Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP7 – The Lion’s Den

So it looks like whatever Daniel has in store for Edem will be revealed here. I bet we’re all wondering how the ‘lion’s den’ experience will be like. We shall find out in the next couple of paragraphs…

“Herh. You this boy, you really be some idiot oo. Ei, so after all I’m doing, you still won’t reason up? Do you know the number of guys who want my nipples in their mouths, and you are there rejecting the chance to enjoy them? Ah well, as you’ll see or have seen, plans are far advanced. It won’t be long till your name is out there as a rapist. And if you’ve seen how vicious it gets on those streets, you know just what you’re in for. So chale, the choice is yours. Although I won’t lie, Toby, you really shock me. So even after the way I had you kicked out of the restaurant kraaa, you won’t see sense. Hmmm, you really be some idiot, I won’t lie. But anyways, I doubt your stupidity will make the feel of your tongue on my coochie any less spine-chilling. So, I’m still waiting. Your gain if you change your mind. Your loss, a major, MAJOR loss, if you don’t.”

The voice note ended, Toby tossed the phone aside on his bed and placed his head in his hands.

Before that, she had sent him a few tweets. Tweets of some ladies who had made it clear they would believe any woman’s sexual abuse story, even if it seemed fishy or turned out to be false. From the tone of those tweets, any contrary evidence brought forward by a man was absolute garbage not even worth glancing over.

This resistance was getting weaker by the day.

After swearing that he was not going to fall for her charm and be swayed by her, it was now looking like pushing Delphine away would rather be the mistake to make. The girl had not been joking. She meant every word when she said she was gonna deal with him if he didn’t drop the no-sex mantra.

She had to be stopped, but… the problem for him was how he did not want a tint of their fling details to get out there.

Still too ashamed to admit to any person that he had slept with her, trepidation had his hands tied when it came to putting stuff out to prove she was only out for revenge. His course mates knew him for a few things, but being a sexually active guy was not one of them, and he was actually respected for it. For them to discover he had had fun between a girl’s legs would come as a shock to them, and he feared the whispers of disappointment that would happen behind his back.

With that fear in place, the thought of his bedroom antics hitting social media were even more of a bother. He didn’t want to have to defend himself about anything. He just did not want his dalliance with Delphine to be public. Period.

I might just have to give in. Coz chale, I’ve shouted at her, I’ve begged her. Numerous times. But this girl just won’t let up, he thought to himself as he looked at his phone.

That had been his hesitant consideration since the day he got embarrassed at the restaurant. Inasmuch as he had vowed not to get into bed with her again, the repercussions of sticking to that vow were a little too ugly for him. And with each passing day, it looked like they would actually manifest, given the direction she was heading towards.

He could hear that old, familiar voice in his ear as he pondered over it.

Just give in, eh! It’s not like you didn’t enjoy those two sessions. Playing with mad juicy boobs, hands inside her panties, a hell of a time banging her. It’s not just her pleasure, it’s yours too. Just drop this vow and go back to the fling. This thing remains a secret, she gets the pleasure she craves… massa, issa win-win. Stop fooling and get back into her panties!

A little smirk came over his face as her dirty talk on that Sunday morning came to mind. The manner in which she gasped and moaned as he played around with her body. Very erotic words that got him charged up and eager to make her scream louder. Maybe having another experience of that wouldn’t be so bad. Besides, this was Delphine Awittor. The subject of literally every guy’s wet dream on that side of campus.

“I guess I have missed those two fun times,” he murmured to himself as he returned to WhatsApp to respond. He opened her chat and began typing away.

In the midst of the message, however, another familiar voice came by. Toby’s fingers froze as its words came through loud and clear.

Toby, really? You’re going back to her? You’re returning to the illicit vomit you said you wouldn’t go back to? Toby, that won’t help! Don’t let her keep a leash on you. Remember what Diamond said. No matter what, it still won’t end well for you. Don’t do it!

The reminder of Diamond’s words hit him particularly hard. They rang out in his mind like an echo.

…to allow her to overcome you will only bring future events that are overwhelming, in the worst ways possible. It’ll never, ever be worth it…

He looked at the message he had just prepared to send to her. “Alright, Delphine, you win. I guess I do miss sucking those sweet, sweet apples…” he read out loud before shaking his head and hitting backspace to clear out the message.

The next few words the second voice brought to him, however, filled him with dread.

You can’t continue to hide this, though, Toby. You have to let the truth out if you’re gonna defeat her evil scheme. Silence will only hurt you the more. You need to open up. As soon as possible.

Toby’s head returned to his hands. He didn’t want to do this. Opening up about his escapades with Delphine was the last thing he wanted.

But it was right. The silence had to end if things would be resolved.


“Hello, Mr. Dolphyne,” Edem greeted, stretching out a hand to Daniel, who was seated on his special chair in the living room. His new girlfriend had suggested that he come around for the weekend. Of course, he had absolutely no problems with that. He was already a bit familiar with the family, and hey, spending time with a prospective father-in-law wasn’t the worst of ideas.

As he had entered the living room, Diamond had quickly murmured something about needing to help her mother in the kitchen before rushing off. He had raised an eyebrow, but shrugged and walked over to the man of the house, who had a glass of juice on his table, with his face stuck in Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime.

Mr. Dolphyne slowly put down his book and looked up at him.

Edem’s friendly look changed. The facial expression of the older man was a rather stern one.

“Sit down,” he ordered, clearly ignoring the outstretched hand.

Edem looked a little confused. He had never really interacted with Diamond’s father. But from afar, he seemed like a pretty chill dad. So this cold order seemed quite out of place.

“Sit. Down,” he ordered, a scary sternness behind each syllable.

Edem quickly found himself a seat on the couch adjacent Daniel’s seat. Adjusting himself on the seat, he accidentally knocked over a bottle of Fanta Cocktail that had been left there. Moving quickly to place it on the table beside him, he could feel the hard stare from Mr. Dolphyne. He turned to him and indeed, the steely expression on the patriarch’s face was centered right on him.

Little beads of nervousness began to form on his forehead. Was I wrong about this man being cool or something? Coz this movement diɛɛ

“What’s your full name?”

Edem was slightly taken aback by the rapid-fire manner that question emerged. “Umm, I’m Edem Anyo Sedudzi, please.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-eight, please.”

“Where do you work?”

“At a social media marketing agency, please.”

For the next minute and a half, the Dolphyne living room was a shooting range, Mr. Dolphyne was the soldier with the rifle, words were the bullets, and Edem was the helpless party upon whom they were rained. His heart pounding as each question flew at him with a sharpness, he did his best to remain composed, answering each question as he ought to. It wasn’t easy, though; for a man not yet in his fifties, Daniel Dolphyne had quite an intimidating aura about him.

After answering a question about his older brother’s job, there was a moment of silence from the older man. He simply stared at him, his stern gaze not breaking even once. A very uncomfortable feeling for Edem, as he began to squirm a bit.

“So what’s your business with my daughter?”

Oh, of course! That question had to come at a point. 

Edem swallowed nervously, inwardly raging at his boo for being absent at a time like this. Surely she’d be able to tame her dad a bit. 

“Umm, well, we…” he began.

Daniel narrowed his eyes at him. “You what? Gentleman, can’t you talk? This is a simple question. What is your business with my daughter?”

Crap! Wey intimidating lifestyle too this? Edem wondered, his heart pounding within his chest. He was madly in love with Diamond and he had no qualms about letting all around him know. But this man was not making it easy. How did Diamond neglect to tell me she has such a scary ass dad?

“Mr. Sedudzi, I’m not going to repeat myself. What is your business with my daughter? Answer me!”

Chale, forget this! I’m just gonna say it. If he’s mad about it, tough luck! It’s not like he’s gonna marry her or anything.

“I like your daughter, Mr. Dolphyne. That’s the business I have with her,” Edem stated firmly. As those words poured forth from his lips, he felt a rush of relief and trepidation. Relief at not pretending, but fearful of what reaction this scary man would have.

Mr. Dolphyne sat back, his eyes back to their evil slit expression. Edem held his breath, wondering what was next.

Then Mr. Dolphyne got up from his seat.

Terror would be the weakest adjective to describe the feeling in Edem’s stomach.

He sucked his breath in sharply as the older man moved to him, that granite expression on his face unflinching.

Oh s**t, this man go hurt me. Damnit, where the hell is Diamond? Why the hell did she have to leave at this time?

Standing before him, the man of the Dolphyne household had the scariest of straight faces. Suddenly, that burst of confidence looked like one of the dumbest risks he had ever taken.

Sinking back into the couch, he began to tremble, fearing the worst as Mr. Dolphyne’s stony glare remained on him, wishing Diamond would somehow step out and stop him.

Still no show from his love.

He shut his eyes, wondering what was coming next.

After a few seconds, he opened them.

Mr. Dolphyne was still standing in his position. With a smile on his face.

“Alright, Edem, you’re welcome,” he said in a friendly tone, stretching out his hand.

Edem looked confused. “But-but… the way you… I thought you-“

Mr. Dolphyne snickered. “Oh, that was just the lion’s den initiation. You know, a lil scare-your-daughters-boyfriend kinda vibe. You passed. Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Oh, thank You, God,” Edem sighed in relief as he rubbed his eyes before shaking his hand.

Cries of laughter rang out from the kitchen.

Edem and Daniel looked in that direction. The latter shook his head. “These ladies of mine are not serious. So they were in the kitchen the whole time listening to me take you through the lion’s den? You see your girlfriend’s life?”

Edem placed a palm over his face once again. Arrgghhhh! So she was in on this all along? I am so gonna kill her once this is over…

“Herh, Serwaah! You are there laughing some, eh? This one is Teletubbies stuff oo! If you know what your future boyfriend is in for, you’ll start crying for him mpo!”


About two hours later, interspersed with good conversation, fufu and palmnut soup, the visit had gone well, and it was time for Edem to leave.

“Bye, Mr. Dolphyne! Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll let you know when I get home!”

“Alright, see you, then! Safe journey back home!” Daniel called as Edem drove away. He and Diamond stood in front of the gate, watching as he sped off.

“So did he pass, Daddy?” Diamond asked, smirking.

“Nope. I hate him. End of story,” Daniel responded, a bland expression on his face.

“Daddyyyyyyyy!” she groaned, holding him by the arm. “I’m serious, lah.”

He tilted his head in her direction, his facial expression still fixed. “Does this look like the face of Kevin Hart in the middle of a stand-up show?”

She burst into laughter.

He cracked a smile. “Of course he passed, Dee. At least we had a good talk. I can see he’s a serious-minded human being who genuinely cares about you. Granted, you guys just started out, but his willingness to meet me so quick is… unexpected. But I like it. You’ve got a good guy, Diamond. Hopefully, it goes in the right direction.”

“Thank you, Daddy. And don’t worry, until I become a Mrs, you’ll always be the number one man in my life,” Diamond cooed, throwing her arms around her father’s waist.

“I know, honey. I know.”

“So does that mean I’m the number one lady in your life?” she asked, a sly grin on her face.

Daniel gave her a side eye. “You know I can easily tell your mother about this, right? And you also know she will stuff your head into the kettle for trying to take her man, don’t you?”

Diamond laughed out loud.

Daniel’s phone then began to ring as they walked back into the house. He checked, and saw Toby’s number. He immediately answered.

“Hello, Toby!”

“Hello, Daddy… Uhh, there’s something I need to talk to you and Maa about. I’ll be coming home tomorrow so we talk…” 

Well, it looks like Toby is finally coming to himself. Staying silent was never gonna work for him. As to how that pans out, I guess we will see in due time…

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