Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP3 – Toby v Delphine

Back to the action, and as you can tell with the title, some major drama is about to go down!! Prepare yourselves, coz something crazy is about to happen!

Standing at the balcony of the fourth floor of the hostel, Delphine had a stern look on her face as she stared into space, various things on her mind.

The holidays were over, and it was time for school to reopen. She had returned to campus the weekend before the reopening date, which meant that she was pretty much all by herself, as most people would rather wait a few more days before returning to campus.

She enjoyed being out of the house, in any case. She loved her mother and sister all right, but the Awittor household always had some rancour sizzling beneath the surface. Just like her, the big sister and mother still harboured a grudge against Mr. Hubert Nyiani. And something would spring up somehow that would get one of them to speak about him passionately.

She was slowly tiring of that. To her, it was all just talk. While they continued to moan and curse the man with every fiber in their being, she had her ways of dealing with it.

Which was, using her God-given gifts to punish men for being such ‘hungry, insatiable, easy-to-manipulate dogs’.

They’re all the same. Shameless ass beings.

Snickering as she remembered some of her ‘deserving’ victims and the way she had dealt with them, a car made its way onto the car park. Stepping back a bit, she peered to see who it was that had also arrived. Seeing the one who stepped out from the backseat, a sly grin slid across her face.

“Well, well, well,” she purred, “somebody’s arrived early. Just in time, too. The very company I needed in this lonely ass hostel.”

She looked down at herself, and giggled.

“Time to dress up for him. A sexy lil welcome never hurt anybody.”


“So you’re sure you’ll be okay?” Daniel asked from the driver’s seat.

“Oh, of course, Daddy. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Toby assured them. “It won’t be long till the others start coming in. At most, 3 days, then the hostel will start to fill up.”

Larissa, riding shotgun with her hubby as you’d expect, nodded. “Oh well, make sure you take those garlic capsules. And please, Toby, can you please learn to ‘chisel’ yourself a bit with the Nido? I dunno what it is with you and Anasah that you boys can’t take only about 2 spoonfuls. I’m not minding you if you say you need some more after one month.”

Toby grinned sheepishly. “Hehehe, yes, Ma. I’ll be more careful with it.”

“Good. Alright, darling, take care of yourself, and be good. Love you!”

“Love you too! Bye, goddess! Bye, Daddy!”

He waved to his parents as they drove off. Within a few minutes, he was back in his room, proceeding to clear up the place.

Fifteen minutes later, having swept the room, cleaned the windows and properly arranged the items on his tables, he took a seat, feeling quite satisfied with himself. “Alright, time to catch up on ‘The Americans’,” he said to himself, ready to take out his laptop.

There was a knock on the door.

Toby froze, wide-eyed. He had a slightly uncomfortable feeling that he knew who it was. And who it was, was the last person he wanted to see.

He stood up and walked to the door tensely, praying it wouldn’t be her.

His heart sank as he opened it. It was her.

As much as he knew he had to see her and make it abundantly clear that he did not want to continue with the fling, her last response had him slightly shook and in trepidation of how she would react.

“Uhhh… how did you know I’m back?” he asked.

“Oh, I was walking on the corridor when I saw you standing at that car. Lord knows how excited I was to see you’re back. So I quickly rushed back in and got into this steamy dress and said I better give you a proper welcome back gift,” Delphine rattled off cheerfully as she made her way into the room.

Toby swallowed hard. Indeed, she was dressed for the kill, clad in a short denim dress, with the top buttons opened to reveal cleavage. She sure was sticking to her word, acting like no ‘break up text’ had ever come her way.

She smirked as she saw him take in a full view of her. “Soo,” she murmured slyly, “I can see that you are absolutely loving the view before you. Just as I expected. Tight, sexy shada, guaranteed to turn you on super bad. My sweet succulent boobs on display. These sexy thighs of mine in full view. Just what triggers you, I know. And they’re right her for your pleasure. By the way, you know some girls like to keep their underwear off before sex for easier access or some nonsense like that? Not me. There’s some satisfaction in having my man take off my bra and panties before he dives into my treasure chest. Makes me feel like he’s hungry for me, you know? So erotic! Haha!”

Toby had his eyes down now, knowing he’d give in if he continued to watch.

“My neighbours haven’t come yet, so it’s quiet and empty around my place. You come around by 10 pm, and we can have a splendid all-nighter. Coz I’m lonely. And horny. Real horny. And I miss having you in me, on me, and all over me. You game, baby boo?”

Toby took a deep breath. He had promised himself that he was not going to fall for her charm again. Now that she stood before him, trying to lure him back into their fling, he knew he couldn’t let his attraction to her win the battle, as fierce as it was.

Gademmit, man, look at her! Just one more time, Toby. One last taste.

The dissenting voice swooped in, in an attempt to sway him back into Delphine’s arms. He shut his eyes as the sudden attack descended upon his already heated mental battlefield. The thought of having sex with her one last time sounded so appealing, to be honest. She was looking too saucy to be turned away. Cleavage was on point; thick thighs looked as alluring as always. To hit it one more time before staying away seemed too good an alternative…

… until he remembered that it was a lie. That so-called one last taste would pop up again and again and again. If he didn’t say no to it now, he never would. 


Delphine stood there, the smirk off her face. She shook her head, chuckled and sighed. “I’m just gonna ask this one more time, Toby. I need you in my room…”

“I said no, dammit!” Toby hissed furiously, springing to his feet and staring her dead in the face. “I do not want to come up to your room and have sex with you. I don’t want to do it!”

Delphine remained rooted to where she stood, a blank look in her eye as she faced him.

“Look, this whole… affair or whatever it is, it never should have happened, okay? I was… I didn’t want us to be in this situation. It’s just that… I grew weak, coz… you’re so irresistible, and so I let my guard down. And one thing led to another and now we’re here. This isn’t what I wanted. I don’t know what your beliefs are, but I… I’m a Christian, and sex outside of marriage is a no-no. I may have gone contrary to that, alright, but it’s better to end it now than to keep going and make things worse.”

Her sudden stoic stance remained. He breathed heavily as he took a brief pause from letting out his frustrations. His wild expression remained as he continued.

“Look, after the text, I realized I had to say this to your face coz ghosting you would be a bad idea, given how we’re in the same hostel and you buy water from me, you’d obviously come asking questions and all that, so I thought it appropriate to let you know this properly. I know you might be into me or whatever, but please, this thing between us has to stop. I can’t keep getting into bed with you knowing what I’m doing is wrong. I’m sorry.”

She now had her eyes down. He felt it necessary to tread carefully at this point. She might try to knock me down with crocodile tears, just to make me feel bad. Gotta be careful.

“Delphine, personally, I’m not proud of what happened, but it’s already done. All I can do is look forward. And going forward, I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m sorry. If I’ve hurt you in any way, I truly am sorry, but… this has to end. Now. Please. Respect my decision.”

He took a deep breath, feeling like he had let it all out.

“You can leave now,” he mumbled, moving to the chair next to his bed.

As he took a seat, Delphine sighed heavily and turned to the door.

YES! Toby thought triumphantly as he watched her retreat, feeling super accomplished. He hadn’t expected it to be that easy, but it looked like she had absolutely nothing to say to him. The white flag was already out, and she was the one waving it.

Then she stopped as her hand rested on the doorknob. She turned to face him, a serious look on her face. Toby felt his muscles tighten up in apprehension, wondering what she was going to say. 

“Lemme give you two scenarios, boy. First one, things stay as they are. You continue with this super-religious whatever about sex before marriage. Then… one day, you wake up and discover this: you’re an overnight celebrity! Everybody’s talking about you in the hostel, on the shuttle, in class, all over campus, all over the damn city! You know why?”

Toby looked confused.

“Because social media is such a powerful tool, and on Twitter, word on the street is that, Toby Dolphyne is the latest monster that’s been exposed, hiding a calm, gentle interior and a sham water business to take advantage of girls against their will. And poor miss Delphine is his latest victim.”

Shocked for a split second, Toby sprung to his feet in rage. This definitely threw him off. Of all the things she could plot, she was blackmailing him with sexual abuse??

“You wouldn’t dare do such a thing!!” he roared, moving furiously to her, his finger in her face.

“Hey, hey, hey,” she snapped, unamused and seemingly unmoved by his reaction, “watch yourself, young man! As far as those hands are concerned, if they’re not fondling my breasts, or peeling off my panties, don’t even dare lay a finger on me!”

Trembling with great fury, Toby struggled to speak. He had had a feeling she might not have backed down easily, judging by her response when she called, but this was just unexpected. And so down, dirty and malicious.

“Don’t you underestimate me, boy. When I want something done, I get it done,” she stated, a hard gaze at him. “I wanted you in between my legs, f***ing me real good, didn’t I? Did I get it? Of course! I did.”

How badly he wanted to slap her and kick her out physically! Yet, he knew doing that would most likely end up making things worse. And being a child of Larissa, he had had it imbibed in him never to hit a woman.

“So yeah, back to what I was saying before that rude interruption… you’re exposed as a sexual abuser using your little water business to rape young ladies… Aha, and you know the best thing about this? In the court of social media, nobody usually gives a flying f*** about evidence. I know a couple of girls who will rip you into shreds once they pick up the story. No time for questions or knowing if you really did it. They’ll just roast you and ensure your name is dragged deep into the mud. The carnage will be so bloody that by the time you get to explain yourself, the damage is done. And you’ll never be the same again.”

An evil smirk came upon her face, as she reveled in his stepping back, believing it to be a sign of accepting defeat.

“That’s the reality, honey. I let the world know that a guy called Toby Dolphyne came into my room and raped me at about 2 am, and you are finished. Absolutely finished. Forget your explanations and whatever. You will still be disgraced.”

Toby breathed in and out, silently pleading the anger to exit with each exhale. 

“Or, there’s the second one. You put away all this anti-sex bulls**t you’re on about. Come to my place whenever I’m ready. Have the pleasure of taking off every last piece of clothing on me, and do whatever you want to me. Whether it’s sucking my boobs till I asphyxiate out of pure pleasure, driving me mad as you get your tongue all up in my p***y, or shifting my womb with that sweet magic stick in between you, is totally your choice. Although I’d personally prefer you do all three. Hehe, you have no idea how tingly my p***y gets when I think of that tongue and little soldier of yours.”

Toby sat on the bed, his head beginning to whirl. This was not good. Not good at all.

“There you have it, gentleman. Two different scenarios. First one, really unpleasant and guaranteed to make your life a living hell. Second one, well… heaven for the two of us. Hehe. I think it’s better to be in heaven with an extra person than to be in hell alone, don’t you think?”

“You’re just bluffing,” he spat as he looked up at her, finally finding his voice. “You can’t do that. It’s a counterproductive thing you’re doing. You don’t have the means to keep it up.”

“Oh, saa? You think I’m blowing hot air? Don’t worry, okay. All you need to know is that with each passing day you choose this rubbish, I’ll send you updates on my Twitter feed, just to let you know that this is not a game. Hopefully, you’ll snap out of it soon enough and come back to giving me insanely sweet strokes. Think wisely, Toby. You either walk your way into eventual ruin, or take the sensible option. Your choice.”

“Shut up and get the hell out of my room,” he snarled, his heart bursting with acrimony towards her as she stood at the door.

“Oh, sure, I will. Don’t worry. At least, now that you know what’s up, I might as well add a lil something… welcome back, baby boy! I hope you… have a wonderful semester, void of controversy! Had a nice welcome back gift for you, but… you’re now some anti-sex nonce, so… enjoy yourself, and be wise in your decision-making!”

With that, she opened the door and stepped out. Just as the door was about to fully close, however, it opened up again, and she popped her head out, peering at Toby.

“Oh, I almost forgot something important. My nipples. They just asked me to tell you that they really, really miss being in your mouth. Yeah, public service announcement over. Bye!”

A mischievous snicker, she closed the door and walked away.

His head in his hands, he simply whispered words to himself that he desperately hoped were the truth. Words that just had to be the truth.

“There’s no way she can do it. She’s just bluffing. There’s no sense in spreading lies. It’s all just empty talk. She won’t do it…”

Uh-oh. Toby has found himself in some crazy wahala. Even crazier than we would have anticipated. What is gonna happen now? Well, we will find out soon enough…

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