Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 8 – Ei! Herh!

Like one week since them give me that info, I make tense pass. Na I just dey hope sey ibi mistaken identity or some shit like that, coz chale, na I just no dey won believe.

My Semua? My Sexy Semzy? Cheating on me?

Ah, naaa. E no fit to be true. This girl wey she dey make I dey wedge am? How she fit turn around make another nigga bang?

Chale, no be small denying wey I dey deny for my head inside.

She come my there during the week wey we make out as usual. As I dey kiss ein neck then mia ein thighs, I just dey whisper, “You’re all mine, aren’t you, baby?”

As she dey giggle dey make some small sexy sounds, she respond, “Yes, baby. All of me is all yours.”

That evening eh, hot make out paaa. Ibi me sef wey I shun at a point, so sey we no go overstep the boundaries. You see how she make I change?

So that Thursday evening, my mind just dey the make out top wey I dey take assure my body sey ibi mistake. Coz chale, if anybody go cheat, e never be Semua. Ah, somebody wey e dey show me all the thirsty comments for ein IG DMs make we laugh?

As I kae them tins, somebody come knock.

“Who that?” I call.

“Yo Jay, ibi me.” Yao.

“Yeah, yeah, Yao. Enter, enter.”

He gbele the door enter. I see ein face naa wey my heart cot, coz na he get some… mɔbɔ-mɔbɔ style bi for ein face top. Like some bad news bi hit am.

“Chale, you go do the investigation finish? Abi inobi Semzy them dey talk about, anaa?” I biz am, with some small hope for my heart inside.

He come tap the bed top wey he give some big sigh.

That be when my heart sink.

He jie ein phone for ein pocket, wey he dey press press top. “Chale, last night wey I go get this. Video evidence. I make sorry waa. I know sey this really go pain you. Me sef, e dey pain me as I do the recording, but… chale, your woman dey open give the Papafio nigga.”

As he talk that tin, I feel sey something snap for my in.

Ei! What?

I start dey shiver as I take the phone wey I see the video. Herh! So for real, Semua dey cheat? I press the play button.

See, I dey watch pono, but I never watch pono make my heart break like this.

Chale, I no know how I manage go through the video sef. So so jabs for my heart top. I just dey sit there speechless.

I watch as them dey the room inside, wey Papafio grab Semua ein waist wey them start dey kiss gidigidi.

I watch as them jie dema clothes.

I watch as she sit ein top for the bed wey he jie the girl ein bra then mia then suck the boobs. Herh, the pain! Ei! As I dey wan mia them the times we dey my room, she dey tell me sey I for wait till we marry. Now see how she dey make this madafacka enjoy.

I watch as she move down give am blow.

I watch as he too go down on am. The ‘Oh God’ she moan eh… like them take needle chook my liver. Fuck!

Ibi the part he turn am over wey he start dey give am the real action wey I stop. At that point, I no dey fit again.

Honestly, I no know how I manage hold the phone watch the tin. The strength I take watch as this Papafio nigga eat my girl diɛ, I no get any idea. But the tin pain me. The way I make my mind sey I go wedge this girl coz she dey convince me sey we for wait. Meanwhile she dey make this fool have free access.

Ei! Herh!

I no dey fit talk anything again oo. Just those words.

As Yao take ein phone, he tap my back wey he just dey murmur, “Chale, sorry… sorry…”

My heart break ankasa.

They naa, them know sey I go fit to die give my woman. Them know sey I no dey joke plus am one bit. So this revelation… chale, chale, chale…

“You diɛ, you go fit lef. Thanks,” I respond. Notin again I fit say.

A few minutes after he lef the room inside wey I really vex.

Kwasia guy! This Papafio motherfucker paaa! So he go snatch my woman dey eat, eh? Aboa like that!

And Semua… herh, I never know sey she be snake like that. Fucking snake ass bitch! So all the times she dey tell me sey ein body be mine and mine alone, na ibi lies? So as she put me on hold, she dey make this fool play plus ein body?

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!” I scream for the room. I catch that last part wey I throw some pen bi for the wall top. The tin break, but obviously, na I really no dey give a fuck about it like that.

Chale, na my mind torch roff! I just dey stand there dey breathe in and out.

All e dey go through my head be sey Semua cheat on me.

This girl, after all the promises and shit, she cheat on me.



The phone ring like three times before he pick.

“Hello, Jay.”

“Chale, Yao, I dey beg, the next time that stupid ass nigga go go Semua ein there, make I know.”

Silence for the other line top. “Jay, what you dey plan?”

“Nigga, I say the next time he dey go there, make I know. Simple.”

Yao sigh for the line top. “Jay, I know sey you bore. Ibi normal. But I know you. The way you dey talk diɛ, I dey fear…”

“Chale, chale, chale, Yao. I dey beg, I no dey like what you dey do. You know sey me, my heart no good. If I bore you, ibi nasty matter. Wey what you dey do right dey start dey make I bore. So abeg, just follow what I dey talk. The next time Papafio go go Semua ein there, make I know. Simple. You go do or you no go do?”

Yao just sigh for the phone top. He naa, na he know sey he no get choice. Coz the way shit go go down if he no gbele ein mof between me then am, he know. Wey he dey fear.

“Cool, cool. I go make you know.”


I cut the line, wey I drop the phone for bed top.

Some days pass since them break the news to me, wey chale, I go get more info e make my mind really melt.

So one guy too for the hostel hit me up. Apparently, ein room dey the Papafio guy ein room top. So ibi like the morning after wey he hear sey Papafio then ein roommate dey talk about Semua. What he hear be how Papafio dey brag how he dey make Semua reach orgasm, how he manage persuade am make he eat like two months earlier… serious things.

Chale, na my heart already dey ache as he dey gimme this filla. But ibi the last part wey e really go me.

Apparently, after dema last session, Papafio joke sey them for ensure sey I no go know anything. Wey Semua laugh talk sey ibi true, na if I find out, I go cry like some mamaba, na she sef, she see me sey I dey cry, wey that be the day she see sey I be serious mama’s boy.


So inobi enough sey you dey gbele your legs give another nigga, but you sanso dey use my past against me. The day I shed that tear sakeof the memory of my momee wey you twist am make e check like I be some weakling?

Chale, at that point, the anger. The rage.

I make my mind sey I no go confront them right away. Nahhh. Other ideas dey my mind top. I go do some transactions and things, wey chale, the only thing e left be the day I go catch them.

Walahi, a madafacka go smell pepper…

At this point, we can probably tell what’s coming up, right? Well, the next episode will reveal all…

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