Journey To Da Bar

Journey To Da Bar #3 – Divine Helper

“That’s the spirit! Giving up should never be an option!” Toby cheered. “So, what was the next move?”

“Simple. Do what I had totally neglected to do for a long time. Seek help.”

“Mmmmmm,” was the response from the offspring of Daniel and Larissa.

“And with that, I’m sure you probably already know this, but, remember one thing. In this life, one of the easiest ways to shoot yourself in the foot is to not seek help when you need it. Nobody is an island ooo, we all need someone to help us in various ways. As Archbishop Duncan-Williams always says, everybody needs somebody. So yeah, I met up with this lady in church who was also doing the same course. Dorcas Obodai, as she then was.”

“As she then was… isn’t that what you legal people use for judges who’ve moved to higher positions or something?” Serwaah enquired.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m saying that coz now she’s a married woman. Mrs. Dorcas Kane. You should see her and her husband together. Chale, proper Coca-Cola and Fanta!”

Everyone laughed a bit.

“So yeah, I met with her, we agreed on extra classes, and basically, that was how I improved. By that time, the school allowed for you to do resits, so I decided to go for the papers I had a little more confidence in. Tort and Company Law. So while I prepared for those, we started the extra classes. We’d meet about 3 times a week. And guys, it made such an improvement in my life! Like, at that point, I really began to understand what was in front of me.

“Then October came, and I went to do those resits. Tort was so flippin’ smooth, I couldn’t believe it. Company… not so much. I had like two good questions, but fell flat on my face with the others. The way I wanted to cry in the exam room, eh. Chale, man has really suffered.”

“Awww, I can only imagine. Thank God it’s all over now!”

“Yes ooo. I made it through all that. So yeah, I went back to the lectures. At that point, I went for intellectual property once, but I couldn’t go again. There was jurisprudence, which I really enjoyed, coz of the lecturer. Patrice Caesar-Sowah. The man who doesn’t like titles and first made me know how the ‘I wanna help people’ distin new law students like saying is nonsense. Lord knows I can’t wait to run into him eventually.

“Then December came, and the results dropped. I got my highest score in Tort, but Company went bad yet again, as expected. And it was pretty worrying, because the rule University of London had was that if you fail one subject three times, your studentship is officially revoked.”

“Kwɛɛ! Chale, that’s serious!” Oscar gasped.

“Very serious ooo. I think one lady fell victim to it, so she had to start all over again somewhere else. It was that scary. And of course, I’ll bring it up a lil later on as we move. But that was the main thing on my mind, that I have to pass this time. Because toiling in vain diɛɛ, absolute nightmare. I doubt I’d be motivated to start all over. But that was part of the subjects Dorcas was teaching me, so it was going pretty well.

“The part that sucked was having to drop jurisprudence to an extent. For the course, I needed to complete nine subjects. I had successfully cleared four. Five were left, and as far as the requirements for the Ghana School of Law were concerned, I needed to have commercial in there with the rest. So I didn’t register it. I really like Patrice and his way of lecturing, but chale, man had to do what’s necessary to complete the course.

“So 2017 came, and for some reason, I wanted to rush into writing the entrance exam. That was my mindset for a couple of weeks. But at a point, I realized I had way too much on my plate. And adding Intellectual Property from Mountcrest and the Ghana Legal Systems/Constitutional Law on top would only work against me. So I decided to just complete what was ahead of me.

“So June came, and you wrote the four papers?” Anasah asked.

“Yes. June came around, and it was Trust, Company, Property and Commercial. And that was the most enjoyable exam period for a major reason: every paper was on a Friday.”

“Oh wow! A full week for each paper! Ɛniɛ it was nicely set for you paaa!” Toby commented.

“It was. But this is how it went. Trust was quite good. Everything Dorcas taught me came, so I managed to make it through. Company was the absolute best! I solved some past questions with her the night before, and they came. Man just killed that paper. But then Property came, and although it was a million times better than what I did in 2016, the areas I learned swerved me. Big time. And then commercial, the most painful of the lot.

“Commercial law knocked you down? But Maa always says it’s one of the easier subjects in law,” Anasah wondered out loud.

“It is! But what happened is that, there were some two topics which we knew would always drop. Either one would always appear in the exam. I ended up mastering the wrong one. So I answered 3 questions nicely, but was stuck with the last one. And that’s where I lost out on a pass by about 4 marks or so. Herh! That thing pained me ooo!”

“Chale, chale, chale, that thing is painful papa!” Oscar agreed. “I remember losing out on an A by 2 marks last year. Herh, I wanted to cry!”

“Hmmm, chale. So around that time, I was working with Addison’s firm, and of course, once the results came, I saw that there were more deficits. Trust and Company were conquered, but Property and Commercial were still hovering around my head. The good thing was how close the firm was to the WAEC office, so I could easily get stuff done without leaving the office for a long time.

“So I did the usual. Registered for those two. And I started another internship at another firm. That of Mr. Philip Addison. Unlike the first one, though, I was pretty much the only intern there.”

“Ugh, must have been mad boring,” Oscar yawned.

“It was, chale. I was the only one in that particular office. And unless there was court, there was nothing to do. I remember using one of those days to just watch the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why, it was that dry.”

“Mmmm, I see. By the way, is that series nice? Coz Diamond and Oscar watch it, but for me, it doesn’t seem that appealing,” Toby asked.

I shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay. Anyways… in the midst of that, our year group held a dinner on the campus. It was pretty crazy how few of us were left from the initial number. I think we were over 50 when we first started. Now we were less than 15 who were completing.”

“Wow! Then what they said about the school was real,” Diamond commented. “The numbers really fell.”

“They did. But at least, for those of us who made it, it was a good feeling. Some breezed through, others like me too were limping to the finish line. But at the end, it was a completion of a tough course, and that deserved some celebration.”

“Oh yeah. Pressing on was definitely the best. Thank God you weren’t part of the other statistics,” Oscar said. “But, was that the end of the course for you?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Unfortunately not. I went to resit those papers, and they were both really tough. Property, obviously, was the scarier. Commercial also still gave me quite an uppercut. I remember being so worried and so scared as I waited for those results. Eventually, December came, and the dreaded day came.

“The email link came my way. My heart. My stomach. My head. Chale, my everything was in a mess. I entered the needed details. I clicked the button…

“The next thing I saw… I passed Property by the skin of my teeth. 40.”

The Dolphynes, who had been captured by the tension I added to those words, breathed sighs of relief. “Wow, what a relief!” Diamond sighed.

“I tell you! And I know this is what helped me. You see, with the 3 time attempt, the school gives you a compensated pass if on one of your attempts, you managed to score 34 or upwards, if I’m right. I’m pretty convinced that my third attempt may well have been another fail, but at least it was in the 30s, so I got that pass.”

“Wow, Lawyer Kwamina, this has been one hell of a journey!”

“It really has, Diamond. I remember as I was thanking God for giving me that pass. I was extremely relieved. And chale, had it not been for Dorcas, my divine helper, I most likely would have started all over again, or probably even given up. But listen, when God has a plan for your life, He brings the right people your way to ensure that plan comes to fruition. As far as I’m concerned, I will always be indebted to Dorcas for availing herself to help me to where I am now. No doubt about that.”

“Beautiful. God will definitely bless you for not forgetting her impact,” Oscar said. “So, 2018 followed…”

I sat back and nodded. “Ahhh, yes. 2018. undoubtedly the most important year in this journey…”

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