Power Couple #1 – Blissful Sexcapades

It’s been really long, I know. Apologies, y’all! The site got hacked briefly, and work got in the way. But yeah, the State is back! And here’s a new story for y’all.

Makafui had this in the works for y’all a long time ago, but the issues came up. Thankfully, we can now share this new one with the world.

A tiny little spoiler here, though. If you thought the likes of Options N Upshots and Jay Ayima were wild, this blows them out of the park. And I think the title for this episode makes it clear. Get ready to be blown away!!


The moaning got intense in a hurry. Karla Beest was getting the business like she’d never gotten it before. As she writhed and wriggled in pure pleasure, the giver of the business plowed on, upping the tempo and mixing the strokes. Karla’s crawl towards her peak became a rapid ascent, a speedy climb over which she was losing control by the stroke. The gyrations of her hips only served to inform her benefactor that it was time to seal the deal.

With each stroke of the tongue, her supplier of pleasure had her grabbing the edge of the bed for dear life and her screams of joy could not be contained. With swift, precise movements, her supplier massaged her in all the right places while still using that tongue to whip her up that mountain towards ecstasy. Her mind was one big, overloaded circuit of lust and gratification, and it was about to explode. Karla’s body tried to pull away to calm down a bit, but this supplier denied her, chasing her into submission. Karla started to ride her gratifier’s face, knowing she didn’t have much more resistance left in her. Maybe three more thrusts and she’d be done, over the edge and needing to catch her breath. The anticipation only made it sweeter.


Everything just stopped. The door to room 116 was opened and slammed almost at the same time. Karla’s happy ending had been put on hold, and she was having none of it.

“WHAT THE HELL!” she screamed in pure frustration.

Caris Benton stood over them, surveying the room, and this is what he saw: No clothes, so they must’ve started in the shower. Karla still had panties on, although they were crotchless. Who said female oil company CEO’s didn’t know how to be freaky? Oddly enough, there was all this moaning and groaning and purring barely five seconds ago, and now nothing. It’s as if Caris walked in and someone hit mute.

Karla just stared, shocked at what was happening but trying her best to stay on this mountain, even if it meant that she would have to take herself to the top. She paid for the room and had every intent on staying there that night. Once she managed to get some of her mind back, she noticed that while she was genuinely shocked that they’d been barged in on, Caris didn’t seem surprised. He was too composed, too calm. She would’ve been losing her mind by now, but he just stood pat. As more of her mind cleared from all the delirium, she saw the bulge in his pants. Was he turned on by this? Something was very off about all of this.

“Well now, babe, I see you found my hideout.” Carol looked hungrily at Caris, whose eyes remained on Karla Beest, the oil company CEO with whom they were about to partner. Caris turned his attention to his wife.

“I see you chose to have all the fun without me, love.” Carol rose from her place in between Karla’s legs and went up to her husband, taking his hand, putting it on her cheek and slowly dragging it all the way down. What Caris found once she led him there was a hot spring, ready for him to bathe in. A confused Karla managed to mutter, “Wait a minute, you knew he was coming here?”

Caris looked at Carol, knowing all too well what was about to happen. “She kept you a secret, but I knew about you all along. I hear that your freaky does not discriminate, as long as it leads to good business. Is this true?”

Karla smiled. Her fantasy was about to come true, and it’d taken her fifty-seven years to see this day. Whatever feeling of pleasure she had was about to be doubled. At this point, she was ready to sign away this company for free if need be. “If I can look at your chest while Carol devours me like a pizza, you’ll go from buying 25% to buying 50%. My late younger brother’s shares remain unallocated, but I’m supposed to be finding a buyer for them. We need the influx of investment for the expansion.”

Caris looked at Carol, she looked back at him, and the answer was clear: it was time to whirlwind the heck out of the bitch. “You take the chest. I got the booty.”


 Caris lay in bed that night, thinking how lucky he was to have found Carol. He was a straight up pervert, and she was exactly the kind of freak that complemented him. He’d grown up in a conservative home and heard all the railing against people like him. “God never blesses people like that!”

Well, so far, they’d managed to buy big shares in an aluminum company, and they now owned half of an oil company while running a major construction firm and a cybersecurity firm, both with government contracts. Take that for a curse, old broke preacher. He looked at Carol as she turned in her sleep and smiled. Boy did he have it made.

As he turned to cuddle her, a memory flashed in his mind, the same one that had been showing up every night for the last seven nights. A memory he’d rather forget because he didn’t believe in any of it.

A memory of his father walking up to him, staring him down and declaring in the sternest possible tone, “My son, you have successfully disappointed me. Since you have chosen to go against the ways of the Spirit, harbor no surprise when God successfully disappoints you too. You will go very far, all the way to the top of the ladder, but you will fall drastically. No one will ever remember that you came, and no one will miss you when you’re gone. As for that corruptor of godly men, may God have mercy upon her soul.”

He didn’t believe anything his father, the Archbishop of King’s Court Chapel, had said on that fateful day when he found out that his son wanted to marry the same girl responsible for his senior deacon’s indiscretions. Yet the memory had haunted him for the ten years he was with his beloved.

His father had been a feared prophet whose accuracy was deadly enough that people called him “The Oracle of God.” When his father predicted an airplane crash, every last local airline on the continent grounded their fleet. The only planes that flew that week were international ones, and three of them had mass casualty incidents. He didn’t believe the words, but he knew that the speaker had a track record of being right. When will this day come? How will it happen?

His thoughts were interrupted by the vibration of his phone on the bedside table. Everyone who knew him knew better than to try to reach him at this time, so whatever it was had to be serious. He picked it up to look, and his face immediately fell once he saw the text he’d just received.

It was a picture he’d never wanted to see again, the one image that could make his father right, a picture of the beginning of the end. He resisted the urge to throw his phone, and instead muttered forcefully under his breath, “Goddammit!”


 Carol woke up earlier than normal. She took the sleep mask off her eyes and was ready to peck her man awake, but he wasn’t there. She got up, put on her sheer robe, and went to the one place she knew he’d be.

As she tiptoed into the kitchen, looking at Caris staring out the window, her heart went out to him. She knew that something had been keeping him awake every night this past week, but he hadn’t told her what. This was the first time in ten years that he’d kept something like that from her. She loved that he was as freaky as her, but she knew it was a mask; he’d been in deep pain since the day he chose to marry her against his father’s wishes. She’d played along and they’d become like Bonnie and Clyde, finding the less than righteous people in power and bending them to their will using their considerable sexual talents. All along, she’d hoped that he’d somehow get past the pain once they became rich and powerful themselves, but the pain only seemed to deepen with every conquest and every gain. They had just toppled Mount Karla and gotten 50% of an oil company that was nowhere near being for sale yet there he was, staring out the window like they’d lost their entire net worth. Still, she hoped that she’d be enough and that one day he’d truly be happy. In this moment, however, her sheer robe and absence of a bra would have to do.

 Carol walked up to her man and hugged him in the back, making sure her firm nipples met him at his lats, close to his spine on either side. Normally, he’d turn and show proper appreciation for the tease, but this time he didn’t move. “Caris, what’s wrong?”

No response. She turned him towards her. “Caris, talk to me, baby. What’s wrong?”

Caris just kept staring. “Caris, you’re getting me worried. What’s wrong?”

Caris looked around the expansive kitchen and the hall that it blended into, the spiral staircase that flowed up and down the three-story house, the beautiful décor, the lawn chairs outside, the swimming pool he only made love to Carol in, and then brought his eyes right back to her. He held her, gazed at her for a good minute, then uttered the words that would start them off to hell.

“Kane Glazer’s dead body has been found.”

Carol’s face fell. “Bullshit.”

“Nope. Our guy confirmed. It’s him.”

“Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?”

“See for yourself.” Caris showed her the picture that his medical examiner friend had sent him.

“Fuck! Now? At this time? This asshat pops up yet again to threaten our lives?”

Silence. They both knew what this meant. They just hated that they had to do this again, but well, tough beat. After a moment, Carol looked up at Caris and parted the robe just enough to tease him with her cleavage. Caris looked at her, “You freaky bitch.”

 As he and his wife partook of each other, Caris felt the hole in his gut deepen. Kane Glazer was the one name that could bring them down, that could take all this away, that could make his father’s words dead accurate yet again. Kane Glazer was the owner of this house, the owner of their bank accounts, the owner of everything they’d used to get to where they were now.

Kane Glazer was the name of the man whose life they’d stolen.

Whoa! What a beginning that was. From freaky threesomes to a hidden murder incident. This should be good!

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