Power Couple #3 – Sin Beneath The Cross

The story of Caris and Carol and the late Kane continues to unfold…


“Oh God, you’re good! I am your prey. Finish me! End me! Yes! Take me down! YESSSS!!!!!”

Carol had zero control over herself whatsoever, and she could not care less. The cold wall behind her had been the perfect balance for the heat this man had bathed her in, which made her climb enjoyable and her climax all the more satisfying. Her man was about to pull away, but she held on to him. “Carol, we’re going to get caught if we don’t dress up.”

“Speak for yourself, I just need to button up and pull my skirt down.”

“Tell that to your hair, you insatiable tigress.”

“Oh, now you’re just asking for another round.”

“Hell no, girl. Someone’s going to be here any minute and I’m not about to get caught with my pants down.”

“Bruh, did no one tell you not to curse in church? Now I have a higher chance of being sent to hell on account of your blasphemy.”

When she said that, Caris gave her the most confused look he could muster in the moment, and they both burst into laughter. She finally let him go, and they quickly put their clothes on, each one doing everything in their power not to backslide yet again. They’d already spent most of the afternoon ‘communing’ with each other in the main temple, and service was due to start in about an hour. Another round would be a bad idea.

 Once Carol finally got her hair together, she took another look at the sanctuary. It looked like an old school Catholic church, with the high ceilings and the beautiful art on the stained glass. There was a cross placed high on the wall behind the pulpit, right above the spot of their just ended ‘communion.’ The natural light did wonders for the view, and the echo of her voice through the empty room made it sound like they were being cheered on in their tryst. It’s like she once heard in Caris’ father’s sermon on faith, “A great cloud of witnesses.” Those biblical figures may not have approved, but she loved living on the edge, and she made sure to find that thrill in everything.

In Caris, she’d found the perfect partner. He was barely tall and without a muscular build, but he had a babyface and his features were naturally attractive. He was also super freaky and a daredevil yet unusual in that he still had some morality about him. That complicated things, but love made it possible for them to figure it out. He was her balance and she was his.

“I love you, Caris. I truly do.”

“I love you too, Carol.”

“No, you don’t get it. I love the hell out of you. If we don’t make it, I can’t be with anyone else.”

“Carol, I’m neither the best lay you’ve had in your life, nor the richest. I’m sure there’s someone who matches with you better than I do.”

“They may be a better match, but they will never be you.”

Caris just stared at her. This woman, this delectable woman with the beautiful mind he admired and the craziness that complemented his. This woman was telling him the same thing he’d felt for her since their first encounter. But how could he make her his with the father that he had? Only those who dealt with girls like her knew her true occupation, but his father had a way of knowing things about people, especially things they didn’t want known. How could he sneak her extracurricular activities past him and get him to approve her? As he wondered all these things, the look in her eyes and the touch of her palm on his chest settled him down. When they got there, they’d figure it out.

“I’m not going anywhere, bunny. You have me. If you can find a way out, I’ll find a way past dad.”

Carol beamed at him and leaned in for a kiss when her phone beeped. She looked and saw the text, “Meet up at Marvel Mansion ASAP. Boss has a job.

Her face fell and Caris knew what that meant. “Where?”

“Boss’ house.”

“Okay. I’ll drive you.”

“No, baby, it’s fine. Take me home, I’ll drive myself.” She saw the look of hurt in his eyes, the same hurt she’d felt every time she had to sleep with a client since the day she fell for Caris. “It won’t be much longer, love. I’m this close to figuring out my exit. Soon, it’ll all be over.”

“I know, darling, but you tell me you’re one of his favorite girls. How can you escape from under a man this powerful and live to tell the tale?”

“I have all the motivation I need right here.” They kissed, and right before they left, Caris got a text: “COME HOME THIS MINUTE!” Carol tried not to laugh as Caris looked at her, irritated that she found it funny. She kissed him on his closed lips and said, “Godspeed, man.”


When Caris walked into the house that evening, everything seemed normal. The text he’d gotten was from his sister, and she’d sounded like the roof was on fire. “This girl paa. How do you text in all caps for nothing? I will get her eh.”

He walked past the kitchen on his way to his room, but then a voice called out of the kitchen, “Caris, come here. I’m in the kitchen.”

Caris turned and walked into the kitchen to meet his father. “Good afternoon, Daddy.”

“Sit down, boy.”

Caris pulled a stool and sat.

“Caris, I was preparing for church when I got the most curious revelation. The Lord asked me to cancel service tonight, and then go with the warriors at midnight. Not only that, He instructed that I anoint the altar and the area around it, stretching all the way to the backwall.”

“That’s a very curious revelation, dad,” Caris said as he focused all his strength on not squirming in his seat.

The Archbishop continued, “You were at church before you came home just now, weren’t you?”

“Yes, dad, I was.”

“And you know nothing about what the Lord is saying? Why he would need me to anoint basically the entire stage out of nowhere like that?”

“Nope, I don’t know anything about it, sir.”

“Okay. You can go.”

Caris heaved such a huge sigh of relief in his head as he got up, and he was sure he’d gotten away with his lying, but then, “Son.”

Whatever dread Caris had sighed away returned instantly. His father continued, “You may persist in treading down the wrong path you’ve been on since the day I caught you watching perverted, unsavory videos in your room. It’s one thing to be immoral in your father’s house, and it’s another thing entirely to be immoral in God’s house. You can go.”

Caris didn’t even know how to act after that. Someone definitely revealed his afternoon activities at the church to his dad. As to whether the source was natural or divine was another matter. His only hope, once he left the kitchen, was that his dad didn’t know who he was with, cos that could be the difference between eternal joy and perpetual agony for him.

Crazy, chale, crazy!! Sex in the church? This couple is definitely something else, and clearly the Lord was less than pleased with that. Well, what else is in store for us? Let’s continue to find out…

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