The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt 4

The angel nodded. “Yes, that’s your song.”

Elizabeth simply stood there, amazed as the young minstrel continued to sing.

The truth was, of all the songs she had released, Ears Like Mine had had the lowest patronage. There was the likes of How Sweet and Praise Is Due which had quite a number of listens and downloads on her Soundcloud platform, but the one in question, per the last time she checked, had only 4 listens and 1 single download. In any case, this song was similar in terms of subject matter to another popular song of hers, You’ll Be Loved, which also gained quite some attention.

She simply stood there, awed as this young lady crooned out this creation of hers. Quite beautifully, she had to admit.

Looking in the direction of Patience, she noticed a bit of attentiveness on her part. From the moment Elizabeth and the angel showed up, their young target had showed all the enthusiasm of a half-asleep person. Those praise songs had barely moved her to any form of excitement whatsoever.

As the minstrel continued to sing Ears Like Mine, however, Patience seemed to pay attention to the words.

To know the Maker of all things hears my cries,

And calls for me to draw close to his side,

Tells me I’m dearly loved, the apple of His eye,

How sweet these words sound to ears like mine.

Before she knew it, they were out of the auditorium and back in the room of Patience. It was dark, the lights were off, but Patience, who was lying on her bed, seemed deep in thought.

“Those words have broken through,” the angel commented as they observed her, brows furrowed as she continued to ponder over the words of the song and a host of other things. “Those words are the seeds this heart needed for the Holy Spirit to come in and do His work. Now she’s reconsidering all she’s ever thought about the King. The treatment she’s been subjected to made her think there’s no God, and even if He did exist, that He cared not about her. But those words have brought the truth to her, in a deeper way she never anticipated.”

At this point, Elizabeth had no words. She was utterly amazed.

Another interesting fact to this whole scenario was this: Ears Like Mine had been written and recorded with quite an urgency in her spirit. She had put out 7 songs, and during the week the recording sessions took place, she had strongly considered dropping the song, because it didn’t really sound good to her as she read over the lyrics. However, the promptings within her spirit were too strong to permit her to go ahead with that decision. So she went ahead and recorded the song along with the others.

Seeing the song’s stats had made her quite disappointed. Just 4 plays? Ah! she had thought to herself as she shook her head the last time she checked up on those statistics. She had even felt a bit annoyed that she had gone ahead to record the song to begin with. Little had she known that God was working through those minute numbers.

“Let’s move forward a bit, shall we?”

Still in a state of amazement, Elizabeth was caught up in her own thoughts as they moved a few nights forward. The angel’s voice broke through her stunned reverie.

“It’s been 10 days now. And she’s been battling with the truth. Trying to hold on to what she’s known for so long. But her grip on those lies have gotten weaker by the day.”

As he ended his commentary, Elizabeth heard sobs from the bed. As she continued to observe, Patience got out of the bed and knelt by the side. “God, I don’t know what to do. I’m… I-I… I’m just so confused. But if You’re real, please show up. If all those things in that song about you loving me and stuff is true, please show me. Please.”

The angel then said to Elizabeth, “Excuse me for a moment.”

Before she could ask where he was headed to, he made his way to the side of Patience and whispered, “Check Jane’s status.”

As he stepped back, Patience, seemingly desperate, quickly heeded his voice. Grabbing her phone, she opened her WhatsApp and moved straight to the status section. At the top was Jane’s name.

She immediately pressed on her status, and upon seeing what was there, began to tear up.

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. (Jeremiah 31:3)

I dunno why, but I just felt led to let somebody know that God loves you with an everlasting love. Despite all you’ve been through, in spite of what you might have done… through it all, the Holy One of Israel loves you. With an everlasting love. Not our kind of fickle, conditional love ooo. Everlasting!!

All you need to do right now is this…

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Come to Jesus! He’s waiting for you. To give you the rest you’ve been longing for. To take off those burdens that have weighed heavy on your shoulders for so long. There is freedom from all the hurt and pain you’ve held onto at the feet of Jesus. Run to Him, dear friend!!

Elizabeth and the angel watched as a tearful Patience fell on her face, and right there and then, surrendered herself unto Jesus.

Elizabeth could see a look of pure, unbridled joy on the angel’s face at that sight. It really was true that the angels rejoiced at the sight of a sinner giving their lives to Christ.

“There’s nothing more beautiful to these eyes than this, Elizabeth,” the angel confirmed. “Your act of obedience led to this soul being saved. But there’s more.”

Before Elizabeth could get a chance to react, they found themselves in the living room of the house. It was daytime this time around.

Mr. Quist was in his seat as Patience, with a new and cheerful disposition, sat before him, explaining some things to him.

“It’s been about 2 weeks since Patience gave her life to Jesus. As you can see, His glory is manifesting in her appearance. His peace has filled her heart. No more hidden bitterness. No more rage. Just a new creation inhaling and exhaling His joy and peace.”

Elizabeth, by this time, had become pretty emotional. To think it was her song that had been the catalyst for this change. She had never expected that the prayer she constantly prayed in singing “Somebody Else’s Story” by John Waller would come true like this.

“This is glorious,” she murmured, her voice already cracking.

“Indeed it is. And as you’d expect, being filled with His love is compelling her to share Jesus with the family. That’s what she’s currently doing, talking to her grandfather.”

“Is it gonna work? Is she gonna win him to Christ?” Elizabeth asked excitedly.

Right after asking the question, Mr. Quist rose to his feet, a look of utter disgust on his face. Elizabeth winced as he rained nasty invectives on his granddaughter while claiming Christianity to be nothing but a sham and a scam. Two minutes of his harsh talk, and he walked off.

“Not at this current moment. Clearly Mr. Quist is still walking around with that stony heart. But let’s keep going.”

It was like watching a movie at this stage, with no timelines whatsoever. Elizabeth found herself in awe as they continued to move from one part of time to another, observing as Patience began to intercede fervently for the whole family.

Observing as her parents and uncle and auntie and brother dismissed her and shunned her company at a point.

They watched on as things slowly began to change. With time, Patrick and Adesua began to act less harsh towards her and Bernard. Mr. Quist somehow began using less curse words. Ayeyi and Fiifi’s arguments lessened over a couple of weeks.

As Patience continued to intercede and grow in her walk with God, the Quist family began to warm up to her new way of life, eventually asking for prayers and invitations to church.

Before she knew it, Elizabeth was watching them all in the living room singing praises unto God.

Yes, indeed. The family they had seen throwing foul words and acidic arrows at each other when they first arrived, had within a matter of seven months been changed by the power of God.

The elderly Mr. Quist went on his knees afterwards, with the other six members of the house doing likewise, and let out a passionate prayer.

“Heavenly Father, we give You all the praise and all the glory! We thank You, for it is only by Your mercies that we can come before You and ascribe to You the worship You deserve. Father, we were bound for hell! Wandering sheep! Enemies of Your Kingdom! But GODDD! You have shown us mercy! Mercy which cannot be fathomed by our limited minds! Mercy that we cannot comprehend! Mercy which has spared us from what we deserved: an eternal separation from You.

“Holy One of Israel, we just want to praise You! For translating us from the kingdom of darkness to that of Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ! We bless Your name and we say worthy is the Lamb who is seated on the throne, who died that we may have a connection with You. Worthy is Your name, Jesus! You are the Righteous One, the Great I AM, El Shaddai, the Essence of Love, He who was and is and is to come! Thank You for saving us! Thank you for saving us…”

Such a powerful prayer by a man who once would rather drop a dozen F bombs than mention the name of Jesus with any form of reverence.

As the whole family – Patience, her brother Bernard, her parents and uncle and auntie – knelt beside him, faces stained with tears as they responded to each sentence with Amens, it was clear: this troubled family was now saved.

Saved from their torrid, ugly past.

And it all started from the lyrics of a song written by Elizabeth Bossman…

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