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Options n’ Upshots – UE #1

Welcome to the second and final season of Options n’ Upshots!

The finale of season 1 really threw us off track, didn’t it? I doubt anyone saw that coming. It was all kinds of brutal. And clearly, what we’re all wondering is… what happens with those left behind? Leticia, Boahemaa, Rawda… they’re all gonna be deeply affected by what happened.

Well, it’s time to find out.

Imagine a junction with no traffic lights and mad lines of cars filled with angry drivers, all on a ‘every man for himself’ kind of vibe as each person seeks to reach their destination with no regard whatsoever for the other person’s well-being. Nothing but chaos is imminent.

That was as close a description as possible of the kind of mental mayhem going on in Leticia’s mind.

As she sat on the bed, thoughts of all kinds just sped through her brain, refusing to stop so they could be properly dissected and thought upon. From one idea and question to another, with no room for contemplation.

From the moment Inspector Seidu Moro showed up at her doorstep to deliver the news, things had never been the same. And of course, they were not going to be.

Receiving the news that her husband and housekeeper had perished in a ghastly accident was the stuff of nightmares. The kind of experience you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. That had to be the worst moment of her life, without a doubt, and the memories of her falling to the ground and screaming her lungs out was not likely to depart any time soon.

If that was not bad enough, a diary had been retrieved, apparently from the accident scene, and brought to her, containing information that instantly made her stomach churn when digesting same.

The question of how Glori was in the car with Thomas when the accident occurred was answered more intimately by those jotted journals than she would have wanted.

And up to that point, it just didn’t seem to really register. The fact that a lie had apparently been lived out, and she had absolutely no idea.

The thoughts were in motion…

“What the hell is wrong with you, Tom? Why can’t you be considerate for once?”

“And why can’t you cut me some f**king slack every now and then? Ah! Every time, emo outbursts nkwaa. Can’t you use your brain for once?”

“Are you implying I’m stupid or something?”

“Well, who the cap fits, let them put it on their f**king head. Geez!”

“Ah, all I want is a little assistance, and it’s come to this. Why are you like this?”

“Massa, I can’t. I can’t sacrifice a little bit. If you don’t like, go and drink sea water. Hoh! Mtcheww!”

“You know what? F**k you, Thomas Dawson! F**k you! You insensitive bastard!”

“Whatever, chale. I’m tired of this s**t. I’m out of here!”

That was the night of their infamous fight. Thomas had claimed to feel too tired from work to help out with a little task in the kitchen. Leticia had pleaded for him to ‘sacrifice just a little bit’, which somehow didn’t go down well with him. What followed was about 10 minutes of yelling and an exchange of angry words that culminated in Thomas walking out and spending the night elsewhere.

Definitely the lowest moment in their marriage…

“Honey, I’m really sorry about all that happened. I shouldn’t have said those things, I know. Please forgive me…”

“Don’t worry, Leticia. What’s in the past is in the past. We were… both angry. Never mind. Let’s just move on.”

She remembered those words after they left the counsellor’s office, a couple of weeks after that fight. How assuring his voice was. How calm his demeanor was as they drove away. That comforting feeling she had in her underbelly that all was well…

“Leticia, I knew you were the one from the moment I laid my eyes on you. Your sweetness, your calmness, your seriousness… you know, all the positive nesses, hehehe. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, but finally, this is the time. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Have a family with you. Grow old with you. Have eyes for no one else but you. That’s all I dream of, and it’s time to make it a reality. So, Miss Leticia Akua Adjei, will you marry me?”

“Oh, God, yes, Tommy boo, yes! Yes, I will marry you!”

A brief flashback to that memorable day he proposed to her, after about nineteen months of dating. The shots of joy that coursed through every vein as he went down on his knees. The sweet feeling of giddiness that wrapped her up as she was wrapped up in the arms of her now-fiancé. The assurance that her life was just getting a lot better…

So I guess I know why Mr. Thomas despises Madam Lit so much. They apparently had a pretty big fight, and she said some awful things to him. He stormed out, spent the night at a hotel, and that was it. Hmmmm. Chale, I still kinda wonder why he’s held on to the bitterness like that, with the way he claims she apologized and they went for counselling and all that. Ah well, not my business. I’m just enjoying what he’s been doing to me since we got here. God, his touch is so sweet…

Those words sprung to mind immediately. Contents of Glori’s diary.

“Ei, so all this time we were living together, this man disliked me? So I was nothing but some contemptible mosquito to my own husband? To the extent that he was fooling about with this… this small girl? Right under my nose?” she wondered out loud.

She looked around her.

The bedside table had a picture of the two of them, with Thomas’ arms around his wife’s waist, both faces beaming with radiant smiles.

A picture they took at his father’s retirement party. Only about a year ago.

Looking straight ahead, a framed photo of them and the kids at a birthday party.

They looked so happy. Like a family that had forged past their struggles and problems and had chosen to love in spite of the flaws.

The smiles on the face of Thomas in both pictures. They looked so genuine. They looked like the smile of a man content with life and what he had been gifted with.

Now as she observed them, they looked so… plastic.


“So all the mornings I helped him dress up, it was scorn he had for me?” she continued to wonder aloud, her voice beginning to crack with a bit of hysteria. “All the respect and admiration I had for him was not reciprocated? This man didn’t even want me as a wife?!”

Rising to her feet, a woozy feeling washed over her as her mind began to bend under the weight of oncoming mental pictures rushing to the forefront of her brain.

The most aggressive being pictures of different quotes from Glori’s diary.

Quotes of Glori and her husband’s moments.

Goodness, Diary! Mr. Thomas had me blinded with delirium this morning. He totally blew my mind! He really is a man’s man! Fire emojis, Diary. Fire emojis…

… oh God, Diary, the sparks that fly off my skin when Mr. Thomas kisses me on the neck! It’s just insane…

… chale, the way he jams his hands into my panties is something else…

… I swear, I was seeing stars when he dug his head in between my thighs. Herh, I’m literally getting all tingly just remembering about it…

Leticia squeezed her eyes shut, hoping against hope that the thoughts would let up and leave her be.

But they just kept coming. Reminding her of the unpleasantries.

Reminding her that her husband had been faking all this time and actually detested her very existence…

Reminding her that he set his sights on the housekeeper and relentlessly chased her until she agreed to let him have her…

Reminding her that while she rushed off to Sunyani to look after her brother, her husband went back home to passionately bang this housekeeper…

Reminding her that all those talks about a meeting in Kumasi and Glori saying she was at home with her family for the weekend were nothing but lies to cover up an illicit weekend-long fling…

Reminding her that they were dead, and she’d never get the answers she deserved…

That was it.

The elastic band in her snapped.

She let out a blood-curdling scream, grabbing the picture on the side table and chucking it at the wall. The glass smashed into a thousand pieces upon impact.

If anyone had looked into her eyes at that moment, they would probably find two glowing flames where her pupils ought to be.

She lunged for the curtains, ripping them off their hinges as she switched into a full-blown state of rage. Scattering all the expensive perfumes of his from the dressing table to the floor, she then took one of her high heels on her shoe rack and threw it at the photo hanging on the wall.

The impact knocked the photo off the nail it hung on and fell to the ground.

Grabbing the frame as it landed, she slammed it against the wall, its glass protection splitting under the blazing ire of a deeply wounded woman.

A blazing ire that wouldn’t permit a single thrust against the wall to be sufficient.

Each hit accompanied with a rabid, “I HATE YOU!”, she was totally oblivious to hurried footsteps outside her room. The opening of her door, didn’t phase her, either.

“Leticia! Leticia! Ei, Awurade, what is this! Leticia, stop, please!”

The cries of a concerned mother were the next thing that followed. And that caught her attention.

The frame now smashed to broken pieces of wood and bits of glass, her mother’s words brought her rage-driven frenzy to a halt.

Her head already bowed to the ground, another ear-piercing cry burst out of her.

This time, it was out of pain.

Breaking down in the mess of shattered shards and tiny splinters as her mother’s arms wrapped themselves around her, there was no need for words.

The widowed Leticia Dawson was broken. Devastated. Hurt beyond words.

She had lost the man she had vowed before God and man to spend the rest of her life with. She had lost a young lady she had grown fond of and wanted to see rise to the top. And in losing them, she had learned that they were actually involved in a steamy liaison.

Nothing could cut deeper than that.

As she wailed on, the elderly Mrs. Adjei held her daughter tight, tears running down her cheeks as she asked God what wrong she had done to deserve this. A son struck down by stroke to a daughter widowed in tragic circumstances.

Heart-rending. Absolutely heart-rending.

Wow! Intense is not even enough to describe what a beginning that was. This is going to be a tough period for Leticia, that’s for sure!

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