday afternoon.


Power Couple #7 – The Devil You Don’t See

Coming to the end of this, and it’s time to see what happens to Caris and Carol…


“It is done, Carol. Kane is taken care of.”

“Tembo, did you make sure?”

“His absence is certainty enough, as is the fact that I did the job myself.”

“Good. I’m sending you an address now. Go there and wait for me.”

“Going now.”

Carol hung up, then looked again at the document Kane had texted her. He’d completed the will and put her name down as sole beneficiary. He didn’t sign it though, cos he didn’t want her getting ideas of playing with his life. If only he knew that she didn’t want him getting ideas of messing with her life. She could find a forger to do the job, so it wasn’t too big a deal.

She looked at Caris, who was in the passenger seat beside her, and cradled his face. “It is done, my love. We are free.”

He kissed her passionately and was only interrupted by the loud honk from the car when they accidentally hit it. Both burst out laughing.

Once they’d calmed down, Caris said, “I can never go back home again.”

“Why? Cos of me?”

“My father hates you, and he thinks I chose you over God and him.”

“Yeah, didn’t help that Lady Monslant was there when I arrived.”

“Yeah, what was that all about?”

“My boss was either going to expose you and I or set up the good bishop to get his son to leave his business alone.”

“I know Parker is a degenerate, but why did you need to frame his dad? You guys just broke a perfect home.”

“I know. Funny thing is, we didn’t even get to frame the guy. He was this close to fighting me when his wife walked in. I guess people see what they want to see. Anyway, I need a forger. Someone who can get Kane’s signature on the original document.”

“I know a guy. He used to come to our church, but he quit cos ‘Christianity is not for me.’ Everyone found out that he was one of those fake visa boys, and they hated him.”

“You sure he’s good? Cos if anyone finds out, there will be bad consequences.”

“Yeah, he’s good. The only reason he got caught is that his partner sold him out. But that’s not the biggest problem you have right now.”


“How do you intend to get the original?”

“Oh. Well, the lawyer likes to watch two people enjoy each other. I’m pretty sure if he were distracted at the right time, we could find a way to get the document for a little bit so that your guy can do his thing.”

“I’ve never had an audience before. Somehow, that really excites me.”

Carol smiled. “This is why I can love no other man but you. Let’s go.”



Caris was almost done with breakfast. He’d woken up early to make his lover breakfast. It had been a month since they fled the country, and their timing had been perfect. The police swarmed their house minutes after they left, and they barely managed to get out of the country unscathed.

They’d released much of their tension on the plane and in their house when they landed, but Carol was still reeling from the madness of it all. So, he figured he’d make her one of the two things he knew how to make: Tea and Bread with Egg.

He turned on the news while cooking and saw the headlines about Tembo’s confession. He flipped the channel to sports. He was just about to go serve her when someone knocked at the door. He opened it, and the last thing he saw was a foot coming a little too close to his face.


When he finally woke up, he found himself tied to Carol, who was still in her morning robe. He saw the men watching over then and tried to ask what was going on, but no one said a word.

After five hours, someone walked in. Caris and Carol saw her face, and they felt dread immediately.

Karla had transformed from drug-head erotic cougar to no-nonsense boss, and this was her doing. She squatted down to their level, and licked each of their cheeks slowly, like they were prey about to be eaten. She stood back up, and said the words they knew she’d come to say, “We have two choices here. Either I give you over to the people looking for you, or you give me back what’s mine. So, which would you prefer?”

Caris did not understand. “Karla? What the hell is this?”

“Hello, Caris. I see you need some help waking up.” One of the men slapped him into next week, and then she continued. “You still want to ask questions, you motherfucker?”

Carol spoke up and hoped to God she wouldn’t get slapped, “What did we do to you, Karla? I thought you loved us! I thought we were good to you! Why are you doing this to us?”

Karla thought to slap Carol herself, but she figured she was too pretty for that. “Remember I told you, when I made the deal with you for the shares in my company, that they were my late brother’s shares?”

Caris and Carol both nodded.

“I was a normal girl. I was freaky, but I was a normal girl. I took care of business, I went home, I got fucked. My father had left the restaurants to my brother, and I got the oil, just like we’d wanted it. My brother and I had an excellent relationship; we made money and we had orgies. Then one day, I hear my brother’s missing. Next thing I know, everything he owns has been willed to some girl no one’s even heard of. Now, that boy was a crazy motherfucker, but to will his stuff to a random? So I look into it, and then I find Thomas Gardner, his personal thug, also got a pay day and disappeared.”

“There was no trace of my brother or his body, and all the people who could tell me anything were gone. So, I fell into drugs and I needed more and more sex. I was fucking half this town, but then I remembered that AIDS was a thing. So I decided, one last random, then I make a list of regulars. That last random was a girl named Trista. She was good. That girl sent me to damn near heaven with her tongue. So we were pillow-talking, then she tells me about this girl who was even better than her. Even better? Who could this be? So I ask her, and then she mentions a name I’d heard before. A name I’d seen before. The same name that was on my brother’s fucking will!”

At this point, they knew what was happening, and there was no way out.

Karla said the last words that were the nails in their coffins, “My brother was Marcus Malcolm Glazer. You knew him as Kane. So, I ask again, do you want me to hand you over to the authorities, or would you give me back what’s mine?”

Bruh, what an insane end to this story!! So Karla the nympho is Kane’s sister? Herhhh!!!

Well, whatever season 2 has for us, it’s gonna be crazy!!


Power Couple #6 – You May Go


“Mr. Minister, get your man to lay off. He’s already questioned my wife for the last six days in a row. At this point, it’s pure harassment. Get him to lay off, or I’ll tell your wife about your trysts with my girl and I. Good day, sir.”

Caris hung up, pretty frustrated. He’d called half the ministers he knew and they all said the same thing: national attention to the case meant that they couldn’t intervene without catching heat.

Carol came out of the bathroom. “That man’s going to cave.”

“He just said he wouldn’t.”

“Oh, the effects of ignorance. He’ll cave. I just sent his wife a case of wine and a picture of the three of us together, and it’s not the appropriate kind.”

“Oh, I guess he’ll cave, then. Only, if he doesn’t, then we become wanted people.”

“Well, do you have a better alternative? Or is it the deal with Karla where you gave away the store?”

“Not the store, Carol. The way I see it, this is a pretty low price to pay. We’re already set for life. Besides, the money’s already being moved as we speak.”

“Was this your plan?”

“Yeah. In two days, you and I will be in the Maldives, enjoying our lives forever.”

“Oooh, I love the Maldives.” Carol came and sat by him as she put on her lotion for the night. “Nice plan. But why would we need to leave if we can fight this? To lose all this power and influence over something no one’s accused us of is kinda silly to me.”

Caris found it hard to speak as he looked at her massaging lotion on her leg. You’d think ten years would take out his hunger for her, but time never stood a chance. “I spoke with the Interior Minister yesternight. You’re their prime suspect, but they’re keeping it on the low for now.”

Carol was immediately alarmed. “Prime suspect? Based on what?”

Caris replied, “Based on Julius Kpodo’s infallible word.”

Carol tried to throw the lotion bottle in frustration, but Caris stopped her. “Well goddamn! I’m already sick of that guy! I never even heard of him before this happened.”

“The poor lotion bottle didn’t know about him either, so ease up. Also, one of my guys in the force told me that Kpodo is the last surviving member of the team tasked to find Kane the first time.”

“Wait, really? Oh! We left before all that started, so we never knew what went on.”

“Yeah. They said is was Kpodo, Amenuve, Quarshie, Kodjovi and Goosman. That last guy’s kid had been in jail twice before, but the man was a brilliant officer.”

That last statement triggered something in Carol. “Goosman. Where have I heard that name before?” She pondered over it some more as Caris said, “Man, based on everything I’ve heard, if Tembo handled this one himself, he did a real crappy job.”

Carol jumped up. “That’s it! Goosman was a guy who used to roll with Tembo. He was kind of an apprentice to Tembo. Crazy guy. Really freaky too.”

“If that’s the guy, then we have a problem. My contact said Tembo’s been suspected to have killed his father when the investigation got too close.”

“I need to warn him, then. The guy could’ve found out and talked to Kpodo if he knew something!”

Just then, Caris got a call.

“Hello? Uh huh… uh huh… uh huh… WHAT?! Are you sure? … Yes, we can bring up the timeline. … Please tell me he didn’t… DAMN IT! … Alright. We’ll be there. … We will, Karla. A whole week’s worth, I promise you. Appreciate the heads up. Bye.”

If Carol wasn’t worried before, she was definitely worried now. Caris spared her the effort of asking the question with her voice; her face had done the job already. “Tembo was arrested an hour ago.”

Carol had to slowly move her body in order to get it to sit again. What she was feeling right now had too many things in it to be one thing. Caris continued, “Goosman sold him out. He had one of his girls record Tembo at his hotel after he’d screwed her. He confessed to the crime.”

Carol took a pillow and buried her face in it. “F***********CK!!!!!!! He was talking to me! That was the day I called him after we’d found out that Kane’s body was found.”

“I know, cos they’re coming for you next. That’s what Karla just told me. We need to pack. Karla will have us in the air within a half hour. We’re going to our place in Kenya. We’ll lay low for a week, then we go to the Maldives.”

“Caris, this feels wrong. If we’re caught trying to fly the coop, it’ll look worse than it is.”

“Carol, it is as bad as can be. Tembo also talked. You’re not going to get questioned; you’re going to get arrested. It’s just a matter of time. Now, pack an overnight bag. Let’s not make it look like we fled. You already have stuff in all our houses, so you’re good.”

“Listen, I know it’s a tight situation and all, but the nympho in me is going to need a release for all this built up frustration once we’re safe in the air.”

Caris shook his head. He slid his hand down her back and grabbed her butt inside the dress. “You’ll get all the release you want once we’re in the air. Right now, focus.”

“Okay, then let’s go. No need to pack. As you said, I got stuff in every house.”

“Carol, seriously-“

“Caris, I used to be an escort for Kane Glazer. You never knew the day nor the hour you’d get called, so you never made permanent plans. I’m ready. Let’s go.”



Caris left his room and was about to step out when his father stopped him. “Caris, listen to me. I am your father, and I forbid you from seeing that girl ever again.”

“Why, dad?”

“Do you know her line of work, son?”

Caris looked at his dad, not wanting to lie but not wanting to admit either.

“Do you, know her line of work?”

Caris was sick of hiding her. She was his nympho freak, and he loved her. “Yes dad, I know.”

“Yet you kept company with her? Do you even care about the family you’re from? Do you care what this could do to us and the church if it came out?”

“It won’t, dad. We’ve been together this long and it’s never come out.”

“Tell that to Bishop Monslant. His wife just found your girlfriend straddling her husband!”

“Carol tried to get with Uncle? Wow, that’s bold as hell.”

The slap that followed was one not even a ghost could’ve seen coming. “Hear me, son. Never see that girl again. Whatever you two have is now over!”

The Archbishop started walking away when Caris decided enough’s enough. “Well, that’s too bad cos we’re getting married, dad.”

His father stopped. “What?”

Caris’ inhibitions and fears were dying as he spoke. “I love her, she loves me, and the only impediment to our marrying has been you. I don’t think we’ll have that problem anymore.”

“Why, because I’m about to kick you out of my house?”

“No, because you will no longer force me into any decisions anymore.”

“Son, she has been a distraction from your calling all these years. She was sent from hell to take you away from your destiny. You cannot possibly fall for that trap. Now, stop talking nonsense and break it off with her!”

“Your belief, dad, not mine. She has been the one thing that’s kept me sane. All these by force deliverances, all these ridiculous all nights, as if God doesn’t like for His children to sleep. My best friend died and all you could tell me to do was pray? Then you went on to try to make me fast for 21 days to mourn him? Man was I glad I ate and went out all that time, cos I would never have met the love of my life. And now, I am going to make her my wife. I like God, but you have stopped me from loving Him like I want to. Goodbye, dad.”

Right before Caris got to the door, his father spoke. “Caris!”

Caris stopped, and his father walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “My son, you have successfully disappointed me. Since you have chosen to go against the ways of the spirit, harbor no surprise when God successfully disappoints you too. You will go very far, all the way to the top of the ladder, but you will fall drastically. No one will ever remember that you came, and no one will miss you when you’re gone. As for that corruptor of godly men, may God have mercy upon her soul. Never return to my presence or my church; you have lost all the rights, privileges, and properties of a son. You may bear my name, but you no longer bear my blood. You may go.”

Hmmmm, the curse of a parent. Not a pleasant thing at all…


Power Couple #5 – Terms of A Setup


“You ever wish we’d never gone through with it, Carol?” Caris lay on the bed, staring absent-mindedly at the 75-inch TV on the wall, across from their bed. Carol lay on his bare chest, watching Family Feud with him.

“Which of the its do you mean, baby?”

“The it that’s now becoming a thorn in our flesh.”

Carol turned to him. “You were spared the agony of the details, man. All you did was wait with me. What exactly did you go through with?”

“Wow, Carol. You’re gonna lay there and tell that to my face like I didn’t lose something that day?”

Carol sat up, still facing him. “Mr. Benton, were you called to the police station earlier this week? Did you have to fend off unusual questions from one of the most respected officers in the country? Did you have to listen to the IGP tell you that the national attention to the case is so high that he cannot intervene? Do they even know what your involvement in any of this is?”

Caris just stared at the TV while Carol lay back down. She wasn’t actually mad at him, but he was the only target available for her frustrations.

Caris turned the TV off and looked at her. “Carol, I’m a great punching bag, but do well to remember that I’m your sparring partner, not your opponent.”

Carol backed down. “I’m sorry, my love. I’m just terribly frustrated.”

“I know, baby. Did the police guy ask about the signature?”

“Yup. He seems to think something’s off about it, but he can’t figure out what.”

“Well, if my guy did his job right, we should be fine.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just wait for it, baby. Meanwhile, I’ll call Karla. We need a foreign contact for the plan I’ve come up with.”

“Karla? You sure she’s not seething from the deal we just did with her? I know I would if I sold 50% of a company just for a ride to an orgasm.”

Caris frowned. “Correction: an epic ride to an epic orgasm. We’re that good, Carol.”

“Yes, we are.” Carol gave him that very familiar look. She turned around, gently pushed him back down, and then said right to his face, “Now, I’m not saying I want anything. But, if my husband just happens to give me an epic ride to an epic orgasm, I will have to oblige.” Caris shook his head and spun her around and she laughed and gave him the view between her legs.



Carol ran out of the bedroom, her heart racing, and her mind in shock. She’d known that Bishop Charles would be an extremely difficult target, but he proved way tougher than she’d thought.

She’d picked Trista, an old friend and a girl she’d worked with a few times, as her partner for the mission. Trista was bad, but her type was powerful men. She liked to be bossed around, and she’d been an old favorite of his son’s, Parker. Trista was the daughter of an imam and had made it her mission to corrupt any religious leader she could get close to, so this challenge excited her. But she was already out of the gate by the time Carol finally fled through the front door. They’d been trying so hard to seduce the Bishop and they’d been failing, but his wife walked in unexpectedly and the sight was enough to convince her.

First, she threw her shoes, then she started throwing anything in sight, then she shouted something about a gun. At that point, it was over. They didn’t even need the bodycams; Carol overheard the woman calling the Archbishop right as she was getting to the door.

Once they were away from the house and Trista had left in her cab, Carol called Kane. “Boss, it’s done…Yes, Tuesday at ten is good…Thank you, boss.” Now, time to put her plan in motion.

“Tembo, I’m cashing in that favor. If you come through, I’ll give you a payday that will set you up for life. Meet me at Lexie’s Bar in two hours and let’s talk.”

She hung up, and then went to the last person she needed to speak with, the only person who could make this work. She wasn’t going to wait for him to introduce her to his dad; she couldn’t bear the potential embarrassment she’d have to go through if the man figured out what she did for a living. She’d trusted that he’d handle it, but now it was taking too long. Time to end this, once and for all.

She dialed the number. “Caris, you home? … Great, I’m coming over. … No, just a really good day today. Imma come pick you up, then we’ll go to Ziba’s lounge, and then we’ll spend the night at my favorite lodge. … You sure you want to pass this up for an all-night, darling? The clothes I’m wearing right now are sheer, silky, and easily ripped. … There’s my boy. I’m on my way. Meet me out front.” This man, what a pervert! And she loved every bit of it. She hoped dearly that he’d understand her actions once she’d done it.



Karla sat on Caris after he’d just finished turning her into a feral tigress, barely breathing as she stared at him in awe. Caris lay back and looked at her chest, still wondering how she had firm breasts at that age. Kids really do a number on women.

“Caris damn Benton! You are my kryptonite. No one ever hustles me in any deal and succeeds but you somehow did. You better thank God I’m a dick addict.”

“Karla Beest, no one like you, woman.”

“The way you just cracked my back and blew me out, oh my god! How do you know how to do all that! You have to teach me all that sometime, you know.”

“I’ll give you all the notes and lessons you want if you can help me out with a little something.”

Karla leaned down and fed him, an indication she wasn’t quite done with him yet. She pulled back up. “You know the terms, what’s your need?”

Caris smiled. He only needed one night with her, but he’d booked the hotel for two nights because Karla tended to be gluttonous, something he counted on using in his favor. “I know you have secret locations scattered around the world as a contingency, in case government trouble ever shows up at your office.”

“That may or may not be true.”

“I need you to disappear Carol and I to one of those places.”

“Oh? Did she really end Glazer’s life?”

“No, but the national attention means none of our friends in key places would touch the case, and the officer is already being extra.”

“It’s going to take more than our terms to do this one, Caris.”

“Even if it means you get unlimited access to this dick? Carol and I do enjoy taking care of you, and you know that there’s no one like us. No one.”

“Hmm. Let’s see. How about we leave that as a pleasure thing and not a business thing? If I do this for you, I’m gonna need 10% of your steel holdings and 5% of your cocoa. Oh, and you give me back 10% of my company.”

“Karla, you know you don’t have to worry about control of your company, right? We never intend to challenge you for any of it.”

While Karla fed him again, she said “No one ever intends to challenge the boss from the start, but temptation is one tough bitch to resist. Just like my breasts; they started off on my chest, but they couldn’t resist your mouth.” She pressed them against his face, then she pulled back. “I’m a drug addict who’s also a sex addict, Caris. I will do just about anything for drugs or sex, even sell control of my company.”

Caris sat up. He’d known this was who she was, but he always thought she was just a nympho, not an addict. “Oh man, that’s why you offered that deal like it was nothing.”


Caris felt bad. He’d much prefer to finesse a freak than an addict; one of them had control and the other didn’t.

Karla continued, “I’ve quietly been in and out of rehab and thankfully, I can control my drug urges. While I don’t have to control my sexual urges, I can at least stop them from controlling me. Which is why I don’t want to put our trysts on the table. I genuinely love you and Carol. What you do to me… I just don’t want to think about checks while I’m being mind-blown.”

Caris looked at her as he thought about her terms. He and Carol wouldn’t lose anything by giving those shares away. They already had more than enough money to last three lifetimes. If that was the price of freedom, it was even too low. He shifted Karla’s hips towards him and pushed her down.

“Oh, you made up your mind already?”

“I don’t like leaving our favorite lay raw about a deal she made with us before. I’ll take your new deal. Now, take this tongue.”

Karla laughed as Caris went to work on her. “We’ll work out the details after…ooooh!”

Lawd, this is some real freaky stuff! Anyways, they’re looking to get out of the country. Is it gonna work?


Power Couple #4 – On Some Personal Business

More information coming our way!!


Inspector Julius Kpodo was known as a nice guy who somehow always got his man. He was a most unusual figure, not imposing yet unflappable, with average height and no outstanding features yet with a presence that was inexplicably commanding. He was one of those guys who bucked every trend so admirably that it was easy to respect him. His unusual ability to solve the unsolvable meant that he was the one the police went to when a case got cold. So naturally, he was woken up from his sleep when the body of Marcus Malcolm Glazer was found. He was one of the case officers on this when Kane went missing at his island getaway ten years ago, and he was the only one left today.

 Julius’ assistant, Mary, brought in the envelope he’d requested. He opened it and started reading through the eight papers it contained. When he got to the last page, he frowned. Something looked off. He’d spent all morning reading through the old case files and had been bored to death with memos, contracts, pay stubs and every other document on Kane’s dealings. He’d read every last word, seen every last figure and had mocked Kane’s signature each time he saw it.

Kane signed using his middle name, Malcolm, and it looked like some scribble off a chicken’s claw. The signature on this new document was too clean, too nice. It looked just like the others, but something was off about it.

Mary came back in. “Sir, there’s a Mrs. Benton here to see you.”

“Ah, yes, send her in please, Mary.”

“Sir, you have that frown you get when you’re stuck on something.”

“Yes, something looks off about the signature on this document.”

“Mind if I look, sir?”

Julius handed her the document. This wasn’t normal procedure, but Mary had worked with him long enough to earn his trust. She took a look, scanned over it for a bit, and then gave it back to him and shook her head. “It looks normal to me, but then again I’m just a secretary. I don’t know much about signature designs. I’ll send Mrs. Benton in now.”



Carol could never get used to Marvel Mansion but then again, no one could. No one built homes like that nowadays, but this one was like none other no matter what period of time you were in. It conjured the image of an art museum, but it had the feel of an island getaway. She thought it reminded her of Stark’s home in Iron Man 2. He may have had the humble look of a monk, but he was an opulent man.

 As she walked through the main hall, with its ridiculously high ceiling and walls of white that flowed into each other like a giant tent, she heard Kane mumbling close by. She knew the rules, so she stood in her exact spot and waited for him to come to her. Kane had gotten someone’s job offer at a food factory rescinded because they went into his kitchen uninvited, and she was not about to suffer a worse fate. Her plan hinged on being in his good graces. She listened, waiting for another voice to speak so she’d guess who the client was, but only Kane’s voice came through. That was odd. Kane was a creature of habit, and he always had the client over to his house when the consort was this private. What was going on?

As she passed by the huge, roundtable right in the centre of the hall, a document on the table caught her attention. She picked it up to read.

“Last Will and Testament of Marcus Malcom Glazer…”

Why would he leave this in such an open place? She kept reading and noticed that he never indicated a next of kin, and he hadn’t signed it. While she wondered about the will, she heard footsteps approaching and put it back as she’d found it. Kane walked in and motioned to her to follow him.

They went into the study and once they’d gotten some food, Kane got to business. She’d never heard of a man in this line of work who treated his workers as equals, and this quality of his blew each of his workers away every time.

“I’ve got business for you, and I think you’re going to like it. A threesome with a special client, and you get to pick the girl.”

“Wait a second. Since when do you allow your treats to pick their partners?”

“Carol, you’re my favorite girl. Everyone knows that. But I’ve kept you in a box too long. It’s time for you to come out. I’ll go one step further and let you inside. The client technically didn’t make the request, but he’s threatening to bring our whole sweet operation down and I need to take him out.”

“Kane, you know I don’t do personal bullshit.”

“Yeah, but I also know that you love the perks that this life affords you. The money, the contacts, the parties you get to go to. Didn’t you get to go to Dubai like three times in a month at some point? You’re less than thirty, making in a week what many make in six months. Do you want it all to go away?”

“Boss, you mean to tell me that with all your contacts, you can’t get this guy off your back?”

“I’ve tried, Carol. But it’s a little tricky. His father is Bishop Charles Monslant.”

“The right hand to Archbishop Benton?”

“Same guy.”

“And let me guess, you don’t want to go against the Oracle of God?”

“Exactly, Carol. Exactly.”

Carol stood up and paced the room. Kane could easily have ordered her and she’d have no choice, but here he was, asking her instead. This wasn’t the first time they’d smeared someone, but she hadn’t known the previous times and she’d hated that. Now she knew and she wasn’t sure.

Kane knew it was time to go for the kill. “I know about your relationship with the Archbishop’s son.”

Carol spun around.

“You know I monitor all my treats. Did you really think I wouldn’t find out? You’re not exactly discrete, by the way. Or moral. You screwed him under a cross in his father’s church? Bad move, girl.”

Carol sat back down, and Kane went for the jugular. “Now, with all your sneaking around, I suppose that the boy wants you and you want him, but you’re trying to figure his father out. The way he’s careful with his reputation, it would be a travesty if he were to find out about his son’s trysts before you could officially be introduced.”

This was the first time that Carol truly resented Kane. She’d seen his bad side, even his cruel sides, but she’d always explained them away as business decisions. This time, it was aimed at her and she wasn’t a fan.

She was about to call his bluff when an idea formed in her head. She knew that Kane was meticulous about his study, his bedroom and his hall. But the roundtable was usually for mail from the post office and other deliveries, things that Kane never dealt with. Kane never looked at that table, so he never knew what was on it. What if she could use this against him?

“You know what, Kane, no need to tell the Archbishop. Tell me when and where.”

“Good girl. I knew you’d see things my way. I’m leaving the entire operation to you. Use your relationship with the boy to figure out the Bishop, then use that against him. You have two weeks to get it done.”

“I’ll take the two weeks, but I might need only one.” Carol stood up to leave.

“Carol, one more thing.” Kane pulled out a small box from his desk drawer, “The box has two small cams in it, so you two can record the affair.”

“You know, I won’t let you down, Kane.”

“I know, cos your heart’s at stake. Call me when it’s done.”


Power Couple #3 – Sin Beneath The Cross

The story of Caris and Carol and the late Kane continues to unfold…


“Oh God, you’re good! I am your prey. Finish me! End me! Yes! Take me down! YESSSS!!!!!”

Carol had zero control over herself whatsoever, and she could not care less. The cold wall behind her had been the perfect balance for the heat this man had bathed her in, which made her climb enjoyable and her climax all the more satisfying. Her man was about to pull away, but she held on to him. “Carol, we’re going to get caught if we don’t dress up.”

“Speak for yourself, I just need to button up and pull my skirt down.”

“Tell that to your hair, you insatiable tigress.”

“Oh, now you’re just asking for another round.”

“Hell no, girl. Someone’s going to be here any minute and I’m not about to get caught with my pants down.”

“Bruh, did no one tell you not to curse in church? Now I have a higher chance of being sent to hell on account of your blasphemy.”

When she said that, Caris gave her the most confused look he could muster in the moment, and they both burst into laughter. She finally let him go, and they quickly put their clothes on, each one doing everything in their power not to backslide yet again. They’d already spent most of the afternoon ‘communing’ with each other in the main temple, and service was due to start in about an hour. Another round would be a bad idea.

 Once Carol finally got her hair together, she took another look at the sanctuary. It looked like an old school Catholic church, with the high ceilings and the beautiful art on the stained glass. There was a cross placed high on the wall behind the pulpit, right above the spot of their just ended ‘communion.’ The natural light did wonders for the view, and the echo of her voice through the empty room made it sound like they were being cheered on in their tryst. It’s like she once heard in Caris’ father’s sermon on faith, “A great cloud of witnesses.” Those biblical figures may not have approved, but she loved living on the edge, and she made sure to find that thrill in everything.

In Caris, she’d found the perfect partner. He was barely tall and without a muscular build, but he had a babyface and his features were naturally attractive. He was also super freaky and a daredevil yet unusual in that he still had some morality about him. That complicated things, but love made it possible for them to figure it out. He was her balance and she was his.

“I love you, Caris. I truly do.”

“I love you too, Carol.”

“No, you don’t get it. I love the hell out of you. If we don’t make it, I can’t be with anyone else.”

“Carol, I’m neither the best lay you’ve had in your life, nor the richest. I’m sure there’s someone who matches with you better than I do.”

“They may be a better match, but they will never be you.”

Caris just stared at her. This woman, this delectable woman with the beautiful mind he admired and the craziness that complemented his. This woman was telling him the same thing he’d felt for her since their first encounter. But how could he make her his with the father that he had? Only those who dealt with girls like her knew her true occupation, but his father had a way of knowing things about people, especially things they didn’t want known. How could he sneak her extracurricular activities past him and get him to approve her? As he wondered all these things, the look in her eyes and the touch of her palm on his chest settled him down. When they got there, they’d figure it out.

“I’m not going anywhere, bunny. You have me. If you can find a way out, I’ll find a way past dad.”

Carol beamed at him and leaned in for a kiss when her phone beeped. She looked and saw the text, “Meet up at Marvel Mansion ASAP. Boss has a job.

Her face fell and Caris knew what that meant. “Where?”

“Boss’ house.”

“Okay. I’ll drive you.”

“No, baby, it’s fine. Take me home, I’ll drive myself.” She saw the look of hurt in his eyes, the same hurt she’d felt every time she had to sleep with a client since the day she fell for Caris. “It won’t be much longer, love. I’m this close to figuring out my exit. Soon, it’ll all be over.”

“I know, darling, but you tell me you’re one of his favorite girls. How can you escape from under a man this powerful and live to tell the tale?”

“I have all the motivation I need right here.” They kissed, and right before they left, Caris got a text: “COME HOME THIS MINUTE!” Carol tried not to laugh as Caris looked at her, irritated that she found it funny. She kissed him on his closed lips and said, “Godspeed, man.”


When Caris walked into the house that evening, everything seemed normal. The text he’d gotten was from his sister, and she’d sounded like the roof was on fire. “This girl paa. How do you text in all caps for nothing? I will get her eh.”

He walked past the kitchen on his way to his room, but then a voice called out of the kitchen, “Caris, come here. I’m in the kitchen.”

Caris turned and walked into the kitchen to meet his father. “Good afternoon, Daddy.”

“Sit down, boy.”

Caris pulled a stool and sat.

“Caris, I was preparing for church when I got the most curious revelation. The Lord asked me to cancel service tonight, and then go with the warriors at midnight. Not only that, He instructed that I anoint the altar and the area around it, stretching all the way to the backwall.”

“That’s a very curious revelation, dad,” Caris said as he focused all his strength on not squirming in his seat.

The Archbishop continued, “You were at church before you came home just now, weren’t you?”

“Yes, dad, I was.”

“And you know nothing about what the Lord is saying? Why he would need me to anoint basically the entire stage out of nowhere like that?”

“Nope, I don’t know anything about it, sir.”

“Okay. You can go.”

Caris heaved such a huge sigh of relief in his head as he got up, and he was sure he’d gotten away with his lying, but then, “Son.”

Whatever dread Caris had sighed away returned instantly. His father continued, “You may persist in treading down the wrong path you’ve been on since the day I caught you watching perverted, unsavory videos in your room. It’s one thing to be immoral in your father’s house, and it’s another thing entirely to be immoral in God’s house. You can go.”

Caris didn’t even know how to act after that. Someone definitely revealed his afternoon activities at the church to his dad. As to whether the source was natural or divine was another matter. His only hope, once he left the kitchen, was that his dad didn’t know who he was with, cos that could be the difference between eternal joy and perpetual agony for him.

Crazy, chale, crazy!! Sex in the church? This couple is definitely something else, and clearly the Lord was less than pleased with that. Well, what else is in store for us? Let’s continue to find out…


Power Couple #2 – Kane Glazer

So the Benton couple have quite an albatross around their necks. We need to know what happened many years ago, though, as we follow how they’re gonna try and get out of this issue…


 Marcus Malcolm Glazer was a model citizen who owned a chain of chop bars and high-end restaurants. He was a big believer in catering to both ends of the scale; why leave any money on the table when it’s all there for the taking?

But that was Marcus Glazer, the side he showed during the day. At night, he went from model citizen Marcus to no good Kane Glazer, high society swinger and purveyor of lustful treats for men and women with little morals and a lot of money. If you were a spoilt, entitled brat who liked to be rough, he had just the girl for you. If you were a classy lady with a ravenous appetite, he had the perfect gentleman for you. He did not care who you were as long as you had money.

Image, quality and class were the only things that meant anything to him, and he made sure that his girls and guys were top of the line, going as far as giving them beauty treatments, massages and fitness sessions just to make sure they could satisfy every type of client. He had slim ones and he had thick ones, he had tall ones and petite ones, he had them all. You could have multiple girls or guys at once and you could do whatever you wanted as long as you didn’t disrespect or endanger them, but Kane had one rule: no personal relationships.

If a client fell for one of his treats, they’d lose their place on his list. If a treat fell for a client, they’d no longer work for him. Most importantly, if a treat fell for a treat, not only would they lose their jobs with him, but they’d never work anywhere. Kane’s client list included politicians, religious leaders, military leaders, the who’s who of society. If he chose to blackball someone, they’d best move to another country.

Right now, he was in his study at home, having to deal with an unsatisfied client who’d tried to make one of his girls put stuff inside of her that simply put, didn’t belong there. The guy was the son of some big-deal deacon at King’s Court Chapel, and his father’s reputation carried a lot of weight. He was a former police officer turned right-hand to the Oracle of God, a prophet whom everyone equally loved and feared.

When some men kidnapped the finance minister’s daughter, this man prayed that they would break out with lesions and vomit until they die unless they returned her unharmed in three days. Everyone, from the media to the court of public opinion, ridiculed him and questioned whether God’s name should be used in such manner. Surely enough, the minister’s cook died four days after that prayer, his deputy died another day later, and a man appeared at the minister’s house two days later, visibly losing his life as he moved. Pale and barely breathing, he told the story of how six men plotted to kidnap the minister’s daughter in an attempt to make him resign so his deputy would be promoted. He gave the girl’s location and promptly proceeded to die.

Kane did not want any part of the prophet, but he couldn’t let the son of his right-hand threaten his business and get away with it. The boy could not be allowed to use the good deacon’s name to cover his bad habits. As he sat, figuring out what to do, a thought came to him. When he used to be a man with scruples, he’d heard a sermon about sons following the patterns of their fathers, something about bloodline traits that needed to be dealt with. The deacon’s son was clearly a bad apple, but how much better was his father? It was time to test the good word. He picked up the landline and called his assistant. “Stella, how are you? Would you be a dear and ask Carol to come over to the mansion?”



Thomas “Tembo” Gardner was living his best life, laying down with three girls he’d had the pleasure of taking down the night before. He wasn’t really into orgies, but this was different. He’d lost a bet to an old apprentice of his, Seth Goosman, and his punishment was to sleep with three girls in the same night without being the first to tap out. He felt quite confident that he’d win the bet, but he lost. So, here he was in a hotel with three girls who were still snoring from all the activity from last night.

Thomas got up to go order some room service when his phone rang. It was way too early to be talking to anyone at all, but it could be an old client looking for a referral. He picked up the phone and was terribly unprepared for the blitz that came from the other side.

“Tembo, how did this happen?! You were supposed to have taken care of this ten years ago, now I gotta deal with this shit?!”

It was Carol Swanson, now Carol Benton, the woman who had made him rich enough to retire from his life of thuggery. “Good day to you too, Carol. I’m well. Retirement’s treated me awesome. How have you been, woman?”

“You choose now to be dramatic, you asshat? Haven’t you seen the news?”

Thomas lazily walked over to the TV and turned it on. His cocky demeanor quickly gave way to an “aww hell naw” manner. This was bad. This could end his life out of the game and put him in jail. There were a lot of guys he’d crossed who were there, waiting on his ass to mess up and join them.

 “I knew I should’ve put his slippery behind in a barrel of acid. Do you still have people in the police force?”

“Yeah, but none of them will touch this. It’s too hot and too heavy; the whole country’s looking. One mistake and it could be their careers on the line. You need to finish the job, Tembo!”

“Woman, what the hell am I meant to do, re-kill him? I’m retired. You need to get one of your boys with the force to take care of it.”

“Tembo, you may be enjoying retirement, but if I end up having to deal with this myself, I’ll use you as the fall guy. Don’t test me.”

Now Thomas was just mad. He hated getting threats, especially from a woman. How dare the weaker species threaten his very dominant male self! Except, she’d threatened him before and made good on it, so he didn’t want to cross her. “Fine. There’s no need to panic for now; everything I used to off him is destroyed. All they have now is the body of Kane Glazer, but they have nothing that leads them to his dispatcher. So, I’ll just keep tabs on it until there’s something to worry about.”

“You better, cos I’m not going down for this!”

Rude bitch hung up on him, goddamn.

Thomas stared at the innocent-looking picture of Kane on the TV, the “Marcus Glazer” side on full display with the caption “BODY OF MISSING GHANAIAN BILLIONAIRE PHILANTHROPIST FOUND.”

“Kane, oh Kane, why’d you have to be a son of a bitch yet again?”


Carol screamed in frustration.

Goddamn it! Everything was going great and then this fool had to come and threaten it. Bloody son of a bitch still affected her life even in his death. She sat down in her kitchen, staring at a vase Tembo bought her as thanks for the pay day. Cheap man, buying a vase for someone after they’d just made you a millionaire. Silly her too for accepting it, even going as far as putting flowers in it for her kitchen counter.

She knew him when he was Kane’s fixer, and he’d tried to ‘take care of her’ one time when Kane thought she’d fallen for a client. She had, but she wasn’t about to lose the good life this line of work afforded her. Of course, she turned the tables on him and got him fired, but why she retained affection for his two-timing ass, she didn’t even know. “Must be the biceps,” she murmured.

She thought of the many different ways she could break that vase with his face if she ever saw him, but her thoughts were interrupted by a call.

“Yes? … Oh, hello Inspector Kpodo. How are you today, sir? … Very well, thank you. … Yes, I just saw it on the news. … Yes, we worked together, but I didn’t see him for a while before the…incident. … You want me to come down to the station? … Sure, I’ll be there later this afternoon. … Yes sir. Thank you. See you soon.”

Not even a day had passed, and they were already calling her for questioning. F*ck!

Interesting stuff! I wonder what the questioning is gonna be about, and of course, those flashbacks. So critical…


Power Couple #1 – Blissful Sexcapades

It’s been really long, I know. Apologies, y’all! The site got hacked briefly, and work got in the way. But yeah, the State is back! And here’s a new story for y’all.

Makafui had this in the works for y’all a long time ago, but the issues came up. Thankfully, we can now share this new one with the world.

A tiny little spoiler here, though. If you thought the likes of Options N Upshots and Jay Ayima were wild, this blows them out of the park. And I think the title for this episode makes it clear. Get ready to be blown away!!


The moaning got intense in a hurry. Karla Beest was getting the business like she’d never gotten it before. As she writhed and wriggled in pure pleasure, the giver of the business plowed on, upping the tempo and mixing the strokes. Karla’s crawl towards her peak became a rapid ascent, a speedy climb over which she was losing control by the stroke. The gyrations of her hips only served to inform her benefactor that it was time to seal the deal.

With each stroke of the tongue, her supplier of pleasure had her grabbing the edge of the bed for dear life and her screams of joy could not be contained. With swift, precise movements, her supplier massaged her in all the right places while still using that tongue to whip her up that mountain towards ecstasy. Her mind was one big, overloaded circuit of lust and gratification, and it was about to explode. Karla’s body tried to pull away to calm down a bit, but this supplier denied her, chasing her into submission. Karla started to ride her gratifier’s face, knowing she didn’t have much more resistance left in her. Maybe three more thrusts and she’d be done, over the edge and needing to catch her breath. The anticipation only made it sweeter.


Everything just stopped. The door to room 116 was opened and slammed almost at the same time. Karla’s happy ending had been put on hold, and she was having none of it.

“WHAT THE HELL!” she screamed in pure frustration.

Caris Benton stood over them, surveying the room, and this is what he saw: No clothes, so they must’ve started in the shower. Karla still had panties on, although they were crotchless. Who said female oil company CEO’s didn’t know how to be freaky? Oddly enough, there was all this moaning and groaning and purring barely five seconds ago, and now nothing. It’s as if Caris walked in and someone hit mute.

Karla just stared, shocked at what was happening but trying her best to stay on this mountain, even if it meant that she would have to take herself to the top. She paid for the room and had every intent on staying there that night. Once she managed to get some of her mind back, she noticed that while she was genuinely shocked that they’d been barged in on, Caris didn’t seem surprised. He was too composed, too calm. She would’ve been losing her mind by now, but he just stood pat. As more of her mind cleared from all the delirium, she saw the bulge in his pants. Was he turned on by this? Something was very off about all of this.

“Well now, babe, I see you found my hideout.” Carol looked hungrily at Caris, whose eyes remained on Karla Beest, the oil company CEO with whom they were about to partner. Caris turned his attention to his wife.

“I see you chose to have all the fun without me, love.” Carol rose from her place in between Karla’s legs and went up to her husband, taking his hand, putting it on her cheek and slowly dragging it all the way down. What Caris found once she led him there was a hot spring, ready for him to bathe in. A confused Karla managed to mutter, “Wait a minute, you knew he was coming here?”

Caris looked at Carol, knowing all too well what was about to happen. “She kept you a secret, but I knew about you all along. I hear that your freaky does not discriminate, as long as it leads to good business. Is this true?”

Karla smiled. Her fantasy was about to come true, and it’d taken her fifty-seven years to see this day. Whatever feeling of pleasure she had was about to be doubled. At this point, she was ready to sign away this company for free if need be. “If I can look at your chest while Carol devours me like a pizza, you’ll go from buying 25% to buying 50%. My late younger brother’s shares remain unallocated, but I’m supposed to be finding a buyer for them. We need the influx of investment for the expansion.”

Caris looked at Carol, she looked back at him, and the answer was clear: it was time to whirlwind the heck out of the bitch. “You take the chest. I got the booty.”


 Caris lay in bed that night, thinking how lucky he was to have found Carol. He was a straight up pervert, and she was exactly the kind of freak that complemented him. He’d grown up in a conservative home and heard all the railing against people like him. “God never blesses people like that!”

Well, so far, they’d managed to buy big shares in an aluminum company, and they now owned half of an oil company while running a major construction firm and a cybersecurity firm, both with government contracts. Take that for a curse, old broke preacher. He looked at Carol as she turned in her sleep and smiled. Boy did he have it made.

As he turned to cuddle her, a memory flashed in his mind, the same one that had been showing up every night for the last seven nights. A memory he’d rather forget because he didn’t believe in any of it.

A memory of his father walking up to him, staring him down and declaring in the sternest possible tone, “My son, you have successfully disappointed me. Since you have chosen to go against the ways of the Spirit, harbor no surprise when God successfully disappoints you too. You will go very far, all the way to the top of the ladder, but you will fall drastically. No one will ever remember that you came, and no one will miss you when you’re gone. As for that corruptor of godly men, may God have mercy upon her soul.”

He didn’t believe anything his father, the Archbishop of King’s Court Chapel, had said on that fateful day when he found out that his son wanted to marry the same girl responsible for his senior deacon’s indiscretions. Yet the memory had haunted him for the ten years he was with his beloved.

His father had been a feared prophet whose accuracy was deadly enough that people called him “The Oracle of God.” When his father predicted an airplane crash, every last local airline on the continent grounded their fleet. The only planes that flew that week were international ones, and three of them had mass casualty incidents. He didn’t believe the words, but he knew that the speaker had a track record of being right. When will this day come? How will it happen?

His thoughts were interrupted by the vibration of his phone on the bedside table. Everyone who knew him knew better than to try to reach him at this time, so whatever it was had to be serious. He picked it up to look, and his face immediately fell once he saw the text he’d just received.

It was a picture he’d never wanted to see again, the one image that could make his father right, a picture of the beginning of the end. He resisted the urge to throw his phone, and instead muttered forcefully under his breath, “Goddammit!”


 Carol woke up earlier than normal. She took the sleep mask off her eyes and was ready to peck her man awake, but he wasn’t there. She got up, put on her sheer robe, and went to the one place she knew he’d be.

As she tiptoed into the kitchen, looking at Caris staring out the window, her heart went out to him. She knew that something had been keeping him awake every night this past week, but he hadn’t told her what. This was the first time in ten years that he’d kept something like that from her. She loved that he was as freaky as her, but she knew it was a mask; he’d been in deep pain since the day he chose to marry her against his father’s wishes. She’d played along and they’d become like Bonnie and Clyde, finding the less than righteous people in power and bending them to their will using their considerable sexual talents. All along, she’d hoped that he’d somehow get past the pain once they became rich and powerful themselves, but the pain only seemed to deepen with every conquest and every gain. They had just toppled Mount Karla and gotten 50% of an oil company that was nowhere near being for sale yet there he was, staring out the window like they’d lost their entire net worth. Still, she hoped that she’d be enough and that one day he’d truly be happy. In this moment, however, her sheer robe and absence of a bra would have to do.

 Carol walked up to her man and hugged him in the back, making sure her firm nipples met him at his lats, close to his spine on either side. Normally, he’d turn and show proper appreciation for the tease, but this time he didn’t move. “Caris, what’s wrong?”

No response. She turned him towards her. “Caris, talk to me, baby. What’s wrong?”

Caris just kept staring. “Caris, you’re getting me worried. What’s wrong?”

Caris looked around the expansive kitchen and the hall that it blended into, the spiral staircase that flowed up and down the three-story house, the beautiful décor, the lawn chairs outside, the swimming pool he only made love to Carol in, and then brought his eyes right back to her. He held her, gazed at her for a good minute, then uttered the words that would start them off to hell.

“Kane Glazer’s dead body has been found.”

Carol’s face fell. “Bullshit.”

“Nope. Our guy confirmed. It’s him.”

“Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?”

“See for yourself.” Caris showed her the picture that his medical examiner friend had sent him.

“Fuck! Now? At this time? This asshat pops up yet again to threaten our lives?”

Silence. They both knew what this meant. They just hated that they had to do this again, but well, tough beat. After a moment, Carol looked up at Caris and parted the robe just enough to tease him with her cleavage. Caris looked at her, “You freaky bitch.”

 As he and his wife partook of each other, Caris felt the hole in his gut deepen. Kane Glazer was the one name that could bring them down, that could take all this away, that could make his father’s words dead accurate yet again. Kane Glazer was the owner of this house, the owner of their bank accounts, the owner of everything they’d used to get to where they were now.

Kane Glazer was the name of the man whose life they’d stolen.

Whoa! What a beginning that was. From freaky threesomes to a hidden murder incident. This should be good!

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #7 – 17th December 2020

“Chale, that was not an easy time. The way Smooth Wrapz suffered, eh, if it wasn’t for having a support system in Daddy and Maa, things would’ve gone bad for us,” Diamond recounted as she shook her head.

“Yeah, it was tough. March, April and May really went by fast. Coz chale, you wake up, and there’s no work or school. It was a challenge. And for me, the worst part was that it totally drained my ‘student battery’…”

“Oh, Lawyer Kwamina, you’ve said it ooo! Ei! Me that I’m always learning between 8 to 10. During that period, I didn’t even remember where my books where. No motivation to study,” Toby added.

“None whatsoever oo, Toby! I’ll pick a book and say I’m going to learn. Hoh, notin! If I wasn’t watching HITC Sport and letting the Irish Guy entertain me or playing Bitcoin games, forgetti! Nothing academic whatsoever, chale. And at a point, it was annoying mpo. One half of me just wanted this to continue for as long as possible coz the lazy life dey bee. But I also wanted us to go back and just finish this course and go our way.

“So the school started some Zoom classes. They secured some student Vodafone SIM cards for us, and we got a little active. It was okay aaaa, but there was still some tints of laziness. My study group gave each person questions to work on and stuff, so that also pushed me to get into the books. And in the midst of waiting, the results from the resit arrived.

“And they went well, right?” Serwaah asked.

“Ummmm… not as I had hoped. I saw the Civil Procedure results and realized I had failed it again.”


“Yeah, I was not happy at all. But at least Evidence went well. The little I did managed to get me over the line for that one. But now I had to get serious about studying once again. Thankfully, I had someone to study with, so that kept me motivated. It wasn’t too long before it was announced that we were returning to campus. In June.”

“Oh finally!” Oscar breathed.

“Yeah, finally. I felt relieved that we could finally complete the thing, because at that point, we should have written the exams. But the thing I wasn’t so happy about was how the final years for Tech were not coming back, since they were doing theirs online. So basically, Senyo and I would be returning to a virtually empty hostel.

“Yeah, I can imagine. It’s not always the nicest to be all alone in your hostel, chale. Sometimes the knowledge that people are present is nice,” Today said. Then with a sly grin, he added, “plus, catching word of the naughty things going on in the hostel…”

I laughed out loud. “There was a lot of that, chale. And even when we went back, there were some distins here and there. Anyways, lemme not go there, na this is PG-18 stuff. Eventually, we returned to Kumasi, and of course, all the COVID protocols were in place. Social distancing, wearing of masks… all that stuff. We went for a few lectures, Senyo and I, but ultimately, once July began, we did our own thing. Studying on our own and going for group studies.

“The whole of July was solely for getting ready to climb that final mountain ahead of us. Eventually, it passed, and August was upon us. We started the exams in the middle of the month.

“First paper was Conveyancing. Chale, I had been drafting the entire 2 days before the paper. I went in, and everything was set for me. That paper was as smooth as could be. Two days later, Advocacy and Legal Ethics. It was a little bit of a shaker for me, but not so much. I had total control over what I was doing.

“Then my next paper was on the next Friday. Civil Procedure. Very nice timing, especially considering how they initially put it in between the first two papers.”

“AH! So like, you would have written Conveyancing, Civil Procedure and Advocacy within three days?” Anasah exclaimed. “That’s torture!”

“Absolute torture. But they changed it, so chale, I was glad. That week too was my birthday week. Definitely one of my best birthdays ever.”

“Awwwwww!” they all cooed, a hint of mischief tinged in their unanimous reaction.

“Herh, behave yourselves! So yeah, I took a break on Wednesday, and went straight back to work on Thursday. Friday came, and I went to write it, and my goodness, was it a smooth ride! That one was duly dealt with.


“So the final weekend came, and we started packing small small. Chale, we were tired of the place ooo. When we went back, there were a few people around. By the time August began, it was proper empty. Aside the guy opposite us, nobody else was around. So we were in a serious hurry to finish and get out of there. So the last week started, and Tuesday brought Interpretation. I definitely had enough to make it through there, even though I was often wondering if it was enough.

“And then Friday! Family law was written, which I had little problems with, and we immediately met in one of the exam halls and thanked God for taking us through the exam period.

“Saturday! By 5 am, Senyo had packed everything, and was on his way back to Ho. Around 1:30, my people came for me, and I was out.

“The end of your time in Kumasi,” Diamond remarked.

“Yep. So after that, I spent about a week resting. Then internship called. I did it where I currently am, and it was okay. Coz of how COVID messed up our regular timetables, we were doing it for 6 weeks, coz the call was scheduled for the end of November. So as we went on with it, we got our logbooks and stuff ready for the upcoming interview. After the internship, I went and got my senior and my magistrate to sign my stuff, and by the last day of submission, I was done.

“Friday was the day of the interview, and even though we moved at a ridiculously slow pace, it was eventually done, and for my batch, the panel was pretty nice. There was no tension. I remember the judge pointing out to me how crucial it is to be diligent as a lawyer, since it’s the difference between a client being in trouble and being free.”

“True, true. That’s one thing Daddy always says about Maa. That she was one helluva diligent lawyer before she got called to the Bench,” Serwaah commented.

“Yeah, so chale, I’m gonna make that a prime feature of my work. So yeah, around this time, early November, we thought that the results would be out by then. But nope, we kept waiting. Mid-November came, and we were still waiting. Last week of November came, and the Call was officially postponed. So 17th December was the new date.

“Ughh, the torment!” Oscar grimaced.

“Nasty torment, chale. Man just wanted to know wossop, so we can work towards our how far. And of course, the rumour mill was always working. They say this, they say that… hmmm. It wasn’t easy.

“So December arrived, and during that period too, elections was the major thing on the mind of the nation. Some of us weren’t that bothered about it, chale. What we wanted was to know what IEC had done.

“4th December was the date of release, according to our Co-ordinator. I remember that day, we were just anxiously waiting to see what would come up. Herh, stresssssss! I didn’t go out the whole day; I was just too tense, waiting to see what the results were. Somewhere around 5 or so, then we got a message: it wasn’t gonna be released that day.”

“Ahh! But these people paaa! What kind of hypertension were they trying to inflict upon y’all?” Diamond questioned. “Or they thought waiting for results is a sweet experience?”

“I wonder mpo. Once that came out, I just switched my mind off the results coming any time soon. I went to do some gaming on my laptop, na chale, this life, I can’t kill myself. So I was doing that naaa, then on our class page, a message was sent. The Registrar said our results were in, and she was sending them.”

“Kaaishhh! Somebody’s stomach!” Toby remarked.

“Chale, I couldn’t play the game anymore. I just started watching my phone screen, waiting for the goods to drop. Like 10 or 15 minutes passed, man is still waiting. Then one of my colleagues sent pictures of the results on the notice board, and chale, heartbeat increase. Intense ayɛmshishiɛ. But of course, this is what I had been waiting for, so chale, I opened it.

“And right there on the first page of the pass list, I saw my index number. Bold and clear.”

“Awwww, the battle was finally over!” Diamond gushed as she and the others clapped their hands.

“Yes, the battle was over, and I was victorious. I still remember how happy the atmosphere was when my dad came home. We celebrated ankasa. Even before that, I was just so excited, I ran around the house for like 30 minutes, just high on excitement. It was such a grand feeling. After my multiple resits in University of London, the stress of my first few months in GSL… I had finally made it. Damn, it was a great feeling!”

“Of course, there were some casualties who will have to wait a bit before joining us at the Bar, and that dampened the excitement a bit. I know without a doubt that those who were referred were pretty devastated by it, and I feel for them. But chale, they will soon join us, and in the long run, at the Bar, nobody really cares if you were called at the main call or mini call. What matters is that you’re at the Bar. So they’ll join us soon, no doubt.

“As for the days that followed, a whole lot of excitement and stuff. As well as doing all the necessary stuff to complete our transition from the school. So we had forms to fill and get sponsors to fill. We had to buy our attire. Prepare for the dinner. All that. And we did it all, chale. After all the hard work, it’s not some forms that will cause us to be eliminated.

“And the days finally arrived! Wednesday evening, I had a few of my mates join me as we made our way to the Conference Center for the Call Dinner. A couple of speeches, mainly words of advice to us on how we should comport ourselves as members of the Bar. Plenty toasts. And even more pictures. Of course, we were never gonna spare the pictures. Especially when some of us were just killing it. Like yours truly!”

“I know right!” Oscar agreed. “Your pics in the blue suit were just all kinds of fire. It was lit! Ogya nkwaa!”

“Thanks! So we had a good time, and then I went to drop my people off, and went home. And chale, I couldn’t sleep the entire night. All the excitement just wouldn’t let me. Chale, after saying I want to become a lawyer somewhere in 2013, and starting the journey in 2014, it was just hitting me that yo, Kwamina, in a couple of hours, you are going to become a lawyer for real!”

“I can only imagine, Lawyer,” Serwaah responded. “All the years of hard work and determination coming up to that glorious day. It was definitely gonna be exciting.”

“Oh, it was. The day of reckoning finally arrived. 17th December 2020.

“So by 4 am, I was ironing my stuff and getting ready to dress up. By 5:30, I was ready and dressed up. By 6 thereabout, I was out of the house to go pick up my colleagues. I got to Legon and they were all ready and waiting. We went to the fountain and took some plenty pics, then made our way to the Conference Center. Seeing my mates all robed up, putting out their pictures… such a surreal experience.

“But you know when it really hit me? When I got my brochure and looked at the section for us new lawyers. Seeing my picture in there. Seeing the pictures of all the people I sat in class with. It really struck me at that point. I had made it. My colleagues had made it. We were now lawyers! I honestly felt like tears should’ve been streaming down my cheek. They weren’t, though.

“As a whole, the ceremony was as its supposed to be. Solemn, and straightforward. It felt good to hear the Judicial Secretary call my name as I went to get my certificate. It didn’t take long, and we were through, and we were done. So yeah, some other things went on, but ultimately, by the end of 17th December 2020, I officially became Mr. Sean Isaac Kwamina Addo-Mensah, Esq. Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana!”

Before I finished that, the Dolphynes were already on their feet, applauding and cheering loudly.

“Awesome story, Mr. Addo-Mensah! Lord, you’ve had one heck of a journey!” Diamond exclaimed. “But thanks be to God, you finally made it!”

“Yeah. Congratulations once again, Lawyer Kwamina!” Serwaah congratulated me.

“Yeah, yeah, congrats! You made it, chale! More grease to your elbow, sir!” Toby added.

I rose from my seat and clasped my hands together. “Thanks so much for the love, guys. It’s been pretty overwhelming, the love that has come from all angles. Facebook, IG, WhatsApp… people have shown love for this achievement, and I’m grateful. Chale, it still hasn’t fully sunk in, but with time, it obviously will.”

“Speaking of social media, any comments on the special love you got on Facebook?” Toby grinned.

I rolled my eyes. “No, no comment on that. I don’t like stress.”

They all laughed at that.

“That aside, I really appreciate the love. Honestly. I know for a fact that a new journey begins. Now that I’m at the Bar diɛɛ, there’s a lot I aim to achieve. I definitely intend to leave my mark and have a legacy in Ghana’s legal history. It’ll take time, but of course, I already knew that. All I need to do for now is build myself, keep learning and depend on God to guide me, and I’ll surely make it and make my wife, kids and family and friends happy and proud of me.

“So yeah, by the grace of God, and with the hard work I put in, after six years of hustling, falling and rising, I made it. And that is my journey to the Bar.”

Applause and cheers.

Yes, dear reader, that is my story. It was not an easy journey, but at the end, I finally arrived at my destination. This was a story I always intended to share with y’all, and I’m glad I managed to do it like this. Thanks for reading!! And now that 2021’s business has kicked off, expect a busy year, y’all!

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #6 – Part 1 & 2

“So, 2019 came about. It was time for man to start preparing, because June wasn’t too far away, and with the way the system is, the last thing I wanted was to become a victim. Six subjects for Part 1, and if you fail more than two, you have to begin the entire course all over again.”

They shook their heads. “That thing is just so unreasonable, chale,” Diamond said. “Maa doesn’t like it one bit.”

“Yeah, she’s complained about it a few times. She’s like, why make the students do an entire course all over again when you can simply make them rewrite the subjects they failed? It makes way more sense,” Anasah added.

“It’s crazy, chale. But well, I’m just hoping the change comes, coz it’s just too much of an unnecessary punishment. So anyways, as we prepared, we had some interesting times. The countless breakfasts and lunches, which wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing Auntie Aisha. We visited the courts twice, one for Criminal Assizes and another was just to observe proceedings at the Court of Appeal. Then there was the SRC elections, with different campaigns and all. Ultimately, the presidency was won by Jonathan Alua…”

“Mmmmm, Mr. Jonathan Alua. He’s so cute, with that dimple and all,” Diamond sighed, a dreamy but mischievous smirk on her face.

“I’m telling Edem!”

We laughed as Diamond threw a pillow at Toby for that statement.

“Yeah, he is. And his girl is cute too. Cute lawyer recognize cute lawyer, chale. So yeah, the months went by, and it was studies, church, studies, church… that same old combo. Then May arrived, the Tech students wrote their exams, vacated and went home, and campus became mad empty. We were still preparing. Then the main month arrived, and within that period too, I went to apply for membership of SRC Congress. I got it, along with four others in the class, and at some point, we went to Accra for the handing over, and returned to Kumasi the next day. A brief interruption during the revision period, but we went on with it.

“Exam time arrived, and good Lord, what a stressful period it was. Two weeks, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Chale! Senyo and I barely had time for sleep during the night; learning hard throughout the night. It was only after a paper that we’ll sleep, then we’re back to work in the evening. It wasn’t easy kraaaa.

“So the first paper was Civil Procedure. Honestly, that paper rocked me. When I left the exam hall, I knew that chale, it would be a miracle if I passed it. A major miracle. Wednesday was Criminal Procedure. As for that one, with the kind of effort His Lordship Justice Osei-Hwere put into teaching us, there was no way I was failing that paper. As smooth as could be, chale. Then ADR was on Friday. That one was another cool breeze. So by Friday evening, I knew that at least, two papers have been defeated.

“The next week came, and Monday was Accounting and Legal Practice Management. Chale, the way the Accounting was a thorn in my flesh throughout the academic year, eh! I remember lying down for a bit from about 3:30 to 4, then I got up and told Senyo, “Senyo, I don’t think I’m ready for this paper.” He felt the same way. The tension as we went to write that paper diɛɛ, something else. But eventually, it turned out to be fine. I had done some classes with an Accounting tutor we called Wofa Atta, and the first thing he taught me that I understood was what came in the exam.”

“Alaaa, that thing is sweet ooo!” Toby gushed, rubbing his hands together. “When you target a particular topic and it comes. Chale, you want to dance in the exam hall mpo!”

“No be small! So that one went okay. For Accounting, I was cool. For LPM, I was just hoping I had done enough. Then Wednesday came. Company & Commercial Procedure. That went very well for me too. Thanks to one of my seniors, Ernest, I had a very good idea of what to prepare for, and true to form, my preparations were on point. The last day was for Evidence, and honestly, I think if I had read Mensah and others v The Republic beforehand, I would have been fully prepared. But I was taken off guard, to an extent. I did my best, regardless.”

“So that was it for the year?” Serwaah asked.

“Yeah, so the next day norrr, I was back in Accra. Rested for about two weeks, then I started my internship. At the Amasaman District Court.”

“Ei! But don’t you live at Spintex?” Oscar asked.

“Yeah. From Spintex to Amasaman every day. Chale, without a car, I would have suffered papa. But it was a great experience. That’s where I saw a lot. Plenty of action in the court. My major memories are that of the Family Tribunal. Especially the first one I attended. Herh! After that Friday, relationships suddenly looked very scary to me, I won’t lie.”

“Hehehe, Maa says in her younger years, those matrimonial cases actually used to make her wonder if she and Daddy would be able to last. She said it used to scare her,” Anasah commented.

“Sherlock, it’s not a joke ooo! You hear some cases, and you start wondering if doing this marriage thing is worth it. You’ll find couples at each other’s throats. Two people who were once always sitting together doing lovi-lovi now sitting at opposite sides of the court room. And some of the comments made in chambers… chale, if you don’t fortify yourself, you’ll end up deciding never to get married. It’s something else.

“So anyways, the internship was great. I learned a lot from the two magistrates I was under for that period of time. I appreciated the experience I got. And the best part was how I closed early. Sometimes, by 12 mpo, we’re done for the day. Gave me a lot of time to go home, do my needed assignments and watch ‘The Wire’ afterwards.”

“Oh yes, The Wire. Best series ever!” Oscar said in approval, nodding his head.

“Imagine if Kwame was here. He’d immediately come and start arguing with you that The Sopranos is better!” Toby laughed.

“Hoh, na are you minding him? Unless he doesn’t see that I’ve taken right. He’ll take left and be ready to die on that hill,” Oscar scoffed in amusement. “Imagine him telling me the end of How I Met Your Mother is a brilliant ending.”

“Ah, are you serious?” Diamond gasped, looking at her brother. “That rubbish ending where they killed Tracy off and got Ted and Robin back together is brilliant?”

“Dee, it’s because it is me ooo. If it is you that asks him, no be small dissing he go diss the writers.”

“Ahhh, better. Like the way I’ll give it to him. The way they spoilt the whole show for me. I still bore sef. Ah, after making me root for Ted and Tracy like that, only to kill her off at the end. Mtcheww… oh, Counsel, sorry for that little diversion. Back to your story, please.”

I laughed at her clear disdain for the writers of that show.”Oh, no problem. So, we did it up until October, and our results came out not too long after. As you can imagine, ayɛmshishiɛ and tins. As the thing was posted, I checked the pass list. A list I knew I wouldn’t find myself on. I didn’t. I moved to the referred list. I took my time and went down aaaaaaa…

“Then I saw my index number, with Civil Procedure and Evidence as the referred papers. I literally jumped and punched the air. Jurgen Klopp style!”

“I can imagine what a relief it was! So Part 2 it was?” Anasah asked.

“Yep. While I prepared to resit those two papers, I got myself ready for the new academic year. Now we had four subjects to do, so a little more time for us to study and all. Mondays to Wednesdays were our lecture days, so I made Thursdays the day I’d go to the library and prepare for the referred papers.

“So the academic year started, and chale, man had enough time to himself. Wednesdays were the busy days. From morning to evening. But no biggie. After all, we had a loooong weekend ahead. So it was normal stuff. Studies. For church, I was asked to help with the drama team, so Leslie and I worked on some plays for the church. The first one didn’t go very well. Second one was a hit. Third one was good. So everything was cool.

“For the new academic year, we had mock exams put in place to prepare us for the main exam. So we wrote our first one in December. For me, I left quite a lot of gaping holes in my answer sheets, to be honest, but I wasn’t too moved coz it was a non-scoring exam. Adonkerism things, chale. Right afterwards, we went on our Christmas break.

“And with that, rolled in the year 2020. For this year, the aim was one. To finish this course and get to the Bar. So serious work had to be done, but first, those resits needed to be done.

“So at the end of January, we got to work. For about a week or so, I didn’t go to class; I just focused on Civil Procedure and Evidence. The days of reckoning came eventually. Senyo was also referred in it, so we were studying together, and we wrote it on a Friday. That paper could have gone a lot better for me, but I felt like I had done just about enough. Evidence was on a Tuesday, I think. That one too, quite a number of swerves, but I knew just about enough to write something good. So then, it was back to the regular thing.

“One of my favourite experiences soon followed: SRC Week. Lit times, chale. It was at the end of February. I wasn’t around for the first few days, but Thursday was my target. The excursion to Lake Bosomtwe was just awesome! And the cocktail that followed in the evening? Even better. Asayy, we enjoyed ourselves well well! It was a great evening. And then the dinner followed, where I was given the award for Gentleman of the Year for Kumasi campus.”

“Eiiissshhhhh! You’re not a small man ooo!” Diamond cheered.

“Not at all. Another sweet evening, chale. So of course, back to the grind. But then, something came up. And I’m sure you know what it is.”

“Ahh, yes. That bloody little thing called coronavirus. Chale, that thing worried us ooo,” Toby sighed.

“It really did. So about a week or two passed. Then when the first two or so cases were discovered in Ghana, the President immediately gave the order for the schools to be closed down. For some reason, I thought it wouldn’t be any long thing. Maybe a maximum of two weeks. But as the campus started to get empty, I started thinking twice about staying. Senyo too decided he had to return to Ho, so by Friday, he was on his way. So I hung around for the weekend. Went to visit a friend…”

“Is it the friend I’m thinking of?” Toby slyly butted in, a mischievous smirk on his face.

I put my finger over my lips. “Please. Not in the open.”

Toby snickered.

“… and by Monday, I was back in Accra. Not long after is when the lockdown was announced, and we were to be stuck in our houses for a long time. So the journey was still on course, but thanks to COVID-19, I’d have to wait a few more months for it to be completed.”

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #5 – Early GSL Days

“So that was the end of September, right? What was next?” Anasah asked curiously.

I smiled and shook my head. “A lot. For one, the school was getting quite serious about us having our certificates and transcripts, although there was still some leeway. The University of London would usually have ours ready around that period, but for some reason, they weren’t ready, so I just had to wait and see. In the meantime, we waited for our campus allocations. I was hoping for Greenhill, so I’d be closer to home. But when they came in the next week, it was that which I didn’t want which was given to me.”

“Mmmmm, the Kumasi campus,” Oscar completed for me.

“Yeah. That was the option I did NOT want at all. So as soon as it came, I was immediately looking to change it. Coz chale, I did not want to be that far from home, and getting accommodation around Tech would be one helluva headache, since it was October and Tech students were already in school. So yeah, I tried some connections to get it changed. I waited anxiously for a good response.

“And at the end of the day, I didn’t get. The authorities said they could not change mine, so chale, Kumasi it was. I was not happy at all, but it didn’t take long for me to just embrace it. The most important thing was that I was in, and if I had to go outside the capital to complete the journey, so be it.

“So we found some connections to a room on campus and duly paid for it. It was a room for 2, though, so I needed a roommate. And obviously, I preferred to have a fellow GSL student with me, so I put it up in the new class page. And I remember receiving a call from one gentleman called Senyo one evening regarding the room. I gave him the details, and that was it. So by the end of October, I made my way out of Accra and landed in Kumasi, ready to start life as a ‘Kejetia’ student.”

They snickered at the reference. “Hmmm, Makola vs Kejetia tins. I remember when we watched that show one evening,” Diamond murmured. “Daddy was laughing his head off within the first ten minutes, but by the end, he seemed quite unimpressed. As for Maa, forget!”

“Oh, she did not enjoy it one bit!” Serwaah added. “By the middle of the second episode Daddy put on, she was like, turn it off. Nobody argued. It was a bit funny, mohm, but… I got lost, to be honest.”

“It was the way the jokes were far too many for me,” Toby said. “Chale, it was like concentrated Vimto. Way too much comedy. At least some small dilution would make it nicer. But anyways, to each their own. Some will probably love it like somtin.”

“That’s true, mohm. So anyways, life in Oseikrom was… pretty good. The month of November was a generally okay one. Getting used to my roommate, my colleagues in class, the lecturers, the people around the hostel… it was a slow but gradual process. Church too was there, as I joined the Tech branch of Firm Foundation and got used to the people there. Another great bunch of peeps.

“But as time went on, there was a little issue. Like I said, the University of London usually dispatches our graduation documents to us before the end of the year. By November di33, it’s in. But the month was going by, and there was no word. I was sending e-mails, enquiring about what was happening. No response. It wasn’t something I was exactly losing sleep over, but I really just wanted it to be complete, so I’d have my piece of mind.

“Then December came, and that’s where the stress began to hit. The first week, I was sitting in class, waiting for ADR to start, then suddenly, I received a call. It was from the Registry of the school back in Accra, and they said the authorities were demanding we submit our certificates and transcripts. The kind of pressure I had heaped on me after that call was crazy! I explained that the school had not made them ready yet, but chale, they were acting on orders from above, and my deadline was the end of the week. Come and see stress!”

“Wow! What did you do?” Toby asked.

“I left the class and went to a place to browse, so I could apply for a letter confirming my completion of the course, since the certificates weren’t ready. After that, I returned to the hostel, coz I was stressed. Since I didn’t have those docs, I didn’t have my admission letter, and so my stay was starting to look a lil shaky. I was calling the University of London, explaining myself to them. They’ll say this and that and submit the letter. I did that, but as I saw the next day, that wasn’t sufficient. They needed the actual certificate.”

“Ah, but how?” Oscar asked, looking confused. “Abi the letter was coming directly from the University of London?”

I nodded. “Yeah, it was. With the explanation that the certificates would be ready in January.”

“So what more did they want, lah? It’s not like you were withholding it intentionally.”

“Hmmmm, Oscar, that period wasn’t easy for me ooo. In hindsight, I don’t wanna be nasty to the women, coz they were working under authority, but they seemed soooo unreasonable at that time. Nobody wanted to have the documents as eagerly as me, but my hands were tied. And the London people too, when you call, same old same old. It was pretty frustrating.”

“Chale, stresssss!” the twins said. Then Anasah asked, “So what happened next?”

“Well, at some point, there was a bit of respite. I think the Deputy Registrar gave some assurance that there would be no sacking or anything. So for Thursday and Friday, I had some relief. But then, the voices came back. They started saying ‘you see? If you hadn’t disobeyed God, you wouldn’t be going through this’. So now I started wondering, ei, was this really the right choice? It lingered for a little while, but eventually, I fought and pushed it somewhere.

“Then the next week came, and that was honestly the scariest.

“I was in class again on Tuesday, I think, and right after a lecture, I got a call again from the school. At that point, I’m already shaking when I see the name on my Truecaller. The lady speaking to me pointed out that my certificate and transcript were missing from my file, and that I needed to get them to the school by Friday, or else I’d have to forfeit my admission and try again next year. Guys, by the time that call was over, I felt deflated.”

“Forfeit the admission and start all over again! Eiiii! Chale, like it would be disgraceful ooo!” Diamond exclaimed. “After leaving Accra coz of law school, then less than 2 months later, you’re returning because you’ve been sacked, so to speak. Eii! Like I wouldn’t know how to face my friends ooo.”

“Dee, it was not a joke. Herh, after everyone at church, most of my relatives and all knows I’m in law school. It frightened the crap out of me. I was mad disturbed. So chale, back to disturbing the people at the University of London. I made calls, hit brick walls… it was so frustrating. At that point, the voices suddenly seemed to have been telling the truth. Now it really felt like I had been disobedient, and this disgrace would be my due punishment. It was one hell of a low feeling.

“Wednesday came, and I was still… nah, wait. The call actually came on Wednesday oooo, with Friday as the deadline.”

“AH!” the Dolphynes gasped, looking amazed.

“But how can you get those in just two days? Especially when it’s from London?” Toby asked, looking quite bewildered by the experience.

“Chale, that was exactly my thoughts. I was continuing to make calls, coz at that point, it was serious. Then I got to one of the heads in charge of the Diploma Production Office. I told him everything. He didn’t understand why the school wanted the certificate at all costs. I remember him calling their actions ‘strange’…”

“Hm! Strange is an understatement!” Diamond said, shaking her head.

“Hmmm, well. He repeated the same old thing; that it was only gonna be ready in January. At that point, I didn’t know what to do again. GSL says bring those docs. UoL says they are not ready. Chale, I was at my wit’s end. I didn’t know what else to do, coz I had done everything else I could do.

“So later on in the day, I was walking to the office of our Campus Co-Ordinator, just to see if I could explain the situation to him and see if there was any way by which he could help. As I walked there, I hadn’t checked my phone in a while. When I did, I saw an e-mail from the man I had spoken to. Mr. Gordon Dewar. In fact, lemme check, it should still be there…”

I stopped to take out my phone and check my Gmail inbox. Within a couple of minutes, I had found the email in question.

“Aha, so this is what my eyes saw: Dear Sean, thank you for your call earlier. I am pleased to be able to say we can have your certificate ready for production and despatch tomorrow. Can you just re-confirm the full address you would like it sent to, and also provide a contact telephone number for our courier service to contact you if needed? Kind regards, Gordon.

“Woooooowwwww!” Everyone clapped their hands by the time I was done reading the life-saving e-mail.

“Herh, God is good papa!” Diamond exclaimed.

“I tell you ooo,” Oscar agreed. “This one diɛɛ, ibi like God told him to do it. Straight.”

“That’s the only logical conclusion, chale. So quickly, I sent him the details, I did a 180 degree turn and went to the hostel. The package left London around 6 and was scheduled to arrive in Ghana by Friday morning. See eh, the way I followed the tracking! Not a joke. As I’m waiting, then I’m thanking God and feeling relieved that the voices were indeed liars. We didn’t have a lecture on Thursday, so that was all I did for the day: keep track of the package.

“Friday morning came, and around 9 o’clock or so, the DHL guy called. I had given the school address as the place to go, so I spoke to the lady had been disturbing me. I told her those were the documents needed. So she acknowledged receipt and said she’d do the photocopies and keep the original docs for my mother to pick up. And that was the end of my worries.”

Once again, there was a round of applause from them, clearly impressed by what God did for me.

“That was my Made A Way moment. Coz chale, my back truly was against the wall, and until the e-mail came, it really looked like it was over. I would have to go and struggle and write that entrance exam all over again. Herh! Just think about it. You passed it ooo, but coz of your documents, you were kicked out and made to sit for it again. I mean, chale chale chale…”

“So demoralizing,” Serwaah sighed. “And the way those exams are too, you can’t be assured that you’ll pass again.”

“Exactly! Especially in light of how tiny the numbers after us were. 128 out of 1,820. So all those things really roughed me up. But once God has a plan for your life, it doesn’t matter what comes your way. He will make it come to pass and you’ll be amazed at how He ties things up together for your good and for His glory.”


“So it was at our Carols Service and Dinner that I really felt that sense of victory and accomplishment. Chale, we made it! All of us had been hoping and praying that we make it into the Ghana School of Law, and by the grace of God, we did. That was it! The journey was well on its way to that beautiful conclusion we had been dreaming about. Just a matter of hard work and depending on His grace to take us through…”

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #4 – Most Important Year

“This was the year where the major aspiration was to try and get into the Ghana School of Law and advance the dream of becoming a lawyer. So everything was set. Do the Intellectual Property top-up course at Mountcrest University. Do the course GSL provides. Finish the University of London course. Then get ready for the ultimate: the entrance exam to the Ghana School of Law and hope to God that I’d get in.

“The year got off to a really bad start, though. Right in the month of January, my very close friend, Paul Folivi, suddenly passed away, and I was an absolute mess for that period. It was devastating, to say the least.”

“Awww, that’s horrible to hear,” Serwaah sympathized.

“Hmmm, chale. If there’s any other person who would’ve been at the call ceremony, definitely him. It really messed all of us up. It really did. But, life had to go on. We did the funeral within a month, and life went on, as crushing as it was.

“So within that period, I actually ended up going back to the insurance company I was at…”

I stopped, smiling as I noted the looks of confusion on their faces.

“Yeah, I know. I didn’t like the place. But at that point, chale, I was tired of not earning money. I wasn’t getting anything at my previous place, despite plenty promises, and at least, if I could get something to put in my pocket while I prepared for the entrance exam, it would be helpful. So I spoke to the MD, and she was understanding, so I went ahead with it.

“So now diɛɛ, you were okay with the schooling and working together?” Serwaah questioned, her eyebrows raised.

I shrugged. “I needed the money at that point. And of course, it was temporary, so that also kept me a little satisfied.”

“well… I guess the money is essential. Extremely essential, I might add,” Oscar agreed. “So you managed to stay on till the time for the exams?”

“Ummm, nope. Things didn’t go as I had planned. So here’s what happened: as I started, I registered for the Mountcrest course. That was every Wednesday after work, so it was cool. And Mr. Anyimadu-Antwi was a pretty good lecturer. I still dunno why he saw me as a potential ‘playboy’, but chale, we locomote…”

I paused for a moment as my audience burst into laughter. “But why? Were you chasing one of your colleagues or something?” Diamond laughed.

“As if I’d even try! All of them were married women. I was pretty much the only single person in that class. But anyways, that’s just by the way. So that was going well. Then I started preparing for the GSL course. And it was around April that we went for our interview. We got through alright, but then the timetable came, and basically, we’d be attending class 4 times a week. I informed the company about this, and they didn’t like it. So I had to give up the job, unfortunately.”

“Oh chale! Just when some small money was coming in,” Toby sighed.

“Yeah, it really sucked. But well, the job was already a short-term thing, and I might as well focus on the main aim. So I just let it go and concentrated on this course. It was a great experience, I must say. And I have no doubt about it, our current Chief Justice is an excellent lecturer. He helped a lot with Ghana Legal Systems. And Mr. Agyeman too was very helpful with Constitutional Law. So even though I lost the job, the preparation was well underway. Although, there was something wrong…”

“What was that?” Anasah asked.

“I was barely studying for my Commercial Law paper, and I had a dumbass reasoning behind it. Since on my first attempt, I had scored about 36, I was lazily assuming no matter what happened, I’d still get my compensated pass.

“Then one day, I truly believe it was God who moved me to look at the school regulations. When I checked, I was shocked. Apparently, that compensated pass applied to only one subject.”

“Oh wow. So technically, since you had already spent that on the land law, it wouldn’t apply to this one?” he further enquired.

I nodded. “Yep. It was at this time I really felt God telling me that I had not pulled my weight enough over the past few years, and that if I was gonna make it to Makola, I’d have to get really serious. It was definitely the ‘electric shock’ I needed. So from then onwards, man became extra serious, returning to the midnight studies and all.”

“Burning the midnight candle. Hehe, nobody here does it better than Toby and Maa,” Diamond commented. “Ei, Counsel! The two of them can study throughout the night, eh. It’s serious.”

“Ei, saa? Then chale, I need you and Her Ladyship to give me tips ooo! Coz the way I’ve been sleeping of late,” I laughed as Toby shot his older sister a dirty look.

“But you know, in the midst of all the late studies, one sweet memory I have is one night as I was watching this Denzel Prempeh video. The one that starts with Becky Bonney and Uncle Ato. It was this song Uncle Ato raised that really gave me vim. ‘My God who began it, He will accomplish it’. I just remember feeling so encouraged and confident that chale, God started this journey, and once I did what was necessary, He’d definitely see me through.”

“So, July was the main month. The month of exams. In time, the entrance exam forms came out, and even though I was yet to complete the course, there was still an opportunity to apply, provided you completed by the time the results arrived. I bought them, completed them and did the necessary, finished the IP course, went and wrote the Commercial Law exam and the GSL exam, and battled with this small voice causing me some crazy torment.”

“Why? What was it?” Oscar asked.

“This voice kept telling me NOT to go ahead with writing the exam, and that I should wait till the next year. Believe me, it was torment. Absolute torment. Every move I made towards preparation left me feeling whether I was being disobedient to God. Yet, chale, this is what I had prepared for, so wassup?”

“Hmmmm, the devil can be so sneaky,” Oscar murmured.

“Extremely. But I held my ground and continued to press on. Preparing for the main deal. Chale, vigorous preparations nkwaaa. The week of the exam, my study group spent the evenings on Zenith campus, just going hard. Me, Ebenezer, Crystal, Faustina and Stephen. It wasn’t easy kraaaa.

“Then the day came. 27th July 2018. After all the group studies, sleepless nights, solving of past questions, hard work… the day finally arrived. I remember as we got seated for the paper. We had to wait for some time before the papers got to some of us. I remember looking around my hall. The number of people who had dozed off while we waited, eh… it was crazy. Man taya!!”

“So after a while, things finally kicked off. The objective questions were pretty good. The second part, though? Chale, the least said about it, the better. The first question I answered was like a social studies question. The other one really messed me up. So when it was time to stop work, I was already quite crestfallen. As far as I knew, I had already failed the exam. Straight. Maybe the voice had been right after all.”

“But it wasn’t, was it?” Serwaah asked.

“Nope! By the next day, it was revealed that the question I struggled with had been leaked. So there was a whole uproar, and everyone was wondering what was next. In a couple of days, IEC came out to announce that that question had been cancelled, and we were all to come and write a supplementary exam on the 17th of August.”

“Oh wow! Awesome! That must have been great news for you!” she excitedly said.

I snickered. “Actually, I was slightly pissed.”

“Ah! But how can you be pissed when you’ve got a second chance?” Anasah asked, looking stunned.

“It wasn’t about the second chance per se, but the fact that we had to go through all those 10 subjects just for one bloody question. So chale, the learning kraaa wasn’t as intense as before, but man had to do something. Within that period, the results for the IP course came, and it was a pass. The GSL one too came, and it was a pass. It was the week of the exam that the most important result came. The Commercial Law one.

“That must have been a nerve-wrecking moment,” Anasah said.

“Chale! Before then, I literally had moments of panic where I’d have to go outside, walk around and calm myself down. I dunno if they were panic attacks, but they were deep. I didn’t say much about the exam earlier, but… it was actually a lot better than the last ones, so I kept telling myself that I had done enough. Yet that fear, chale…

The day the results dropped… tension overload! I remember how terrified I was as I put in my details. I literally covered the top of my phone so I wouldn’t see the score. Then as the results screen loaded, I saw it at the bottom. I had finally gained my LLB!”

“Whoooooo!” My audience clapped.

“Wow, thank God! After all those little setbacks, you finally bagged the degree!” Toby enthusiastically cheered.

“Finally ooo! I was now done with University of London. And I also had the vim needed to go and write that supplementary paper.”

“Great! So I guess that one went much better for you,” Diamond said. 

“Oh yeah! So the 17th came, and much to my pleasant surprise, it was a question based on Ghana legal systems. Had to do with fundamental human rights and which court has jurisdiction to hear such cases. It was pretty straightforward for me. Within an hour, we were done, and it was time for the painful part… waiting.”

“Ughhhhh, waiting for results is the worst!” Toby moaned.

“It bites, chale. It really does. Small small whispers from somewhere will have you in panic mode. It’s always a little nice to just forget about it to an extent. And truthfully, that was the case on the 28th September. I was busy on my laptop, when the pics came on one of the WhatsApp groups. Chale, the heartburn!

“I was almost too scared to check it out, but then I said to myself that no matter what, man should just check. If I made it, wonderful. If not, chale, too bad. So I went through it. Started from the first page, looking to see if IEC/EE/18/0101 will be there. First page completed. So I went to the second one…

“Then I saw the number. 0101. Herh!”

“You couldn’t believe it, could you?” Oscar smirked.

“Chale! You know, the school sent us our index numbers for the exam via text. When I saw my index number there, I grabbed my phone to check if I was seeing right. Like, ‘is this really my index number?’. I looked at the text message, then at the laptop screen. Text message. Laptop screen. Text message. Laptop screen. Herhh! Chale!”

“It was no dream! You made it into the Ghana School of Law!”

“Oh yes. It was no dream at all. The dream was to get there that year, and as I sat there, overwhelmed with joy and disbelief, it had come to pass. What many had worked hard for and failed to achieve for years, God helped me to get there on my first attempt.”

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #3 – Divine Helper

“That’s the spirit! Giving up should never be an option!” Toby cheered. “So, what was the next move?”

“Simple. Do what I had totally neglected to do for a long time. Seek help.”

“Mmmmmm,” was the response from the offspring of Daniel and Larissa.

“And with that, I’m sure you probably already know this, but, remember one thing. In this life, one of the easiest ways to shoot yourself in the foot is to not seek help when you need it. Nobody is an island ooo, we all need someone to help us in various ways. As Archbishop Duncan-Williams always says, everybody needs somebody. So yeah, I met up with this lady in church who was also doing the same course. Dorcas Obodai, as she then was.”

“As she then was… isn’t that what you legal people use for judges who’ve moved to higher positions or something?” Serwaah enquired.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m saying that coz now she’s a married woman. Mrs. Dorcas Kane. You should see her and her husband together. Chale, proper Coca-Cola and Fanta!”

Everyone laughed a bit.

“So yeah, I met with her, we agreed on extra classes, and basically, that was how I improved. By that time, the school allowed for you to do resits, so I decided to go for the papers I had a little more confidence in. Tort and Company Law. So while I prepared for those, we started the extra classes. We’d meet about 3 times a week. And guys, it made such an improvement in my life! Like, at that point, I really began to understand what was in front of me.

“Then October came, and I went to do those resits. Tort was so flippin’ smooth, I couldn’t believe it. Company… not so much. I had like two good questions, but fell flat on my face with the others. The way I wanted to cry in the exam room, eh. Chale, man has really suffered.”

“Awww, I can only imagine. Thank God it’s all over now!”

“Yes ooo. I made it through all that. So yeah, I went back to the lectures. At that point, I went for intellectual property once, but I couldn’t go again. There was jurisprudence, which I really enjoyed, coz of the lecturer. Patrice Caesar-Sowah. The man who doesn’t like titles and first made me know how the ‘I wanna help people’ distin new law students like saying is nonsense. Lord knows I can’t wait to run into him eventually.

“Then December came, and the results dropped. I got my highest score in Tort, but Company went bad yet again, as expected. And it was pretty worrying, because the rule University of London had was that if you fail one subject three times, your studentship is officially revoked.”

“Kwɛɛ! Chale, that’s serious!” Oscar gasped.

“Very serious ooo. I think one lady fell victim to it, so she had to start all over again somewhere else. It was that scary. And of course, I’ll bring it up a lil later on as we move. But that was the main thing on my mind, that I have to pass this time. Because toiling in vain diɛɛ, absolute nightmare. I doubt I’d be motivated to start all over. But that was part of the subjects Dorcas was teaching me, so it was going pretty well.

“The part that sucked was having to drop jurisprudence to an extent. For the course, I needed to complete nine subjects. I had successfully cleared four. Five were left, and as far as the requirements for the Ghana School of Law were concerned, I needed to have commercial in there with the rest. So I didn’t register it. I really like Patrice and his way of lecturing, but chale, man had to do what’s necessary to complete the course.

“So 2017 came, and for some reason, I wanted to rush into writing the entrance exam. That was my mindset for a couple of weeks. But at a point, I realized I had way too much on my plate. And adding Intellectual Property from Mountcrest and the Ghana Legal Systems/Constitutional Law on top would only work against me. So I decided to just complete what was ahead of me.

“So June came, and you wrote the four papers?” Anasah asked.

“Yes. June came around, and it was Trust, Company, Property and Commercial. And that was the most enjoyable exam period for a major reason: every paper was on a Friday.”

“Oh wow! A full week for each paper! Ɛniɛ it was nicely set for you paaa!” Toby commented.

“It was. But this is how it went. Trust was quite good. Everything Dorcas taught me came, so I managed to make it through. Company was the absolute best! I solved some past questions with her the night before, and they came. Man just killed that paper. But then Property came, and although it was a million times better than what I did in 2016, the areas I learned swerved me. Big time. And then commercial, the most painful of the lot.

“Commercial law knocked you down? But Maa always says it’s one of the easier subjects in law,” Anasah wondered out loud.

“It is! But what happened is that, there were some two topics which we knew would always drop. Either one would always appear in the exam. I ended up mastering the wrong one. So I answered 3 questions nicely, but was stuck with the last one. And that’s where I lost out on a pass by about 4 marks or so. Herh! That thing pained me ooo!”

“Chale, chale, chale, that thing is painful papa!” Oscar agreed. “I remember losing out on an A by 2 marks last year. Herh, I wanted to cry!”

“Hmmm, chale. So around that time, I was working with Addison’s firm, and of course, once the results came, I saw that there were more deficits. Trust and Company were conquered, but Property and Commercial were still hovering around my head. The good thing was how close the firm was to the WAEC office, so I could easily get stuff done without leaving the office for a long time.

“So I did the usual. Registered for those two. And I started another internship at another firm. That of Mr. Philip Addison. Unlike the first one, though, I was pretty much the only intern there.”

“Ugh, must have been mad boring,” Oscar yawned.

“It was, chale. I was the only one in that particular office. And unless there was court, there was nothing to do. I remember using one of those days to just watch the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why, it was that dry.”

“Mmmm, I see. By the way, is that series nice? Coz Diamond and Oscar watch it, but for me, it doesn’t seem that appealing,” Toby asked.

I shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay. Anyways… in the midst of that, our year group held a dinner on the campus. It was pretty crazy how few of us were left from the initial number. I think we were over 50 when we first started. Now we were less than 15 who were completing.”

“Wow! Then what they said about the school was real,” Diamond commented. “The numbers really fell.”

“They did. But at least, for those of us who made it, it was a good feeling. Some breezed through, others like me too were limping to the finish line. But at the end, it was a completion of a tough course, and that deserved some celebration.”

“Oh yeah. Pressing on was definitely the best. Thank God you weren’t part of the other statistics,” Oscar said. “But, was that the end of the course for you?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Unfortunately not. I went to resit those papers, and they were both really tough. Property, obviously, was the scarier. Commercial also still gave me quite an uppercut. I remember being so worried and so scared as I waited for those results. Eventually, December came, and the dreaded day came.

“The email link came my way. My heart. My stomach. My head. Chale, my everything was in a mess. I entered the needed details. I clicked the button…

“The next thing I saw… I passed Property by the skin of my teeth. 40.”

The Dolphynes, who had been captured by the tension I added to those words, breathed sighs of relief. “Wow, what a relief!” Diamond sighed.

“I tell you! And I know this is what helped me. You see, with the 3 time attempt, the school gives you a compensated pass if on one of your attempts, you managed to score 34 or upwards, if I’m right. I’m pretty convinced that my third attempt may well have been another fail, but at least it was in the 30s, so I got that pass.”

“Wow, Lawyer Kwamina, this has been one hell of a journey!”

“It really has, Diamond. I remember as I was thanking God for giving me that pass. I was extremely relieved. And chale, had it not been for Dorcas, my divine helper, I most likely would have started all over again, or probably even given up. But listen, when God has a plan for your life, He brings the right people your way to ensure that plan comes to fruition. As far as I’m concerned, I will always be indebted to Dorcas for availing herself to help me to where I am now. No doubt about that.”

“Beautiful. God will definitely bless you for not forgetting her impact,” Oscar said. “So, 2018 followed…”

I sat back and nodded. “Ahhh, yes. 2018. undoubtedly the most important year in this journey…”

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #2 – First Two Years

“Nice! So that’s when you officially became a law student!” Oscar said.

I nodded. “Indeed. Back to the classroom as a student, chale. Abi I had been a teacher, or tutor, whatever, for national service, so yeah, it was quite a return.”

“So what subjects did you do for the first year?” Anasah asked.

“Umm… criminal law, contract law, public law and common law. The last one is pretty much like Ghana legal system. And public law… I dunno, maybe I’ll equate it to constitutional law. Something like that.”

The Dolphynes nodded their heads, amidst okays and I-sees.

“So yeah, the first year was pretty slow. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that as far as law is concerned, I tend to be a bit of a slow learner. Like, I take quite some time to really imbibe what has been taught. So it wasn’t always easy for me. And our lecture times were from Thursday evenings to Saturday mornings, so sometimes, man is tired already before going.”

“Hmmm, that work and school stress is something else, I can tell,” Diamond sighed.

“Yeah. It’s not for everyone. Some people manage to handle both pretty well. Others just can’t. But for the first year, I had to put up with it. Chale, the money was good mohm, but you know… that feeling in the morning. Or even let’s say, Sunday evening. After enjoying my time as a tutor with Ghana Institute of Languages, it really sucked to have that sinking pit feeling in my belly whenever it came around. But well, it’s over.

“So yeah, that was my reality for the next couple of months. Go to work, go and study at the Balme Library afterwards from Monday to Tuesday, Wednesday was for midweek service, lectures for the rest of the week. It wasn’t easy ooo. I remember one time I went to the library after work. When I left after about 8 or so, my car had been broken into.”

“Oww!” the Dolphynes gasped.

I nodded. “Chale. They took my bag, some money and a power bank. If I had slacked and left my laptop in the car…”

“Herrhhh! Anka no be small la wu!” Toby exclaimed.

“Major la wu oo, Toby, major la wu!” I agreed. “Chale, they broke the windows kraa and made off with the stuff. But I later got a call from one of the security guys at one of the halls that my bag had been spotted around. So I went for it later. Chale, life happens to us all, doesn’t it?”

“Hmmm, yeah,” Oscar nodded in agreement. “Still remember when Addy and I ran into some kwashey boys. Chale, losing the phones and the money wasn’t nice kraaa, but at least they didn’t hurt any of us.”

“Yeah, chale, that’s all. Between losing possessions and getting bodily injury in those robbery situations, the former is always a better option to take. It’s not nice to have your phone taken from you, but I’d pick that over getting my face slit with a blade or knife. Only God knows what kind of infections you may end up getting from that!”

“Same thing Maa said afterwards,” Diamond agreed.

“Simple. So anyways, that’s how it went. Obviously, with time, I made friends. From Mimi to Abena and Nii to Faustina. Helen, Ebenezer, Nana Antwi… all of them became friends, pretty much. And the lecturers too were good. The contract law and public law lecturers, in my opinion, were really good. Criminal law too, he did his best…”

“Whenever I hear of criminal law lecturers, then I think of how Maa is always showering praise on her criminal law lecturer,” Oscar commented.

“Chale! Since we were babies ooo!” Diamond chipped in. “She always talks of how she is one of the greatest ever.”

“Hehehe, no surprise. Virtually every old student of the Legon Law faculty has a lot to say about her. So yeah, 2015 came about, and it was time to prepare for the first exam. That’s when my regular visits to the WAEC office started, with some long online process bi included. I did all that, got my leave just in time for the exam period, and… June came around.

“The exam period overall was okay. Criminal law was the first paper, and I did just about enough to make it through. Public law was a painful one, though. I answered three questions nicely, but the last question totally confused me, so I couldn’t answer well. Common law diɛɛ, I was badly prepared for that, me naaa, I knew it was gonna end in tears. Contract law ended the period nicely for me, so that was it.”

“Cool, so what was next?” Serwaah asked.

“Next thing? Leave the company. I had already given them one month’s notice, so right after the exams, I went and spent the final days there. Oh, and I almost forgot, during all that time too, one major person that kept me happy there was Nii Tei. Another Santaclausian, who was also looking to do law, and also didn’t really enjoy being there. At least, for him, it was national service, so nothing spoil.”

“Okayyy, so after July is when you became a full-time student?” she further asked.

“Yep. Went back to the full-time student life. Quite a few of my mates did the same. Those who could handle the stress, I mean, good they could, but already I didn’t really enjoy being there, and I was stressed on top. So yeah, that was it.”

“Anyways, the results arrived, and I passed Contract and Criminal. Public and Common had to be done again. At that time too, the school rules allowed us to only resit for one. So I went with Common Law. While we prepared for it, the new academic year began. Property law, Trust & equity, Company law and Torts. So lectures were underway. October arrived, and me and some of my mates went to write. It was as smooth as could be, chale. So when the results dropped somewhere in December, it was a straight pass.”

“Nice, nice. Man could finally locomote,” Toby said.

“Oh yeah. We locomote. But 2016 came about… and chale, at a point, I think I was stuck in mental quicksand, to be honest. I mean, the learning materials were at my disposal. Notes, study manuals, the books the University of London sent… I had them all. But it felt like I never really went far with what I was studying. And for some reason too, I totally neglected to study with others.”

“Wow! But isn’t that dangerous?” Toby asked, looking very much surprised. “It’s group studies that has been a little saviour of sorts for me in school.”

“Yeah, eventually, I realized how important it was as well. But I dunno, I really didn’t help myself with that. So June came about, and I had five papers to write. Tort, Public, Trust, Company and Property Law. It was not an easy exam period at all, but I did what I had to do.

“After that, I managed to get an internship at a firm. Fugar and Company. It was about a month there, and it was a pretty good one, with the other law students from other faculties I met, and a brief intro to how Ghanaian law is. Started in June, ended in July. And it was back to waiting for the results.”

At this point, I had to stop for a moment and shake my head before continuing. “The wait was not easy, because that exam period had not been a pleasant one at all. But eventually, August came about.

“And when the day of release came, it was one of the lowest days of this journey. I was so embarrassed when I saw my results.

“Out of 5 papers I wrote, it was only Public Law I passed, and even with that, I got exactly 40, which was the past mark.”

The Dolphynes at this point had slightly cringing looks on their faces. “Ouch,” Oscar whimpered. “That must have been sooo unpleasant.”

“Hmmm. You know what made it worse? The results came on a Wednesday. Already feeling downhearted, I still went for midweek service. Before the preacher for the evening came to speak, we had testimony period. And listen, virtually everyone who came forward was a student, talking about how they had not had an easy exam period, but by God’s grace, they managed to pass very well. Guys, terrible is an understatement to describe my feeling.

“At that point, I really questioned whether I was meant to do this law thing. Coz see how slow I am with the learning. And while squad are there saying they didn’t do anything proper yet passed, I can’t say the same about myself. As for me, I failed miserably. It was definitely a major low.”

“Wow. Hmmmm. Well, journeys like these will be that easy, will they?” Diamond said.

“Oh, no, not at all. That was a tough moment for me. But ultimately, I knew giving up could not afford to be an option. Already, I had heard a lot about how many people drop out of the course after a while, and even after first year, quite a number of my mates stopped. I mean, falling along the way is not the sweetest feeling, but to give up? Never. Too many people gave up on this course, and I absolutely refused to be one of them. Sure, I failed all my papers, but I couldn’t stay down there. I had to get up and make things right.”

Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #1 – Sept. 2014

It’s been a long while, hasn’t it, people! Happy New Year to you all!!

Well, the State has returned, and it’s time for some good storytelling. This year, we’re starting off with one story which is of a different caliber.

So, 17th December 2020 will forever be one of the best days of my life, as after 6 years of hard work, I finally became a lawyer!

Presenting Mr. Sean Isaac Kwamina Addo-Mensah, Esq.

Yes, people, your dear writer is a certified legal practitioner now. All praise and glory to God.

I certainly had the intention to tell my story of how I finally got called to the Bar, but I was initially gonna do it in article form. Then on the day after the enrolment ceremony, an idea came into my head. And that idea is what you have right now.

So get yourself comfy and join the Dolphyne kids (yes, they’re back!) as you get to know just how the boss of Dabar made his way to the Bar.

Of course, the pun was totally worth it. I had to, didn’t I? Haha!

“So guys, it’s a great honour to share my story with y’all. It’s been six years, chale. Six years of hoping and praying I’ll find myself where I finally am today. So many highs and lows in the story, but ultimately, it’s ended in praise. Not in tears!”


“We thank God ooo!”

“God is good!”


The Dolphyne offspring erupted with cheers as I sat before them in the living room of their house, a big smile on my face. It definitely feels good to finally be in that position as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana. Dreams definitely come true.

“It’s really been quite a journey. Well done once again! Great to see it’s finally paid off. So, it all started in 2014, right?” Toby asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. 2014 is when it all began. But there’s a… for lack of a better word, lemme say prologue, to it. So technically, I made up my mind to study law in the year of 2013. At that point, I was doing my national service at Ghana Institute of Languages. The little problem for me was that, I was looking at Legon only. And on top of that, I actually decided on going there too late. I think it was around the end of February or so. So by the time I had made the decision, the deadline for applications had passed. So I decided I’d try next year.”

“Interesting. So what happened after that?” Diamond asks.

“Oh, I finished the national service, then my dad secured a job for me at an insurance company. Ghana Union Assurance. I started that one in September.”

“And how did that go? Was it interesting?” Anasah asks.

I shrug. “Eeh. It was okay. The money I was getting was pretty good, to be honest. As for that place, I’m not gonna lie, they pay pretty well. But… chale, after a while, I started to see that the insurance thing just wasn’t for me. Somewhere in 2014, it really began to sink that insurance industry really wasn’t where I want to spend the rest of my life. So that’s where the desire for the law began to grow.”

“Anyways, so as 2014 came about, this time around, I wasn’t going to slack. I bought the application forms, did all the necessary stuff, then submitted them before the deadline passed. So before February ended, I was done. It was back to the work. Then somewhere in late April or so, I got a text from them, confirming my selection for the entrance exam. Chale, the way I was happy, eh! The door to getting out was closer than I expected.”

Serwaah looked thoughtful. “Ummm, so at that point, was it like… you just wanted to get into law to escape from the insurance place? Was it that bad?”

I shook my head. “Don’t get me wrong, insurance isn’t the worst thing in the world, and I’d be the last person to slag off the profession, given how my dad is a big man there and all. But chale, I remember seeing one of the senior workers at his desk one morning, and I immediately felt like naaaaa, this is not how I want to be spending the rest of my life. So… even though I really wanted to get outta there and that sorta pushed me… nah. I was already interested in it. And my lack of enthusiasm for where I was just heightened it.”

“So the entrance exam day came around. A nice Saturday afternoon bi like that. I honestly can’t remember what the questions were, but chale, I struggled small.”

“Were they related to legal things?” Anasah asked.

I shook my head. “Nahh, some current affairs kinda questions ooo. I remember signing up for some class bi, where they spoke about some different issues altogether. Chale, cool swerve kraa. If I had known, I wouldn’t have wasted my time mpo.”

“Oh chale! Those things can pain roff!” Oscar sympathized.

“Serious oo! The most annoying thing is how an announcement from the school asked us to disregard those classes. If only I had followed that advice… so yeah, I did the little I could do and just hoped for the best. But chale, when the list for the interview came out a few months later, my name was nowhere to be found. I was really disappointed.”

“Hmmm, I can imagine. The way Maa speaks so highly of the Legon faculty is not a joke,” Diamond said. “She always brags that the killer lawyers all came from there.”

I snickered. “I’m sure she gets into trouble with those from Tech. They too, them dey oo!”

“Hahaha! They are the ones who receive the brunt of her trolling mpo! So, was Zenith your straightforward choice?” Diamond asked. “Or you had other options?”

“I had options. If I can remember correctly, it was between Zenith, Lancaster and Wisconsin. The truth is, I wanted Lancaster. But the fees! Herh! Mad tings oo! And initially, I wanted to force my way, but chale, my dad can’t be pushed around by me like that.”

“Huh. Just like Mr. Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne,” Toby murmured. “You do not dare try that on him.”

“I know right!” Diamond and Serwaah agreed.

I smiled. “Chale, our old men diɛɛ, saa. But it was good. I couldn’t be unreasonable and force him to pay huge fees like that. So yeah, it was dropped. As for the Wisconsin one, I don’t exactly remember what it was, but that one too was dropped. So we went for Zenith, which as we know, was actually a University of London course. So we bought the forms, paid the fees, all that stuff… then chale, somewhere around September, the acceptance of my application was received, I got the details to the student portal, all those necessary things. And that was it.”

“So it all truly started in September 2014?” Toby asked.

“Yep. That’s when it all started. September 2014 marked the beginning of my journey to the Bar.”

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – UE #10

A lovely Wednesday morning it was. A morning with the sun out in all its glory, surrounded by clear blue skies and very few clouds.

In the Dawson household, it was a busy morning, as this would be the last time there would be any serious activity in it.

Leticia and the children were leaving.

“Sammy! Denny! Time for us to get going now!” Leticia called.

The children walked out of their room, looking pretty sad. “I’m gonna miss this place, Mummy,” Samuel said, holding on to his mother.

Leticia sighed as she placed a hand on her little boy’s head while looking around one last time. She knew it was not going to be easy for them to leave. New surroundings. New school. New friends. She knew it would be tough for her little ones.

But staying here was tougher. She had thought about it long enough, and she was convinced. To remain in these surroundings would not help her get over the spite lodged firmly in some corner of her heart. And that wouldn’t be helpful for her or them in the long run. This had to be done.

Two more weeks had passed, and she was sure that this was the right decision to make. Her healing was not going to come by just pretending to be okay, but by dealing with it properly. Time wasn’t going to heal these wounds as far as she was concerned.

“I know, baby, I know. But it’s for the best. And I’m sure you’ll get used to our new place.”

The three of them walked out of the room and onto the porch, where Thomas’ dad and Reverend Bondzie sat, waiting for them. They rose from their seats, giving the children big smiles.

“My sweetheart Denise!” Thomas’ father said as he ushered his granddaughter into his arms, as Samuel walked to the priest. The older Mr. Dawson looked at Leticia and gave a sad nod. He had also tried to convince her not to leave, but she had insisted that it was the only way she could properly move on with life.

“So the flight is at 9 o’ clock, right?” he asked.

Leticia nodded.

“Alright. Well, so as we already settled at the courts, I’m going to handle the distribution of the family property. Are you sure you don’t want to take possession of the house in Kumasi?”

Leticia shook her head. Already, staying in their house was bad enough. To take the house where Thomas and Glori had spent the entire weekend hungrily devouring each other with a passion all over was another issue altogether. “No, Daddy. I’ll hold it in trust for the kids for now. I’m sure they’ll know what to do with it by then.”

“No problem. So I’ll sell this house and let you have the proceeds, and if anything else pops up, I’ll let you know.”

Then, he sighed and bowed his head. “Hmmmm. Leticia. God knows it wasn’t meant to be like this…”

“Daddy,” Leticia intercepted gently, putting a hand on his shoulder, as Reverend Bondzie did likewise on the other shoulder, “I know too well. It wasn’t. But… I guess… choices were made, and…”

Her voice beginning to break, the two elderly men switched to comforting her. “It’s alright, Leticia. It’s alright,” Rev. Bondzie assured her. “This is your first step in moving on. We would’ve wished you could move on here, but you need to do what’s best for your mental health, and for the children too.”

“Just take good care of yourself and the children, alright?” Thomas’ father said to her, to which she nodded.

“Anything else left in the house?” Rev. Bondzie asked.

She shook her head. “Sammy and Denise went for their bags. Everything else has been packed and is in the car.”

“Alright. Good, good. Shall we take a moment to pray before you set off, then?”

Leticia, Thomas’ father and the children all duly closed their eyes and bowed their heads.

“Heavenly Father, yet again, a new day is here, and it is only by Your grace that we are standing here, and for that, we are ever grateful. Lord, I commit Your daughter Leticia and the children into your hands…”


Turning her head to the left, Leticia saw Denise fast asleep and securely buckled in her seat.

Placing her hand on the little girl’s head, she looked behind. The young man sitting behind her gave her a thumbs up as she noticed Samuel in slumber as well. She gave him a grateful smile and turned.

Twenty minutes into the flight, and they were out of Accra. She sighed as she stretched her neck to look out the window. She had seen the seas and the canoes on the shores. Such a lovely sight. And it hadn’t been the first time.

It reminded her of the last time she and Thomas sat on a plane together. She had been excited about the scene and told Thomas, who gave a weak smile and nodded and said, “Ohh, that’s nice.”

In hindsight, since that had happened after the infamous row, she was sure he probably cursed her in his head.

But that was immaterial now.

It was nothing but green vegetation she could see now. And if she was going to get through this, reliving memories wouldn’t be the most helpful.

Just think of the future ahead of you, girl, she encouraged herself as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. The past is the past. It’s time to focus on what’s ahead of me…


Midday had arrived. Leticia and the kids were now at their new home.

Kwesi had met them at the airport and duly taken them to their new neighbourhood. A comfortable little bungalow in a rather comfy neighbourhood. Upon arriving, she was pleased she had delegated the task of a new home to him; he had secured a good place for them.

As he helped the children get their room in order, Leticia stepped out of the house to make a call. She had spoken to Thomas’ father and her parents on the way to the new home. Now she had to contact her now former priest.

“Hello, Leticia?”

“Yeah, Reverend Bondzie. We’re in Sunyani now.”

“Oh, thank God for travelling mercies. Good to hear. Have you arrived at your new home yet?”

“Yeah, we’re already working on setting it up as I speak. Kwesi is helping the kids set up their bedroom. Sammy seems pretty excited about it, so that’s a positive.”

“That’s great to hear. So please, Leticia, let me be hearing from you often. We might be miles away from each other now, but I still wanna know how you’re doing.”

“Oh, don’t worry at all, Father. I’m definitely gonna be keeping in touch. Don’t be in doubt about that.”

“Great, great. So you start work tomorrow?”

“No, I’ll start on Monday. So I’m going to the hospital to check up on my brother and see how far with his rehabilitation. Then I’ll go and meet the therapist for the first time.”

“Alright, alright. Well, all the best in that. We’re praying God helps you through that period.”

“Thank you, Rev. I’m most grateful.”



Barnabas looked surprised but delighted to see his sister as she walked into the room. Her name had come out of his mouth in a slurred way, indicating how the stroke had affected his speech. He attempted a smile as she came to land a kiss on his forehead.

“Hey, Barnie, you doing good?”

He nodded, his eyes looking up at her with joy.

“Great. The nurses told me you’re doing fine, and that’s great to hear. So far, I hear your speech therapy is coming along nicely. Petite a petite, right?”

“Yeahhhh. I’m okayy,” he drawled slowly, nodding his head in similar fashion as she sat down, placing a basket by his side.

“Good. Well, like I said, I’m now settling here in Sunyani. Going to make sure I do everything I can to help you get back to the Barnabas we know you to be. I know it’ll take a while, but I’ll be here through it all.”

Barnabas looked confused. “Buutt… th-the children? Thommmassss? Wherrree is heeeee?”

A wistful smile appeared on her lips upon the mention of that name. She had anticipated this.

“Don’t worry about all that. I’ll let you know what’s happened in time. For now, I brought you some of your favourite yam balls. Just the way Maame used to make them back in the day…”


Standing in front of the door, Leticia heaved a big sigh.

This was it. The final major task for the day.

After letting Kwesi take the children to a nearby playground so they could make new friends, and visiting her brother, it was now time to see the therapist.

Time to truly begin the journey of healing from the pain of loss. The pain of betrayal. The burning urge to hold on to that flaming coal of anger.

Quickly doing the sign of the cross, she knocked on the door, opening it after she heard an order to come in.

The middle-aged lady sitting at her desk put down her papers and flashed Leticia a wide smile as she approached. “Please take a seat,” she said warmly, to which Leticia obliged.

Picking up a sheet of paper, she looked at it. “Okay, so… Miss Adjei, right?”

Leticia smiled, then nodded. “Yes. Miss Leticia Adjei.”

“Alright, so my name is Abigail Ofori, as you already know, and you’re welcome to the first day of therapy. Let’s begin, shall we?”


So Leticia begins the path to healing. That in itself is an entirely different story altogether. Well, like she said, choices were made, and the consequences are what we witnessed in this really dark season. I guess that’s a lesson we might just take from this. Choices have consequences. We might as well know what to do.

Thanks for reading, everyone!!

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #9

“Hmmm. Leticia, are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Rev Bondzie. I’ve thought about it long enough, and I know it’s what I need. Look, I’ve tried my best, but it just isn’t working. Every time I wake up in this bed, every time I sit on the porch… look, thoughts of him have just refused to leave me. And it does nothing but fill me with bitterness. Father, remaining here just keeps me in this perpetual state of rancour, and I hate it. I need to change my surroundings if I’m gonna get through this.”

Rev. Bondzie sighed, rubbing his eyes.

It had been a few weeks since the funeral had taken place. Of course, knowing that moving on after that would most definitely be the hardest part, he had taken it upon himself to remain in touch with Leticia and note how she was adapting.

So far, though, the grief had seemed to subside, but not the anger. And as far as she was concerned, it was slowly sliding into the area of bitterness.

Which was why she had now told him about her new plan.

She wanted to leave Accra with the children and settle in Sunyani.

“Umm, Leticia, I appreciate that you don’t want bitterness to dwell in you. That’s extremely important. But… wouldn’t you want to wait a bit before taking such a decision? I know Barnabas is there and all, but your life is based here. Isn’t it gonna be a bother to now find a new place of work, a new school for the children, a totally new environment?”

“Reverend, I’ve thought about all that. I’ve thought of all the inconveniences and stuff, and honestly, they can be worked on. Rev, the fact is, it would’ve been easier if I never knew about the affair. But it’s not, and believe me, I’ve tried. I don’t want it to drown me. But it is. I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t get those words in the diary out of my head. Having sex with my housekeeper while telling her I’m now a nuisance to him. It cuts a fresh wound every single time it comes to mind.

“Look, Rev, I can’t take it anymore. Even when I do my best, they’re chasing me, and all it does is enrage me over and over again. It doesn’t help that every part of this house reminds me of him. Please understand me, Rev, this is a battle that’s just impossible to win with where I find myself. I’ll get into bed and all I remember is that the one I shared it with brought her and broke her virginity on this bed. Reverend, it’s too much, honestly. It’s too much.”

Rev. Bondzie simply nodded. That last part did leave quite a scar, when he thought about it. To know that your spouse was cheating was bad enough, but to desecrate the matrimonial bed would definitely leave a lasting impression.

“Well, I get that. And uh, well… I guess I can’t force you to just get over it, because this is not an easy situation you find yourself in. let’s just give this another week, and then you know what to do from there.”

“Alright, Rev, no problem. Oh, and by the way, I’ve decided to get in touch with Glori’s mother.”

“Oh wonderful!! I’m glad you’re finally going to get through to her.”

“Yeah. My mother raised the topic again before she left, and I decided she was right. So hopefully, I’ll settle the issue. I’ll speak to you later.”

“No problem, Leticia. Bye.”


“Madam, I’m so sorry, I really am. If I knew my daughter had been involved in that thing, God knows I would’ve knocked some sense into her…”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Vanderpuye. No need for you to apologize. I mean, you’re not your daughter, and truthfully, it was wrong of me to take out my anger on you. So I’m sorry for refusing to pick the calls of you and your husband. I’ll have to come and visit you and make my official apology.”

“Hmmm, not a problem, madam. We’ll be most grateful. It’s just been so hard…”

“I can only imagine. That’s why I need to come over. I may have been angry and all, but at the end of the day, I can’t turn my back on parents who’ve lost a child, no matter what the child did to me. So I will definitely see you and give my condolences in person. But I’m really sorry about this loss. Forget everything that happened, I’m genuinely sorry about what happened.”

A sniff came as a reply. “I’m grateful. I really am.”

“Mmmmm. Well, I’ll speak to you later, so we decide on the best time to come.”

“No problem, Madam. Thank you so much. God bless you.”

“Oh, Aseda y3 Nyame dea. Later, Ma’am.”


Rawda sat on the balcony, earphones plugged in as she spent time with Bob Marley’s wisdom in song form.

As she hummed along to “Could You Be Loved”, a vibration alerted her to a WhatsApp message arriving. She paused the song and switched to her messaging platform to find that Glori’s mother had sent her a voice note. She went ahead and pressed play.

Rawda, how are you doing? I hope all is well. So guess who I got a call from?… Mrs. Dawson. Yes ooo, looks like she finally let go of the hurt. She apologized, said she’ll come over to give her proper condolences and all that. I mean, she’s very late, since it’s been almost a month since Glori was buried, but… better late than never. So I’m happy. But it somehow got me wondering, what’s happened with you and Boahemaa? Why don’t you patch things up with her? Invite her so we can let go of all the grudges and stuff and just move on. What happened has already happened, and we might as well look to the future. Please get back to me once you’ve heard this. Thanks.”

The audio having come to an end, Rawda took the earphones off and sighed. She was glad to hear that Glori’s mother had finally settled matters with the wife of the man; it was a long overdue relief. But that last part of the voice note wasn’t exactly something she wanted to hear.

Reconciliation with Boahemaa.

Like she had decided earlier, the words spoken to her at that one-week celebration was a revelation of how Boahemaa truly felt about her, and she was convinced that with such, nothing good would come out of rekindling their bond. It was better left broken.

Shaking her head, she muttered to herself.

“What do I tell this woman? She’ll probably disturb and beg me to let her back in. hmmm… I’ll have to find a way around this. Because Boahemaa… forget it. I don’t want to have anything to do with that girl. Ever again.”


Walking through the gates to the cemetery, a small bouquet of flowers in her hand, Boahemaa’s face was a grim, crestfallen one.

As expected, she was not present at the funeral. So she had gone to ask one of their mutual friends where she had been buried, and had been given the directions. Since she couldn’t be there to say goodbye, now was the time.

Tears streaming down her face as she walked briskly past the various tombstones, it still felt so unreal. The last place she’d expect to have to visit Glori was this place. Where so much potential and talent lay waste. Never in any lifetime would she have expected that Glori would end up there so early.

After about ten minutes of walking, she saw the site. Just as her friend had told her, a little grey sign had been erected on top of the grave with the initials G.V. and her years of birth and death.

Rushing to the grave, words failed Boahemaa as she fell to her knees and began weeping uncontrollably. For the next five minutes, no words were spoken. Just the cries of a broken-hearted young lady mourning her best friend.

As the bitter tears ran out, she sniffed and sobbed as she held the dirt that covered Glori’s grave in her hands. She shook her head, and began to whisper.

“Glori. My one and only Glori. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t as good a friend as I should have been… I know we both loved those sexy, well-built men, but… if only I had done my part and told you that sneaking around with a married man was not good. Maybe you might have listened to me. But whatever the case is, I failed you. And I’m so sorry.”

Wiping the remaining tears from her eyes, she placed the flowers on the grave. As she rose to her feet, she swallowed the urge to burst into another session of loud cries. It’s alright, Boahemaa, it’s alright, she thought to herself as she continue to observe the patch of ground under which lay her friend, and continued.

“Glori, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. I was supposed to see you at your wedding, with your future hubby, all beaming with smiles and excitement. I should’ve seen you become a mother. Baby showers, trips to mother care shops, all those things. But… look at what’s happened. Now everything has changed. You’re here, and, and… chale, our lives are never gonna be the same again.

“I don’t know what’s next, but… I dunno, I guess I’ll have to move on. Learn my lessons and make sure something this crazy never ever happens again.”

Taking a look around her as she finished her little speech, she sighed and knelt down and touched the ground. “I’ll always miss you, Glori Vanderpuye. I always will. You were an awesome friend, baby girl. Made my life a joyful one for sure. God knows I’d do anything to have you back, but… it just isn’t possible. All I can say is that I love you, and… you’ll forever be in my heart. Sleep well, babe. Sleep well,” she whispered.

Rising to her feet, she turned and began to walk out of the cemetery.

Hmmmm, Boahemaa bids her friend adieu. And it doesn’t look like Rawda is ready to forgive her. Well, we’re almost at the end of this dark journey. Tomorrow lets us know what happens with Leticia.

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Options n’ Upshots – UE #8

“Thomas was a loving father. An amazing husband. Someone I believed with all my heart that I’d spend the rest of my days with. From the day he asked me to be his wife, I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the man I’d grow grey hairs with, and it couldn’t be more devastating that our time together is over so soon. Thomas, when I said until death do us part, I didn’t sign up for it happening after just seven years together!”

Her voice calm and composed, Leticia stood before the solemn congregation, reading out her tribute to her departed husband.

At the end, she had decided to go with a pleasant tribute. She had not enjoyed writing it, but freeing her mind wouldn’t have gone down too well with the congregation. And the children had had it hard adjusting to their daddy’s demise; surely a nasty tribute from their mother to him would affect them negatively. So she settled for the good one.

“That week was one of the most unforgettable weeks I had. From discovering my brother had been struck down by stroke, to losing my husband suddenly. Thomas, this was far too soon, and my heart aches like crazy. What wouldn’t I give to have you around, hubby? Our bed feels so empty, your laundry basket untouched. I can’t even bring myself to look at your favourite Arsenal mug, because I’m expecting it to be filled with the black coffee you’d always make before work.”

Looking up briefly, she noted a number of people wiping their eyes and sniffing. That last part of the tribute must have touched them hard. She was living the nightmare many prayed against: losing the love of their life too early.

“But what more can I say?” she continued, as she lowered her eyes and carried on. “This is my new reality. Living without you being the first person to wake up to. Raising our two beautiful little ones without you around. There couldn’t be anything more devastating than this. It’s a nightmare I wish I could wake up from so badly. All I know is that you’ve made your way to one end of the divide, and I’m stuck here, and a vacuum is gonna exist for a long time to come. Nonetheless, I thank God for the times we had, the joy you brought to my life, and how you made me feel as wife, woman and a person. We surely shall meet again one special day, that is my confidence. Sleep well, Thomas, sleep well.”

Concluding her speech, she took her sheet of paper and walked away from the podium to take her seat.

As her father put his arm around her and consoled her, she knew the different thoughts that would be going around the minds of people. With the way she had kept her composure, it was likely some people would see her as a strong woman in control of her emotions. Some silly ones would assume her failure to shed tears made her complicit in his death. As far as both thoughts were concerned, she couldn’t be bothered. The funeral was going according to plan, and that was her only concern.

The church was packed with family, friends and sympathizers, and all the plans for the service had come off without any hitches. From the body being carried to the church auditorium to the laying in state, it had all been done alright. No problems whatsoever. She had often heard of serious fights in the build up to funerals, but there had been very little conflict, and she was grateful for that.

Of course, the laying in state was extremely difficult for her. The last time she saw him alive was when he dropped her off at the station earlier that day she went to attend to Thomas. To see him lying there in a white suit, stiff and still… more than a slap in the face.

As the next group of people made their way to the podium to share their tribute, she sniffed and held tightly to her father.

No doubt about it, for that day, the grief and sadness of losing her spouse had truly taken over.


“O God, whose mercies cannot be numbered: Accept our prayers on behalf of thy servant Thomas Dawson, and grant him an entrance into the land of light and joy, in the fellowship of thy saints; through Jesus Christ thy son our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.”


As the coffin was lowered into the grave, once Reverend Bondzie was done with the prayers, the few mourners who were present at Thomas’ final resting place sobbed and cried, saying their final farewells to Thomas as his body found its way down into the ground.

Leticia, surrounded by her parents who had Samuel and Denise in their arms, simply had more tears spilling from her cheeks as she watched her husband go down.

It was real. It truly was real.

He was gone.

It didn’t just hurt on her part. The sight of his father and uncles and aunties all wailing as they wondered why the one meant to bury them had rather preceded them. It was really painful.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. On a Saturday morning like this, the family should have been chilling. Samuel and Denise should have been having fun with their daddy. Not seeing him lowered into the grave so early.

The mourners cried out to the descending casket, bidding its inhabitant to hear their questions and pleas. Even though her lips were not open, Leticia too wished her husband could hear what was in her heart at that point in time.

How I wish it didn’t end this way. I loved you, Thomas. From the moment you made your way into my heart almost a decade ago, I knew it was my destiny to spend the rest of my life with you. Thomas, we didn’t have a perfect life, but at least we tried. I did what I could. Was I a perfect wife? Of course not. But you can’t deny that I did the necessary as a wife. As to why you did what you did…

She sniffed, squeezing her eyes shut as she gave herself a few seconds to pull herself together. The sounds of digging shovels and dirt hitting the casket filled her ears as she opened her eyes to see the grave diggers already at work.

“It’s time to go, my dear.”

Her mother’s gentle words were followed by a leading away, as she continued to speak to him in her heart.

Why did you give up on us? Why? How could you hate me and hold a grudge after that night? After all the apologies? God, Thomas! I thought we committed to make it through all the tough times. I thought you said it was okay. When it wasn’t. How long were you gonna keep up appearances? Huh? How long were you gonna keep it up? Now look!

Looking back at the grave side, as the diggers busily undertook their duty of covering up, she shook her head as she knew all the words in her heart were nothing more than tennis balls thrown against the wall. They did nothing but return to her. The reasons for giving up on the marriage would never be discovered. And that was that.

All she could possibly do was move on.

The pang of sadness hit her once again, and the tears on her face were suddenly joined by bitter cries.

Crying that the man she thought she’d grow old with had left her too young. Crying that she’d never understand why he threw in the towel the way he did.

“Ssshhhh, shhh, it’s alright, my child, it’s alright,” Mrs. Adjei said calmly as she took her distraught daughter into her arms.

Sigh. Poor Leticia. It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a spouse.