You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 6 – Wednesday Evening

With a title like this, it’s pretty clear this is centred around what Ambradu and his girlfriend planned. I have a feeling something’s gonna happen…

“Heyyyy Ambradu!”

The big, naughty smile on Stephanie’s face as she opened the door, coupled with the devastating sight of her in a small crop top and panties.

Ambradu’s dream standing right before him.

Wednesday evening had finally arrived, and an excited Ambradu had been itching for the day to end. He literally had had no energy for leading the boys to go on the prowl for the day; thoughts of them in a sweaty, inflamed entanglement were all that engulfed his mind. He virtually rushed home to go prepare himself and wait for evening to arrive, egged on by excited encouragement from Faisal and Jake.

Once it did, and he received the text message: Babe, he’s gone now. Come over, he was springing out of his bed, with his fib that he had work to do with Jake at his home well rehearsed and recited.

Now he was finally at the door, looking at the object of his horniest fantasies. And she was every bit as delicious as he had always pictured her to be.

“F**king hell,” he whispered as he sized her up and down, taking in the delightful scenery of her delicious anatomy. She decided to turn around for him, giggling as she did so. Deciding to waste no time once she faced him again, he went straight for her lips, wrapping his arms around her as they began a fierce and passionate liplock.

The door was slammed shut.

In no time flat, they were right where they had planned the action for the evening, hungrily kissing and fondling each other on the couch.

“Mmmm,” Ambradu hummed after a moment of reprise, squeezing Stephanie’s butt as she sat on top of him. “You’re so sexy, baby.”

She simply giggled and continued to lock her lips against his, enjoying the moment of bliss.

It was finally coming to pass. After all the dirty fantasies and that one extremely weird daydream that inexplicably turned into a nightmare, here he was, seated on the couch in Stephanie’s home, with GHI’s sexiest girl sitting on top of him with little clothing, ready to let him have her for dinner.

Absolutely nothing would get in the way of this. Nothing.

“You ready, booboo?” Stephanie asked as they separated, but continued to fondle each other.

He looked into her eyes and snickered. “Ready? I’ve been ready long before I left the house.”

She giggled, then lifted her hands in the air, inviting him to take off her shirt.

Ohh yes! Time to play with those sweet breasts of hers. Ugh, damn, dreams do come true!

He excitedly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it up.

“Hehehe, you sexy little piece of… WHAT THE F***!”

Excitement suddenly turned to horror as his eyes fell upon what lay underneath.

He hurriedly pulled her shirt back down and pushed her off his lap, stunned at what he had just seen.

Surely it had to be some kind of illusion, right?

Surely it had to be some sick, twisted and absolutely impossible illusion.

Because what in the freaking hell were a bunch of cockroaches doing all over her skin under the shirt?!

“Ah! What’s wrong with you?”

Stephanie looked at him, a puzzled and outraged expression on her face. She had been expecting him to have started working her body into a sexual frenzy by now. Not pushing her off like she had some contagious pores on her body.

He shook his head, not knowing what to say. How in the world could he tell her what he’d just seemed to have seen? She’d obviously think he was crazy, or had suddenly chickened out and didn’t want to take things to the next level. Which was impossible, given the huge bulge downstairs.

“I-I-I… I dunno. I just…”

Whatever it was he wanted to say didn’t come out. Which clearly irked Stephanie.

“Ah, what do you mean you don’t know? Why, is there gogomi on my body or something that you’re screaming like that? Ah!”

Ambradu really did not know what to say at that moment. Obviously, it wasn’t gogomi he had seen. It was something else. Something that creeped him out more than gogomi. But how could those creepy crawlies be on her body, to begin with? It had to be a ridiculous vision.

He shook his head. This could not be real. It must have been his eyes playing tricks on him. “Babe, you know what? My mind just played some stupid trick on me. Forgive me. Let’s just get it on.”

Stephanie looked pretty irritated, ready to give him a piece of her mind. With the way she had prepared for this evening, this outburst was not part of the plan, and she really felt like ripping him apart.

That changed, however, upon the feel of his hands squeezing her breasts. On second thought, getting fondled and caressed by her man was far more enjoyable than shouting at her man. So she switched back to giggle mode and lifted her hands up again.

Ambradu yanked the top off.

No sign of cockroaches on her body.

I knew it! Just my stupid imagination.

They continued getting hot and heavy. In a matter of minutes, they were both topless.

“Wanna get inside of me?” Stephanie whispered seductively, giving him a light grind to trigger him even more.

“So f**king bad, baby. I wanna f**k you real good,” Ambradu whispered back, his hands on her rotating waist as he enjoyed the naughty movements on his lap. “You got the condom?”

Stephanie giggled. “Wait a minute. Lemme get it. It’s right on this coffee table.”

Ending her sensual enticing of him for a moment, she reached over to the opposite side to grab the rubber. Then she stopped.

“Oh crap.”

“What’s wrong?” Ambradu asked. “It’s not there?”

“Oh, it is. I just noticed that stupid thing on the wall.”

He looked in her direction, and upon seeing what she spoke of, felt his muscles tighten in discomfort.

A cockroach!

Was this some sort of coincidence?

His stomach churned as he observed the little insect on the wall. He really could not stand the mere sight of them; his fear of them was that bad.

“Ah, I thought we got rid of them after the extermination thingy we did last year. Well, forget it. I’ll deeeaallll…”

Her speech was interrupted by the sudden movement of the cockroach, as it flew in their direction.

A crawling cockroach was bad enough. A flying one… that just terrified the crap out of him.

He coiled in fright as the vile little insect made its way speedily toward them…

… only to get swatted by the pillow Stephanie quickly grabbed.

“Ugh! God, I hate having to deal with them and their flying antics. Mtcheww. Babe, forget them, I’m used to this s**t. Let’s just get back to business.”

Either she was too high on oestrogen to notice his brief moment of hyperventilation, or she simply ignored it. Whatever it was, his reaction to that flying terror was overlooked.

The panic in his system, however, was sweetly quelled by her, as she slid her hands down to unbutton his jeans and get inside his holy of holies. A grin came on his face. “Sure. Back to business.”

He dived for her lips once again, one hand urging her to keep her left hand inside his jeans. In a matter of a minute, she was on her back, fully bare before her boyfriend as he took off the last layer of clothing. The glint in his eyes as he scanned her from top to bottom could be described with only one word: hungry.

Time to give this sexy body some good ass licking before I dive into that sweet… oh, f**k.

Lifting his eyes briefly to ready himself for the action while tossing her panties on the floor, the kitchen door was in his sights, with the door slightly open. And the sight there was not one anybody would call pleasant.

“What the f**king hell?” he whispered.

“What?” Stephanie sat up and looked in his direction, wondering what had him entranced in the wrong way when he had special dinner right in front of him.

She gasped. “What in God’s name…”

The kitchen door was slightly ajar, and out of it was a horrific sight.


Many, many cockroaches.

The rate at which they were scurrying out, one would swear the Fear Factor team had brought them in for some crazy challenge; they were numerous.

Some climbed the walls, others spread to the dining room, others too approached the living room. It was not long before a frightening intrusion emerged from the kitchen.

To the katsaridaphobe, this was a picture of the hottest part of hell.

Ambradu, thus, saw this unfold before his eyes, and felt his bowels rise up into his oesophagus. This was the sickest sight his eyes could ever imagine. There was a reason he never watched Fear Factor; those cockroach-related challenges made for hellish viewing. And even then, they were on TV. So this… this was way worse.

His heart pounded furiously against his chest like a person who had been locked out of their house. Nausea in his throat to the uttermost. Suddenly, the thought of licking Stephanie all over and diving into the treasure between her legs was nowhere near appealing.

Only one thing appealed to him at that moment: running as fast as possible from this place!

“Oh my God, oh my God, where are they all from?” Stephanie whimpered, holding on to his arm. “Oh God, baby, what are we gonna do, what are-“

Some of the cockroaches on the wall got active with their wings and began to head in their direction.

That did it for Ambradu.


If Stephanie was seeking for her boy to provide some kind of protection, then tough luck.

An eardrum-bursting scream erupted from his lips as he shoved her aside, grabbed his shirt, and headed for the front door. Whatever happened with her in those split seconds was the last of his concerns. It was only about heeding that voice in his head.


And heed it he did.

Yep, that night of fornication was cancelled by the cockroaches. Gets crazier by the day…

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