Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP12 – Diets, Touchdowns & New Levels

So this is pretty much for us who are wondering what good news came Larissa’s way. Let’s find out as we gradually come to the conclusion of this wonderful series…

“Eii, so you finally manage grab that Delphine chic?”

“Chaleeee! Finally ooooo! I finally grab am. Wey I make she feel yestee gb3k3. Herh! Some hot teases and tins!”

“Sosket! Clement, you hit be that ooo!”

“I swear, chale! This morning sef, she send some sexy pics bi. Aboa! The body. F**k! She say morrow afternoon, she make free, so make I come over. Guy, the strokes I plan give am eh, the bo-legge go last like one month. Walahi, I go pound the p***y ankasa!”

Toby, who was sitting at the back of the shuttle, shook his head as he overheard the lascivious duo of Clement and Adjetey talk in hushed tones about his past nightmare girl behind him. From the sound of their chat, Delphine had moved on quickly and had found herself another gullible prey all too glad to fall for her irresistible curves and enticing mannerisms. Looks like she decided to let him in after all, he thought as the duo snickered.

He, meanwhile, had not spoken to her since, and the few times they had seen each other in the hostel, they acted like they had never even spoken before. Quite the ‘friend-stranger’ cycle, but Toby didn’t mind at all. The girl had only wanted to destroy him, in any case, so that toxic relationship deserved its place in the great oblivion.

Do I tell these guys to be cautious of who they’re dealing with? He wondered for a moment, wanting to turn and give them a warning. He then shook his head after a few seconds of pondering over it.

Nah, these boys won’t listen. As for them, it’s all about sleeping with as many girls as possible. They’ll not sacrifice their diet for anything. Let me think of myself, chale…

He sat back in his seat, the lewd talk behind him becoming a blur as he began to dwell on something much more important at that moment.

A name for the new dance group with Serwaah, Ethan and Afrakuma.

Quite ironic how it was Delphine’s suggestion a few months ago that he was considering in order to get over this chapter of his life.

As he pondered over it, a message from his father came through to his phone.

He picked it up and checked.

Toby, can you come home tonight? Issa urgent distin…


“Aki, really? Selfies over here?” Kwame asked, rolling his eyes as he watched his bestie strike a pose, a cute pout on her lips as she steadied her phone in front of her.

“Yes, Junior Mr. Benson. Selfies over here. At the airport waiting area. I’m in a self-love mood right now, especially with this dope bandana, so let a doll be, please,” Akinyi replied cheekily as she pressed the capture button a few times, changing her pose with each tap.

Kwame sat back and shook his head as he looked at his uncle, who looked quite amused as Akinyi satisfied the demands of her ‘self-love mood’. “

Clayton Benson was set to arrive that day, and Daniel had agreed to pick him up and take him to the hotel where he would be staying until he secured a simple but comfortable place for him and Kwame to live. After many years away from the motherland, focusing on building his successful airline, he had successfully sold it to an enthusiastic entrepreneur and was ready to return home, accepting a very lucrative job at the Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy.

Not a bad job to return home to. Given the wealth of experience he had, the academy could not wait to have him around.

As Kwame kept his eyes on the doors through which the arriving passengers stepped out, he felt something drop on his lap. He looked down to see Akinyi’s phone.

Piga picha mimi.

The Swahili order had him rolling his eyes even harder. “Uncle Danny, have you seen this troublesome little one?” 

Daniel laughed. “Awww, Kwame. Allow her small, wai. She is in a good mood with the good news that’s come through, so…”

Kwame sighed. “Okay, uncle.” He took up the phone and began to take a few pictures of her, ignoring her sticking her tongue out, when his gaze returned to the doors.

And out walked his father.

“Dad!” he called, rising to his feet as Daniel and Akinyi did same, moving out of their seats to meet him.

Meeting his old man first, Kwame wrapped his arms around his neck as the young and old Benson shared an embrace they hadn’t had in months.

“Missed you, Dad.”

“I’ve missed you too, Kwame. And good Lord have I missed good old Ghana,” Clayton said, tapping his son on the back as they separated. He shook Daniel’s hand and gave him a hug as well.

Akinyi stepped forward, a cute but mischievous grin on her face. “Karibu tena nchini Ghana, Bwana Benson,” she said sweetly as Clayton turned to her.

The senior Benson smirked. “I’m guessing that meant ‘welcome to Ghana, Mr. Benson’, right?”


“Hahaha! And how are you, Miss Mwita? You’re even cuter than I’ve seen in your pictures.”

“Awwwww, I’m flattered,” Akinyi drawled, giggling as she curtsied. “And I’m fine, too. Just being myself, really. The fun-loving, high-spirited…”

“… sometimes tomboyish NyaLuo doll,” Kwame helped her.

Clayton looked pretty amused. “Well, looks like I have a lot to acquaint myself with. But thankfully, I’m not going anywhere, so there’s time. Kwame, please help with my luggage.”

Kwame took over the trolley as Akinyi walked beside him while the two grown men began to talk.

“So how’s my cousin doing?” Clayton asked.

“Oh, Larissa’s doing fine. You know, she and her plenty works and all that. And oh, speaking of which, we’ve got some major good news…”


It was 12:15 am as Larissa stepped out of her car. A pretty draining evening back at the firm, but a memorable one. The news she had received elicited nothing short of a major celebration, and many congratulatory messages had been rained upon her from many. Work still called, however, and that night was particularly grueling.

Nonetheless, she was glad to be back in her home.

Entering the living room, she noticed a piece of paper and Daniel’s iPhone X on the table. Nobody else was there. She walked over to the table and picked up the piece of paper, on which was written, ‘Listen to the audio on the phone’.

Her curiosity piqued, she took up his phone, tapped in his password and saw an audio on the screen, waiting to be played. She took a seat on the sofa and pressed play.

The audio started up with excited whispers and Daniel’s voice asking, “Y’all ready?… ok, 1, 2…”


She took her head, having been slightly taken aback by that.

Daniel’s voice continued. “Lari, it’s only fair that the kids know the good news about you getting that call informing you of your nomination as a Justice of the High Court, and of course, we’ve all made our joy known and we’re gonna have to have a party…”

He was cut off by the cheers from the children, who then started chanting, “Party! Party! Party! Party!”

As they trailed off and grew silent, his voice continued. “These youngsters, huh. Anyways, I wanted us to surprise you with this random note of appreciation. It goes without saying that we’re all so proud of you, and want you to be made aware of this. So we all have a little something to say. Starting from Kwame.”

A few seconds of silence, then Kwame’s voice came on. “Auntie Lari, I’ve been with this family for about half a year now, and one thing is for sure, you’ve been a wonderful mother figure to me. I see your hard work and all, and your passion for what you do, and it’s glorious. I just wanna say I love you, I know Madam Mary will forever be grateful to you for being the amazing aunt you’ve been, and I know you’ll be a superb judge.”

Next was Serwaah. “Maaaaaaaa!! I love you so much, Maa! You’re my queen, my role model, the best mama in the world! I’ll never forget how you told me to always give my all in whatever I do. That’s why I’m the dancer I am now. Congratulations, my beautiful Maa, you’ll be a wonderful judge.”

Anasah followed. “Hey Maa! You are a great woman, and you inspire me so much. That’s why I wanna become a lawyer like you. Now I know I have big footsteps to follow. Serwaah and I talk about what a top lawyer you are, now we can say you’re a judge. Levels have changed! Hehe! Congratulations, Maa, and I love you!!”

The next voice was Toby’s. “My one and only goddess! Do you have any idea how amazing you are? I think the Judicial Service couldn’t have made a better choice. Such a hardworking, studious woman with the perfect mixture of tough and sweet. Maa, I know this is just the beginning, and you’ll soon find yourself getting to the top. You know, the Supreme Court. You’ll do great and leave a mark, like you always do wherever you go.”

Oscar next. “My beautiful sugar mummy! Now I’m gonna have to upgrade the sugarlicious barrister to something else, like sugarlicious justice or so. Anyways, I still have memories of you hard at work. Big books on the dining table when we were younger. Studying all those cases and stuff. Always seemed weird to me, but I totally appreciate it now. You are a strong, ambitious woman, and all that hard work is yielding fruit now. You’ve taught us to be the best at whatever we do, and best believe we’ll not toss these lessons away. Congrats, Maa!”

Diamond. “Awww, my twinnie, you know how deep the love is! Way too deep for words to describe. And I couldn’t be more delighted. Maa, you are one of the finest legal minds in this country, and it’s only fair they now make you a judge. You are an inspiration to all young women, Maa, no doubt. Your mini-you will always be proud of you, and will always love you!”

Finally, Daniel took over. “Lari my love. I remember our second date. I think it was that date where I knew I was deeply in love with you, and nobody else could possibly be my wife. I remember the passion with which you spoke about your dreams. How you wanted to be one of Ghana’s top legal luminaries. How you sought to ensure you leave a legacy where you find yourself. Baby, that was one major thing that had me firmly convinced you had to be mine. And goodness, what I’ve witnessed over the years. Nobody else here truly knows.

“Babe, I’ve seen you balance being a mother and a law student so effortlessly, it’s mind-boggling. You had Diamond in your first year at the professional course, and how you managed nursing her and studying, and coming out with prizes in the toughest subjects, is something I will never fully understand. I’ve witnessed you deal with hard times, especially during the first four years at the Bar, where you went through hell. Getting sidelined and ignored because you were having our babies. That first firm and their unfair treatment. Those rude comments from one of the judges. That Lomotey pig. Among many others. You’ve been through so much, my love. But you kept going. You are a Superwoman, Larissa.

“I felt it within me from that second date, that you would be a woman my daughters would be proud to call their mother. And it’s obvious I wasn’t wrong, with what Diamond and Serwaah have said. I am so grateful I have the absolute package in you. Not only am I married to the most beautiful and irresistible woman in the world, but the most hardworking, Godfearing and successful woman in the world. It’s an honour to be your husband, honey. I love you and I’m proud of you. Congratulations, soon to be Her Ladyship Larissa Dolphyne.”

As the audio ended with awwws and applause from the youngsters, tears were streaming down Larissa’s face. Daniel’s long, moving words were simply the icing on the cake. She had not expected to get such a touching tribute like this from the family. Only Daniel had known about it, and she had been wondering when they would officially spring the surprise on the children.

As she sniffed and wiped her eyes, she heard a voice.

“I see you’ve listened to it.”

Turning to see her husband, they smiled at each other before he joined her on the sofa. Before he could say anything, her lips were on his as she gave him a quick but sweet kiss.

“Danny, you’re the most amazing man on this planet,” she whispered as they separated. “What would I have done without you by my side? My number one supporter. My God-given backbone. My major encouragement source. This victory is as much yours as it is mine, baby. Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do. You guys have made me so happy with this.”

“My pleasure, Lari. No better way to celebrate these wins than with the ones you love. We all love you, babe, and we’ll always be happy to see you soar high.”

“I love you all, too. You’ve all made life worth living. All these accomplishments I’ve chalked up wouldn’t be as sweet to savour without you there to lift me up. Thank you, Danny.”

“You’re welcome, Lari,” Daniel responded as he wrapped his wife in a tight embrace. “I love you. Always have and always will.”

“Love you too, my king. Always have, and forever will…”

They sat there in silence for a few moments, each other’s presence the only thing they needed.

“Umm, by the way, Toby said Judicial Service. It’s the Judicial Council rather.”

“Whatever, babe. You know he’s not up to date with your legal distins. Let him be.”

“Right. Got it.”

One of the sweetest ends to an episode. You just gotta love this couple, don’t ya!! Well, I’m sure gonna miss them. We’ve got 2 more episodes to go, peeps. Let’s treasure the moments!

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