Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP4 – Sankofa

We continue with the ongoing story. We know how crazy things are getting with Toby, but what’s going on with the others? We need to know, so let’s find out…

And in case you’re not a Ghanaian and you’re wondering what the title means, don’t worry. You’ll see its meaning in the story…

“Well, that’s the end of another Friday. So far so good, huh, baby girl?” Maabena asked as she cleaned up her side of the trailer, sweeping up all the breadcrumbs and bits of veggies and chicken that lay around. It was 10 minutes past 10 pm, and the owners of Smooth Wrapz had completed another working week. Once again, nothing to complain about. The patronage was just what you’d expect of a business as fresh as theirs.

Diamond nodded absentmindedly, lost in her thoughts.

One of those moments where that rejection haunted her brain. Once again, a tug of war was underway within.

This is the right choice I’m making, right? It has to be. After the little I’ve seen, it just has to be. I don’t need any crazy heartbreak rubbish coming my way right now. I don’t. You can’t always be so trusting of these men, chale… But yet… this still feels so wrong. I love him. I shouldn’t be letting him go. But…


She snapped out of her cloud of confusion as she stared at Maabena. “Uh… ye-yeah, that’s true. Yeah, so far so good,” she agreed hurriedly, a bashful look on her face.

Maabena leaned on the counter, her left eyebrow raised. “Diamond, is there something wrong?”

Diamond immeidately shook her head. “Oh, no no no, everything’s fine. I just… got a little distracted, that’s all. One of those things.”

Maabena shrugged. “Oh well, if you say so. I’m almost done sweeping up, by the way. And Mr. Tamakloe said he’ll be here in the next five minutes to take the trailer to the…”

“Edem proposed to me, and I rejected it.”

She honestly had not thought about letting those words loose. They just tumbled out of her mouth. With no permission whatsoever.

Maabena stood there, jaw hanging as she took in the words of her fellow labourer.

“For real? When? Why? What’s wrong?”

Diamond sighed, hesitating for a moment. She really had not prepared herself for this. But once it was out, she might as well explain herself. “Umm… let’s just say that I… I’ve had some things in mind that kept me from saying yes. I’ve seen enough to… not want to get myself into a bad state of mind, so… yeah, that’s why… I…”

Maabena had cocked her head sideways as she stared at her. “Dee, you didn’t bounce the boy because of what happened to me, did you?”

Diamond looked down, nodding slightly.

“But, Dee, do you have feelings for him too? He said he likes you. Is it mutual?”

This was where it got slightly uncomfortable for her. Caution kept trying to douse out the flame of passion, but it just wasn’t working. There was that tiny voice in there that kept insisting this desire to protect her heart was a costly one.

Her head still down, she took a minute or so before nodding her head. As she lifted it, Maabena could see the tears formed in her eyes. “I love him, Maabena. I’m so in love with him. But I… I-I…”

“Babe, babe!” Maabena hushed, moving to her to hold her by the shoulders. “Easy, okay, easy. So you love him, but you’re scared he’ll break your heart, with that man’s sick actions your motivation for this. Is that correct?”

Diamond sniffed and nodded.

“And with this in mind, are you at peace with your decision? Do you feel it’s the right thing you’re doing?”

It took a few seconds, but hesitantly, she shook her head. “No. It just feels like this is a bad mistake.”

“Then it is. Listen to me, girl, it is not because of me that you have to give up what could be your true love. Don’t look at what happened to me and live in fear, you hear me? Living by fear is the worst choice you could ever make. Trust me. The fact that I got my heart broken by Robert isn’t a surefire indication that you will too.”

Diamond nodded.

“Honey, I may have waltzed into the picture not too long ago, but I know you two to an extent, and if you guys are in love, I’m all for it. I understand that you don’t want to get hurt, but girl, love involves taking the risk, and unless you know it’s a bad relationship you’re walking into, it’s totally worth it! Our hearts weren’t made to have concrete fences around them; they’ll wilt and wither under such. Don’t allow the desire to protect yourself keep you from letting him in, especially when you know you want him in. Understand?”

Again, she nodded, taking in a couple of breaths. “So, uh… what do I do?”

Maabena reached over and grabbed Diamond’s phone and handed it to her. “Simple. Take this phone. Get in touch with him. Let him know you want to see him.”

Diamond’s eyebrow went up. “But… wouldn’t that be someway?”

“Girl! To hell with feeling someway. The elders have said that it is not a taboo to go back and fetch what has been left. Sankofa. Go back and take. Diamond, this fine young man cannot be left behind like that, when you both love each other. Please, take it now, and talk to him, and save yourself from all this superfluous heartache fear is causing you.”


“So what time will you be heading for your monthly appointment?” Adelaide asked as she adjusted herself on the bed on which she and Akinyi sat, as Oscar and Kwame were seated on chairs near it.

“By 8 o’ clock,” the little Kenyan responded, shaking her head as she laid back on her pillow. “And I so am not looking forward to it. The weakness that engulfs my body afterwards… ugh, just horrible. And the pain…”

“Awww, I can only imagine, baby,” Adelaide responded, holding her hand. “Just take it easy, okay? This should be over soon enough. I’m believing God to clear the cancer out of your body totally by the end of the year.”

An enthusiastic ‘Amen’ came from the mouths of the three.

“May that happen quickly, so at least I can get back to certain things. Like having my hair back,” Akinyi commented as she patted the bandana on her head. “I’m honestly not a fan of this clean head thing.”

Kwame snickered. “I still remember the look on your face when we went to the barbershop. Chale, Aki was not the least bit happy. Especially when it was finally her turn.”

Akinyi rolled her eyes. “You thought I was joking when I told you how much I hate short hair? Y’all have no idea how relieved I was when I was finally done with high school. I thought I was finally done with those dreaded visits to the barbershop.”

“Baby girl, you’re not alone. The way I didn’t like short hair in SHS times,” Adelaide added. “I still don’t. Lemme keep my natural hair growing.”

“I remember Diamond too wasn’t a fan of having short hair, either,” Oscar also added. “She still thinks that thing where girls have to cut their hair is a dumb, outmoded practice.”

“I totally agree with her. Anyways, we wanna hear the juice! Let us have the juice!” Akinyi urged, shaking her friend on the bed, a mischievous glint in her eye.

Adelaide looked confused. “Juice? What juice?”

“How you two finally got together and the whole prophetess case. We want the juice, lah!”

Adelaide gave her a side eye and shook her head. “Relax, Aki. That’s why we’re here. And by the way, since when did you start adding lah to your vocabulary?”

“Just what I was wondering here, Addy,” Kwame said. “Worst part is how it sounds so weird and so… non-Ghanaian.”

Akinyi rolled her eyes. “Well duhhhh, obviously, I’m not a Ghanaian. I’m doing my best.”

“So we should fry gari or boil plantain for you?” Kwame retorted playfully.

Chochote!” Akinyi shot back with a dismissive wave of the hand.

“Ummmm, you guys wanna have a battle, which Aki will probably win, given the Swahili arsenal she’s reaching into, or you guys wanna hear ‘the juice’?” Adelaide interrupted.

The besties held their fire with that. “We’d like the juice, please,” Akinyi replied sweetly. Shooting a side gaze at Kwame, she added, “we’ll have the beef later.”

“Ha! I see what you did there, Aki,” Oscar laughed.

“Me too. Hehe. Anyways, here’s how it went. So after my mother rushed out to see her and bla bla, she spent like three hours there. When she came back, the things she had heard rocked her to the core. All along, the woman was using other powers to fuel her ministry.”

“When she got there, the woman’s house was in quite a mess. Tables turned over. Rice scattered in the living room. Ei. The way she described it eh, like some Nollywood scene bi. And when she got there, the boys who are supposed to be the understudies or whatever were all in tears. The woman was sitting on the floor, some basaa expression bi on her face. When my mother inquired, she began to spill the beans.

“She started confessing that some guy bi with Indian powers is the real source of her strength, and that the main agenda was to be able to able to have some form of control over others, seeing how people have so much reverence for the prophetic and all that. She started saying that the main prophecies she had given her were all lies, na the first few accurate ones were just to reel her in and make her believe she was the real deal. My mother was just standing there as she spoke. She couldn’t say anything.”

“Wow. Sounds like a crazy experience,” Kwame breathed.

“It was. The thing really shocked my mother. Big time. Now diɛɛ, she says she’ll think twice before believing any self-acclaimed prophet.”

“Thank God for that. So as soon as she said the prophecy was false, you were happy and went after him, didn’t you?” Akinyi asked, that naughty grin on her face.

Adelaide eyed her. “Young lady, behave yourself. But yeah, I did. And oh, thank God I did. It’s been a wonderful time reconnecting, hasn’t it, Ozzy?”

“It sure has, Addy,” Oscar agreed as their smiling eyes connected.

“So, basically, this means that uhhh…” Kwame enquired.

“Yes, Kwame. We’re officially dating now.”

“Sweet! I’m honestly so happy for you two,” he gushed. “Since I came back, I’ve seen Oscar have to go through some Ls, and it wasn’t nice to see. But now that’s over, and I’m so believing you two will be happy together.”

“Yeah,” Oscar replied, his eyes and smile still fixed on Adelaide. “Me too. I definitely believe that this is it. The future is exciting. And I’m ready.”


Never mind, I’ll find someone like youuuuu,” Edem murmured along to the song he had repeated about six times since he had gotten into his car and called it a day. With the ache in his heart, who else but Adele would be a perfect companion for this ride home.

Another day at work, full of activity and bustling around, ending with a long drive back home. A long, lonely drive that reminded him of that painful rejection.

The playlist he had created since that day was pretty reflective of his mood. From “Unbreak My Heart” to “Nothing Compares 2 U”, the atmosphere in his car was constantly a morose one. All because of one Diamond Dolphyne, and her decision to say no to him.

As he joined a traffic queue, the song paused as a call came through.

Looking at the caller ID, a sharp burn ripped through his abdomen.

It was Diamond.

He answered.

“Uh, good evening.”

“Good evening, Edem. Um, how are you?”

Naturally, he wanted to yell how not fine he was, but showing that soft side didn’t seem too wise an idea, so he responded, “Uhhh, I’m okay. It’s been a while.”

“Yeah. Yeah, it has. Ummm… I was wondering… is it possible we meet tomorrow? I think we need to have a talk.”

His heart pounding in his chest, a thousand questions were flying around his brain. Why does she wanna meet me? Is she sorry? Is this some damage limitation thing? Wossop?

“Uhhh… in the evening?”

“Yeah, evening.”

“Well… lemme check my schedule and get back to you.”

“Alright, alright, no problem.”

“Alright, bye.”


Awkward from start to finish.

His foot firmly placed on the brake, he closed his eyes as the thousand questions were now replaced by one.

Should I meet her or not?

The driver behind him, livid at his lack of movement as the traffic eased up, beeped at him angrily. He opened his eyes and quickly got moving. He’d have to dwell on that issue later…


“Mmmmm, perfect,” Delphine murmured to herself as she scrolled through her Twitter timeline. She had found exactly what she was looking for.

A tweet of a young lady sharing her unfortunate sexual abuse experience.

With almost 200 replies to this tweet, she was clearly garnering a lot of sympathy from others, and Delphine thought it a perfect opportunity to share her condolences and make a light reference to her own ‘ghastly and traumatizing experience’.

She snickered to herself as she tapped on the retweet to reply button, her response already formed in her head. Typing it out with a wicked grin on her face, she hit the send button once it was over.

Getting up to stretch for a minute, she walked over to her wardrobe to take out a pack of Indomie. As she took up one of her pans to begin cooking, a notification sound came from her phone.

Walking over to check, a smile spread across her face.

The young lady had DMed her about the reply she had sent.

All according to plan.

“This silly little boy thinks I’m playing games with him, eh? It will shock him bia.”

This Delphine girl is really devious, chale!! Toby’s really gotten himself into some trouble. And is anyone else hoping this Edem-Diamond saga ends quickly enough, coz I sure do!

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