Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 E14 – Abusua Pa

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the series finale. It’s been quite a journey over the past year. We’ve seen the characters go through a whole lot, and have eagerly followed them throughout. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Chale. Goodbyes are not nice kraaa. But I guess they’re needed.

Not too much to say over here, though. Let’s just get into the story one last time…

It was a sunny Friday morning in August. 

The day of Larissa’s official appointment had arrived.

A few unforeseen circumstances had pushed back the date a bit, but the event was officially set to take place that day. By the close of day, Mrs. Dolphyne would return to her home as a Justice of the High Court of Ghana.

She had taken the lead to the Jubilee House early, so the rest of the family were busily preparing to join the ceremony which was scheduled to commence at 10 am. Everyone was busy getting ready while doing other things…


“So chale, how is the new place?” Oscar asked, his shoulder propping up the phone to his ear as he tied his shoelaces, speaking to Kwame, who had left the Dolphyne house a few months back to join his father. They had been renting an apartment for a while, but had finally settled into a comfortable bungalow in one new estate on the outskirts of town.

“Oh, so far so good. You know these estates. Mostly quiet all around. Not too many homes have been occupied yet, so it’s a little empty, but it’s not bad. Our next door neighbours passed by recently to give us a big and proper welcome. Some nice man and his wife, with three daughters.”

“Eish. Are they grown up? And more importantly, are they fine?”

“Ahhh!” Kwame laughed. “Please, please, I didn’t look at that. And I don’t intend to. Allow me to settle first. But if I should be honest, the eldest daughter looks like she may be Diamond’s age. And yeah, she’s kinda cute.”

“That’s all I need to hear. Look sharp and make that move, lah!”

“Mtchew. Please, please, please, don’t give me any pressure. That’s why I’m not letting Aki know about it; she’ll disturb me too much to make moves.”

“But mustn’t she? That’s the job of a bestie, lah. Ei, by the way, do you know who else is coming for the party later tonight?”


“Hehehe. The lucky sperm that enters the egg. The bird with the coveted worm in its beak.”

“Uhhh… I don’t really get it.”

“You’ve forgotten? The king who is a chief…”

“Chief… ah, wait. You mean Chief Tay?!”

“Yep. Dennis Fafanyo Tay, aka Chief Tay, will be around.”

“Ei! But how? Are you guys friends now?”

“Oh, for about a month now, we’ve been vibing ooo. Chatting and things. Crazy guy, but he’s fun to be with. So when I told him about the celebration of Maa’s appointment, he asked if he can come with a date, and I said sure. He’s always been a cool guy, to be fair.”

“Well, that’s true, when you think about it. See how he didn’t tolerate the way those stupid girls disrespected you and all. No problem, chale, he’s welcome. Then hopefully, we too, we can connect at the party.”

“Oh, most definitely. He should remember you, so chale…”

“Kwame! Time to get moving!” 

Clayton’s voice could be heard over the line.

“Oscar, man has to move. We’ll meet at the venue, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to pick Addy and her mother. Abi Aki and her aunt will come later. So we’ll meet, then.”

“Okay, bro. Later.”

“Yeah, later.”


“So you managed to blend it the way I usually do?” Diamond asked over the phone.

“Yeah, yeah. Done it that way. The taste is just about the same.”

“Good, good. So that should be settled. You’ll do just fine.”

“Of course, babe. I got this. And Gyamfua too is taking over the wraps quite nicely.”

“Good, good. She too, she’s learnt fast papa! At this rate, we’ll probably have to make her a deputy CEO or something.”

“No jokes ooo. But I really like the way she’s taken to the business. Filling in for you the time you and the family went away for the weekend and all. She’s just too good.”

“Yes ooo, Maabena. She naaa, Smooth Wrapz owes her a lot. Abi she’s the one who exposed that witch to begin with.”

“Oh yeah, true true. Ei, so you never heard from her again, eh?”

“Never. And I don’t need to. Not when I have my Oseikrom Empress by my side.”

“Of course, jor! No space for fake friends, when you have the likes of me, and of course, Efo Explanation Master aka Sarknation Presido.”

Diamond laughed out loud. “I tell you ooo! Two God-given partners, chale.”

“Is he gonna be at the ceremony?”

“Nahhhh. He wanted to, but some errands bi he has to do for Mawuli didn’t allow, so he’ll have to settle for coming for the party.”

“Hehehe, see how happy you are. I really dunno what made you spit out that thing about him proposing and you rejecting, but thank God for that. See all the happiness you would have denied yourself of.”

Diamond just smiled. No lies were told there. The lovely dates, frequent encouragement and affirmations, spine-tingling kisses and the time they spent together… so much happiness…

“Mmm-hmmm. Soooo much happiness I would’ve denied myself…”

“Guys! It’s almost 9:15! Let’s move before the traffic makes us late!”

Almost drifting into a dreamy state, Daniel’s voice brought her back to earth.

“Maabena, my dad’s calling, so I gotta move. At least, since you’ve got the blending under control, that’s all. So Ed and I will pick you up later on.”

“Sure, dear. Sure. We’ll meet later.”

“Alright, bye, babe.”

“Bye, boo.”


“Ahhhh, just as I expected. The John Cena video is getting some crazy views at the moment!” Toby announced, eyes fixed on the laptop screen as the twins sat on either side of him, watching the analytics on the Dolph-Skwad Youtube page. 

Along with Serwaah and the cousins Ethan and Afrakuma, Toby had successfully formed the dance group, and over the past couple of months had gained a lot of views and fans. Focusing all his energies on becoming a world-class dancer, he and his younger siblings were catching the attention of the world, and he couldn’t have been happier.

“I knew it. Especially with the way Afrakuma kicked things off. She’s improved paa!” Serwaah commented. “She really killed it!”

“I promise,” Anasah agreed. “That was perfect arrangement by you, Toby. How you got her to begin, and Serwaah to end it. Chale, the video was mad captivating from start to finish, and you all did it!”

Toby smirked, pleased with the compliment. “Chale. Give the people what they want. Moves that will make them wish they had the skills like us. But this guy too has really come through for us, K-Kwan. Can’t forget the support he’s given us since we decided to come out. Those videos in the studio have honestly been our breakthrough. From Serwaah killing it on ‘Naami’ to Ethan destroying ‘Gweta’, Afrakuma slaying ‘Bossu Kena’…”

“And the major, major one: Toby living up to the ‘Killin Dem’ song!” Serwaah cheered. “That’s honestly my favourite among them all. The intro alone…”

“Serious!” Anasah agreed enthusiastically. “The way you tossed your cap aside and did the throat-slitting distin… too epic! There’s a reason why it’s the most viewed video on the channel!”

Toby grinned. “Yeah, well, man’s just decided to put his all in this for now. And I’m finding so much fulfillment in it.”

“Yeah, that’s the best. I’m loving this journey too,” Serwaah agreed enthusiastically. Looking around, she noticed the well-ironed kaftan on a hanger on on the front of Toby’s wardrobe. The kaftan everyone in the house had had designed for the party later that night. A kaftan that bore an Adinkra symbol she wasn’t very familiar with.

“You know, I still don’t know what this symbol represents,” she commented as she pointed at the kaftan. “I know it’s supposed to be one of the Adinkra symbols, but I don’t think it’s very common.”

“Yeah, it isn’t. I’ve forgotten. I remember seeing some site bi where they provide all that info,” Toby mentioned. “Anas, check on my phone for me. Should be or something.”

As Anasah picked up the phone to check, Daniel’s voice rang out.

“Guys! It’s almost 9:15! Let’s move before the traffic makes us late!”

“Chale, let’s move before Daddy gets impatient,” Toby said as he closed the laptop. He and the twins rose to their feet. “Let’s check the symbol thingy as we go.”


“Kindly repeat after me. I…”

“I, Larissa Darteh Dolphyne…”

The calm look on her face certainly betrayed the level of excitement in Larissa’s heart. Among twelve other lawyers, she faced the Chief Justice of the Republic, clad in the attire of a judge, her right hand up, ready to take that huge step into a new phase of her career in the legal field.

Repeating each phrase after the head of the judiciary, her heart pounded with euphoria. Her dreams of becoming a major force in Ghana’s legal system were beginning to materialize! Making the step up from the Bar to the Bench was no small feat, but she was ready for it. She had dreamed of moments like these, and to finally live them out… sheer bliss.

Nothing but sheer bliss.

“… and that I will at all times…”

“… and that I will at all times…”

“…uphold, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Ghana…”

“…uphold, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Ghana…”

“So help me God.”

“So help me God.”


“Indeed, considering the conscientious nature of the processes we went through on our journey to the Bench, we cannot be said to be ignorant of how demanding this new position is,” Larissa spoke as she stood at the podium. As the representative for the new High Court judges, she had been tasked with the responsibility of giving the response to the President’s speech on their behalf. 

“It is a position that requires the highest levels of diligent industry and a fearless devotion to carrying out the administration of justice without favour for any person. It goes without saying that this is more than a profession; it is a calling. And on behalf of the newly sworn High Court justices, I would like to assure His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Ghana, and all and sundry, that we shall not let you all down. Just as the statue of Lady Justice, a well-known symbol of justice systems worldwide, is seen to be blindfolded, with a beam balance in one hand and a sword in the other, we shall exhibit the virtues of impartiality, proper application of the law and swift and effective justice, as we discharge our duties before God and man.”


“Congratulations, my love!” Daniel gushed, hugging her tight as the family met her outside. The ceremony was over, the necessary photos with the other distinguished personalities had been taken, and it was time for them to have their own photos taken.

Wrapping her arms around him, she murmured, “Thank you, hubby.” Letting go of him, she added, “And by the way, that’s Your Ladyship now. Watch the way you address me, gentleman.”

Daniel shook his head. “Whatever.”

“That was an amazing speech, Maa! I’m so proud of you,” Diamond gushed as she hugged her mother.

“Thanks, love. Now can we get these pictures taken? This wig is hot!” Larissa responded.

In moments, the nuclear family, Jayla, their mother and the Bensons had taken their pictures with the new judge.

As the last photograph was taken and the photographer gave a thumbs up, Larissa said, “Wait. Take one of me and my girls.”

Daniel smirked as he and the boys stepped aside. “Is this one of your…”

“Yes, Kwadwo Dolphyne, it is,” she replied smugly. “Got a problem with that?”

“No please ooo, do your tin, wai.”

Standing aside, Oscar and Toby had whipped out their phones, eagerly recording the three ladies as they prepared to pose for the picture, already aware of what was coming up next.

“Any moment nowwwww….”


The result: an almost perfect shot of Larissa, Diamond and Serwaah in their favourite Dolphyne Air Kiss mood. 


7:45 pm, and the Adlon Ballroom in the Kempinski Hotel was abuzz with activity. The celebration party for Larissa’s appointment to the Bench was in full swing, with family, friends, acquaintances and fans all in attendance. 

With a visibly expecting Selasi as the MC, the Dolphyne couple and some others at the high table, and other tables occupied by people happily chatting and laughing and teasing and whatnot, the party was the place to be. A special cake had been cut for the new High Court justice, homage had been paid to her by family members and partners at the firm, and praises had been offered to God for His faithfulness throughout the journey.

Now dinner was being served, and as people went for their food and returned to their seats, it was all vibes and joyfulness.

“Oh Lord, this is my favourite song!” Edem exclaimed, one hand in the air as ‘Brighter Day’ by his favourite artist began in the background. 

Diamond, who as you’d expect, was seated next to him at their table, shook her head. “You said that for Saara, CCTV, Mary and Lay Away. Mr. Man, you better make up your mind, na this your tossing thing, e dey bore.”

“Tell him, boo! You can’t be changing favourite songs just like that. Please, you must make up your mind and stick to just one,” Maabena added.

Edem shook his head. “Listen, listen, it’s not that straightforward. I’d have to explain…”

Fake snoring sounds were the response at that last word. Obviously, the last thing they wanted was for him to switch to explanation mode.

A few tables away, Oscar, Adelaide, Kwame and Akinyi were seated with Chief Tay and his date, laughing over a recorded conversation Chief Tay had with a Mobile Money scammer.

“Herhhh! Chale, this your style di33, I’ll do some one of these days paaaa,” Oscar said as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. 

“Chale! The way you told him point blank you’re not sending him his money, and he was trying to do ‘that’s not fair, that’s not fair’. As if his scamming nonsense is fair. You really had time for him, eh?” Adelaide asked.

“Oh yeah. I get time give am paaa. If you figure sey you smart, I go make you stretch that smartness make we see. I started giving it to him naaa, nobody told him to hang up. Those nonsense things they like doing di33…”

“Oh, say it again. I remember when they first tried it on my father. The way he was scared and called me to help out. He told me naaa, I said that’s just some idiot trying to trick him into sending his money. From then onwards, Mr. Clayton will just end the call when any of them try,” Kwame narrated, shaking his head.

Just a snapshot of how everyone was enjoying themselves.

About twenty minutes after the last person had been served, Selasi made her way to the High Table.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure at this point, we’re all feeling good and satisfied. At this point, there is a special toast the patriarch himself has for us. Please give a hand for Mr. Daniel Dolphyne.”

A round of applause as she gracefully handed the microphone to Daniel, who rose to his feet and cleared his throat before proceeding to speak.

“Thank you, Mrs. Amenu. I’m believing everyone is feeling good with the food. Especially those who went for the jollof. The eternal delicacy that is jollof rice!”

He laughed as some jollof enthusiasts cheered in approval.

“I have a toast to make, but… before I do that, I’d just like to share something with you all.

“So I’m sure you may have noticed the design on the kaftans some of us are wearing. There’s a little story behind it. As we were making preparations for this wonderful party a few weeks ago, Her Ladyship and I were discussing certain things, and we happened to decide on having kaftans with these Adinkra symbols designed for the party. If you’re familiar with them, you’ll know this symbol is called ‘Abusua Pa’. For the benefit of those not conversant with Twi, it simply means ‘a good family’, and it represents family unity.

“So why did Larissa and I settle on this? Well, we’ve been thinking about all that’s transpired in the past couple of months, and there’s one thing we noted through it all: that family is so important. I think we can all agree that life is tough. Nowhere is cool in this life. You’ll look at someone and think they have no problems, but trust me, you have no idea what others are going through. And at the end of each day, one thing that we can trust is that after all the pressures and stress the outside world hits us with, there’s a group of people we can turn to, who love us and want the best for us and help to keep us going.

“That is family.

“And in the midst of it, Lari and I also noted something else. That family isn’t necessarily limited to blood relations. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve all found family in so many other spheres of life. And that is why we’re all here. Celebrating this victory. From church to work to neighbourhood, we’ve encountered all of you, and we couldn’t be more thankful to God for your lives. We’ve had the good and the bad sprinkled within these past few months, but the love we shared kept us all going. And that’s what makes us family. That’s what Her Ladyship and I are celebrating.”

As he signalled to Larissa to rise to her feet, he took up his glass, as she did same. “This is a toast,” he announced. “To many years of camaraderie between us all. Supporting each other in the good and bad times. Celebrating each other’s wins, and commiserating with each other in the hard times. To Abusua Pa, everybody!”

“TO ABUSUA PA!” everyone responded enthusiastically, with clinking of glasses following.

“At this point, I think the dance floor should be opened. Or what say ye, my lady?” Daniel asked, smirking at his wife.

She smiled back at him, just as the DJ for the evening put Sarkodie’s ‘Mary’ on. “Absolutely, honey. Let’s go.”

As they moved to the front of the room to groove to the song, a few tables away, who else would be excited but Edem?

“Babe, you know I ain’t sitting down for this song,” he said to Diamond, giving her a wink. “Wanna dance?”

Diamond smiled and shook her head before nodding. “Of course, my boobae. As long as you keep silent through it all.”

“Thy wish is my command, madam.”

They got up and proceeded to move to the dance floor as well.

A few moments passed, and Oscar and Adelaide and two other couples decided to make their way to the front of the ballroom as well.

Then Kwame and Akinyi, and Selasi and Jackson followed.

Before the end of the song, the dance floor was occupied, with couples and singles alike dancing their hearts out and thoroughly enjoying themselves with the smooth sounds.

And it continued right into the late hours of the night.

Just one big happy family having a good time together.


Yes, folks. Meet The Dolphynes has officially come to an end.

But what more can I say but thank you for making all the work worth it! It’s been an absolute honour bringing you 4 seasons of this family. Keep following the State, coz there’s a whole lot more in store for y’all (and who knows, maybe the Dolphynes might pop up again in the future. You never know. Hehehe).

Thanks so much for reading, y’all!!

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