The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture – Chapt. 2

White. Blinding, piercing white.

That was what Elizabeth awoke to.

Squinting as she opened her eyes, she looked all around her. Alarm and befuddlement grabbed her heart as she observed her current surroundings.

Nothing but white all around. White beneath her, white above her, white around her… all white everything.

“God Almighty, where am I?” she asked herself as she looked around. “HELLO?? HELLOOOO??”

No answer.

Still wondering where she was, Elizabeth looked down and observed what she was clothed in.

She was no longer in her sunflower blouse and jeans. A garment as white as her surroundings is what covered her.

Her brow furrowed in confusion. Ah, but…

Then it hit her. Her senses felt much sharper. Her eyes felt a million times enhanced.

All these were things she knew happened once a person was out of their earthly body.

Her eyes widened. Oh my God! This only means one thing. I’m… I’m…


A gentle but firm voice interrupted her thoughts. She immediately looked around to see where it came from.

If that voice startled her, then seeing the one to whom it belonged as she turned definitely stunned her.

The owner of that voice was a being in human form. About seven feet tall with a shining face and also clothed in a white robe, it was clear this was a heavenly being that approached her. Even though the look on his face was a gentle one, fear still gripped Elizabeth’s heart as she wondered what it was he had to do with her.

“Fear not, Elizabeth,” he said calmly to her. “I am not here to hurt you. I am a messenger sent by the One who reigns forever. An angel of the Most High God.”

“S-s-s-so I’m d-d-dead? Is it time for judgment? Are you taking me to the throne? Is it time for me to face God?” Elizabeth blurted out, still taking it in.

The angel smiled and shook his face. “No, you’re not dead.”

Elizabeth looked confused. “But-but… but how? Then why am I here? How come I…”

Trailing off, she already looked like she didn’t know what else to ask.

The gentle smile still on his face, the angel gestured toward his right side. Something like a moving image slowly appeared. As Elizabeth looked into it, she could see what the image was, and it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant thing to see.

It was her on a hospital bed, with two nurses attending to her.

“You’re currently in a coma on earth,” the angel explained as she watched. “The accident was a nasty one, to be honest. Had the King not assigned your ministering spirits to bear you up in their arms, you definitely would not have survived. As it stands, the doctors are quite amazed at how you survived such an accident, considering the kind of trauma you suffered.”

Elizabeth was amazed. “Wow. But… but my parents. Sonny. How are they…”

“They’ll be fine,” he assured her. “Of course, they’re frightened right now. Praying fervently for you to pull through. But they need not worry. Neither should you. Your time on earth is not yet over. You’ll return soon.”

Elizabeth turned to face the angel as the image disappeared. “So… so why am I here? If I’m not meant to depart, then… why am I here? And uh, what’s your name?”

There was something so soothing and calming about the way the angel smiled at her, as he did so once again.

“My name is not what’s important here, Elizabeth. What’s important is why you’ve been brought here. You see, the Eternal King has noted a major concern of yours. Your music ministry.”

Elizabeth froze.

“He has watched you throughout your time on earth, and how you love to make music for Him. He’s seen how you started out in the choir, how your parents sowed the seeds of love for Him and a burning desire to worship Him. He’s seen your heart, and how it beats for seeing Him glorified in every song you make.

“He’s also seen your tears and frustrations concerning the lack of support. He has heard your cries and seen your struggles. He knows that it is not worldwide recognition or fame you seek. And indeed, that is not in His plan for you. But there’s something He wants you to learn. In His sovereignty, everything that happened has happened so He may reveal something to you. This is something that can only be revealed outside of time, and that is why you are here. So take my hand, Elizabeth, and follow me as I show you what the Maker of heaven and earth has commanded me to reveal unto you.”

Her heart beating furiously as she slowly moved her hand toward his, Elizabeth had thousands of thoughts running through her mind.

For one, this otherworldly experience was certainly something she could not believe she was actually having. She had always heard about some of these out-of-body encounters, and wondered if they were for real. Clearly, as she stood before this giant being, feeling much more alive than she had ever felt on earth, they were.

And what he had said concerning her grievances were quite a surprise, to say the least. Even though she had always been encouraged to be as open with God as possible, there was always that gnawing feeling that she was nothing but a pathetic little ingrate whenever she turned to Him with her problems. Hearing this angel tell her how He acknowledged her frustrations without lambasting her was not what she had expected at all.

And of course, as she grabbed the hand of the angel, all she could wonder was what it was the Lord had decided she should witness.

Whatever it was, it would definitely ensure she’d never be the same again.

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