The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt. 5

By the time Mr. Quist was done with his prayer, Elizabeth was crying, overwhelmed with the weight of the knowledge that had just been dished out to her. From the moment that minstrel at the worship concert began singing her song, she had had a hint of where this was heading to, yet it did not make it any less overwhelming to absorb that her little acts of obedience had actually changed an entire family’s eternal destiny.

“I… I can’t believe God has used this little effort of mine to do something like this,” she sobbed. “I’m stunned. What have I done to…”

She trailed off.

The angel smiled. “It’s all a part of His will. You’ve been faithful in your task, and the King is using it for His glory.”

Elizabeth wiped her eyes and shook her head. “I’m just so… I don’t know what to say. What a God we serve!”

“Indeed, Elizabeth, He is greater and more powerful than your human mind could ever comprehend.” The angel then took her hand. In a flash, they were back in the white area she had first met him.

It was clear this little journey outside of time was coming to an end. But what an impact it had just had on her!

“So you see, that was the reason why the Master sent me. He wants you to know that He understands the pain you’re going through. He sees your frustration at how unappreciated you feel, and He’s noted your tears. But He wants you to understand that your efforts for the Kingdom aren’t going unnoticed, and that the efforts are reaping rewards greater than you could ever imagine. At the end of the day, it’s not about your popularity and how people on earth will admire you. It’s all about fulfilling His purpose. You may be ignored by your friends, cousins, siblings and parents, but His Majesty sees it all, and will happily reward you before all of heaven when Jesus comes to take His bride home.”

“I promise, I’m not going to bother myself with the opinions of others anymore,” Elizabeth vowed, tears still flowing down her face. “I’ve seen enough. I’m going to pay attention and do what Jehovah expects of me. If He’s pleased with me, that’s all that matters. It’s all about Him now!”

The angel smiled. “Keep making music for His glory. He has greater plans than you ever could imagine. He’s going to use your weak efforts to do big things. Just remain faithful to your calling.”

He then turned to leave, but stopped and turned towards her yet again.

“And before I leave, King Jesus wants you to know this: He loves you with an everlasting love, and nothing will ever change that. He can’t wait to have you in His glorious presence.”

Tears of overwhelming joy still flowing, she smiled as the angel bade her farewell, and disappeared.


Beep… beep… beep… beep

Sonny Bossman was seated at the bedside of his little cousin, praying under his breath as he rocked back and forth on his seat.

It had been about a week since she had been involved in that terrible accident after she had left the studio. It had been one nasty collision the other driver had made with her, and it was only a miracle that had kept them both alive, especially in Elizabeth’s case, as she had suffered major trauma that induced her current situation.

For the past week, however, as he and her parents had been frequenting the hospital and praying over her, there had been one thing on his mind, and that of his uncle and auntie as well.

They had not been fair to Elizabeth.

Granted, Lizzy didn’t behave as one who wanted the spotlight for herself. As far as they were concerned, she showed no signs of envy for where he was in life as far as his ministry was concerned. But she did have her own thing going on, and suffice to say, they had all treated it very lightly.

For the past couple of days, he reflected on the number of times he had asked how her music ministry was going. The number of times he had reached out to her, offering her assistance. The number of times he featured her in any of his concerts.

They were very few. As a matter of fact, he had been so engrossed in his own work that he had basically brushed her aside.

Now as he sat there, he felt pangs of regret stab mercilessly at him.

How many times hadn’t Lizzy shown him love and been one of his biggest fans? Being the 2nd of three boys, she was the closest to a sister he had, and they had shared quite a special bond since childhood, especially considering that she was the only child of her parents. Granted, he tended to be quite busy these days, but making time for her wasn’t something that was beyond his control.

He just pushed it aside and kept himself busy.

Now as she lay there, not only was the world in danger of losing a talented and anointed music minister, but he was in danger of losing a little sister. A little sister he could not afford to lose this early in life.

“Heavenly Father, spare her life, I pray,” he whispered. “Lord, I can’t afford to lose Lizzy now. I just can’t. I promise I’ll be a better big brother to her. Lord, I promise I’ll support her in her ministry and do the best I can to lift her up. Just bring her out of this state, Lord. Please.”

As he continued to pray, the door to the ward opened. Elizabeth’s father walked in, holding a bottle of Blue Skies juice. Handing it over to Sonny, he shook his head as he observed his daughter on the bed. “What wouldn’t I give to see her wake up right now. God, this week has been horrible.”

“Ummm, Uncle Nat. I’ve not been able to sleep since it happened. Just been praying and praying and praying.”

“Hmmmm. I really wish I hadn’t shouted at her like that. That was so unnecessary of me. I mean, all she wanted to do was remind me to check out some of her works. But… I pushed her away. That wasn’t fair of me at all.”

Sonny looked up at him. “Uncle, to be honest, we really haven’t been good to her. Since it happened, I’ve just been reflecting, and honestly, we’ve been doing Lizzy dirty. We really have…”

A muffled moan cut him short, as he and Uncle Nat’s attention immediately turned towards the bed.

Elizabeth was moving.

“She’s moving! Oh my God, she’s moving! Sonny, go call the doctor, quick!”

Uncle Nat didn’t have to tell him twice.

As she began to open her eyes, she moaned a couple of times before looking around. “Oh, Lord…”

“Lizzy! Aww, my darling little baby! You’re awake!” Mr. Nat Bossman gushed, grabbing his daughter’s hand in gratitude. “Oh, thank God you’re finally awake…”

Sonny came in with the doctor and a nurse, who quickly moved to check up on her. Mr. Bossman duly stepped back to allow the health professionals to do their job.

Once they were done, the doctor said to the Bossman gentlemen, “Well, she seems a bit dazed and confused, but that’s because she just woke up, so give her a bit of time. Her memories should come rolling in soon enough. I’ll give you a few more minutes before you leave, so we can attend to her properly and run some tests.”

“No problem, Doc. Just give us a minute and we’ll be out of here.”

As the doctor and the nurse stepped out, Mr. Bossman took his daughter’s hand. “Honey, we’ll see you in a couple of hours. But I just want you to know, that now that you’re back, that I am so sorry for what I did before you left the studio. And things will change. I promise you that.”

“Most definitely, Lizzy baby,” Sonny added. “No more taking you for granted. From now on, we’re gonna do what we can to help you in this ministry. Trust us on that.”

“Yes, yes, we most certainly will. Have a good rest, sweetheart. We’ll see you later.”

As they exited the room, Elizabeth, with her eyes closed, had a smirk on her face.

Her memory, contrary to what the doctor thought, was already working fine. She had heard everything her father and cousin said, and even though she was grateful, she had already seen enough to keep her going.

“I’m glad they’re ready to help out now,” she murmured to herself. “But chale, the only thing that matters to me now is that God is using me, no matter how tiny and insignificant it might seem. At least, I’m fulfilling my role in the bigger picture. And that’s all that matters.”


I guess the moral lies in what the angel said to Elizabeth. Just keep going for the Kingdom, dear believer. Your labour will bear fruit eventually, and you will be rewarded at the appropriate time. Thanks for reading!

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