Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 9 – Somebody Go Smell Pepper!!

E knack like 11:20 pm as I go the Viva Hostel there. I take the money give the Uber driver, wey I commot the car inside then walk go the hostel.

As I enter, wey some of the girls greet me, I nod, wey I just dey go my way.

Two weeks catch since I see the video wey the Papafio nigga dey fuck Semua. Ibi like them give dema body time, but finally, Yao gimme the heads-up sey he dey go ein room.

I shake my head as I kae the way the boy beg me sey make I no do anything crazy for there. Hwɛ, this buffoon dey eat my girl, make I no do anything crazy for the where? Massa, somebody for smell pepper! I no dey do solemn shit like that. You fuck plus me, display go pae for your top!

The whole two weeks, I just make basaa. I go Semua ein there, wey I no talk anything. I just dey observe am. As she dey do ein IG nibbies for my front, I just dey kae the way she make Papafio lick am for the down there. The way she give am blowjob. The way she make e give am doggy. The way she moan then scream…

Herh! I really no know how I manage maintain myself for the few times I go ein there. If she dey kiss me sef, e just be someway. These same lips wey Papafio dey chew gidigidi. Ah! Then times, I dey fit neck am make she sigh then giggle. At that point, I no fit do. That same neck then chest wey the nigga dey lick make you squeal like some horny hyena? Massa, what you dey talk?

She biz me sey problem dey as I no dey devour am like usual. I tell am sey everything be cool.

At that point, I swear, the love all commot my inside. The way na I dey see am sey she be the one I go live sweet life with then tins, everytin lef. At that point, chale, like I go go search that Jacquine girl eat. The girl make I waste my time kwa. Bitch ass traitor. After the way I tell you my painful history, you go tell this fool sey I be mama’s boy, so I be some weak cry baby. Bullshit!

And as for Papafio… I no see that kwasia toke in the last two weeks. He diɛɛɛ, like I see am sef, I go break ein jaw. Aboa! You get nerve dey go eat my girl behind my back? Ibi good kraaa sey I no see am. Like e go turn ugly fight, I no dey lie you.

So I climb the stairs go the second floor. That be where she dey.

I turn left follow the long corridor, wey I san turn left at another end.

I come catch the lane where ein room dey.

Room 225.

I go dey the window ein body, wey I briefly peep.

Just like the last time Yao go cot the video, she no close that side of the curtain. Sia geh!

As expected, na he dey there.

She dey wear just bra then panties, wey she dey sit ein top, arms around ein neck, as she dey give am serious sexy eyes.

Sexy eyes she tell me sey she go give me for wana wedding night.

I start peep naa, wey he just start dey chew ein mouth.

I stand back, wey I breathe in and out.

At that point, eh, my old people come to mind.

I just start dey kae all dema fights. The way Momee go dey complain about the way Popee always dey chase women den tins. Popee too go dey dismiss am. Every day, then Momee make mɔbɔ-mɔbɔ. Every day, depression catch am.

I kae the way Popee kill am long before he take the car pass ein top. Killing diɛɛ, he kill the woman before the main act.

As I kae all these things wey my heart really start dey come. E make I really understand my momee ein actions.

If you dey love somebody wey them dey do dirty shit behind your back, e dey pain pass. The worst part be if them dey use your vulnerability against you. That be some real low-level shit paa.

So as I san go spy wey I see sey he jie the bra take put some place, wey he dey mia the boobs make she gasp, I snap.

I just snap.

The time catch sey a madafaka go see ein morda for there.

I step back, then with every iota of strength e dey my body, I kick in the door. E gbele wide open.

Make you never underestimate the strength of an angry person.

She commot for ein lap top, wey she watch me. She shock as she dey take ein arms cover ein boobs.

Papafio giddup from the bed, wey he start dey kneel for ground dey beg me.

“Jesus! Chale, Jay Ayima, Jay Ayima, I dey beg, I dey beg. It’s not what it looks like…” he start dey plead.

Siasem kwa! You dey my woman ein room 11:30 gbɛkɛ time. She dey sit your lap top wey she no dey wear bra sef. It’s not what it looks like sɛ sen? Ofui!

I no listen am sef. There norr, I jie the thing e dey the left side of my trousers.

The result of the business transaction I go tear the day I hear that extra ‘mama’s boy’ info.

A locally manufactured pistol.

Oh yeah, I go buy gun that night. You dey biz how or where I go find the dealer for? Massa, that no be your wahala. All you for know be sey I go buy gun. Finish.

Papafio see the tin wey ein voice come make high-pitched.

“Jay, please, please! I beg of you, don’t do this! I’ll do anything-“

Chale, chale, na ein noise be annoying. E no be that nyama-nyama begging e go change anything.


Two bullets to the forehead, straight.

As ein body drop, Semua start dey scream. At that point, she forget sey she go cover ein boobs. She just dey stand there dey scream as ein hands dey ein head top.

I dey watch ein nakedness wey the anger san rush through my veins.

Stupid waste of time. After all those months she lie me sey she dey preserve herself for marriage. She waste my time kɛkɛ. Like I go search another sexy girl for IG or campus top, like I just dey enjoy by now. But she trick me, take me sey I be jon.

Just like how Popee take Momee sey ebi jon.

I aim the pistol for ein face top.

I pull the trigger.

Two seconds later, she too she dey ground. Bullet hole for ein nose top.

What e happen after that? Honestly, I no sheda dey kae too well. All I dey remember be sey as the gun make noise, e no kyɛɛ before squad rush come the room inside. Squad grab me knock me out before I even realize.

That be the only thing I dey kae…

Wow! So he actually killed them. Crazy, chale. Just crazy…

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