You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Ep 1 – The Slash Kings

The story fully begins now…

“Herh, you make serious?”

“Hwɛ! Ambradu, ibi serious things I dey tell you ooo. Na ibi the daughter naaa she dey steal the money. Wey she dey lie make them beat beat the househelp until them record am sey she dey tell ein boyfriend how she dey steal am. Almost 7K wey she bost oo.”

“Chale! Herh, information dey this world inside ooo.”

“I swear, my guy…”

It was 7:10, and at the Manic Bus Stop, where trotros stopped for alighting and boarding passengers, stood two students of Gear House Institute, well dressed in their checkered purple and white shirts and purple shorts, busily chatting as they waited for their friend to join them.

Ambradu Gyekye and Jake Yorke.

Ambradu was the leader of the little clique. A fine, good-looking boy over 5 feet 7, he was the kind of lad who everyone would love to be around. The son of an owner of one of the biggest mining companies in the country, he was no stranger to the high life. Money, power, comfort… he had it all.

And he loved it all. Especially the power.

With a fit physique and a rich dad, he got so used to having some form of power that he began to wield it in his school. In a rather cruel way.

To him, power was for ensuring that those below him knew he was the boss, and they could not match up to him in any way. And that if he chose to show them the opposite of kindness, they ought to accept it in good faith.

Obviously, because of this, he had very few friends in school; he was considered one of the most cruel human beings on campus, and students avoided him like a plague as often as possible. But one stuck by for many years, and that was Jake.

Many would say that if Ambradu was Jafar, Jake was Iago. Slightly shorter and a little heavier than his best friend, he was probably one of the very few people on planet Earth that thought very highly of Ambradu and could always be found by his side.

Somehow, he just found his best friend’s cruel displays of power to be absolutely hilarious. And he always made sure the victims in question know how much he reveled in their misery.

“Anyways, chale, if we go school, I dey beg, make we search out that f**king Daniel boy then ein paddies. I hear sey na them dey talk s**t about me like two days ago or so,” Ambradu announced.

“Ah, seriously? Those boys eh… we for get some time show them levels. Like how we take show those jon Good Guys. See some gyimi-gyimi name sef.”

“I dey shock sef. Kwasiafuo. Abi now them make lemm. Jons. Them figure sey them go fit we…”

A red trotro stopped in front of them, and as the mate opened the door and stepped out, a student in the same attire as Ambradu and Jake followed him out.

A lean-looking young man with a cold expression chiseled on his face.

“Alaa, the one and only Faisal Kadiri. Chale, wassup?”

The two greeted him as he gave them fist bumps and gave them a polythene bag with drinks in it.”

“I dey oo, I dey. I manage buy your La Casera for the road top.”

“Fantastic,” Ambradu beamed as he took out his own, handing the other bottle to Jake. “You no buy some give your body?”

Faisal shook his head. “Abi I tell you guys. No sweet stuff for the next 30 days. I make serious.”

Jake eyed him and snickered. “Ayoo, we hear you. Anyways, make we go. Ambradu say we get some unfinished business plus Daniel ein squad…”


“Those boys are terrible,” one student sighed, shaking his head as he watched Ambradu, Jake and surround a few boys at a bench near the football pitch on the school compound. The three were clearly on the prowl, as was often the case during break time when they weren’t seated at their usual bench under the palm trees near the entrance to the school.

Nobody enjoyed seeing them walk in their direction. With a look that conveyed how much he relished being evil to others on the face of Ambradu, a goofy but mean grin on Jake’s, and an all-out fierce glare from Faisal, the sight of those three was never a sight to behold. Students always scattered whenever they came their way. Whether it was almost time for assembly, break time or closing time, those boys, the self-proclaimed Slash Kings, were looking for someone to assert their cruel powers over.

“Horrible pieces of s**t, chale,” his friend agreed, looking at them with disgust. “It’s honestly disgusting how they’re given free reign here. They torment everyone and nothing is done about it.”

“Hmmm. There’s a reason why ooo. Abi you’ve not been here very long. You see Ambradu and Jake come from affluent families?”


“Well, the truth is, when they first started misbehaving somewhere like two years ago, some students went and reported them to the authorities, sharp, and Mr. Agyare himself – a whole headmaster – disciplined them well well at one assembly and said that’s what will happen if bullying ever becomes a thing. Na the two of them were so angry and embarrassed about being disciplined like that in front of the whole school, they went and told their fathers about it.

“Apparently, their fathers have been helping with funding the school’s infrastructure. The IT Lab and the football field nyinaa, they were the ones who helped the school to build them. Iheard they’re financing the new classroom block too. So the next day, Mr. Gyekye and Mr. Yorke themselves came to the school. I hear it wasn’t easy in the headmaster’s office. Ambradu’s father was like, how dare he embarrass his son like that, bla bla bla. As for Mr. Yorke, he said issa lie, na the way he’s brought up his children in the fear of the Lord, there’s no way Jake will bully anyone. They came and warned the man gidigidi that if he touches them again, they’ll stop funding all the projects here. And since then, Mr. Agyare told all the teachers to jie their eye. That’s why they have carte blanche like that ooo. It’s sad.”

“Ah! So because of money and projects, your students should suffer? Mtcheww! So they don’t see what happens on campus? The fact that a number of parents have grown frustrated and withdrawn their wards from school doesn’t mean anything to them?”

“Hmm, chale. Them no dey see all that ooo. As long as they have some millionaires giving them money, everything else can go to hell.”

“This is sad. Really sad. And that clique too, the Good Guys, they did virtually nothing. Those guys easily beat them down. That Faisal guy alone could handle them, chale. I dunno, among the three of them, he’s the one I don’t like at all. I think he’s the worst human being on the planet.”

“Are you sure? It’s the leader who is the worst ooo. Ambradu Gyekye. He’s the most horrible among the three. Don’t look at just the aggression ooo. Look at their overall attitude. Ambradu is just some depraved boy. He diɛɛ, when he’s bullying people, you can just see it in his eyes that he derives joy from being mean. It’s so obvious.”

“Hmmm. For me, it’s Faisal that I really dislike. It’s like he just enjoys fighting for the sake of it. Ah, can’t you live in peace with others? What aaaa is wrong with your life that you want everyone to be afraid of you?”

“I’m sure he just has some self-esteem issues, and this is the best way he knows how to deal with it. But chale, he’s a coward. A pathetic little coward.”

“And as for that Jake boy eh, another major buffoon. As for him, he just follows them like some toy bi. Laughing and adding to the cruelty his friends are inflicting on others.”

“Oh, him eh… see, Seba, one day one day, them go see. For like two years now, they’ve been using their position and physique and tins to torment people. One day, they’ll regret it.”

“Oh, definitely. They will… chale, chale, they’ve finished worrying those guys. Make we lef here before them go come disturb us…”


“Feel good?”

“Mmmm… yess… ow, God, yes! Mmm… oh, don’t stop!”

It was 5:30 pm. Usually, by this time, virtually every student of Gear House Institute had left for home.

Except for Ambradu. And a certain girl in his class, called Stephanie.

Gear House Institute had quite a number of pretty young girls, but Miss Stephanie Owusu was considered to be one of the prettiest. A petite melanin girl, it was no secret that half of the boys in the school had varying degrees of crushes on her.

And of course, one of them was Ambradu. Taking due advantage of the powerful position he had, where very few people would want to get in his way, he bulldozed his way into the front of the line for her heart. Captivated by his charming words and the ‘bad boy vibes’, she had only one answer for him when he proposed to her, and it wasn’t negative.

Since then, they had been picking certain days to stay over and have a little fun after school hours. In the third stall of the girls’ bathroom, they would meet and get exceptionally intimate with each other. And that day was no different.

Anyone who would have walked into the girls’ bathroom at that time would have been flushed with embarrassment upon hearing Stephanie moan and gasp as Ambradu excitedly put his hands to work down her skirt.

A few more minutes of squeals and pleas for more went on before the two considered it a day for their illicit activities.

As they stepped out of the washroom, Ambradu naughtily spanked Stephanie on the butt. “Getting sweeter and sweeter by the day, you know.”

Stephanie giggled as she turned to face him.

“Babe, you know we eventually gotta step this up. It’s been two months already. I really wanna have you proper proper,” he continued, looking into her eyes.

She nodded. “We will, booboo. We will. Just lemme find out the right time my dad will be out of the house, and I’ll let you know.”

A grin appeared on his face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You know we gotta do it on the couch, though, right?”

She giggled again and shook her head. “Ambradu, you know that’ll be risky.”

“But babe, the riskier, the sweeter. Isn’t this thing we’re doing risky? Yet I bet my fingers are sweeter than they’d ever be without the risk.”

She laughed yet again. “Wellllll… I guess… I guess we can take the risk. As long as we get to have fun, that’s all that matters.”

“Exactly. And trust me, I know for a fact that sex on the couch will be the greatest ever.”

Yet more laughter from the young girl. “Oh, Ambradu, you’re such a funny guy.”

“That’s me, baby. That’s me in all my prestige and glory. So… time to head home now. Hope you had a sweet time.”

Stephanie giggled and nodded. “Too sweet.”

He leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Have I told you lately that you are so damn sexy?”

She giggled yet again, then shook her head as she gave him a seductive look. “Tell me.”

“Well, you, my dear Stephanie Owusu,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist, “are so damn sexy, it almost hurts.”

More giggles from the girl was silenced as he pressed his lips against hers in an intense kiss that lasted for about a minute. Once they separated, they were both panting, high on testosterone and oestrogen.

“I’m gonna get us a date as soon as possible,” she murmured.


“Can’t wait.”

“Me too. I’m gonna give you one hell of a night, I swear.”

Stephanie giggled once again. Those bad boy vibes. Always had her excited. “Okay, baby, it’s time for us to go now. Can you walk me to the bus stop?”

“Sure, babe. Anything for you.”

Well, that’s the introduction we’ve had to these boys. Let’s see what happens as the story goes on…

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