Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 2 – One Horrible Sunday Gbɛkɛ

The day I see my people dey fight be the day my life change. Till then, I go fit talk sey na life be normal. The moment I realize sey things no cool between them, things change.

You be kiddie aa, your expectation be sey your parents get good relationship. So as I see that thing, wey my mind dey come top sey my parents get issues, e really worry me.

Like ibi just one fight, maybe like e no go wound me plenty. Abi fights diɛɛ, ibi normal tin. Them say marriage wey fight no dey inside be weird tin. But after that night, I come see sey the fights be constant, wey e dey affect dema relationship.

Honestly, whether ibi veil them jie for my eye top or what, I no know. Coz really, that be when I start dey see the ugliness for the house inside.

I realize sey Popee no dey talk plus Momee more times before he go take me go school. If I dey the car, I realize sey if he dey talk plus other women – maybe ein workmates or paddies or somtin – ein mood be very bright. He call Momee naa, ein voice go drop. He dey sound like he go fit vex at any moment.

Momee too, I start dey see sey she make mɔbɔ every day. She dey use nasty language around the house, dey curse curse the old man. Sometimes too, she dey fit dey the bedroom inside dey cry.

Wey the arguments come make plenty.

After the way Popee sack me from the room that first time, wey he sanso add some serious warning bi the next morning, I make my mind sey I no go interfere again, na I dey like peace. The way the man tell me sey he go take belt shrip me make marks come my body diɛɛ, na I dey fear.

So if them start, I just go go hide my room dey do like I no dey hear what dey go on.

With time, I come see why them dey fight all the time.

Ibi sakeof women.

Yeah, na my Popee still dey chase women. Young girls included.

Ibi through some phone convo Momee then ein close paddy bi do wey I come discover this.

You dey kae the mechanic matter I mention previously? Yeah, na the owner get some fine daughter. Apparently, Popee try chase am wey she say no. She tell am sey he get wife get kiddie, make he go home to them. He reply sey them no be relevant, so chale, make she reason up then give am chance.

He disturb am saaaa, wey she go chook give ein Popee, wey the man come fight my Popee gidigidi.

She be just one out of a few, tho. Wey he too, na he get some dismissive nature bi e dey show sey he really no dey give a fuck about we like that.

So chale, na so e dey for the house inside. Tension from morning-T to gbɛkɛ-T. At some point sef, Momee lef the master bedroom go bed the guest room coz chale, the man dey disgust am pass.

Things no change for a long time. Like one and a half years, so norrr nibbies dey. Popee by that time show sey e no dey give a fuck, so chale, more outside fooling. Momee too just dey make depression over am. If inobi cursing she dey curse am, then crying nkwaaa.

Na inobi pleasant thing I dey watch between them.

But things change for the worst one gbɛkɛ.

One horrible Sunday gbɛkɛ.

So that weekend, me then Momee go ein hometown for some funeral bi. We lef Friday gbeke wey we return Sunday afternoon-T. As we come, Popee no dey house. We no mind, coz chale, we come sef, he no go biz we. Or at least, he no go biz am. Me diɛɛ, he go biz some one or two questions bi.

She go the master bedroom go get some nibbies. Like five minutes later, the woman comot the room no, the curses e dey comot from ein mof, me naa, I see sey something happen.

That gbɛkɛ, the way shit go down eh…

So the time she enter the room, she go see open condom wrapper for the floor top.

Popee take some woman come the house come eat am for the matrimonial bed top. He come house too, he no deny.

Chale, na I annoy my Momee every now and then, but I never see sey she vex like that. Ibi like the fact set he take woman come the house come eat for dema bed top really make e torch. She really scream put ein top. He too, he still dey do ein body ‘I-don’t-care’. So she start dey turn violent dey pick pick wana glasses dey throw am for ein top. She do that wey he too, he bore. He too start dey shout, wey he say he no go stay the house inside again.

So he comot the house dey go sit ein car. Momee too, at that point, she just torch. So as he comot, she too comot, wey she go stand the gate ein body.

I comot come the outside, wey I dey watch them. As I talk, if them dey fight, I just go go hide for some place. With time sef, the shouting come turn normal give me. But the level at which this fight go diɛɛ, na edey scare me. So I comot go dey the porch top dey watch them then try beg them.

Hoh, massa, like I still dey my room, like e good. Them no mind me sef.

“You think you are going to leave, eh?” Momee scream. “You are mad! Stupid man! You had better kill me before you get out of this house!”

“Get out of my way and stop being a fucking idiot!” Popee respond.

Them just dey go back and forth. Nobody dey watch me.

Then momee lie the floor top for the gate in body, wey she repeat the same thing. “Unless you kill me before you move out of this place!”

I figure sey Popee go calm down.

But nah. At that point, he bore.

I see norr, the man spark the car. Ein right hand dey move move, so na he dey shift gears.

I hear naaa, he step the accelerator top.

The car suddenly move, with some speed.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!!” I scream.


In seconds, it was all over.

Popee take the car whack the gate, wey in the process, he take the car pass momee ein head top.

Yeah. He quench am. Just like that.

Chale, I no fit describe the scene give you. Too nasty.

My heart, chale. My heart…

Wow, that was a horrible end to this part. Jay’s issue is deeper than you thought…

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