Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP8 – An Avoidable Entanglement

I guess at this point, we can all tell what the main issue is for this season. And it’s looking like he’s finally gonna come out with the truth. It is not gonna be pleasant, but let’s see what happens…

“Mrs. Dolphyne!”

“Oh, hello, Aki!” Larissa gushed, her arms outstretched as the little Kenyan lady made her way into them. It was the end of Sunday service at Triumphant Chapel, and Akinyi was around. Having missed the past couple of weeks due to medical appointments and hospitalizations in between, she was pleased to be back among the people she enjoyed being with.

And of course, everyone else was pleased to see her. Having repeated how she was feeling to almost everyone she spoke to, she was already quite exhausted.

The plus, though, was the compliments she was getting for the bandana she had on.

Holding on to Larissa, she looked up at her and with a sly grin, murmured, “Have I ever told you how much I look up to you?”

Larissa looked down at her, an eyebrow raised. “Uhh, are you being serious, or that’s mischief talking?”

“She’s being mischievous, Auntie Lari! Don’t mind her!” Kwame called from behind as he stood by Oscar’s car, the owner beside him.

“Yeah. She likes that!” Oscar added, a rascally simper on his face.

Her arms firmly around Larissa’s waist, she turned her head to stick her tongue out at the two before turning her gaze back up to the Dolphyne matriarch. “Ignore those two, Mrs. Dolphyne. You’re my heroine.”

Larissa snickered at the dreamy manner in which she said that. “Well, thank you, honey. I appreciate that. The bandana, though. Have you…”

Akinyi nodded solemnly. “Yep. Clusters of hair already fell out after the first session, so I had to shave everything off, and my doctor recommended these for me.”

“But how have you been doing?” Larissa asked in concern.

Akinyi sighed. “Been feeling awful lately. General weakness, can’t eat, nausea whenever I do… it’s only this weekend that I’ve been able to get some form of fitness in my system. Oh hi, my beautiful Diamond!”

“Hey doll!” Diamond responded as she came to stand by her mother.

“Mmmmm. I can only imagine how horrible it gets,” Larissa sympathized, wrapping her arms around Akinyi. “Just hold on, alright? I know that won’t be enough to ease the pain and all, but… just know we’re here for you, praying for you and wishing nothing but the best for you. You are not alone, Aki.”

“Absolutely not, Aki,” Diamond added. “I need my cutey-cute doll around, and you’re getting through this, ya heard?”

Letting go of Larissa’s waist, she smiled at her as Diamond’s arms swooped around her waist. “Thank you so much. These are the words that help keep me going when I feel so low during those times of pain.”

“And they won’t stop coming any time soon, baby girl,” Diamond assured. “Till you’re cancer free, expect a truck load of them. Love you, doll.”

“Love you too, my beautiful Diamond.”

“Hi, Aki! Maa, Pastor Lois was looking for you,” Anasah said as he walked up to the trio, holding a bottle of Vimto.

“Oh, yeah, yeah! Almost forgot. Well, I’m going to see her briefly. If I don’t see you again, take care of yourself, Aki,” Larissa said as she walked from them, following her youngest son as she commented on his love of the drink he was holding.

Akinyi watched her as she walked towards the auditorium. “Good Lord, what a queen!”

“I know, right. Maa is just something else,” Diamond agreed. “Oh, by the way, there’s a little something you should know. It’s about Edem and uh, it’s quite an distin. So, the day before the grand opening of Smooth Wrapz…” 


Halleujah… salvation and glory… honour and power unto the Lord our God…”

Toby’s attention was barely on the Kanye Sunday Service Choir song Oscar had put on repeat about four times already, despite the top volume in the car. Leaning against the door in the backseat while Kwame rode shotgun as usual, his heart pounded as he felt a dryness in his mouth.

Once they got home, it was time to come clean.

It was terrifying the crap out of him, especially considering Diamond was going to be around. They may have had a good relationship characterized by endless trolling on his side, but he knew she would be furious once she found out. Given that he had lied to her about brushing Delphine off, it was likely her anger would probably be double that of their parents combined.

Nonetheless, comparing the wrath of his big sister and parents with that of vicious strangers on the internet, the former was certainly what he preferred. The latter would only care about eviscerating him.

As the car arrived at the gate, where Anasah, who had opened the gate for them in advance as he always did if they in Daniel’s car came before them, was standing with the pathway to their parking spot empty, Toby took a deep breath.

The time is almost due…


“You know I’m gonna get you for that, don’t you? Me, I’m just timing you. Na the day I descend on you…”

Diamond laughed as she rolled over on the bed, the phone to her ear. “Please, Efo Anyo, there’s nothing you can do to me. Aside subjecting me to hours of Sarkodie tracks and your plenty explanation tins, wey weapon again you get?”

“Oh, wow. You’re really saying this to an Ewe man?”

Diamond laughed. “Oh please, Edem. You know I don’t like doing those things when it comes to your people. You know how I feel about that juju stereotyping. Keep it on the physical, wai.”

A sigh followed over the phone. “Fine. No problem. But still… don’t underestimate me. I go show pepper p333…”

Diamond mock yawned. “Whatever, dude. So, beach it is next week?”

“Yeah, beach it is, babe.”


She sat up to see Toby standing at her door, a very solemn expression on his face.

Ordinarily, she’d throw a ‘loser’ jab at him, but the look he had indicated there was something serious. She held up a hand to tell him to hold on for a minute. “Alright, Eddy, so we’ll talk about it during the week, alright? I think I’m being called, so I’ll get back to you later, okay? Love you boobae. Bye.”

Putting the phone down, she looked at Toby. “What’s up? Is there something wrong?”

His eyes facing downward, he nodded. “Yeah. Umm, can you come to the living room? There’s something I need to tell you, Daddy and Maa. I’ve… gotten myself into a big mess…”


“… and uh, yeah, that is the mess I’ve gotten myself into.”

Having narrated the entire story of how things transpired between him and Delphine, Toby bowed his head, feeling too ashamed to look into the faces of his parents and big sister.

Faces that were filled with disappointment. Especially on that of Diamond’s.

“So Toby, you were lying to me when you said you had cut her off?” she demanded. “After all the warnings I gave you about that girl? Ei, Toby! How could you? I told you that girl is no good. I told you! And you lied to me on top! Ahh!”

“Calm down, Diamond, calm down,” Daniel ordered, putting a hand on her shoulder. His stern glance remained on Toby. “Toby. Lift your head and look at me.”

Toby silently obeyed.

“Young man, that was a pretty bad mess-up. I’m really disappointed that you discarded your sister’s words and went ahead to fall in this girl’s trap. I think we’ve had a talk with you guys about sex, haven’t we? You guys know full well that sex is a beautiful thing, but it’s best shared with someone you genuinely and deeply trust, within the confines of marriage. I’ve told you boys before that as lovely as a big ass and big boobs may be, that shouldn’t be what leads you into bed with them. As to what made you discard all that, I have no idea. Boy, enobi every chow you for chop!”

Toby would have laughed at that last statement, given how rarely he heard Daniel speak pidgin. But of course, to make it seem like this was a joke was the last impression he wanted to make, so the look on his face remained as solemn as ever.

Daniel sighed and leaned back. “But well, it’s not like reminding you of those things changes anything. You still found yourself in bed with the wrong girl. Got yourself an unnecessary soul tie. And now you say she’s blackmailing you?”

Toby nodded. “If I don’t have sex with her, she’ll spread false rumours that I raped her.”

“And you didn’t, did you?”

He shook his head vehemently. “No, no, no, no, no. Never! I’d never do such a thing.”

“Ah, but then, why would she do that?” Daniel wondered aloud. “Where’s the sense in saying something you know isn’t true when it can be found out so easily?”

“Daddy, she’s taking advantage of the present atmosphere,” Diamond explained. “These days, on social media, a lot of girls who have been sexually violated in any way are coming out to speak, and since most of them have been ignored or silenced in favour of their abusers, they’re being given the platform to be heard and believed right off the bat. She’s simply being a major bitch and trying to take advantage of people’s sympathies to get him in trouble, coz people will choose to favour her word over his.”

“Ah! Naaa, this is ridiculous! What kind of opportunistic witchcraft is that? When we’re trying to help real victims, she is using it for her own selfish means?”

All this time, Larissa had her arms crossed, a very dark expression on her face. Not a word had come from her since Toby had completed his story. Her eyebrows furrowed as she digested the information.

“…but honestly, Toby, I’m really disappointed in you. I told you to stay away from her. I know of her. I’ve heard her rundown, and I knew she wouldn’t bring anything good your way. Now look! Ah!”

Diamond was really peeved, and Toby knew she had every right to be. Ignoring her sisterly warnings had brought him a whole lot of trouble.

“Toby, what’s her name again?” Larissa asked sharply.

“Uh, Delphine,” he responded.

“Her full name!” she ordered, her tone of voice changing.

That kind of stern tone of voice that got the kids in steady mode.

“Delphine Awittor,” he blurted out quickly.

Shooting him a hard look, she took out her phone and rose to her feet. “Excuse me, y’all,” she said as she walked out of the living room and stepped out onto the porch.

Daniel watched as his wife went outside, then stared at Toby, shook his head and got up to join her outside.

Diamond remained on the side of the sofa, her annoyed gaze still on Toby as she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Dee. I know I messed up big time. I know I shouldn’t have lied to you, I just… ugh, I’ve been so careless. I really regret getting entangled with her.”

Diamond shrugged and rose to her feet. “Yeah, a bad entanglement. One you could have avoided if you just listened. But, at least you’ve come out with the truth now. It would’ve been worse if she actually put your name out there. Think of the humiliation it would’ve brought upon us all. But Toby, you lied to me. Made me think you had cleared her off. Meanwhile… ugh, never mind. Enough has been said.”

With that, she walked away.

Toby watched as she walked off. She was definitely pissed, and it would take a while for her to cool down.

He then looked outside, where he could see his parents talking. Whatever it was they were saying to each other, it had to do with the crazy little conundrum he had found himself in.

Well, the truth is out now. I just hope to God they can think of a way to help me stop her…

The truth is out now. So I guess the question is… what’s next?