You're Gonna Regret This

You’re Gonna Regret This! Prologue – They Surely Will

Welcome, guys! Here’s a brand new story on your beloved State!

This is a pretty crazy story, to be honest. But I think we all know crazy is a solid part of this side of the internet. So, brace yourselves for this journey!

“Herh! Herh!”

I was not far off when I heard them call out to that boy. Alvin, if I’m correct.

I saw the look of terror in his eyes as he stopped, unsure if it was him or not. He looked around to see if anyone else was around the path leading to the school. He realized he was the only one.

Yeah, hanging around that side of Barnes Road is a bad idea, especially around the hours of 4:30 to 5 pm. For some reason, there are few people around, and you’re at the mercy of a lot of terrible people.

Like them.

He tried to focus on his path. You know, pretend as if he wasn’t the one that was called. Act as if he didn’t hear anything. So he kept moving. Hoping that by some magic stroke, they’d ignore him or something like that.

Nope, it didn’t work.

“Herh! Where are you going? Hey! You with the red bag, I dey talk to you. Stop!”

Once they pointed out his bag colour, the jig was up for him.

I could see the look in his eyes. Tears ready to pour forth upon realizing he was trapped. I saw as he mouthed to himself, “Why did I decide to pass here at this time? Ah, ah, ah!”

Yeah, he probably should have found another path to pass or something. But considering the Blue Skies drink he was holding, I guess he had been targeting to get something from the shop that’s a few metres ahead of the path. Can’t blame him; I love Blue Skies too. Best juice in the world.

But that’s another matter.

He was frozen in his spot. Clearly torn between running away and just waiting for the eventual. The former would’ve been the better option, but… that would worsen his predicament. And I don’t think that 10 year old would successfully outrun them.

So he chose the latter, woefully accepting his upcoming fate.

I could sense the terror and trepidation building up in his chest as they caught up to him with each passing footstep. The fright at knowing he was about to have an experience that would be an unpleasant part of his childhood.

He shut his eyes and cursed his stars…

… and two seconds later, they were in front of him.

Three sixteen year olds.

The one in the middle, a tall lean boy with a muscular build and eyes that glinted with evil. One look into that boy’s eyes, and you can just tell how much he revels in being cruel to young ones.

The one on the left, the shortest among the three, with a slightly heavy build. He had this goofy smile, the kind that lets you know he thinks this nonsense of hurting others and being all-out nasty to those lower than you is fun.

The one on the right, a foot or two shorter than the one in the middle, with a lean look and this cold expression etched on his face. It’s quite clear that this boy has no idea what the words compassion, love or kindness mean. Wickedness in human flesh.

These boys were obviously bigger than Alvin. And the looks on their faces made it pretty clear that a friendly chat was not on the agenda.

“So as we dey call you, you no dey hear?” the boy in the middle sneered. “Why, you be deaf and dumb or what?”

Alvin shook his head carefully, too petrified to even move a finger. Unpredictability hangs in the air like a bad stench at the public toilets with these guys around. You have no idea what they’re gonna do to you, but you know it won’t be nice.

The boy on the right, without warning, suddenly slapped the back of his head. “Open your mouth and talk! Sia like that!”

Bowed over in pain from the sudden impact, Alvin whimpered.

Like I said, unpredictability. Any of them could strike you at any time.

“Disrespectful idiot! Don’t you know you must open your mouth when we’re talking to you? Nonsense!”

“Chale, you better raise your head and look at us when we’re talking to you ooo.”

The voice of the third boy, less aggressive but still a carrier of unpleasant tidings, rang above his lowered head.

You have no idea how disgust rose to the top of my throat like an erupting volcano.

Bullies. They make me sick.

At this point, I knew what was going to happen. I was going to confront them.

Sure, I might be Alvin’s age, but who else was gonna stand up for the poor boy? Apparently, they have some unfettered freedom in school to do all this foolishness, so almost nobody stops them. But I wasn’t gonna take it. The boy is going home. He’s done nothing to you. Why harass him unprovoked?

So I approached from the bench I was sitting on beside the uncompleted store.

They were just being the despicable human beings everybody knew them to be. Mr. Goofy Smile had Alvin’s small hands locked under his armpit as he slapped him, the one on the right – the bastard who slapped Alvin’s head – was knocking him, and the one in the middle was simply watching him with this very cruel smile on his face.

Abusing the boy for no reason at all. Just because it gives them shots of power.

Foolishness! Absolute foolishness!

“Hey! Leave him alone!”

The three of them froze for a moment, then turned in my direction.

I gave them the most evil of glares as I folded my arms, making my disdain at their actions very clear. “He’s done nothing to you! Let him be, for God’s sake!” I added.

The three of them gave a collective ‘Mtcheww’ as they saw who it was giving them orders.

“Massa, comot for there!” the middle boy, who at this point seemed to be the leader of the bullies, snapped. “Is it your matter? Mind your f**king business.”

“Yeah, mind your own damn business!” the smiling bully added. “And leave here before we decide to descend on you.”

With that, Alvin’s brief moment of peace was cut short, as they returned to slapping him in the face.

“Kwasia boy! Does he know who we are, and he’s coming to order us about?” the aggressive one scoffed as he pulled Alvin’s ear and twisted it.

“Are you minding him? He should continue standing there and see if we won’t take it out on him,” the leader said.

I was really outraged, and the next words that burst out of me were vicious.

“”You know what you guys are? Horrible human beings. Absolute pieces of trash. You think there’s fun in being nasty to people just for the fun of it, but you don’t know you’re honestly just pathetic excuses for homo sapiens!”

They stopped.

Yeah, letting that out felt good. Like an anvil off my chest. I hate bullies with a passion, and it felt cathartic to let these scum beings know how I felt about them.

Only one problem, though.

Their attention switched to me.

And the look on their faces… hmmmm… rage is too little a word.

They were absolutely fuming.

“Herh! Come here! Stupid boy!”

Alvin was shoved aside as they charged after me.

At that moment, I had a perfect idea of what it felt like to be a gazelle or a zebra being chased by a pride of wild lionesses. Now the terror that gripped Alvin a couple of moments ago took hold of me.

I tried to run as fast as I could. But who was I kidding? I’m not fast at all, and these boys probably had adrenalin fuelling their sprints as they rushed towards me. In a matter of seconds, the leader had me by the scruff of my neck.

As they dragged me to the uncompleted store, raining insults upon me, I knew I was finished.

They threw me on the floor.

Began to kick and stomp on me with all the strength within them.

It was horrible.

Blinding pain ripping through my nerve endings as they dug their shoes into my stomach, my back, my thighs… worse than walking on scalding hot coals.

It felt like an eternity as they kicked at me, pummeled me and used every single insult that popped into their head upon me. Absolute hell.

As one of them kicked me in the back of my head twice, in my dazed state, I still heard one of them say, “”Next time you see us, you’ll respect yourself and pass by quietly! Nonsense! Coming to call us pathetic. Gyimi!”

The voice of the ‘leader’.

“Chale, make I kick ein face make ein teeth, comot!” I heard Mr. Aggressive hiss passionately. “Kwasia toke! Who be piece of trash? Your family tree all be piece of trash. Aboa!”

“Nah, chale, it’s okay. We’ve shown him where power lies. Let’s go.”

“Chale, should we go back to the other one?” Mr. Evil Smile asked.

“Chale, make we forget am,” the leader suggested. “I’m tired. Let’s get some Beta Malt, na I’ve lost some strength. Dealing with pieces of s**t no be small task.”

“I tell you,” Mr. Aggressive agreed. “Alright, chale. If you say so. Make we move.”

No morsel of strength within my body; those sick boys totally wasted me. Pain still had total control over me. To even blink an eye would send nerve signals of crippling agony right down to the soles of my feet.

Nonetheless, I let out a cough. And with the little might I had, I called out weakly to them.

“You… you’re-you’re… you’re gonna regret this.”

“You go regret wo maame t**! Aboa!”

Mr. Evil Smile and the leader laughed at Mr. Aggressive’s quick retort as they stepped out of the uncompleted store.

Consciousness was fast slipping away. Everything was turning black slowly. Darkness overtaking my sight.

I didn’t know what was next as I passed out, but I know one thing is for sure.

They’re gonna regret this… they surely will.

Well, that was a pretty cruel start to the story. Bullies, eh. They can be terrible people. What awaits us as we begin? We’ll see in due time…

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