You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 4 – What A Daydream!

What’s gonna happen next? We’re gonna find out now…

Oh, chale. So last night wey you arrive?

JAKE: Yeah ooo

No be small pumping them pump my stomach. Crazy

FAISAL: So ibi food poisoning?

JAKE: Yeah. But still no clue on the food. Very weird

Yh. Very weird.

But anyways, you dey house now, so…

JAKE: Oh yeah

I’ll be back on Monday morning

FAISAL: Nice, nice

A lazy Saturday afternoon saw Ambradu relaxing in his room, chatting on WhatsApp with his boys. After breakfast with his parents at about 10 am, he headed straight for his bedroom. His older brother was out of the country, and he mostly ignored the few servants in the house. So it was time to get lost in the worlds of FIFA, Call of Duty and God of War.

Three hours later, he decided to take a break and catch up on his chats. Jake, who had been admitted at the hospital after his diarrhoea episode, had returned home after undergoing a gastric suction. It had been a difficult couple of days for him, especially considering how the doctors couldn’t pinpoint what it was that caused the food posioning. But he was back to full heath now.

As he checked out some other chats, a call came through.

She smirked at the caller ID.

It was his dear Stephanie.

He pressed the receive button.


“Hey Ambraduuuuuu! Wassup?”

“Hehe, I’m good, I’m good. Was just chatting with my boys.”

“Oh, okay. Is Jake doing alright?”

“Oh yeah, yeah. He went to the hospital later and they said some food poisoning something bi. But he’s okay now.”

“Oh, okay, that’s good. Glad to hear that. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. News you’re gonna love.”

Ambradu smirked. “You’ve finally got a date for us?”

“Yep! Wednesday evening. My dad’s gonna be out for some board meeting. He’ll be out till about 10:30. Soooo, you know, hehe…”

Ambradu nodded, biting his lip excitedly. “Oh I definitely know. And gademmit, I’m already itching for Wednesday to come. Damn, I can’t wait to taste you for real.”

Stephanie giggled. “I can’t wait to taste you too. You really are my weakness, Ambradu.”

“Oh, I know, baby. I know. And you know you gotta meet me at the door with a lil sexy sum’n, right?”

“Hihihihi. I know, babe. Crop top and panties. Just for you.”


After a few more minutes of naughty talk and little gossip, the two said their goodbyes and hung up.

Putting his phone on the bed, Ambradu grinned as that burning feeling of excitement sparked up in his tummy again. So many daydreams of him and Stephanie since she said yes to him. Daydreams that would definitely be suited to the triple X side of the internet. Daydreams that would soon be made manifest on that Wednesday.

“F**k, I’m gonna enjoy eating this chic,” he murmured to himself as he laid on his back, putting his hands behind his head. “By the time we’re done, she’ll be singing Side To Side. Hehehe.”

Enjoying the rest and the burst of testosterone flowing through his veins, he decided to close his eyes. Time to enter into Daydream Land and create another deliciously sensual fantasy for his pleasure…


He loved risky, but this was certainly not what had crossed his mind when he was on his way to her place. This was extremely risky.

But hey, like he had told her earlier, the riskier, the sweeter. And per that, this put him at risk of getting diabetes.

Because it was super intense and heated in the back of Mr. Owusu’s Land Cruiser.

Five minutes had passed since the two teenagers excitedly entered Stephanie’s father’s spare car, and they were already getting it on, undressed and humping aggressively.

It was all gasps, sweat and lust as they unleashed their deepest cravings upon each other, lost in their own little world of euphoric pleasure. The sounds of Stephanie moaning and gasping were music to his ears as he worked her body like a grand piano. Having him inside her had her on the edge of delightful delirium as she bounced up and down, ecstasy blanking her mind to a T. 

As they slowed down with the bump and grind, she leaned down to kiss him passionately. He responded with like intensity, wrapping his arms around her waist. Upon separation, he smirked. “Goddamn, girl. You are so sweet.”

She laughed softly, then moved his head toward her exposed chest. He didn’t waste time accepting the obvious invitation.

“Mmmmmm… hihihihihihi…” she giggled as he began to work on her left breast greedily. Getting ravished by this bad boy was even sweeter than she had thought. He really knew how to use that tongue.

“Oh God, this is so sweet,” he gasped in between mouthfuls.

More giggles and soft touches on his head were the response.

“I swear to God, this must be what heaven feels like,” he thought to himself as he continued to fill his mouth with mammary glory, egged on by her soft giggles and sighs of joy. “Mmmmmm. Honestly, if sex is the fruit Adam ate that got him in trouble, I don’t blame him one bit…”

His moment of utopia was suddenly interrupted by a strange sound.

The engine had started up.

Ambradu immediately released Stephanie’s breast from his mouth as he turned his head to the front of the car. Indeed, the dashboard was lit up and the radio was on.

But nobody was seated in the driver’s seat. And there was no key in the ignition.

“What the hell?” Ambradu murmured. “Ah, babe, what’s -“

Turning his head, another shock met him he suddenly felt a weight off him. A weight that he had ravenously ravished a couple of seconds ago.

Stephanie had disappeared.

“Ah! What the f**k is going on?” Ambradu wondered, starting to panic. No sign of Stephanie or her clothing could be found in the car. Not even her bra, which he had excitedly flung to the passenger seat in the heat of the moment.

What in the heck was going on? Did she get out of the car herself? Couldn’t be possible, considering he didn’t hear the car door open. In any case, she was enjoying getting devoured, so leaving would be ridiculous.

So she disappeared? How? Why? To where?

This was beyond puzzling and frightening.

As he hurriedly put on his boxer shorts, the engine revved a couple of times, raising his tension level higher. How in God’s name was this car being revved when absolutely nobody was behind the steering wheel?

Well, whatever it was, he wasn’t willing to stick around to find out. He grabbed the rest of his clothes and opened the door.

Only one problem. It didn’t open; it was locked.

And his attempts to unlock it were strangely unsuccessful. The lock on the door refused to budge.

He switched to the other door. Same thing.

“Arrghh! F**king child lock!” he swore at the doors, then moved to the front passenger seat and tried to open it.

That too was locked, and refused to be unlocked.

And just as he was about to switch to the driver’s seat, the weirdest of feelings came over him. It was like an invisible seat belt had been strapped around his waist and his shoulders; suddenly, he couldn’t move.

If he had been panicked a few minutes ago, he was now outright terrified.

Struggling to free himself from whatever power it was that was holding on to, his stomach sank even further as he saw the gate open on its own. Wide open, the car engine gave another revving sound before speeding out of the house.

At this point, Ambradu was screaming.


His cries for help wouldn’t be heard, however, as the windows were closed.

As to how things had drastically changed in the past few minutes, he had no idea. Only a couple of minutes ago was he having sex with the prettiest girl in Gear House Institute in her daddy’s car. Now he was stuck alone in the car, which was speeding on an oddly empty road, with absolutely no driver.

Nightmarish stuff.

But nothing would have prepared him for what was next. Because the road wasn’t empty anymore.

Another vehicle appeared on the road.

A tipper truck.

And the Land Cruiser was heading right in its direction.

As Ambradu realized this, meltdown mode was activated. From banging on the windows to attempting to kick the lock open, he was absolutely hysterical, screaming himself hoarse as he tried to get out of the car.

Nothing worked.

The vehicles approached each other.



Top speed…

Impact imminent….

Terror in Ambradu’s heart as the tipper truck grew closer…


Ambradu sprung up from the bed, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

“What the f**k was that?”

He looked around, his chest heaving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. He used the edge of his shirt to wipe off the sweat from his face as he tried to calm himself down. In lying down and letting his hungry mind run wild with naughtiness, he had no idea how that suddenly switched.

How in the world did a lust-soaked fantasy turn into such a terrifying dream?

Things are slowly heating up with these guys, and you can only wonder where it goes from here…

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