Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 7 – I No Dey Like Foolish Tins!

So from level 200 second sem to level 400 wey me then Semua dey commot. Life make perfect give me kraaa. At that point, somehow I dey fit manage restrain my body for ein top. Even though the make out diɛɛɛ, I never dey spare am. Crazy ass kisses and tins, chale!

After that date wey we really come get proper bond. She get aa, like at some point, she dey won show me off for ein IG top, but I tell am sey e chill. Make we just focus on wana relationship off social media.

Chale, na the relationship dey bee me. Na man make satisfied with life. Notin else but that.

Then, sometin happen…

So one evening, me then my sweet toffee Semua dey chat for WhatsApp. She send me the pics she go take put IG. As usual, hot pics, chale. Some off-shoulder blouse then short shorts. The girl know how them dey market body, I swear!

I respond: Damn, my baby boo is sexy!

Her response: 🙈🙈🙈😘😘😘

I san send: I really can’t wait to have you to myself on our wedding night

Her response: Hihihihi. Me neither. I’ma be all yours 😉😉

Me: Anyways, how far with Aliu?

Her: massa, dawg him. He’ll continue saying hi to himself till thy kingdom come

Me: herh, you be wicked girl pass. He begs, wai 😆😆😆

Her: Waleva. Let him chat with himself. I got you

Me: I know. And I love you, my super sexy Semzy

Her: I love you too, Jozi bae😍♥️

We chat finish wey somebody knock my door top.

“Yo, Jay, wossop?”

“Yeah, Peter, I dey come.”

So as I go dey campus, I no sheda get too many friends. For me, if plenty people dey your body, drama go fit catch you easy. So e just be two niggaz wey them be my guys. Peter then Yao. More times them dey pass by make we play games.

Abi you know. The usual FIFA, or in some certain circumstances, Pro Evo. Ibi Yao e dey like the second one, wey I never dey understand. Shit game like that? Ah!

But chale, we dey accommodate am so norr.

He come around come claim some items bi. As he tap the bed top wey chale, we start dey talk about different nibbies for campus top. From some lecturer bi e dey chase the girlies he dey teach to some idiot cliques bi Peter encounter. Them mini-squads dey bore me pass. You go see, then some boys go dey join forces then do like them be some superstars or some bullshit. Ibi annoying pass.

We talk like 30 minutes, wey we play some Call of Duty as we dey suck some Smirnoff I buy earlier that day.

As we dey game, man ein bladder make full. Just as I pause the game, Peter ein phone ring.

Na ibi Yao.

As I go the bathroom go piss, I dey hear Peter as he dey talk normal normal. But as I comot from the bathroom, ein face change as Yao dey tell am somtin.

“Ah, Yao, you make serious?” he biz.

Naturally, I go wonder what dey go on. “Wossop? Some yawa bi pae anaa?”

He raise ein hand tell me sey make I chok. He dey listen aaa, wey he talk, “Hmmmm.”

I still dey wonder what be the issue.

He watch my face for a moment, wey he shake ein head. “Chale, we for tell am. He dey here right now, so…”

He lower the phone, end the call, wey he watch my face. “Chale, Jay, Yao say he dey hear some rumours bi for the Viva Hostel.”

Viva Hostel. That be where Semua dey.

“Why? Wey kind rumours?”

Peter sigh wey e shake ein head. Whatever Yao tell am, e worry am waa.

“Chale… rumours dey go around sey… that Papafio boy no. you see the one he dey the Land Economy class?”

I nod. I know that guy. We no be paddies, just be them hi-wassup levels.

“Yao say some allegation dey rise sey he then Semua dey fool around.”

There norr, my mood switch.

My Semua? Fooling with some other nigga? How?

“Fooling around in what sense?” I biz am.

He watch my face plus some nervous expression bi, wey he shrug. “Umm… as in…”

I narrow my eyes watch am. “Peter. Peter. See, I no dey like foolish jokes. Wey nonsense too this? Ah, wey shit you dey try tell me?”

Peter start dey shake. If I bore, ibi scary thing give am. “Boss, I dey beg, that be what he tell me. You know sey I no go joke over some issues.”

“Call am make he explain ein body!”

The way I issue that order, eh, he no wedge two microseconds sef.

As Yao answer, I no waste time. “Massa, wey bullshit rumour that? My Semua dey cheat on me sey what? Where you go hear that rubbish for? I no dey like silly things, you dey hear me?”

Chale, the way me then Semua dey chat dey do wana flirting things earlier that evening, na e dey bore me sey somebody go suggest anything like that. Abi you see the convo; some jon nigga bi try sey he dey move to am wey she no dey mind am sef. She show me the texts wey we dey laugh am kraa. How she go turn around then gbele ein legs give another guy, especially when she no dey allow make I eat sef?

Yao sigh for the phone top. He, he no dey fear me like Peter. “Jay, relax make I talk. See, my niggas som for the Viva there wey them gimme the info. Listen. According to them, eh, Papafio time your woman longest. As he move go there this sem, allegedly, them say them spot am sey he then Semz dey chat here and there. Rich B tell me sey he notice at some point sey e do aa, this guy dey lef the room at odd hours. He biz the roommate, but the roommate no talk anything. Ibi this evening wey he say more smoke dey comot. Abi you know of Jodel?”

Jodel. I no know why people dey like that social media app sef. Anonymous things sorrr, wey lame ass crap that?

“Yeah, I know of Jodel,” I respond.

“Chale. So he say he dey go thru Jodel, wey he see some post bi: Chale, them dey eat somebody ein girl for Room 225 ooo! Nbs ‘Oh God yes’ she dey shout for here’.”

That be when my heart cot.

Room 225. Semua ein room number that.

“Ah. But, but…”

“Chale, relax. Relax. Ibi better investigation I go do. Them tell me this thing long time, but na I no won make you spazz. As this one drop, wey I say I for inform Peter. As he dey your there, I no sey I no go fit to hide am forever, so chale, the matter this. But I dey beg, make you no confront anybody. Just take am easy. For all you know, ibi lie. Just… make you no confront anybody.”

What he talk diɛ, na e no dey make sense to me. Relax. No confrontation. For the where?

But like after a second or so, I see sey he get point. By now, you know sey if I torch, I go mess shit up. Wey sometimes too, inobi true. So I go go hurt somebody kwa.

So I take deep breath wey I respond. “Cool, chale. I go calm down.”

“Good, good. Just go normal. I sure sey ibi mix up then tins. Sometimes, them dey eat some other person for some other room wey them figure sey ibi Semua ein room. Coz e no dey add up sef.”

“Exactly. The girl no dey make me sef, I chop. How much more some strange nigga? You, I hear, chale. Just do your BNI shit then make I know wassup.”

“No yawa. Later, chale.”

As me then Peter continue the game, my mind all make someway. Peter dey assure me sey e no go be true, na if Papafio dey try anything sef, he then Yao go shake am.

Still aaa, e dey go through my mind. Ah, e no go fit be true. Semua be sexy pass, wey more niggas get aa, them go pap, but she make am clear sey I be ein man. Wey the eating diɛɛ, out of the question. She make am clear from the beginning sey ein ozzband pɛ she go gbele ein legs give.

But then, she dey tell me about all the niggas them dey try move to am. But I never hear of this Papafio guy sey he dey try move to am. Or she mention, wey e slip my mind or something?


Uh-oh. Ibi like this be where the trouble dey start from ooo…

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