You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 8 – Cracks In The Wall

So the little break is over, and it’s time to see what’s coming up! Strange things have been happening, and I think it’s around this time we’re gonna get some pretty interesting revelations. Like I said, this is a crazy story, so let’s keep moving!

“They’re coming! They’re coming!”

Ever since the Slash Kings had become untouchable on the school premises, there was this settled custom whereby a student would be at the gate to watch out for the trio whenever they were on their way. Once the student made this announcement, all who were hanging around the compound would rush into their classrooms.

This morning, the alarm had been sounded, and the students around duly obliged.

Of course, every now and then, somebody would slack and still hang around on the school compound, and would pay dearly for their lax response. The somebody for that morning was young Desmond.

Busily wolfing down the sandwich his mother made for him that morning, he only realized his error when he turned his back and saw the trio only a couple of metres away from the bench on which he sat. He sprang up from his seat and began to speed off.

Unfortunately for him, Faisal was quick to react to his actions, and in a matter of seconds, had him by the collar of his shirt.

“Na where you figure sey you dey go? Huh?”

Young Desmond inwardly cursed his lack of attention to the usual clarion call. The goodness of his mother’s tuna sandwiches. His decision to eat them as soon as he got to school. The way GHI teachers had totally washed their hands off curbing this daily terror.

So many factors to blame, but at the end of it all, here he was, being heckled by the terrible tripartite.

Well, not all of them, actually.

Yes, the harsh Faisal had him by the shirt, roughing him up while the despicable Jake was in front of him, mocking him. But… strangely enough, the leader stood back, with a look of discomfort on his face. For the first time, he watched the ongoing rustling with a displeasure of sorts.

Very unlike the vintage Ambradu Gyekye everybody knew and feared.

“Chale, Ambradu, come make we sound am, eh!” Jake called to him in an excited tone. As usual, he was giddy at the prospect of seeing his best friend and fellow bully dish out cruelty on others. Faisal was already being his regular belligerent and horrible self; Ambradu’s coldhearted demeanour was left to make the show of sadism complete.

That, much to their surprise, was not going to be the case that morning.

“Chale, chale, guys, e chill. Make we lef am.”

Those were the words that came out of Ambradu’s mouth. And Faisal, Jake and Desmond turned to him, absolutely stunned. The leader of this school mafia was asking for mercy? What??!!

Faisal had a mixture of confusion and rage on his face. “Ah! But you, wassup?”

Jake’s facial expression also conveyed his displeasure. “What are you talking about?”

Ambradu had a strange look that resembled something like… like compassion. “Please, ibi early. Lef am for now. We go deal with am later.”

Even more disbelief on their faces. Faisal looked ready to explode, but held back. He let go of Desmond’s shirt and pushed him to the ground. “Lef my face before something wicked enter my head. HURRY UP!”

Equally as shocked by this unusual show of kindness, Desmond quickly raised himself and ran off.

Now the two turned to Ambradu. “Massa, what dey wrong you?” Faisal demanded.

“Ehh! Ah! You really make I shock give you,” Jake added disapprovingly. “Early s3 sen? Ah, you paaa…”

“Chale, chale, I dey beg, I no get time for this,” Ambradu interjected, a straight look on his face. “I say ibi too early for that. Period. That be all.”

“Massa, massa, inobi you naaa wey you say any time be good time to stamp your authority?” Faisal shot back. “Ah, you make I shake this boy for nothing. Mtcheww!”

“Ah! Guy! I only said it’s too early. I never said we should stop. What be your beef?”

“Ma guy, ma guy, this no go wash. Too early for the where? Like Faisal talk, ibi you naa wey you make we start this early morning terror thing sef. That be why the kiddies always dey scatter if we dey come. That be why we all dey come together. So where from this? Where from this… this fake compassion? Hoh!” Jake grumbled.

“Make you no mind am,” Faisal sneered. “Sakeof some cheap ass p***y he no fit chop for some strange ass reason, he dey here dey come do ein body Mother Teresa. Kwasiasem kwa!”

That outburst did not go down well with Ambradu, who immediately narrowed his eyes. He knew Faisal would get angry at this, but that certainly did not mean he would be tolerating any form of disrespect. And especially not disrespect aimed at innocent Stephanie.

“Massa, make you no make I bore this morning. Plenty things dey my mind top. Make you no do make I vex,” he warned Faisal, his straight look switching to an annoyed one.

“Oh, comot for there! You make we bore already, now you dey come talk something else. Comot for there kraa. Jon!”

Even though he loved having him around, especially when it was time to go on the prowl, Ambradu did not always enjoy the lack of filter Faisal had when it came to his words. And right there and then, he would’ve loved nothing more than to give him a good punch to teach him a lesson. But as he had already mentioned, too many things were on his mind, and what he wanted at that moment was peace, not violence.

So he simply shook his head and responded, “Chale, forget this. I dey go class. See you later.”

Walking away from the two, who still had contempt written on their faces, only he knew what had his mind occupied over the past couple of days.

Questions upon questions.

Had this issue not reared its unusual head, he would have been occupied with moving heaven and earth to try and restore the broken relationship with Stephanie. Anything to have the opportunity to get back into her panties and finally carry out his most sensual fantasies. But her decision to end their short fling was honestly one of the last things on his mind.

What held his mind captive? That strange boy.

And suddenly, upon deeper introspection, he was starting to wonder if all the cruelty he had unleashed upon younger ones was worth it. Seeing them cower and tremble in fear at his presence had felt so right for so long. But now… he had started wondering…

Is it as right as I think it is?


“But he too, I dey shock give am ooo. Ah. Where from this sudden behaviour? Why he dey spoil the movement we get?” Jake commented as he and Faisal talked on the phone later that night.

Since their little squabble, Ambradu had detached himself totally from them. He basically ignored Jake in class, stayed in the class during break time when they were supposed to be hanging out at their usual spot, and left fot home without telling any of them. When they confronted him on their WhatsApp page later that evening, he repeated the claim that a lot was on his mind, adding that he would hit them up at the right time.

This didn’t go down well with them at all. Now they were discussing his behaviour. While Jake had wondered if the strange boy was the one occupying Ambradu’s brain, Faisal dismissed that notion and asserted that it was his breakup that was making him so weak.

“Me sef,” Faisal replied. “He be stupid boy. So sakeof Stephanie dawg you, you turn dolu-dolu. Kwasia. This two-by-four p***y too, we dey cry over am? He really be jon. I figure sey he get sense, but chale, I see sey one dot sef no dey in brain inside.”

“Hmmmm,” Jake responded. Inasmuch as he was infuriated by Ambradu’s behaviour that morning, that was still his best friend, and hearing him get insulted brutally didn’t make him very pleased.

But that was vintage Faisal for you. Invoke his wrath and you’d receive the nastiest bile from him, no matter who you were. And he did not want to put himself in the firing line for that.

“So for you, inobi that small boy ein matter?”

“Massa, forget that idiot boy! He no get any relevance to this whole thing. Ibi the Stephanie thing naaa. Jon things nkwaa.”

Another Hmmmm followed.

“We all get one mind. We know sey if we dey move aa, this be the agenda for the day. You p3, sakeof emotional foolishness, you turn Mother Teresa. Chale, chale, he really make I bore. Wey the way he sheda dawg we the whole day too… hoh. Massa, make I cut top, na I make heated already for here.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jake agreed. “In my opinion, make we all relax. Then maybe, moro or something, I go make we all sit down then straighten things out. Coz ibi unity e dey give we the strength ooo. So you di33, cool down. He make I bore am too, but make we all relax.”

“Yooo, I hear you. Then chale, I dey go chop something then bed.”

“Alright, chale. Later.”

“Yeah, bye.”


Half an hour later, Faisal was done with his dinner. He had made some quick corned beef stew and eaten it with some Fante kenkey.

Now as he headed for the bathroom, it was time for him to take a shower before retiring to bed.

One of the advantages of the apartment was that both rooms had their own bathrooms. So Faisal and Jahwad were spared the torture of having to share one. With the amount of care and affection the two brothers shared, it was obvious either one would rather swallow a basket of thumbtacks than have to use the same bathroom with the other.

Standing in front of the mirror, Faisal sighed as he began to take his singlet off. “Another long ass day,” he muttered as he tossed it on the floor.

The lights then suddenly went off.

Standing in the darkness, he let out a big, irritated Mtcheww. “F**k ECG!” he cursed.

The lights suddenly returned.

His eyes still fixed on the mirror, fright gripped him at what he saw.

“WHAT THE F**K!” he yelped as he jumped back.

Whatever happened in those three seconds of darkness, he had no idea. But what was in front of him now was beyond creepy.

‘THE BIRD IS IN THE HOLE!’ had been scrawled on the mirror, all caps, in what looked like lipstick.

Eyes wide, heartbeat on steroids, Faisal shivered at the sight before him. What in the world was this?

The lights went off once again. Faisal shrieked for a moment.

Five seconds later, the lights returned.

No writing on the mirror.

His hand on his chest as he inhaled and exhaled, Faisal shook his head. “What the f**k, man? What was that?”

An absolutely creepy occurrence. Was he dreaming or something? Was his mind playing tricks on him? Were all those so-called spiritual issues Ambradu and Jake raised starting to have an effect on him?

Faisal shook his head. In his mind, that was the only logical conclusion. “Chale, these strange things be on the rise now. I for tell them niggas make them shun that dema spiritual spiritual talk. E start dey play plus my mind. Kwasiafuo. I go tell them my mind moro make them shun them things.”

Clearly, Faisal’s mind is made up on these issues. I wonder what’s gonna happen tomorrow…

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