Power Couple #6 – You May Go


“Mr. Minister, get your man to lay off. He’s already questioned my wife for the last six days in a row. At this point, it’s pure harassment. Get him to lay off, or I’ll tell your wife about your trysts with my girl and I. Good day, sir.”

Caris hung up, pretty frustrated. He’d called half the ministers he knew and they all said the same thing: national attention to the case meant that they couldn’t intervene without catching heat.

Carol came out of the bathroom. “That man’s going to cave.”

“He just said he wouldn’t.”

“Oh, the effects of ignorance. He’ll cave. I just sent his wife a case of wine and a picture of the three of us together, and it’s not the appropriate kind.”

“Oh, I guess he’ll cave, then. Only, if he doesn’t, then we become wanted people.”

“Well, do you have a better alternative? Or is it the deal with Karla where you gave away the store?”

“Not the store, Carol. The way I see it, this is a pretty low price to pay. We’re already set for life. Besides, the money’s already being moved as we speak.”

“Was this your plan?”

“Yeah. In two days, you and I will be in the Maldives, enjoying our lives forever.”

“Oooh, I love the Maldives.” Carol came and sat by him as she put on her lotion for the night. “Nice plan. But why would we need to leave if we can fight this? To lose all this power and influence over something no one’s accused us of is kinda silly to me.”

Caris found it hard to speak as he looked at her massaging lotion on her leg. You’d think ten years would take out his hunger for her, but time never stood a chance. “I spoke with the Interior Minister yesternight. You’re their prime suspect, but they’re keeping it on the low for now.”

Carol was immediately alarmed. “Prime suspect? Based on what?”

Caris replied, “Based on Julius Kpodo’s infallible word.”

Carol tried to throw the lotion bottle in frustration, but Caris stopped her. “Well goddamn! I’m already sick of that guy! I never even heard of him before this happened.”

“The poor lotion bottle didn’t know about him either, so ease up. Also, one of my guys in the force told me that Kpodo is the last surviving member of the team tasked to find Kane the first time.”

“Wait, really? Oh! We left before all that started, so we never knew what went on.”

“Yeah. They said is was Kpodo, Amenuve, Quarshie, Kodjovi and Goosman. That last guy’s kid had been in jail twice before, but the man was a brilliant officer.”

That last statement triggered something in Carol. “Goosman. Where have I heard that name before?” She pondered over it some more as Caris said, “Man, based on everything I’ve heard, if Tembo handled this one himself, he did a real crappy job.”

Carol jumped up. “That’s it! Goosman was a guy who used to roll with Tembo. He was kind of an apprentice to Tembo. Crazy guy. Really freaky too.”

“If that’s the guy, then we have a problem. My contact said Tembo’s been suspected to have killed his father when the investigation got too close.”

“I need to warn him, then. The guy could’ve found out and talked to Kpodo if he knew something!”

Just then, Caris got a call.

“Hello? Uh huh… uh huh… uh huh… WHAT?! Are you sure? … Yes, we can bring up the timeline. … Please tell me he didn’t… DAMN IT! … Alright. We’ll be there. … We will, Karla. A whole week’s worth, I promise you. Appreciate the heads up. Bye.”

If Carol wasn’t worried before, she was definitely worried now. Caris spared her the effort of asking the question with her voice; her face had done the job already. “Tembo was arrested an hour ago.”

Carol had to slowly move her body in order to get it to sit again. What she was feeling right now had too many things in it to be one thing. Caris continued, “Goosman sold him out. He had one of his girls record Tembo at his hotel after he’d screwed her. He confessed to the crime.”

Carol took a pillow and buried her face in it. “F***********CK!!!!!!! He was talking to me! That was the day I called him after we’d found out that Kane’s body was found.”

“I know, cos they’re coming for you next. That’s what Karla just told me. We need to pack. Karla will have us in the air within a half hour. We’re going to our place in Kenya. We’ll lay low for a week, then we go to the Maldives.”

“Caris, this feels wrong. If we’re caught trying to fly the coop, it’ll look worse than it is.”

“Carol, it is as bad as can be. Tembo also talked. You’re not going to get questioned; you’re going to get arrested. It’s just a matter of time. Now, pack an overnight bag. Let’s not make it look like we fled. You already have stuff in all our houses, so you’re good.”

“Listen, I know it’s a tight situation and all, but the nympho in me is going to need a release for all this built up frustration once we’re safe in the air.”

Caris shook his head. He slid his hand down her back and grabbed her butt inside the dress. “You’ll get all the release you want once we’re in the air. Right now, focus.”

“Okay, then let’s go. No need to pack. As you said, I got stuff in every house.”

“Carol, seriously-“

“Caris, I used to be an escort for Kane Glazer. You never knew the day nor the hour you’d get called, so you never made permanent plans. I’m ready. Let’s go.”



Caris left his room and was about to step out when his father stopped him. “Caris, listen to me. I am your father, and I forbid you from seeing that girl ever again.”

“Why, dad?”

“Do you know her line of work, son?”

Caris looked at his dad, not wanting to lie but not wanting to admit either.

“Do you, know her line of work?”

Caris was sick of hiding her. She was his nympho freak, and he loved her. “Yes dad, I know.”

“Yet you kept company with her? Do you even care about the family you’re from? Do you care what this could do to us and the church if it came out?”

“It won’t, dad. We’ve been together this long and it’s never come out.”

“Tell that to Bishop Monslant. His wife just found your girlfriend straddling her husband!”

“Carol tried to get with Uncle? Wow, that’s bold as hell.”

The slap that followed was one not even a ghost could’ve seen coming. “Hear me, son. Never see that girl again. Whatever you two have is now over!”

The Archbishop started walking away when Caris decided enough’s enough. “Well, that’s too bad cos we’re getting married, dad.”

His father stopped. “What?”

Caris’ inhibitions and fears were dying as he spoke. “I love her, she loves me, and the only impediment to our marrying has been you. I don’t think we’ll have that problem anymore.”

“Why, because I’m about to kick you out of my house?”

“No, because you will no longer force me into any decisions anymore.”

“Son, she has been a distraction from your calling all these years. She was sent from hell to take you away from your destiny. You cannot possibly fall for that trap. Now, stop talking nonsense and break it off with her!”

“Your belief, dad, not mine. She has been the one thing that’s kept me sane. All these by force deliverances, all these ridiculous all nights, as if God doesn’t like for His children to sleep. My best friend died and all you could tell me to do was pray? Then you went on to try to make me fast for 21 days to mourn him? Man was I glad I ate and went out all that time, cos I would never have met the love of my life. And now, I am going to make her my wife. I like God, but you have stopped me from loving Him like I want to. Goodbye, dad.”

Right before Caris got to the door, his father spoke. “Caris!”

Caris stopped, and his father walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “My son, you have successfully disappointed me. Since you have chosen to go against the ways of the spirit, harbor no surprise when God successfully disappoints you too. You will go very far, all the way to the top of the ladder, but you will fall drastically. No one will ever remember that you came, and no one will miss you when you’re gone. As for that corruptor of godly men, may God have mercy upon her soul. Never return to my presence or my church; you have lost all the rights, privileges, and properties of a son. You may bear my name, but you no longer bear my blood. You may go.”

Hmmmm, the curse of a parent. Not a pleasant thing at all…

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