Power Couple #7 – The Devil You Don’t See

Coming to the end of this, and it’s time to see what happens to Caris and Carol…


“It is done, Carol. Kane is taken care of.”

“Tembo, did you make sure?”

“His absence is certainty enough, as is the fact that I did the job myself.”

“Good. I’m sending you an address now. Go there and wait for me.”

“Going now.”

Carol hung up, then looked again at the document Kane had texted her. He’d completed the will and put her name down as sole beneficiary. He didn’t sign it though, cos he didn’t want her getting ideas of playing with his life. If only he knew that she didn’t want him getting ideas of messing with her life. She could find a forger to do the job, so it wasn’t too big a deal.

She looked at Caris, who was in the passenger seat beside her, and cradled his face. “It is done, my love. We are free.”

He kissed her passionately and was only interrupted by the loud honk from the car when they accidentally hit it. Both burst out laughing.

Once they’d calmed down, Caris said, “I can never go back home again.”

“Why? Cos of me?”

“My father hates you, and he thinks I chose you over God and him.”

“Yeah, didn’t help that Lady Monslant was there when I arrived.”

“Yeah, what was that all about?”

“My boss was either going to expose you and I or set up the good bishop to get his son to leave his business alone.”

“I know Parker is a degenerate, but why did you need to frame his dad? You guys just broke a perfect home.”

“I know. Funny thing is, we didn’t even get to frame the guy. He was this close to fighting me when his wife walked in. I guess people see what they want to see. Anyway, I need a forger. Someone who can get Kane’s signature on the original document.”

“I know a guy. He used to come to our church, but he quit cos ‘Christianity is not for me.’ Everyone found out that he was one of those fake visa boys, and they hated him.”

“You sure he’s good? Cos if anyone finds out, there will be bad consequences.”

“Yeah, he’s good. The only reason he got caught is that his partner sold him out. But that’s not the biggest problem you have right now.”


“How do you intend to get the original?”

“Oh. Well, the lawyer likes to watch two people enjoy each other. I’m pretty sure if he were distracted at the right time, we could find a way to get the document for a little bit so that your guy can do his thing.”

“I’ve never had an audience before. Somehow, that really excites me.”

Carol smiled. “This is why I can love no other man but you. Let’s go.”



Caris was almost done with breakfast. He’d woken up early to make his lover breakfast. It had been a month since they fled the country, and their timing had been perfect. The police swarmed their house minutes after they left, and they barely managed to get out of the country unscathed.

They’d released much of their tension on the plane and in their house when they landed, but Carol was still reeling from the madness of it all. So, he figured he’d make her one of the two things he knew how to make: Tea and Bread with Egg.

He turned on the news while cooking and saw the headlines about Tembo’s confession. He flipped the channel to sports. He was just about to go serve her when someone knocked at the door. He opened it, and the last thing he saw was a foot coming a little too close to his face.


When he finally woke up, he found himself tied to Carol, who was still in her morning robe. He saw the men watching over then and tried to ask what was going on, but no one said a word.

After five hours, someone walked in. Caris and Carol saw her face, and they felt dread immediately.

Karla had transformed from drug-head erotic cougar to no-nonsense boss, and this was her doing. She squatted down to their level, and licked each of their cheeks slowly, like they were prey about to be eaten. She stood back up, and said the words they knew she’d come to say, “We have two choices here. Either I give you over to the people looking for you, or you give me back what’s mine. So, which would you prefer?”

Caris did not understand. “Karla? What the hell is this?”

“Hello, Caris. I see you need some help waking up.” One of the men slapped him into next week, and then she continued. “You still want to ask questions, you motherfucker?”

Carol spoke up and hoped to God she wouldn’t get slapped, “What did we do to you, Karla? I thought you loved us! I thought we were good to you! Why are you doing this to us?”

Karla thought to slap Carol herself, but she figured she was too pretty for that. “Remember I told you, when I made the deal with you for the shares in my company, that they were my late brother’s shares?”

Caris and Carol both nodded.

“I was a normal girl. I was freaky, but I was a normal girl. I took care of business, I went home, I got fucked. My father had left the restaurants to my brother, and I got the oil, just like we’d wanted it. My brother and I had an excellent relationship; we made money and we had orgies. Then one day, I hear my brother’s missing. Next thing I know, everything he owns has been willed to some girl no one’s even heard of. Now, that boy was a crazy motherfucker, but to will his stuff to a random? So I look into it, and then I find Thomas Gardner, his personal thug, also got a pay day and disappeared.”

“There was no trace of my brother or his body, and all the people who could tell me anything were gone. So, I fell into drugs and I needed more and more sex. I was fucking half this town, but then I remembered that AIDS was a thing. So I decided, one last random, then I make a list of regulars. That last random was a girl named Trista. She was good. That girl sent me to damn near heaven with her tongue. So we were pillow-talking, then she tells me about this girl who was even better than her. Even better? Who could this be? So I ask her, and then she mentions a name I’d heard before. A name I’d seen before. The same name that was on my brother’s fucking will!”

At this point, they knew what was happening, and there was no way out.

Karla said the last words that were the nails in their coffins, “My brother was Marcus Malcolm Glazer. You knew him as Kane. So, I ask again, do you want me to hand you over to the authorities, or would you give me back what’s mine?”

Bruh, what an insane end to this story!! So Karla the nympho is Kane’s sister? Herhhh!!!

Well, whatever season 2 has for us, it’s gonna be crazy!!

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This story is making me thing about how judgemental most Christians are. And also their hypocrisy that pushes “bad” people out of church. Was that the intention of the author?

That was a part of it. Caris’ daddy could definitely have found a way to reel Caris in, but he chose legalism. The judgemental bit is definitely part of the motivation. Wasn’t thinking of hypocrisy tho.


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