Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 3 – My Life Make Basaa

I really no dey like sey I go kae that horrible day. Still dey pain me pass.

What I go fit talk for now be sey, Momee ein kiddie bro come take me from the house. Obviously, them make police go arrest Popee, so I no fit dey the house alone.

Obviously, my uncle thems no make I see am again. Already them bore am waaaa, coz inobi small complaining Momee complain give them. Them dey try talk things out, but Popee just no give a semblance of a shit about anything. The only thing na e dey hia am be sey he go get some new chic eat.

I hear sey he beg them sey he won see me then talk to me, wey still them no gree.

I never bore. Me naa, I start dey hate am longest. Stupid man.

He kill momee finish, now he dey come do father-and-son nibbies? Kwasia like that!

See, from the day I hear sey he tell that mechanic ein kiddie sey me then momee no be relevant, that be when my heart start dey turn from am. Ah, ibi you wey I dey look up to. I dey see you sey you be the greatest popee in the world. Meanwhile, sakeof some small girl bi, you talk sey I be irrelevant to you? Really?

The day after I come beg sey make them shun the fighting, come see some scary threats he issue put my top. Ei! He dey do like I bost the car tire. He never give me warning like that before too oo. Even one time I break ein favourite wine glass by mistake, he no shout put my top like that. The naughty periods, he no give me warning. But begging I go beg sey make them shun the fight, na that one be serious offense give am. Buulu.

See eh, the man really show sey me then Momee be irrelevant homo sapiens give am. Imagine this: sakeof he go some university girl ein hostel go fuck am, I go some program for National Theatre wedge am for three hours after the tin end, coz we agree sey he go come pick me. Eventually my uncle wey e pass by come pick me. The man clearly make ein mind sey he no dey care about me.

On top of all that, you kill am for my front. E no come ein mind sey if he do that, major consequences go dey. He no think about that. He just do. He finish aa, now he won do ‘I want to see my son’. Make he go see ein nyash. Foolish donkey.

I hear sey them eventually give am life sentence for murder. I no blink sef. Make he go dey there.

But chale, from that point, my life come make basaaaa.

The funeral eh, chale. Hardest memory ever. For obvious reasons, them no do laying-in-state, as the way ein head pae be too graphic. I dey there throughout the service, crying I no dey fit, smiling I no go fit… nothing. My heart just make blank with pain.

Ei, I no catch my teenage years sef wey I witness nasty scene I for see only in the movies? What the fuck, man! The tin really wound me mentally. I dream about the tin like one year. Nightmares sorrr. E kyɛɛ before I shun dey dream about them tins.

But my uncle then aunt too, them no sheda help me with proper help throughout the next few years. Them just see am sey ‘time heals all wounds’, so as time dey go, man go forget everything.

Hoh, massa. The memory no go anywhere. Inobi sey them always dey my head inside, but… 10 year old boy wey he see such a nasty distin, the wounds never go lef.

Eventually, I just come create my shell wey I dey inside. Already, from kiddie time, I dey like my peace. So make I dey my corner. If inobi my hardcore hip-hop, then I dey do exercise. Around like 12-13 wey I start dey do gyming tins. I meet some guy bi wey he help me make I build my body. By the time I catch like 15 there, na the muscles and tins dey. My uncle then aunt figure sey as I come make macho diɛɛ, I recover be that. So just weak vim them dey give me.

But chale, nothing like that. Na the wounds still dey.  Still, flashbacks of that horrible Wednesday gbɛkɛ dey fly by. Nasty things.

I never really recover, that one diɛɛ, ibi kayyy…

Those wounds never really heal, do they? Heartbreaking…

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