Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 10 – Me Dixx

So chale, me dixx.

This be the end product of what I do that night.

Papafio then Semua no survive. Squad take them go hospital wey them say them quench long time.

As them barb me knock me out, them take me go police station go report me sey I quench two people. As you go expect, social media make noise over the matter aaa, the news come turn big issue for the country inside.

Now come see all the stupid self-appointed judges. Everybody dey condemn me sey I be evil nigga, na I get wicked heart, bla bla bla. Even when them hear sey them dey cheat, the chorus go like: na even if she dey cheat on me, how I figa sey I get right to kill am?

People talk saaa, but at this point, you know. I really no dey give a fuck about anybody like that.

So them charge me with murder, them take me go High Court, them go find some lawyer bi give me… massa, some plenty bullshit bi like that.

If you biz me the details sef, I no dey kae. All I know be sey at the end of the trial, them sentence me to death by hanging.

I sure sey you dey biz how that one happen. Inobi Ghana wey them say the death penalty no dey work for here like that?

Me diɛɛ, I no know how ooo. Ibi like the judge say the way I no show any regret, wey I do my body adonkerr no, ibi disgusting and reprehensible. Or some big brofo bi like that. That be why he give me that sentence. Apparently, the lawyer dey try sey he go make them change the sentence or whatever. Chale, I no dey biz again. Make them just lef me for here.

So chale, me dixx. The death nibbies I talk plenty, ibi sakeof I dey death row.

I dey wedge make the day come. I sure sey you go talk sey oo, maybe them go change am go life imprisonment, but chale, I no dey look there. What I know be sey them give me death sentence. If them go do aa, make them do, na man taya.

By now, I sure sey you dey wonder if I get any regrets.

Well, I no get any answer give you. That no be your matter.

All I go talk be sey I really wish some nibbies bi no happen.

For example, I really wish sey Renita no change. Chale, like she still be the low-key freak, by now I still dey eat dey enjoy am kraaaa. Sometimes sef, like I go make am my woman. Ridee, as I dey here, the memory of how na she dey take ein nice, hard nipples rub rub my face dey spark me roff. E better pass all the Semua memories I get by far.

I really dey wish sey the first day Semua no make I eat, I just lef the room go find another chic e go give me what I dey hia. Instead, I do make my body turn lemm give some world-class deceptionist. Just dey drag drag me along with azaa promises.

And most of all, I really wish sey I no tell am my history. That be one of the biggest mistakes I do. For me, e big pass the shooting sef. The way I figure sey she go hold me down for life, especially after the way she gimme them assurances after I gbele my heart. Saana ibi joke give am, to the extent sey she twist am dey mock me in front of that idiot.

Massa, vulnerability be shit for the birds. To hell with it.

Okay, as I dey think about am now, yeah, that be my major regret: sey I lose guard play that vulnerability card. Like I for maintain that closed front naaa.

Like I won add the Renita part, but that one be beyond my control, so chale…

This life diɛɛ, ibi like them just set me up sey I for be one miserable bastard for this earth top. At this point, I just go take am so. Them do dema job finish. Them make I watch as my Popee quench my Momee for my front. Them make I turn some dark ass nigga. Them make I go fall give some snake. Chale, them do dema job waaa.

That be my story. My life spoil finish, chale, so make death come grab me make I lef here already. Like I talk from the beginning, I really no dey biz about whether ibi heaven or hell or purgatory or paradise or whatever supernatural shit I dey go.

I just won lef. It’s all over for me, chale. It’s all over…

Well, that was the story of Jay Ayima. A potentially bright future now rotting away in prison. Do you think he deserves pity, or he’s just one dangerous guy placed where he belongs?

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