Jay Ayima

Jay Ayima Pt. 1 – Ma Kiddie Time

As I mention earlier, I dey start from the beginning, so chale, make we move…

Ma kiddie time diɛɛ, I no sheda dey kai many things. Abi those young years, the memories be someway. But some major ones dey stick.

To begin with, I be the only kiddie of ma parents. Apparently, them attempt sey them go have more, but for some reason, so-so miscarriages. That be what I hear later on in life.

So me pɛ wey I be the child of Mr and Mrs Ayima.

The early days diɛ, cool stuff. Na we dey stay some corner bi for Lapaz. Small neighbourhood bi. I still dey kai the lane e dey lead to wana house. If you turn right for road ein end, some mechanics bi dey there. Then times, I dey fit biz popee sey why he no dey take the car go there if e spoil. He say dema level no be the car he dey use, so chale, he for take go proper fitters.

Na ibi lie. Dema signboard show sey them dey fix Opel cars, wey na popee dey use Opel Kadett. Na some other reason dey. I go make you know in time.

Na some seamstress bi too dey the area. Like two houses away from wana own. Na the woman get extra space for the house inside, so that be what she take do ein business.

Ibi like twice pɛ wey we go ein there go sew some shada. Some Christmas dresses bi. After that, we no sheda go ein there.

That be the queer tin I dey remember about the old hood.

Na some bad boys too dey the hood inside. So my momee talk me oo, no be say I dey see my body. Like me, I no get problem plus dem.

Oh, one day bi wey them pass by the house biz me sey I dey like football, wey I say yes. So them gimme invite sey make we all go play for one boy ein house. Nii Kwete or so. We go play small poles like one and a half hours, wey them score me pɔtɔɔ.

I no go lie you, them times, na I shaa for football roff.

I go house wey Momee beat me ankasa, tell me sey them boys be very bad boys, na make I never play plus them again.

Chale, I never understand. But the way she shrip me diɛɛ, I see sey chale, I just for obey. So me then them never talk again. I know sey na them dey laugh me sakeof them figure sey the scoring them score me go me waa.

So if I no dey school, then just me for the house. The lone kiddie.

Chale, na e dey bore roff. Ibi the cartoons and tins wey e hold me down. Na my favourites be Johnny Quest then Swat Kats. T-Bone and Razor for life, chale!

Anyway, these all be minor minor nibbies na I won put out. If I really dey talk about memories, the main one be my eighth birthday party.

So Momee then Popee say we for celebrate this one proper, coz the past few birthdays, low key tins sɔɔ. So this one, them make I invite my paddies for school, go buy food and drinks, bring out the speakers… them nibbies some.

I still dey kae the people I invite. Richard, Naadu, Bonsu, Jade, Ben, Mawutor, Dennis, Keziah, Yvonne, James Sarfo… yeah, chale. Them all come, wey we jam.

Kiddies jam! Hahaha!

Them play tunes, chale, wey we all boogie pass. I still dey kai the moves I show. Herh, no be small display I display for there. Momee then the other kiddies give me fans saaaaa, chale!

We start the tin like 2. By 6:30 there, we finish, wey my paddies dema parents come pick them. That day diɛɛ, I really enjoy my body. No two ways about it.

But that day get second memory. Wey that one, chale…

No be as pleasant as the party.

So e knack like 11 gbɛkɛ-T, wey chale, I giddup coz my bladder make full, so I go bathroom go piss wey I san dey go bed.

But as I dey go my room, I start dey hear some muffled noise for my parents dema room. I no hear that kind noise before, coz usually, 11 diɛɛ, I bed kraaa. So I go dey the door ein body dey listen see what dey cause.

That be when I hear the real noise.

Momee then popee dey argue gidigidi. No be small matter.

Momee just scream ein head off sey popee no be considerate man, he no dey give a fuck about we, them tins some. Wey popee too say she no know anything. So-so noise she dey make.

I see sey them have arguments before. But na ibi them small small disagreements some. The normal kind. So as I hear this one wey chale, so-so nasty words them dey use for dema body, e really worry me. Na I just won make them shun the fight make peace prevail.

So I gbele the door wey I no wedge small sef, I start dey beg them.

“Mommy, Daddy, please, stop fighting!”

Them dey stand there dey shout shout for the bed ein body. Popee see me naa, ein angry face no change. Ibi like the begging I beg them only make he vex the more.

“Herh, Joseph, what are you still doing up at this time? Go back to bed!”

He shout put my top wey he rush my there come push me out of the room.

As I go back to my room, no be small crying I cry. Coz chale, na the fight be nasty. Na I just dey pray sey them go shun, then maybe by morning, everything go make fresh from nature God.

But chale, na that be just the beginning. I no see notin yet.

And that be where things really go downhill…

Not the most pleasant thing for a child to experience. Poor Jay…

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