Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 6 – I Gbele My Heart

I no dey won talk plenty about wana dates, coz we go plenty. But one date bi dey wey chale, ibi very pivotal date, so I for tell you about that one.

So na we dey level 300 by that time. Like one year pass since we start dey date. As she come take top spot diɛ, obviously, I no dey see any girl. I see the queen e dey hold me down, so chale, everybody else be off limits.

Besides, me naa, I get firsthand experience of the effects of cheating, wey chale, paaa sey I go follow that fucking man ein footsteps, like I go drink gutter water. Apuu!

This date happen around the Christmas break. So we crosh for the Junction Mall, wey we go sit for the Chicken Inn side.

I see am as she comot from the vehicle wey my heart. Damn! Hot girl dot com ampa! Some mad sexy short red dress. Na that girl ein sauce just dey bost my mind. Whaaaaattt!

Anyways, so as we go sit the inn there, wey we order wana chow, just be normal vibing then flirting we dey do.

“Hm, but you eh, you are lucky we’ll be going in separate directions,” I talk as I dey suck my Smirnoff Ice. “If I had a car, eh, no be small moving my hand to the gearbox I go do.”

She giggle. “Naughty boy. And you think I’ll allow, eh?”

“As if you already don’t allow me to feel those sweet legs,” I murmur, wey I give am wink.

Shw3! If I dey caress am, e dey be am pass. Like I no do sef, she go bore.

She smile, wey she touch my arm. “Hehehe. I really like how this Burberry shirt fits you, though.”

“Thanks boo. My uncle bought it for me.”

As I talk my uncle, ein face change. She move ein hand to my own. “Umm, babe, you know, in all this time we’ve been together, you’ve never really said anything about your parents. And I, uh, I wanted to ask if they’re still around or something. If it’s too dicey for you to talk about, that’s fine. But I… I was just wondering.”

Hmm. Very sensitive distin she biz me. As she mention parents naaa, my face change.

As I dey sit there at that moment, I dey biz my body sey make I tell am or not. Coz obviously, you for know sey ibi very touchy topic. I never open up to anyone like that.

But chale, my woman that. Wey chale, if we dey go all the way, eventually, she for know.

So I watch am, wey I take some deep breath, wey I start.

“Umm, so… this is a really touchy issue for me. And if I’ll be honest, you’re most likely gonna be the first person to hear of this. But ummm… it’s a long story.”

“I’m listening, honey. Talk to me.”

Chale, the calming effect na she get for my top eh. She talk that thing wey somehow, I just make relaxed small.

“You see, Semua… I’m the only child of my parents. I don’t have any siblings. And for a while, it was just me and them, living life, doing the usual stuff, them nibbies some. The reason why I don’t talk about them is because… so-something really horrible happened.

Chale, at that point, the pain just rush through my system. The memories…

Semua squeeze my hand. The way I shut my eyes, ibi like e worry am small. “Jozi, are you sure you wanna do this? Coz I don’t need to hear it if it’ll worry you…”

I shake my head. “Nahh, lemme get it off my chest. Listen, babe, the truth is this: my mother is dead. And it’s my dad that killed her.”

As you for expect, the thing shock am. She take ein hand put ein mouth top. “Jesus! Oh my God, Jozi, I’m so sorry. Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

“Hmmmm. Till date, I just can’t get it out of my head. I don’t think about it every single time, but chale…”

At that point, I give am the full gist of what e happen that horrible Sunday.

After I finish, I see sey tears dey form for ein eyes. Of course, the thing go shake am. Who wey e no go shake am?

“Oh God, Jozi, this is… this is… so horrible! I’m so sorry, my love. You didn’t deserve to experience this. I’m so sorry,” she talk as she continue dey squeeze my hands.

At that point, me sef, tears come dey my eyes. I cry over the matter kyɛɛ, but as I gbele my heart give my lady, the pain start all over again. Memories like that, eh, you no dey overcome them ooo. Them go go dey some corner of your brain, but paaa sey you go forget totally, na lie.

“Awww, baby boo,” as she wipe one tear e comot, “I know it hurts. I’m so so sorry.”

I sniff wey I shrug. “Chale, it happened a long time ago. Man has to move on.”

She no talk for a while. She just watch my face as I try put myself together. Public place like that diɛ, letting your feelings out be yawa pass, so I wipe my eyes sharp sharp.

She sip ein drink, wey she still dey watch me. After a moment…

“Jozi, you may have had a terrible childhood experience, but… at least, the future is still bright. And I promise you right now, that I will be the light that brightens it.”

Eish, vibes! She make I smile small. “Ei, Semua. Are you vibing me right now?”

She giggle. “Something like that. But I’m serious. Now that I know this, I’m gonna make sure our future together makes up for your past. I promise you. We will have a lovely family, a lovely marriage… nothing like what you experienced in your younger years.”

That thing she talk really make my heart get that warm feeling bi. Chale, the promise really make my eye get. “You serious, Semua?”

She nod ein head. “Yeah. Man cannot come into this world and suffer like that throughout. You’ve endured enough, babe, and now that I’m around, I’m bringing the good times your way.”

I smile wey I sigh then shake my head. “Well, you certainly have brought good times my way. I’ve not been loved like this before, and I swear to God, ibi the sweetest feeling ever. If this is what you’re promising me, then I’m all for it. I need happiness in my life, anyways.”

“Yes you do, honey. All the good vibes in life, you deserve it. And with me in the picture, you’re gonna get them. I’m gonna give you all the love and happiness you deserve, Joseph. Believe that.”

I shake my head. “Babe, you got it wrong.”

“Oh, sorry. Beleeeee that!”

We laugh. Ibi one of wana special distins we dey share.

“But seriously, thank you Semua. You’ve made me happy already. Thank you so much.”

“Awww, you’re welcome, baby boy.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Jozi.”

“And you are the sexiest chic in the world.”

“Hihihihi, all for you, my honey bun.”

As we finish wana date later that night wey I go house, my heart all make full. My mind all do me sey chale, this be the one for me. My miserable life dey come do 180 that…

A pretty romantic moment between Jay and his girlfriend. Vulnerability in full display. I wonder what comes up next…

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