Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 5 – Ibi Like Love Catch Me

As I go uni, I no go lie you, I use ma freedom papa! Herh!

After all the rules then tins, now I go dey campus wey them no dey enforce rules for your top like SHS. Chale, sweet freedom!

This be where the real story dey begin from.

So still, I dey keep to myself, but as I go dey hostel, wey I start dey see the hot chics for there, then campus generally, chale, my body start dey come. I start dey use IG too wey the matter spoil. Plenty sexy babes for there, wey them all dey the uni inside! Chale, I start dey make moves, coz body no be firewood.

In the first two years, two girlies wey I manage eat.

The first one be Jacquine. Level 100 second semester. Some IG chic bi like that. I no go lie you, na she no dey bee me lydat, but chale, na the ass be crazy. So one day, I DM am, wey we vibe small, wey she invite me come ein there. That day naa wey I fire the tin.

Chale, dull tins nkwaa. After that day, I just jie am for my contact list block am for all the social media. She naa, na she dey ug give me, wey she nanso be wack for the bed inside. Tweakai!

Then the second one be Renita. Level 200 first semester. Some very cute girl bi. Innocent face, but she be them thick-tall girls. Wey the assets… Herh! The hips then the boobs all be sweet. She diɛ, I meet am for one of the shuttle stops. We exchange numbers, we vibe small, I go over… abi you dey understand by now.

Chale, na she be the exact opposite of the Jacquine girl. Herh, I eat make I feel! Fire tins papa paa! Sosket!

Underneath the innocent face be some bad bitch nibbies. The way she grind for my lap top as we start, aboa! The way she squeal dey beg for more as I dey suck ein oranges, stop! I suck finish wey she take them slap slap my face before the main action. Gademmit, na that late afternoon chopment be sweet forkin!

I blaze inside like two more times after that day. More grinding, more slapping… more good banging. Na I dey feel ein body bad, wey she too, she dey love the wonders for my boxers inside. The messages she dey send me, no be small craving she dey crave me. From “hey, womb shifter” to “I miss your sweet needle, sweetie”, chale, the girl fall give my skills kraaa.

Then some yawa pae for that end.

One day, the girl suddenly call me dey tell me sey she go church, wey the things all we dey do, she see sey ibi wrong, so she give ein life to Christ wey she won advise me make I do the same.

She talk that tin naa, I just bore. She start dey preach me wey I just stop am. “Massa, massa, massa, shun the plenty talk you dey talk. So now, you no go make I eat again? That be what you dey talk?”

She sigh before she talk. “Yes, Joseph. I know, those times felt good and all, but… I’m a new creation now, and I can’t keep doing the things God hates…”

“Then ibi simple. As you no go make I eat, then lef my life. Make you no come disturb me with those things. I dey beg.”

“Oh, Joseph-“

I cut the call wey I block am. Straight.

I dey like peace wey I dey hate shit. That be my mantra.

But chale, ibi the third girl I meet for level 200 first sem, wey things really change give me.

Akua Semua.

Hmm. Chale.

So, na she too be IG model. She be sexy forkin. No jokes. If you see the comments for ein pics top, you go see sey she dey trigger niggaz pass. She no be as juicy as the other girls, but she get some sexy aura for ein top. Ahuofe papa paa! Wey the hotpants and miniskirts and nibbies she dey kick… demmit!

She too, I follow, wey I DM am, wey we vibe.

You dey wonder how I manage catch ein attention, eh? Abi me diɛ, I no go do them thirsty tins. That tin be wack pass. I dey won eat, but chale, you for do the vibe well.

Anyway… chale, na something dey ein top wey I still no dey get. Like, some warmth bi as I meet am. Some very sweet feeling bi like that. Like a month in, I see sey chale, I really dey care about this girl.

So unlike the first girl wey I fire am the same day we crosh, this one, we just dey spend hours for ein room wey we dey talk about different tins.

I shock. I just shock. Coz me, Jay Ayima, like I blaze inside longest. But…

Hmmm. I still no dey understand till date.

Like two or three months pass, wey chale, the girl ein matter dey my head inside 24/7. One of the few days I decide sey I go go lectures, I dey dress up, then chale, I just dey imagine how she go dey check my dressing then tins all. The imagination too dey sweet me pass. There norr, I talk for my head inside, chale, ibi like love catch me ooo.

E no kyɛɛ wey I go ein there, wey I tell am sey chale, man fall give am bad. She tell me sey make I give am a few days. The few days be like two pɛ; there norr, she call me tell me sey she too she dey like me.

That evening eh… herh. That be when I see sey this really go fit to be love.

As I go ein there, wana first kiss turn to serious make out. The girl too dey wear some hot crochet crop top then hot pants, so chale, already, my body come. As I dey touch then kiss am wey I say make we do the tin.

The girl shun the tin wey she say, “Umm… can we rather reserve having sex for marriage?”

I watch ein face wey I biz, “Ah, really? You want us to wait? But I wanna have you now!”

She shake ein head wey she hold the hand e dey mia ein thigh. “Joseph, not yet.”

See eh, I dey hate that thing pass. Wait for marriage sɛ sen? But as she talk, I no know. Man just mellow.

Me, a whole Jay Ayima, understanding that tin. Ei! I still no dey get. Still. Coz at that point, I make hard. So chale, naturally, I for bore. Yet, I never bore.

Okay, I bore small, but not to the extent sey I go walk out then lef am for the room inside.

So just plenty kissing then mia-ing. The mia-ing, sef, she no make I mia her boobs. Just her thighs.

Chale, how this love take over wey I no push as she dey do restriction things dey bost my brain to this day.

As the days dey go, e make clear sey I fall in love bi that. Chale, I never feel for chic like that before. I fall give am kraaaa. The body dey drive me crazy, chale, but na I dey feel sey ibi more than that.

Na I dey feel sey this be girlie she go hold me down, chale. My ride-or-die this. So anything she dey want biaa, I go do.

I still dey remember one evening she dey my room. She dey sit my lap top, we just dey hold each other. As we dey enjoy the moment, I just biz am, “So baby, can’t we at least have, like, one night together? I know you want us to wait, but… goddamn it, Semua, you’re so sexy. I wanna get in between these thighs so bad.”

She giggle as I dey mia ein thighs. She just hug my head wey she whisper, “I know, Jay. I know you want me bad. But just think of the future. When I become Mrs. Ayima, we have kids, travel the world, all that stuff. Just relax for me, baby boo. I promise it’ll be worth the wait. Let’s just focus on the other things. Trust me, babe, I’m yours and yours only. When it’s time, you can make love to me all you want.”

She talk naaa, I mellow. Just like that. I no argue, I no protest. I just understand. Coz the picture too dey bee for my head inside.

Hmmm, I no go lie you, if you underestimate love eh, you dey fool your body big time. You go see sey your hardness all be notin.

Love really catch me. Through this chic called Semua.

Hmmmm, matters of the heart! Super dicey stuff. Let’s see where this is heading…

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