Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP11 – Proverbs 25:25

That title has an underlying theme that will run through this episode. If you don’t know it, just hold on and read it first. Hehehe, anyways, we move…

“Mmm-hmm,” Diamond hummed, the phone to her ear as she stood before a blender, ready to prepare some of her smoothies for delivery to a customer. Maabena was busy preparing some chicken wraps at the other side. 

One of the few days where less customers than usual came around. The order they were working on was about the third order they had had all day, and it was already past five o’clock. So obviously, it was not the best of days for them, even though they knew they were bound to come.

“Yeah, well, of course I’m annoyed, but… I guess I can’t be annoyed forever. Fine, I’ve forgiven you. But please, let this be a lesson. When I tell you about these things, listen to me. I did it coz I gotta look out for my blood. Keep them from bloodsuckers. So don’t let there be a next time… ayoo, if you say so… ugh, today’s been dry as hell, chale. Just 3 orders all day… chale. Hmmm. It’s one of those things. Anyways, I’m working on an order, so I’ll get back to you… yeah, okay, bye.”

“One of your bros got into trouble?” Maabena asked as Diamond switched on the blender after putting the phone down.

Diamond turned and nodded, staying mute as the blender did its noisy but necessary job. After a few more seconds of blending, she said, “Yeah, chale. After I warned him, and he lied that he had taken my advice. Now he was confessing on Sunday and all that. I was really pissed off with him, but he’s now huuing abeg for real.”

“Hehehe, go easy on him, wai,” Maabena pleaded, a grin on her face.

“Oh, I have. That’s why I said I’ve forgiven him. Abi he’s now touched fire and gotten burnt. So he’s learned his lesson.”

“Good evening ladies.”

Their backs turned to the front of the trailer, they turned upon hearing that familiar, gentle voice.

“Queen Cee!” they both exclaimed.

“Hey girls!” Selasi, looking tired in her purple office attire. “A colleague dropped me off here, and Jackson will pass by soon to pick me up. I thought I might just get myself and him something to much on while we head home.”

“Not a problem, Queen Cee!” Maabena enthusiastically gushed, taking out the sales notepad to jot down the order. “That makes you customer number 4 for the day. So two chicken wraps and tangerine smoothies?”

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, just give us a moment. We’ve got a delivery we’re just about getting ready. Then we’ll attend to you.”

“No problem, dear. Hey Diamond, so how’s Edem?”

A shy grin appeared on Diamond’s face as she poured the blended mixture into the cups. Placing the covers over them, she turned to Selasi, who had her arms propped up on the counter. “Ummmm, he’s fine, I guess?”

“Hehehe, I see. He’s been in a hyper mood recently, and I believe there’s a certain beautiful young lady who’s the reason for it. Have any idea who it is?”

Diamond and Maabena burst into laughter.

“On a serious note, though, I’m delighted for you both. I mean, you’re an amazing young lady, and you know how me and Edem be like. So I’m hoping nothing but the best for you two.”

“Awwww, thank you, Queen,” Diamond said gratefully. “And have no fears, your baby boy is in safe hands.”

Selasi smiled and nodded. “I trust you, Dee. Oh, by the way, speaking of which…”

She lowered her voice. “… it’s not in the public domain for now, but uh, let’s just say Edem’s soon gonna have to give up that title.”

Diamond and Maabena squinted, trying to figure out what that meant. A couple of seconds later, those narrowed eyes grew wide.

“OHMIGOD! CONGRATULATIONS!” they squealed in unison.


As Toby opened the door to his room, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Having Diamond angry with him was never a pleasant thing. Beef between the two of them was few and far between, unlike their younger years where literally every week presented them with a new fight. Growing older, that had metamorphosed into trolling and banter. But when a real beef arose, it was not very nice, as she’d literally refuse to talk to him for days.

That was what had happened since Sunday. He knew she was pretty upset at being lied to, and he couldn’t complain. But that phone call had settled issues, and he could now relax.

Walking to his ice chest to check how many bottles he had left, as well as the temperature, he heard his phone buzz. He walked over to see what it was.

A nasty chill washed over him as he saw the notification.

Yet another voice note from Delphine.

He had no idea what this was going to be about. He hadn’t heard anything from his mother since she asked for her full name. What could this be about? Had she done the unthinkable and put the false info up?

His heart pounding, he debated between putting the phone down and going back to check on his bottles, or just getting it over with.

Taking a deep breath, he chose the latter. “I might as well know what’s happened. I just pray to God she hasn’t done it. Please, Lord, let her not have done it.”

The palpitations grew fiercer as he opened the chat. A tension he had never felt before wrapped itself around his bones. He inhaled and exhaled a few times as he looked at the voice note.

“Chale, now or never.”

He pressed the play button.

“Toby Dolphyne, wo y3 kwasia paaa, wa ti? Now I’ve seen what a weak little bitch you are. Scared of some small slander, so you ran off to go and chook to mommy, eh? Weak ass snitching little bitch. Anyways, if you care to know, the whole thing has been called off. No more of the rape allegations. I’ve cancelled it. It’s not happening any more. I’ll leave you alone and you leave me alone. Don’t ask what your mommy did, coz it’s none of your f**king business.

“And now that it’s been cancelled, I’ve had to delete my entire Twitter account, coz really, I don’t know how to handle the whole wahala. When they learn that it wasn’t true and all that stuff. So yeah, you cost me a Twitter account. But it’s cool. It’s just a social media account. I’ll manage. But for real, Toby, f**k you and everything that concerns you. F**k. You.

P.S. If you must know, all those moans and orgasms and s**t, I faked them all. Coz the real truth is, you dunno how to satisfy a woman. Sia!”

Toby stared at his phone, a gobsmacked expression on his face.

Was this real? She had actually decided to withdraw the stupid allegations?

It took a few seconds for the shock to move away, and in its place was a mighty wave of euphoria.


What was it that his mother went to do that got her to retract her madness?

Well, there was time to find that out. But for now, it was time to enjoy the sweet feeling of relief. It felt like the first pail of hot water upon your skin on a very chilly day. Dropping to his knees, he raised his hands to the sky, whispering as many thank-yous as he could.

What a relief! The terror that had gripped him from the moment she had made her intentions known could finally leave him alone. He was not gonna be disgraced anymore. He was free.

In the meantime, he wanted to reply her pretty badly. Particularly to respond to her decision, and that last insult. Her statement that he cost her a Twitter account was pretty ludicrous as well, considering he had nothing to do with her decision to share all those falsehoods.

Do I do it or nah… lemme give it to her. Stupid girl. See how nasty she’s been to me these past few days… or nah, lemme just ignore her and move on with my life. After all, we’re through with each other… nah, lemme give it to her, then block her.

He sat down, thought hard for about a minute or so, typed and deleted for twice a longer period, then had his message down within five minutes of deliberating and editing.

Thanks a lot, Delphine. Oh, and f**k you too. Goodbye.

He hit the send button, and upon seeing the two ticks appear, nodded and proceeded to block her from his contact list.

“There we go! Good riddance to bad poison!”


“So she said she’s leaving you alone?” Larissa asked, her earphones fitted in as she stared at her screen.

“Yes, Maa. I just checked Twitter. No sign of her account. Looks like she deactivated it for real.”

“Very good. I’m glad to hear that.”

“Yeah, yeah, me too. And uh, Maa. I’m sorry I let you down. You, Daddy and Diamond. I really wish I had done things better.”

“It’s alright, my love. I wasn’t pleased, but… I obviously won’t let any witch come and destroy my son’s life for anything. I didn’t carry you in my womb for nine months just to throw you under the bus when something goes wrong. Discipline you, of course I will. You know that. But I do that because it’s simple: I love you and I want the very best for you.”

“Thank you, Maa. I love you too. I really do. And I promise to do better. I’ve learned my lesson for real. Never again will anything of this sort happen. I promise.”

“No problem. I’m glad you’ve learned. By the way, I hope you know you need to see Reverend Ocran soon about this.”

“Uhh… Reverend Ocran?”

“Yes, Toby. Reverend Ocran. Only God knows what kind of nasty soul ties you’ve picked up for yourself by sleeping with that stupid girl. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s an order. We’ll talk about it later.”

A sigh of surrender was his response. No use in him trying to protest. “Alright, Maa. No problem.”

“Good. Gotta finish this tenancy agreement. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Stay blessed.”

“Alright, bye, Maa… oh wait, uhh, what did you do to get her to stop?”

“Toby, don’t ask questions about matters higher than you. Just enjoy your freedom from that silly girl. Bye.”

As she hung up, she took out the earphones and resumed her typing. About ten seconds later, her phone rang again.

“Ah, who is that? Just when I’m trying to-“

Her annoyed expression changed when she saw the familiar number on her phone screen. She inhaled sharply.

Oh my God, it’s probably out now.


Wiping his hands as he stepped out of the washroom, Daniel headed for his office to get his phone so he could head to the conference room for the meeting.

The phone screen lit up the moment he plucked it off his desk.

It was from Larissa.

I made it, baby, I made it!

Daniel immediately pumped a fist in the air.


So Toby is free! Thank goodness! And what’s this somtin that Larissa is talking about? Well… the next episode should have our answer for us…

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